RememBear: Password Manager

RememBear: Password Manager

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 0.9.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: TunnelBear, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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RememBear: Password Manager App

The beautiful RememBear app is the easiest way to create, secure, and auto-fill really strong passwords across your devices. RememBear saves you time by logging you into websites and apps with just a few taps. This friendly app is also the most convenient way to set secure and unique passwords for all your online accounts, keeping you safe as you explore the Internet. WHAT DOES REMEMBEAR DO? - Keep your data safe: All of your logins are stored in an encrypted vault that only you can access. - Automatic log-in and checkout: RememBear saves you time by auto-filling your login and payment information across your favourite apps and websites. - Prevent identity theft: By generating strong, unique passwords for your online accounts, RememBear makes it harder for your accounts to get hacked. - Access your passwords anywhere: Passwords are automatically synced across all your computers, phones, and tablets, for a seamless experience. CONVENIENT FEATURES - Unlock your vault securely with Touch ID. - Auto-locking vault after inactivity. - A single Master Password lets you unlock your vault. A BEAR YOU CAN TRUST - Independently audited: RememBear security is independently audited by a 3rd party to ensure it meets the highest security standards. - Privacy by design: Engineered so that you, and only you, can see your sensitive data. - Serious security: RememBear protects your data with super strong encryption. PRIVACY POLICY: RememBear has a simple, human readable privacy policy you can read here: GET IN TOUCH Is your Bear misbehaving? Do you have feedback for us? Do you have a cool fact about bears to share? Contact our support team by visiting our website You can also connect with us @RememBear on Twitter, and


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RememBear: Password Manager app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By Pianoplayer2200
    It works great, and there are no annoying ads or pop ups. There also are no in app purchases. I love this app!
  • Great for what it does 3/5

    By -Sook-
    I liked the simple username & password and website fields, but I needed a secure app that also remembers notes.
  • Touch ID 5/5

    By Random193).!/8
    Every time, I enter RememBear, it logs me out. I’m ok with that, but when I try to use Touch ID, the little box that says “Use Touch ID to access RememBear” doesn’t pop up. I love this app so please help me.
  • THANK YOU! 5/5

    By dieflying
    Thank you for Remembear! I love this app. I love that he has touchID access. I love that he can pop up right in my browser when I need him. And I love that he doesn’t limit me to only a few passwords. I love you, Remembear.
  • A request 4/5

    By slack49
    Maybe I’ve missed it but it’d be nice to not have to type in my email address every time I add a new login! It doesn’t bring up the opportunity to choose it on my phone. Am I not doing it right, that wouldn’t be a shocker lol
  • Low key, simple, and functional. The bear is so cute 5/5

    By Danny695
    This app is a perfect alternative to storing passwords in Notes (not recommended). The bear is super cute and I have fun with a password app. Super weird to say. 10/10 would recommend. Plus it’s free.
  • I only have one suggestion! 5/5

    By Weyloran
    This is a fantastic app, no doubt about that. I discovered it just today on the appstore and have already been prompted to reset passwords to create more secure ones. I can tell this app will be a great help now and into the future! My only suggestion is this: - Add folders, so that you can group passwords for type of website.. For example, I could add a Games folder to group my GOG,, and Discord passwords under the same category. - If you don't want to add folders then here's my alternative, let us add tags to their passwords (and add a group by tag function) so that all passwords under the same category can be grouped. Otherwise an excellent app!
  • Happily Replacing 1Password 5/5

    By Benjamin.S
    I discovered this application recently and have absolutely fallen in love with it. No only do I admire the simple design and interface more than 1Password, but the ease of use and FREE price tag makes this app a no brainer. I have yet to find anything wrong with this application and will likely use it from here on out. I have always heard great things about TunnelBear specifically from the guys and gals over at Linus Tech Tips so I can confidently leave a very positive review of their software and feel ensured that my information is protected.
  • Credit Card portion should utilize camera 3/5

    By Matteolarkin
    I like the idea of this app, I just think they could make data input easier by allowing the camera to take in the credit card or somehow work with the wallet app that already has my info.
  • Like it so far except 4/5

    By Alexan555
    that it logs me out too often. For example, I open the app, then go go to a site on Safari and go to the login page. Then I’ll go back to the app and will have to login again. Anytime I leave the app, even if it’s to use a different app, then come back to RememBear, I have to login again. That gets irritating after a while and slows down usage. I like my apps fast and easy to use. There’s a feature in settings where you can choose how long the app is supposed to stay stay open until auto logout. Looks like that’s useless in light of the above behavior. If they could fix that, I’d have zero problems with it. I like the user interface, visually simple and it’s very easy to use. It would be nice if we could change the colors. Purely cosmetic, I know, it just would be a nice to have feature. Other than that, they’re definitely on the right track with this app.
  • Great App for your Password/Email 5/5

