Roller Skating Girls

Roller Skating Girls

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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Coco Play
  • Compatibility: Android
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Roller Skating Girls App

~~> Ready, Set, Skate! Roller-skate your heart out at the Skate-o-rama! Get ready for the big Skate-Off competition! ~~> Design your own roller-skating routine and impress the Skate-Off judges! ~~> Dress up in cute new skating outfits and become the best roller-skater ever! You’re no newbie to the Skate-o-rama… but you want to get serious and become a roller-skating pro! Your new friend at school Maddie is an awesome roller-skater, and she’s agreed to train you! With her help and a lot of hard work, you can win the Skate-Off competition and impress your crush Jonny while you’re at it! Features: > Become the envy of all the roller-skater girls at the Skate-o-rama! Your friend Maddie is going to help you be a roller-skating star! > Practice, practice, practice at the skating rink - ‘til you’re ready to climb the ranks of this year’s Skate-Off competition! > Look like a roller-skating star - dress up in an outfit that shows off your inner talent! Will your crush Jonny notice you?! > Shiny nails will help you pop at the Skate-o-rama! Get a manicure and add cool nail stickers! > A fun makeover and a beautiful new hairstyle will complete your hot roller-skating look! > Oh no - skating injury! Go to the doctor to get treated before the Skate-Off! > Relax before the big competition at the spa! > Reach the top of the roller-skating charts and win first place! ABOUT Coco Play Coco Play Limited is China-based developer of creative and unique apps for kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator of innovative games, interactive books and educational apps. Visit us: Like us: Follow us:@TabTale Watch us: CONTACT US Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at FOR PARENTS The app is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on this device. The app may include advertising for TabTale and certain third parties which will redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites. Privacy is important to us. The app may enable collection of limited user data by TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networks and analytics) for limited legal purposes described in our Privacy Policy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improve the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads). The app includes certain features only accessible behind an age-gate to protect children (e.g. restrict behavioral ads; social networks links to connect with others while playing; option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news e.g. updates). By downloading or using the app you accept our Privacy Policy: and Terms of Use: and permit such uses for users of your device.


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Roller Skating Girls app reviews

  • Coco 5/5

    By Joseyrobin
    It’s so much fun 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Seriously 5/5

    By unikitty910
    Hi I love this game but it needs a bit off change for me for some reason I can’t use the vr in the game and I do what it says it just doesn’t work please fix this. And also I love your games coco
  • More for less 4/5

    By spunk roller
    This game is really awesome. I love it sooooooo much but there is one thing I feel should be changed. I feel that you shouldn’t have to buy the spa or the doctors or any of that.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Bobwhat?
    Amazing game but no adds please
  • Roller Pro 5/5

    By Amelia Matilda Dolan
    I am not a good roller skater,but this app has made me better at roller skating. I just ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 this app.And this is why I gave this app five stars 🌟. Sincerely yours, Amelia Dolan 👧🏼😜
  • Best game 5/5

    By Tye Olivia
    great game! absolutely great game! Best game ever. I play this game a lot I play it almost every day! I hope telling this will make you happy, I LOVE THE GAME! I once I start playing I can’t stop. I play it all day. Telling you this will make you Happier, MY KIDS LOVE THE GAME JUST LIKE I DO!! Their on youtube. To watch them try searching The Checklist Channel. My kids are both girls one is 7 my other is 4 and they love the game!
  • I would rate this a 4 4/5

    By #coolgirlrule💗
  • Awe roller girls 5/5

    By cool jordan😁😁
    This game is awesome I can not stop playing it I love this game
  • It’s great but 5/5

    By AquaticKittycat360
    This game is great 👍🏽 but every time I highlight my skaters hair it colors the whole hair and another thing is it’s not fair that people have to buy stuff like clothes and hair and skates and the spa and the doctor 👩‍⚕️ but I enjoy this game I’m only giving it five stars because it’s a fun game that all kids can 😊 enjoy
  • The But kikers 5/5

    By kay. 57
    I Love. This Game
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Bill R NYC
    This game is awesome I love it I love this game because it’s actually fun
  • It is awesome 5/5

    By sillylillycool
    It is fun like your in real life!!
  • best 5/5

    By Jim12005
    it’s awesome
  • My Love for this game. 5/5

    By H0tpiNkSiReN
    I really love this game because it lets me be my inner self
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Kennedy426
    You guys made this game cool I love it but I hope their real ppl you VS
  • I like coco Ganges 5/5

    By Musiqmkr
  • Thanks again buddy 5/5

    By gabster brys-wilson
    Thanks for having us together and we can make sure that we are doing good things and we are going out for dinner together again thanks again and have a good night
  • Great!! 5/5

    By fedcjrfjr
    I love this game and I like how when you wash the hair it doesn't take such a long time in other coco games it took so long that I had to delete them or just never do the hair thing
  • It's okay 1/5

    By momo24/7
    I think it can get a little better because you battle people that are way bettter than you
  • I like the game 5/5

    By lanany ror
    I like the game Iit is
  • Please read this it will help you 4/5

    By beep bloop zap
    This game is pretty awesome. But in one of the ads, it said you could do roller derby matches. You can’t! But I still like it a lot.😀😀 I also think that it could be a rip-off to some people, because there IS a little bit of romance.... but this game is highly recommended. Happy playing!
  • Roller skating rocks 4/5

    By Fulltilt15
    This game is so amazing but I wish you could pick your opponent instead of having to play with you don't want to
  • READ 5/5

