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Scholastic Book Fairs

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  • Compatibility: Android
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Scholastic Book Fairs App

Enhance your Scholastic Book Fair experience! Not sure if a book is age appropriate for your child? Simply scan a book cover or barcode at the Book Fair to find out. Get additional book details such as author videos, award winners and podcasts. Plus, view recommendations for similar titles. Add titles to a wish list - many are available for purchase. Get more information about a book such as: - Reading levels - Age and grade - Book summary, price - Videos, podcasts, awards - Recommended or similar titles The Scholastic Book Fair app features the ability to create a wish list of titles. Many books are available for purchase, subject to inventory availability. PRIVACY STATEMENT: This app allows our Scholastic Book Fairs customers to search for books or scan a book’s cover, bar code, or QR code, using your mobile device’s camera, in order to view information related to the book. This app includes a wish list feature, where students and adults can create lists of books of interest to them. Adults can purchase books through the Scholastic Book Fair of their choice, by linking toScholastic Online Book Fairs at or in the case of Storia eBooks, the Scholastic Store Online at Adults are asked to select their Scholastic Book Fair by using their mobile device’s GPS tools or by entering a zip code. We ask users to do this so the school can earn rewards from Scholastic for the purchases made, and so that we know where to ship purchases. We do not save the GPS or zip code information. Each Scholastic Book Fair has an ID number in our system, and we do save the Scholastic Book Fair ID that is ultimately selected through the Fair check-in process. Adults have the option of using a built-in Twitter or Facebook feature to share that they have checked in at the local Scholastic Book Fair. Scholastic does not save any information about these Twitter or Facebook accounts through these widgets. Within the app, we may ask for (but do not save) a user’s date of birth to determine whether it’s appropriate for a child to use a particular feature. This app does not ask for personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, and we will not intentionally collect any. Additionally, Scholastic uses tracking technologies to determine how our app is being used by our visitors and to improve and customize it for our users. We use third party service providers to assist us in collecting and understanding app usage information. This data is stored anonymously and in aggregate and is not associated with any specific customer. To read the full privacy policy for the app, go to To read Scholastic's complete online privacy policy, please visit Developer: Scholastic Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, New York 10012 Operators: Scholastic Book Fairs, Inc., 1080 Greenwood Boulevard, Lake Mary, FL 32746 Scholastic Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, New York 10012 App Customer Service: 877-627-2515 or Privacy Related Questions: Scholastic Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 800-SCHOLASTIC or


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Scholastic Book Fairs app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By popeymom
    Tried several books and all I got was an Error code. Waste of my time
  • 🤔ummmmmm 3/5

    By cool but i want something
    It’s good and It gets a bit of books for me but it doesn’t let you download the library book. Please add more
  • This is full of bugs 1/5

    By Gabrielle2006
    This app is full of bugs don't install it crashes you'll end up going to the store to get your phone treatment so you don't have a virus and it won't stay up with flyers and it wastes storage on your phone the bar code dose not work this app is built to hack your phone be honest do you want a virus or someone hacking in to your photos and text messages I don't think so don't get this app😡 this is all the info I've read and I read every one
  • HML 2/5

    By Rating Pended
    Just heck my life
  • Can't get information on AR levels 1/5

    By Pattycov
    As a librarian, I specifically downloaded this app to scan books to retrieve AR information. Every time I scan the book's barcode, I get an error message. The books I'm testing the app on are definitely AR books so I don't understand what the problem is. I even took the suggestion in the problem solving section about turning off wi-fi and using cellular data to no avail. Would love some feedback, Scholastic.
  • No sound 2/5

    By Tinytiffy2k
    Works great as far as scanning books, giving videos and info about the books...the downside...there is no sound! Once that's fixed I'll add stars!

