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Ring - Always Home App

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone. Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home. Ring Features - High-definition video - Wide-angle camera lens - Two-way talk - Advanced motion detection - Infrared night vision - Video recording - Lifetime purchase protection


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  • Needs an update for iPhone X UI. 3/5

    By MB1868
    When is an update coming to support iPhone X UI. The bars at the top and bottom are a waste of real estate and looks like carp on the X.
  • It get worst 3/5

    By Ewett
    After update all my ring got worst,
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By PMG1914
    I can get over 170+mbps downloads and 24+mbps upload speeds through Cable internet and WiFi in my townhome. This app is slow to open feed when there is motion. Doesn’t matter, iPad, brand new iMac and iPhone. Always says activating..... Takes too long to retrieve video feed so you don’t know if someone is at your door or an animal walking in the path of the sensor. Can take 3-5 minutes. Really frustrated with this device.
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By GazzaUt
    App looks tiny on iPhone X
  • Junk product makes app useless 1/5

    By SK350
    Revised 11/23/2017 I have purchased my 3rd Ring Video 2. I am not optimistic that this will work, but I figured I’d try one more time. The doorbell works. I get a notification and can access an image. That’s it. Motion detection from 30 feet. Not even 3 feet. I see nothing relevant in my motion videos at all. The USPS mail carrier delivered a package to my front door the other day. My gate is about 35-40 feet from the door. Line of sight is unobstructed. She opened the gate, walked the 35-40 feet to the door, placed a package on a chair to the right of the door, turned and walked out the gate. She was in my courtyard for approximately 30 seconds. The video started just as she was exiting the courtyard. A xxxxing 30 second delay before the video started. It is the biggest fraud and most defective product that I have ever owned. The best part: I have already returned 3 Ring Video Doorbells to Costco as defective, return to vendor. I hope Ring loses $150 on each one. I expect #4 will go back within a month. Ring losing money is the only satisfaction that this piece of junk can offer me. It’s hard to say anything positive about a company that produces and sells products that simply don’t work or occasionally work. I want something that always works. My Ring Video 2 falses all the time, day and night. Audio cuts in and out and video quality is absolutely garbage. If you have ever seen the Ring commercial showing a video in absolute clarity, then you’ll be astonished at just how bad the image is. Is has yet to turn on and record the paper being delivered in over one month. The maximum range to detect motion is at best 12 feet and in most of my testing, and I’ve done more than 50, it fails to “wake” until I’m 1-2 feet away, if at all. I have lots of video with no human in it at all, but I can hear the UPS truck at the street starting and driving away. The Ring never picked up the driver walking to the front door, leaving the package, or walking away. This has happened countless times. My internet signal is very strong outside the house at the bell. The product is the problem, therefore making the app itself insignificant. Perhaps actually putting in a quality camera and enough infrared sensors is asking too much. The eyeball of the lens should be user adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical positions. If the range is 30 feet, it should work at anything inside of that. It doesn’t. It simply takes too long to realize that there is real motion that the source of the motion is long gone. I hoped firmware and app updates would help. They have not unfortunately. I really want this to work, but it won’t. It just won’t.
  • Doorbell cam freeze and no alert 3/5

    By DALLEN31650TX
    I have the same problem as some others have reported. My doorbell cam freezes and/or doesn’t connect. This has been going on for at least a month. I’ve tried to install updates to improve operations but, after doing so when I try to open from the download page the same pop-up appears. It states a new update is available. I close the App Store page, restart my device and this problem persists. The lack of receiving doorbell alerts and cam freezes isn’t what I experienced in the beginning but, now is the norm. I did a WiFi check and sent it in once but, had no response from your staff. I will do this again. In my opinion it’s all software related. Please investigate. dallen31650
  • Why is this app not IPhone X ready? 1/5

    By Lacarthic
    It is really annoying that a tech savvy company like Ring has not updated their app for the iPhone X.
  • Update took Ring offline 3/5

    By virgrnia
    Most recent update took my ring offline and I’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps and can’t get it back on online. I have my hardwired when I got it a few years back and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem. I live alone and had come to rely on my Ring and now it’s down. I’m not happy and feel I’m operating blind.
  • Great work.. please include release details 4/5

