SafeTrek - Personal Safety

SafeTrek - Personal Safety

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SafeTrek - Personal Safety App

Have you ever been in a situation where you question whether it’s dangerous enough to call 911? Instead of worrying yourself with indecision, use SafeTrek. SafeTrek uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the release of a button. It can be used in moments where you simply feel unsafe, as well as moments where you need immediate emergency help. Here’s how simple it is: Press and hold the button whenever you feel uneasy. Release the button when you have reached your home, car, or a safe destination and enter your 4-digit pin. In danger? Simply release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location and emergency. Other SafeTrek Features • Prefer texting? If you can’t talk in an emergency, you can still communicate with us via text. • Can’t text or talk? No worries, we’re still sending police to your exact location. • On the move? We update your location even if you’re in a taxi, bus, running, or walking. • In a panic? You can use 3D Touch to trigger a silent alarm from your home screen. • On-call team works 24/7/365 to get you the help you need, when you need it. • In-app profile allows you to communicate important information before the fact, so emergency services are up to speed. • First month is free, so you can make sure SafeTrek is right for you! What do real SafeTrek users say about it: • “I have no doubts that this app will save a life one day” • “In short, this is an app you want on your phone and everyone's phone that you love. Real deal. No gimmicks. Just reliable safety when you need it the most.” • “It was such a relief to have access to SafeTrek at the touch of a button. It makes me feel safe even when I am alone.” SafeTrek only works if you have a subscription. In order to cover the cost of our 24/7 call centers that ensure your safety, SafeTrek charges a small monthly fee of $2.99. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. SafeTrek's Terms of Use: SafeTrek's Privacy Policy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. SafeTrek will only use your GPS location in the background if you have an active alert.


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SafeTrek - Personal Safety app reviews

  • Made me pay after deleting the app 1/5

    By Julia Szwedo
    Made me pay after deleted the app! Unbelievable !!!!
  • You, and Everyone You Know Need This App! 5/5

    By PoshMark Anonymous
    Thank goodness I have never needed to use this app, HOWEVER... my phone has what is called “Touch Disease” (look it up, it’s real), which causes my phone to open apps and go nuts al on its own. My phone was laying by me on my desk today and I noticed the app was open and it was asking for my PIN. I slightly panicked, especially because my touch screen was not responding. I received four texts from SafeTrek asking me to verify my safety. When I didn’t verify or enter my PIN, I received a phone call from a very nice lady from SafeTrek asking me if I was safe and to verify my safety. Because I wasn’t sure what my PIN was, she asked me security questions to verify I am who I said I was. Let me tell you that if I was ever in a situation when I needed this app, there is no doubt in my mind my safety would be top priority. I have sent the link to this app to every female I know. $3/month is worth that extra step to ensure safety.
  • Why though 2/5

    By Gabi Mary Tee
    When I got the app I saw that you have to pay.Honesty I can call the cops without paying money for it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By savannahloveg
    Awesome app I love it u
  • Must read.. 1/5

    By daynaclark
    First off, I’d like to apologize in advance for all those offended by the reality of my comment. Why would it be necessary to PAY for help? If your in an emergency, I don’t think the first thing the police would ask you is “what’s your payment plan?” Sorry, but I deleted this as soon as I saw “payment”. It completely disgust me on how can you advertise such a smart app online, but than not mention the cost. Safe trek isn’t so safe. Thank god I checked the app out first, before an actual emergency occurred. I would have never even thought of a whole process before you can actually get help. Kids: your better off calling 911 and saying, I need help I’m ... (state your location) and police will be on the way. Thumbs down for me. Sorry.
  • Great 5/5

    By Duhitsdiana0
    This is an great app get it
  • I just have one issue.. 4/5

    By Kaii2faced
    Why should we have to pay to use this app? I mean yeah they might need the money for updates but are update more important than a life? I’m 12 years old and I was in an Uber once. This guy tried to take me somewhere away from home. Good thing I had my mom on speed dial. Then I final considered downloading this app. When I did I found that you had to pay for it I was so disappointed. Please fix this I don’t want to have to go though the same experience ever again!
  • Cash 1/5

    By huntercat36
    I’m 12 and I’m starting to walk home soon I wanted this app to feel safe when I do or if I get lost the police could drive be to the school or store near my house but I found out it was $3.00 a month I’m sorry I just don’t have the money to pay that.....
  • Great 5/5

