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Ring - Always Home App

The Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home's Wi-Fi network and streams live audio and video to your iPhone or iPad. It's the perfect blend of convenience, monitoring, and security all into one sleek, simple to use smart doorbell. Benefit from peace of mind by chatting with visitors from your iPhone or iPad, whether you're in the kitchen or halfway around the world through the free Ring app. No need to wonder what's going on outside of your home–see for yourself. With Ring, you're always home. This app is also compatible with doorbot so if you are a doorbot owner, you can setup your device as well as use it through the Ring Doorbell app. The Ring Video Doorbell is like Caller ID for the Front Door™. It connects to your home's Wi-Fi network and streams audio and video to devices connected to Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Features include: -Night vision infrared LEDs -Quick and easy installation and setup -HD Camera -Dual power capabilities -Advanced motion detecting sensors -Cloud recording -Ability to pair with an unlimited number of devices


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  • Not Impressed, Yet 1/5

    By N184DA
    Just purchased the Ring Doorbell Pro, which is hard wired. Installation was easy,, Setup, well,, not so. Could not get past the Ring WiFi step. The Ring WiFi did not appear on my list of available networks. And the unit did not "act" as anticipated after numerous hard resets. After two calls to customer service, an unnecessary replacement of the doorbell transformer,, trip to the hardware store,, And five hours of my time, the agent finally agreed to replace the unit. I don't blame the customer service rep at all, she was just doing her job following the script. But it was a frustrating process, that involved continually having to repeat myself, even things as simple as which doorbell I purchased. Anyway, like I said, so far, total waste of time and $270. (Actually, more than that. New transformer, gas to/from hardware store,,,) Let's hope the new unit actually works,, and if it does, nothing would please me more than to write a POSITIVE review for Ring.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jazzzzzbo3
    The app works well with my Ring Floodlight Cam. Cam feed delay is only 1-2 seconds from the time I open the app for an alert. After the recent update I was having problems with a black screen when trying to view cam feed. I contacted Ring support and they quickly solved the problem. Made sure my apple iOS was updated and then the representative pushed the latest firmware update through on my Floodlight Cam. Great app Great product Great customer service
  • Slow and frustrating 2/5

    By al4now
    Bought a ring doorbell pro and stickup camera. Both are about 20 ft at the most from my router and and seem to receive moderate reception from my router. The app is very frustrating and takes forever to load. It can take up to 10 seconds to load and then takes about 5-10 seconds to acquire the video once the app loads. With regards to the stickup camera sometimes it will have an error and can't retrieve the footage for live viewing. I work overnight and use these cameras to keep watch on my family, but the frustration from the long loading times is making me want to switch to someone else. That 15-20 seconds could be a matter of seeing an intruder enter my home or having to waiting another 20-30 seconds for the recorded footage to load and view it.
  • Great if it worked all the time 2/5

    By Livingsocialsucks
    I love the idea but this thing drives me crazy. I really want it to work but More than half the time I just watch the video buffer instead of connecting. The bad guy will have broken into my house and hurt us all before the video comes up. Killin me! I had someone lurking at my door in the middle of the night and he was long gone before the video came up 5 minutes later and the only thing the video caught was the back of his head walking away. I also wish I could toggle between cameras. Instead, I have to back out of the app each time then reopen it to go to another camera. It also doesn't update. When I take the battery out of my ring doorbell to charge it, it still acts like it's in and shows that's it's charged on the app. It also goes offline all the time. A few days later you realize it's not been recording or tracking anything. I constantly have to reset the system daily. So bummed! App people please fix this!
  • I wanted to love this... 1/5

    By my reviewsx
    Doorbell, chime, stickup cam. Unfortunately it’s no good. Spent well over 500 dollars for a security system that can’t operate on very good WiFi. People can’t understand what I’m saying with his update. Audio is all garbled. Now that I can’t see the feed when motion goes off I’m stuck paying to see my videos on their server. What a rip-off. The only positive is the solar power. NoT WORTH IT!!!
  • Atrocious 1/5

    By Rsj_131
    Your app is flawed to say the least! And I'm having to replace my cameras after one month due to some tech flaw that doesn't let it record on time
  • Love it! 5/5

    By jenn.bayne
    Can't tell you how much I love my ring doorbell! I have several PTSD, and unannounced, unknown visitors is a huge trigger for me.
  • Awesome, but.. 4/5

    By tirianthehamster8075
    Okay, the chime that goes off when it activates is always full-volume. It doesn't change the volume even if I have the ringer on 1. Please fix this. I'm only giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of this. ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎
  • Great concept, but terrible lag 1/5

    By Alx Meza
    The Ring works good, but tends to lag tremendously when capturing video of people walking towards your front door (or wherever the Ring is installed). I've adjusted settings from 6 ft to 20 ft and it does not usually capture adequately. UPDATE: The device was replaced by Ring and seems to be working fine, albeit some lag continues. Customer service was responsive and satisfied my needs. Big issue tho was the automated email notification that stating I would be charged for the cost of the replacement Ring. The matter was resolved, but having to go thru this was annoying. UPDATE 2: Kept receiving automated e-mails regarding a charge for the replacement device if I didn't return the original. Contacted their support again for resolution. Annoying.

