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Safeway App

Maximize your savings with the Safeway app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now. Find your Savings: · Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout · Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire · Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app. · View your Weekly Ad Build your Shopping List: • Using your purchase history • Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials) • Adding your own items • Scan barcodes Other Features you will find: • Manage your account • Store Locator/Gas Locator • See your Rewards and Savings Summary *Some features not available in all areas.


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  • Prices? 2/5

    By happytwinsdad
    This app has a barcode scanner. It would be sooooo nice if you could scan an item in the store and immediately see its current price, whether it is on sale, BOGO etc. But NO! All you get is a message (and only if the item is on sale!) that says ‘Added to offers!’ Totally useless to the regular shopper.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    works well, and provides great savings. "Sort by aisle" is incredibly useful. Thanks!
  • Seldom works 1/5

    By Figment'06
    Would be a nice app if it worked in the stores! The store WiFi is always down, so it can’t synch, so all effort is gone when you are in the store. Blocks you from using your list!
  • App no longer helpful 1/5

    By LizzyLouHoo
    I have been a regular Von’s/Pavilions shopper for years and loved using the app for my VERY tight food budget which allowed me to know exactly what I wanted to buy and how much it would cost before I entered the store. They have recently changed it to post only coupons instead of store deals which means far fewer foods advertised and also no idea what the food costs before I visit. Without knowing, I’d have to go into the store, which I assume they believe will draw me in and buy more. Unfortunately, this simply means I no longer want to waste my time by going in to my local store. I’d rather shop at 365 and the dollar store as I at least know what the actual food price will be instead of “$0.50 off”. You just lost a loyal customer because of this nonsense. Please keep in mind the ones who use your app are those of us on a budget and I hope you’ll reconsider.
  • Needs updated 3/5

    By ALChamp79
    I should be able to pay with Apple Pay. Also, why do I have to input my password at checkout? I should be able to use my fingerprint like other modern apps.
  • Inaccurate deliveries! 1/5

    By Lily_27pink
    Spent a lot of time to carefully place an order only to receive meat gone bad and missing items. Still got charged though! Sent an email to support and their phone line was jam packed and never got through. No actual help or comment section in the app for a specific order. Pass on this!
  • Doesn’t work and can’t sign in 1/5

    By Dannyboy2016
    Tried to reset password multiple times just tells me The account doesn’t exist even though I’m resetting the password for a account sent in email form, from THEM. Not worth my time.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By Richard Brandow
    Please optimize for iPhone 7 Plus screens! Otherwise this app is awesome and I use it all the time.
  • Erm Club Card integration please. 1/5

    By Exiled Weegie
    Zero integration with your club card. Even a 6 year old child could build the club card bar code into the app.
  • Constantly glitchy 3/5

    By indiekittie26
    I love this app in what it does for me, I can check my free offers and gas rewards, but it’s constantly freezing and you are unable to scroll on it resulting in having to quit the app and re open. Every. Single. Time.
  • Need a club card barcode within app 3/5

    By Dpharm
    The app is great and I have saved a lot of money. Would be helpful if the app has a barcode associated with the club card so I can scan that instead of having to enter my phone number or pull out a physical card, like Target’s Cartwheel app. It’s part of technology to have everything stored in the phone.
  • Loyalty rewards 2/5

    By Ljgg
    The inconsistent weekly loyalty rewards have made me an inconsistent Safeway shopper. Make the “basket” offer a reasonable target each week and I’d come back.
  • Safeway insult’s customers! 1/5

    By Nick4451
    Most of the four and five star reviews must be written by Safeway employees or family members. Didn’t work on my iPhone 7 and now doesn’t work on my iPhone X! The store employees are of no help and, by attitude, let you know in no uncertain terms they don’t want to be bothered!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Sadly Safeway's app is going to the trash because it can no longer be used since they won't support older versions of iOS. It was okay when it did work...only issue at that time was that I kept accidentally saving items I didn't want when trying to scroll down and the way it was categorized was repeatitive.
  • App 2/5

