ReSound Smart 3D

ReSound Smart 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ReSound
  • Compatibility: Android
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ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D™ app is compatible with the following hearing aids: ReSound LiNX 3D™ 9/7/5 ReSound ENZO 3D™ 9/7/5 The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control your hearing aids directly from your mobile device. You can change programs, and make simple or more advanced sound adjustments and save them as favorites. The app helps you learn what you can do and how to do it. It can even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. Last, but not least, you can have your hearing care professional update your hearing aid programs and send you new hearing aid software without taking a trip to the clinic. Notes: Please contact your local ReSound representative for product and feature availability in your market. We recommend that the hearing aids run the latest software version. If in doubt, please contact your hearing care professional. ReSound Smart 3D mobile device compatibility: Please consult the ReSound app website for up-to-date compatibility information: Use the ReSound Smart 3D app to: • Enjoy optimization anywhere with ReSound Assist: Request help with your hearing aid settings from your hearing care professional and receive new settings and software updates. And use these direct control and personalization options: • Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids • Mute your hearing aids • Adjust volume of your ReSound streaming accessories • Adjust speech focus as well as noise and wind-noise levels with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs in ReSound LiNX 3D 9 and ReSound ENZO 3D 9 only) • Change manual and streamer programs • Edit and personalize program names • Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preferences • Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – you can even tag to a location • Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids • Tinnitus manager: Adjust sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Select Nature Sounds. (Features available in your hearing aids if enabled by your hearing care professional.) For more information and help, please visit Privacy policy Please view our privacy policy in the link provided: Note: Continual use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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ReSound Smart 3D app reviews

  • Stopped working 3/5

    By Bill...oHNooo
    update 1/9/‘18 we’ve had this up date for awhile and things are better. for the cost of the devices with all their potential the app is still lacking. connectivity is my biggest complaint. often phone shows connection but app isn’t After updating to ios11 on my 5e. Some functions stopped after update so reloaded app now won’t even load. PLEASE FIX THIS! Update 10/13 Says app updated 9 hrs ago... still not working for me. PLEASE FIX THIS! Update 10/18 Seems to be working now with new app. Will give it a few days before I say it’s fixed. Upping to 3 stars for now
  • Other iPhone sounds 2/5

    By 38 rentals this year
    I have had this app for over a year. When connected to my aids my sounds for text, emails and calendars are silent. I miss texts and email unless I turn off my Bluetooth on my iPhone, PLEASE fix this -either let the sounds come thru my aids or the phone.
  • Good but needs some work 3/5

    By spcNgtr
    I trialed Starkey Hearing Halo 2 and have found the Resound LiNX 3D to be a superior hearing aid. That said the app could use some minor but important enhancements. 1. The ability to save a favorite for the iPhone. Everyday I have to manually reset my sound curve. It’s odd that I can save a favorite for every other profile. 2. Have a setting to allow message notifications to be heard through the hearing aid. The Starkey app allows for it so I know it’s possible. These two little tweaks would make a big difference! Thanks!
  • Lost all favorites 1/5

    By quinoje
    Your $#% update wiped out all my favorites. IOS 11.1.2, iPhone 7 Plus, Linx 3D 9
  • New hearing aids 5/5

    By Robbert51
    Just over a month ago I purchased my first pair of hearing aids. I had no idea how much I was not hearing. Jack at Costco tested my hearing and recommend these. We put them in and he recommended that I wear them at least 4 hours a day till I got used to them. 4 hours was not enough, wore them all day and everyday since!!! They are fantastic!! He had me back for adjustment a few times. Each time I told him leave them alone. They’re perfect! I have all the adjustments I need in this app. I’ve used all the presets... Restaraunt, outdoors, music all of them. All deliver !!! Love my hearing aids and love not having to ask people to please repeat themselves. Big thumbs up 👍
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By dougeddy
    I want to like this app but even with the latest update it does weird things. Play a game while waiting somewhere and the volume would go way down NOW it almost goes to zero! Listen to tv or conversation and one of the hearing aids Droz it’s volume. Sometimes it has that early stereo effect of sound going from one ear to the next like music in right channel travels across the middle to the left and back again. These are not cheap devices and the are pretty sophisticated but I hope the get it right eventually. Good aids but some real flaws.
  • New iOS update affect the app 3/5

    By tas235
    The update improved but now have issues with phone calls and alarms. Every time someone calls me, there is no rings. I have to check the phone more often. Same thing with the alarm, I set the time but the alarm did not ring when the time is reached. It’s like the sound disappeared.
  • Apple Watch disconnects 3/5

    By Franks8519
    I loved the first several days with my Resound Forte from Costco being able to control them with my Apple Watch. Then they lost connectivity. After they disconnect they eventually will reconnect, but if they take a minute or more to connect, then it makes no sense to try to use the Watch. Turning off Bluetooth and reconnecting makes no difference and restarting the Watch, likewise. It may be an iOS problem, but in any case, the attraction of the Resound was it’s compatibility with my Watch and phone. Now they are no better than any other device.
  • Watch App Won’t Load 3/5

