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NEW for 2014: A beautiful redesign for iPad and a new iPhone edition. Designed exclusively for iOS7, it includes all the same content as our print and iPad editions, presented in an easy, mobile-friendly reading experience. iPad users can preview articles from the latest issue. Enjoy a look around before you decide what’s right for you: single-issue purchase, or a month-to-month or yearly subscription. · NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Enjoy a 30-day free trial on iPhone and iPad when you subscribe. · PRINT SUBSCRIBERS: Enjoy 6 months free on iPhone and iPad. You can access issues on both devices using a single account. About the Magazine The interactive edition of Reader’s Digest lets you browse smart, useful tips on health, work, food, relationships, home, and money, all expertly selected from hundreds of online and print sources. You’ll discover original profiles of inspiring people, real-life dramas, insightful essays, and news roundups that get you up-to-date fast on the issues you care about. All the features and departments from the print edition are here, including the jokes and funny true stories, along with our famous Word Power column—now with automatic scoring and audio pronunciations. Each issue is enhanced with exclusive cartoons, videos, slide shows, animations, and useful Web links—all in a well-designed, easy-to-navigate interface. Choose your Subscription Option Get a 30-day FREE trial when you subscribe. • 1-month subscription for $1.99 automatically renewed until canceled • 1-year subscription for $14.99 automatically renewed until canceled • Your subscription starts with the latest issue; back issues are not included, but you may purchase them as single issues ($3.99) SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your credit card will be automatically charged for another subscription period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your App Store account settings. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


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Reader's Digest app reviews

  • Excellent magazine and app 5/5

    By dstnes
    One of the best magazines I've ever read. I've been very reluctant to get the app but when I found out I failed to renew my print subscription within the required time frame I found myself at a loss waiting for my magazine to come again. So I got the app and I actually think I like it better. I don't have to wait for the magazine to come in the mail. App is excellent. The bookmarks were a little challenging to find and figure out how to use but other than that it's great!
  • Nicely done app, wish there were page numbers 4/5

    By StarbaseDoug
    I’ve been waiting for quite a while for the app to be included in my subscription. I’ve been a subscriber to RD for 37 years. Until recently, the app was only available for six months of the subscription. Very glad they changed that policy. This app is nicely constructed. I’d give it 5 stars if it included page numbers so that I can match where I’m up to with my hard copy magazine. One other small change I’d like is for there to be an option for bookmarks to be the first thing visible, when clicking the top of the magazine, rather than the list of articles. I always want to go to bookmarks first.
  • Loses my place too much 2/5

    By LakeKat2
    I love Readers Digest and will continue using this app, BUT I'm very frustrated with this iPhone app! When I take a break from reading for a day or two and don't close the app, just minimize it, it very often loses my place. It loses it when I close the app also :(. I shouldn't have to bookmark my spot and most often forget to do that. I tried to leave a comment using the App Support link, but the link is broken. Sigh.
  • Looks and feels like the magazine I have loved for 30 years 5/5

    By thiru21
  • All is good 5/5

    By Yes or no
    Have been subscribing off and on over the past several years. Renewed subscription 10 months ago and just recently for next year. I just downloaded the application with no problems. I have 6 years of issues which is great. Downloaded to my IPhone and IPad. I enjoy reading the short stories. Happy customer.
  • Interactive Word Power 3/5

    I love Readers Digest! However I have enjoyed the Interactive Word Power section but find even after uninstalling the RD App and reinstalling the RD App I still do not have the interactive version! Please fix this!
  • Could be more IPad friendly 3/5

    By Y.W.H.
    I really enjoy the magazine, but one suggestion: why cant it be in landscape mode as well? Everything I do with my iPad Pro is in landscape, but I have to disconnect my keyboard and take it off my desk every time I have to read from this app.
  • App doesn't recognize my account 1/5

    By agr3446
    My new subscription indicated I have access online with my print subscription. I was able to login online but predominantly read on my phone and wanted to use the app. The app would never recognize my new subscription. Online chat helped me get logged in but there was no option to download the mag. I ended accidentally purchasing a single copy for $3.99 trying to download it. Confusing. I use other individual magazine apps and the work great. Not sure how to resolve. But if I can't use the app then my subscription is pretty much a waste of money. Frustrated!
  • Magazine 5/5

    By This iPad app is fantastic.
    Reader's Digest is a fun magazine to read with lots of stories and funny articles.
  • Do not buy a subscription. This app doesn't work. 1/5

