Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

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  • Current Version: 1.11.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Quidd Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards App

Collect, trade and show off officially licensed, limited edition stickers, trading cards and 3D figures of your favorite characters. Includes Rick & Morty™, Game of Thrones®, MARVEL®, Bob's Burgers™, Star Trek™, Breaking Bad and many more cult classics, hit shows, and animated properties. Don’t forget to: - Drag and drop your stickers in iMessage and use them anywhere you use your keyboard! - Open mystery boxes containing Funko Pop! figures and Kidrobot digital minis! - Come back everyday to get new content for free! Are you a fan of something else? Quidd also features stickers, cards and 3D figures from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer™, Family Guy™, X-Files™, Scream Queens™, Empire™, Arrested Development™, Firefly™, DC Comics™, Valiant Comics, Minions™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ and Ghostbusters™ just to name a few. With over 1 BILLION limited edition digital items sold to date, there is no better time than now to join Quidd. ********** Here’s what you can do: - Use your free coins to purchase limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures. - Meet hundreds of thousands of super-fans and geek out with people that love the same stuff you do! - Chat and trade with your new friends in real-time. Adjust the terms of a trade and watch as the most coveted items land in your pocket. - Complete over 1,000 sets like a boss. We’ve got base sets, chase sets and more with dynamic, up-to-date checklists. Once you complete a set, check out your ranking. To rank high on the leaderboard, be among the first to complete a set or build a valuable set with the lowest print numbers by trading up. - Build a one-of-kind collection that only you own and show it off to your friends. Create and share showcases that show off your creativity and your collection. Quidd is about you and the characters you love. Start your collection today! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com/quidd or @quidd. And note: the Quidd Keyboard will never track your keystrokes. **********
OFFICIAL HBO LICENSED PRODUCT © 2017 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO AND RELATED TRADEMARKS ARE THE PROPERTY OF HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ADULT SWIM, the logo, RICK AND MORTY, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2017 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. ©2017 Cryptozoic Entertainment. 25351 Commercentre Dr. Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. All rights reserved. TM & © 2016 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bob’s Burgers™ & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. (c) 2017 MARVEL, Inc.


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Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards app reviews

  • Love it but.... 3/5

    By StarSong888
    I seriously love this app. It’s so much fun to collect and use the stickers and gifs but there is a MAJOR problem with Quidd. Fist off before downloading the app, know that the community can be very toxic. Especially the Steven Universe community. Secondly you have to know that this app is seriously addicting. This is because it’s a fun app and you just want to keep going. Thirdly and the thing I hate about Quidd is this. THE BUGS AND GLITCHES. I’ve been frozen into the app during trades, and just browsing all together! It’s the worst having to go in and out of the app until it finally decides to work again. But the issue that’s been driving me the most crazy is THE NOTHING AVAILABLE GLITCH! It’s a newer glitch and the most annoying. Sometimes you go into the app and it will randomly tell you no matter what set you are in that there is nothing available. The only way to fix this is to delete and get the app again. This is a HUGE drag because even after you’ve already had the app before Quidd tries to give you another tutorial. I really want to give this app at least three to four stars. EDIT: quid developers were very nice and a few glitch problems have been solved. Three and a half stars!
  • I don’t have to pay! 5/5

    By PandaQueen326
    HOLY COW FINALLY! A app were I can collect adorable stickers to my hearts content for a price of free 99! You pay with fake coins u get every couple of hours, and it’s not like they give u 3 coins in that period of time (the price for most sticker packs are about 1,600) they give u about 6,000 to 10,000 coins! Which can buy a lot of packs of 3 and 5! Love this! GET THIS APP!
  • Soo awesom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By blazer420$
  • Quality of the app has decreased over time. 3/5