    By SubstationsRule
    The new way that you have too click on the items and also on the list part is a pain and 2 out of 3 times it doesn’t take it off at the register even though I’ve done both lists It’s enough of a problem and inconvenience that I have seriously thought about shopping somewhere else, because without the just for you prices safeway doesn’t have the best prices
  • Hate having to click for sale 1/5

    By €her.
    It is SO incredibly annoying to have to take 20 minutes to find and "click" on the items you need in the app in order to get the sale price. If you miss the red "add" button, you get a pop up that you must click the X to remove. The scanner feature rarely works. How much time do you have to stand there, fiddling with an app while you get groceries? Add at least 20 minutes every time you want to go to Safeway. Or skip it and go where you can walk in and get the sale prices. I want to support my local Safeway, but the company has made it difficult. PLEASE--SAFEWAY: save yourself unnecessary costs and ditch this stupid app idea and pass the savings onto the customers!
  • Select all option 4/5

    By seeker-rocker
    Love the App but really wish there was a “Select All” option. Having to scroll through all the items is a bit tedious. Having an option to simply Select All and Add would be a big time saver!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Vi tory
    ALWAYS great deals. Also use the bar code scan on your app located in the upper right and it will automatically add the savings.. if available to your card, a wonderful Warrenton supervisor told me about this😊
  • In store action 4/5

    By J. Barr
    The app is nice, except most every time that I try to use it within my local store, it won't work
  • Update loses my inFormation AGAIN 1/5

    By 500kv
    Jeez louez, Every time they update this app, I lose all my info and can not get it back unless I call the office.
  • Saving money! 5/5

    By He joe
    I love using the Safeway app! The just for you savings is great as well.
  • Sign in 2/5

    By Colesad
    As of this last week every time I go to open my Safeway app it requires me to log back in and tells me my password is incorrect. Even after changing my password this problem continues and making me unable to use my Safeway app. Please fix the issue.
  • Alright 3/5

    By Crabby Lou
    Great savings but it would be nice if you could add everything at once rather than individually which is annoying and time consuming!
  • Love it Again! 5/5

    By Wilsonsk550
    1/5/18 Update: love this App. clip my coupons Create my shopping list of things that I might buy and then move items to the list that I'm going to buy today. App works great, locate a store works great, gas rewards are wonderful & thank you Safeway for taking my suggestion where you can now have two lists. 8/14/16 UPDATE: Used to Love It, now too time consuming!! I know better than to upload new updates, until I've read the reviews. I'm not exactly sure who tests your new builds, but they're not very good QA's. Current version has multiple bad reviews and mine is also a bad review after last year's re-update I really, really should've known better. You finally get all the fixes where the App was working wonderfully again and now it's horrible. I agree with the other review about having the red "add" items. You can't tell what coupons you've added and what ones you don't when you moving everything over to you list pain in the neck especially send your recently added never really works quite right. 3/15/15 UPDATE: I don't know what you did with this latest update, but danm! It's so slow & keeps locking up to the point of being ridiculous. Took me over an hour to load the new specials to my card. And the new feature is stupid, just because I load the coupon, doesn't mean I want it on my list for my next shopping trip. If you can't fix it then I might as well shop somewhere else as the main reason I shop at Safeway is the combination of the specials & the gas discount. 3/10/15 UPDATE: I just downloaded the latest update and I really don't like it how do I get rid of the big "+" on the bottom of my list. If I want to add something I'll add something that big "+" is just getting in the way when I'm trying to find things Original review: I love that i can add all my coupons from my phone. I would like to make a couple of suggestions. First the ability to make more than one list. Second a search feature for current price on a specific item, whether on special or not.
  • Get Updates Right 2/5

    By Aloha.boy
    I have been using the Safeway app since it was developed. Every time the app is updated something seems to go wrong. Today it is the sign in doesn’t work. Last time it was the Just4U items disappeared. Before that it was the Personalized items missing. I wish the developers would be less sloppy when updating the app. It is quite frustrating for Safeway customers.
  • Was working great but new update foiled that 3/5

    By Yhubbard
    App was great for a long time. Update they did yesterday ruined that. Now I can’t login at all.
  • Thanks for hosing the update 1/5

