Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging

Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging

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  • Current Version: 7.12
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  • Developer: remind101
  • Compatibility: Android
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Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging App

Remind, formerly Remind101, is a free text messaging app that helps teachers, students, and parents communicate quickly and efficiently. By connecting school communities, Remind makes it easy for everyone to succeed together. Remind is based in San Francisco, CA and is used by more than 35 million people in 3 out of 4 U.S. school districts. * Real-time messaging for your school, group, or just a single person. * Schedule reminders ahead of time. * Send text messages straight to any phone. * Translate messages into more than 70 languages. * See who's read your messages and who's missing out. * Plan important activities and collect funds—on time. “Once a teacher starts to use the tool, it tends to spread through the rest of the school like wildfire. Domonique Roberts, a history teacher at University High School in Newark, N.J., has been using Remind to communicate better with parents. 'I have been messaging one student’s mom, telling her when he’s not doing homework, or if he fell asleep in class today,' Roberts says. 'She’s on top of it and his grade improved by two letter grades from the first marking period to the second, just by keeping up with her.'” – Fast Company “…Remind’s features have proved especially popular in low-income districts, where parent engagement is a key issue for teachers, and parents’ sometimes erratic work schedules can make it difficult to get in touch by phone.” – Buzzfeed Link 1: Remind website:

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Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging app reviews

  • Love remind!! 5/5

    By jean33407
    So convenient, I can communicate with different teachers and activity leaders. Easy setup, and interface.
  • Parent liked 4/5

    By La Reina Torrez
    I appreciate this app as a tool for my children's teachers to send notices to me or the entire class.
  • Rhonda Pitts 4/5

    By teachesrule
    The app is great and I use it everyday, but the limited texting characters allowed limits my message I want to sent out. I would be GREAT If this was updated!
  • NO 2/5

    By Xxbloodthirsty
    I hate that I can never get rid of the notification bubbles even after I've checked them it gets on my nerves and is very annoying
  • Increased communication 5/5

    By Annawritedraw
    I use this for my rowing team. The kids check their texts more than their emails or my newsletters. I appreciate its flexibility as I can send a message to the whole team, boats, or individuals.
  • Useful, but... 3/5

    By LivvyB34
    It is a very helpful tool, but I find that the app freezes up and/or crashes constantly, or even restarts my iPad. Every time I receive a message, everything goes into slow motion. Please fix!!!
  • Events ? 4/5

    By Beef90
    Love this app to manage multiple team sports and other volunteer groups. Truly missing the "events" option which allowed me to know who would be responding to the event. It's one of the main components that set Remind ahead of all other apps. Please bring it back !!
  • Love! 4/5

    By My2dmpled
    I am a high school counselor. I can't get my kids to check their email and this app is great for sending them notifications on registration dates, reminders to sign up for programs and even message a student directly to see me. Only suggestion: to allow the class administrator the ability to change an individual's status (parent/student/teacher). Also fix a glitch, sometimes it gives me a student's name that is incorrect and it will not allow me to fix it.
  • Got signed out once, lost everything 2/5

    By LissaLee17
    No "forgot password" option, linked with google but can't access my child's classes anymore, they don't come up on search. With a little one in daycare, it's important to be able to receive messages from his teachers, but the app doesn't keep you logged in/logging in again somehow deleted everything? When it works it's great, but if you get magically booted out good luck.
  • LOVE THIS APP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By In_pink_cutie
    Love this app!!! I have been a stay at home momma for 4 years. Now my youngest daughter just entered daycare, in order to get prepared for K4. I was SO worried about the transition. But with this app...I'm able to stay in touch w/the both teachers & administrators. It lets me know what she did for that day. So when I pick her up & ask about her day. She gets excited when I already know something and elaborates. Keeps me up to date on functions, and any other news. It definitely made the transition much smoother. Slight Con: I had a bit of a problem initially too. But it is because you need the class or school code. And once they send it to you it's only good for so long. I got my in my e-mail (which I barely ever check lately) so that made it alil harder. Another is it won't let me add my child's name to class. Or my relationship to her. Which it is also nice to stay in touch with parents.
  • Use it constantly 4/5

