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ReSound Smart

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  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ReSound
  • Compatibility: Android
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ReSound Smart App

The ReSound Smart™ app v. 3.4.0 is compatible with the following hearing aids: ReSound LiNX²™ 9/7/5, ReSound LiNX™ 9/7, ReSound LiNX TS™ 9/7, ReSound ENZO²™ 9/7/5, ReSound ENZO™ 9/7, ReSound UP Smart™ 9/7/5 hearing aids. The ReSound Smart™ app is compatible with the following devices: The app is compatible with iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone® 7, iPhone® 6s Plus, iPhone® 6s, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6, iPhone® SE, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 5c, iPhone® 5, iPad Pro® (12.9-inch), iPad Pro® (9.7-inch), iPad Air® 2, iPad Air®, iPad® (4th generation), iPad® mini 4, iPad® mini 3, iPad® mini 2, iPad® mini and iPod® touch (5th and 6th generation). The app is optimized for iPhone 6. iOS 8 or later is required. For iPhone® 6 Plus and iPhone® 6 we strongly recommend iOS 8.1 or later. The app supports Apple Watch. Watch support requires minimum watchOS 2 and iOS 9. The ReSound Smart™ app enables you to control and personalize your hearing experience – intuitively and discretely. It is the first hearing aid app with a direct connection between your ReSound MFi hearing aids and your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. Use the ReSound Smart™ app to: • Adjust volume settings on your hearing aids • Mute your hearing aids • Adjust volume of your ReSound streaming accessory separately • Adjust speech focus as well as comfort in noise and wind with Sound Enhancer (for selected programs in ReSound LiNX² 9 and ENZO² 9 only) • Change manual and streamer programs • Edit and personalize program names • Adjust treble and bass to your preferences • Save your preferred settings as a Favorite – with or without tagging to a location • Battery and connection status • Get inspiration and personalized information about your hearing aid • Help locate lost or misplaced hearing aids • Tinnitus manager: Adjustment of sound variation and frequency of the Tinnitus Sound Generator. Selection of Nature Sounds. (Features available in ReSound LiNX² and ENZO² if enabled by your hearing care professional). For more information and help please visit Privacy policy Please view our privacy policy in the link provided: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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ReSound Smart app reviews

  • Improvement suggestions 5/5

    By J3eremy
    I have had resound hearing aids for 1 year now and one problem I’m experiencing with the resound smart app is it tampers with my hearing aids volume controls I had the iPhone 6s and I thought maybe Bluetooth was failing so I upgraded to the iPhone 8 but I’m still having trouble this app has been pretty useful for me because whenever I need to turn the volume up so I can hear people better I can do that and if I loose my hearing aids I can find them and I can also check to see what melody played in last melody plaid I don’t want to leave a negative review despite the issues I’m having it honestly does get pretty annoying when it adjusts my volume of my hearing aids especially when I’m working it’s pretty hard to drop what I’m doing and go back into the app and adjust the volume back to normal so please if you could issue an update that would be greatly appreciated but once again I’m not trying to be negative because this app is pretty useful to me so I gave it 5 stars Updated review February 16 2018: Problem with app self adjusting controls without permission, I have been getting pretty annoyed 😒 with this issue of this app self adjusting volume controls without permission I have tried unpairing my resound hearing aids from my iPhone 8 and the repairing them to my iPhone 8 and it still does it so I have no way of contacting the app developers to fix this issue I have tried multiple things and nothing has helped me it’s pretty hard to mess with the volume controls when I’m working especially when my hand are wet from working with chemicals 😒so please if you developers look over you reviews please I beg you fix this issue this is very annoying 😒to me so please respond to my review if you even look over them
  • Don’t get resound hearing aids- app is useless! 1/5

    By jscott646
    App crashes weekly, no responses from company. Pain to keep reloading so hearing aids work, find a better more responsive company. See below: App gets hung up searching even though it's been working for a week. Loses favorites and it's a pain to reload them. How about fixing these issues? When app works it's great. 8/24. Still crashing every few weeks. Guess resound doesn't care. 9/17 same problems. Does anyone care?Hello! 😖 9/25 Hi! App still crashes every week or so. Is anyone there? 10/15. Same problem, same lack of response from developer. Still broken Nov,dec,Jan,feb. 2017-2018
  • IPhone X issues 1/5

