QDOBA Rewards & Online Ordering

QDOBA Rewards & Online Ordering

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: QDOBA Mexican Eats
  • Compatibility: Android
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QDOBA Rewards & Online Ordering App

Introducing QDOBA Rewards – the official online ordering and mobile rewards app from QDOBA Mexican Eats®. We’ve expanded our rewards program to give you more – more points for every dollar spent and more redeemable rewards and perks every time you order QDOBA. You have the freedom to choose how your points are used. Cash points in for whatever you’re craving, whether it be handmade tortilla chips and our signature 3-Cheese Queso, a customizable crave-worthy burrito, one of our Knockout Tacos, or save them for something bigger and bolder. Complete challenges by exploring the menu, trying new creations, and sharing your QDOBA experience with friends. The more you order, the more rewards you get. Our improved online ordering lets you place your order and skip the line – you can come directly to the checkout counter at your scheduled pick-up time to pick up your order. Review past orders and save your favorite menu items for easy reordering, customize the menu to your dietary preferences, and securely store a credit card to make checkouts a breeze. Features: - New QDOBA Mobile Rewards Program: Score points, climb tiers and gain reusable perks. - Easy Online Ordering: Review past orders and save favorite menu items, customize the menu to your dietary preferences. - Location Finder: Save your usual location or find a QDOBA restaurant closest to you. - Complete Challenges: Bonus points awarded for completing various in-app challenges. - QDOBA Wallet: Your Mobile Rewards Card and Saved Credit Card in one. Securely save your credit card for easy checkout while earning points and perks. How to Log Into QDOBA Rewards: https://player.vimeo.com/video/198405632 *The QDOBA Rewards app cannot be used to view and redeem Catering rewards Points.

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QDOBA Rewards & Online Ordering app reviews

  • Password Reentry EVERY time?!?!? 2/5

    By Dr. Mega-cool
    Making users renter their UID & PW every time they use the app is just silly. I LOVE Qdoba and visit the store frequently, but apparently not enough for it to remember who I am. From this perspective the old card based system was vastly superior. Please set the PW timeout to like 6 months or something, I hardly consider my Qdoba Rewards balance info to be sensitive enough to warrant the sort of security currently implemented. Alternatively, just implement "Touch ID"-- even that would be a huge improvement.
  • Useless 1/5

    They shifted from a simple card that worked to this app that doesn't. Horrible user interface. Confusing to use. Constantly have to enter password again and again. It's almost like they wanted to cut back on their rewards program by making it unusable.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By L. Higgins
    Just as worthless as their website.
  • Qdoba online ordering services 1/5

    By pug8180
    This is complete trash. The online services are altogether trash.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Ratmfoo
    Can't leave pick up time smh
  • Useless 1/5

    By SteelersGirl7
    App is missing some menu items that are in fact in store. Not easy to customize items (i.e. I only want a kids cheese quesadilla, not a drink or a side). Also, every time we've tried to use it, the soonest available pick up time is an hour and 15 minutes out. Driving to the store, ordering, getting my food, driving home, then eating the food takes 40 minutes. I guess this app is useful if I want to eat it as initially designed by Qdoba and can find the time to plan it out an hour and 15 minutes ahead of time. With a toddler in the house, this isn't likely.
  • Super dumb 1/5

    By Ttsf55
    Whatever genius decided to make this should kick themselves in the crotch!! Why would I constantly need to be logged out with no easy way to log in i.e. Finger print. Lost all of my points when they switched to this platform. Whoever is making the decision needs to man up and start over. This is a TOTAL failure!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By jojonicole76
    Seriously, it can't be that hard to make a super basic ap that operates. It will not log me in.
  • Credit card expiration date wrong.... 1/5

    By Penelope50
    When you put your credit card on file and do the expiration date, as you scroll through the year, what is on the scrolling wheel and what shows in the field is one year off. Kind of hard to get the payment part to work with incorrect expiration dates. Please fix!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mljhawk
    This app and the Qdoba rewards process is terrible. The only thing worse is their "Guest Relations" support. Don't waste your time. I'm going back to Chipotle.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By ashcanprobably
    Just clocks when I enter my email. Deleting this and using the website to enter Claim ID's instead.
  • Does anyone work on this app? 1/5

    By Drotyi
    Can't order food, every time I hit send it says there is an error. I came in and got a credit for visiting the store and an hour later it disappeared. This app is cheeks. I give it a 0 but apple makes me give you at least 1 star.
  • Super difficult to figure out 1/5

    By jddobbs
    I can't even figure out how to receive my rewards. Neither can the restaurant workers. This is ridiculous. It's like dangling a carrot but never giving it up. Super not user friendly. No explanations anywhere.
  • Rewards doesn't work 1/5

