Radish — Exclusive Fiction Serials

Radish — Exclusive Fiction Serials

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  • Current Version: 1.30.12
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Radish Media
  • Compatibility: Android
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Radish — Exclusive Fiction Serials App

Radish gives you early access to the latest web fiction serials from top writers! See the latest chapter now for a cheap one-click payment, or wait a week to read for free. Radish is designed for the mobile generation. Read stories anywhere – on the bus, in the line at the supermarket, and in the lecture hall when you’re meant to be listening to the professor. We invite the best and most popular writers from all over the web to give you a quick reading fix on the go. Radish writers can choose one of three ways to offer you a story: Free: As you can imagine, the story is completely free Freemium: Pay to read a chapter now, or wait to read it for free Premium: Pay to read You’re free to read and pay for as much or as little as you want, and will never be charged for the app itself. To buy a chapter, purchase Radish coins within the app first, and then unlock the chapter with one click. It’s all done through your Apple account, so we will never ask for your credit card details or other personal information. You are downloading Radish 1.0, so you’re here at the very beginning of a big new adventure. We’ll be adding tons of new features in the coming weeks and months. We hope you enjoy Radish!


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Radish — Exclusive Fiction Serials app reviews

  • Would stick to wattpad 1/5

    By llkimmy90
    I dont want to pay for every chapter. I would rather read for free. However some authors are switching to radish which is stupid bc some ppl arent going to spend money everytime they run out of coins
  • Layla 5/5

    By Bo3243
    Love this
  • Slightly confused 2/5

    By Alexiaitbme
    I'm perplexed by this app. After a week does a chapter unlock or do the coins reset? Someone help me out here, I just want to read.. :(
  • Expensive 1/5

    By VickiFrancesca
    As much as I want to support my favorite writers from Wattpad who switch some of their books over to Radish it's simply too expensive. Each chapter is about $.50 if the book it has 49 chapters and you're paying $.50 for each chapter that's $24 for the whole book. Some of these authors are published and have their books on Amazon for prices as low as $2.99, $3.99, or even $4.99. I hate to say it but it seems as if we're being ripped off by the same author as we support on Wattpad just to continue to read their books.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Insanestarflame
    It's not terrific. It's basically a more expensive, boring wattpad.
  • Radish hate/love 3/5

    I love the Radish app; however, purchasing coins is kind off a pain. I have tried to purchase coins three separate times, and it hasn't worked. I did send a email to customer support, but it has been over a week, and the problem isn't resolved. Besides the coins Radish is great.
  • Brilliant platform 5/5

    By jack-o-spades
    Have discovered no less than 10 great authors & stories in two days after downloading. Artfully packaged and a cinch to read the episodes. This app is fantastic.
  • Smooth, Creative, and Jazzy 4/5

    By lackadaisicalperson
    I'm gonna be honest, this is pretty nice. The transitions are smooth, the stories are decent and above, and the design is jazzy. Most of the writers, however, are from Wattpad, and perhaps it would be better if Radish got authors from other sources. No crashes so far, plus, 6 coins cost basically a dollar. With the 10 coins Radish gives you for free, plus the cheap prices of coins (with occasional discounts), you could read a lot. It's be nice if Radish could bookmark where readers leave off, just in case I accidentally close the app and have to go back. This is a really good app overall, but Radish should work on getting more content. One neat idea would be to let the readers write a review of the story, and then have the writers select one to put it on the summary page. Y'know, reader participation.
  • It's alright except... 2/5

    By Jenna.98707
    The app is good there are many great reads except do not buy coins. I bought 62 coins for $8 and still have not received the coins. Yes I did contact Radish, but it is a headache you don't need. Many other people have experienced the same problem as well. I enjoy Radish, but do not buy coins.
  • Don't purchase anything from them 1/5

    By Angelaisawesome
    Warning: their in app purchases don't work. I purchased a coin pack that never showed up in the app. I had to hunt down iTunes and Radish support, which is a huge headache that you don't want to go through. Honestly stay away! I hope I can save someone else from making the same mistake as me.
  • I like it but... 4/5

    By Fallenangelxp
    The app is amazing, definitely better than watt pad for me at least. Stories have better quality and not so many grammar errors which always annoy me when I'm reading fictional novels. The only thing I'd have to say about this app is that you can't leave a review or anything for the author, you can't give feedback, and I guess the app did this to prevent childish comments and hate but sometimes I'd like to know where the hell the author has been when they don't update their ongoing stories for more than five months.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Spychick924
    Absolutely love the Radish Fiction app. It's new and innovative and gives writers a way to earn from what they love. My only (minor) suggestion would be to have a dashboard for authors on the app, so that we don't have to solely rely on the web portal for stats and story editing. Other than that, fantastic app for readers and writers alike!
  • Coins? 1/5