    By SimplyMyAlias
    My iPhone 6 worked perfectly with my hearing aids. I bought an iPhone X and now it’s a nightmare. They won’t connect when I get a call and my hearing aids are disconnected all the time. I called Resound support and was told to call Apple. I went to my Apple store and they determined it was the app which has not been updated in a year. I called Resound tech support and a very rude man refused to help me. So after spending $6K on hearing aids and $1K on a new phone I’m using speakerphone.
  • Please update to align with new IOS! 2/5

    By Brtmyr
    The reliability of my connection has gone downhill rapidly over the last 4 months with new iOS updates. Now my Bluetooth connection rarely works for an incoming call and may connect or drop out multiple times during a call. Very frustrating and embarrassing since I have relied on this connection for well over a year for conference calls. When it works (and it did!) it was life-changing. And yes, I am regularly doing a forced unpair/pair to reconnect HA to iPhone X. I’m considering jumping to another HA manufacturer that keeps their app aligned with updates.
  • iOS 11.2.2 connectivity broken & fixed! 4/5

    By DHC-avid-reader
    Forced re-pairing of the aids may fix many issues! I originally wrote that my hearing aids would no longer connect. However, after doing a forced re-pairing, where one first explicitly taps the “forget this device“, then restarting the hearing aids and go through a new pairing, things work much better. This re-pairing seem to fix the problem I had with the temporarily-chosen output device (e.g. speaker) switching between placing call (“ringing”) and the call being answered (it would switch from the temporarily selected device back to the default device - the hearing aids - between those two phone actions). It might be a good practice to do a “forced re-pairing” after every iOS update. The main app complaint is that I don’t have control over the streaming quality settings through the app. I wish the app had an advanced settings so I could control almost everything a “hearing aid professional“ can do.
  • Poor implementation and crashes 2/5

    By azurerain
    The Smart app should give access to both volume and bass/treble on the same screen. My hearing fluctuates and I need to recustomize my settings every couple of days. Also, the app will fail and crash every few weeks, and the only way to get it to work again is to delete it from the phone and redownload it again, and there is no way to recover the preset favorites, so they are completely lost and have to be reconfigured every time this happens. Also the redownloading requires a WiFi connection, so if it crashes when a WiFi connection is not available, you are out of luck and will not be able to control your hearing aids bass/treble at all which may leave you with unusable hearing.
  • USED to be good 1/5

    By Katie Davis
    Resound never updates with the new IOS and there are TONS of problems. I can’t even list them all here. It used to be truly amazing- a life changer. Now? It’s made life frustrating and actually dangerous- sound popping back and forth in the car (imagine your audio instructions from your gps fading out at a crucial lane change moment?) and many more things. It’s been over a year at the time I’m writing this review and still no update?
  • What happened to iphone mic on triple click? 3/5

    By Thomas Phifer
    Bring back iphone mic on triple click
  • Troubled 2/5

    By NanaInAtl
    I love my resound hearing aids! Can’t hear without them. However, the iPhone X seems to be creating many issues. Waiting for fixes and updates that actually help. Instead there are. One and it just gets worse :( I am now having to re-connect my hearing aids every time I receive a phone call and many times any activity on my phone :( Help soon please!
  • Poor connectivity 1/5

    By hobotx1
    I have used the app for 2years and was very pleased. Now it is intermittent to connect to the iPhone. I will look for a better option when I upgrade my hearing aide
  • Update 2/5

    By LarriSL2
    Would be nice if the app developer updated the app. It’s been over 11months. Crashes and disconnects on my 7plus. Enjoy the streaming from the TV and the iPhone when it connects.
  • Not user frendly 2/5

    By R no
    Extremely difficult to use switching from one mode to the other does not always work Cannot find a way to attach hearing aids to the phone without doing a power off sometimes I’m listening to the phone and wish not to hear it through my hearing aids to save hearing aid battery in it will not easily do that also I did a safer location and I cannot get rid of it in a keep asking me if I wanted to go
  • Seriously needs upgrade... 2/5

