Reddit Official App: Trending News and Hot Topics

Reddit Official App: Trending News and Hot Topics

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  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: reddit
  • Compatibility: Android
72,174 Ratings
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Reddit Official App: Trending News and Hot Topics App

Get the official Reddit app to discover all the top trending topics, breaking news, viral videos, funny jokes and hot memes. The freshest content on the internet brought to you in one app, with infinite scroll, autoplay GIFs, and the fastest-loading interface of any Reddit app. .-= Thousands of Communities =-. Looking for news? Check out r/news! Need some funny jokes? Head on to /r/Jokes/ and pack a spare pair of dry pants. Or maybe you’re passionate about cats being scared by cucumbers. We are too, at r/CucumbersScaringCats! There’s a subreddit for anyone (and everyone) to share, vote and discuss just every topic imaginably. .-= Your Personal Content Democracy =-. You can post it, you can share it, and you decide what is hot or not by upvoting and downvoting content. Get the socially curated, constantly updated feed of the news, fun stories, pics, and videos that interest YOU. Or what interests millions of other users on r/popular. Unlike other social networks, on Reddit you can be yourself with your Reddit profile and persona, disconnected from your real-world identity. So your mom won’t know you’re into /r/knitting. .-= Un-bore Yourself =-. Tired of mildly interesting content and monotonous updates on social media feeds? Find the stories and conversations that matter to you. From entertainment news and politics to fun DIY projects and cats (lots of cats) - create your own feed of subreddit subscriptions to never be bored again.

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Reddit Official App: Trending News and Hot Topics app reviews

  • Enjoy how the app works and it's features, but sometimes it goes down for no reason. 4/5

    By wingnut1026
    See title. Not sure why the app goes down when other apps do not, and Reddit isn't down either.
  • Literally won't work 1/5

    By let me write a review
    I've tried restarting app, restarting phone. I can connect to reddit via both other apps and web browsers. This is very broken.
  • Miss Alien Blue 2/5

    By David why does it matter
    Didn't you guys ever learn if it's not broken don't fix it?? This app has some things going for it that Alien Blue didn't, but most of the time it's so slow. It's faster to use my web browser sometimes. How can Reddit be down on the app but still working on a browser? Doesn't make much sense. I also really miss swiping to collapse a whole thread. And not this new swipe that collapses a comment. It's nowhere near as useful as in Alien Blue where you could just swipe to collapse a thread and tap on a comment to just hide the comment.
  • Broken 1/5

    By NLM87
    App keeps claiming Reddit is down. Reddit is not down, works just fine on my browser and desktop. Reinstalling the app basically broke it entirely. It now just shows the orange logo and nothing else. I've about had it with this constantly glitchy and malfunctioning app.
  • Suckage 2/5

    By Jennifer Sharp
    This app used to be the bomb but it crashes for no reason and half the time it won't even connect to Reddit. Also whoever thought it was a keen idea to start sending me messages with some promoted post in it needs to be shot out of a cannon into a cliff face at short range.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Blizzard1s2d
    Stuck at dead alien screen. Deleted. Don't bug me in Safari anymore, I like using Safari. I clicked the link to this app accidentally.
  • After update, Reddit won't load at all. 1/5

    By Travels666
    Can't use the app if it doesn't complete its primary function.
  • Can't reach Reddit 1/5

    By jjohnson3512
  • Basics, come on. 1/5

    By Mells Bells
    My home feed won't load at all after this newest update.
  • Pauses my Spotify on opening. 1/5

    By Theowawaynamehere
    Was a good App. Fix the bug.
  • Integrate 1Password 3/5

    By Joshua_18
    What the app needs is the ability to integrate 1password so i dont have to go to 1password and copy my credentials. Thanks
  • Thanks for the sponsored content 1/5

    By It's ya boy42069
    As If cannibalizing the best Reddit app and slowly making it terrible wasn't obnoxious enough
  • Garbage App, can't login: GIVE US ALIEN BLUE 1/5

    By XweAponX
    Just like the beta, just like the first version that was released in the App Store, this latest version of this POS app refuses to log you in. Eventually, after three weeks, months, six months, it will log you in. But you never ever has an excepted my login right after I have installed it. Thank God that my previous alien blue purchases are still available from the App Store cloud. I can't believe we have to give up alien blue for this utter #CACK. This is one of the only apps that really deserves a zero rating. It's earned it.
  • Stop asking me for a review 1/5

    By r0mulus
    Funny I see many other reviews complaining of the same thing. The application asked me for reviews over and over and over. It's a decent application but I got annoyed to you get one star. If I see a patch note indicating you've change this behavior I will update my review. Turn off these god awful trending notifications.
  • A very well working app 5/5

    By Sanlear
    The frequent updates are appreciated. The app is getting better and better. It's good to see all the work going into it.
  • Suggested content 1/5

    By Dysblock
    Suggested content has nothing to do with anything I am interested in and is a constant notification nuisance. Bye bye app.
  • Super disappointed in recent update 2/5

    By radiolover
    At least, I assume it's due to an update. There used to be three tabs at the top of my home page, Home, Popular, and Discover. I really enjoyed checking out whatever was appearing under Discover; it was my daily go-to. But now that's disappeared 😠😤😩 No way to "discover" items I wouldn't otherwise see. So no high ratings for *you*, Reddit!
  • Jump to /r/all 1/5

    By Kmart Security
    App is fine until you bump any icon while browsing/all. Makes you start from the beginning. Super annoying.
  • Notifications notification. 1/5

    By JohnMatthew
    STOP ASKING ME TO ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS EVERY TIME YOU UPDATE Also: STOP SENDING ME BIG RED DOT MESSAGES (in the app) WHEN SOMETHING IS TRENDING. I don't care and I don't want you to attract my attention with your self promotion.
  • Great until notification change 2/5