    By Iraqichristian
    Good app need Apple Watch app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Keylime240
    Motion activation is extremely slow. Majority of the time, the useless thing starts recording after. My wifi signal is very strong so I know it's not that. Useless
  • Patch the lag issue 2/5

    By Master pickles
    As others have noted, despite an excellent WiFi connection the Stick Up Cam and Ring door bell have serious lag issues. The motion sensors and door bell provide alerts and capture video after a significant delay. It’s most annoying when a visitor walks away from the doorbell thinking no one is going to respond. I suggest that there be an internal (speedy) function in the doorbell that immediately responds by saying something like: “one moment while the resident is notified” so the visitor knows the system is working and they will wait long enough for the system to go live. Then fix the root problem of the major lag.
  • Update 3/5

    By Guffey60
    After living with the Ring doorbell for several months now I would still buy it again. However, I'm dissatisfied with the almost constant lag time in video and the almost unusable audio microphone feature due to the lag. I have "good" wifi signal from my home wifi at all times so it's got to be the Ring network. Many times I get motion detection and due to the lag there is nothing on video. It's great for seeing who is parked in the driveway and being notified that someone just got home. Great product that needs improvement!
  • Very satisfied 4/5

    By 3stanley
    We are very satisfied with our ring doorbell. The picture is incredible. The product far exceeds my expectations. Thanks Ring.
  • So many “improvements” 1/5

    By Krubly
    The design and planning put into the programming is pathetic. Most of these “improvements” are design changes it seems. Users have stated items that should be improved on sites like Reddit, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. All suggestions seem to be ignored. This app is as useless as the doorbell itself. I’m lucky to have it work longer than a couple days without pulling the battery out to reset it. The worst thing about this app though is the 5 second long wind chime that plays every time the doorbell detects motion. Listen to some music while you’re driving and have this alert come through the speakers. It’s terrifying and god awful to hear, but you’re stuck with it. No option to change this. It’s either deal with it or mute your alerts, which also makes this app useless. Simply allowing users the option to change the alert if they choose to might bring this rating back up.
  • IOS 11 3/5

    By Justvaughn
    It’s working again for now after updating to IOS 11
  • Love the Ring app!! 5/5

    By WitchyWomyn
    We love the convenience of this app. If I’m in bed with a migraine or busy with the kids, my husband can answer the door from work or in his car. Nobody ever knows I’m home and didn’t answer. The same goes at night. We don’t hav to be out of bed to go to the door. Much safer this way! Love this useful app!
  • Works well 5/5

    By Morenar76
    I have both a ring doorbell and a ring floodlight cam. Installed both after vehicle was broken into. So far works really well. Only thing is I had to change my router's MTU to 1500 to get the floodlight cam to work. Recommended cameras.
  • Ring Doorbell 2, Floodlight Cams, Stickup cam, Chime extender 4/5

    By Ewhite82
    We bought a bunch of Ring stuff to setup home video monitoring while we were on vacation at Disney World for a week. Setup is easy and everything works very well, given there is adequate wi-fi signal. I really like the motion zone customization on the floodlights and the two way audio with siren options. One of our floodlight cams is at the APEX of our garage and couldn't get a signal, so I did have to buy a 3rd party range extender to get a signal to it, as the Chime extender was not sufficient. We plan on adding a few more devices to our Ring network in the near future. It has been fun playing with the functionality of the system and tweaking the motion zones and settings.
  • 5 stars when Apple Watch 4/5

    By Nonni73
    App is available
  • Works great 5/5

    By Spike 290
    Just installed ring today. So far it works great. I have no complaints.
  • Live view issues 2/5

    By Jelam74
    I just purchased the floodlight cams & more than likely will be returning. The motion alerts are hit or miss & when u do try to launch the app for the feed, it often fails to connect. Oftentimes, by the time it alerts you, the person is leaving or already left. Really defeats the purpose. Very frustrating cause it's a good concept & the developers should take home security seriously & solve this issue many complain about. I do not feel my home is any safer using this unreliable product. Btw my wifi is high speed 75 mbps so no issues there. Exploring other options.
  • Like Having A Doorman 5/5