    By bigdickhulk
    Everyone should using it.
  • Safety 5/5

    By Butta31
    I feel so safe I’m glad a found this app. I work downtown and there’s a lot of sketchy people at night this make me feel a lot safer knowing someone cares if I get to my car safely thanks
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Weaselnicoleelliot
    I’m a college kid and sometimes work late night or just get scared to walk to my car, this is an amazing app
  • Omg 5/5

    By Cueifheoxn
    This app has been a life saver I love it!!
  • A MUST HAVE!! 5/5

    By Checa1959
    After being assaulted and mugged by a stranger in the middle of the day I was left feeling unsafe and alone every waking moment. I thought I would never be able to walk by myself again! This app was one of the first things I did to regain control of my life. It helped me gain my independence back after such a terrifying event. I use this app all the time, whenever I am outside and alone or feeling vulnerable! I have recommended this app to so many people. It is truly worth every penny. To give you all an idea of the service provided: I accidentally triggered the alarm in my coat pocket while walking my dog and there was a police officer at my door within minutes. I told him about the app, apologized profusely, and said I must have clicked the button on accident! Sure enough, my phone was still in my coat pocket with the alarm triggered and a lot of texts and calls from SafeTrek asking if I was okay. I later got a text message from one of the founders asking if I was okay. I felt like I could not apologize enough for the false alarm, but they assured me that they were just glad I was safe! The level of personal service is truly amazing! This is a great company with a great purpose!!
  • Amazing? 5/5

    By xNanoBolt
    I thoug
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Angela🔥
    Relief. love you guys so much.
  • DO NOT USE!!! WARNING!!! 1/5

    By FrustratedGirl3000
    This app spoofs Police Departments and they can arrest you if you continue to use this app! Please do NOT use emergency apps! Just dial the number instead!!! Warning you! Used this twice and well I don’t know about your local pd but mine does not like people using emergency apps because it spoofs the system which is wrong!!!
  • Great 4/5

    By Jeffedy
    App is great just needs to find a way to get police faster
  • It brought the sheriff to my door! 5/5

    By TesstheLibrarian
    I accidentally failed to deactivate the alarm while I was testing it. Imagine my surprise and delight when the county sheriff pulled up! He was very nice and now I feel so safe because I know it works. Definitely chump change, three dollars a month for this peace of mind.
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By EddieEd510
    This app is not free and you must pay for a subscription for it to work.
  • I wish I had this app last year.... 5/5

    By Bruh I'm bored
    Last year probably around November my dad was working over time so it was just me my mom and brother. I remember I went to grab something from the closet and I noticed the basement door closed (which was open just a few minutes before) so I asked my mom if she had closed it. She said “no. why?”. Me being the worry wart I am started to freak out. Then my mom started to walk over towards the basement door and kinda stopped. She asked my brother “did you put a toy behind the door?” He wasn’t paying attention earlier and just said no. I got even more sacred and asked her why she asked him that. She said “because the door is moving.” That was when I started crying. So my mom told us to hide. We hid behind the dog crate and she went into her room to get her gun(which she has a permit for) and I started crying even harder and my brother was laughing saying that I was just joking but this was no joke it was serious. When my mom came out from her room she had her gun out in front of her and went into the basement to look around. She was probably only down there for a couple minutes but it felt like an eternity. Eventually I made my way downstairs and asked her what was going on. “I don’t think anyone is down here but the basement door (leading to outside) was wide open.” she slowly said still looking around. I’m still to this day sacred of that. I wish I would have had safe trek back then. Thankfully no one was hurt but who knows what could have happened. I really wish I would have had safe trek back then if my mom didn’t have a gun we could’ve died.
  • Awesome 4/5

    As a femal college student who takes the bus this makes me feel safe.
  • Your life is worth the price of subscription 4/5

    By SallyBabbyBeal
    Great you saved my life in April!
  • Awesome 3/5

    By Par090206
    It helped a lot as far as being safe is concerned but financially not so much
  • Rick 5/5

    By Holtonrc
    A true blessing
  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By Maria in San Diego
    I am a Realtor. A lot of times I’m checking on properties that have foreclosed. I never know what I will find. SafeTrek gives me confidence that if I need help, help will be dispatched to my location. Calling 911 they may not know where I am. I also use this app during Open Houses. This app is a must have for Realtors.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jazz2k16
    I didn’t think this app would actually work at first, but I’m so glad I have it. I don’t mind paying $2.99/ a month for this app. I was just doing a practice when I pressed the button, but when I put in my pin code I was immediately had an alert. So, THANK YOU SafeTrek.!!😃
  • Great app 5/5