    By RichConner
    Great app until my notifications now have trending topics pop up every so often. It is really frustrating that I can't turn this off.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Alex57575757
    Stop trying to get me to use the app with notifications
  • What have you done!? 2/5

    By Shawnyctheman
    Unfortunately I have to change my review for this app. Let me state this nice and clear; I HATE the new sponsored ads, I hate the new notification that clog up my inbox, and I really really hate the sponsored ads. Oh I already said that huh? Well let it be know that these two new features have dropped my rating from 5* to 2*. The app is overall great and they keep doing things to make it better but with this sponsored ads BS it has become worse and annoying. I'm not mad just disappointed.
  • Works fine but it's annoying. 2/5

    By Bbubics
    There is no way to turn off post notifications. There is an option for it in settings but turning it off does nothing.
  • Ads 1/5

    By castrocalifornia
    Sponsored content and ads. Bad, bad, bad.
  • Normally it works 2/5

    By Zman Miller
    It hasn't worked for 4 days.
  • Too many Ads 2/5

    By bferaudo
    There are way too many ads in my feed after the last update. And why are these not disabled for reddit gold users??!
  • Good 5/5

    By Thonghh
  • Ads for reddit gold? 1/5

    By lmendez2
    Get rid of the ads or I will find another way to use reddit. I have reddit gold btw
  • Best way to spend my poop 5/5

    By Razzwell
    visit r/hitmanimals

    By danthemanroy
    What do you think you're playing at? This "trending posts" thing is, without a doubt, the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life. They are never even remotely relevant (not even once), and even if they were THEY DON'T BELONG IN MY INBOX. I see you guys graciously included an option to sort the inbox. Nope. I hate it. I hate trending pos and I hate this app.
  • I never write reviews but 1/5

    By Caseyaaron
    Sponsored ads?? Are you serious.. just give me alien blue back it was way better anyways.
  • Trending Posts :: Yuck 1/5

    By Kioseth
    I hate having notifications for trending topics be a forced feature. I browse enough that I'll find what I want. I don't want my message center cluttered with content I didn't ask for, with no option to remove it.
  • Stop the Notifications 3/5

    By Beeer Runner
    The app overall works great but the notifications for trending posts bring it down a star or two
  • Not the app I want to use anymore 2/5

    By DanHPrice
    Despite still missing features I found integral to my Reddit mobile experience in Alien Blue, I've continued on with using the app. Having been on Reddit for a few years I've extended every ounce of patience and loyalty. The recent decisions and updates only serve to separate me further from Reddit as both a company and platform. I've since decided to abandon both the website and mobile app. If their business practices are anything like their app development model I prefer not to be associated.
  • It's fine 3/5

    By L@ndscraper
    Not exceptional but allows you to browse Reddit easily.
  • Clean and fast. 5/5

    By Tbn8919
    I have no clue why so many people hate this app. It is clean, fast and it plays gifs automatically. It is a very good app.
  • Notification for trending? Hell no. 1/5

    By GregoryXandrew
    Cut this crap out NOW or I'll stop using your app. There are many options to choose from.
  • Notifications for trending posts are dumb 1/5

    By AdunofAiur
    I don't care about trending posts - I check notifications to see if someone disagreed with me on the internet
  • In app notifications 2/5

    By jcan299
    How can I turn off notifications for trending topics that pop up randomly in the app. They are not useful or interesting to me
  • My Karma points stop working? 1/5

    By The_Donald1776
    I'm not getting Karma towards my post up votes
  • Still hate Reddit app 1/5

    By Hate Reddit app
    Unusable. 45 seconds later jumped to Bacon reader.
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By Talihassee
    For several versions of this app now, when trying to sign on with correct user name and password I get error "Sorry, try again later" please fix.
  • Fix it Reddit! 1/5

    By ):):&&:&&:@@:
    So tired of seeing trending notifications!!! Fix it!!
  • Broken 1/5

    By BPurdyIV
    Not even opening anymore. Uninstalled/reinstalled several times. iPhone 7
  • One of my most used apps 4/5

    By Orbitstarr
    Honestly, I use this app everyday, off and on, for large chunks of the day. I've only had limited problems with it, which isn't entire unexpected for the amount of time I use it, and just discovered the swipe to collapse feature. (Nailed it, seriously). The only downside I can see is the notification of trending posts, not that it's bad, but I don't really use Reddit for that. If it's trending, I'll probably see it when I scroll through. Overall, excellent work on it, you guys have done a great job improving it since launch and I'm exceedingly happy with using the app as much as I do.
  • Karma won't update? 1/5

    By Trevy_mcq
    For some reason my karma count is staying the same since the new update.
  • Best reddit app that I've used since they killed Alien blue 3/5

    By alexgarbanzodil_do
    Overall a good reddit app but is missing some features and always sends me post suggestion notifications (even after changing the settings multiple times!). It was a step backwards from alien blue, sometimes it pisses me off but they are updating it and improving it and i think it will he great soon enough. You guys are still idiots for killing alien blue, it was near perfect and would've been less of a hassle to maintain that than create a whole new app with less features.
  • Decent with a big flaw 2/5

    By rangerdanger69420
    The app works very well, but the trending post notifications are annoying to the point that I'm considering deleting it
  • Random notifications in app 1/5

    By slimcoolac
    Enabled by default so uninstalled by default.
  • Notifications for Trending threads 1/5

    By Squab2
    With no way to disable the Trending Post notifications from displaying in my Inbox , I will be uninstalling this app and looking for another Reddit viewer.

Reddit Official App: Trending News and Hot Topics app comments

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