    By Ron Fisk
    As a developer for Apple I am always running the latest version of iOS on my phones and generally beta versions as well. The last update to this application was 10 months ago. That means it’s seriously behind Apples latest operating system 11.1 not to mention 11.2 which will be released shortly. This application has become useless to me as it constantly quits and will no longer access my hearing aids. I did give it two stars instead of one in that I can reinstall it and it will work for a short time before it quits again. I hope the programmers read this post and take appropriate action soon. It has the potential of being a great app...
  • Still Buggy After All These Years 1/5

    By Leicesterfan in Florida
    I've had this for several years now and the people st Resound still can't get the app right. It still "loses" my favorites savings and causes the volume in the hearing aids to go up and down with occasional random beeps in one or both aids. Techs at Resound blamed problems on iOS, even though all of the other app makers seem to be able to figure it out. If you already have the hearing aids, you're stuck. If not, look somewhere else.
  • Audio doesn’t work 1/5

    By OMGITSAMELIA🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
    Whenever I’m watching a video on YouTube, the sound doesn’t work. It’s too quiet. Please make it louder
  • App Needs Updating 2/5

    By Garyv40
    There is still a large base of Resound HAs that use this app. I have two sets of LinX 9 HAs (4 aids total). I still don’t understand why the app doesn’t show the serial numbers of the paired hearing aids. As Bluetooth devices, they are displayed, albeit awkwardly, in iOS apps targeted at developers. It would be easy to display the info in Resound Smart. If both HAs are not connected, the app should open the Settings app as many third party apps do. Needs to provide a direct email link to provide feedback to the developers.
  • Connectivity 2/5

    By Emmie939
    Basic this program is okay but I have a few issues. 1. This is the big one. I know how to use my iPhone. This program is very challenging even for this 7 plus years of iPhone use! Please simplify. I tell friends who ask if I like my hearing aids I always say yes BUT the program on your phone is very difficult. 2. My hearing aids randomly hop out of the device I’m using. If I’m sharing my phone with someone and I set the phone sound to go to my phone, it randomly transfers back to my hearing aids! What an irritant! If I reset it, it jumps back again! The only way to stop this is to turn off my hearing aids by opening the backs!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Rich3981
    The app I got from the App Store is good but doesn’t have all the programs I see in the book for my earring aids. It doesn’t have the programs for traffic and outdoor. Every time I go in a restaurant I use that program. When it is updated so I have those two programs I will give it 5 stars. WORKING GOOD FOR ME AT THIS TIME. BEEN USING IT FOR 3 DAYS NOW.
  • No connect 1/5

    By eddie haddad
    Had the old app and worked fine. This one will not connect to my aids. ?????????
  • Why oh why? 2/5

    By Stachedman
    I've had my Resound Hearing Aids for over 6 months now, and they do help. It's the app that I have a problem with, or rather the developers. Why can't you save my Favorites when you update the app? I've gotten to the point, after several app updates, where I don't even bother to set up Favorites because, they will be dropped during the next update. The app has other issues too, likec you can't save a favorite when streaming. Good ideas, bad implementation.
  • Drops bluetooth conection makes me miss call 2/5

    By DaveD of NH
    D dennis
  • Connection to IPhone= "0" 1/5

    By california deaf lady
    I paid $7000.00 (COSTCO) about half that amount. First there were issues with the fit. House hearing on Santa Monica explained I have very narrow ear channels. Connection with my IPhone worked for a short time. Had hearing aids replaced by House hearing. Connected briefly first a day. Then next time they failed connection about an hour. House people seemed to think it was something I was doing. I call Resound multiple times and reinstalled the AP each time. When it worked it was less than an hour as I recall. I've been out of. Country for over 6 weeks now back in CA again trying to get Hearring aids to synchronize with my I phone (which the Apple Store said was fine). And no success. The hearing aids simply do not connect with the IPhone. I'm trying once again to synchronize them. I rate them at *(1).
  • Not Impressed! 1/5

