RoboKiller - Stop Spam Calls

RoboKiller - Stop Spam Calls

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  • Current Version: 3.4.0
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  • Developer: TelTech Systems
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RoboKiller - Stop Spam Calls App

With RoboKiller, answer your phone with confidence once again! Telemarketers and scammers have made it painful to pick up a call, but RoboKiller, winner of the FTC's anti-robocall competition, gives you your phone back. The New York Times, NBC, Wired, Engadget, Vice and others, are all raving about RoboKiller’s power to block over 100,000 spam calls and its uncanny ability to show you exactly who is calling you before your answer. RoboKiller reduces unwanted calls by up to 90% in 30 days! RoboKiller is available with both monthly and yearly subscriptions, both with a free 7-day trial; opt-out at any time during the trial and you aren’t charged a penny. (See for pricing.) RoboKiller also takes the hassle out of getting the calls you DO want, with true, real-time caller ID so you can stop guessing who’s at the other end of your calls. RoboKiller’s caller ID turns phone numbers into names, addresses and even photos of the people calling you. No more annoying cutting and pasting, trying to figure out who’s on the phone after the call is already over. *** RoboKiller works on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket and MetroPCS. RoboKiller is NOT currently supported by US Cellular. *** KEY BENEFITS: - Automatically blocks spam and robocallers with patented FTC-award winning technology. - Spam list automatically updates automatically, making sure you always have the most up-to-date protection. - Take control! Bad number got through? Block it! Good number got blocked? Allow it! - Identifies missed calls with Caller ID - including names, addresses and even photos (where available). - See missed and blocked calls in your Recents - you can even listen in to hear why blocked callers were calling. - Dedicated customer service team with real humans, 7 days a week. In-App Purchases: RoboKiller is a free download, with a free trial period to use the app completely risk-free, before purchasing the service. If you purchase the service, you will be charged a monthly price according to your country. The price will always be shown in the app before you complete a purchase. Your RoboKiller subscription automatically renews at the end of every billing period (as determined by your purchase of monthly or yearly service) and your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:


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RoboKiller - Stop Spam Calls app reviews

  • Awful! 1/5

    By EmiDemi
    This wasn’t an app I thought it was going to be. Do don’t install this waste of money app! :(
  • Flawed App 1/5

    By RealMattBrooks
    7 of my first 7 incoming calls were blocked. These were listed as “Spam” but they were not. As a Realtor I can’t use this app if it is capturing my incoming calls not listed in my contact list as spam. Furthermore the pre-recorded message telling the person they are blocked made me decide to delete the app. Paranoia over losing a client far outweighs my 2 or 3 times a week telemarketer or spam phone call. If the database is created and curated by users or heavily weighted by users I see a systematic flaw in how that database will be useful.
  • Owner 1/5

    By None~
    This App Blocks ‘NOTHING’... RoboCalls still come in until I Block them...👎🏽
  • Blocked calls 4/5

    By Ma Clubine
    I have had a couple calls blocked but they still come through. Just wondering why
  • No voicemails 1/5

    By sisko612
    This does not work with Verizon voicemail, despite their claims to the contrary. Help from the vendor has been non-existent. If you’re on Verizon, AVOID.
  • Does what others can’t 5/5

    By Jon Stahl
    I’ve tried half a dozen other call blocking apps to stop “neighbor spoofing,” a practice where the first 6 digits of the spam phone number calling match your own. None of these other call blocking apps stopped the calls coming thru, at least 5 calls a day, interrupting me during other phone calls or work. Every. Single. Time: RoboKiller caught them and blocked them. It’s only been a day and a half, but I’m loving Robokiller so far. Well worth the 25 bucks a year. Thank you thank you thaaaaank youuuuu.
  • Calls DEADED❗️ 5/5

    By Mikkione
    So far, so great! I was so annoyed with getting these phone calls but since having ROBOKILLER, I’m happy as ever. Keep KILLING em’ ROBOKILLER‼️
  • Spam be gone 5/5

    By globalmfgllc
    It's the greatest thing in the world. I love giving it back to these moronic spammers.
  • Finally !!! 5/5

    By funeducator
    So glad to finally have those annoying telemarketer calls not only blocked greeted with a funny recording revenge is sweet
  • Duplicate Billing recurs Frequently 1/5

    By Joe3721
    App has duplicate billing problems. You have an active subscription with iTunes, then the App opens on your phone and prompts you to enter a second redundant subscription. iTunes then double bills you. This is an ongoing problem.
  • What ever 2/5

    By Louie the lame
    I downloaded this app a few months ago. I thought everything was okay but all the calls I wanted to receive,my contacts etc weren’t getting through ! It would buzz but it wouldn’t ring and so far it’s hasn’t been corrected! I’ve missed many important calls so I deleted the app a few days ago but my phone still won’t ring on any calls ! Now as soon as I’m done with this review I’m going to try and contact someone who can get this straight !!!! Until they get it right I can’t recommend this app to anyone not even my worst enemy,lol
  • Satisfy 5/5