    By TechZenCo
    Great job on constant improvement. Please include a summary of changes in each release note. The same copied/pasted note isn’t useful. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Sardonick007
    By the time it rings, the person is already gone. Do not waste your money unless you like junk that only works under specific and optimal circumstances, none of which I’ve seen yet.
  • Great picture - when you can get it 2/5

    By ring 567123
    The picture quality is fantastic. Also like the flat rate in-person set up. I have only two complaints, but for us, they are meaningful. Not sure how many others experience this. 1) I don’t consider this a real-time camera because it takes so long for a live view to come up. When someone rings the doorbell and I try to pull up the view, it is well over 1 minute before I can. By that point, whoever is there is often leaving. We’ve added the chime pro to ensure the signal is strong, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Note we have over 50M upload and download speeds to a Mac via WiFi that is very near our Ring. So, it should have plenty of signal. 2) whenever we change our WiFi password, it is unnecessarily time consuming to sync Ring. The steps aren’t easy. Note that our fiends don’t have the slow to load issue that we do.
  • Works 3/5

    By psbuckley
    Not compatible with HomeKit
  • Sometimes works or not 3/5

    By Neovipper
    Door bell works like a charm but the stick up camera... Oh boy! Once it lost it connection with the wifi, other day it just stopped working with 40% of battery left. Once I charged it was fine. Today, it won't get any movement.... Oh yes, the Live camera it never works. I hope there may be an update coming soon or I'll have to return the camera. Update: Stick up cam battery drains during the winter. Even with a solar panel it won’t charge. I understand that batteries does go away fast in cold temperature but really? Do we all have to leave in the sunny California or Florida to have to use this product?
  • Ring saved my home from a fire! 5/5

    By TAL Faithful
    I love this device... it has literally saved my home. We had a fire in our front yard late one evening. Laying in bed, my husband and I both looked at each other when the Ring alert sensed motion at our front door. We opened the app to discover our porch garden box had caught fire! Thankfully the Ring caught it early, and we were able to put it out ourselves without loss of life and minimal damage. I’m forever grateful for the Ring and recommend it all the time! I’ve even used it to help catch someone stealing stuff off our porch!
  • Product isn’t ready for market 1/5

    By Lamar.Fandango
    Warning: it takes 20 to 30 seconds from when someone pushes the doorbell until you hear it on your phone. By then, they’re gone. The video function is spotty and the device needs troubleshooting every 2-3 days. Many times it doesn’t start recording until after we’re in the door or the person has left. I’m sad to say that after spending hours dealing with this device, it just isn’t ready for prime time. Save your money. The doorbell doesn’t work, video doesn’t work, doesn’t consistently connect to wifi, the motion detector is junk.......This company needs to be sold to a company with sufficient capital to make the necessary capital improvements.
  • Ring door bell and motion images 4/5

    By Oldsage1940
    I love the security provided by Ring. I wish the images would appear more quickly on my phone. Any suggestions!
  • iOS 11.0.3 2/5

    Live view doesn’t work right after iOS update to version 11.0.3 on T-Mobile Airplane mode must be enabled and disabled to temporarily resolve the issue Ring pro gets very hot to the touch...
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By Larrydlegend
    I get alerts when cars pass on the street sometimes. The street is about 40 feet away. The sensitivity function does work too well. I get alerts and there is no activity. Sometimes no alert when someone comes to the door. When someone rings the doorbell it sometimes doesn't record any activity. Customer service is great however. Bottom line... not very reliable. Update After several software updates and playing around with the sensitivity function I’m still getting alerts when cars pass on the street but nothing if someone crosses my lawn. If somebody comes to the door I may get the coming or going but usually not both. Also recently I’m having trouble connecting to Ring when away from home. I get a message that the phone can’t connect to Ring. It takes about three minutes before I can view the alert. Still not reliable in my opinion
  • Decent - Needs Better WiFi Mgmt 3/5

    By HeavenHillHammock
    Pretty nice device. Alerts are super configurable, which is cool. WiFi reception is comparatively kinda crappy for something using a “Pro” moniker. Also, when a video is recorded the audio recording start is consistently delayed by about 5 seconds in every single video.
  • Ring is iOS hostile 1/5

    By Dr. Euphoria
    1) Still no support for iPhone X resolution. 2) notifications to Apple Watch are just a giant useless running man which forces you to scroll down to find out what camera is giving the notification 3) still ignoring this feedback
  • Hmm. 2/5

