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Safeway App

Maximize your savings with the Safeway app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now. Find your Savings: · Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout · Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire · Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app. · View your Weekly Ad Build your Shopping List: • Using your purchase history • Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials) • Adding your own items • Scan barcodes Other Features you will find: • Manage your account • Store Locator/Gas Locator • See your Rewards and Savings Summary *Some features not available in all areas.


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Safeway app reviews

  • Great App!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By krwj0717
    Very easy to use... love the savings...
  • Straightforward and Helpful 4/5

    By JangoBK
    I've been using this app more since I've started working at Safeway however, I'm not entirely sure how the employee discount works into the app. Nevertheless, the Safeway app is useful for finding the specific aisle and price of any certain item and I will continue to use it at any Safeway store that isn't my own ;)
  • 💖💖 5/5

    By wef12
    Love Safeway and their app. Easy to use, many great deals.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By Jackie Uwill
    Love the idea(:
  • Discounts 5/5

    By NoInstaDirect
    Absolutely love the Safeway app because you can get additional savings when purchasing certain items. My favorite is the gas rewards! Please add more of these.
  • Don & Cyn 5/5

    By Don & Cynthia
    We LOVE Safeway with the variety of O’Organics, organic produce, the on-line coupons (especially the Just for U), and most of all, the GREAT customer service that I do not find at other grocery stores. Thank you for training your staff to always offer to take me to the product I am asking for. I do not always accept but your floor staff ALWAYS gives me eye contact, a smile, and an offer to take me over to the aisle to find whatever I am asking for. No matter how busy they are, they always ask if there is something else they can help me find. I get the sense they are told that their job IS their customer interruptions. At the check out, your checkers are trained to give eye contact, ask how I am doing, and say a word or two. They always say, Thank You Mrs. Patnoe after they read the receipt. At the Martin Way Safeway in Olympia, some have even gotten to know my husband by name before the receipt comes out of the machine. (He’s retired and thinks he is a comedian.) These little courtesies keep us ALWAYS coming back to Safeway even when we are traveling. We do not look for a grocery story, we look for SAFEWAY. You have us hooked and grateful! Thank you!!
  • I just want to know if you sell the item I am looking for 1/5

    By Dinah Ann
    I don’t care about offers and rewards. I just want to know if Safeway sells the item I am looking for.
  • very poor offline behavior 2/5

    By Armus77
    If you're in airplane mode (or in-store but denied the app cellular data) then the app constantly prompts with "Network Problem" and pressing "cancel" behaves the same as "Try Again". It looks like the app was designed to show stuff like the shopping list when you're offline but some dev severely messed up the implementation.
  • Love to pre shopping! 5/5

    By Endeara
    I love the ease of the app!
  • inim63 5/5

    By inim63
    Good customer service, the whole store very clean and the food very fresh.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Teresaj38
    Always loved safeway gas rewards!
  • Little flaws that could easily be fixed 3/5

    By mtdq
    When you use a one-time-only deal, the app does not delete it so it looks like the deal is still available. There are often multiple listings of the same item within the same category. Just4U will sometimes include multiple prices for the same item. It's not always clear which price you will get at the checkout. The app will sometimes promote a free item in Just4U but it's difficult to locate that item within the app. As with many apps, it feels like the coders have never used any apps even remotely like the one they wrote. And the people who decide what the app should do and how it should function never use it either. Since you are required to choose a specific store location, why can't the app tell you which aisle the product is found? (Home Depot does and I think Target does too.) At least the app should tell you which department stocks it (e.g. Deli vs somewhere else in the store).
  • Latest update has problems 1/5

    By murfdawgie
    When I change categories on an item (moving Cheeses from Dairy to Deli), it saves it but then moves it back later. 👎🏻
  • Hometown Safeway 4/5

    By maverick40
    It’s a bit small but it’s friendly and we like it. Doesn’t have a very well stocked Asian section which is too bad but the meats and seafood managers are pretty nice people.
  • WiFi at local store the pit’s 5/5

    By Weatherman269
    Love this app … and when in the local store … the WiFi will not connect to my iPhone … can not use!!!! In Store. Personnel will not fix … it at Store … say they need up grade??? Please upgrade at my store…
  • good service😜👍🏽 5/5

    By dell214
    very good service😜👍🏽💯
  • Online 5/5

    By Ramboskie
    Love the deals
  • One annoying bug 4/5

    By Jheath506
    The app is fine but for one thing. On iPhone with cellular data off, the app attempts to sync. Upon failure a pop up message offers cancel or retry. The cancel button does not work, the pop up will not go away and the shopping list is not viewable. Make that cancel button work and 5 stars for sure.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Noel85
    Great app
  • Useless 1/5

    By Shameonapple
    I need to be able to search for new products to add to my list. This only allows me to search for sale items and previously purchased items. This is a really stupid way to set up a shopping app.
  • Staff the checkout! 2/5

