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Ritual.co App

Ritual is your daily companion to skipping the wait and enjoying rewards at the best restaurants and coffee shops in your city. Handcrafted coffee and freshly prepared lunches are right at your finger-tips, and picking up takeout has never been so easy. You can save time and enjoy the most popular food and drinks your city has to offer - burgers, salads, sushi, pizza, and more, you name it! With Ritual, ordering and picking up takeout is effortless, and the best part is - there are never any added fees. Find your cravings via our intuitive search or browse the menus of restaurants near you to order coffee, lunch and dinner right from your phone, and we’ll let you know when to leave for pick-up. Your food and beverages are made fresh and ready when you arrive, so you can be in-and-out in seconds. You’ll also collect points on every single order. You can use your points to unlock special offers at your favorite spots, or redeem them for $ to spend on free coffee and food anywhere on our network. Ritual makes it super easy to pay with either your personal or company credit card. Businesses can also conveniently subsidize coffees, lunches, dinners, or treats for their employees through Ritual. Note: Ritual will only use GPS when you have an active order, so you can get your food and preserve battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.


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Ritual.co app reviews

  • Lit!! 5/5

    By Airs Harris
    It's soooooo convenient!!!!!
  • Pointless, scam 1/5

    By Recentlyderezzed
    The prices for everything are higher using the app. It's really not more convenient now that every restaurant has their own app or online ordering that allows you to skip lines.
  • Stamp of Approval 5/5

    By Mike- Brooklyn, NY
    I’ve really enjoyed using the Virtual app. The restaurant selections are tremendous and it’s super easy to pickup.
  • Easy to use interface. Awesome concept 5/5

    By Mannyist
    I've used Ritual several times now and besides the growing list of restaurants and coffee shops is the way you can crowd source deliveries. You can earn credits by having people in your building or office place an order and the same restaurant your heading to. You're already going to pick up food and you get points for future purchases when you bring back other people's orders! How cool is that!? But you can always decline to bring orders back. I'll recommend this for people working in large cities or buildings.
  • Clunky and poor flow 2/5

    By JoeBachmann
    Dont understand how rating could be so high. Very clunky and poorly thought out flow. Example: Why tell me the store is closed after I’ve ordered and tried to pay? Tell me ahead so I don’t waste my time ordering.
  • Works great 5/5

    By gnats kid
    I do not use it all the time. Sometimes it is better to be interactive at the location. However, I’ve had great results using it and helps to find some nearby places I have not frequented.
  • Nice interface but room for improvement 4/5

    By Shmalarie
    This is my first time using apple pay and it's not always clear when an order goes through successfully - especially when placing an order on the subway where service is limited and WiFi is untrustworthy.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By kW7743
    All my local favorites at the tap of a button. Changed the game for my pickup food. No lines, and rewards for spending.
  • My Ritual 5/5

    By Oak Forest Chris H
    This is now a ritual that a look forward to daily, easy to use menu, so many great food places. Always works like a charm and a great experience each time.
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By Dance Dance Revolutionist
    Ritual is great to skip the line and it helps me to discover places I may not have thought of trying.
  • Pick up food easy and earn rewards, on food I would have bought anyway 5/5

    By Chicago Sean
    Love this app, constantly saving $ with rewards and offers, and can order my food when I need it, saving time in lines. Perfect for work lunches!
  • Location services on or no go 1/5

    By Matamoncake
    I hate when apps try to force you to see your location. There is no way to continue with the app unless you agree to show that. Many other apps allow to pick your location with a map or an address. No need to have location services on.
  • Piggyback Hero Best Feature of Ritual! 5/5

    By Ryderr
    Once people start using this it will spread quickly how much time can be saved by using a Hero at your office to pick up food for you.
  • Best food pick up app 5/5

    By Satz101010
    Easy interface to place orders. Love the rewards tab. Always find some specials there.
  • Not helpful or useful 1/5

    By TheWillTorres
    Pick up the phone and order your own carry out. Some places only use ritual. If you search for delivery it pops up and lets you order with just a credit card number (not secure or protecting customers). I'm currently disabled and can't pick up my food. There is no easy way to reach ritual. I'm just out $30 and no customer care. I can order and pay for food on my own. Another app the world doesn't need.
  • Do not sign up for this. 1/5