    By mitcheldacabage
    Great people helps out a lot
  • Im going to try 5/5

    By Triny2890
    Im New on this so I’m going to try.
  • New User 4/5

    By Robinatparis
    I will write another review after I have utilized this application thank you for the free month I am Hoping I won’t need it but I’m happy to have it! Thank you very much Robin Stein
  • Payment 3/5

    By Heey☺️☺️
    I feel as though this has potential to be a grata app , but I do not understand why you have to pay for it ! That’s completely absurd! This app should be free and it should come with an iPhone!
  • Sarah 5/5

    By Laxer1212
    Thank you for making me feel safe!!!
  • Make it free! 1/5

    By Mani!👌🏾😂
    Why should safety apps cost money!? That could save somebody’s life! What if someone couldn’t pay for this app so they died because they may have been in danger and couldn’t call emergency hotlines fast enough? Some people can’t pay! I understand you are trying to make money but why make it like that? Find another way to make money so people can actually use the app!
  • Feeling so safe!!! 5/5

    By AMDavies9
    Forgot my pin and they contacted me immediately! Like having a security guard next to me.
  • PAY FOR HELP?! 1/5

    By Hbvccair
    WHY ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET HELP?! Now what if I’m in an emergency and i happen to need this app and it’s asking me for my credit info? This is outrageous! You shouldn’t have to pay for a dispatcher to send help.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By sexy candy panda
    Absolutely 100% in love with this app! Have used it a couple times and they truly are a guardian angel. Recommend this to any single young people in a big city. It’s helpful and never know when you’ll need it.
  • Review 5/5

    By a life of pi
    This app works great!
  • Kinda good 2/5

    By FuzzyKat1989
    As someone that goes out alone a lot this is a very good idea for an app but I’m broke. I don’t see why I have to pay for an app that just leads me to the police. It is an incredibly useful app for someone who can’t talk because there’s someone in the room or if perhaps if they are not sure but just to make them feel safe. However. It cost money. Which is why I give it two because the idea is there I just can’t use it :(
  • It’s awesome but... 4/5

    By L. madison
    I think this is an amazing app and it should come with every phone. But the only problem is you have to pay to use it. There should be no cost to save a life. A person could have downloaded the app and have it on there phone then something bad happens, they go to open the app and it turns out they did not pay so they can’t use it. And that’s bad, there would be no money to help or even save a life. What if someone could not afford that money cuz they have way more important things to worry about but something bad happens. I am just saying they should have it so this is free to use cuz this money thing could be a problem
  • Less debilitating anxiety with this app 5/5

    By Lil Rae Rae
    I love this app. Not only are the people I've messaged (non-emergency) so helpful, understanding and caring... but they know what they were doing when they created this app and built their team. Recent events have brought extreme anxiety and phobias to the forefront of my life and SafeTrek really makes me feel so much better about leaving the house and fighting my anxiety and phobias because it's so easy, so so so so easy to have someone on my side, there to help, asap. While I hope I never have an emergency, I feel much safer knowing SafeTrek is here.
  • Good for anyone in SAINT LOUIS 4/5

    By Martig13
    This is awesome
  • Wonderful! 4/5

    I think this is a wonderful great and convenient app although i do not like the fact that it asks for money but👍🏽!
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Kadierose:)
    This app is amazing and always makes me feel safe
  • I really like it... 5/5

    By Milalavelle
    It’s a nice app... And perfect if we feel unsafe!
  • Safe track 5/5

    By Swaggygg513
    You guys are doing good at this app cuz it gives you 10sec to type your passcode in just in case you are okay and it is a good way to stay safe and feel safe when you are alone
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Rate Justin
    Perfect app so nice
  • Realtor 5/5

    By The HausKat
    I find myself in potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis ... showing homes to people I don't know well, holding open houses in secluded areas, previewing foreclosures, etc. Now I can be assured that police will be notified within 10 seconds if I perceive a problem and my location will be verified automatically even if I'm on the move. Thanks!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Scoutyjewbear
    I love this app. It makes me feel so safe when I come home late at night and other things. I once accidently opened the app in my pocket and I got several calls right away, even though it was a false alarm I was impressed with their quick response.
  • Technology at its finest 5/5

    By Sade86
    I believe this new innovative idea will change the way crooks think before they decide to try to harm some innocent individual... This tool is a game change
  • Great 5/5

    By Zdtddubvuxkxgauaidj
    Great response time
  • Empowering and timely! 5/5

    By Savann4h A.
    I’m really happy with the services provided by SafeTrek as they are efficient and definitely worth the subscription!

SafeTrek - Personal Safety app comments


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