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  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zone Technologies Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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RedZone Map App

RedZone is the first navigation app that includes crime data sourced from the government and by users like you! Start driving with RedZone today and experience a entirely new type of GPS technology: - Geo-tagged shootings, assaults, and thefts with the date and time included. - One tap safe route selection. - Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. - Community reported alerts including suspicious activity, shootings, theft, assaults, vandalism, and police. - Upload photos and videos onto the map for the world to see. - A real-time map maintained and updated by RedZone, and it's users. - Get notifications about incidents reported by users nearby. - Like & comment on published alerts. It is our goal to reduce a traveler’s risk of being affected by crime. Whether it’s at the gas station, on the road, staying at an AirBnB, or even touring a city. As an active Zoner, ​you can gain points, receive awards, and unlock features with perks to dominate your peers. Note: This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.

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RedZone Map app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By eatmyham
    Crashes it and doesn't give details on the crime and it basically doesn't do anything don't wast your time downloading
  • Never works 1/5

    By Flippinmy_juicy
    I seen it advertised on IG so I downloaded it. Well it never worked. Couldn't get past the first screen. All it did was crash and make a black screen on my phone after that. Horrible
  • Has potential, but it's missing the mark 2/5

    By meghanmeghabmeghan
    Crashes often, navigation is iffy and sometimes completely inaccurate, doesn't recognize certain locations on the map when you enter it into the navigation thing, crime areas seem sparse and inaccurate. I love the idea of this app, and it has the right ideas, but for an app that is a day old with this kind of premise, it doesn't show much promise.
  • No crime information 1/5

    By Speye kidz
    Terrifically annoying voice at the beginning. Tells me I'm approaching a bad area all the time without showing much information. Design is poor. And it crashes.
  • I love this app 4/5

    By Love normal
    I enjoy using it
  • At first try 2/5

    By Bent5
    At first try I wasn't really impressed by the set up. the interface is pretty laggy at times even with Wi-Fi. I suppose what I was probably looking for initially is crime updates that weren't really apparent
  • Need to do something about fake ones 4/5

    By 10112111922111
    I want to feel safe. I don't want to be scared for no reason. Also, take the US capital out of the red zone lol.
  • Very accurate and useful 5/5

    By LoyalLiberal
    This app does its job very well and the red zones are accurate in my area from my experience. I will definitely use this when traveling in areas I'm not familiar with. The hate on this app is undeserved and stems from people who get offended that certain areas have more crime than others. Thankfully this app relies on data and not feelings. Excellent app.
  • Today's my Birthday 4/5

    By Kaitlynsanch94
    App works ok, if it is accurate. It is the only app/website that will show me data for the location I search so I'm giving it a positive review. Today is my birthday. Happy birthday me!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Matt-f1
    Pretty pointless, what is the user supposed to do with the data this app presents? Any big city is going to be red because that's how big cities work. Pinpointing crimes does nothing to help anyone. Just avoiding the scene of a previous crime does nothing to help you avoid future crimes. This seems to be an app for people looking for an excuse to avoid any city with a population over 50K people.
  • Great idea 5/5

    By Gerardo2068
    Hope it picks up by more people. At least in my city the Red Zone is accurate in my personal experience
  • Nice!! 5/5

    By Tarekegne
    Very good app
  • Basis is invalid 1/5

    By P3acem8ker
    The idea that simply driving through a certain neighborhood is unsafe is not true, especially on freeways, parkways, and large arterial roas that pass through them. Sure, there are parts of D.C. (my hometown) that I would not want to spend excessive time in outside of a locked vehicle, but I have no second thoughts about driving across them, especially at 30, 40, 60 mph. Also, you've put the US Capitol in the red zone!! What the hell!! Arguably one of the safest places in the country!!!
  • Dumb 1/5

    By KimmyChuChu
    Don't download
  • False Claims 2/5

    By Arvin290
    Some claims are false and are programmed to show points as the map has pinpoints with the date being beyond this year
  • One problem 4/5

    By Alexisfunny
    The only problem i have is that you can't select your transportation route. For instance I'm a bike rider and I would like to know the safest biker route to my destination, but instead I get a car route which is very unhelpful. I'm hoping that you can change that about the app. But, everything else is great, it's a very helpful app.
  • Sucky. Don't download. 1/5

    By Draje7
    This app is laggy and to tell you the truth, useless. There are better sites online with this info. Save your time, effort and money and left swipe this crap.
  • Great app 5/5

    By RhyanDN
    Let you know about crimes in your surroundings
  • Great idea but 3/5

    By Da_man1154
    This is definitely a good idea but it is extremely laggy and it doesn't load like if I hit a button it would wait thirty seconds and then load it so the only reason it's a three is because of that.
  • Great but question 4/5

    By Fjfurjffjrjrjgjrjfjf
    There is currently no way to remove crimes/incidents that have been resolved
  • It says I live in a red zone whatever that is. 1/5

    By all900uhz
    I feel safe I can go out at night never had a problem with mine in the red zone that I live in. I live in south east DC 2 house near by sold for more then 2 million dollars.
  • It's a great concept 2/5

    By Slick_Fifty
    I think this app is good if u fix a few issues it would be great Some of the icon says 12-30-16 Its to far ahead the date need more accuracy and the time the event happened will be nice to know what time this stuff kinda happens please and thank you
  • Inaccurate and racist 1/5

