RemoteMaster - Universal Remote Controller

RemoteMaster - Universal Remote Controller

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RemoteMaster - Universal Remote Controller App

**Important** Because there’s no IR blaster built-in iPhone, so it’s impossible to IR blast without an audio-to-ir accessory. You can buy YKK IR on our official website. To use all feature on this App. You need an audio-to-ir accessory. Remote Controller: Support more than 6000 brands. Support more than 200,000 devices. 14 types of devices to control. Including STB, TV, A/C, DVD, Projector, Internet Box, Fan, Light, Sound, Sweeper, Air purifier, Camera, Foot-bath and Car audio.

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RemoteMaster - Universal Remote Controller app reviews

  • Awful, Awful, Awful 1/5

    By Blackhawksisboss10000000000
    Couldn't do anything with it
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Logan&jake Paul lover
    This app does absolutely nothing all it let me do was swipe from english to like chinese does not work at all it's not even a remote they just want money for it wonder why is has no reviews do not get!!!
  • Wow 1/5

    By Twelvesix_saiah
    You need to buy a cable for it to work
  • Not English - very hard to use. 1/5

    By Saloooh1982
    No English - very hard to use
  • Wish I could rate it 0 stars 1/5

    By WorstGames-Reviews
    This app is so bad for a couple reasons. 1. It is in another language 2. You need to buy a stupid antenna (sold separately)
  • Wow... 1/5

    By B3stt4u
    So I gave this app a try. You have to purchase a separate physical piece to plug into your phone like an antenna. I'm not impressed.
  • But wait! 1/5

    By Jennybucket
    .... there's more! Not really. Terrible app.
  • App 1/5

    By Ryster77
    This app shows nothing where it's $15 I want my money back

    By Fsijfjj
    Nothing on it works heres some advice if you're thinking about getting this game. DONT GET IT IT STINCKS
  • Works great! 1 problem 4/5

    By TheDogeGawd
    I love it! Works great with my DIY ir. Only complaint is when trying to delete a save, it refuses leave the home screen.
  • Great 4/5

    By Phuong Brian
    It works for me, actually this is the only app work with my DIY ir, thank author very much 😀, just one thing, there is no english in app.
  • Horrible and useless 1/5

    By Anjaana92
    You can't even connect it to tv. It's useless thing
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fastfireboy16
    You can't even use it
  • This actually works 5/5

    By Blt12678
    Buy a cheap IR remote that plugs into iPhone jack for like $1 on eBay, this app works with it
  • A waste of time 1/5

    By niko0611
    You need to buy separate hardware through the app to control your tv
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Proskie
    Horrible horrible horrible. Need extra hardware. What the heck did I do?😖😖😖
  • I don't have a headphone jack 1/5

    By Hrttdj
    Apparently you need a thing to plug into your headphone jack to control your TV but I have an iPhone 7 so I don't have a headphone Jack
  • Need extra equipment 1/5

    By Eolney989
    Apparently you have to have a device called a Y KK device to plug into your headphone jack in order for this app to work.
  • Waste 1/5

    By 1234lmnop
    Didn't work
  • Lame 1/5

    By Wingthirteen
    Useless! Deleting now!
  • Only rated 5 to bump this 5/5

    By Fukcapitalism
    First off don't ever use or buy Chinese products or apps. Chinese do not believe in quality control and are misleading with their products. Every electronic device or software that comes out of China is spyware. I don't do business with people whom don't respect my privacy.
  • Junk 1/5

    By malfoyxoxo1985
    Have to buy something to use
  • problem 1/5

    By Kkkkk no good
    disconnect every time
  • Zero Stars (if possible) 1/5

    By Jthnxhajnshhxbx
    To initiate the setup process you have to use a QR Scanner, which is fine, but ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS (or whatever it is) IS ALL IN EITHER CHINESE OR JAPANESE. This COULD BE a "reach", but I'm pretty sure about 99% of the products made in China are exported to NON-CHINESE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE AT ALL! When I got to the app that's supposed to be able to recognize tens of thousands of different devices, my xfinity box was not recognized, my LG TV was not recognized and my Panasonic TV was not recognized. Well, it had to be too good to be true with how cheap the product is. ***IN THIS CASE... YOU TRULY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... AN ABSOLUTE BULLSH-T PRODUCT WITH NO WAY TO CONTACT SUPPORT (help/troubleshooting) UNLESS YOU'RE FLUENT IN CHINESE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND GET DRAGGED INTO THIS LUCRATIVE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • More idioms please 3/5

    By Dogui62
    I buy my little IR infrared remote control on Wish app work perfect, I love it 😍. But I guessed settings because the language is only Chinese. 😕
  • U need to buy to use it 1/5

    By Nepa Abdul
    To bad
  • Nice UI but... 2/5

    By Tongunga
    This app has one of the nice UIs I've seen so far for ir remote app. Unfortunately, I've been unable to get this app to recognize my TV (Samsung model UA48H6340) and my cable box (technicolor HD-K10C). I'm therefore giving it a 2 out of 5 with the hope they will improve with the possibility of more choices and the ability of learning remotes. Also, the help and support links are all in Chinese. Please try being more international... When that happens I may revise my rating... :)
  • Works, the rest don't. 3.5mm to IR 5/5

    By wize gize
    This app is what you use if you've purchased ANY 3.5mm to infrared LED remote/dongle/jack. This is the app you need to use those. (This app works perfectly, why don't TVs have a "wide" button next to their menu button?)
  • If I would I would rate 0 1/5

    By Floranta
    You need to buy a remote control jack cover thing that you put in the head phone jack. Otherwise, doesn't work.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tankgirl1980
    Doesn't work unless you buy THEIR hardware
  • Have to buy an adapter 1/5

    By Dkitten34
    Must buy stuff 🙄
  • crap 1/5

    By Javier in NY
  • 什么玩意! 1/5

    By Fate Lam
  • 需要继续改进啊 5/5

    By Diaoser
  • 苹果手机的福利 5/5

    By 不要改国家

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