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QDOBA Rewards & Ordering

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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: QDOBA Mexican Eats
  • Compatibility: Android
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QDOBA Rewards & Ordering App

Introducing QDOBA Rewards – the official online ordering and mobile rewards app from QDOBA Mexican Eats®. We’ve expanded our rewards program to give you more – more points for every dollar spent and more redeemable rewards and perks every time you order QDOBA. You have the freedom to choose how your points are used. Cash points in for whatever you’re craving, whether it be handmade tortilla chips and our signature 3-Cheese Queso, a customizable crave-worthy burrito, one of our Knockout Tacos, or save them for something bigger and bolder. Complete challenges by exploring the menu, trying new creations, and sharing your QDOBA experience with friends. The more you order, the more rewards you get. Our improved online ordering lets you place your order and skip the line – you can come directly to the checkout counter at your scheduled pick-up time to pick up your order. Review past orders and save your favorite menu items for easy reordering, customize the menu to your dietary preferences, and securely store a credit card to make checkouts a breeze. Features: - New QDOBA Mobile Rewards Program: Score points, climb tiers and gain reusable perks. - Easy Online Ordering: Review past orders and save favorite menu items, customize the menu to your dietary preferences. - Location Finder: Save your usual location or find a QDOBA restaurant closest to you. - Complete Challenges: Bonus points awarded for completing various in-app challenges. - QDOBA Wallet: Your Mobile Rewards Card and Saved Credit Card in one. Securely save your credit card for easy checkout while earning points and perks. How to Log Into QDOBA Rewards: https://player.vimeo.com/video/198405632 *The QDOBA Rewards app cannot be used to view and redeem Catering rewards Points.


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QDOBA Rewards & Ordering app reviews

  • Poor App 1/5

    By disappointed queso lover
    Love the food, service and people....but this app is by far in need of help. The constant logging out and not accepting finger ID makes it poorly designed and supported. I was a loyal customer and used my Qdoba card all the time. The thought of the app excited me but this has been the biggest let down. I can say with certainty that I’ve reduced visits as I often can’t login in time to get credit for purchases.
  • app crashed, wasn’t able to place order, but points were taken 1/5

    By bitchyqueen
    I was about to place my order when the app crashed, and took the points I was going to use for chips and guac I’m so sad now lol
  • Miserable app. 1/5

    By Samplebot
    Won’t even let me sign in. Can’t believe such a huge food chain has such a cruddy app. Really disappointing.
  • Ordering 3/5

    By Sansmet
    You can’t order regular tacos through the app. Not everyone wants knockout tacos. Some of us want ground beef.
  • Shouldn’t be this hard 2/5

    By T. Ritz
    I love Qdoba, and I go there quite a bit, but problems with this app don’t help me go more. For one, it logs you out too much. Nothing worse than being in line and have to log back in. Don’t have time for it. Also, 9 times out of 10 their scanner can’t scan my phone for some reason, and they can’t do anything else but tell you put your receipt code in later, which I can’t even find where to do on the app. Also, don’t have the patience to figure that out.
  • Wow 1/5

    By SJD806
    Doesn’t show any stores near me. When it does its says sorry unable to find a menu 😑
  • Wish I could give it 0 stars 1/5

    By Aerobat79
  • Good Restaurant. Awful app. 2/5

    By Louse1189
    Truly an awful app. Tried out the order-and-pickup feature. Got all the way through with adding items to my order. Exited the app and went back in, and suddenly my cart was empty. Tried a second time, got the items added, tried opening the cart, and app got completely hung (spinning). Tried a third time. Got all the items added again and got to the checkout process. As it turns out, there is no place to enter coupons or take advantage of promotions. Exited the app, deleted the app, and went to Chipotle instead.
  • Inconvenient. 1/5

    By Udhsidi
    You can’t put an order to be made right away. It Mel’s you wait upwards to 30 minutes before they start your order
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jcw1689
    3 security questions to connect my credit card? And then I have to open the app every time to pay? Why can't I just use the credit card? This app gets a D-
  • Never Stays Signed In 1/5

    By Otzen42
    Every time I go in to eat, I spend the entire time I’m ordering trying to get the App to log me back in. Feels super rude to ignore the employees, but they usually get a laugh when you tell them what your doing (clearly this problem isn’t isolated to me...). ⅓ of the time I’m just forced to skip scanning and loose the rewards points.
  • Lots of problems 1/5