    By Z3nja
    Such a good app to use for storing your emails and password and to sync it to the browsers for quick and easy inputs.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By Pats app
    Needs work!! All I got was "grrr, something did not work!" Deleted immediately!
  • Locked out 1/5

    By JP 5509
    It logged me out for some reason and I can't get back in. Yes, I have the master password. Yes, I have the backup kit information. When I try using the backup kit, it switches to add a new device and even I enter the code, it asks me for the email address and password, so I enter it, and then it says something is wrong please try again.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sinuouscape4107
    This keeps all your passwords safe and you get to see a bear following you while your typing. It lets you put important notes underneath it to help you remember more information and it’s easy to access. The best thing is that you can go to the website you have a password saved on and automatically put it in with this app!
  • Great App a Must Download!!! 5/5

    By Zimmdo23
    It is so simple but secure to save all of the many passwords in your daily life. You can also access it from your laptop or computer. Such a great product and time saver.
  • Frustrating : did not allow me to create an account! 1/5

    By Pedro_BB
    Liked the concept and some reviews around it: tried to create a new account: entered a very strong password, confirmes it and hit the « create account but getting an error message like « Grrr! Looks like something went wrong when creating your account ». Frustrating !!!
  • Cute as h*ck 5/5

    By Kobi Tate
    It’s cute AND it’s a good password manager. Not quite as robust as its well-established, but it makes up for it in personality. I’m excited to see what the bears come up with! Devs are responsive to issues and feedback too. I had an issue which I emailed the bears about and I got a quick response. 🐻
  • TlTS!!! 5/5

    By Sukmynut2time
  • Buggy 1/5

    By burgerbecky
    I couldn’t create an account. It claimed it couldn’t talk to the server. I tried again and now it says my email is taken. I have no way to create account by now nor any way to reset my password, not that it matters since I can’t even get past the login screen. Crap app.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Nickle828
    This app is phenomenal it helps me so much thank you to the creators of this app!!
  • Best password app ever 5/5

    By Das_Bagel
    I have used several passwords apps and this one is by far the best I’ve used the ease of use is amazing, and I love the fact that I can get on my computer and update or add them open the app and boom everything is there! I will keep using bear and I look forward to more great updates from bear!!
  • Not ready 1/5

    By Bernweiler
    I know this app is a beta version, but it is definitely not ready for the App Store. Auto fill is a total pain to setup and is not working properly on any of my devices (IPad & IPhone 7 Plus)
  • Love it 5/5

    By JJA15
    I love how easy it is to setup and get your devices up and running. It definitely stands out from its competitors, in the best way possible. Would love a feature to add secure notes as well as other personal info. Thanks!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By QFX182
    The design and animations are amazing. I love the bear 🐻
  • Great new app! 5/5

    By Vlada87ns
    Simple, fresh, fast and easy. I love this new app as much as i love their TunnelBear. Everything is simple and where it should be, and it’s easy to view and search logins and cards. I would also like to see notes as a feature in later versions because i would like to put stuff like passport numbers etc somewhere secure.
  • Tunnel bear user here 3/5

    By jesus.rodriguez
    I love tunnelbear but I don’t see myself using this app just because it won’t let me import my passwords from Dashlane. It’s giving me an error and I guess it is because the CSV format is different. Also, would be cool if we could import from the .dash format
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By FjdudbsuzceyanKxldjdu
    What’s the point of this app if iCloud Keychain does the same exact thing without needing to create a new user account?
  • Great looking app 5/5

    By marklarishin
    RememBear works and looks great. Transferred all my stuff from LastPass which isn’t that good looking and has a more professional attitude. So far so good - syncs flawlessly. Keep it up, team Bear!
  • Safety 1/5

    By usf23
    A have question, this app is safety?
  • Not happy 1/5

    By rangborg
    I switched to the app because it looked better than my previous password saving app. I was very happy with it and then deleted the old app. Since then, this app has logged me out and is currently treating my phone like a new device that needs permission from the “original device” in order to log in. There is no other way to log in. Support was not very helpful and basically told me everything was lost. I lost all my passwords and important information I trusted to this app. There is no way to recover a password using your email. I understand that they do it for safety but at the same time I’m now screwed and have to go back to my old app and remember everything. I’m not very happy with this company.
  • Locked out 1/5

    By Raquel Maxine
    For some reason, RememBear logged me out. Never deleted the app or anything. I have my email and master password which should be enough to log me back in but no. It wants a backup kit. I don’t know where I put this. I’ve sent multiple emails to their support and received no response. I thought this app seemed like a really good idea so I transferred all my passwords over there. Now I can’t access any of them. Wish I kept my old password managing app.
  • RememBear 5/5