    By Tenntuxx
    I love it! After having the doorbell for about a month, I was able to fine tune alerts and sensitivity just right. Now I know when someone comes up to the house and I can answer the door without even getting up or being at home and I can speak to whoever is there. Love the fact that I can go back and review video and when a package gets delivered, I know it's there before the deliverer leaves. Takes some adjusting and working with it for a good month but it just works! Simple to install and is powered by my existing wiring. The app gets updated regularly and is pretty good. Even integrates with other apps like IFTTT.
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Dr Benner
    I will never feel unsafe again
  • Ring Video Doorbell/ Stick up can/ Ring pro 5/5

    By Awesome 20155
    I have all three device plus a chime pro. I love "always being home" with my ring devices! I feel much safer with having these products and it benefits our family a great deal my husband and his dad and is unable prior to having these devices able to answer the door or no when somebody is approaching our property he cannot hear dogs barking and would not be able to hear somebody trying to come into our house since I am at work every day and my daughter and husband are home alone I feel much safer knowing that I can check on them at any time and I will get notifications of something funny is going on! Thank you so much ring for making me be able to feel safe about my family being at home while I'm hard at work
  • Love it and hate it... 3/5

    By Javagirl71
    We have had our Ring for a year and a half. What I love about it: Able to answer wherever we are and I can log in to see what's going on in the area with my fellow Ring neighbors. If there are shady characters in the neighborhood ringing doorbells you can send out the video and alert others. Net like is you can set the range of motion! At first I was getting motion announcements every 45 minutes to and hour! But then I found out you can set range of motion. What I don't like: My door is set back from the front of the house and all I get is backlight, unless there is actually someone standing right in front of the camera or when the sun starts to set. And when someone rings the bell, it takes up to 30 seconds for my app to actually bing to tell me someone is there. By then they have given up on someone answering and turn to walk away and all I get is their back. Last thing is motion capture... If I receive a package... The motion turns on after the driver is taking off! And I have the the distance set for 30 ft. All in all I would rather have it then not. It is a great product and would recommend to anyone. Last note.... you need high speed internet to make it work! We tried with minimum and the picture was blocky if it worked at all! And make sure your wifi router or wifi extension is close to the door for proper video quality.
  • Love the concept, dislike the implementation. 2/5

    By renbb
    I absolutely love the idea of being able to see and hear my front door whenever anyone approaches. The Ring was easily installed and I was looking forward to adding an extra level of security to my home. That being said, the delayed motion detection and video lag are not only disappointing, they neutralize the purpose of buying and installing the unit in the first place.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Ryan Worrell
    HomeKit! Do the HomeKit! No more app updates...just the HomeKit!
  • New version 1/5

    By bddddddddddddd
    Used to be my favorite product and was going to buy more. Now my stick up Cam doesn’t work despite hours of effort. Can’t get Live View, just endless spinning.
  • Works great!! 4/5

    By emaredee
    App is easy to use, and quick to load for me! I'm getting notifications almost instantly and video speed and quality are great. There is about a 1 second delay in the feed. No big deal. I took away a star because I wish there were an Apple TV app.
  • Great product when it’s working ! 3/5

    By HappyCat2017
    I have had many problems and had several Ring Pro’ s replaced after they just stop working . Constantly having to reset gets old . I love this product. At 250.00 it should be perfect . I added the chime because my doorbell doesn’t always work . My color would go away , making everything look like snow just fell and then it stops working altogether. Don’t know what’s up but I still have faith that they will work out all the bugs!
  • Great app.. could use minor tweaks 3/5

    By i have a big head
    It would be great if the user could rearrange the order of the cameras in the app. Currently it is ordered according to when it was added to the app. I use the product and app at two different properties and installed various cameras at different times. I wish I could group the cameras according to whatever order I wanted them. Besides that it works pretty decent.
  • Warning! Don't Update! 1/5

    By I Like My I-Pad
    9-19-2017 They have fouled it up again!! I stupidly updated my app on my iPhone 6+ to ver 3.12.2 today and my black screen problem is back again! I should have known better than to trust these people! See previous comments below. Posted A couple months ago Previous Comment! The last update fixed my black screen issues I was having when I went to live view or to answer a ring with both of my iPhones! Please don't change whatever you did to fix this. Thank you Jamie I have 2 ring pros and I only get a black screen on my iPhones when I go to live view or answer a motion or doorbell, if I am connected to my Bluetooth earpiece! I have called repeatedly and have been told they are aware of the problem or have been told they don't know anything about this! Make up your mind ring and fix this glitch! Stop spending money on commercials and hire someone who can fix this!!
  • Ring less than expected 1/5

    By Beegreen
    My mailman comes up on my front porch everyday.....the ring never records him. I can walk up to the front door, unlock the door and it never gets recorded, however every time the UPS truck drives down my street, I get an alarm. The Ring Doorbell is worthless !!
  • App is slow on iOS 11 and drains battery! 3/5