    By DavidW987
    What we really need is a way to notify customer service every time we are in a line for 30 minutes and only two registers are open. This is the rule and not the exception after 7 PM. Polite words cannot describe how infuriating this makes your customers feel. I see the checkout clerks feel embarrassed but powerless to do anything. Give us a way to notify management in the app so that you can measure just how horrible the shopping experience truly is. Give us a phone number to call, or a chat window, or even a check the box log.
  • Elder tax higher price for food if your old. 1/5

    By faceman5050
    Ok Safeway (15000 NE 24th St, Redmond, WA) has coke 2 ltr on sale for $0.99. I have there club card so I walk up to the counter and have them ring me up. I present said club card and I get a discount total come to $2.19. 😳 I ask where’s the discount and the clerk tells me I have to download an app. I said wait first I have to have a phone to get the card and now you want me to download an app into my phone. For me that’s not asking much but I have family and friends that can’t just drop $900.00 on a 256gb phone so digital real-estate is a premium for some. Then you factor in the old like my mom Paulette Nelson and my dad Bruce Nelson who get hand me down phones. That’s when things get scary. They have practically singled out the elderly and are making them pay a higher rate for food. That’s just wrong. On so many levels.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Ms. Layde
    Everytime I open up this app it’s not working properly! Just got a new phone now I’m having trouble signing in! Needs a lot of work!
  • It's All Good!!!!! 5/5

    By ThaSilentNative
    Awesomeness! Simple and Easy Thanks!!!!!
  • Hasn't worked ever 1/5

    By Joshlete
    Won't let me sign in. Cancel button doesn't work when pressed. How does this app get any good reviews? I tried it a few years ago and it didn't work then either. They haven't even updated it....
  • Loving the app 4/5

    By Kbing87
    After I figured out how to use it it's been great!
  • Still needs work 1/5

    By Multi-lingual app reviewer
    Current update: No improvement , trouble syncing. Previous update: Somewhat better in getting it to sync more quickly. See below for why it needs improvement still. Previous update: No improvement. Still difficult to sync. Same issues as before with the shopping list. Previous update: They finally did it! A separation between adding to the card and adding to the shopping list. Is it as good as before? No! In the original app that everyone wants back you went through the list of offers once and tapped once to add it to your card and a second tap to add it to your shopping list. It was so simple. Now, you go through the entire list of offers TWICE. First you go through the entire list of offers to add them to your card. Then, in a separate area, you go back through the entire list AGAIN to add anything to your shopping list. This is an unnecessary waste of time and is really poorly designed. To save time I might just keep doing my screenshot method that got me by before the separation of list and card offers. If that's the case, why did they bother? So, this app went from completely disappointing to completely happy back to well it's sort of ok I'm glad they sort of listened. Safeway please just go back to the old way. Everyone wants it back. How do we make you understand? We want the old method. Previous update: Still no way to make a separation between adding something to our card and adding something to our lists. This update was really just a formatting and layout update and did not add any major features that were not already there. I'm ambivalent to either. There is only one change of any note and I do actually like it. When using the list, you can check mark it as you go through your list. I'm not convinced I would use it since all 900+ items added to your card now show up on your list. But it would be useful if they ever go back to having the list separate from the card. So, I'll give it a half star extra for that and hope it's a hint for things to come. I will also deduct a half star since it takes much longer to sync. At first I thought it was just my slow internet speed but I've tried on 100mbps wifi and it is still slow. Previous update: NOT what we have all been waiting for! Description was very unclear and vague as to what it was updating. After doing this update and hoping it would give us the proper separation between card and list, it basically didn't change anything we can see as a user. So disappointed again. Previous update: Fixed some glitches but did not resolve the largest problem with a separate shopping list from active offers on the card. Please see below. Previous update: This update may have helped those with problems loading j4u. I was not one of them. The review below still stands. Previous update: The one feature I upgraded for was the description of "scroll less." I didn't like it at all. I've already switched back to the old way because it's faster having it in one column to tap the items on to my list. Additionally, there is nothing but problems with this version. Most of the items could not be added to my list because of "service problems." If they're not added, I don't get the offer so I'm not saving money so why would I need the app anymore? Removing the ability to have offers added to my card and, separately, my shopping list, makes the shopping list a valueless feature. When before it was what made me thrilled with the app. PLEASE do an update to correct this version or go back to the old one. We must have a way to add all offers to the card and separately a way to add certain offers to our shopping list. Otherwise this app will probably go from a daily use app to no longer being used. If I'm not using the app, I'm not saving money so why am I shopping only at Safeway? The app, the way it was, kept me shopping with you and it did its job which was a hidden source of advertising to your customers. As the app is now, that's about to dry up.
  • New update problems 1/5