    By Ailien2039
    Couple times now I have redeemed points and never gotten the reward on my account. Unable to load the menu to make purchases online. Annoying app that I have been forced to use. Much prefer the old rewards method of just automatically getting them at the register.
  • Good app, one flaw. 4/5

    By gmark1113
    This app is good. My only request is for Wallet support so I can put my rewards in a central location.
  • Ordering on the app is awful! 1/5

    By Just little ole me-
    I have ordered twice on the app. And arrived at my qdoba at the selected time only for my food not to be ready, and that they had ran out of what I ordered.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    The app isn't to bad. Could be fixed in some areas. It has a lot of visual problems that need fixing. Text and images are cut off everywhere and flow off the side of the screen in almost every window. Please fix these so everyone can see what we need to when reading about perks. Give us more specials/perks per month as even top tier really gets nothing. When clicking the main image once logged in, and it shows you your rewards tier, the top menu cuts off a good inch of what your trying to read. Fix these issues, I mean look at reviews and ratings. Terrible. 👎🏻
  • Doesn't work well 1/5

    By Lowojan
    Problems: 1. I keep getting logged out every time I try to use it. 2. It will not load my previous orders. 3. Even though I order my food for a certain time, it has yet to be ready for me when I get to the store. 4. Employees don't understand that I have already paid through the app and think I'm getting a free meal every time. Nothing bad happens, I just think it's kinda dumb when they say this each time. Like "oh looks like you're getting it all for free." Lol idk I just tell them, no I paid through the app. But it happens every time. 🙄 still getting logged out every time
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Stephi-Taylor
    It works until you want to place your order. It won’t let me sign in and does not allow you to check out without signing in which means you can look at the menu all you want but can’t order anything on it or use rewards. I’ll stick to the browser version I guess.
  • Keep Me Logged In Please 3/5

    By SoapingFanatic
    I love Qdoba but I do not love that I have to log in every time I use the app. Please keep me logged in for a longer period. I wish navigating the app was more intuitive. Thank you.
  • Smh 1/5

    By CBS????
    Qdoba has good food but their app is TERRIBLE. Won’t even let me log in. What the point of saving 15,000 points just to not be able to log in ? Chick-Fil-A app is way better
  • Good but could use work 4/5

    By Lukster96
    (Regular Doba customer here) it's a good place to eat with awesome rewards, I just wish you could redeem them in-app. The only other real request I have is for native Wallet support so it's easy to pull up with the rest of my cards, or maybe even the extra mile to have it pop up when my phone recognizes I'm at one of the many locations. Overall pretty decent when it doesn't log me out automatically
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By Noirtier
    Was unable to place an order after items were in my cart. It wanted me to choose a pickup time but the options would never load. Tried the mobile site in safari but couldn’t load the cart. Pop up kept saying I had to choose an est time but wouldn’t let me load the page to do so.
  • Yeah, it’s Flawed 2/5

    By INFan87
    Why, oh why, is this even available to people? The app took forever to download and by the time I was in line to order, I had already paid. I finally logged in and don’t have any points. Can you please let me add my purchase in cases like this? Noodles and Company does it. Why don’t you?
  • iPhone issues 4/5

    By Tee Stuart
    The app doesn’t give me any problems with ordering online, viewing the menu, or saving my payment. I do however, have a huge issue with the messages. I have never received not one message in my app. Ok! I did ONCE! My mother has an android and her messages come through with no problem, in fact I rely on her to find out about the promotions because I would miss it. If that can be fixed then it would be overall a great app because it eliminates a lot of time during that lunch hour rush when you use the app I’m literally in and out.
  • No way to pay via gift card 1/5

    By Drea4725
    There is a payment option on the app but it only allows you to put in a credit card. ( there is no way to add this to your Apple wallet either) This is useless for minors who receive gift cards. This app is only useful to receive points.. I will be deleting this app and adding chipotle who apparently knows how to create an app for multiple payment types. -Frustrated customer
  • will not let me checkout 1/5

    By faithsuckz
    i love qdoba and i love using the app to order online to be able to just pick up the order after work but i’ve run into an issue where it will not let me checkout and that is very frustrating. i’ve tried deleting and re-downloading but that has been unsuccessful, i’ve encountered this issue on the actually website as well!! so frustrating!
  • Not the best 3/5