    By Bylerm
    App is slow on iOS 11 and drains battery!
  • Erase history. 4/5

    By fj126
    I wish there was a way to raise by the day not by individual events
  • Ring review 5/5

    By sahara shiek
    I'm very pleased with the coverage of ring! Purchased two ring camera,spot lights and purchased the cloud video storage! Found there is a new version that's not hard wired! They are highly recommended!
  • Awesome for communicating! 5/5

    By Quyzie
    I love my ring pro, it always lets me know when someone is at my door. I've had to contact their customer support a couple of times and each time they have been extremely responsive and helpful. I've recommend it to all my family and friends!!
  • Can't connect 1/5

    By Vinchenzo Corleone
    Starting today (9/19/17) with the new update, i can no longer connect to my Ring. All i see is a black screen.
  • Buy something else 1/5

    By Love my Yorkie!
    Worst investment ever!
  • Ring subscription service 4/5

    By Tikibob48
    We purchased 2 Ring doorbells, Chime and a stick up cam with solar panel about one year ago. All work well with few glitches. About two months ago I realized that I was not able to access the stick up cam videos without paying for a storage plan. This was news to me. Talking with tech support, confirmed that I was able to view alerts and video on the two doorbell cams as usual but for some reason the stick up cam will not release video recordings when it senses motion unless I pay a monthly or yearly fee to gain access to their Cloud storage of my video episodes. Are people aware of this fee service and how many of us are paying for it?
  • Good app but needs a few things 4/5

    By Mikemargolis
    I am reviewing the app, not the camera itself. Wish I could change the sound the app makes when there is an alert. First, the chimes are not urgent enough. Second, with two devices I sure would like a different sound per device. Thirdly, would like to set the same custom borders for the light that we setup for the motion alert. Why not? Fourthly, if I want to look at a live view, I do not necessarily want to create a recorded event of said event. Please give us an option to record or not, especially when delete is so tedious. These are not hard features to add. I would happily beta test new versions.
  • Ok but not great. 3/5

    By planeandsimple
    Inconsistent live view function despite excellent wifi service. Latency is still an issue if using this for real time security. Good for recording the UPS driver rutting up your yard.
  • My Stick Up Cam does NOT always record events!!! 1/5

    By evonbart
    Hmmmm a security cam that does not motion trigger is not a great testimonial for a company that makes security cameras. I know of 3 separate events when a friend went to my place and I was away from home. Those events are not listed in my event list. I ALSO was away from home for 2 weeks and tried numerous times to pull up LIVE VIEW and it bombed 9 out of 10 times. Get your act together Ring. Your cameras are twice as much as much as your competition and if they are unreliable or unusable like mine is, there is not much hope for you as a company.
  • Just doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By JoAr79DC
    I haven't been able to see live view in a week and I've answered doorbell rings that don't show on the app as rings. Unless these things are fixed I'm definitely not renewing the cloud storage option. Right not it's like I just bought a $200 doorbell. I definitely can't recommend this product to anyone. It might be nice if it seemed easy to contact a costumer support but ring doesn't seem like it wants to help. I'm very frustrated and disappointed in my ring purchase.
  • The New Update Constantly Drops WiFi 1/5

    By Jjmm45
    This app used to be great and previously worked flawlessly. Unfortunately the new update made the app very difficult to use. I have a strong Wifi signal on all other devices except for the Ring App. It won't allow me to connect at all at times. Very frustrating. I hope a patch comes out soon to fix this issue.
  • Love the product. Please update the software! 4/5

    By Gastylin
    Please add different ring tones! I have access to several devices and cannot tell the alerts apart!!
  • Works as advertised 5/5

    By Hopkie
    Ring Doorbell Pro I think many of the reported problems could be due to a weak wifi signal. I have had no issues with the quality of video and speed with which it appears. Passing cars are not picked up and people coming to the door are with no issues. Very happy with it.
  • Cool Solution, but.... 3/5

    By KewlDallas
    Everything, so far, has worked as expected except the time it takes to get into the app when there is a ring or a motion detection. Way to slow to count on as a benefit for alerting and awareness. Before you ask, network connectivity is not the issue.
  • Update broke Live View 1/5

    By DoubleBC
    I have an iPhone and 2 iPads and the last update broke Live View on my iPads. Live View works fine on my iPhone and all devices are connected to the same Wifi. I had no problem with Live View on my iPads prior to the last update. I contacted Ring support and went through all their test and was told my Wifi speed was great at my router and at my Ring Pro Doorbell. The support person agree the last update has to be the problem but don’t know when the next update will be available. It’s been over a month since the last release I thought a new update would be available by now. Hopefully Ring gets more complaints like this and fix the issue.

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