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  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ReSound
  • Compatibility: Android
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ReSound Smart App

The ReSound Smart™ app v. 3.4.0 is compatible with the following hearing aids: ReSound LiNX²™ 9/7/5, ReSound LiNX™ 9/7, ReSound LiNX TS™ 9/7, ReSound ENZO²™ 9/7/5, ReSound ENZO™ 9/7, ReSound UP Smart™ 9/7/5 hearing aids. The ReSound Smart™ app is compatible with the following devices: The app is compatible with iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone® 7, iPhone® 6s Plus, iPhone® 6s, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6, iPhone® SE, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 5c, iPhone® 5, iPad Pro® (12.9-inch), iPad Pro® (9.7-inch), iPad Air® 2, iPad Air®, iPad® (4th generation), iPad® mini 4, iPad® mini 3, iPad® mini 2, iPad® mini and iPod® touch (5th and 6th generation). The app is optimized for iPhone 6. iOS 8 or later is required. For iPhone® 6 Plus and iPhone® 6 we strongly recommend iOS 8.1 or later. The app supports Apple Watch. Watch support requires minimum watchOS 2 and iOS 9. The ReSound Smart™ app enables you to control and personalize your hearing experience – intuitively and discretely. It is the first hearing aid app with a direct connection between your ReSound MFi hearing aids and your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. Use the ReSound Smart™ app to: • Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids • Mute your hearing aids • Adjust volume of your ReSound streaming accessory separately • Adjust speech focus as well as comfort in noise and wind with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs in ReSound LiNX² 9 and ENZO² 9 only) • Change manual and streamer programs • Edit and personalize program names • Adjust treble and bass to your preferences • Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – with or without tagging to a location • Battery and connection status • Get inspiration and personalized information about your hearing aid • Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids • Tinnitus manager: Adjustment of sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Selection of Nature Sounds. (Features available in ReSound LiNX² and ENZO² if enabled by your hearing care professional). For more information and help please visit Privacy policy Please view our privacy policy in the link provided: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • iPad 3 not compatible 1/5

    By Robmcc07
    This app is not compatible with iPad 3 because it's STUCK @ IOS 9.3.5, needs IOS 10, what's up with that Apple? This iPad 3 works great, are you going to offer IOS 10 for iPad 3, or is it obsolete?
  • HA with Apple or Google Maps 1/5

    By Medivac1
    There is now way to keep the App from sending directions to ones HAs. It is a real problem when traveling with others in a vehicle. The Costco people can't help. Guess I will have to turn off the aids when driving. Bummer!
  • Watch 3/5

    By Solarslim
    iPhone app works okay. Watch connection impossible, rarely works. Disappointing.
  • Works great BUT... 4/5

    By If you love movies
    It always overrides all my other Bluetooth apps and won't allow me to connect to my truck stereo and phone without turning off my hearing aides It also interferes with my GPS It also interferes when I try to do the talk texting on my phone, amongst other things. However, the ultra bonus of this is that I like how it's own GPS system knows when I walk into the theater and it clicks to my chosen settings and when I go home and it clicks to my home settings without me having to open up the app
  • IOS 10.3 issue 3/5

    By kwd63122
    iPhone shows a connection but your app says we need to connect again.
  • High Potential, User Interface not Intuitive 2/5

    By DoogieBo
    This app has so much potential, but it is missing in the implementation. Obviously, the features like volume control, base and treble, and potentially the sound enhancer, are great features to provide in an app that pairs with the hearing aids by Bluetooth. That's a gimme. BUT, trying to find the features is infuriating! Beyond the volume controls, finding the other settings defies logic. Makes me wonder if the developers spent any time with users to see them hunting for the features! If you have to explain it over and over, it needs to be changed! If I want to adjust the bass and treble, or enhance the sound, or adjust for wind noise, etc. it should all be right there in the menu. Instead, some features are found (or can't be found) in places that one can only guess at. Totally illogical and, apparently, random navigation. You guys surely can do better. Spend some time with a new user, and don't tell them how it works WATCH them struggle to find stuff, and fix it! Don't expect them to adjust to YOUR "logic". Almost unusable beyond basic volume control. Totally illogical navigation!
  • A couple of issues 4/5