    By KCosmo
    Why does this log you out all the time? It’s a food app, not my bank. Not very user friendly in my opinion
  • Mobile ordering issues 2/5

    By JayPars8989
    Why in the flying why can’t I order ahead on the app for “now” or as soon as possible? Walking to qdoba I thought to myself “I’ll order ahead”. This was at 12:30pm. I picked my food then when I went to place the order the only available time slot was 1:00pm or later. I’m not going to wait 30 minutes when I can just wait in line in the store and have it in 5. So pointless, I’m on a lunch break. Just take a look at the Starbucks app, see how that works, then copy that. Thanks. The rewards are nice though.
  • Don't do mobile ordering 2/5

    By Chercher20
    The app is good for checking points and redeeming rewards in store. Mobile ordering wise it's just not good. Twice I've went in and they had not receive my order yet I was billed for it. The other times I've went in and my order was already completed and let me tell you there is nothing worst then a cold quesadilla. Mobile ordering set the minimum amount of time at 30 mins yet when I speak to cashier about why my order is cold they are instructed to make it as soon as they get the order even if pickup is 30 mins away and it just sits there until pickup.
  • Worst App EVER! 2/5

    By J-Mari2121
    I go to this restaurant all the time! The app does not update your status after the required number of visits! Also I added my credit card information so I could just pay front the app. EVERY TIME I get to the register it shuts down, it says to sign in again, it can’t find a connection.... it makes me want to throw my phone against the wall and smash it! Hopefully I can just get my free stuff for what I did accumulate and I’ll delete this junk app for good! ✌🏽
  • I love qdoba, hate this app. 1/5

    By fxdgear
    This app was designed and developed without thinking about how people use apps. They wanted to have flashy icons and splash pages and a really dumb animation every time you change tabs. It’s really frustrating to use. I just want to buy burritos and get burritos. I didn’t think it could be hard to screw this up. But Qdoba did!
  • It’s good, could be better. 4/5

    By HeroPlacey
    I love Qdoba. I used to go there at least once a week. The people that work there know what I get all the time. With the app, it’s helpful. My only complaint is the fact that the app doesn’t let me log in 75% of the time when it logs me out and I have to do a reset password. To test this out I put the correct information in online and was able to sign in, and then I went through the app and it said invalid credentials. I did the show password option so I know everything was typed correct. Also when you have two separate orders of you don’t get the chips on the first order, but get them on the second order you won’t get the discount of $2. Luckily my store just did a $2 coupon and took care of it, and I have been more careful in the future. All in all I still love Qdoba. Just wish it was a little more user friendly.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Mgoblue42
    I hate this app. Every time I'm checking out and have a line of people behind me for some reason it signs me out. I can't remember the password because I have to remember 50 other passwords already. And it takes forever to earn any rewards I give up I am not using your stupid reward program anymore.
  • Bring back my key tag 1/5

    By bluehaha
    I don't even care that my old points and account don't carry over. This app is flashy with neat graphics, but not functional. Why do I have to manually apply rewards? It used to be that the store would scan my card, tell me I had a reward and apply it. Now, I have to check my rewards and figure out how to apply them to my purchase. Silly. Clearly, Qdoba wants to take advantage of people who can't or don't figure this out, and then never apply rewards. And the app logs me out every time—so I end up standing in line at the last second having to re-enter my email and password
  • Timeouts 1/5

    By Scratch010
    The app signs me out if I don't use it for an extended period which can be a pain. Also, when I most recently attempted to sign in, the app showed me an error message and didn't allow me to sign in... which is also a pain.
  • What the heck 1/5

    By Chrissy636983
    There’s literally not even an option for me to put my password in.... just.... nothing.... I have so many points built up and I can’t even login
  • Works well. Could use better rewards and small enhancements. 5/5

    By Rick Sitek
    The app actually works well; I'm surprised by the poor review score. I successfully linked my credit card and use the app to pay for all purchases now. If I had any complaints, it would be surrounding the reward system itself. I had to purchase 13 entrees to earn a free one (and that was with triple meat on every one). Worth participating in, but still not as rewarding as I would have hoped. On that note, I'd like to make a suggestion: Please add the option to order triple meat within the app.
  • Great Food... Horrible Tech\App 1/5