    By Dwighd
    Have had my hearing aids for four (4) days now... 1. On day one (1), problems with connectivity, and when finally connected after several reboots, the app volume controls did not work. Also, the sound quality was quite poor, with a consistent "raspiness" in both spoken word, and even worse with music. 2. On day two (2), app volume controls still do not work, but discovered that the "raspiness" could be mitigated by boosting the base to the maximum, and reducing the treble to the minimum. 3. Have been unable to create a fixed profile, resulting in losing my bass/treble settings whenever I power down for the night. Volume controls on the app still do not work! 4. On day four (4), after resetting the base/treble controls to mitigate the "raspiness" the app volume controls still do not work. Have an appointment scheduled next week to address issues! 5. On day two (2), also discovered that the hearing aid finder map does NOT work; reconfirmed this again on day four (4). Bottom line: NOT IMPRESSED, especially since the hearing aids I have are "top of the line"!!! Monday 13 June 2017 UPDATE: Just returned from my scheduled audiology appointment, with mixed (and unsatisfactory) results! 1. Volume control on the app now appears to be enabled. Apparently the original setting was too low, so the baseline volume was boosted. 2. However, this was discovered because I heard better with the T-Phone program than the original All Around and Restaurant programs installed. 3. Hence, their solution was to copy the T-Phone program over the All Around program, and made some "minor" adjustments to the profile. 4. I had expected the Outdoor and Traffic programs to be installed on this visit for evaluation, and when asked, the Audiologist was unaware of these! 5. Discovered that a plastic retainer was available (RH hearing aid kept falling out) that should have been provided on initial visit. Only one was provided this time! 6. I had to specifically ask for a different dome size to potentially help better secure the device in my ear. Apparently only one other size was available at the time. 7. Now I have to return for a 3rd scheduled appointment to address the remaining issues, and get the other programs installed. :-( 8. Discovered that a new App feature has been enabled during the visit - it is called a Sound Enhancer. Since I received no explanation I will try to figure this out. Bottom Line: STILL NOT IMPRESSED! My expectation was that all of the issues would be addressed - some were, some were not! This visit left me with concerns not only about the product and the app itself, but also about the ability for the field Audiologists to properly service these... UPDATE: Thursday 31 August 2017 Now that I have had these hearing aids for two (2) full months, the dissatisfaction has simply become worse... 1. I am now unable to call my spouse from my car using these hearing aids, due to a high pitch sound that loudly surfaces in her car (designed for iPhones) only, not in my car or in my hearings aids. We both have iPhones. 2. I am now experiencing unexplained Bluetooth disconnects between my iPhone and my hearing aids, forcing me to pair these devices again. No iPhone IOS upgrades have occurred since before this started happening. 3. The Audiology service provider for the hearing aids has not responded (>1 month) to my request for a refund on duplicate or multiple payments, despite my providing written documentation supporting this. BOTTOM LINE: Do NOT purchase these hearing aids!!! The "bugs" have not been addressed, the training for audiologists in the field is inadequate, and there is still no way to address these issues with the parent company directly. I wasted >>$2K and >16 hours personal time, resulting in a VERY DISSATISFIED and unpleasant experience overall. ... and despite my complaints, have yet to be contacted for a remedy!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE, and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
  • Worked for about 3 weeks. 1/5

    By Rev-70
    App stopped working after 3 weeks. No base or treble control now for the hearing aids. POS App.
  • Problem having app installed on and iPhone 2/5

    By Sawdust123
    It works well. However, I have installed on iPhone and iPad is a problem. I cannot have both devices on. I actually have to power power off one device off for other to work. Either the phone or the iPad must be powered off for the other to work.
  • The Only Way I Can Use My iPhone 4/5

    By Grarnold
    I've been on hearing aids for over 15 years, the originals wore out one at a time, well the last one got run over by a car tire, dropped out of my pocket as my battery had gone. Saw Resound Smart BT enabled aids at a trade show and got my attention. I had been using a trial set of aids that were not working specifically on the phone. Got these and have worked thru some issues, interference at large meetings, dropped BT, squealing (still an issue) but overall I could not get by without them. Have to reboot my iPhone more frequently to re-establish connections to the aids. Not a problem just a procedure. Very pleased with these aids.
  • Program settings 4/5

