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Get the official Reddit app to discover all the top trending topics, breaking news, viral videos, funny jokes and hot memes. The freshest content on the internet brought to you in one app, with infinite scroll, autoplay GIFs, and the fastest-loading interface of any Reddit app. .-= Thousands of Communities =-. Looking for news? Check out r/news! Need some funny jokes? Head on to /r/Jokes/ and pack a spare pair of dry pants. Or maybe you’re passionate about cats being scared by cucumbers. We are too, at r/CucumbersScaringCats! There’s a subreddit for anyone (and everyone) to share, vote and discuss just every topic imaginably. .-= Your Personal Content Democracy =-. You can post it, you can share it, and you decide what is hot or not by upvoting and downvoting content. Get the socially curated, constantly updated feed of the news, fun stories, pics, and videos that interest YOU. Or what interests millions of other users on r/popular. Unlike other social networks, on Reddit you can be yourself with your Reddit profile and persona, disconnected from your real-world identity. So your mom won’t know you’re into /r/knitting. .-= Un-bore Yourself =-. Tired of mildly interesting content and monotonous updates on social media feeds? Find the stories and conversations that matter to you. From entertainment news and politics to fun DIY projects and cats (lots of cats) - create your own feed of subreddit subscriptions to never be bored again.


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Reddit: Trending News & Tips app reviews

  • So far....I LOVE IT 5/5

    By Russ_Seaman
    Easy to navigate, great options for viewing your fav Reddit’s on the go.....nothing will beat my keyboard and Mose but this will be a close second!!
  • Needs major fix!! 3/5

    By CesarDN
    Now it’s not too major, but it wouldn’t bring your attention if I didn’t say that. Usually, in the app, if you open up a thread or post, on the home page, it will be greyed out, symbolizing that you’ve already seen the post and it’s comments. This was particularly helpful for me when I would randomly open the app for a couple minutes and just slide past the posts I’ve already seen. With the new update, this function became all screwed up, at least for me. The greying of posts was completely random, and most of the time the posts I had seen wouldn’t grey out and vice versa with the ones I haven’t seen. This makes it super frustrating for me and I really would like this fixed. I really do love reddit, but can’t handle working with this.
  • Reddit video broken 2/5

    By OakFF252
    Reddit video covers the title and first comment in the comments view.
  • App works perfectly 5/5

    By AlexWhyWaite
    Never had an issue and allows me to get a perfect mobile experience of what Reddit had to offer.
  • Its ya boi GG 5/5

    By Jams o3
    This app is EAKEEEETIT
  • Password change requirement leads to permanently disabled account 1/5

    By Kimmaklyn
    I don’t use this app often. But my husband loves it. He talked me into checking stuff out today and my account has been permanently disabled. Why? I’m not sure. The last message I have from them half a year ago was that my password did not meet their newly updated requirements. And there’s no way to fix it. So now I’m permanently disabled? Really? Ok... DELETE.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Listener221
    I'm not overly tech savvy but I find this app useful once I found the community info button.
  • Goodness 5/5

    By Har979
    Gracious. This app is close to perfection.
  • Reddit 5/5

    By KerbyJ
    Reddit numba wan
  • Reddit is a great community. You can learn, You can laugh, You can find support! 5/5

    By Tempestcayla70
    This Community takes the cake!
  • Great app but most sub Reddit’s are filled with toxic trolls.! 3/5

    By Sumozac
    I would not recommend if you have any valid opinions.
  • . 4/5

    By Kilo😭🙌
  • I'm starting out and so far I love it but... 4/5

    By RedFoxGamer428
    So I created my Redditch account on here and loved all the community s I could join. But eventually I wanted to start actually posting things and comment on things. I'd never done that before. And I tried to comment on a post, what happened was it said you are doing that too much try again in (Insert time between 0-8 minutes) but in reality I has actually never done anything on Redditch except create an account and join communitys. And even after a full month I still can't post or comment on almost any subreddit. I did get one bot tell me that they don't want new people posting on their subreddit because of spamming but that isn't a good way to deal with that. And I've had it for a full month and am still having this problem. I don't know if I need more karma or what. Anyway I still recommend the app besides that stupid glitch.
  • Great news feed. 5/5

    By Jkyn1234
    Interesting and current news.
  • Find a different app 1/5

    By Lilbiscuitqueen640918
    No way to see what you've clicked on already. Can't visit nsfw subreddits.
  • Love it. 5/5

    By KainynDachelle
    Always a great way to get a laugh, insight or smile.
  • It's great 5/5

    By Adrian trek
    I'm serious, it's great
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Jemd_0729
    In the beginning it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you make sense of everything Reddit is perfect to annoy your friends at 3 in the morning by sending them memes.
  • An exquisite application for taking a dump! 5/5