    By Singer can
    I have over 12000 points but can't redeem any since they changed the site. Store workers say they can't do it and just tell me to go back to the site
  • Doesn't record my purchase 1/5

    By Aaxel21
    I have been to Qdoba 3 time in the last week and a half, had my phone scanned all three times and none have shown up on my account. This app is horrible. I won't go back until they fix the rewards app.
  • Doesn't work well 1/5

    By Lowojan
    Problems: 1. I keep getting logged out every time I try to use it. 2. It will not load my previous orders. 3. Even though I order my food for a certain time, it has yet to be ready for me when I get to the store. 4. Employees don't understand that I have already paid through the app and think I'm getting a free meal every time. Nothing bad happens, I just think it's kinda dumb when they say this each time. Like "oh looks like you're getting it all for free." Lol idk I just tell them, no I paid through the app. But it happens every time. 🙄
  • It just doesn't work 1/5

    By Liebernoodle
    App simply doesn't work. I scan every time I order and the visits never actually register. If I go to order history in app I get an error box.
  • Works but One major flaw 3/5

    By anaseer
    The app works well for in app ordering and store pick up. But it does not save payment method (I.e this feature does not work), which is a major flaw. Other areas of improvement include: 1.) status of order, when someone has ordered something this must be acknowledged in the app otherwise it looks like it failed to process, and moreover it is just sloppy to not have this feature. I recommend a top bar (like a permanent notification) with a pickup time visible. Clicking this should take you to more info about the order currently being made, such as a re-cap of your check out screen. 2.) better UI. The lightning bolt when you switch tabs is too much. Simple and clean and uncluttered and major use-points readily accessible is key.
  • From Bad to Worse 1/5

    By EyeSeeEwe
    Update: It's weird, but I have to agree with another reviewer: I've stopped going to Qdoba because of this app. I guess it's because this app is so bad that I have a negative association with the restaurant. It's a shame because their food is pretty good. I have no idea how they managed to make a useless app even more worthless. The previous version didn't recognize your registered id. This one doesn't let you get passed the first screen of selecting your "home store." (which they can't find). *facepalm*
  • Many issues 1/5

    By Fx give
    There are a lot of issues that need to be fixed. Just make it a lot more simple. Don't need all the visual effects.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By That1shopper
    Whys everyone complaining so much? Great app & love the layout! One flaw is you can only use your points ordering through the app. Wish I could use points in store!
  • Please hire a UX developer 1/5

    By GA Dad
    One of the worst apps I use. If there wasn't free food, I would have deleted it long ago. If they spent as much time on Dev and QA as they did the art work, this would be a top app. Thank goodness their food is good.
  • Was amazing...Now it's horrible 1/5

    By Lightning 628
    It doesn't even work in the store when they scan it, so you can't even get points!
  • It works ok 2/5

    By Zumchikara
    Not great. Using rewards is a pain. If you decide to cancel your order you lose rewards that you were going to use. And of course there's no cancel button to cancel order. Also you can't order tacos on the menu. You can get everything else but tacos. You can get prime time tacos but not regular.
  • Are the 1 stars justified? Absolutely 1/5

    By Ezrabud
    This app is downright terrible. It crashes, it is hard to use, and I just held up the lunch line for 5 minutes while employees tried to help me figure out how to redeem a reward. No reward program is better than this joke.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By dee-dub-yew
    Great idea but often have issues with reader at checkout. Also requires log in way too often - inconvenient when you are checking out. Needs Touch ID feature implemented for quick log in.
  • Worst App Ever Developed 1/5

    By jeffsgirlwayoutwest
    Qdoba used to be one of our favorite restaurants because of their great food and great rewards. This app has completely RUINED their rewards program. Even the employees and managers don't know how to work it. PLEASE come up with a completely new app - OR let us go back to the little green card that worked SO WELL!!!! If this app isn't overhauled pronto, we will take our business somewhere else.
  • Stores not ready 1/5

    By Love Bieber k
    I made the order 45 min before pick-up time. Arrived to find order not even started. Offered a free soda for the extra 26 min wait. The online order is only valuable if the stores work with the online orders. I could have gotten out faster just showing up and waiting in line😐
  • Come on, guys 1/5

    By Kileykoeppe
    Link a card? Not a chance. Incredibly frustrating.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By COiPhoneChris
    I seem to collect points but my status never changes. I've contacted customer support and got a completely unrelated answer. :(
  • How do I give this a negative rating? 1/5

    By peachynaustin
    It is sad when an app is so bad it has lowered my opinion of Qdoba. My visits are never registered. I guess the problem is compounded by the fact I've tried to have visits added and customer service don't respond. If you like Qdoba keep going, just don't waste time and download the app.
  • Doesn't support Apple Wallet. 1/5