    By krisfed
    I love this app with my students but do wish that it had two features. One - having a way to add a picture to your profile would be excellent as I use this for over 300 students in college and I want them to see it's means be able to see them when they write me. Secondly, I wish there was a way to edit the contact information for the user. Right now I cannot see what phone number I am contacting them on, and if it may be wrong, I have to delete them entirely and then reenter the phone number. It's just more time consuming. Aside from those issues, it's great!
  • Too confusing 1/5

    By Pebbles&Bambam
    I hate it. Seems like some people like it but I can't figure out how to get around it. It's not clear how to join a class or leave and I ended up with som class I have no idea who/what they are
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Sanders230
    This app is so helpful in keeping in touch with my students parents. Since using this app almost every student remembers show and tell. I also love to take pictures of my student's throughout the day and send them to my student's families.
  • It's good 4/5

    By 24412
    Good app, but I have two annoying notifications that won't go away.
  • A great way to stay connected to students! 5/5

    By Blueberry47
    My students love that I use Remind!! Since they don't use their campus email, this is a great way to stay connected!
  • This is a must-have app! 5/5

    By Discount_Dracula
    I've used this with my classroom for several years, and will never teach w/o it. The parents love it and appreciate knowing everything that's going on. Parents don't always see notes sent home, and let's face often forget to share info or give papers to their adults, even when it goes home in the HW Folder. Best of all, this app is perfect for last-minute changes or reminders...and emergency notifications! (e.g. Flood, Field Day rained out, Principal and AP have given parents conflicting info so you have to settle the mass confusion, just sayin'
  • This app keeps me in line 5/5

    By Maddysaly
    I mean really, it's a very simple app, but it's probably the best thing that's happened since I put my kids in daycare. Whenever there's an announcement, the daycare will send it to me. Being a mommy of 2 can be stressful sometimes and I can be incredibly forgetful. But with Remind, they do all the remembering for me. I'd recommend this app to every daycare, school, band, etc that's thinking about using it. It's completely worth it. 🙌🏼
  • Great! But ..... 4/5

    By Megotaproblem?
    Haven't figured out how to delete contacts I don't need anymore ? Other then that I love the app !! Great for communication!
  • The best tool ever! 5/5

    By Pamela Jackson
    This is a very awesome communication tool and I use it every day to communicate with my parents. Love! Love! Love!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Balloon boy2
    Our sons teacher uses this app and it is a great way for her to send reminders to the parents that kids just don't always remember to tell them about (until last minute).
  • Amazing App To Organize People & Get Things Done 5/5

    By Azpetroglyph
    Remind provides a gentle nudge that is unoffensive with its gentle reminder texts and inspires people to get whatever tasks completed. I use it in a combination of other tools (SignUp Genius, Social Media, etc.) to accomplish nearly everything that needs to get done within a larger body of people.
  • Remind me saves time and stress. 5/5

    By bulldog mamma🐾
    I love remind me!! Ever since starting it last year, I'm able to stay on top of my son's school work and sports too. I can get in touch with teachers and coaches with no issues. Best of all is if something is changed, rather it be a test date or assignment, release time or football practice I know right away. I recommend it to any parent or guardian. It will make your life much easier.
  • It's great but is a bit confusing 4/5

    By Ocelot5836
    I love remind for what it is but it is a bit crammed and messy otherwise it's the best thing since instant messaging!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Michivrn
  • Easy for the whole family to stay informed 5/5

    By TerDl
    Love that the coach can send out updates and we all get it instead of the old telephone game. Great for son as he gets it while still at school and we as parents know at same time!!
  • I like 4/5

    By Liz12390
    it's good we have more interaction with the teacher's for support us children's
  • Great Way to Communicate with Students:) 5/5