    By crookedtimes
    Dudes. How long has it been? November 3rd was when the iPhone X dropped and your app hasn’t updated yet to support the new screen? Shouldn’t you guys support the new device’s screen size by now? Especially since this new iPhone is considered “nicer” or the “premium” product? Do you consider your product to be a “premium” doorbell?
  • Disappointed! 1/5

    By Arnold06492
    Ring app not shows firmware “up to date” instead of version number, dumbing down the user experience, leaving the tech issues to the ring tech support which is terrible, also the app doesn’t have native iPhone X support! 👎🏻
  • Not working since a firmware update 1/5

    By Brandy876
    The Pro Doorbell worked great until a recent firmware update. Now, instead of video, there's a black screen. Motion alerts sometimes work, sometimes don't. Wifi and electric connections are very strong, so problem not at my end. Customer support people are mostly inexperienced and not knowledgeable. One of the support staff told me they've had multiple problems since an update, and don't know how to fix. So, I now have a useless product.

    By Margolis2007
    Every single female NEEDS this. It is the bombdiggity. The motion detector is awesome. I get to see, when my mail and packages arrive. If anyone is lurking around casing my house, I’d see it. I get to avoid salespeople and religious nuts. The doorbell is great, because it’s loud and I can see who’s at my door. I also love the app features. It has an intuitive interface. I really like the neighborhood feature. I can scroll through videos my neighbors post of suspicious people, scammers, solicitors, and ding dong ditch kids. I highly recommend this app and the Ring device.
  • Ring App now hides the firmware version 1/5

    By Krubly
    The Ring App was recently altered to replace the current Firmware version to only display “Up to Date.” Why is this important? Owners of the Ring device and subscribers to the Ring service have been continuously speaking out on social media about the numerous issues with video quality, response time, notifications, and various other critical flaws that have prevented them from being able to use the Ring device as intended. Users have correlated these issues to specific firmware versions and publicly announced them in hopes the developers would address these concerns in future hardware updates. As of recent, there have been multiple discussions of an update that has apparently resolved a number of video quality issues. Being one of the subscribers of Ring that was hopeful that this would clear up some issues I had, I contacted customer support and requested a push of the new update, which was stated to have been successfully sent within a matter of minutes. However, upon checking it’s completion, it was never fulfilled. There are now multiple users that have their firmware versions hidden for their devices, and all have stated that nothing has changed. It all the same issue, except now no one can confirm their hardware version. This is absolutely deceitful of Ring to mask problems within their hardware and avoid peoples issues who invest in their products. Almost all responses are responded with “Hey, we apologize about your poor experience, please message us in private” but you usually get the same repetitive “We are working on this” response, or somehow the call to support on the app is mysteriously closed because of bad connection. Ring Developers: You are very close to losing this market if this is not resolved. I have lost all confidence in this brand, and others in greater numbers are noticing the same trend everyday. This needs to stop.
  • Please update soon for iPhone X resolution 4/5

    By mspalacios
    Please also update so we can change ringtone on notifications. There are multiple of us in the office and we all think it’s us when we hear Ring app chimes!
  • Has been an inexpensive security device. 4/5

    By Strat amp
    I have had the doorbell for about 3 months and I have been very happy with the coverage. I have the door bell tied to my iPhone and the alerts are instant enough that I can talk to the person who tripped the motion alarm even though I’m 40 miles away. I bought mine at Costco and they give you a free year of coverage.
  • Delayed notifications 2/5

    By Krankenstine
    I've had the ring stick up camera for about a year, I've had no issue and have been satisfied until recently. There is now significant delays (not always) between when a motion event occurs and when a notification is received. Additionally, when I select Live View, the camera will initialize, but may "spin" like it's trying to load the image for a long time before failing to ever display the image. I've tested network speed at the camera and have 115mb download, 12mb upload with a 17ms latency, so I'm certain it wouldn't be my network. Signal strength is reported at the camera as good. Disappointed that it appears the sensors or something have begun to deteriorate. I had planned to begin adding other camera locations, but am now rethinking that plan.
  • I guess they are still working the kinks out 4/5

    By TBonePickenz
    Ring is great, and customer service is very responsive. I’d been having an issue with spiderwebs setting my floodlight cam off even though it i set to human motion detection only. I got an email today that they updated their firmware and for me to cycle the power so we will see if that works. My big ask at the moment, is for the app to open faster. It now takes almost 10 seconds to open the app. That’s a long time when trying to catch a motion event. It is slow to load on my iphone 6, ipad air, google nexus 6, and iphone 7.
  • Some idiot made the decision.... 1/5