    By RainDodger
    Generally this app has worked okay on my iPhone. I've had one irritating problem happen twice now. The first time I didn't worry about it but when it happened again, I realized it's a recurring problem. After using the app successfully for a couple of weeks, it simply quit and wouldn't let me even enter the program. It would say, "gathering information" and then dump me out of the app completely. Reloading the app didn't help. I had to delete it and then reinstall. Of course that meant I lost all my saved programs too. Very irritating! That has happened twice now and doesn't seem to relate to any OS updates or anything else. And now a suggestion: how about making it possible to add a shortcut to take you directly into a saved program? It would save having to drive through all the menus to get to your favorites. Keep improving! It's basically a very helpful app!
  • Fine on iPhone, but not on Apple Watch 3/5

    By BobRowlands
    The app works fine on the iPhone, but the Apple Watch support is very disappointing. It is very slow and unresponsive if it works at all. I took it off my watch and will just use it on my phone now.
  • Works But Loses Connectivity 3/5

    By FH Family
    At the beginning it takes some time to become familiar with the App and figure a workflow in how to set it up depending the situation. But after being away from the phone, I notice that when the phone is nearby there is no connectivity. After going through the process of restarting the hearing aids, the App, the only thing that works to restore connectivity is restarting the iPhone. This does happen at least once a week.
  • Doesn't recognize bluetooth 3/5

    By Bob1946chevy
    My phone just up dated and now ap does not work
  • TIMBO'S Review 2/5

    By Timbodenbo
    This app was working fine when I first received my hearing aids. Now it has gone crazy, changing volume whenever it wants too. Now I can't even adjust it at all anymore. Having been a computer programmer for many years, it is evident to me that this app needs to be tested much more and then released again. As of now it is a poor app that has never been tested effectively. I have gone from loving it for a short time to hating it today!!!
  • 3.4.0 doesn't connect 1/5

    By Railbert
    Aids no longer connect to iPhone 7 with update 3.4.0. Worked great with 3.3.2 Aids still connect flawlessly with IPad without update still running 3.3.2. What gives? Please offer 3.3.2 again until update problems are resolved.
  • Nice start 3/5

    By Roguemustang
    Functional app for checking settings. Really miss the battery level function since that what I used the most. My son has the hearing aid and isn't too good at remembering to change the battery or noticing when it is low.
  • Room for improvement 5/5

    By J3eremy
    I got my ReSound hearing aids back in November because I was having a hearing issue with certain sounds but anyways I would love ❤️ it if they could make this app run better on iOS 10.1.1 because I've noticed that it doesn't seem to work very well with my hearing aids but other than that I really don't see why other people are complaining about this app after all this app makes it easier for me to access my hearing aids sound programming witch makes it easier for me when I'm out side at my work getting carts up to the store for customers when I need to check quickly switch my hearing aids sound to a different setting it's simple and easy to do but it's hard to do when the app crashes that's when I run into trouble but if you guys could please fix this issue I would greatly appreciate it other than that it's a 5 star ⭐️ app in my book Updated review: problem resound app adjusts your hearing aids volume when ever it wants I'm running into some problems with this app I don't know if it's just a glitch in the app it's self or not but when ever I'm outside pushing carts 🛒 or just plain out standing by the door being greeter at my work my hearing aids volume starts to adjust the volume without me even touching the app this is beginning to be a huge problem for me please fix this issue I don't want any more of these problems anymore
  • Suggested Improvements 2/5

    By Garyv40
    When will Resound recognize that consumers are their primary audience, not audiologists? This is a consumer-centric world now due to the internet. Time to get with the program. If both HAs are not connected, the app should link directly to Settings as many apps do. Needs to provide a direct email link to provide feedback to the developers. Should show the SNs of your HAs. Why do all messages to Resound result in "call support"? If we could communicate on the phone, we would not need support!
  • No longer will work with hearing aids 1/5

    By Tootall307
    Whatever updates you have done will not allow my hearing aids to connect, so I could adjust settings with my phone. Worked well for 2 years, no longer the case. I've reloaded the app several times, reconnected aids with the phone but get error message from the app. You have ruined it. Updated phone, deleted & reloaded your app one more time, paired hearings to my again AND your won't work. Aggravating to say the least.
  • Tinnitus manager in app 2/5

    By FJ12rider
    Where did the tinnitus manager go in my app?
  • New version won't work 1/5