    By D. youkie
    Warning: excessive use may cause leg numbness.
  • 2 stars for Version 3.11.1 2/5

    By rofl_ha
    Since this new update, every time I switch away from the reddit app and go back to it, it resets the feed to the top, instead of returning to where I was scrolled to. Because of that, the user interface is a bit of a nuisance.
  • New Feature Request 4/5

    By Christianimal
    Introduce the s/ and allow users to follow searches. Thanks!
  • It works 4/5

    By Bendy middle
  • Love Reddit 5/5

    By Scourge1888834
  • Great app 5/5

    By Antbeckman
    Enjoy viewing Reddit through the app.
  • Memes 5/5

    By Zackzar
    I love memes
  • I love Reddit. 5/5

    By soupydude
    Spend about 3 hrs a day on this app. It's my life now.
  • purty good app 5/5

    By polpotsnotdead
    narwhal is better for text posting and a more authentic feel but this is good too i reckon
  • Randomly gets rid of my accounts 1/5

    By ex reddit user
    Don't get this app until its fixed, I have made like 10 accounts and they all randomly disappeared without a trace
  • Great app 5/5

    By Picapau15
    Great app
  • Simple & clean 3/5

    By Suntanna
    Simple to use, clean UI, no irritating daily notifications about trending posts anymore, it's a perfectly usable app for the most part. On the iPhone 8 I run into the issue of being unable to click on links half the time.
  • Net Neutrality 1/5

    By Vroblevski
    Every sub no matter how unrelated it is to NN has the exact same post now on their most upvoted page. Mods don’t care about rules as long as they are pushing the reddit preapproved political agenda.
  • Stop 5/5

    By B0D33
    Only writing this so it will stop asking me to rate it.
  • Cool update but... 5/5

    By Alimacita
    You guys, I can’t see the time on this new update without exiting the app. That means I’ll have to keep leaving to know when Reddit time is up. Everything else is A-plus though.
  • Great way to share information 5/5

    By I love dogs!!!🐾🐶
    Interesting, helpful, useless information.
  • Propaganda Machine 1/5

    By Mike jones1edh
    The site is controlled by vote manipulating bots except for a few subreddits. and even there the mods are losing ground to the reddit hive mind. This app is perfect for you if you don’t have or no longer want to have any opinions that do not have the stamp of approval from the Ministry of Truth.
  • Meh 3/5

    By T.K.O. Johnson
    It has some interesting things, but the app isn't as good as the website. I find myself using the website more than the app. It's nice, but needs improvement.
  • Good interface, clean, easy-to-use 5/5

    By GoreMotel
    I use this app every day.
  • Easily the best social media out there 5/5

    By Myst3Noah
    It’s the best because it literally is shaped to what you enjoy as a person, so you don’t get a ton of crap from people you know who post things you don’t care about. Reddit is where you don’t know anyone but you actually care what they post.
  • Possibly my favorite app 5/5

    By SimplyVanessa
    The layout for comments took me some getting used to, otherwise I fricking love it! News, stories, advice, humor, music are just a few of the thousands of venuesthere are, so basically, what ever you're into they will probably have it. Just customize your feed to your likes and interests and you're free to enjoy what you decide to view. Also, there doesn't seem to be pop-ups or anything trying to pressure you or waste your time with stuff you're not into.
  • Great 5/5

    By 72!/82&
    It's great
  • Pretty Good 5/5

    By ................... :)
    Pretty good
  • Yas 5/5

    By Jbag1230
  • Marks unread posts as read 2/5

    By Kborko535
    I love this app, and I use it a lot, but lately I’ve been frustrated - without me evening opening posts, they are being greyed out as though I read them. I’m missing articles and posts that I would normally see. Please fix!!!
  • Reddit 5/5

    By Cass Ramos
    Cool app. Lots of categories. Lots of tips, tricks and advice
  • It's a great app. 5/5

    By P3t3r Pusz
    It's a great app.
  • Shit’s weak, Reddit. 3/5

    By Jiffy03
    App is okay. Easy to use. There should be an ability for the app to save the view mode that you want. It seems that the app switches out of compact mode after a force close.
  • Reliable updates for subreddits 4/5

    By NJFPR
    The app functions as a useful on-the-go method for checking in with subreddits. The consistently active /r/writingprompts benefits immensely from having a community of wayfaring writers checking their mobile apps. There aren't many options for font styles or customization unfortunately.
  • Great 5/5

    By Razersharp8785
    Great app for Reddit
  • Links are broken. Please fix! 1/5

    By DesertTrooper153
    I love this app and I love that you guys update it, but now the links are broken. Whenever someone links something in the comments section, I can't click on the link to open it. Pls fix!
  • Yeh 5/5

    By BlueLazule
    It gud

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