    By cxv01
    To remove firmware version. Why? Are we too stupid as users that we need to coddled with the new text which appears that says “Up to date”. Well no crap. It’s always “up to date”. When crap breaks, the first thing I check is FW Version. Low and behold you now hide this!!!! Talk about a cover up.
  • since update 1/5

    By art33767
    since update my cameras wont work, cant see them online anymore, health is good, internet is high bars, why do an update to messed up........
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Big Daddy 26
    My internet speed averages around 240 mbs. My router is one of the best on the market. Even with the Ring WiFi extender, the units have trouble connecting! It’s very erratic. I had to turn off the front doorbell unit because it picks up every car going by at the lowest zone distance! The 5 degree wall plate adjuster does absolutely nothing to help the issue. The street is not that close to the house! The back unit went off at 4 am, and it was caused by a small bug flying by. They need to sink some money into R&D!
  • Offline issues 1/5

    By --SG--
    The Ring Pro device goes offline within 2-4 hours of being restarted to reconnect. Have WiFi AP next to the Ring and both signal and voltage show as very good. Expect spending hours with support, will return to Amazon
  • I wanted to love this... 1/5

    By my reviewsx
    Doorbell, chime, stickup cam. Unfortunately it’s no good. Spent well over 500 dollars for a security system that can’t operate on very good WiFi. People can’t understand what I’m saying with his update. Audio is all garbled. Now that I can’t see the feed when motion goes off I’m stuck paying to see my videos on their server. What a rip-off. The only positive is the solar power. NoT WORTH IT!!! Update: Still practically useless. I found muddy footprints throughout my yard with NO motion detected. Finicky and constantly delayed. The only reason they update is to keep their reviews above a 3 star rating. Total overpriced crap. After our first burglary I feel like I’ve been robbed twice now. Update: internet went out. I thought since they were connected to the network I’d still have security. Negative. No internet it just doesn’t work. Maybe it can be fixed with another “update”.
  • No luck 1/5

    By teardrop60
    I think I love the video doorbell the little I was able to see, and that wasn’t much. I am not able to enjoy the free 30 day trial because the system won’t stay online. I continually have to restart the program and it won’t stay on.
  • Love the product but... 4/5

    By Ddsgb
    sometimes the darn thing cannot connect to live view fast enough. The “beach ball” or whatever you call the circle indicator, spins endlessly and you must exit the app and relaunch the app to solve the issue. I’ve read online that most users have the same experience.
  • Slow and unreliable 2/5

    By nikhilagarwal
    It fails to load when someone actually rings the bell. When it does load, the delivery guy had already left and so I can’t tell him to not leave packages at the door. This is slow on the latest and greatest iPhone which is really the fastest mobile device out there and yet it’s slow. Fire your perf manager.
  • One camera continuously records 2/5

    By mdoddsy
    I have 3 ring devices. One doorbell pro and 2 flood light cameras. I have them all turned down to the lowest sensitivity and yet my garage door flood light continuously goes off. No idea why.
  • The Ring App Problem 1/5

    By MISS USA BusinessWoman
    I deleted the app to reinstall it. The app deleted and the software stayed on my phone. Someone is controlling the app on my iPhone. I can not believe this headache. Now, I need to understand. Why this malfunctioned at all.
  • Works okay...always says poor internet connection 3/5

    By Eorsryd
    First, I’m soooo tired of being reminders there’s an update! I updated, STOP REMINDING ME! Second, this ALWAYS says I have poor connection, but I can stand next to it with any of my devices, and they all read full signal. So, it takes 30 seconds before I can see who is at my door… by that time they are long gone! What a great point to require you to save your videos and pay them to save your videos, so you can see who is actually at your door! And then they recommend, for you to get a better internet reception, buying yet another of their products to improve the connectivity! What do you know… Yet another reason to buy more of their overpriced products. Convenient, when it works
  • Love it... when it’s working 3/5

    By Tmsimmons56
    Nothing happens without a video. I do have a fast internet connection and great coverage even out front and in the back yard. I can be working in San Francisco and get alerts and talk to people at my door. Great investment. However it does have its moments when you need to reconnect to the internet or recently it just stop working, no power. It’s a lengthy process with a Tech Support too. But overall, I like it.
  • Hasn’t recorded all week 1/5