    By Tennie 72
    I lv it! I lv that recordings are great! Funny and thankful for those give hard time! Do better than I would!
  • Great Entertainment! 3/5

    The calls are blocked and you can still hear the poor people on the other end of the line!
  • Fabulous effective app 5/5

    By MommaBear1986
    I am so relieved that Robo Killer has stopped so many spam calls to my cell. My phone doesn’t ring nearly as much. The cost is so worth the service 🤗
  • Getting back what these annoying people are dishing out! 5/5

    By robo call brillan e
    I love this app! I love that it waste their time just like mine. Brilliant!
  • Does not block spoofed numbers 1/5

    By Jaysteag
    The robocallers have won. There is currently no way to block a call coming in from a spoofed number. Unfortunately, 100% of the robocalls I receive are coming from a spoof so the app is worthless. There is a feature to add a number to the known spam database, but that is worthless as well since the robocallers use a different number every single time. As a result, this app has blocked zero of the many calls I get per day. Really zero!
  • Worthless..... 1/5

    By Rockylove108
    This app is completely worthless. After download, it crashes when trying to choose a plan package. Deleted and re-downloaded three times.....needs work...!
  • RoboKiller 5/5

    By Rebelcop
    I love all about it, but sometimes it takes a good call and answers it with a Robo message. I do love especially how the people from foreign countries who should not be able to call us anyway, but they do and RoboKiller talks to them and they don’t know what to say to them. The only really bad thing is there is no instructions on how to place a call on the “Do Not Allow “ list changing what shows as “Allow” to “Block”.
  • Sorry... 2/5

    By Bcrwarlord
    Free for a week? Nope.
  • Lsamataro 5/5

    By Sammy7820
    This app really works! The spam calls have stopped, amazing! Would recommend to everyone
  • Doesn’t work- crashes on launch 1/5

    By arcdxxx
    This app does not work for me. Crashes at startup every time. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. Complete waste of time.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By jf73441
    Love this! No more annoying telemarketers!
  • CHECK “Privacy Policies” on THIS/ALL ‘apps’ 1/5

    By ANON8887
    Be SURE 2 read “Privacy Information” B4 downloading this ‘app’...MANY iPhone apps are getting N2 Blackberry and Android device app ‘territory’—MANY/MOST Android apps leave the device-user WITHOUT expectation of PRIVACY; MOST iPhone apps have IN PAST—NOT infringed on user privacy NEARLY AS PERVASIVELY as Android ‘apps’. THIS IS RAPIDLY CHANGING-AGAIN, as w/ THIS APP—IF u value your PRIVACY—THINK TWICE B4 DOWNLOAD/USE. EVEN w/ IOS device VPN use, per this & MANY more NEW/RECENTLY UPDATED Apps—READ THIS/OTHER APP(S) Privacy Policies—you MAY B ALLOWING not only APP/WEBSITE developers, but THIRD parties, INCLUDING ‘legal entities’—ACCESS to YOUR PERSONAL IOS DATA. DESPITE the newer IOS app(s) changing Privacy Policies—PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KEEP a NON-“Apple IOS/OS X Store-purchased” VPN “ON” @ ALL X’s—PREFERABLY “Open” protocol n 2018—You can purchase OS X+IOS plans ELSEWHERE & SAFELY download the app FOR the service plan. ALSO, MAKE JUDICIOUS choices when keeping your Bluetooth function “ON”. Though Blackberry & NON-Apple devices have HISTORICALLY been more prone to ‘hacking’, increasingly sophisticated ‘black-hat hacking’ tools are making inroads leaving MANY/ALL devices increasingly susceptible to hacks.
  • Not working for me.... 1/5

    By Fujijon
    Still getting robo calls, maybe not at the frequency as before. Wish I could get my money back.
  • Love this 5/5

    By tsblessed
    I absolutely love this app. The recorded voice calls alone are well worth the minimal cost. They are so HILARIOUS. I was getting up to 6-7 spam calls a day and now maybe 1 has gotten through in the last couple of months. This app is genius.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ramrodder63
    Works great. So funny to listen to.

    By Cdunne0517
    This app has reduced the spam calls on my cell phone. I sometimes love listening to the calls just to hear the reaction of the caller. Best app ever !!
  • Great App !!! Worth it!! 5/5

    By SusanD182
    Really does work ! 😍 Love, when it answers robocalls !! Election time we get a lot, of calls !!😳 I can actually say, well worth every penny!!!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Doc Smith
    Time saver.
  • Absolutely Terrific 5/5

    By NightRacer13
    Finally, something that works!!!!
  • Even Better with SMS blocking! 5/5

    By mariaorgant
    Edit: I do not get as many spam SMS messages as I used to. I’d like to think that is because of RoboKiller. If you suffer from annoying spam calls and texts, the $1/mo fee is worth not having them anymore. I used to have numbers calling me back to back all day every day. I started RoboKiller and I haven’t even thought about spam callers. I just started the SMS blocking and will update my review based on my experience. I receive so many spam text messages. I send them to Verizon but I still have to block them on my phone even if I have my phone set to filter unknown numbers.
  • Works Awesome! 5/5