    By NarwhalTacoz
    I personally really like quidd. I liked it more when there were some more challenging sets but I like the easy sets as well. Lately lots of problems have surfaced. Some intentional, some not. Some include: no free coin notifications, my tapjoy has stopped working, etc. The main thing I want back is notifications. I’ve tried turning on and off the coin notifications and I’m still not receiving them which is rather annoying. I would also love some more of your “forgotten channels” to be reborn. New channels are fine but I’d prefer older ones being built up. I still have not received about 400k coins worth of tapjoy I did about a week ago...
  • Hey it's pprreettyy ggoooddd 5/5

    By Hayham
    It's really cool especially the rick and Morty stickers
  • Im here because of Shane. Sponsor him more 5/5

    By Deljae
    Title says it all. I trust shane and when he talks about his sponsors. I actually like like the app too and its fun to collect things. I really hope you guys keep sponsoring him, it makes me so happy.
  • Portal 2 4/5

    By DonutsOnAmazonPrime
    I really want you guys to add Portal 2
  • Need to put horror movies characters in this app 1/5

    By Bowmasters fan
    Like trick r treat,Friday the 13th,Nightmare on elm street,saw, and chainsaw massacre.
  • Like it but... 5/5

    By TubularVase4356
    I like this app a lot but I can’t buy anything or trade it’s saying something like no current items.. i don’t know but I need to know why it’s doing that.
  • WORST APP 1/5

    By The awesome _999
  • Best app ever!!!! 5/5

    By Spiderman4ever
    I love this app so much I wish I could get these things in real life great job creators and developers keep up the good work and I would like to request spiderman and ghostrider funko pops please if you did that you would make me the happiest person in the whole wide world
  • Overall good platform 4/5

    By Butterbee1037
    I really enjoy Quidd; my only real complaint is that you can’t use ANY Star Trek items in showcases :( Other than that, it’s great
  • Sponsor? 5/5

    By Question time please
    Quidd..... I see you sponsor many people on YouTube.... how do I get you on my side as a sponsor...???? I am not asking for lots of money... just to have a sponsor would be great!!! Good app BTW😁👌🏼
  • Amazing 5/5

    By odeckxso97
    This is amazing it’s so awesome I love it
  • Coin amount 4/5

    By CoGo3314
    Can you let the coins rack up more than 12000 when we are away
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By supreme texting
    This game is absolutely amazing.When I first got my stickers at the end of the day it was nonstop texting.I hope you have as much fun as I did with this app.(:
  • Wow 5/5

    By Heydady
    Came from mr beast and it is a good app
  • Great app but has a lot of issues 2/5

    By Deadshot1901
    I would rate five star if it weren’t for the error codes I always get such as sorry Quidd is under a heavy load. And I can’t buy sets that are limited b/c of that. If quidd cant handle that many people don’t make an app
  • This app is a tire fire! 1/5

    By rollamcnut
    Don’t download this app it is garbage. They can’t seem to figure out how to make it work, but continue to try to grow it larger. Their customer service is the saddest excuse I have ever felt with. Enjoy emailing with a robot. I’d give them negative stars if allowed.
  • I wASteD $100 adn it r teh mOAst GaEM of 4ll TIeM!!!1!oen!!!!!11elven 5/5

    By Cheater59
    I wASteD $100 adn it r teh mOAst GaEM of 4ll TIeM!!!1!oen!!!!!11elven
  • BAD 1/5

    By Lilemb
    I would vote 0 stars and why because I completely lost my account and can’t get back in so bad
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hnvdddddghg
    Mr beast showed me this cool app
  • Rick and Morty 5/5

    By Rick Sancess
    Rick and morty
  • Account 1/5

    By YodaGamer3000
    Hey I got locked out of my Quidd account and and can’t get back in can I plz make another account plzzz
  • A pretty good app with a few minor flaws 4/5

    By DaviBrouss
    Overall, this app is really cool. It has good stickers and a bunch of really cool figures. My only problems with it are that, first, they need to add a system to lock your items. I’ve had a few times where I’m in a trade and the person on the other end will change the deal to something I don’t want to trade, and before I know it I’m clicking accept to a trade that I don’t want because I didn’t notice that it had been changed. Second of all, I think that there needs to be a simplified rarity system. Half of the times that I have set up a trade, the person on the other end ended it because he said it was unfair even though the rarity was basically the same. With a simplified rarity, that would not happen.
  • Non constructive App 2/5

