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Read Scripture App

The goal of Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bible for themselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. To this end, we are curating a year-long Bible reading plan and supplementing the reading with amazingly creative videos (produced by our friends at the Bible Project) that explain every book of the Bible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tips on how to read the Bible. We will house all of this content in a beautifully designed app that will be available to download in the App Store. We encourage you to experience Read Scripture in community but it is set up so that you can go through it on your own. Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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Read Scripture app reviews

  • Not your ordinary Bible app! 5/5

    By memac2225
    Very well done and creative with the use of videos interspersed. The video narratives are excellent and explain things about each book in a way that I haven’t heard before. So clear and factual. Love, love, love this app. I am reading the Bible daily because of it.

    By acamp96
    I can't say enough good things about this app! I keep telling everyone I know about it! I've grown up in church but was never able to read the Bible on a consistent basis. I used to struggle with reading and understanding the Bible, and honestly sometimes it felt boring. For the first time in my life, I feel excited everyday to read my Bible! I'm reading Leviticus right now, and I'm even excited about it! Now that is saying something! I'm learning so much and I've only just begun! So thankful for the guys at The Bible Project and Francis Chan for putting this together! Go get it. Right now!
  • This bible app is incredible! Comes to life! 5/5

    By Joey 107
    I love hearing and watching the verses of the Bible come to life in such detailed illustration without losing my interest. I can’t wait to start my daily bible scripture reading. I like how we are going through the Bible: Old Testament and psalm readings then it’s off to the New Testament. Very well thought of highly recommend! Thanks LexlovesLos for the recommendation!
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Bbqbecky12
    We absolutely love this Bible study! My 9 year old loves the videos and she understands so much easier. The Bible comes to life! Highly recommended!
  • So Creative & Captivating 5/5

    By Lauren Saravia
    These video illustrations along side the scriptures are such an incredible tool to reading & understanding the Bible. I can't say enough about it, it's SO great! Thank you to the creators & especially the illustrators who have made this app & its videos so visually beautiful!
  • Amazing Scripture App! 4/5

    By adbtx
    This has quickly become my favorite morning app. The layout, the timely (and extremely well done) inserted videos, and the length of daily scripture are fantastic. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the inability to read across devices. But it’s still my favorite Bible app!
  • Mannn!! 1/5

    By Jgccthckhtxkhtc
    Great app man!!
  • Beautifully made 5/5

    By Ashley in MN
    This app is beautiful, easy to navigate, the settings are enough to have the control I want, notifications are simple. The layout of the videos and readings are beautiful and easy to read. The transitions are perfect reminders to prepare yourself. So well done! Thank you!!
  • Absolutely Incredible 5/5

    By 765;:
    The videos help more than I could ever explain. Just amazing.
  • Answer to prayer 5/5

    By LovedByYeshua
    I learned about this project today and I am so excited about it. I have started many reading plans over the years and can get overwhelmed by the historical context and my lack of knowledge concerning it! I'm eager to use the tools provided to read through the Bible and learn details I've never noticed or quite understood before. The posters and videos are beautiful works of art, and so full of wonderful and helpful information. This app is great!
  • Learning through layering 5/5

    By bridwela
    This app introduces layered learning. Reading the word, watching the videos, and listening to podcasts adds a 3 fold approach that brings the scriptures to life.
  • An answer to prayer 5/5

    By Great Sleep Coach!
    Several years ago I started reading through the Bible because I wanted to get the full picture. I almost completed the task, but became incredibly discouraged because I didn't grasp the significance of the much of the reading of the Old Testament. I finally gave up within sight of my goal! That was two years ago almost to the day. This morning I happened on this app and I am wild with excitement. This app is engaging beyond belief and gives me the background information to complete my goal!!!! I am so blessed!!! Thank you Crazy Love Ministeries!!! BTW how do I give you a ten star rating!!!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By G-woo
    I rarely write reviews but had to just say thank you and encourage others to use this incredible app! Its sorta unbelievable this is free. The videos are so well done and this may be the best tool I've ever used to read through and better understand the Bible!
  • It's a good reading plan 3/5

    By Heart, Soul, Strength, & Mind
    I like the layout of the video, scripture, and psalm, but I wish I could highlight verses and write thoughts. It's a great app to get you reading, but not nearly as interactive as I would like. For example, I really like the Word of Promise layout and the Holman Christian Standard Bible digital version. Just being able to highlight, comment, and customize my experience helps me to be more intimate with my Lord.
  • Best Bible app ever 5/5

    By Paxton LaQua
    I have been thanking God ever since I've downloaded this app. Get it Get it Get it Get it!!!!!!
  • AMAZING app 5/5

