Sam's Club: Wholesale and Bulk

Sam's Club: Wholesale and Bulk

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  • Current Version: 17.10.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sam’s Club
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sam's Club: Wholesale and Bulk App

Download the Sam’s Club app to shop member-exclusive wholesale prices, access your Plus member cash rewards, see your Instant Savings and more. Discover fresh finds in the grocery section, top electronics, stylish apparel, home goods and more, available for Club Pickup at your local club. You can even refill prescriptions at the pharmacy and print photos, all from the app. Save time and money! Top 3 reasons to download the Sam's Club app: 1. Shop new limited-time Shocking Values daily 2. Access your plus member Cash Rewards and see your Instant Savings 3. Find a club near you and save time when you order with Club Pickup Short on time? Use the app to check in when you pick up your next Club Pickup order. Shopping in club? Download the Scan & Go app to beat the checkout line.


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Sam's Club: Wholesale and Bulk app reviews

  • Too slow 1/5

    By Pegsy J
    I want to pick the items up today, not tomorrow. They don’t give the option to pick up same day. Target does! Target sends a text when the order is ready for pick up. Even during the Christmas season, Target had my order ready in an hour! Also, the one time I used the pick up at Store option, I had to wait for someone to come to the register set aside for pick up. If I weren’t in a hurry, I wouldn’t have used shop online and pick up in store! Now I know it’s faster to shop in person and not use shop online. Improvements: 1) Same day pick up; 2) Scan and Go option.
  • Stop working after one use 1/5

    By Kagome1983
    I used it for the scan and go so I didn’t have to go through the long lines but after using it once it stopped working. I’ve tried it on two separate occasions and nothing so I deleted.
  • You close the store, I delete the app. 1/5

    By Donlay
    Very disappointed in this corporate decision.
  • disappeared 1/5

    By mattnorton2u
    I had items saved in my cart. When I arrived at the store the app wanted me to sign back in and now all the items are gone.
  • Full of glitches. Zero stars. -0. Dismal 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Outdated app. outdated stores which is why so many are closing. Ridiculous shipping charges on items.
  • Logs out too often 1/5

    By Wilmbren
    Every single time I log into the app, it makes me log back in. To make matters worse, if I go out of the app for 10 minutes it logs me out again. And it doesn’t even remember my log in name. This is getting far too inefficient and inconvenient to use and people will not adopt to using the app because of this.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JGao
    Every time I try to add something to my cart it says “something went wrong, please try again”
  • Can’t use app to check out 1/5

    By ScreenReaderUser
    Updated on January 11 2018. Maybe Sams club should take lessons fromt he Walmart app. It seems to work well and they are responsive to correcting problems with the app. Hi I am a screenreader user and every time Sams updates this app it gets more unuseable for those of us with screenreaders. Now when I add items to the cart I can no longer view my cart and tell what’s in there. I’ve talked to Sams about their lack of accessibility but they just don’t seem to care. What’s with this. May be time to get a membership at some other club. How do I make them understand that it is important not to descriminate against those of us who depend on screenreaders. I cannot give this app more than a 0 rating since I can’t use it to effectively check out.
  • What 1/5

    By Nc1236
    What is going on since the updates please fix
  • Won’t Update Membership 1/5

    By Kabbry
    I haven’t had a Sam’s card in years. Ordered one online and downloaded the app. The app apparently picked up my old membership from at least five years ago and now won’t update to the new card. Extremely frustrating!
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By M2r4b
    After using the APP successfully for years, I was suddenly locked out. Called Customer Service and was told tech support would contact me within two weeks. WAITING.
  • Log off option 1/5

    By River Dawg
    There is no log off option leaving all personal info to whoever picks up your device. This is a serious issue that needs addressing more than immediately.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By EmLyk
    Only works 20% if the time. Gives you error stating there was a problem try again. You try and and get error message over and over.
  • Keeps saying I need to renew! 1/5

    By schoolgirl4
    I have renewed online and had them check it in the store but the app won’t let me purchase anything because it says I need to renew my membership. The store doesn’t know how to correct it on the app. Frustrating!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By 1Emme
    Photo ordering on this app is impossible. Between time-outs, not accepting my accurate log-in, and wait time, this app is a total waste-of-time for pictures. I’m ordering from CVS 😉!
  • Can’t log out 1/5