    By Bill Kron
    Overall, the phone app is pretty good. A definite upgrade from my old hearing aids, which did not have much in the way of technology. However, there is a glaring problem with the Watch app. After installing it initially, it works for a few sessions or maybe it’s just for a few hours. After whatever arbitrary amount of time has passed, it refuses to launch. The only thing that seems to make it work again is to uninstall the watch app and reinstall it. I’ve done that a couple of times, but it’s not worth doing it over and over again. Having access to the programs from the other watch is quite handy, especially in social situations. I would love to see it fixed. Hit me up if you’d like me to be a beta tester! :-)
  • New version corrected problens 4/5

    By Red Darby
    Happy to see I can access ask the features of my hearing aids again. I'd give you a 5 if you could provide the sound mixer available with your relief app in this. I love the sounds of birds and stream but I don't use that app because my music plays via Bluetooth in my car and other connected devices in the house. I don't want to have to constantly adjust my settings to get the better tinnitus sounds.
  • Quite Good Now! 5/5

    By A Quite Disappointed Person
    After complaining on Twitter that the app crashed upon launch, I was very pleased to find an update published just days later that fixed that problem and restored my father’s hearing — without the app, his quality of life had significantly diminished. (I’m not claiming that I had anything to do with that timing, though.) Tom S. of ReSound responded to my complaint promptly and spent considerable time explaining the issues regarding the delay. His efforts constituted genuinely caring customer service, and were greatly appreciated.
  • Works With iOS 11 4/5

    By Garyv40
    Connects and all functions work. I still don’t understand why the app doesn’t show the serial numbers of the paired hearing aids. As Bluetooth devices, they are displayed, albeit awkwardly, in iOS apps targeted at developers. It would be easy to display the info in Resound 3D. It’s part of the same data stream as the current software version which is displayed. If both HAs are not connected, the app should open the Settings app as many third party apps do. Needs to provide a direct email link to provide feedback to the developers.
  • Crashes on iOS 11.0.3 1/5

    By JZiskrout
  • Love It! 5/5

    By mojowill31
    Very discrete way to control my new hearing aids. Gives me the power to make multiple adjusts to best adapt to my listening environment when needed. Very easy to use.
  • Works Well 5/5

    By msdrpepper
    I haven't tried all the features (like finding my hearing aids), but I have been able to request program changes from my audiologist and install the updates from her.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By BIG EdH
    Opens in demo mode but crashes soon as out of demo mode. Good hearing aids but so far useless app. Without app for easy adjustments will likely return the hearing aids. Any fix?
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Awwwsomeness
    I had everything working ok. Now I have issues with Bluetooth connectivity. It goes on and off. Totally annoying. Will talk to audiologist and see if I can switch to Starkey. I am still in the tryout mode.
  • Does not work with iOS11 1/5

    By JAlanC
    I got my hearing aids after I updated to iOS11. App needs to be updated. Sound Enhancer page freezes and you can’t go back. Watch app is too slow and doesn’t want to connect. I would have expected more from the company that worked with Apple on hearing aids. Update. I deleted the app then reinstalled. Now it won’t even load. Please fix this. The app was one of the main reasons I selected Resound hearing aids.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone 8 1/5

    By Cherche_jr
    The app worked fine in my iPhone 6 Plus, but now the app does not open in my iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Difficult to use 1/5

    By Tomato sticks
    I'm constantly trying to adjust the settings. Embarrassing during a dinner out. The App doesn't connect to aids unless new batteries are put in every day! No connectivity! Going thru batteries like crazy. Had I known I would've gotten rechargeable ones. This app needs to be fixed!!!!
  • Not Complete 3/5

    By Violinist
    This app has lots of good features. Love all the fine tuning available. BUT.. this app with my Resound hearing aids killed all my message, mail notifications. No vibration, no sounds, nothing. Phone plays fine thru them. Even with tech support unable to correct. This feature worked with a different brand hearing aids.
  • Not ready to use 1/5

    By Appr50
    The update doesn't work. Please restore until you have it fixed. No stars
  • Impossible to see 1/5

    By denied1313
    While a good app, it is impossible to see outside in sunlight.
  • Needed update 1/5

    By redw929
    Does not work with os 11 on 7s or iPad Pro
  • Favorites affect the base profile 2/5

    By WhatIHaveToSay
    I just got a left hearing aid today, and started using the app. I start from the all-around preset change the sound enhancer ( pull up high freq amplification) and add this setting as a new profile. I reset the all around preset, but each time when I switch to my new favorite and back to all-around, the all-around keeps the setting from my favorite. This pretty much makes favorites useless!
  • Wish I knew -- 3/5

    By Soeverynametaken
    Have had app for 1 month w new hearing aids & have generally been pretty pleased. Have wondered about updates when IOS updated. Just this eve got something directly on app saying needed to be updated. I've lost my preset programs. How annoying.
  • Stuck in demo mode. 2/5

    By Aquamanofpdx
    First day with the Smart 3D. Paired aids, phone and tv. Every thing worked fine for a couple hours then got stuck in demo mode. I've deleted app and reinstalled a few times. And every time I turn off the demo in the app it turns itself back on. App looks beautiful, high praise for functionality. About to reload app for the forth time after a hard shutdown. See what happens.

ReSound Smart 3D app comments


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