Sam’s Club Scan & Go

Sam’s Club Scan & Go

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Sam’s Club Scan & Go App

Shop and scan, pay and go. Download Sam’s Club Scan and Go and save time! Shop and scan item barcodes, save money, pay easily and beat the checkout lines. Wholesale savings, deals and offers are yours when shopping at your local club, and with Sam’s Club Scan and Go app not only do you save money but you also save time. Shop, scan barcodes with the item scanner, pay fast and save money on wholesale items. Shop and pay at checkout with the app: your payment receipt will appear on your phone. Show it to the exit greeter and you’ll beat any long checkout lines. Scan and Go – How the pay fast and time saving app works: 1. Barcode scan: Scan each item’s barcode in the store with the item scanner. 2. Payment: Pay fast for wholesale items directly in the app. It’s a time saver. 3. Wholesale savings: Pay fast by showing your digital payment receipt to the exit greeter. Wholesale shopping savings – the top reasons to use Sam’s Club Scan and Go app: 1. Scan barcodes with the item scanner, pay fast and save time by skipping the club’s checkout lanes. 2. Save money with wholesale deals at Sam’s Club. 3. Wholesale item time saver: If you’ve forgotten an item, just rush back and use the barcode scan. Don’t wait in the checkout line again. 4. Savings with control: take charge of your shopping experience. Scan and Go features: Payment Made Easy: - Pay fast and easily with the Sam’s Club Scan and Go app. Scan barcodes and save time while shopping: - Scan barcodes with the app’s item scanner as you add items to your cart. - No barcodes? Quickly look up items with the "Find an Item" feature. Club’s offers Scan and Go to all members: - Free to all Sam's Club members. - Available in all U.S. clubs. Check out the app and don’t forget – you can share it with your friends and neighbors.


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Sam’s Club Scan & Go app reviews

  • Love this time saver!!! 5/5

    By Snomom6
    First time using, and it saved me a ton of time since I avoided the long checkout lines. Definitely look forward to using this handy app again!
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By TGRobby
    I love the Sam's Club Scan & Go app! It saves time and hassle. My favorite part is the digital receipts. I can always reference back for prices or if I need to return. It is so much easier than keeping paper receipts. I am at Sam's Club a lot, so I have probably used the app a couple of hundred times. There have just been a couple of times that it didn't recognize the store I was in and do I have to restart the app. But other than that I have not had any problems. I do have a few suggestions to make it even better... #1 I wish we could scan in a paper receipt in order to keep a digital copy. Sometimes you have to go through the line to use cash, gift cards or to buy something with special pricing. The Walmart app does it, so I am hoping Sam's club will follow soon. #2 It would be great if we could give nicknames to different payment methods. I have several different payment methods set up for different reasons. I can usually recognize the last four digits, but it would make it even easier to see "personal", "business" etc. #3 I would love to be able to load a gift card balance as a payment method.
  • Excellent time saver! 5/5

    By ravesmum
    Very easy to use. Scanning was a breeze and efficient. Love it!
  • Works even better than expected 5/5

    By Buffalo Ed
    This app is so helpful. I use to dread the long check out lines at Sams. Self check out helped, but this app eliminates the whole process. You just have to point your camera near the bar code as you load your cart and it finds the item’s code. It shows a picture if the item you scanned and the pricing. When done hit the check out button, it charges your saved credit card, and gives a summary bar code that they scan off your phone at the exit door. I check out while walking toward the exit. The app keeps a list of previous receipts on your phone for later access. Great app Sams Club!
  • So quick 5/5

    By Onlyhuman79
    Best app ever to get in & out of SAM'S fast!
  • Goodbye long Lines!!! 5/5

    By Gumbo Gal
    So far so good the week of Thanksgiving !!I was dreading it use the app for the first time it was so easy !!!!
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By SlimeLimey
    Tried this app several times and each time it say, cannot complete proceed to register. Then have to scan everything again. Each time it has doubled the time spent rather than speeding it up. Complete fail, fix it Walmart
  • Can’t login to new version 1/5

    By Dale gems
    I loved this app until the last update. Now I can’t login. App shows my email address, but won’t take my password. When trying to reset password my email address is prepopulated in the email address field, but I get an error saying my email address is invalid. Major app update fail. Better testing needs done before rolling out updates.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Teenyowl
    Way to go Sam's!!! Super easy!!! Literally scanned my items as I put them in the cart and showed the bar code on the way out!!! No lines!!!!