    By jdiz4riz
    There is no way to log out of the app. I logged in with the wrong credentials and now the app is useless.
  • Not for me 1/5

    By sfhaz
    I tried this with the sole purpose of not having to go in. Not only did I have to go in I had to wait 20 minuets for them to get my order together, even though I received a text hours earlier that my order was ready. The website is not clear on how it actually works. I made the comment to employee that I thought it was curb side and she said, “ this is not Walmart”. All I could do was laugh since Walmart owns SAMS.
  • This Could be a Great Ap 2/5

    By Need Stmts Visable
    There have been improvements with expanding statements on iPhone software where two finger expands the statement so it’s large enough to read. Please add fingerprint ID p/w for ease as all other bank apps allow this. I still have a 50/50 chance of the ap opening to my account as half the time I get “something went wrong login again”....when that happens the ap is now dead to login and I then go to the desktop login on phone from a browser—only way to get to my account when that happens—also unnecessary security issues with SAMS chip card, so am forced to use competitors cards at W~Mart.
  • No longer browse 1/5

    By mistyinca
    Tell me how do you browse to find sheets now? The categories have been reduced down to eliminate most. On the website there’s a “see more” at the end of the category list. But not in the app. This makes the app completely useless!!! Why would we use this over the website now? Dumb! You should be fired!!!
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Lilred127
    Sometimes it lets me and sometimes (98%) of the time says , there was a problem with the information you provided, please go back and try again....but the info is programmed in so I don’t even type, so how is there a problem? FIX THIS!!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Marypkeet
    Just needed 3 items. Scanned them in ok, but when I went to checkout it didn’t function. The sam’s club employee said it wasn’t working. So.....disappointed
  • Not valid for Mexico members 3/5

    By Jxdithh
    I currently got my membership in Mexico but won’t let me sign in.
  • Never mind 4/5

    By keeso
    I found it!!!😬
  • Kind of shady... 2/5

    By Omg 5368
    This app is great and I would have given it 5 stars except there is one problem. I had opted out of auto renew since the moment I got my membership but somehow it keeps getting turned on. The first time i noticed it I just thought the app reset or something and maybe it was just a fluke but i just checked it again and sure enough auto renew was set to on. I don’t appreciate being given the option to opt out of something just to have them decide for me. No thanks. I like shopping at Sams so they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I will renew my membership however if this problem isn’t fixed I will not be renewing my membership when that time comes.
  • couldn't use gift card 2/5

    By E Etta Etta
    stupid app does not let you use their own gift card
  • Terrible!!! 1/5

    By Ruptecht
    Don't update if you don't have too it doesn't scan anything!!! The old version was way better!!!!! It scanned really easy. So disappointing
  • Sign Out...? 1/5

    By MissAmStar
    I can’t sign out of my account through. We have multiple memberships for different household members and I want to add mine but I can sign out of my parent’s account. Also, tried to order something that had an instant savings but when I went to check out, I was being charged regular price. Please fix
  • Broken link to credit services. 2/5

    By BitterJake
    Since the latest release, I can no longer access “Sam’s club credit services”. It always returns the message “ There is a problem with the information you provided. Please go back and try again“. I had no issues in the past and can access credit card info via full website.
  • Credit card services could be better 2/5

    By ErickSp787
    I order a tablet on the app and i ended up calling them cause they wouldn’t send me the tablet without speaking to me! Got it almost 2 weeks later! Also would be nice to be able to pay ur credit card in the app without opening another page! Or just make a app only for the sams club credit card! Thanks hope u guys read and make the app better!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Omnivic
    I tried to put my Sam’s Club credit card in only to be told my city I live doesn’t match my zip code. After that it won’t let me add the three digit number on the back of the card. Oh well, Sam’s Club is big enough to lose a few sales I guess.
  • List Disappears 2/5

    By Jtnroo
    I have twice now created a shopping list and the app closes. I go back in and my list is gone! Very frustrating! Please Fix!!!
  • Quit working after latest update 1/5

