Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio

Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.9.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Rapchat, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio App

Rapchat is the best rap app in the GAME! We let you create, share and discover freestyle raps all from your phone. Rapchat connects you with 100's of beats and instrumentals from upcoming producers to provide the background to your fire raps! You can drop a freestyle or use the notepad tool to write a couple rhymes. Once you record your rap, you can share it with friends on the app or via Text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Soundcloud and more. Create your own rapper name, setup your Rapchat profile and showcase your hottest raps or share them privately. There's also a trending chart of the Top Raps and Rappers on the app, so submit your best in order to be featured in front of 100,000's of hip hop fans. Whether you're a serious upcoming rapper or just looking to have fun, Rapchat brings the studio to your pocket and gives you the platform to create, share and be heard! What are you waiting for? Step into the rap game and get your bars up. You could be the next Kanye, Eminem, Wiz, Drake or Nicki...who knows! Features - mobile recording studio - 250+ beats - automatically upload to Soundcloud - share raps on Twitter, Facebook, IG, and more - profiles to showcase raps, links to your social accounts, and more - leaderboards for top raps and top artists - notepad to write your bars down - direct message raps


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Rapchat: Rap Maker & Studio app reviews

  • Leave app 3/5

    By Dat man 11123456789012345579
    When u leave the app or close the app you lose everything
  • Can’t hear my own raps it won’t play 4/5

    By xxARMRxx
    I can hear other people raps ,but when I try to load mine they won’t work.it was working fine up until this last update am using iOS
  • Bomb af 5/5

    By Anon937261617293038372717
    Yup it's Gucci
  • Rapchat is the best 5/5

    By GregRae
    I like everything in the app, I would like to have a beats, favorites list so you can get to them a little quicker.
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Rishipieces
    Really fun app. Product is mediocre but the idea is so good it doesn't matter
  • Dope 5/5

    By U kno its me
    Super dope once you get a handle on how to use it good.
  • Not recomended 1/5

    By R-Bree-Z
    I got this app thinking that I could make a beat or two but its server didn't connect to anything
  • I love it 5/5

    By JaRRie BaSh
    Make a beat for every holiday
  • Bug fixes, Too easy to lose raps 2/5

    By fascatty
    Well today I was uploading my rap & it failed. It used to give you the option to try and upload it again (and still fail most of the time) but it doesn’t anymore. On top of that you have to start all over again which is aggravating.And a lot of times it’ll even get to 100% then say failed to upload.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Noah_sweeton27
    This is the best app ever and garage band takes too much space
  • Excellent app just needs another track or two 4/5

    By t()ast
    It’s an excellent and run smooth hasn’t crashed on me once most of the people are pretty cool there is some spamming but they’re taking care of that if you take the time to reach out to the developers they will hit you back in the very informative and very responsive when I wasn’t even expecting it to hit me back with some info that really help me out so with people like that at the helm of this app it’s just going to get better and better for those of you that feel like you can’t stick it out good leave we don’t need you the rest your it’s gonna get better I gave it four stars only because it needshy a back up vocal track. Keep your ears peeled you might be here and some of my beats on there soon??? 👻
  • Great app. 4/5

    By Jroq82
    Just wish it had a section for producers to submit beats. I’m a producer and I come on here to listen to the underdogs. Just wish I could submit beats easier than going through the website every time. But nonetheless this is a great app.
  • GREAT APP, but problem 4/5

    By Dinho Dimes
    So I made a song the other day and I wanted to save it on rapchat so I could upload it to SoundCloud two weeks later.. two weeks later came, and it didn't let me upload it. After a lot of research, I found out you have to choose to upload it right after you record...other than that,perfect app 10/10, but the upload thing ruined it
  • The Birth Of The Rapplication 5/5

    By DvsMak
    The Best App I Have Found So Far For Lyricists, Rappers, Producers, Musicians, And Fans Of Hip Hop Culture. I Love To FreeStyle, How About U? Download The App And See For Yourself.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lip98989898
    Really easy to use, my and all my friends use this app. Good selection of beats, great way to share raps too. Their support team is also super helpful and kind. 10/10
  • 🐐level 4/5