    By Master Keya
    Thank Goodness for the in store Manager (Chris) providing superior service. There's no place in the app to redeem a points code from catering among many other flaws we found as we puzzled through this thing. Chris Stayed off the clock to help. How bout an IT service number to call for issues? Or perhaps be able to use the camera function to just read the code? No Points for a $344 catering order!?! Just a credit for a visit. How about train your in store staff on how to use the app? Read all the other reviews for additional problems. Ohh, and maybe hire someone other than high schoolers to create the app in the first place. Nuff said.
  • Constant Sign-outs and Clutter 2/5

    By DJ Demo
    This app has such great potential but it falls short because of two things that actually make it annoying to use. 1. It consistently signs you out of your account, which puts you in a position of either skipping getting your points or holding up the line at the restaurant. 2. It asks if you want to enable notifications every single time you open the app. Your options are “yes, I’m in” or “maybe later.” The quips would be fun if I didn’t have to click one every time I opened the app. If these things were remedied, the app would be so much better. I’ll update my rating if these change!
  • Go back to email offers 1/5

    By igobyjohnna
    I eat at Qdoba very often and never had a problem with redeeming my offers and/or rewards until this new "improved" rewards program. My birthday offer did not work and the $2 chips and queso never work. The employees at the stores I go to never know how to handle it even tho they see that I am a "champ" member and can possibly over ride or discount the chips.
  • Read reviews, but tried anyway 5/5

    By atmoyd
    The app worked perfectly for me! I had no issues. I was hesitant reading the reviews, but I gave it a try anyway. I'm Happy I did!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Billem17
    Go to Chick Fil A instead. Their app works really well (& doesn’t make me sign in constantly).
  • Ok 3/5

    By Omahafireguys
    Needs a bigger comment section for changing or adding items in order. I mean 25 characters, really??, how about 100 or 150.
  • App constantly logs out 1/5

    By mj231c
    The app constantly log the user out. It says the session has expired. It is a pain when you get to the front of the line and are trying to pay and get points.
  • They Never Get My Orders!! 2/5

    By ParkerGreen
    The mobile ordering through this app is useless. Every single time, they are unaware of any mobile order, and have to wait for them to prepare it then instead of it being ready at the pick up time. Useless!
  • Terrible!! 2/5

    By thebulder
    You would think that a mobile app with mobile ordering would allow you to pay with gift cards, right? NO!! I was in Qdoba the other day and had a digital gift card number on my phone. Since I couldn’t order with it in the app, I got in line to make my purchase. I get to the checkout and they didn’t know how to type the number in manually, so I was unable to use the gift card. They had done it before, but this time the people didn’t know how. This wouldn’t have even been a problem if the app would have let me use my gift card for mobile ordering. It is absolutely ridiculous that you all even sell gift cards when you don’t even allow them to be used for ordering in your app. That is unacceptable! If chipotle can do it, surely Qdoba can. Shame!
  • Wish I could rate zero stars 1/5

    By OSU330
    App crashes every time I try to log on, can’t use my points or let alone earn them. Employee didn’t know what to do, either. Big swing and a miss
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By StephKB19
    App won’t let you log in, making rewards useless/unable to attain.
  • Truly abysmal 1/5

    By pgcglassgirl
    Since its rollout, this Qdoba app has been nothing but a disappointment and major frustration. Even months after launch and multiple bug fix releases later, there are still so many things that just don’t work. Message received about extra points for placing a mobile order with an “order now” link. If you think that link would lead to the order page, you’d be wrong. Perk on my home page for $2 chips and guacamole. Add chips and guacamole to my cart and it’s $3 with no way to apply the perk. Just two recent examples of the headaches I’ve had with this dumb app. Such a fail.
  • App makes me frequent your restaurant less often 1/5

    By Rkymtnanna
    Since you converted to this app I have actually visited your establishment/s less often. It is because I know that I am going to have deal with the frustration of using the app to get my rewards. It is the only app that I have to log into every single time I try to to use it. Not to mention the months it to you to fix the issue wher I couldn’t even log in. I am a long time rewards member and I have no issue using other app for other rewards programs but this one actually makes me want to eat at qdoba less.
  • Super glitchy 1/5

    By Moron95m3
    Don’t bother with checking rewards or ordering off this app. Very glitchy to sign in. Once you load your cart, it won’t allow a pick up time or check out. Very poor performance. Haven’t been able to get it to work once.

QDOBA Rewards & Ordering app comments


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