    By Profesora K
    As a professor with multiple classes at multiple universities, I find this app the best way to keep in contact with all my students! Much quicker than email&you don't have to use your real phone number. I will definitely use it again next year😊
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pmacohyeah
    I use it for my classroom, my soccer team, and my church youth group. It's perfect for everything I do.
  • i really really really realllllyyyyy love this app 5/5

    By natnatnatnat12347650923
    the other day one of my old teachers actually messaged my old class and we all caught up with him.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Hannahbanana91
    This app is wonderful! I love that my child's teachers can keep in contact with me during the school year to eliminate paper waste as well as just check ins. I also use this app as a scout leader. It's easy to use and parents love that I can just remind them using a text.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jillkauc
    I fantastic way to keep in contact with my children's teachers. I enjoy the updates!
  • School Nurse... 4/5

    By Southern Minnesota
    I think this app has great potential! I can see myself using this as another way to reach parents. There are somethings that would increase my potential use of this app: I'm a School Nurse, not a Teacher. I signed up under teacher, but it seems misleading. If school Nurse seems too specific and you're staying with fewer title options, would you consider adding Support Staff or a category of Other? I see that I can add links; is there a way to add documents? I'd like to add a profile and a message board that parent parents could read at will rather than only having the option of sending information by messages. When I was selecting contacts, I didn't realize that I was sending a message out to each and every person I selected. I had lots of parents inquiring about a message they received about me becoming a contact on remind. Is there a way for me to Name my contacts? I like the app potential and all possibilities...
  • Remind 5/5

    By loving FH
    Love this app
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Letynascar
    This app has helped me with knowing whatever information is necessary for my child's class
  • One of the best inventions ever! 5/5

    By Baileys224 has made my life so much easier as a teacher. Students need and ask for the reminders. Love it!
  • Great communication tool 5/5

    By Big pr momma
    I use remind almost daily. My students now use the expression "can you remind that to us". I sent updates, homework, pictures, answer keys, etc. I also leave the two way conversation option on for a few hours the night before a test so I can help the kids if they have questions.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Show time egg
    I wish more teachers used this. It really helped me keep up on my assignments!
  • Great for school communication 5/5

    By Teoma.t
    Intuitive and fun to use!
  • Great For School Use! 5/5

    By Britttttany13
    I teach middle school band and Remind has made it so easy for me to communicate with parents and students. It's easy to use and very convenient!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Youngarchit
    Great app!! Very informative
  • The best! 5/5

    By caitsumm
    So thankful to have a place to keep in quick contact with my kids' teachers AND the parents of the other students. We've used Remind for two years now and it has been more successful than email alone.
  • Works great for my Band program 5/5

    By Marching Blue
    I'm a High School Band Director and this app has done wonders for my program. Too many times announcements never make it home to the parents, the app fixes that and it serves as a great last minute reminder for my students. What an amazing app!
  • Works Great For Club Announcements 5/5

    By 11223445567
    Title says it all.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Bigmac56789
    Seems to do what I need in communicating to my large group
  • I love Remind!! 5/5

    By Mommahb
    This is a fantastic app for communication between parents and teachers! I have used it for the past two years in my classroom and it has been wonderful!! This way there aren't notes to lose or look for at the bottom of backpacks, it goes straight to the parent/guardian :)
  • Amazing 5/5

    By What nickname should I youse
    This is a really good app for anyone including forgetful students that forget what homework they have.
  • Excellent communication app 5/5

    By Pau Troconis
    Perfect for parents to keep I touch with school teachers
  • Love 5/5

    By Green destroyer
    I love this communication tool between me and my child's teacher.
  • Love it !!! 5/5

    By Shopping with Ibotta
    Love it!!!
  • Not only teachers on campus 2/5

    By angieshel
    I have not used the app yet, however, in setting up my profile there is only an option to be a teacher. My role on campus is the Speech-Language Pathologist (not a teacher). Wish the app had settings to change my title to reflect my role on campus.

Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging app comments

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