    By Viking Terry
    They’ve started data-mining my LinkedIn profile (I’m assuming) for information about my employment history to use in their promotional campaign without my consent. It is impossible to delete your account information yourself- you can only email their support and hope that they actually get around to doing it. Seriously uncomfortable with this whole operation and regretting signing up in the first place.
  • Retailers not on board 1/5

    By Pmhburyatia
    Standing in front of an open cafe (Le District on Liberty st in NYC) that has tablets advertising Ritual all over their many registers, yet the Ritual app says the place is closed and not accepting orders
  • Love ritual 4/5

    By S53005
    Pls add more restaurants incl Chipotle!
  • Saves time! 5/5

    By Serrfam
    This app is the best for folks who has no time to wait in line.
  • So convenient!! 5/5

    By Cakespan
    I order ahead and skip the line! Great app and very easy to use... It also has a great rewards program and I get free food.
  • Great way to order food at office 4/5

    By Tallngrateful
    I used Ritual per my colleagues recommendation. I guess you put in your order for a restaurant and pay and either you can go pickup or it'll tell you if a colleague is picking up at same restaurant based on timing and geo-location. If you pickup for others you get a discount. You also earn points for ordering through app that accumulate and you can purchase food. Great idea , great app!!
  • Too easy to add to cart yet too hard to remove from cart 4/5

    By V32legend
    In general a great idea and app. However the design seems to deliberately make it easily misplacing an item to an order when you are just reviewing it. Also it is hard to remove an item when you misplaced it(the button for removal is hard to discern; it's not even a button but a line of grey colored words). Hope that there'll be functionality for cancellation so that one doesn't have to call to cancel after misplacing any item.
  • Nonexistent Customer Support 1/5

    By BrittBritt1914
    Was loving the app until I was charged for something I didn't order and realized Ritual has no customer support to report issues, or at least nothing that they respond to. So now I'm just out the money and they refuse to acknowledge or fix the problem, so I'll never use the app again. Deleted.
  • Do not use - They'll charge fees for no reason 1/5

    By DanShoes
    Advertised a $5 off deal for signing up but doesn't give you one. Seems like the app isn't set up fully yet. They also attempted to charge my card just for signing up. SAD
  • Will no longer open, says it cannot connect to a network 1/5

    By kayluv776
    Will no longer open
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Kygdsfhh
    Tried using this app and it was a nightmare
  • Point System Now A Scam 3/5

    By emitchell724
    When the app came out, you could easily get 1 free meal a month. Now that they changes the point system, it's basically impossible to get any free meals. It essentially now a scam.
  • Constant Crashing ! 2/5

    By A.Ruby
    The app has been crashing on me for days now. I'm on an iPhone 7Plus with the latest software update. Please fix.
  • Awesome in NYC 5/5

    By jnnnnnn
    Get your matcha fix quick and easy. They have the matcha shop Chalait as a spot you can order from - which is great because they are great too. Ive been using this app for a few months now and it does not disappoint. Chalait has awesome service as well.
  • Skip the line 5/5

    By Crucisteve
    Works really well at most of the participating restaurants to skip the line.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Slayerella
    Comprehensive and includes all my faves. Makes order and pick up so much easier and quick. Also love the rewards and discounts.
  • App is good but customer support lacking 3/5

    By nomad manhattan
    I have been trying Ritual past two months and love it so far. But today when I tried to use the Poke Week promotion that popped up earlier I ran into two issues. One the promotion discount was not automatically applied at check out nor is there a promotion code that I could apply manually. Looked around and tried it twice didn't work. Then I was trying to look for support and asking questions. Can't find that option in-app or on their site either. This is very frustrating. As a product manager myself this is just bad execution. If your customer needs to spend more than 5 mins to figure something out and when they can't there is no simple/strain forward way to get help, you have not done your job right.
  • Best 5/5

    By Chad car
    Very convenient and easy to order
  • UPDATE: may need to restart for proper function 4/5

    By mpapa
    I click on the item I want and the order screen doesn't load. It just shows a blank screen UPDATE: Rebooted phone. Works now
  • Excellent if you work in a city and don't like to wait in lines for food 5/5