    By Happy Texas User
    Some usable images but mostly takes time away from constructive tasks. Everyday is too much. Otherwise i did like some stuff.
  • Quidd is broken 1/5

    By A Thicc Cactus
    I got a new device and tried to do Quidd but it says I have already signed into Quidd. I have already tried to get my password back and I used the correct email but it’s been 5 months and I still haven’t got the email. I’ve waited so long and still haven’t got the email.
  • Great but 4/5

    By Thebadbubble
    It’s great but the menus are extremely annoying to get around and thats it really
  • Shane Dawson got army pants and flip flops. So I got army pants and flip flops 5/5

    By PabloHBiC
    Honestly his series have become my most anticipated YouTube videos and he told me to DL this app. So far the stickers have been funny, useful, and totally hilarious. Great recommendation.
  • MrBeast 5/5

    By MattHockey
    Downloaded just because Mr Beast! But the app is great too
  • I don’t know 5/5

    By jayyking
    This app is really nice
  • Quidd is super fun 5/5

    By amyandash
    You don’t have to spend money to collect pop figures anymore! Plus, there are stickers and cards to collect and trade. Overall, it’s tons of fun. I play every day!
  • Good but bad 2/5

    By DiamondXLIV
    I saw mrbeast snake a video and he said the app had all of your favorite tv shows but I searched Pokémon and there was no Pokémon
  • New update 1/5

    By Somebody's special someone
    What was the point of this update. First I haven't been able to collect coins at all for 2 weeks or buy anything in the card stores now with this update that supposedly fixes bugs I can't even open the app
  • It was okay. 2/5

    By AZeotime1111
    I got locked out of my account (Azolomij1116), and I really want to keep going in the game. I can’t even reset my password. Support does nothing and their emails don’t send. It was fun for so long and I had so much fun with it. I wish they allowed multiple users per device so I could make my own account. This app just rides on their toxic fan base. I wish this app was better.
  • Bad customer service 2/5

    By ha1fpint13
    The app was awesome at first. I apparently downloaded while they were in the middle of big changes. Which I thought were beneficial to new players. But there was a lot of stuff I could not access due to it being sold out or people setting extreme trades that in no way benefited me. So I got my husband and siblings to download the game also. Tell me why, all of our accounts got suspended and have been for days. Not one of us violated any Terms of Service. Not to mention Quidd won’t even reply back to emails. We have all deleted the app.
  • MrBeast!!!!! 5/5

    By Q Shark
  • MrBeast Squad? 5/5

    By BradleyGames™
  • Great app 4/5

    By Maxoog
    I have been using this for a month now and really enjoy it, and asking if the Portal (1/2) could be added.
  • ... 1/5

    By Entropy3XD
    I can’t even get the stickers I want
  • Best sticker app ever 5/5

    By BKA 2006
    Not much else
  • Great app #MrBeast 5/5

    By Elian lopez
    Saw this from mr beast and it’s a great app
  • South Park 3/5

    By Gavin Tsujimura
    Add southpark
  • Mr.beast 5/5

    By crookednonkey56
    I got this bc of mr beast
  • Mr beast 5/5

    By Howurgoingtofeel
    Me beast
  • M R B E A S T 4/5

    By Knaacc
    Mr Beast. That is all.
  • This is great 5/5

    By Karsen Hindman.com
    So I was watching MrBeast and I found out about this app and I think it’s a really good app
  • 30k to ninja🤭 5/5

    By 8 years old but still bold
  • I’m here from MrBeast 4/5

    By DMadd519
    I like quidd. It’s a fun way to share stickers. And I like the packs too.
  • MrBeast 5/5

    By Dicider

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