    By Sidifdud
    My ring has not recorded motion since Nov. 11th. I get a mail person everyday so that should at least be a motion. I also live across the street from a school and the busses were setting it off and now those motions aren’t even coming through. I was thinking about getting the flood light but now I can’t even rely on the doorbell we bought less than a year ago and spent $250 on. I pay for the cloud so there should be no excuse of full memory. Ugh. Not buying the floodlight now and probably am going to just end up buying cameras. Should have done that in the first place. RING was a mistake.
  • My ring scars off intruders 2/5

    By Zorbah12
    1. My ring is so “fast” the video comes on only after intrudes had emptied my garage & pulling out 2. And during daylights when video is showing, it is so bright such that it blinds the intruders they can’t see my front door In all seriousness, video s/w is poorly designed and implemented.
  • Good for motion detection, but Live View dysfunctional 3/5

    By AM476
    I have a stick up cam for the front door. The motion detection is pretty reliable, but the Live View only works occasionally. It seems to work when I reset the device, which I have to do every week or every 2 weeks. I hope that this can be improved with further updates, but it may just be a hardware problem (the app originally did not have a Live View option when the devices were first available). I also bought the solar panel to keep the camera charged, but the live view still stops functioning after a week or two (sometimes less time). I'm going off now to reset the device again.
  • Crying wolf 2/5

    By Me190:(
    Too many people post ridiculous videos and seem to want to create drama. They act like every person that comes to their door wants to harm them. And now, we’re getting news alerts? These alerts are getting out of control.
  • Lack of integrity 2/5

    By Rich Steve Filman
    I purchased the Ring Doorbell since they announced support for HomeKit would come at the end of 2016. I just talked with Ring support and the have officially decided to not support HomeKit. It saddens me that they have gone back in their word, even after Apple opened up support. Even worse is the fact that Ring won’t publicly state their plans because they are afraid of the back lash. Although their product is acceptable, as soon as I find an alternative I will move away from the ring platform. I definitely can not recommend Ring primarily on the lack of trust; since they do not follow up on their announcements and won’t comment when they change their minds. It makes you wonder if they treat your privacy and the security of your credit information the same way? [UPDATE] Ring’s response to my feedback is pathetic... Still no commitment, no mention on their blogs, no tweet, nothing. Vague intentions and no follow through shows they are still not trust worthy. Rather than respond to my rant, do something significant and prove you are working on a solution for your customers! [UPDATE 2] Still nothing, end of 2017 is fast approaching and Ring has not publicly committed to supporting HomeKit. Alternatives are getting close and I will immediately jump. I strongly recommend that you do not buy ANY Ring product UNTIL it meets 100% of your needs, since they clearly are not investing in making the product better or fulfilling their initial commitments. As the current product ages, I’m 99% certain that Ring will come out with a new version and state that HomeKit is available for the new product but not for the customers to bought their previous versions.... Such as bad way to treat the paying customers that are keeping your lights on.
  • The ring button is always lighted up 2/5

    By R1200L
    My front Ring button is always light up, it go around and around, I believe it reduces the battery life. My side door Ring don’t light up.
  • Feeling secure with ring! 5/5

    By ShareeCC
    I have the ring Pro doorbell and stickup camera. I love being able to see who comes to my front door, even when I am not at home. Soon I will be purchasing one of the spotlight cameras, I haven’t decided which model just yet. Sharee Crossley Westlake Village, CA
  • Love the product, but... 1/5

    By Dizzaddy
    Great product. The support people are nice....but.... I had to change a card on file so they can deduct my six dollar cloud service. First I look for a place in the app to do it. Nope. Used chat to try and fix the problem. After twenty minutes, nope. Called the number and “pressed three for billing and got tech support who can’t help me. Called back and got billing... the nice man clicked a bunch of stuff in his computer and then transferred me to someone else who would remove my existing card and add back the new one. If you try to do this at Ring.com you’ll never know that you’re just adding another card (this would serve no purpose so why not fix this?). Thirty to forty minutes later, it’s fixed. All this for six dollars. Very frustrating.
  • Ring will not post to Nextdoor keeps crashing 3/5

    By Dsbernas
    I have been trying to keep my neighbors up to date in regards to suspicious activity in the area. But when I attempt to upload a video from ring to Nextdoor the ring app freezes. Is there a fix for this?

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