    By Iamb.a.d.
    I had great luck with the app originally. I placed an order then pick up at he store. Very convenient. But after the update I went into my account to change me credit card and it will not accept the security code number from the back of the card. I put it in then when I check out it says I didn’t put it in. Tried multiple times - infuriating.
  • Love the app. No waiting in line 4/5

    By Rhdez
    So far everything has been great love the app. Love not waiting in line. Except for the rare crash of the app everything has been great.
  • Absolutely Perfect 😍😍😍 5/5

    By phoenixbby
    It lets me pick up and pay online or in person so I was able to use my debit or SNAP. No other grocery store does that.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Bob in Brighton
    Insists on putting either 2 or 0 on shopping list. If item is available online, it adds one for the store and one for online. If not available online, quantity shows 0. Not very helpful.
  • Will not save club I select 1/5

    By GmanN8604
    After I have set my Club, I try to select an item and it will not let me add it to my cart to ship or pick up in store. When I select Ship it or Pick it up the app asks me to select a club. Once I select my club again, it asks me to again select my club.
  • No customer service for this app 1/5

    By samssucks
    I use this app to check my credit card balances. I recently changed my password & do not have any access to my credit card services to be able to check my balance. Absolutely no customer service or support. I have texted for help & get no response. I have to call synchrony credit services & waste 5-10 min just to get through there automated voice system, just to get my balance.
  • SLOW 1/5

    By Coffee Guy CA
    Slow and constantly logs out, Even in the middle of an order. Sometimes just stops working and have to go to PC to do the order. I have very fast internet. All these problems are on the server side. Change location and it will change back to the old location without letting you know— so you go to the wrong store
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By jonsworld
    I like the app enough, but I think the that stupid sidebar shouldn’t be there when one is browsing through a particular section. You should be able to look through the “electronic” section and see the whole page, not 3/4’s of it. Just don’t like the sidebar....
  • Most frustrating app EVER! 1/5

    By ParisToo
    Had to keep re-entering ALL personal info over & over again because the app had the hic-coughs, and wouldn’t let me get through to the end, if I didn’t allow them to ALWAYS notify me.
  • How to fix the app? Uninstall 1/5

    By dave2780
    The concept is good. Whoever updates the info is totally incompetent. I tried to order an item through the app but from cart to checkout the price changes. Not the price of the item, but the shipping had 3 different prices, and even the tax changed. The scanner is a good idea since the store often doesn’t have a tag, or the sales tags, but the scanner doesn’t recognize the item, even if you input the UPC manually. I don’t understand why the complete, correct information cannot be input into the app.
  • New To Sam’s 4/5

    Very Easy to use, Amazing deals. However, I am new to Sam’s Club, and I was kind of all over the store when I first went, it would be very helpful if the app could tell you where you can find an item for your store location. For example Detergent is in Aisle 7, Beverages are in Aisle 4. Thats would be very helpful for the newcomers.
  • Irritated 1/5

    By wishing we had a costco!
    This app is useless!! It does not help save me any time. I add the items to my cart and it changes the quantity so I end having to sort thru it all at pickup, that is when the app actually works! Would not recommend using this. The scan and go app is the most helpful! I feel very frustrated because I would really like to have my order ready for me to pickup it would save so much time!!
  • Annoying ads make me want to cancel my membership 1/5

    By Mb126
    I seriously am thinking about cancelling my membership because of the annoying ads.
  • Seriously the best shopping 5/5

    By realjassua
    Sam’s club been around like forever and I find it the best store for everything
  • Hb 1/5

    By O'Villa
    Can you make payments on this app ??
  • Bad. Just go in store 1/5

    By Stairmastergirl
    Terrible app. Doesn’t work!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Danpp
    You’d think by paying for a membership you could get a working App, however my wife can login online but app doesn’t recognize our membership.
  • Tire Selection 2/5

    By LJB-AK
    In mobile App Selection of tires it does not show 2018 vehicles. Also Subaru is not shown for auto manufacturers. Keyboard & Comments are not shown at same time. It is not shown when trying to send comments back to Sams Club
  • REVIEW 1/5

    By Not applicable12345567890
    Since I am unable to access your new and improved site, I am less than enthusiastic.

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