    By No coins...?
    Why haven't I still got my coins? They said it only take 48 hours which is like 2 days but I still don't have my coins yet and it's been 3 weeks i've been waiting. Wow Radish, you guys really ripped us off like that.
  • eeh 3/5

    By BudySwaggggg
    it's okay
  • Meh 3/5

    By Unicornfavs
    The stories are pretty good... But I hate that they took the trending list away.
  • Great App 4/5

    By charmsome
    But it's mostly just erotica. I would love to see some more variety. I know erotica sells well but please upload other genres too.
  • Do not update your app 2/5

    By Collie3
    They took away the trending feature which was my favorite about Radish!! Why take it away if people love it? Don't fix something that isn't broken. Now I can't see what everyone else is reading and enjoying. RADISH TEAM PLEASE PUT IT BACK!!
  • Trending Page 4/5

    By Hopesalot88
    Bring back the trending page!!!
  • Nice! 5/5

    By ThePotatoFamilyScrapbook
    This app was 100% great until I attempted to buy coins. It hadn't worked at first and I contacted radish, but in a quick email I had all my coins! This is a wonderful app and I suggest this to anyone who loves to read!
  • Took away the trending page 5/5

    By LILO827372
    I enjoyed the trending page feature as it was an easy way to see great stuff that others were reading and enjoying. Radish took that away. I also can tell they try to discriminate against mature writers even though they are some of the top earners for them. They never feature them and try to hide their work
  • I like it 3/5

    By Nixpanda
    I like this app I just wish there was more ways to get coins with out paying
  • Wattpad 2/5

    By JessiM218
    I feel like this is another version of Wattpad, with only a few differences and I don't like it nearly as much as Wattpad.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Tamlush
    A great reading experience on my iPhone 7 plus. No crashes and no glitches!
  • Alright 3/5

    By Katmariexo
    I was introduced to Radish when some of my favorite authors on Wattpad started doing early releases or posting more of their books ahead of time on here. I would love the app a lot more if users could comment like they can on Wattpad. I find myself reading a chapter on Radish, only to rush over to Wattpad to comment to the author. I wish the authors and readers could connect a little more. If I were able to comment on stories, then without a doubt my rating would be 5/5.
  • Wattpad 1/5

    By Kayla konesky
    I have been using wattpad for around three years. Some authors are now changing to radish making me have to buy this app. I may be bias but I like the quality of wattpad better. They have many more selections and choices for their readers. To me this is a lower end version of wattpad.
  • Great service!! 5/5

    By Pineapple orange apple mango
    Love the app!!! I can read chapters here that I have to wait for on Wattpad😂😂 the book covers are beautiful as well. I have had great service from the Radish support team, and I would totally recommend this app to any book lover.
  • Purchase of coins 1/5

    By Ness Roy
    I purchased the 30 coins deal once which was 2.99. But in my Apple receipt it said I had purchased it twice and I only received 30 coins.
  • Disappointed Reader 2/5

    By MayaLeon
    Hello, I have been a loyal supporter of Radish and have spent at least 100$ in total on coins to buy chapters. I have a dilemma with one of the writers, they have reused material in a chapter that I have to pay for. It's disappointing that I have to pay to reread the same material. How do I get in contact with the author because they might have made a mistake?
  • Switch recent and shelf 3/5

    By Azalea10111,,,,
    Personally I feel like if I buy a chapter the time it takes for the next chapter to unlock should be reset. It doesn't seem right that I have to wait a full month for the next chapter to unlock if I bought the pervious chapter. And with this new update I don't even know when chapters will be unlocked. With the previous update it showed the date of when the chapter will be unlocked. Now it shows the day the author published the chapter. This new update makes me even more frustrated because I don't know when chapters from my favorite books will unlock. And I am not going to check the app everyday to see if I'm able to read another chapter.
  • No countdown?! 3/5

    By amycutie101
    Ok the app is glitch in or something. When I wait till the date is here to read for free it still said I have to wait for it to be available. What happened to the countdown timer? I now have to wait and extra day to actually read for free.
  • Love this app and everything about it!!! 5/5

    By Cckell
    This is truest an amazing app. To be a writer on the app you have to basically apply to be one it. Which honestly is great means your getting good stuff. I learned of this app from one of my favorite writers on Wattpad. The updates were coming sooner on Radish so I switched over for that particular story. Functionality of the app is still good. The app freezes sometimes while you are reading if you read relatively fast like I do. But other than that the app is great.
  • It's ok 2/5

    By Flappy bird rater
    I don't like the fact that you have to pay for chapters I rather just read them for free honestly Wattpad is more worth it.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Anne amo
    Worth it
  • Radish... 5/5