    By Jesslove1
    This app is for ordering books for your children. This is the same as receiving those book order flyers your kids get at school. Great app, I can order books for my kids when "cash" is not available, I can just order it trough the app and she will receive it at school so it's very convenient for me.
  • HORRABLE 1/5

    You HAVE to buy a book,that stink. I wish you only borrow it like its a library
  • Book fair info only. Use web for orders. 2/5

    By LoveTheBoys
    This app is good to get information on books WHILE at the book fair. If you want to order stuff, you can add it to your cart but you will not know if it's in stock until checkout. You also cannot access the school's wishlist. Great interface for getting information. Easy to use. Pretty useless if you can't access wishlist or don't know what's in stock until you checkout.
  • Not the best representation of Scholastic 5/5

    By Malted2480
    Being able to select books is excellent. The images are bright and colorful the descriptions are wonderful, the actual mechanics of ordering is very easy. This is a wonderful application for easily ordering children's books.
  • School 2/5

    By Clmoguin
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Seb z🦁
    I can't get the book I own to my library I think even a amateurs app would be better I already own the book PS I like you but I can't get it on my library because you have to buy it even know I bought it at my book fair this app is a total rip off I hate it😤😡😤😡😤😡
  • Errors out 1/5

    By Heyydave
    First time using the app. It gave me an error. Tried it on other books it would close the app with an error. Sorry. Bad app.
  • Lurmy 1/5

    By Jerijay
  • This is a SCHOOL BOOK FAIR app to BUY BOOKS with. 4/5

    By lavenderlily3
    This app is a SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR app for those who don't understand the app title. Where did wolfkiller get the idea that it is a READING app that reads books to a person?? It does NOT say it is a READING app. READ THE TITLE people!! This app lets you BUY book fair books WITH THE APP and the books are sent to the school. This app does what it says it does. It does nothing else but offer book fair books and give reading levels of each book. It also lets a person put books in a wish list to buy anytime, which is awesome. It does not offer books to download and read to you because it is a SCHOOL BOOK FAIR APP to BUY BOOKS with. It says that in the title, people. If you want an app to read books to you, try Audible. :)
  • Awful 1/5

    By Wolfkiller1800
    This was awful I thought this was great but it only reviews.I thought they read it to you
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Tazzyhawk
  • awful 1/5

    By deryuginarina
    this one is of bad quality
  • Frequent errors 2/5

    By Rex:Bibendi
    Works about half the time
  • Works about 20% of the time 1/5

    By This app is ridiculous. ----
    This app only scans books every so often. I just use a book finder on line. The bar code scanner gave me an error EVERY time.
  • 0 out of 5 for me 1/5

    By Disappointedmccainmecain
    I'd give it 0 stars if I could, as I never even got to use it! I couldn't get it to work correctly even once! I tried changing approach - cover, QR, barcode - all I got was an error screen. Tried changing the lighting, thinking it couldnt scan books due to that - still got an error message. Couldn't even get it to scan books at our schools end of the year SCHOLASTIC book fair. Very disappointed as it seems like such a great resource, but the app if FULL of bugs.
  • I luv it 5/5

    By Maiya_05
    This is good because I can get books for AR(accelerated reader) and get a good book
  • Stories covered in Life Lessons 5/5

    By 21ofall
    The app made things easier, makes me proud to be a student
  • Meh 2/5

    By Cherry-Stem
    It was ok I guess
  • Gave me Radiation Poisoning 1/5

    By Avavadvafbafbsb
    It started with our announcement at school. "Check out the book fair app!" Those six words passed through my minds as I felt a wave of radiation pass over my body. This app gave me that kind of cancer that you get from standing too close to a microwave oven.
  • Awful 1/5

    By 8ofhearts
    This is the most unless app ever. I get an error message saying trouble detecting network connection. Yet there are no connection issues. I do not recommend this app.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By jeuels
    This is not a functional app. It wants you to scan codes or enter search options. Ideally it would be nice to enter in your schools information and search through the books that are available at the fair since the flyer that is sent home is just as useless as this app.
  • App 5/5

    By Dominator134355
    This app works so great and I love to read
  • Doesn't work. 1/5

    By HANNAH 267
    The scanner does not work😡. The books that I have at my book fair aren't online☹️.
  • Waste time 1/5