    By RunningKZ
    Data highly inaccurate! There are at least four crime maps I used when purchasing my house. Zones with most crime are not highlighted. Makes zones appear clean when there is a lack of data. This map only serves to highlight minority areas of multiple metropolitan areas. If you want to report crime, then do so without outlining only minority areas.
  • Great app in every situation 5/5

    By Leal901
    I find it useful while traveling mostly but it is also good for knowing which posts of your city has the most crimes. Helps you avoid shady zones while traveling. Great for when you have kids in the car.
  • Easy to use, safety first, view of crimes,...etc 5/5

    By Varshmellow
    Easy to go use and great for women and men that are looking for the safest route😊
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    Doesn't load just freezes and crashes my phone.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By wonderboybanks
    Right down the street from where I live there was a shooting two weeks ago, it shows up on this map
  • Bad info 1/5

    By Skippercaptain
    It says theres at least five shootings in a town that hasn't had a shooting in about a year
  • Can't remove my mistake 1/5

    By OttoRP
    I didn't mean to pin a camera or road block. Won't let me remove it.
  • Wrong info 1/5

    By Wetting
    There was a shooting reported on the app and I looked it up. It wasn't a shooting incident. A man just happened to have a gun while claiming to be a us marshal so he didn't have to pay for the escorts.
  • Glitch city 1/5

    By Jimroseland
    Couldn't even register because I couldn't write past my first name. Fail.
  • Very racist 1/5

    By 2xcombatvet
    The Instagram account advertises about Chicago, Baltimore, and D.C. Shootings. And we all know that's white peoples favorite things to talk about. Even though this is an app for crimes but advertised on focusing on black cities and neighborhoods.
  • Not helping the problem. 1/5

    By Shottycraftsman
    This app tells you what you already know. Certain parts of town are bad. What's bad about this app is it seems to enforce the separation of class geographically. Scare tactics and such. Plus the whole thing is just really buggy and not smooth running.
  • Works well! 4/5

    By The_Fleric
    Overall great mapping of crime. In a new update consider having an option to view crime in the past x amount of days or have only current crime?
  • No info 1/5

    By Grum31
    Shows an icon for crimes but provides no information on said crimes
  • ? 1/5

    By iPhoneRRB
    Downloaded, but it freezes when you try to confirm the password.
  • Non-starter 1/5

    By ahittle
    Locked up on the sign up screen. Deleted and forgotten.
  • ..... 1/5

    By Br0wnd3mon
    So apparently there is no crime anywhere in Utah.this must be the promise land or baby Jesus has blessed this state with no crime or something.
  • Real Map 5/5

    By X JP
    The best to search and Safe
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By iDont6
    I can't get the map to load the crime.
  • Arguy 2/5

    By @booger
    Locks up when I try to sign up?? Can't confirm password..... works fine with Facebook but not with signin with my own login.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By dirtman250
    I don't write reviews and I felt like this app needed one so no one else would waste there time downloading it. The way one interacts with the app is lacking in the usability.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Cooper herb
    App is awful don't even bother getting it
  • Really interesting and surprisingly accurate 5/5

    By iphonium2.0
    I downloaded this app thinking that it wouldn't really report much, but I was really surprised how well it worked! Definitely check it out!
  • Great! 1/5

    By MCA Designs
    If you need an app that crashes when you open it...
  • Teriffic crime app 5/5

    By Side crazy
    This totally helps when traveling. I was directed around a bad area while visiting Philly.
  • Crashes 100% of the time 1/5

    By Yghfghfxzj
    Please repair your app or delete it from the App store. Palantir has a much better product.
  • Practically useless 2/5

    By PhillyDude01
    I downloaded this to check crime statistics for an area a family member was considering moving to. We were on the road and I needed a fast option. I noticed that despite the very sketchy appearance of the neighborhood and what appeared to even be a fairly obvious open air drug deal going down, there were no crimes reported for that area. Suspicious of the lack of results, I searched an area in my home state that I was familiar with and personally knew had a very high crime rate. It had the same results as the area we were originally checking, none. That's when I realized the results were incorrect and useless. This app only reports the obvious results from major metro areas or rural areas with astronomical crime rates and major crimes like murders. If you search a fringe area with a high crime rate that consists mostly of crimes like drugs, burglaries, vehicle break-ins and thefts, etc and doesn't include murders, it's likely to receive a clean report. Do not use this if you're trying to check an area to relocate to or other similarly important purposes.
  • More data or news covered about the incident would help! 4/5

    By Juz4kiks
    I like the interface and the ability to see the areas with high crime rate... And if you can add the news element to it, it would seem a credible to me as a user. One more thing, I as a user post a report it a sighting, I should be able to take it down. The feature would help as well, cuz we make mistakes at times :) But, nice effort to make this worked a safer place. Thank you
  • "Redlining" has racist connotations. 1/5

    By John Hupp
    You may want to reconsider your representation of "high-crime" neighborhoods. Outlining minority neighborhoods in red lines was historically used by the government to deny services to non-white residents. On a different note, I live smack-dab in the middle of a "RedZone" neighborhood, and I have basically never felt unsafe, except in the middle of the night. One nuance you may consider is dividing crime statistics by time of day. Many "high-crime" neighborhoods are perfectly safe during the day.

RedZone Map app comments

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