    By YourMakeYou
    I really like this app , it has good stories on it , and even though u need to "buy" some stories and dosent cost a lot
  • iPod crashes 1/5

    By anniexmol
    The app always crashes when I click on it and I'm unable to read my favorite stories! Please fix this ASAP or else I'll have to delete the app
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Cowal _1
    The app is simply not worth it. 1) The coins are too much. Even if I wanted to support an author last I checked 6 coins were about a dollar. Some books are really long I'm simply not willing to pay $30 for a book probably written by an amateur. The only other option is to wait and that takes forever. 2) As a semi-active reader on Wattpad I've noticed a lot of authors are on both Radish and Wattpad. That doesn't bother me that much but If you follow an author on Wattpad you know how often a writer might be able to update. Just like Wattpad there is no guarantee that the author will ever finish the book that you've spent money on to read. 3) Variety of authors. The reason I downloaded Radish was so that I might be able to get introduced to a new group of amateur writers. Instead I get greeted with the same authors that I used to read for free on Wattpad. I don't care persay about these authors wanting to get paid, but I only see Wattpad writer and that's tiresome.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Michiisageek
    I like the app and i enjoy the stories i read but i hope they add a comment section or a way to contact the author :(
  • Too much 1/5

    By Liveintherain
    I really like the writers in this app, and the stories, but i hate how i have to wait so long until chapters are free. It is very annoying because by the time they are free, i've already forgotten what the story is about. The coins are expensive too. Some stories have up to 80 chapters, and if i have to pay a dollar for 6 coins, then mathematically speaking, the book ends up costing 40$. I'm not gonna waste 40$ on a book when i could probably find a better one for 10$
  • Don't like the update 2/5

    By Eileenyweenie
    I don't like that I can't see how long I have to wait until the chapter will be free. It's not convenient to me and I hope it gets switched back. That would be really nice
  • Update 3/5

    By Ijustwantthetimeback
    I like the new update, I just hate how they took off the times that the chapters became free. Plz bring them back!!!
  • New Update 3/5

    By Howmanyydangnicknamesarethere
    I liked the old version, put the times of when chapters become free back please!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Rayyyyyyyyyyyychhhhheeeell
    When I was logged on it wouldn't let me view any of my stories and every time I went to my library it crashed. Tried re-downloading the app and now it won't let me even sign on or make an account. I just want my stories back where I was!
  • Crashes like a lead airplane 1/5

    By partyprincess
    So I wanted to read a book from an author that posted each chapter via this app. Managed to register in the app and then tried to search. I could not even type in the search term (author name) before it crashed. Tried again. Crashed. Twice is my limit for a crappy, buggy app. Deleted.
  • Writer vs reader 5/5

    By Wattpadmagicwriter
    For a writer this is incredible because it allows me to earn some cash while doing what I love. But for a reader I can see how frustrating it might be because of the lagging and slightly unfriendly interface. But with a couple of updates from Radish, I think that can be fixed. Give it a chance!
  • Do not like :( 1/5

    By Wijsnehehejnddjdjejej
    Wattpad is definitely better, the interface is strange and feels awkward to me. Sometimes my coins wouldn't load or purchased chapters would say they still needed to be purchased. Certain stories would not load properly and the app frustratingly crashed on multiple occasions...I deleted the app about a week after first downloading it. And the best part about Wattpad is that it's free whereas you have to pay for the stories on Radish. Or wait a week or even a month to read the chapters you're excited about without paying. It's annoying and honestly quite a poor platform as of right now. Definitely requires further development.
  • Frustrating to Use 2/5

    By Iuluver
    The design for the user interface is so poor and frustrating. When I scroll through the pages, the header keeps popping up, and it bothers the heck out of me. Every time I purchase a chapter, it takes a couple of tries to be purchased, and then the app slows down, and I have to close and reopen it again. The only reason why I'm even using Radish is to finish a book that was previously published on Wattpad. Other than that, I will not be coming back to Radish to read any books unless the author previously published it on Wattpad.
  • Wait Time 2/5

    By Kyrannah
    I just downloaded the app for a sties on another site. The author said the story was on Radish. So I downloaded it to get chapters 19-31. I have to wait 106 days to get those chapters without spending money..
  • Too pricey 1/5

    By Swansong5150
    Makes u pay for everything
  • Shanayah 5/5

    By Shay31037
    They have great stories. Which have more interesting in looking for more stories in read different topics. Also when you need help the respond back fast and I love that they waste no time to help you.
  • Don't like it 1/5

    By Mememememememememahdema
    One of the main things I don't like about radish is that there is no communication between the author and the reader and between readers. Wattpad is definitely better, the community there is amazing

Radish — Exclusive Fiction Serials app comments


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