    By doosie mae
    Ok so the most wonderful thing about this app is the dance moves you can pick any dance move it's great for your child learning it's perfect for a child that has great imaginations if your child is sad or bored get this app and it will cheer your child up many people have been looking for safe games and this is the one safe game your child would love🙂 it's great for child and don't have great imaginations or for child's that do had great imaginations it's great and perfect the most fun thing is you battle with many players so your child will be happy and excited many other adults like this app so much more so buy your child the clothes dance moves everything to make your child stylish and creative to have happy imaginations and have a great experience really the most things I like on the app is the clothes makeup dance moves gym and spa it's perfect thanks for reading
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Love you corn
    Best game ever best game ever last game of the best game ever best game ever get the schedule get this game get this game get this game get this app
  • Love it😍❤️👍🏼 5/5

    By Stewardess142
    I looooooooove it.I love💗 it because the moves are so cool. Also I think the the clothes are cool to.Good job on making this game. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Beat them up! 5/5

    By iluvmonsterhi🧛🏻‍♀️
    There is stuff where you can fight against and I think that’s cool But when people do the 😭 or the your so bad emoji I just Don’t like that but the rest of it it’s all good. So I command all Of you who don’t have this app GET IT! And in Roller girls, you have to look swag which I don’t like either so I’m rating it three four stars I can’t decide but I’m going with four for now. Like what I said GET IT!!!!
  • Don’t download!!! 1/5

    By Sweet pea1120
    They want you to purchase the full version 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • This is the best game ever made 😱 5/5

    By Alexis Howard Kaplan
  • Cool 5/5

    By Tpaybe
    This game is so cool
  • Good 5/5

    By meghan bell
    I like this game
  • 👌🏽 5/5

    By Lb rocks 1
    Love It!
  • Roller Girls 5/5

    By Cuddly2.0
    I like this game because it shows me new tricks and how to roller skate better

    By Avacado_Baby
    Hi,I love this game! But I’m hoping for the next update to have a bigger town and more hands-on things to do like something I REALLY would LOVE to see is a live chat, where you can type your own stuff and maybe have privet chats with people be able to create chats and make your own chat room! Another thing is to be able to make friends and have three other slots or two or...Maybe...THREE SLOTS! Make however many you want but anyways if you have read this PLEASE take my request and add chats and friend options #BestGame #WouldBeEvenBetterIfAddedChatAndFriendOptions! P.s Love you!
  • From coco 5/5

    By Lwoolley!
    I whant you to not make use pay for the stuff that is unbeliveabule
  • It freezes and I cant finish 4/5

    By Emma 😜😜😜
    It freezes and I can't finish but I still like it
  • A BUG!!!!! 3/5

    By Rachelpower
    There is a bug in the game! When I tried to do a cool braid hairstyle it cut of all the braids! It is okay in the rest but I also want to play without paying real money
  • It's good but... 4/5

    By Krazyava12342
    U should totally make a horse back riding game I think it would be awesome ❤️
  • One of my favorite games 5/5

    By DeSantaOregta
    I just love the game!! But I think they should do if you get to a certain level you can win some of the stuff that cost money. 💶💸💴💵💷 Other wise I would share this to my friends. Warning you might get addicted
  • WOW 5/5

    By katiekotten
    BEST ROLLER SKATING GAME EVER!!!!!!(For girls.) :)
  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊😜😊❤️❤️😘😘☺️☺️☺️😊😊☺️😃😃 4/5

    By ❤️❤️😇
    This is AMAZING 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
  • Good but.... 4/5

    By jul jul's
    The game is fun but it has to many adds and after a while it gets annoying but I still like it 😐😏
  • the best app 5/5

    By Heels96
    This is the best app ever what you do is make this girl who does skating compotion's and get her ready for some you go yo the spa you go to thetraning senter its really cool and fun i give this a five/five its the best app in the world #lovethisapp
  • I love this game!💕 4/5

    By KittyKg3000
    I wanna see the next update... Like I’m in a coma. I love it so much I’m almost addicted!?😆 The boring thing about is that it’s like all the other COCO games.😒 Make a COCO game life. Like where you make your own house and go shopping and stuff like that. Just something. I may wanna make some posting.😑 You will get my next review. :)👍🏼

    By human"@"
  • It's pretty good 4/5

    By anime.angel.822
    👍🏻👍🏻 but there's a lot of stuff u have 2 unlock
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By mysticjocelyn
    I think that you should make more games coco because I'm just in love with all your games and I bet little girls would get all of them just because of how great they are. But I have been looking at the over reviews and one said you should have a tap dancer game and I thought that was a GREAT idea! I also saw people saying to make a horse riding game and I also think that that would be fun, too! But you know that game that has ballerinas v.s hip hop dancers? Why don't you update it and have 3 types of dancers! Tap, Hiphop, AND ballet? That would be so cool! And like I said in the last review PLEASE lower your cost. And also, can you make more free dance moves? Even if you buy more I still feel like it's not enough.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Monkeygirl989
  • Neat for a companion game to "Cool skateboard" 5/5

    By Liv of arc
    Needs updating like less bugs and crisper animations
  • I have an amazing request 5/5

    By PrettyLilPie
    Hi CoCo Play people, I would love love love it if you guys made a swimming CoCo game that would make me soooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!💗💗😍😍😍😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗BTW I luvs u!!!!!
  • Fun game but 5/5

    By pink panda 101
    It's a fun game but you should really make a horse game. I mean everyone loves horses so please please please make horse back riding game

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