    By markphilip317
    Used the previous version and it was erratic, but worked most of the time. When they finally came out with an update, I downloaded it. Won't even open up properly now. Great job, guys. Any way to download the previous version? I'm on iPhone 6, iOS 9.21, so it's not like I'm way out of date.
  • Loses connection 3/5

    By HercJerk
    Since upgrading to the latest version the app loses connection with the phones and the only way to get a reconnect is to completely reboot the phone. Reasonably handy otherwise.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By USArmy100
    This app doesn't work, crashed each time I opened the app. They need to fix and improve Resound app. Useless.
  • Ok 3/5

    By RetiredRider
    All the other reviews are accurate. However, when the battery is changed none of the settings are kept. I must then reset the factory values to my own. I'm hoping that this is something I can figure out but so far it appears to work as I described. If anyone has an answer to my problem please respond.
  • Suggested Improvements - Like the App 3/5

    By DaveP585
    Only been wearing my hearing aids for 1.5 wks. Have to say I like having the app to help adjust the hearing aids in different situations. I am a tech person by profession. I like that you can control the volume for each HA, and control the treble and bass. I like that you can set "place" favorites. It makes going back and forth to work easy. I also like that there is a watch app available. I would like to see the following added or improved: 1. The ability to add favorites to the home screen. It would be nice to pick and choose which ones to add. This way when I go into a conference room with a small group, I don't have to do three steps to change the program. It would be nice to just open the app and have it there. 2. You should also add a widget. It should include your favorites. That would make it easier to change your programs too. 3. Add a battery indicator. It would be great to have one in the app, in the widget, and on the watch app. 4. Add favorites to the watch app too!
  • Mostly okay 3/5

    By LefCoasDave
    The adjustment features are fine, even if the user interface isn't intuitive. Battery level would be useful. Also, it's a pain to put my has into Bluetooth airplane mode, something I need to do for work. There ought to be an app button to do that. Wearer could then easily open and close the has just once to turn them back on.
  • Resound app 1/5

    By Bubbafatz
    Won't pair after update to iPhone 6.
  • Phone app good, Watch app fair-when it works at all 1/5

    By Flash_699
    The iPhone app is a great tool that I use many times a day to adapt my HAs to the changing environments at work, home, restaurants, etc. I like it better than messing with the button on my HAs. Pretty reliable and fairly quick. The Apple Watch app has been problematic and has stopped working recently. Just get a spinning emblem that never connects to the HAs. Tried deleting from watch and then from iPhone and reinstalling a couple times but no luck. Even tried it on a different watch. No difference. When it was working it was a bit slow but great for subtly changing the mode to/from restaurant or increasing the sensitivity (volume) when talking with someone. Wish it still worked..... Update 30 Dec 16: Exchanged several emails with the company. After going thru normal trouble shooting steps they eventually said "take it to the Genius Bar - must be something wrong with the phone or watch". Since it's the only app having problems I was skeptical to say the least. Yep, Apple says everything is fine with the hardware. It's an app issue.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By BMJ775
    The app doesn't work! Hope Resound fixes it soon.
  • Missing battery life indicator 3/5

    By RobbieHW
    Works well, like the previous version but THE BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR IS GONE. What the heck???!!! That was one of the best features of the app. I like being able to adjust the hearing aids w/ out fumbling for the button on them, but need to know if I should carry spare batteries. The indicator wasn't perfect but now there's nothing.
  • Updated Review 4/5

    By MCAL7007
    Latest update has solved a lot of the problems I had. App is now delivering the same quality of service as the hearing devices. Great do far, thanks for the update. 👍🏻
  • Battery level indicator 4/5

    By Sparky421
    Please put the battery level indicated back into the app. Thank you.
  • Wonder App 5/5

    By Best HA App
    This app really works well with my Costco Cala8 HAs. I mostly use it on my Apple watch, which I had bought to use with my new hearing aids. It is wonderful to be able to adjust my HAs from a watch because it attracts far less attention. Thanks Resound for this app.
  • Hearing Aid finder works 5/5

