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Qapital App

You know that savvy friend who’s super good at saving money? Yeah, well, good for them. But we’re not all that person. That’s why we built Qapital, a new way to bank that makes it easy to save money for the stuff that really matters to you. Our “Goal-focused” approach to checking and savings accounts makes smart money management effortless, motivating… Even a little fun. Here’s how it works. Just pick a Goal (like a vacation to Iceland, paying off student loans, a new guitar, or all three). Then set up automatic ways to save for them. Rules like… • Round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and save the change • Save $20 every Friday • Save the difference when you come in under budget at the grocery store • Save $5 every 10,000 steps you take by connecting Qapital to your Apple Health app* • Or anything else you can dream up! All these savings go into your FDIC-Insured Qapital Goals account. One day you’ll open your app and say, “Holy crap I’m 90% of the way to those festival tickets! When did I get so good at saving?” You’ll also get an interest bearing checking account and the Qapital Visa® Debit Card** – a debit card designed to help you track your day-to-day spending. You can save for your Goals whenever you swipe, see all your weekly spending and savings in one place, and easily transfer money between your Qapital accounts instantly. Just like banks, Qapital comes with bill-pay, e-checks, direct deposit and top-notch security. UNLIKE banks, we don’t charge monthly fees (we think that money should go towards your Goals instead). You, too, can be that savvy-saver that all your friends ask for advice. So download Qapital. Set a Goal. Become a modern money master. *Qapital uses the Apple Health app, allowing you to set up savings rules that are triggered by your fitness activity. **Issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC


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Qapital app reviews

  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By grungeanator
    The interface is really clean and it makes saving more enjoyable. Highly recommend
  • Saving 5/5

    By TintedRiddles5
    Easy to use and looking forward to sharing with my children.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kmac2085
    Helps you save money without even noticing it’s gone.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By IrleneIvette
    I love having money stored away, that I dont even notice is being taken away.. then when I need a little extra for my week, i simply make a transfer. I also love the savings I can automatically make once a month...that account I never touch...
  • Exxxxxxtra easy 5/5

    By niKebox11
    I’ve reached a goal financially that I would’ve never been able to reach on my own. It also happened much quicker than I anticipated. I just set the rule, received updates, and before I knew it...I’ve got the money I need for a special purchase.
  • Best App to Save 5/5

    By Apiedmo
    I’ve used this app for over a year now. Once I got everything set up I’ve been saving since! Super easy to set up and fairly quick process. The app has for sure improved to be extremely functional and appealing to the eye. I’ve been using the app and have used the Round Up Rule. I’m a college student so it’s hard to save money but with the money I’ve saved I’m going to be able to go on a trip soon. I have already recommended to a lot of friends!!
  • This actually works! 5/5

    By Nightwing flamebird
    I was a bit skeptical at first, but seeing it working is so awesome! The best part is not realizing that you’re saving money! Thank you for this guys!
  • Qapital Savings 5/5

    By Financial Freedom Seeker
    Best saving platform I could have came across, saving is so easy and you set your own rules, love it!!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By daplayers16
    The does what it says. You set up goals, put in a rule for it to add money and it puts the money in there. Very easy to use. I do wish there was an option to view % to goal to see how close I am or how much I have saved.
  • Great way to save 5/5

    By Dada1268
    If you spend a lot like me, this app helps you to put money aside
  • Money 5/5

    By Ryanightmaree
    Easiest way for me save money
  • Spending & Saving 5/5

    By JuicyJissy🔴⚪️⚫️
    Everyone that shops with plastic should sign up for this amazing app....
  • Get this App. You won't regret it! 5/5

    By Sandra Deeeee
    I absolutely love this app. It's makes saving easy and it does it for you. I set a goal of $500 for a vacation and 90% there in 9 weeks. It really does it all for you. Plus you get $5 when you refer someone and they get $5 too. Who doesn't love free money. I've made $20 just from referrals.
  • Easy and Fun Saving 5/5

    By saveitbaby
    Love this app! I tried this and my husband tried Acorns. This one actually works and is so much fun! I’ve had a bit of difficulty adding my credit union but they customer service actually wrote me back (TWICE) and is working on resolving the issue. A real person. Not a form letter! I’m in love.
  • Maybe I can save!! Great App! 5/5

    By MeloJoy50
    I’ve tried hard to save any part of my checks. But always fail maybe I can save! Thanks for the overdraft protection and not taking the saving out at times when that would cause me great problems
  • Ver Helpful!! 5/5

    By Iphone5user29
    I totally love this App 👍
  • Great Way to Save Money! 5/5

    By TheStarvingTenor
    The round up rules are perfect!
  • So useful and easy! 5/5

    By OriginalCaroline
    Without this app, I know I wouldn’t be saving ANY money whatsoever. It’s so easy to use and setting up the automated “rules” are totally useful. I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to budget but need a little bit of help.
  • So easy! 5/5

    By ddwestmo
    Love this app so much. I’m saving without thinking about it. If you’re hesitant then just try it! You won’t look back I promise.....
  • Easy and functional! 5/5

    By Savann4h A.
    I don’t even have to think about saving! This app has it all covered, including padding for overdraft protection! Such an incredible experience already!
  • Makes Saving Fun 5/5

    By brotherPinspector
    Loving the opportunity to save!
  • Easiest thing I’ve done in years! 5/5