    By Lizard131313
    Awesome app! Only way I will go to Sams anymore because of the long lines! Thanks for Scan and Go!
  • It's easy peasy. To easy spend more:-( 5/5

    By TJ Masters
    App works great!
  • Love the App! 5/5

    By Sarge USMC 6531
    The app is incredibly easy to use and we didn't have to wait in the super long line. I'll definitely be using the app from now on. Costco needs to get on board! 👍😬
  • Inconvenient returns 3/5

    By Dis-satisfied download
    If you do not have the device used to purchase, you do not have access to the receipt. You need to be able to access all receipts for the account.
  • Nice 5/5

    By SMFB8
    App worked great. Knew what I was spending as I scanned. Paid on my phone & out the door no problem.
  • Works almost perfectly! 4/5

    By Yambor44
    I’ve used this twice now and it is very fast! Love that I can track how much I’ve spent so far as I go. The only snag I’ve found is waning my credit card. I thought the first time it was due to the newer cards without raised numbers on the front. Second time I tried a different card with the older styled raised letters and it doesn’t scan. I’ve manually entered my card each time as the app doesn’t save it (Nice safety feature for me)and that went flawlessly and quicker than I thought. Love the app! Can’t wait for other grocery stores to catch up!
  • The hardest part about using this app... 5/5

    By Rosco2324 keeping a straight face as you waltz past the people who are using the checkout lines. I am always in favor of anything that eliminates an interaction with an underpaid, indifferent employee. This app is the best thing about shopping at Sam’s. Without it, you will no longer fear Hell, because it’s exactly like shopping there without this app. Do they give Nobel’s in app development? They should.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By xoluckii
    More stores should do this. Makes shopping a breeze. I scan the products as I put them in my cart and don't have to wait in long lines to check out.
  • This app is fantastic 5/5

    By Mestriker
    Love this app. I use this every time I shop at Sam’s club . Only had 2 times is didn’t work when I went to pay. Absolutely love the convenance of this app! No more lines ! I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for creating it.
  • Moving on up!! 5/5

    By Philshe
    This app does everything it says, very very helpful!!!!
  • Value! 5/5

    By nathan_1987_doan
    Loving the smoked salmon and values here and great gasoline 91 premium thanks sam. Also thanks for the scholarship i got from ccc 😁
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Lambertjk
    The lines were soooooo long. I scanned my item and paid on phone. Showed at door and was out. Saved so much time
  • No lines!! 5/5

    By Yodaddy31
    Love this!
  • Bocrealv 4/5

    By bocrealv
    Love the ability to be able to checkout as you go. The only problem I had was paying! My total purchase was 460.00. The for if payment I had stored in my application didn’t have enough on it so it gave it an error! So that’s the only reason I wouldn’t give a 5. My items had to be scanned again at checkout.
  • Glitches Galore 2/5

    By Nini-atlanta
    Worked great in the beginning. Now all of a sudden store workers are unable to scan receipts.They make you stand to the side while everyone else who has a paper receipt gets to exit the store. I may as well stand in line at the checkouts if you’re going to be inconvenienced me exiting the store.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Nutcracker1
    It did not accept my security code from my Visa preferred form of payment. Was unable to set up.
  • Great 5/5

    By Make these plz
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  • Scan and go app at Sam's Club 5/5