    By base851
    I don't normally write reviews on products, but yours is so great I felt like I needed to. I've only been using it for a week and it has already blocked 19 spam calls. A couple slip through every now and then but I just flag those to be blocked in the future & that's that. I've checked the recordings on every blocked call and every one of them was a spam/scam call. And some of the recordings a real keeper in the hilarious department. The annual fee is MORE than reasonable for what this product does. Silence.... blessed silence...
  • RoboKiller 5/5

    By Nuttless
    I loved this, what a riot. It’s the best $2.00 I’ve spent in a long time. We have been harassed for several years with unwanted sales calls. I used the the foreign recording and it was great! Kudos to you! Mike & Carrie Morris
  • This service is really amazing 5/5

    By amiejones.2009
    I love to listen to the answer bots!
  • Early results are good. 3/5

    By Electrafast
    I’m starting to like this. It works. I’m slowly moving from the “disconnected number” answerbot to the “Hello..... Hello..... answerbot and enjoying the payback by wasting the spammers time instead of mine.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Disgusted2!
    I love how RoboKiller catches all the many marketing calls made to my cellphone. These callers ignore the National Do Not Call Registry so this is an effective way the get back at them! The recorded calls of phone solicitors trying to deal with RoboKiller’s extremely high quality answering is hilarious!
  • Still needs 4/5

    This still needs a way to block u known or blocked calls that have no caller ID.
  • Oh my god 5/5

    By WoLF2001
    Love the app, makes me proud to be Albanian. (I’m not really Albanian)
  • Good bye spam 5/5

    By GML2
    Best app ever. Love the recordings. Have told so many of my clients about his and they too love it
  • Worth every penny!!!!! 5/5

    By princessardella
    First call it blocked was a telemarketer that’s been calling using several lines I’ve asked to be removed daily. Best part the revenge of hearing them talk to the answerbot laughing my butt of at the whole call which was the chaos roommates. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!
  • Blocks too many calls 1/5

    By jlmilner
    It’s blocking calls it shouldn’t block
  • Not really happy 🤔 2/5

    By Dunmorebrat
    Works ok doesn’t stop all the calls from spam callers. I still get spam calls from the same people over and over. I’m having to block those callers on my phone manually. Need more female voice choices to pick from.
  • Worse than useless 1/5

    By Cdoglasvegas
    Had such high hopes for this app. But sadly, it doesn't work. Worse than the fact that it doesn't block any spam or robocalls -- EVEN AFTER MANUALLY BLOCKING THE NUMBER WITHIN THE APP -- it does block legitimate calls. The one single solitary call it said it DID block, other than the legit number, rang through to my phone anyway. Pointless. I can't say enough negative things about it. Simply doesn't at all do what it claims.
  • Never connected 1/5

    By laughingladie
    Started the set up but kept getting error screens. Was in chat for almost an hour trying every code they had and none worked. We were typing back and forth when after an hour the chat signed out saying "you have been inactive for too long" so wasted an hour of my time.
  • This is awesome! 5/5

    By Zhongkui79
    I was about ready to change my phone number but this has changed that!
  • Sweet 5/5

    By Despierre
    Amazing app! Worth every penny Thank you Robokiller
  • I will wait and see 3/5

    By Jerril123
    Wait and see if it’s good
  • App is great!!! 5/5

    By Rollerpano
    Love this app
  • Maybe a bit too good 3/5

    By OnlyDavid
    RoboKiller is great at blocking calls. Maybe a bit too good. There have been a couple of times when RoboKiller blocked legitimate phone calls. That can be a problem. What makes it a real problem is that I cannot setup RoboKiller to automatically send calls blocked to voicemail. I can set it up to have all sorts of funny answering messages. I can say I’m blocking the call because RoboKiller thought it’s spam. I can say my number isn’t working. If I could simply send RoboKiller spam detected calls to voicemail, I can avoid the problems of missing a call if it turns out to be legitimate. The caller merely thinks I’m busy. I get their message and I can call them back. No one is the wiser. Besides 99% of the spam calls won’t leave a voicemail message and my iPhone gives Me a transcript of the voicemail. I don’t even have to listen to it. Add that feature and RoboKiller would be perfect.
  • I wish Apple showed what an App costs, more plainly. 3/5

    By joycyates
    I apologize. I initially put one star and called them “sneaky” when I first looked at this but realized none of these apps have prices. I apologize. I was wrong. They all simply say GET. That’s just irritating. When I had an Android, in the Google store it would show the price or say Free. I clearly wasn’t paying attention. Anyhow, I downloaded it but deleted it when I saw it cost. I just don’t need to buy when AT&T call blocker will do it for free. So I’ll stick it out and hopefully it’ll continue to work. If I could delete this 3 star review altogether I would. Again, I am sorry.

RoboKiller - Stop Spam Calls app comments


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