    By OldGeek1
    I am using this APP instead of LastPass now. It performs my password vault functions on my phone and Mac better and easier. When I add or change a password here, it’s available on the Mac, and vice-versa!
  • Promising 4/5

    By desoare
    Love the clean layout. Needs notes to be ready for prime time.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By King$$@$$
    I love this app for several different reasons. Firstly, this app lets you write the password, user and even email after you make it not just when you make it. Second off, I like that you can name it so you can keep track of which account stuff goes to which. Third, it had notes below and let’s you easily access and edit your account information. Fourth, the bear makes it so much more fun to use. When I access my passwords I get to see a bear helping me. And finally this app is free and doesn’t cost money and most importantly it works! It doesn’t glitch you out, crash or randomly log you out. This app is really helpful for me because instead of trying to find the paper I would have wrote all of my account info down on I can simply go to my home screen and open this app. The only issue I’ve really had with it is that it had my reconnect my account after I updated my iPad which is easy but still a small disadvantage. I love this app and I hope everyone who downloads it loves it as much as I do. Anyways thank you for this app! Nice work on it!
  • Best Free password saving app 5/5

    By Wyattboyer
    Honestly everything TunnelBear Inc. makes is usually very good, so it shouldn’t be surprising this app is great. Not only does it work well, but it is also very pleasing to look at and use
  • Okay.. 4/5

    By E5000artcfaft
    Okay, I understand. I am sorry for insulting your company. I can't just trust anyone though..i need some proof.
  • Logs me out 4/5

    By marc.eira
    Every time I open the app, I have to put in my backup kit. For example it logs me out, and put in the backup kit. It works fine but then the next day I have to do it all over again. Other then that the app is really useful.
  • Now useless 2/5

    By faunling
    I used to like this app, but now am forced to re-login every time I want to use it. They don't allow a simple login, so I have to go through resetting and re linking my whole account just to log in? No thanks. Have stopped recommending it and will stop using it myself soon.
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By D 1848293
    Nice to use. Clever way of recovering an account by making it physical rather than digital. Automatically stored every password I use.

    By greta.j.s
    I used to use my NOTES app to keep all my passwords in. It wasn’t very organized, but it was the only thing that I could keep my notes in, and it didn’t have a password lock either. I have heard of other services, ex: LastPass, but then I found RememBear! I had to transfer all my passwords to RememBear, and create a SUPER LONG password FOR it, type in my email, and had to go back in forth from my notes app to RememBear. Everytime I created a new login, I had to enter the RememBear Master Pass EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. But I copied and pasted which was a lot easier. Yes, I must admit, it was a total PAIN to keep doing that, but now it’s changed how I secure my logins, and it was totally worth it, because it’s FREE!
  • Need to add more login 2/5

    By kzinlatt
    I love this app but still need to add more login type. And would like to create folder.
  • Doesn’t 1/5

    By tomofpittsburgh
    Doesn’t seem to be doing anything but collecting?
  • Not safe, requires an account 1/5

    By sammydodhe
    Yeah, that’s a good idea, use your VPN account to secure all your passwords.
  • Very buggy, not secure 1/5

    By Bah bahahaha
    Seems unsafe, I've opened the app few times with my passwords completely showing and no login required. Scary.
  • App 5/5

    By Ribasugod
    Pretty good so far , love the layout , but if I have to pay I will delete
  • Good app BUT... 4/5

    By ReyesssAle
    This app is awesome and I can finally keep my accounts where I can find them and protect them at the same time easily BUT there is a tiny problem... IT KEEPS LOGGING ME OUT. I have the app in here (my phone) and my iPad and on my iPad it stays logged in but in my phone every 10 minutes or so it logs out and I need my iPad or that large code every time and it gets kind of annoying. Why doesn’t it stay logged in on my iPhone but it does on my iPad? Help!
  • RemindBear 4/5

    By Aleks1115
    That should be the name of that app. RememBear is just too stupid... Change it to RemindBear.
  • Great start 4/5

    By Matt Fletcher
    Love the simplicity and design of the app. Just need 2FA support and I’ll be onboard.
  • Good job 4/5

    By Hamed Alqazaz
    The app is great so far But passwords not only for websites & credit cards Notes,documents,apps.... There should be other templates
  • Too many FREE alternatives 1/5

    By jmac93427
    I can’t stand it when a company releases a beta product, expects the public to do all the testing and bug reporting, and says they’re going to charge you once they get it right. I don’t care about an introduction discount - if I’m going to do the work of using this app before it’s ready for prime time, I want it free for life. There are many FREE alternatives available!

RememBear: Password Manager app comments


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