    By Rintytintin
    After the last update, all of a sudden it just starts cycling through my hearing aid programs. Needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Now you see it...WE NEED AN UPDATE 2/5

    By rradiohead
    This app is proving to be troublesome, repeatedly losing its mind every few days. Although my Linx2/9 hearing aids remain paired with my iPhone7, the app itself has failed to properly load, freezing on the "Getting Information" screen before totally crashing. Before reusing it, I'm having to "forget this device", then re-pair my HAs with the phone and, of course, I lose all my saved Favorites. Let's get back to work and keep up with IOS updates, eh?
  • Connectivity Loss 3/5

    By lindymck
    I have used this program for nine months to connect my hearing aids to my iPhone and have been able to stream music, listen to audible books and use the phone. The sound is decent – nothing an audiophile would write home about – but very convenient and I love being able to listen to music when those around me don't even know! Then a few days ago my hearing aids stopped connecting. I am not running a different iOS version; I have paired it several times and it still will not play even though it shows it is connected through the accessibility option on the iPhone – but the ReSound app will not connect – very frustrating after having it work so well for nine months. One other big issue is how difficult it makes it to use my Bluetooth in my car – when my hearing aids were working – they competed with playing music using my Bluetooth sound system in the car. I hope these app developers keep working on improving this app – it has great potential – but I will look at other brands when I upgrade my hearing aids to see if their Bluetooth connectivity/reliability is any better.
  • HA with Apple or Google Maps 1/5

    By Medivac1
    There is now way to keep the App from sending directions to ones HAs. It is a real problem when traveling with others in a vehicle. The Costco people can't help. Guess I will have to turn off the aids when driving. Bummer!
  • Watch 3/5

    By Solarslim
    iPhone app works okay. Watch connection impossible, rarely works. Disappointing.
  • Works great BUT... 4/5

    By If you love movies
    It always overrides all my other Bluetooth apps and won't allow me to connect to my truck stereo and phone without turning off my hearing aides It also interferes with my GPS It also interferes when I try to do the talk texting on my phone, amongst other things. However, the ultra bonus of this is that I like how it's own GPS system knows when I walk into the theater and it clicks to my chosen settings and when I go home and it clicks to my home settings without me having to open up the app
  • IOS 10.3 issue 3/5

    By kwd63122
    iPhone shows a connection but your app says we need to connect again.
  • High Potential, User Interface not Intuitive 2/5

    By DoogieBo
    This app has so much potential, but it is missing in the implementation. Obviously, the features like volume control, base and treble, and potentially the sound enhancer, are great features to provide in an app that pairs with the hearing aids by Bluetooth. That's a gimme. BUT, trying to find the features is infuriating! Beyond the volume controls, finding the other settings defies logic. Makes me wonder if the developers spent any time with users to see them hunting for the features! If you have to explain it over and over, it needs to be changed! If I want to adjust the bass and treble, or enhance the sound, or adjust for wind noise, etc. it should all be right there in the menu. Instead, some features are found (or can't be found) in places that one can only guess at. Totally illogical and, apparently, random navigation. You guys surely can do better. Spend some time with a new user, and don't tell them how it works WATCH them struggle to find stuff, and fix it! Don't expect them to adjust to YOUR "logic". Almost unusable beyond basic volume control. Totally illogical navigation!
  • A couple of issues 4/5

    By RainDodger
    Generally this app has worked okay on my iPhone. I've had one irritating problem happen twice now. The first time I didn't worry about it but when it happened again, I realized it's a recurring problem. After using the app successfully for a couple of weeks, it simply quit and wouldn't let me even enter the program. It would say, "gathering information" and then dump me out of the app completely. Reloading the app didn't help. I had to delete it and then reinstall. Of course that meant I lost all my saved programs too. Very irritating! That has happened twice now and doesn't seem to relate to any OS updates or anything else. And now a suggestion: how about making it possible to add a shortcut to take you directly into a saved program? It would save having to drive through all the menus to get to your favorites. Keep improving! It's basically a very helpful app!
  • Fine on iPhone, but not on Apple Watch 3/5