    By LuvsMorrissey
    Can’t login, can’t update password...test much?
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Husky woooo
    Lots of saving st the palm of you hand I love gas savings.👍🏻
  • Awesome Customer Service at Swan and Sunrise in Tucson AZ 5/5

    By BeauNV
    Those include Levi, Michael, Ann, Jill, Arial, Jameson, all the produce crew and cashiers. Always with smiles and extremely helpful to Olivia and I when we need assistance! Kudos to the entire team! They deserve more than just a pizza party! Management be good to your team you should be so grateful!
  • My list 3/5

    By Mama Jacks
    Would like to choose things only once. I lost many deals because I missed a step of adding to card. Bad enough I must go online to get my deals.
  • Safeway Marysville Washington 5/5

    By Lizziebooshaka
    I love Safeway here in Marysville everyone is so nice! Except for.....just kidding everyone is great!
  • Sky 3/5

    By AngryHearts101
    Love the app but the only issue is when I get inside Safeway to access it... most of the time there’s no signal! 95% of the time.
  • I love to save money 5/5

    By Joy Pulos
    I love this app it makes my shopping easier and more organized plus it saves me more money as well on top of the everyday club prices’
  • Save $ easy 5/5

    By wakk00
    Every time I shop at Safeway there is something in my basket that I find savings on in the app . I just wish stores had better WiFi
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lupiesco
    I like because is close the my house is very accessible and I find all the things
  • Happiness 5/5

    By Dannyr4712
    Love my Safeway app !♥️🙌🏽💲💲💲💲✔️
  • Miss my ad 2/5

    By nanamation
    Wish I could see everything on sale
  • U coupons? 3/5

    By emabini
    I don't get why I have to 'add' items to get the extra savings. If I've already signed up for the Sfy card, can't you just automatically apply the savings once their available? I just see it as time consuming and extra hassle.
  • Safeway is my go to store 5/5

    By Green Drink Hub
    I can always count on Safeway and always shop there first. There are a few specialty items I get at other stores or Costco in bulk but I do the vast majority of my shopping at Safeway at 48th Street and Indian school Road. I'm rarely disappointed and if I ever do have a concern they are friendly and quick to resolve whatever issue I have. What more could you ask for the local store?
  • Great store my favorite 5/5

    By Grnica
    Clean and friendly store best in the whole town love this store
  • Easy way to save! 5/5

    By Stiney Beany
    I like the search feature, so I can see if what I'm going in to buy is on sale. Also love the occasional free item deals and specials. Easy to add deals to my card right as I am shopping :o) and easiest way to clip coupons!
  • Thank you for iPhone X Support! 5/5

    By sonic_tonic
    The app is looking good!
  • Can't open the app inside the store 1/5

    By nomotrump
    The app is OK but what good is "my list" if you can't open the app inside the store? All product selection must be made before entering the store, then paper and pencil just like the old days. That's efficient! I also resent the fact that Safeway's oldest customers who may not use a smart phone get screwed. They don't get the deals but the 15 yo does. Nice way to reward customers who have been lifelong Safeway shoppers.
  • Well Done! 5/5

    By Sudz Terkel
    I’ve been a Safeway customer for many years and have recently downloaded your App. It’s a very well designed and useful tool which makes my trips to your store more successful and efficient; I rarely overlook items I’d intended to buy. Keep up the good work!
  • Great 5/5

    By wightrock
    You guys are the best store in the world.
  • Just for you. 4/5

    By charcs2010
    Have used this app for years. Don't like the "Add" going to my "List" automatically. Liked it better when I could choose to "Add" to "List".
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Natedawgz14
    Love this app
  • Saves me $$$ 5/5

    By Alwayscashless
    The app is great for reminding me of things I need, plus it saves me money on items I buy most often. The biggest savings is on gas when I earn 10 to 40 cents off per gallon. My car requires premium gas, so it can be huge savings.
  • All is fine. 4/5

    By HJJ's
    Safeway is great b
  • Making shopping easier 5/5

    By Pdxlake
    I like the convenience of the app in tracking items I buy and letting me know when they are on special! I also enjoy the ease of selecting onto my card and getting the prices at checkout!

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