    By B Nilla
    this app is the best app you’re gonna find if you’re looking to spit some bars. they keep switching it up, most of the time for the better so it’s always fresh. it’s got a few issues but nothing major..lets rap @B Nilla
  • 5 stars easy but request 5/5

    By Podamous
    App is literally amazing with friends. But in the next update please make songs longer,more people on collaborations, and fix crash issues with collating. Thanks for this app!
  • Great App but.. 3/5

    By mis.thang
    I just joined and overall its a great app. Its just the fact that it has small problems. I cant not change my background or profile picture, everytime i do it goes right back to blank. The likes and comments are off and they come in slow even after you receive the notification alert. The beat keep going even after you press stop. I dont know if this feature is still available but it says you can adjust the music over voice.. but i never get that option.. its been crashing alot lately. Over all its a great app!
  • I love it, but, 4/5

    By Archie 👁
    Should include longer beats and more audio slots! I have gotten to the point where I’ve made another account just to send features to, so I’d have a second audio. A few bugs need to be improved. Also I hate that I’m not allowed to change the picture on my song after I’ve already posted it. (Though I appreciate the opportunity given to the user to change the song images!)
  • Love it 4/5

    By JDM love
    I don't rap and can't really some times I get those spur of the moment raps when I'm intoxicated but it's a fun app just to play around on and here others beats but I wish you had a better option of uploading beats though that would make it legit and a little more time to rap
  • Awesome app: once glitches get out will be fire 4/5

    By fitnepreneur
    Love everything about rapchat! Beats are fire the community is fire and definitely has a lot of room to grow! The studio is awesome but could use some extra features like an extra track to add your own ad libs over a track for more creativity. Also there is no way to delete or save over old notes/lyrics in the notepad. Has problems with little things like crashing while in the studio.. Not syncing with Bluetooth headphones.. Not connecting with twitter. Etc. (for your reference I have an iPhone 7) User interface with connecting with other people, its hard to find how to send direct messages to other rappers.. If you collab and save, it doesn't let you go back in and edit again. The app is definitely solid and has a lot of room for growth. Keep rocking. 🔥
  • Finessed🤙🏻🤙🏻 5/5

    By Yvng Meechi
    It is overall good. The beats, the recording, etc. Also the fact that you can share it and make it known. Go download the app now! 💯
  • Collab problem 2/5

    By rdiuz
    When i was done rapping. I sent and invite to my friends and he got the invite but he couldn’t press on it, wouldn’t let him go through and i can only hear the audio and not the beat when it was saved on my private rap. Please help!
  • Amazing app 3/5

    It's honestly an amazing app it has the beats there and all you have to do is rap to it add me @thereelkingtut I sent a rating a while back when I first got the app everything was great but now after all the updates it won't let me do things like look at top contributors or look st the new people joining the game without kicking me off
  • Thanks so much 5/5

    By Lit yahboy camp
    Can’t wait for 3 minute songs
  • Cool when it works. 1/5

    By 3brake the rapper
    App worked great for 5 minutes and I recorded one song. As of now, the recording feature isn’t working which is irritating as that’s the main reason many download this app. Once this is fixed I’ll change my review to 5 stars. If it isn’t fixed soon I’m deleting it.
  • Bluetooth 4/5

    By Waldo1k
    Really wish I could use my Bluetooth headphones with mic on the app. It tries to play music through my iPad instead of the headphones. Would be dope af to be able to hear it in my ears and have the mic easily accessible. I feel like it would make for better quality than just plugging in headphones with a mic. Giving 4 stars because other than that this app is great. I love it!!!
  • Having Problems With New Update 3/5

    By Gettingfitfeelsgreat
    The app is the GREATEST but the newest update is a problem. Every time I try to record a song and press stop the beat keeps going and then it crashes if you try to record a second time. Also it would be nice for some auto tune also!
  • Well 3/5

    By Ju's Mom
    Okay it's great and the whole thing is great except the files are to currptible and the beats can't be adjusted and they ear rape over my tracks
  • Please fix!!!! 3/5

    By YungSlayRomero
    This app is amazing but the bugs can get very annoying! I enjoy this app more than ever but the app freezes and when you upload music sometimes it won’t play back.
  • Low quality, great potential 2/5