    By flywheeler18
    I have used the app primarily for adjusting my recently purchased hearing aid settings and switching programs including streaming from TV. But today I lost my hearing aid on the golf course but found it with the help of the app's finder. It truly was like finding a needle in a haystack. After I realized I lost my right hearing aid, I got back in a cart and tried to retrace my movements while playing. I did not keep the app open when I did that, so when I finished without finding the hearing aid, I thought it was gone. But when I went back to Costco to file a lost claim, the hearing aid tech suggested we look at the app again and sure enough, it noted that an hour ago (when I was on the course looking) the hearing aid was near the 6th hole green. So I went back and sure enough the app worked like a digital geiger counter and I found the missing aid in about 5 minutes. Amazing that I found it! Even if you don't like other aspects of the app, it is well worth it for the "finder."
  • Update of resound on 12/17/16 3/5

    By ResoundUserRonDF
    I loaded update today on Resound and now have no battery level indicators.
  • Good to power device on/off to refresh 5/5

    By SubTeachjb
    Had a situation where all audio apps were distorted after Resound and Apple update. Reloaded app and powered phone off then on. Beautiful music through phone again. All great now!
  • Hear Hear 4/5

    By rradiohead
    Smart contains a number of useful features, the most important being the Sound Enhancer, which can help you develop a healthy number of your favorite settings by enhancing/suppressing sound/noise in different hearing environments. And don't count out the ability to adjust base/treble settings; they can really help you in noisy restaurant situations. If you have streaming devices such as the mic clip and TV streamer, you can select them right on the app -- and you can further customize those settings as well. The only silliness I've found in the app is the "Locate your hearing aids" feature, designed to assist in finding your hearing aids if misplaced. The only trouble is: The hearing aids must be powered up to be located. Now, who would take their HAs out without disconnecting batteries? Exactly. I can see where this might be a useful feature for HAs with rechargeable batteries, but ReSounds operate on Number 13s.
  • A decent app 3/5

    By jonyen
    I recently got a new pair of Resound hearing aids and started using this app. For the most part, I find that a lot of the features in this aren't all that compelling. To start off, the hearing aid finder is mostly useless since it requires that your hearing aid should be on in order to find it. Volume controls are ok, as well as sound adjustments. It's a nice thought, but not crucial. As far as ease of use goes, I would give it a 7 out of 10. Some of the button configuration is non-intuitive, such as putting the sound enhancer option in the menu. The repetitive alert for asking if I want to reset the settings gets a bit annoying after a while. The UI is rather outdated and could use a more clean look. I actually decided to buy my hearing aid partially because of the app that was available for each hearing aid, so I hope that they take note of that. In terms of improvements that I would suggest, I think some more useful features may be to have the ability to record the sounds that are picked up by the hearing aid, which would be really helpful to send to my audiologist for adjustments. If Resound could also improve on the built-in Live Listen feature, that would be really nice to have, particularly if it was able to take an audio cable input. I would be willing to pay extra for the app if it could include these as premium features. Usage history would be good to have, so that I have a better idea of when I have my hearing aids on, what volume or settings I tend to use, how often I change the battery, etc. That is valuable information to keep track of.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Grapplerone
    I am now on an iPhone 7 and both my resound linx2 work with it I still have a few issues. 1) When streaming blue tooth from videos the video tends to stop and start constantly. If I stop audio to the aids the video plays fine. I've had this issue since my iPhone 5S. There is something wrong with the streaming. Not sure if it's the app or the aids? 2) My hearing aids and my 2016 Malibu infocenter fight each other for control when a call comes in. They should have the auto setting to realize you hooked up to the car hands free and not use the aids. It's a pain at times. 3) The app needs to have force touch implementation! It would be nice to have my favorites just pop up with one hard press. Fix that stuff and you get 5 stars.
  • Needs update to support I-phone 7 & watch 2/5

    By Harris in Albuquerque
    When the app works it is very good but app crashes and/or is not linked preoperly with iphone 7. Also very slow to respond on watch when it does work. Many times when I view app most of setting info is greyed out so can't use features like wind noise in outdoor mode. It is to bad that the manufacture is slow to update. I am in a trial period with these new aids and may look at other manufactures to see if they are more up to speed on updates and reliability of features which are the big selling points for me. I want the features to work if I am going to upgrade from my current pair that are made by a differents manufacturer.
  • Needs some improvement 3/5