    By Now they censor reviews
    I love this app! Not only am I saving for the first time in a decade, but I’m actually staying well under my weekly outbound budget by utilizing the Spending Account and Debit card! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!
  • Yum 5/5

    By Salilamall
    Love y’all
  • Amazing 5/5

    By M1ssprada
    I really like this app, it is a great way to save. I love that it pauses the saving if your account is at $100. I do not have to worry about my account overdrafting
  • It’s really that easy 4/5

    By cshellmusic
    I’ve never been a saver and I’m trying to change that. With Qapital it makes it easy to start. It’s easier than putting your coins in a jar. Love it!
  • Financial Advisor on wheels 4/5

    By Stephmasterfunk
    I really do enjoy the app it lets me save for events and goals in my life at my pace and leisure. No monthly obligations I can pause or suspend withdraws at my leisure. It also keeps me updated on how much I swipe and save. This app really does make you mindful of what you spend on and I can achieve personal goals with my money doesn’t get any better than this.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By MelissaBosse
    No fees and easy transfers 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Jazzy-lady
    Care free saving... convenience
  • Better way to save 5/5

    By AshNChicago
    Love the ability to create “rules”! It’s my own way to save on my time. I love opening my app and not realizing until that moment how much money is accumulated!
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By RFras.
    Super easy way to save money. I don’t even know it’s missing. Love watching it add up my saving account!!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Hndrsn
    Keeping me on track without thinking.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By KCeboKing
    I love how easy it is to save money with this app! I can’t save money to save my life, but this does it with no thinking!! Definitely would recommend!
  • A better way of thinking 5/5

    By Codeine Shawty 💜
    The App Is Pure Genius 😍😁
  • Save 5/5

    By Bronxrican2323
    Great way to save if you not a saving type person
  • An amazing app 5/5

    By App Store rater
    It is definitely one of the best app for managing savings and investing.
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By Mrs Greene
    So far, I’m liking this app.
  • Grate way to save 5/5

    By Bismark Castaneda
    Im defiantly sticking to this app love it
  • Better tool than similar apps 5/5

    By davidmidges
    I’ve tried a few different savings tools, but like Qapital best because it’s the most transparent about how it puts money away. The other options are sort of a black box, which seems to mean they end up trying to save you a lot. While I’d like to save as much as possible, the “black box” effect means you sometimes end up with way less money in your checking account than you expect at the end of the week, and you have to dig into your “savings” to cover basic costs. I’ve had a much better time not digging into my savings with Qapital since I have a better sense of how much is getting saved each week - and I can make the savings rate more aggressive when I want.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Deon V.
    Super easy way to save! It’s amazing how much can be put away in a short time. The debit card makes accessing my money simple, though I try to avoid spending it!
  • I really like it, but it’s not really a subtle save 4/5

    By LocalRocks
    I love the rules and it all really adds up. I’m a much better goal-oriented saver so I love that too. It’s perfect...except it’s still not a sneaky, discreet way to stash money. All the “deposits” add up, and I currently have $200 scheduled to be drafted from my account any day now. Yes, that $200 came from small round-ups and rules that could easily trickle out of my account without much notice, but a $200+ withdrawal is much less subtle (for me anyway). I wish there was a way to do daily withdrawals or transfers, like there is with my other subtle savings provider, Digit. Rounding up purchases is such a mindless way to save but not actually pulling that money from my bank until it hits hundreds of dollars isn’t so perfect.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jay-rod
    Awesome app, great way to save money
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By saffronsky
    Very happy with this app, you don’t even really miss the money that is automatically taken out and you can really save if you do it right.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Stsrlett
    It’s simple and it’s better than going to a bank like “Wells Fargo” and opening up different savings accounts!!! Love it so far
  • Works as expected 4/5

    By Setu Patel
    Been using it for a month now. Stuff really does add up but you definitely do see the money leaving your account. But I also have it set to take $20 out of my account every week as well as have the 52 week rule where it starts off with $1 on first week and increases by a dollar every week after that. I guess if I only had it on roundup I might not notice the money leaving my account. It’s nice if you want to save for small things up to like $500. But if you want to save for big things like international trips it will take a long time before you get to your goal if you’re just gonna use the round up rule. Unless you’re using your card like 15 times a day and round every purchase up to the nearest 5. Which I doubt many people do. It’s fun nonetheless to see your money add up with the satisfaction of eventually being able to pay for something. I think I like it because I don’t have strict discipline so it’s nice because the money leaves my account so I’m less likely to spend it but if you are good about saving your money I don’t think you will get much out of this app.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Jsw997
    Qapital helped me save more than $1200. Everything just works how it should. Thanks!
  • Exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Nyssa372
    So happy I decided to download this app! I highly recommend you do too!
  • Good 5/5

    By Queshaquesha
    I really enjoyed it
  • Easy way to subs consciously save 5/5

    By Cygrovgsy
    Easy to use and fun way to save your money and meet goals
  • Saved 4/5

    By LosoTheRed
    Great way to save money using files that you can set it and forget, lol. But really it is a great app. You could also use it to monitor your bank accounts and spending. They should however show how much money you have saved by each rule you set towards a goal. I have a goal to save $2K using two rules. I would like to see how much rule one is contributing and rule two is contributing.
  • Budget made easy 5/5

    By criminal minds girl
    This app makes budgeting a breeze! I’m so glad I found this! I love the 1 year saving rule that helps put the money into savings automatically.

Qapital app comments


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