    By Bow chicka
    The latest update had me re-enter my email and password but now says no phone number is associated with it so when I try to type in my number it says it’s already being used. Ugh, if you are going to do an update please retain user info and login information.
  • Buggy with latest update 1/5

    By Terrysan11
    9/26/17: I updated tonight and it shows no offers. That’s not possible, so it is apparently buggy, still. Bummer. — I agree with all previous reviews. The update is a mess. I'm so disappointed I updated. I should have read the reviews *first* Had I, I NEVER would have updated. The previous version was much better. I am no longer going to use the app since EVERYTHING I add to my card is now added to My List. Seriously, who has a shopping list with 600+ items!? 😡 I am really mad as I used to use this app every time I went to the grocery store, even when out of town.
  • User interface needs updating 2/5

    By zona06
    This is the only app on my phone that looks horrible on the retina displays. None of the user interface use properly sized design elements for these displays. The retina display has been available for many years now. It should have been addressed long ago.
  • Roosevelt Enumclaw Safeway 4/5

    By Cindylou1333
    I love this Safeway, everyone is so friendly and helpful. I would give it a five star if you had a decent deli department. I am not referring to what food is available, I am referring to the personnel who are behind the counter. I have yet to receive anything at the deli counter that didn't take at least five minutes to get. It's difficult to find someone to wait on you, and then when they do, they don't listen to what you are ordering. They repeatedly ask how much and what was it again? Overall, this is a great store. I highly recommend that you improve your deli department personnel though.
  • Bowie Safeway 5/5

    By BonnieLawson
    Love my Safeway at Bowie Town Center! Everyone is so helpful and cheerful!
  • Love this minus new "My List" 3/5

    By LeftysMom
    I love this app but not my fav since you have to add items again to My List. It use to just put items on list/card but now you have to add separate.
  • Easy app to navigate 5/5

    By Smacking the Monkey
    I like how this app has categories. Other competitors' apps have you scrolling through everything (very frustrating). If I'm just going in for cereal I can scroll to the breakfast category to see if they have any deals very easy and quick!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Izamommy4
    I can no longer sign in to my account. Maybe stop making the app log people out when they update it? I tried entering my email that is linked, but it magically can’t find me all of the sudden. I give up. Back to Fred Meyer for me!
  • Honestly it's cool 4/5

    By Carlotta Monterrey
    I like it
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By jknee06
    Makes shopping so easy.
  • Suzyw2 5/5

    By Suzyw2
    Love this app! Great savings and easy to use!
  • Grocery Shopping With Coupons Made Easy 5/5

    By StPatsGuardian
    Haven't ever been good about clipping and using coupons. Safeway's application saves me a lot of time and logistics by bringing it all together in this application. Now I can clip coupons, see sales, get free offers just for me, and track gas rewards in one easy to use iphone application. It even reminds me when something is free, and allows me to add in store unadvertised savings with a simple scan. A must have application for anyone who wants life to be easier and to keep grocery shopping simple and easy. I especially appreciate this program every time I fill up my tank at a Safeway Gas station where I usually save $1 per gallon. Every $ counts in my budget, and Safeway really goes an extra mike helping me keep money and savings in my wallet!
  • Savings that are incredible 5/5

    By Makes great sense
    My husband and love this app ! I'm able to plan my shopping trip and the rewards I get through Just 4 U are amazing!!!! My average savings are between $50-80 every time! Thank you Safeway 😃. All this and friendly , helpful employees have made us Safeway regulars !
  • Great for Saving 4/5

    By Brie R
    This app provides lots of coupons and is very functional. I love that you can scan items to see if they have discounts and that the app makes a list of the deals you add to your card. Good job Safeway!
  • Love Safeway and its' app! 5/5

    By Orakali
    This app is very easy to use and saves me substantial money!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By VSFGirl
    Works great.
  • Love It 5/5

    By okharleycowgirl
    I don't have to mess with coupons!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tmos fan in Colorado
    Easy to use and find what I need-- especially when I'm in a hurry!😊.
  • Management 5/5

    By vromero1313
    Any time I have had a problem they are always there to help me :)
  • Clip coupons from paper - more reliable 1/5

    By Randyinwa
    Been using a smart phone since 2010. This is the worst app I've ever used. Never works when I'm in the store. Rewards card and physical coupons are easier to manage, and way faster.
  • Don't waist your time. Phony app. 1/5

    By schoolp3
    The app Asks you to scan things in the store - OK I did that. But then when you go to pay what the hell do you do? Lol. Waist of time done bother.
  • It is ok 3/5

    By BAH6CC
    Safeway and it's app are ok. I do save some money but not a lot on the things I buy ever week
  • Best Grocery app... 5/5

    By Needs playlist
    Beats Raley's app by a hundred miles. Raley's app useless...Safeway app saves us a lot of gas discounts too! Don't shop without it.

Safeway app comments


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