    By Merlot D
    The app allows you to control the volume and change the programs that are set up by your audiologist. The battery level indicators don't change as the batteries discharge however. Randomly (approx. once a month)the app will lose the Bluetooth connection. The only way to reconnect is to un-pair them (by going to your phone setting) and then re-pair.
  • Apps needs to be updated 1/5

    By Harleypip
    With the release of IOS10, been having problems with my iPhone 6 Plus and "SOUND"!!! Usually around a day and half of rebooting iPhone to regain ability to hear sounds; music; videos, it will loose sound again. Finally isolated the problem to this app. Once I removed this App I regained full function of sounds for my iPhone and different apps that utilizes sounds and the problem has not appeared again. PLEASE FIX!!!!
  • Poor connectivity with iOS UPGRADE 1/5

    By Jim McM
    Every upgrade puts this app at more of a disadvantage In coming phone calls people sound as if they are speaking in slow motion Then app can't decide whether to connect with earpieces or phone Disappointed!!!!'
  • IPad? 3/5

    By PiaMe
    A couple of reviews mentioned being available for iPad as well as iPhone. I am unable to sync with my iPad.
  • Poor! 1/5

    By ChiefAW
    The previous version worked okay, this version is terrible. I have an iPhone 6.
  • Chirping 2/5

    By Feusaf
    Ever since my phone updated I've had a bad chirping in one or both hearing aids. Upgrading from the 6s to a 7 plus and it still happens. It started almost immediately after the iOS update, so not sure if it's the app or the phone. It's getting so annoying that I've had to set the phone so it doesn't push any audio to my hearing aids. Please tell me if it's your app or the iOS update. Almost bad enough that I might take this 7 plus back and trade it for a Google Pixel.
  • Unhappy IPhone 7 Plus user 1/5

    By L2A3Rising
    After being angered by a non responsive paring for 3 days, I finally contacted customer service support and the lady who me was the best CS I had ever received. Better than sliced bread or flip top beer. In less than 15 minutes she had my IPhone 7plus and the ReSound hearing aids paired and running as intended. I give 10 stars if I could.
  • Won't pair with IPhone 1/5

    By Jasiek1
    When this worked it was great. Now with my 5s IPhone upgrade it won't pair up to the phone. The phone pairs with the earpieces but no longer the app. For the $$$$ of the hearing aids this company needs to hire some new techs.
  • Smart App works great 5/5

    By Global Wanderer
    I've had Resound hearing aids since '10, it was time for new aids and I got their top of the line model LS-961 DRW. I was apprehensive about the Smart App after reading so many negative reviews, so I'm sharing my experience. I'm using an iPhone 6s, IOS version 10.1.1. The ONLY problem I encountered was pairing the aids to the phone, but that was due to "operator error." After 4 tries and then reading the manual the pairing happened smoothly. I've put the App through it paces using every function and it has worked flawlessly and it's fast too. My previous version of Resound hearing aids using the "Control" App was by comparison slow and had few features. Bottom line, the Smart App is fantastic, no issues!
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Purveyor of fine fish
    I have had hearing aids for about 15 years and these are by far the best in terms of quality and price of all of my previous brands and models. I seldom use my previous hearing aids because of the quality of sound and the bother of maintenance. But now I am thrilled to hear so clearly and to have a wireless/Bluetooth connection to my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app functions are simple and helpful. I feel remarkably well re-connected to the world of voices and sounds. I find it remarkable that so much digital technology is available in such a small and feather weight unit. The hearing specialist at Costco, where I bought the hearing aids told me that the Bluetooth connection will fade before the low battery alert sounds. That was helpful in troubleshooting some of issues brought up the reviews.
  • Update 1/5

    By KnightLL2
    Worked great until I got my new iPhone 7+. Please please please send out an update a patch. PLEASE.
  • Best functionality 5/5

    By BL guy
    Been wearing hearing aids 20+ years. Audiologist set up sound enhancer feature so I can customize my hearing in any place. I really like saving favorites so my settings pop up when I go back to a spot. This is the most control I've ever had over my hearing aids. Very happy.
  • One trick pony 1/5

    By Trying-Siri-Next
    Maybe it works if you only own one smart Bluetooth devise. Unfortunately I have iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Sync car radio. I am using my 7 year old Oticons. How hard can it be to figure out which device I am using an switch to it? May Siri could do it.

ReSound Smart app comments

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