    By BobRowlands
    The app works fine on the iPhone, but the Apple Watch support is very disappointing. It is very slow and unresponsive if it works at all. I took it off my watch and will just use it on my phone now.
  • Works But Loses Connectivity 3/5

    By FH Family
    At the beginning it takes some time to become familiar with the App and figure a workflow in how to set it up depending the situation. But after being away from the phone, I notice that when the phone is nearby there is no connectivity. After going through the process of restarting the hearing aids, the App, the only thing that works to restore connectivity is restarting the iPhone. This does happen at least once a week.
  • Doesn't recognize bluetooth 3/5

    By Bob1946chevy
    My phone just up dated and now ap does not work
  • TIMBO'S Review 2/5

    By Timbodenbo
    This app was working fine when I first received my hearing aids. Now it has gone crazy, changing volume whenever it wants too. Now I can't even adjust it at all anymore. Having been a computer programmer for many years, it is evident to me that this app needs to be tested much more and then released again. As of now it is a poor app that has never been tested effectively. I have gone from loving it for a short time to hating it today!!!
  • 3.4.0 doesn't connect 1/5

    By Railbert
    Aids no longer connect to iPhone 7 with update 3.4.0. Worked great with 3.3.2 Aids still connect flawlessly with IPad without update still running 3.3.2. What gives? Please offer 3.3.2 again until update problems are resolved.
  • Nice start 3/5

    By Roguemustang
    Functional app for checking settings. Really miss the battery level function since that what I used the most. My son has the hearing aid and isn't too good at remembering to change the battery or noticing when it is low.
  • No longer will work with hearing aids 1/5

    By Tootall307
    Whatever updates you have done will not allow my hearing aids to connect, so I could adjust settings with my phone. Worked well for 2 years, no longer the case. I've reloaded the app several times, reconnected aids with the phone but get error message from the app. You have ruined it. Updated phone, deleted & reloaded your app one more time, paired hearings to my again AND your won't work. Aggravating to say the least.
  • Tinnitus manager in app 2/5

    By FJ12rider
    Where did the tinnitus manager go in my app?
  • New version won't work 1/5

    By markphilip317
    Used the previous version and it was erratic, but worked most of the time. When they finally came out with an update, I downloaded it. Won't even open up properly now. Great job, guys. Any way to download the previous version? I'm on iPhone 6, iOS 9.21, so it's not like I'm way out of date.
  • Loses connection 3/5

    By HercJerk
    Since upgrading to the latest version the app loses connection with the phones and the only way to get a reconnect is to completely reboot the phone. Reasonably handy otherwise.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By USArmy100
    This app doesn't work, crashed each time I opened the app. They need to fix and improve Resound app. Useless.
  • Ok 3/5

    By RetiredRider
    All the other reviews are accurate. However, when the battery is changed none of the settings are kept. I must then reset the factory values to my own. I'm hoping that this is something I can figure out but so far it appears to work as I described. If anyone has an answer to my problem please respond.
  • Suggested Improvements - Like the App 3/5

    By DaveP585
    Only been wearing my hearing aids for 1.5 wks. Have to say I like having the app to help adjust the hearing aids in different situations. I am a tech person by profession. I like that you can control the volume for each HA, and control the treble and bass. I like that you can set "place" favorites. It makes going back and forth to work easy. I also like that there is a watch app available. I would like to see the following added or improved: 1. The ability to add favorites to the home screen. It would be nice to pick and choose which ones to add. This way when I go into a conference room with a small group, I don't have to do three steps to change the program. It would be nice to just open the app and have it there. 2. You should also add a widget. It should include your favorites. That would make it easier to change your programs too. 3. Add a battery indicator. It would be great to have one in the app, in the widget, and on the watch app. 4. Add favorites to the watch app too!
  • Mostly okay 3/5

    By LefCoasDave
    The adjustment features are fine, even if the user interface isn't intuitive. Battery level would be useful. Also, it's a pain to put my has into Bluetooth airplane mode, something I need to do for work. There ought to be an app button to do that. Wearer could then easily open and close the has just once to turn them back on.
  • Resound app 1/5

    By Bubbafatz
    Won't pair after update to iPhone 6.

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