    By Sahlee
    I paid $14.99 for a one year subscription and have never been able to access a single issue. Don't waste your money. (I called Reader's Digest for support and got no help.)
  • Worth Reading with this app. 5/5

    By Arikai
    This is the very first comment for me to upload. I downloaded this app and then subscribed for a month in a few minutes ago. I satisfy to read RD from this app.
  • Hate the update 2/5

    By jmj29
    I've had the digital readers digest for many years and am so frustrated that this version doesn't save my place. Who reads it all in one sittting? It's meant for short reads. Please fix asap.
  • Just what I need! 5/5

    By Lone reader
    What a great way to start any day!!
  • Viewing 4/5

    By Unhappy Ak Camper
    Please go back to landscape viewing for iPads.
  • The last upgrade lost capability 1/5

    By clpflash
    What happened to the interactive features and the ability to remember where I was reading? Removing those features was an upgrade? Bring back the old look and feel and I'll have a better rating. Until then, this version is a big disappointment.
  • iPad app 5/5

    By HafWhit
    I have had RD for 48 years. My daddy gave it to each of his children upon their marriage. I have done the same for my two daughters, and they love it too. The ease of reading from my iPad is a plus along with the beautiful photos and clear print. Love it! The above apparently never went thru and was 3 years ago. It's now May 2017 and an update has made it difficult to return to where I was before closing out. Can't get some of the pictures to scroll or swipe to see more. Not very happy with this version!
  • Ruined! 1/5

    By Mema4pink
    The loss of the place keeper has ruined this app. Who has time to find where you left off? So disappointing for this long time reader.
  • Love reading RD this way! 3/5

    By AggieGal75
    Initially, the app was hard to use. I am glad that it was fixed. I appreciate how easy it is to download the new editions on my I-Pad. I just wish you had a bookmark feature. I tend to read RD in spurts so I always have to search for where I left off.
  • Don't Update 1/5

    By tech2learn
    After subscribing for 30+ years I cannot access new or previous issues. The app will not connect to the iTunes Store. RD will not support because the subscription was purchased through iTunes. iTunes support sent a generic list of "fixes" that were generated to help someone who doesn't know how to connect a device to the Internet. My other magazine apps have no problem downloading issues as I stated in my request for tech support.
  • Tedious 3/5

    By BingMomma
    I don't always read my RD all the way through before using another app. Then, after using another app, I have to load RD, load the version I'm on, then leaf through the pages to, hopefully, remember where I left off reading. Isn't there some way you can save my place?
  • A great little magazine! 5/5

    By Maggie of E
    Interesting and informative. Readers Digest always maintains a consistent standard and the variety of human interest stories, educational and informative articles and humor are an unbeatable combination.
  • Great. 5/5

    By aroundcorebeauty232323
    I like it. :) stylish and neat, 5 ⭐️
  • Worst. App. Ever. 1/5

    By Kiwiisme
    I purchased a subscription which supposedly includes the digital editions as well. Well good luck trying to access it within the app. I've registered my account and have tried multiple times to access the digital content. No success so far. I am currently engaged in a meaningless back and forth with their "support" service. Their advice? Make sure you have the most up to date app. Well that seems to the be issue. Lovely. The app is free but the subscription is not. I will be getting my money back and not dealing with them again.
  • Lost my place 4/5

    By htenwolde
    The only thing I don't like is that you have to remember where you left off if you leave the app. Finding your place on return could be challenging, especially if you don't return for quite some time.
  • Version 5.0 Is Getting Better 2/5

    By Whizbang926
    I see that previously archived issues going back several years are again available to download. Thank you for that. Now, how about restoring interactive capability like it was in Ver. 4.1. The interactive features are the most enjoyable part of the online version of Reader's Digest. When that happens your app will once again rate a full five stars.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Susiem65
    What were you thinking. I have to start over from the beginning every time. Think before you make changes. Especially bad ones!
  • It's back 5/5

    By Radsaturn
    As of the April 2017 issue, the app is back to its great interactive glory. Previous issues, though, are still PDF.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By B0bafet
    Update was described as only an iOS compatibility fix. Instead, I lost an excellent app that was formatted specifically for the iPhone. I now have a useless PDFs reader. I have to pinch and expand and slide around each page just to read the document. In no longer saves the page when you close the app. Lousy app and deceitful description.
  • P.O.S. update sent a virus and deleted all my previous downloads. 1/5

    By Sir Alejandro
    Don't update to this version. Sends a virus making your previous downloads (mine from 2012) useless. Been a subscriber for decades. Digital was great until now. Not anymore. Anyone know how to go back a version?
  • terrible! 1/5