    By mkrewson
    Nearly every single app for rewards has support for Apple Wallet. Please begin to support this feature soon.
  • If I could give it 0 I would. 1/5

    By care.beargurl
    Won't let me log in at all
  • Fixed? Not yet. 1/5

    By Dalbeattiestar
    Additional: updates later & the app is still not reliable. Why? It will let me earn points, but I can't use any. Even the restaurant employees couldn't do it. I've stopped going there until this is fixed. Original: Still forced to create a new account. It goes from filling in email to filling out new user form. No chance to enter an established password. Where do existing accounts sign in??? When I create a new account (why do I need to?) it won't let me proceed. When I sign in with Google, I have 0 points, but at least I can see the rest of the app. So I guess this app is a demo? Doesn't really work? This is the 2nd version and still broken. Might want to test it first next time. New: same issues after latest update. Why do I have to start over with 0 points? I had enough for 3 free meals before this app rolled out.
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By Aleoyzz
    Can't log in using my email
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By Left for another app
    I have tried over 15 times to go to Qdoba and use this app but it has not registered a single visit even after scanning it several times at the register. For a simple fast food app it is miserable. An acceptable fix would be the simple ability to scan my receipt or enter a transaction code at a later time since the app is so iffy on whether or not it will work at the store with 10 people behind you in line. It wouldn't be great but it would be a major improvement.
  • Latest update has me locked out. 1/5

    By HipHopAnonymous9877
    Did the latest update and now I'm unable to log in, either via FB or email. Not happy I can't use my account.
  • Stabiliy and usability issue 1/5

    By Chobros
    I am not sure why the fast food restaurant app must be so difficult to use. New update has log in issue, payment always take 2 times swiping for completion and no deals/coupons available within the app. Needs to improve the overall quality and features within the app.
  • Keeps forcing me to sign in again and again 1/5

    By macteets
    ...annoying everyone in line behind me. I'm done using this app and eating at Qdoba. Chipotle calls...Seeya!
  • Bug: can't login with email containing dash 1/5

    By MrDefenestrator
    My email address that I use for login contains a dash "-". Up until recently it worked fine. With the app now the form validation doesn't allow me to progress beyond email entry. May I recommend to the developer rfc5322 section 3.4 and writing some decent test cases. I want my free burritos!
  • Worst reward system EVER! 1/5

    By SieSieVin
    This app is so horrible, that I don't even want to eat at Qdoba anymore. I feel like they took away my good reward system that I enjoyed for this horrible and annoying time-consuming waste of phone space. And as I read the rest of the reviews I can see that I'm not the only one. Come on Qdoba get it together!!!!!!
  • Terrible app. Nothing works. 1/5

    By Hmiget
    I miss the old rewards program. All my points are locked because I can never redeem them with this app. Also, I'm never able to send my order through. The spinning Q is pretty much norm while using this app.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By SpitsMullinz
    App not made properly. Numerous bugs from missing buttons to dead links and crashing. Really wanted it to work b/c ordering ahead of time is convenient when on lunch break, etc. Please fix this Qdoba.
  • Can't order what I want 2/5

    By Desantiago
    I like being able to order the food I want ahead of time. However on this app I can't. So I use my apps for places like Chipotle to order food and go pick it up because it lets me order what I want. They need to make allow people to create your own orders on the app. Then we can also build points. If I have time I will go to my actual location to get something but that's only if I have time.

    By Kattycake
    I eat here so often and I just want to order online and pay in cash at the store please. Chipotle and Freebirds does it why can't you??
  • I can't place an order 1/5

    By slurban4
    This is the third time I've tried to place an order online and the third time I've been unable to do so. I get through the whole process but nothing happens when I hit "done" or "place order." Nothing. Not sure the point of the app if I can't use it to place an order ahead of time.
  • Bad app that makes things LESS CONVENIENT 1/5

    By Wzl5150
    This app needs a complete overhaul. The worst part is it schedules the food prep FOR YOU so even if you are five minutes from the store you still have to wait TWENTY minutes for your food. The app also has a great deal of unecessary flair for no reason. It's just foolish. People want efficiency when they order food, not bad graphic design with luchador decoration. I have never reviewed an app before now but that's just how awful this app is.
  • Cant sign in anymore. 1/5

    By atghate
    Every time I try to sign in it takes me to sign up screen.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By essessbee13
    I can't even get past the "set home store" Screen. It just spins forever and does nothing. Worthless app.
  • Wish I could give this zero stars 1/5

    By RPMKE
    Absolutely obnoxious app. They switched the rewards redemption to be horribly difficult to navigate. Well, I'll give them 5 stars for being the best at being clueless as to how an app should function properly.

QDOBA Rewards & Online Ordering app comments

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