    By Brinkmanc
    It's hard to believe this app is free. Incredible design and videos that help being the Bible to life in a visual way. Great for the new Christian as well as the veteran.
  • Truth will set you free, Read the Scriptures 5/5

    By slaveofGod
    I love the Bible and I read it, listen to it and study it. However, Read Scripture series is incredibly insightful and does so much to give need information that helps to read the Bible intellegently. I could not recommend this more highly!
  • Incredibly Helpful 5/5

    By RousseauxB
    Bible project has an brilliant way of teaching scripture and fueling my excitement to explore the Bible!
  • Great app for Bible reading 4/5

    By tracer0000
    I love the Bible project and this app with all the features. One thing I would like them to add is audio Bible for the whole Bible so the reader can listen to it. Reading is great but listening to the Word is also great for meditation... specially on the go. Thanks and blessings,
  • Just what I was looking for 5/5

    By Sourdough Lady
    It has daily readings of scripture arranged into about three chapters of Old Testament plus a Psalm, and the reading is often prefaced with a neat video of about five minutes. The video gives background and overview of the book that is featured in the reading. When I have done daily reading plans in the past, I've been frustrated that I can't find a simple plan that divides the Bible into daily portions going from one cover to the other. I don't like mixing my testaments. The other option is a chronological plan, mixing chapters of books up so they go according to their historicity. Mutilation! This plan goes a book at a time, and the addition of the psalm each day infuses a devotional element that takes the reader out of the narrative and into communion with God. The only thing I might add to this app is the ability to listen to the Bible readings.
  • Rhonda from Orlando 5/5

    By Rhonda Fernandez
    Found this ap a while back and highly recommend it ! Thank you
  • iPhone 5 issue with videos 4/5

    By sppsppsppspp
    Great app, but videos have trouble playing on iPhone 5 with latest iOS.
  • Good app with one exception 4/5

    By a5htr0n
    I have found myself very impressed with this app. I was turned onto it by watching The Bible Project videos on YouTube. However, the videos do not work on the app itself. I hope that this can be fixed in the future.
  • Love this Bible app! 5/5

    By KGWitt
    This is one of the best Bible apps I have ever downloaded. The animated stories really help explain some of the more "difficult to understand verses" in the Old Testament. Thank you and may God bless your project!
  • Best thing since the App Store itself!! 5/5

    By lilasmama713
    This app is incredible! Not only does it provide embedded access to the animated bible series videos we've come to love, it's also got the scriptures in it as well. I love the integrations and the clean usefulness of the design. I've been looking for a replacement for the YouVersion bible myself and was afraid as a developer I'd have to make one on my own time. So glad I found this instead!! Job well done! 😊👊🏽
  • In love with the Word! 5/5

    By OldNickname1994
    This app is by far my favorite I've ever used. I love the Bible Project and always wanted the videos to come in an app form and here it is! I love it so much. This has helped me engage with the Word and Papa God on newer, deeper levels. Thank you so much!
  • Great Reading Plan 5/5

    By HouseOfEstes
    If you are looking for a good bible reading plan, I recommend this App. The videos that are before most readings are really insightful. They really show that even since the beginning, in the book of Genesis, everything was pointing towards Jesus. I think too often people look at the Old And New Testaments as separate. We even think of the stories within them as separate. This study really helps you see how the stories within make one big story about Christ.
  • Brilliant app 5/5

    By karkar393
    I love the way it's structured and the videos are great. So well done!
  • Reading the Word is exciting! 5/5

    By persia2005
    BEST BIBLE APP EVER! I was the typical Christian where I struggled to read the Word because I didn't know where to start and it typically got boring. Since I've downloaded this app I'm excited to read the Word daily, I rant about this app, it keeps me organized and it breaks the Word down in ways I've never heard explained (and I've been in church all my life)! This is one download you won't regret, thank you to the team that started this! Thank you Jesus!
  • Great Way to Understand the Bible 5/5

    By KieraP
    I watched some of their videos on YouTube and someone had posted they had an app, I had to download. All the skills and effort that went forth into this project/work of art is awesome. You guys are really helping folks out here ❤️
  • Phenomenal App 5/5

    By BenBunfill
    The videos in this app are anointed. Even after being in the church for 35 years and reading the Bible through many times, I learn something new with each video. Powerful!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Hathawaypod7
    Love the Bible Project and their work. Wished it would sync between devices.
  • Gift wrapped app 5/5

    By beautiful in time
    Enough bible everyday to draw you in or keep you a float. The graphics are inspiring and "thy Word is truth". Great for sharing in family devotional or home group format. Very helpful for those needing a bit of structure and wanting to see progress in their devotional time. Thankful for this team!
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By Saige243
    Absolutely perfect. Accessible, and extremely well done. A necessity for my devotionals!
  • Great for all ages! 5/5