    By aarohi1993
    This app is so perfect for areas like river north, streeterville, and west loop, where the lines are out the door at every place during lunch time. The user interface is excellent and the perks (Ritual Rewards) are also quite generous. I love this app!
  • No options in the heart of NYC 1/5

    By PhilKessler
    I work in midtown, NYC, and there are like five restaurants. I can't imagine what it's like everywhere else
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Onemorefix
    Was badgered to get the app from my gym then kept getting e-mails about promotions. Also, couldn't redeem points. Downloaded this for convenience and became more of an inconvenience as my juice bar wasn't receiving my orders. Overall confusing and now time to delete.
  • Do you value your time? 5/5

    By wizzdiddly
    Then stop waiting in line and get some free money for where you would have spent it anyways...
  • Annoying and not helpful 1/5

    By jzcommunicate
    Had many orders not go through. Turned into some very unhappy lunch breaks. This was supposed to save me time.
  • Makes me happy 5/5

    By Dme773
    Ritual saves me so much time, I never expected it. I also love the perks for using the app.
  • Huge time saver 5/5

    By JimVinNYC
    I used ritual a lot to avoid long lines. Very useful app and service.
  • Ritual app 5/5

    By Fun frames
    Loving the app and perks!
  • Orders are wrong more often than not 2/5

    By elenthia
    I've stopped using this app after my orders have repeatedly come out incorrect. Their hit rate is significantly worse than seamless and eat24. I use the other apps on a weekly basis and can only count once or twice where my order came out wrong. I've used this app about 15 times and Ive had to ask for a refund about four times at this point. This doesn't even include the other 2x when my order was incorrect but I just couldn't be bothered anymore. When I reach out to customer support they offer a refund but are oddly defensive, does not seem to believe me even though I can supply screenshots of exactly what I have ordered vs the receipt from vendors on what was actually provided.
  • So awesome 4/5

    By VdkaShaker
    I've long felt Starbucks is the gold standard when it comes to ordering ahead, with Panera Bread doing pretty good too, both in their own apps. Most other order ahead apps are too confusing or complicated. So far Ritual has been awesome for me. I am of course limited to the restaurants that support it, but so far it has enabled me to start using Apple Pay with them (most still don't accept it at the counter), and order while I'm walking there. Restaurants have had my order ready quickly, allowing me to skip long lines. Ritual can be a bit spammy with the emails so I've unsubscribe from most of their stuff, but that hasn't impacted the service. If I get points and save money that's a bonus, but just being able to save time, skip lines, and use Apple Pay, all at more places than before is a no brainer. Other than the spammy emails, I don't like giving my phone number out, and don't understand why they send SMS text messages instead of app notifications when I order, and I don't get the "signup code" strangeness when first setting things up. There are Ritual iPads at checkout counters for some reason; I've never used them. So those are areas of improvement from my perspective, but it's working well for me despite these nits.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By iKariina
    Worked once, then doesn't accept CC (which i use daily), and can't fix it, no Customer Service support, no option to order food for certain time, menu for places is uncomfortable to browse, no pictures of food items. Enough tries to make it work.
  • Perfect for lunch, get $10 off MANSIE9169 5/5

    By manc1993
    I use this app for lunch and it's really convenient to order and pick up once the order is ready. Use code MANSIE9169 for $10 off your first order!
  • Requires location access 1/5

    By rafett
    All I want to do is order food, not let another privacy invading startup know where I am every minute of the day. No option to input your location. Ritual needs your precise, exact coordinates to do what exactly? Sell it, probably.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Sister.ray
    I'm not taking a selfie to order food. What a joke.
  • Unable to use Apple Pay due to poor design 1/5

    By Reddy Kilowatt
    Invites you to use Apple Pay but you can only do so with a new to Apple Pay card. There's no way to indicate a previously enrolled card already in Apple Pay. Sorry Ritual not only do I only have 2 cards but Apple Pay won't allow you to re-register an existing card as the app tries to get you to do. Uninstalled
  • Failed update 1/5

    By Xym2015
    Kicked me out of my login. Doesn't recognize my password. Password reset lead to a uh-oh page. I guess no way for me to use it again.

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