    By S00666
    It doesn't work. I can't find any books.
  • Set up account 1/5

    By mommacarla
    Won't let me set up account so I can purchase books try to set up put everything in and won't do anything and also tried through Facebook and still wouldn't work my kids a very disappointed cause the books they want are sold out at schools
  • What a useless app 1/5

    By irishnyc
    There's no way to see what is available at your child's book fair. It's only for scanning books in front of you at the book fair. Isn't that what the description on the back cover is for?
  • A idea start but...... 3/5

    By Ladedadwdadeda
    Love the idea. The kids loved scanning the books. I had about 5 out of 21 have some issues scanning, but I think a lot of that was our wireless. We eventually got all to scan either cover or bar code. The app needs some improvements for elementary classroom use. The biggest problem I had with it is that the only way to send to parents is email or print. We don't have wireless printers and and you have to be 13 to email which elementary students are not. If there were other send options like google drive or notability then I, the teacher, could access and send on to parents. What would be really great is if you could load your class and there lists would got to a class roster. The teacher could see the wish lists of everyone in the class and choose to share with parents from there.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By ZuriB
    It keeps telling me that it can't connect to my wireless network. Not helpful for purchasing books at this time. Please fix.
  • Does not work!!! 1/5

    By Always Busy and On the Go
    Does not scan barcodes or covers. Very frustrating.😠
  • Waste my time and battery 1/5

    By Not_a_FB_junkie
    Attempted to label daughters library for AR levels...scanner didn't recognize 1 book...even with the red Scholastic label...gone!!
  • Meh 1/5

    By Temomma5
    Not what I was promised on the pamphlet thing I've got. Even the one feature this thing has stopped working after 2 tries :/
  • Scholastic Book Fair 1/5

    By Ingie912
    Worst app ever! Useless to use unless you are physically at the fair! If I could give it less then 1 star - I would!
  • Terrible!!! 1/5

    By Devans63014
    If I could give it zero stars I would. Just wasted 30 min trying to order 4 books and after all info entered INCLUDING my credit card # it gave me an error code that it just couldn't seem to find a network connection for my device. I'm at home on my WiFi and my connection is fine. I've tried using this app in the past WITHOUT success. It garbage. Don't waste your time.
  • Useless 1/5

    By vdrama
    Easy to search but it will not allow me to add anything to a cart making it essentially useless.
  • Do not get 1/5

    By DareBare13
    This app is crap. You cannot do ONE THING on here without it saying NO BOOO RESULTS. Like how am I supposed to get the info I need but the stupid app never works! Terribly Disappointing!! 😤😤
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By Stave75
    Couldn't scan barcodes but was able to scan the occasional cover successfully. Deleted
  • Worst app. Doesn't work. 1/5

    By ChicagoLil
    It does not work. After 3 failed attempts, at various stages of the checkout process, I can't do it again. I'm way too frustrated.
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By Mrsk6
    I am a third grade teacher. Just used this to scan over 20 Scholastic books and not a single one was found.
  • Book Wizard is better 3/5

    By Ccdsakamoto
    If you are a teacher like I am, you have likely been using Book Wizard to level your library. I thought this would be about the same, but it's not. Highly recommend you go check out lit leveler instead. It's not free, but so easy and WAY more hits- especially for someone looking for lexile scores.
  • Fail 3 1/5

    By Azizminecraft
    Not such a great app
  • Very efficient APP 4/5

    By Screamjeanne
    I felt compelled to write a review about this APP after reading the poor ones. My son told me about this app, because he like it so much! In addition, I am a librarian and had a book fair right after my son had one at his school, so I thought I’d give it a try. I have no idea what happened with the others, but it downloaded quickly and worked great. Did everything it promoted. Just wish it had a list view choice. My list wasn’t very long, but took 10 pages! Really efficient and worked quickly.
  • Fail2 1/5

    By Aedtgujolp
    Complete fail2 wouldn't load
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By piratefancarrie
    Would not scan barcode on book fair flyer. Only one book title would scan. I searched for a title in the flyer, and the app said, "not found". Terrible app.
  • Fail 1/5

    By Rumboogy22

Scholastic Book Fairs app comments


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