    By Paris Cochran
    The concept of this app is great, but there are some bugs that make this app difficult to work with and the beats on here are GARBAGE. TERRIBLE. Nobody can make it big with beats sounding like dubstep. If these things were to be worked on this would actually be a really good app.
  • Rapchat length 3/5

    By jaketheshake
    This app is a really good app and I have made several songs from them and are great for beginners, although the beats are not long enough if the beats were even 2:15 and up it would be great but your lucky to find a 1:45 min beat. I really wish this would change. Also this new update is really bad it has caused so many new problems to me including Can’t stop recording when ever you get on messages or any other app even for 1 sec. Delete all saved lyrics Beat won’t stop playing after you record for 1 time Overall if they fix these latest bugs on this recent update this is a great app other than the length of the beats.
  • App keeps crashing 3/5

    By tytysaysgoodbye3d
    Every time I’m searching for a new beat the app crashes. Other then that I enjoy the app almost everyday.
  • Major bug issues 2/5

    By DylanJohnston17
    This used to be a very good app, and will be a good app again, but every time i start the beat and close out to read off my lyrics, I can’t stop the beat or back out. When i click to stop the beat, it says “Overwrite new rap?”
  • When I get them bands I get that money straight 5/5

    By KrispyErick810
    It’s ya boy, KrispyErick810
  • Great app but it has some flaws 4/5

    By Moe thanon
    The app can get annoying with some of the bugs but overall the concept is amazing and it’s the app is so much fun.
  • Crashes 5/5

    By JaeThe0riginal
    I haven’t been getting any crashes since I’ve had the app, the app has been crashing on me every time I try to play a song, lately...
  • Linking Soundcloud Problem, but still GREAT app 5/5

    By jsosnwndbdhjx
    The only issue i have with the app is that when i try to link my Soundcloud account to my Rapchat account it won’t let me, it will let me sign in on Soundcloud and connect but it still won’t link... other than that issue the app is great and i love just hangout with friends and messing around with the beats!
  • How do you save your raps 5/5

    By Ehsjhajshahsjg
    Good app enjoy using it but how do you save your raps to your camera roll
  • 💯👌 4/5

    By flaquito978
    I like this app it’s pretty cool 😎 Especially wen you’re on the road & don’t have time to record you can get in this & it’s a wrap lol.. the only thing missing is another mic 🎤 so that when you record it you can do Adlibs/Doubles your vocals & then this app would be unbeatable!!! Besides that it’s a good app 👌
  • Don’t think twice just do it 4/5

    By Zackisswavey
    Takes a little to get the sound and voice to sound good but dope app it’s free too so why not give it a shot?
  • Greeat 5/5

    By vgrd_bombvsht
    A great tool for all upcoming artist 🔥
  • Gonna get me signed 5/5

    By Lexxxbasedgod
    My favorite app what else can I say it so awesome Lyiu can record yourself over tons of beats send it to your friends show off your bars and it has a great community really hope this app takes off even more so much potential
  • Dope, so far so good! 4/5

    By Snatxxhh
    Updated today and still I'm unable to link my SoundCloud...any suggestions?! And obviously uploading you're own instrumentals...can only go up from there! B+ for now. @snatxhh SoundCloud.com/natxhh
  • Very good 4/5

    By Jakajskajakajaakajajjake
    This is a very good app with easy to use features. The only thing I would REALLY like is if you could delete previously saved lyrics because it slows the app down a lot
  • Beats 3/5

    By kashboi carter
    I would love to see slower beats like Roy woods or Bryson tiller
  • Add lives 5/5

    By Floyd armstead
    How do I do adlives on the app
  • Love for Rapchat 5/5

    By Gilly gliss
    Check me out
  • Miss Money rap chattin 5/5

    By MissMoneyOfficial
    After attending this years A3c I downloaded the app and fell in love I took the new discovery back home to pittsburgh informing my peers and label mates they all fell in love especially for one that has a hard time making it to the studio and creating everyday it helps him and encourages him to keep going I enjoy that people actually interact and share with one another it's a world strictly for musical creators
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lil_Drama
    Can't tell you guys enough how amazing this is

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