    By 冷孤缘
    I don't like this versions all well! Just pdfs! terrible! I regretted updating it! Can I change the app into the old versions?!!
  • Horrible Update 1/5

    By KOS51
    I cannot restore my iTunes purchase of Readers Digest. I just had a chat with RD's customer service rep. She was terrible. Told me that because I bought a subscription from iTunes that it is Apple's problem not RD's. I just talked with Apple. They, of course, cannot help because it is obviously an app problem. I love reading RD, but they have a lot to learn about how to treat their customers. I will be cancelling my subscription.
  • Updated March 14 2017 FOR iOS9???? 1/5

    By Ronnv
    And now it doesn't work at all, no wonder it was rewritten for old iOS!!!
  • Do not update to 5 1/5

    By Alinakhaei
    The new update is miserable. It's just a disappointing pdf version you can find in web without using this useless app. I'm not going to extend my subscription anymore.
  • The latest update ruined it 1/5

    By Pittsburgh Steelers Fan
    It's just a PDF now. It's no longer formatted for the iPhone screen like it was before, rendering it almost useless. I think I'll unsubscribe.
  • Review 1/5

    By Barbara Moos
    I don't know how to use this application. I purchased this subscription but it's difficult to access my issues. Very disappointed
  • RD, Mom's Legacy 5/5

    By Quansimah
    First saw RD when I was a 6 year old girl growing up in Ghana. My mom brought a few current and past editions back from her Midwifery studies in England. My mom loved RD and passed this love on to me and I continued to feast on RD through the decades. Today, a month shy of my 50th birthday, I look back and I am grateful for my mom's legacy. Mom is no longer with us but I'm glad I was able to get her a subscription of RD on her IPad when she finally caught up with technology. She continued to enjoy her beloved RD till she passed. Thank you RD for this App.
  • The programmers need to get it together 1/5

    By tewman
    Trying add /register my print account, it pops up say i need to tap the my account button below that does not exist.
  • Access 2/5

    By BlueAngell
    Right now it's a 2 it may get better, maybe not. Opened app tried to find where to link sub with digital and boom up pops feb 14 cover and no way to get rid of it. Restart app same thing. Grr
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Cjreta
    App wouldn't load page for forgotten password or to change password. But it take my $14.99 for year subscription that I can't access. Also took another $3.99 for and issue to read. Dead ends in this app
  • Word Power 1/5

    By Jmrom58
    I downloaded the app based on the note in the Word Power section of the print RD magazine: "To play an interactive version of word Power on your iPad, download the Reader's Digest app." I thought the interactive version would be more words, more game. It is just the print version on the screen. OK, yes, I can click my answers and it scores it for me. Not what I expected. Disappointing!
  • Always with me 5/5

    By Dean.89
    I carry the latest RD magazine with me at work. Great that I can now have it with me on the go everywhere. And I don't have to worry about picking up the latest issue at the grocery store. Love RD.

    By GrannyGay6
    Reader's Digest App would not download. As a result I canceled my subscription. I couldn't even get access to the free month.
  • App Closes Unexpectedly 2/5

    By Granna_25
    I just downloaded the app and linked it to my print subscription. Four times while reading the current issue the app closed when I scrolled down the page while reading an article. I expected a better experience from you Reader's Digest!!
  • Good app 4/5

    By brcummin
    The readers digest app is a nice way to consume the content. I usually read the printed version, but when traveling find the app useful. The added content is great, but since the publication is so good, I feel a bit off. Why add more?
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gargama
    Luv reading the hopeful stories
  • Love Reader's Digest! 5/5

    By RD Love
    Even better on my iPads! Thanks for this digital version. It's so much easier to keep up with my monthly subscription with this app. Fabulous!
  • Horrible! 2/5

    By Springo bingo
    I have to contact customer service every other month because the system somehow loses my information. Then I get the pleasure of deleting all previous digital editions, then restoring them if I choose, in order to get the latest edition downloaded. By the time I do that, I've lost the desire to read the issue.
  • Irritating 2/5

    By Springo bingo
    I've had a digital subscription for close to three years now. It is very irritating when I have to contact customer service almost every time I want to download the latest issue because the system has somehow lost my information. By the time the problem is resolved (which once took two days), my anticipation for reading the magazine has waned.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 1515157374
    Great interface! Easy to use! No problems linking print and digital accounts. Tip--login can be your account number, PW is your zip code
  • App login 1/5

    By 0senita
    I love the magazine, but the app to login is hideous. I can't wait for my print subscription.

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