    By dvpappas
    This app was very easy to use and saved me a lot of time.
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By Matthew Egan
    I was the liability here because I had to remind myself to stop and scan the items, it was much smarter than I was.
  • A great app..! What a time saver..! Love it..! 5/5

    By Gladacya
    I absolutely love this app. It is especially helpful in saving time. Just as it says, you scan the items as you go and with the tap of a button, you charge what you have scanned. Skip the checkout line, as you have already paid and head for the door where you show them the receipt on your phone and away you go. Need to make a return..? All your receipts are in the app. Can’t say enough. So far I am very pleased and thankful.
  • Scan and go is great! 5/5

    By Jazzy in NY
    The best thing Sam’s club could ever do! Because of this convenience people will want to shop more in the stores. I know I do. I can’t wait every time to shop at Sam’s. It could get quite costly though!
  • Error 01 code please use a register 1/5

    By Monsterlowcarb7
    What’s the point of having this app if I keep getting this 01 code please use a register. And the worst part is no one knows at Sam clubs what it is
  • Wonderful app, BUT... 4/5

    By Bobbo605
    I would love not only the ability to create my shopping list within the app, but aisle numbers and actual aisle locations so I don’t spend a half hour looking for something. Especially when each store has a different layout. It makes me crazy trying to find something at a different store, especially when I’m in a hurry!
  • It's missing one thing 3/5

    By Hippocrates1985
    I loved it but I wish that you guys could you let us checkout using gift cards.
  • Not Accepting Payment 1/5

    By shortbrowniecakes
    Recently stopped accepting my payments. Love the app when it worked. I easily tire and it helped me get my shopping done quickly.
  • Would be even better with Apple Pay 4/5

    By moiety5
    Why not have Apple Pay?
  • No no no 4/5

    By Cluedo Man
    Absolutely no do not take away the sign in feature.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cherylkayr
    This app saves so much time. It is awesome!!!
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By IT.Phil
    What is long lines it was just like checking out at Starbucks
  • ❤️ this app 4/5

    By MVdD191018
    We love this. The only complaint or update that is desperately needed is to be able to put names to the credit cards. I hate trying to remember which number is which card. Change this and I will give 5 stars.
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By WattsFaimly
    Love this app
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Tsaf4
    I love this app. My husband got me to use it. It’s easy and convenient.
  • Ace app 5/5

    By daldasouqi
  • Bravo!! 5/5

    By Brodie lover
    This is awesome! Thank you for making my shopping easier!!
  • Wow!!! Fast, fast, fast! 5/5

    By Golfnutt14
    This has got to be one of the best inventions for convenience of all time! Not having to wait in the lines especially if you need just a few items. Great job on this app!
  • Good idea poorly executed 2/5

    By iGirl1
    It seems to work OK but the major problem is requiring the credentials to be entered over and over again without remembering, staying logged in or using fingerprint verification. This is a problem. It’s easier to just take your card and go through the self check out line and beep the items in your cart rather than have to sit there and type all of your credentials into your phone because it can’t remember them. It’s an app not ready for prime time.
  • Beat the lines 5/5

    By MagsDadpie
    Awesome way to skip lines and get a history of purchases. Not one complaint, probably the only app on my phone of which that's true.
  • Very fast service 5/5

    By tos2ken
    I was introduced t this new method of shopping and I must say I was truly impressed. I do enjoy the option of skipping the line now that Christmas is approaching. And I enjoyed the experience of in/out so quickly because I was short on time. However there is no paper receipt so I have to figure that part out for business purposes. Overall I truly love this new idea and have shared it on Facebook
  • Incredible Time Saver 5/5

    By Ssbe93
    Bypass the lines. In and out. Works perfect every time.
  • Why doesn’t Costco have one of these? 5/5

    By drbrousters
    Absolutely THE best way to shop a warehouse store. After a fairly easy set up, it works perfectly. Very pleased I found this app.
  • No iPay 1/5

    By weeklySamsShopper
    Useless until Apple iPay is added.

Sam’s Club Scan & Go app comments


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