    By Goingup321
    Even our teenager likes this Bible Study! As a teacher, I love the way it hits visual and audial learning styles. The illustrations are amazing and the narration is done in a conversational way, almost like a friend were talking to you. I can't say enough about this app! It's great!
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Wiffy79
    This app is amazing! It's bring the Bible app
  • Nice! 4/5

    By Wagegirl
    I like this app. I like the take a breath circle at the top and the daily psalm. Nice orientation to reading scripture. The videos are great and bring up ideas I had not thought about. The video will not play in the app however. (Using it on my ipad - works fine on the iPhone). I have to go to YouTube.
  • Impressive 5/5

    By Ren5225
    The animation and cohesion of telling the story of the Bible is great. Easy to use and breaks the Bible into understandable sections.
  • WOW! 5/5

    By Papu's
    This is one of the best apps I've ever used! I can tell that a lot of hard work and creativity went into this project. Thank you for putting this together!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Stevven123
    I have been using this app this entire year. It's transformed my life. The creators are Christians who hold to the historic view that the entire Bible is the Word of God. The videos are so very helpful, and have changed the way I view the entire Bible and my whole faith. They highlight the themes and the important shifts of each book, and do so in an easy-to-understand way. Their theme videos go through major themes in the entire Bible. They go from beginning to end. The Bible Project is my favorite website right now. Each week they have been releasing a blog that goes along with the reading plan. It's eye-opening.
  • Won't work for me 2/5

    By Ncdubcf
    No matter how many times or things I've tried, I can't get the videos to play in the app. I love the idea of the videos and scripture reading plan, but it would be nice if it worked.
  • An App with a Purpose 5/5

    By DeMoonSta310
    I decided to read the Bible all the way through starting on my spiritual birthday. I enjoy the format of this app. It's great to have the videos, a visual way to understand the Word.
  • What a blessing!! 5/5

    By KerryGB
    As it is for many, I find it hard to be consistent in reading Scripture, even though the "payback" is wonderful in peace and knowing God. I began following "The Bible Project" several months ago, and when I visited their site recently, I saw the mention of this app and downloaded it. How wonderful this is! The people involved in this app and that project are such a blessing to many. The artwork is just incredible, the narrations are top notch, and this app is so well organized. I'm a programmer, and I like that my work multiplies the efforts of my users, but wow, these folks should know that their results are deeper and of eternal value! Thank you, everyone involved in this. God's blessings on you!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Slice0flife-
    Through people like this. God is reaching non believers. Thank you for your work!
  • Highly Recommend! 5/5

    By JamiCMom
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Read Scripture app! It takes you through the Bible, integrating short but extremely helpful Bible Project animated videos that show the Bible’s unified story by looking at its overarching themes, the way each book was written, and its historical context.
  • Thoughtful Engaging Reading Plan 5/5

    By Maulds
    This is a wonderful guide to reading through the text of the Bible. It makes it easy to want to ready as often as you can by keeping you engaged through examination of the text and daily prayer. The videos and organization are very well designed and thought out. Warning: you won't stop with the plan once you start.
  • Nothing but GOOD 5/5

    By 4MEdsmp
    I FINALLY feel like I can read the bible without getting lost or bored. I frequently glance at the posters and rewatch the videos to make sure I'm still 'getting it.' I LOVE this. SO. MUCH!
  • Love these guys and their work! 5/5

    By musicalchristian
    Thank God for Tim Mackie and Francis Chan! I've read 5 of Chan's books and listened to many of his sermons and videos and he's a solid Bible Teacher. I know Tim Mackie from The Bible Project podcasts and videos, and he's as smart as God makes them. I'm a Reformed Baptist (a la John Piper, Mark Dever, David Platt, etc.) But these guys (Chan and Mackie) really drag me out of the echo chamber with their insights. I love learning from both of these faithful yet distinct voices of the Church. God bless them both and their families and ministries.
  • Changed the way I read scripture 5/5

    By uxmindset
    I have been a believer most of my life, so I grew up reading the Bible. But reading scripture through this app combined with the guided videos has changed everything. I am still working my way through the Old Testament but have had too many epiphanies to count. Thank you for creating this app, bringing your videos and knowledge to a platform I can use daily. Cheers and keep up the great work!
  • Great app just needs a couple tweaks. 4/5

    By tjwright86
    I really like this app. It's been really helpful for me to read the Bible. I travel a bunch for work so internet isn't always something I have. I'd love to have the option for offline of scripture. The video would be great too but that wouldn't be of first priority. Would also love to have a way to switch between devices and have it on the same spot.

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