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Scholly App

We’re proud to announce that Actor/Activist Jesse Williams has joined Scholly’s team to help us bring equal access to quality education to communities all over America! Finally, an easy way to find scholarships. Scholly has helped students win over $70 million in scholarships so far, making college affordable and dreams a reality. **With a free Scholly account, gain immediate access to Scholly's scholarship-winning essays, tips and advice. Create a paid account and unlock access to Scholly’s award-winning, personalized scholarship matching and application tracking platform. It’s only $2.99/month.** If you’re a high school senior, current undergraduate, or graduate student in the U.S., or an international student looking to study in the U.S., Scholly is for you. Designed to ease the scholarship searching and application process, our patented scholarship-matching engine delivers a smarter, targeted list of scholarships that are uniquely suited to you. The Scholly mobile and web platform turns the long months of searching for free money for college into minutes. To help you win scholarships, Scholly also gives you free access to winning scholarship essays and advice. This app connects you to the Scholly web platform, allowing you to access your account wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. Scholly was created by Forbes 30 under 30 winner, Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million in scholarships through hard work, grit, and determination. Realizing how broken and time consuming this process was, he created Scholly to make things a lot easier for you! Simply fill out 8 parameters, and our comprehensive and constantly curated database delivers a verified and personalized list of scholarships. Our platform also gives you access to management tools and essay resources to help you manage deadlines, track progress, and increase success. Subscription Subscription is auto-renewable which means that once purchased it will be auto-renewed every month until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Duration of the subscription is 1 Month with a charge of $2.99 every month. iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period with the cost of $2.99. Manage your Subscription and Auto-Renewal by going to your Account Settings in iTunes. Terms of Service/Privacy Policy


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Scholly app reviews

  • I can’t afford $3 2/5

    By Packersexy
    At first it appears like a free app. So if you’re not interested in paying, don’t waste time to fill out all your information. And for those thinking that $3 isn’t too bad, keep in mind that it’s $3 every month
  • Definitely NOT worth it! 1/5

    By someone just trying to help
    There are so many other places and sites the provide services just like this one for FREE! The only thing it’s actually useful for is keeping track of the ones you said you applied to and clicked a button in the app saying you did which you can just do in your notes. The “Scholly Score” or whatever it’s called to show how much you match for a scholarship changes by the second and ends up going back to 3 for pretty much every scholarship. If you want something like this, I suggest a site called Fastweb
  • So excited 3/5

    By Teen fairy
    I just recently downloaded the app (like literally hours ago) so I could get a head start I searching for scholarships so I can afford to go to one of my dream schools. I was so excited to use it, but when I went to look at scholarships it brought me to settings I don’t know if this is a bug or a glitch or what. Just thought it was weird that every time I clicked on “Scholarships” it brought me to “Settings.” In theory this is going to be an amazing app, I just can’t use it until this is fixed
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By tntmom0103
    App doesn’t work. I just get a picture of a dog on a red background. The circle just spins like it is trying to open or execute but it never does.
  • SLOW 1/5

    Your app is running EXTREMELY slowly! You need to do something...maybe use a cloud provider that can easily scale with your business for the equipment. Or do something to the app/software to improve performance. Or figure out how to improve processing of the purchase. This is really bad.
  • Won't load. 1/5

    By iLive4God
    I'm a highschool student looking for scholarships. After hearing about this app on Shark Tank I was very excited. But for some reason my app won't load. I'm very disappointed.
  • Frustrating App 1/5

    By Tova1
    As of 0053 (standard mountain time) I cannot write in the “resources” section. Glad I didn’t pay the $2.99.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Rodw101
    Looking for scholarships. This is an amazing app they have a variety of scholarships to choose from. Recommended to everyone looking for an opportunity to move forward in life and go to school.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Kittensareprincess
    Wish you could filter for easy to apply essays. Some people can’t write essays all day long so being able to apply for quick entry essays would be nice. I applied for many scholarships and of course didn’t receive any. The concept is nice but it hasn’t helped me pay to college at all.
  • Merit based 3/5

    By Rz0rz
    Annoying how they force you to select merit based scholarships.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Cutechichi
    This app is so incredible. I am pretty resourceful in finding scholarships, but this app introduced me to a whole new realm of scholarships I never knew existed. I know that people automatically get suspicious when having to pay for anything and ESPECIALLY when it’s for scholarships. However, as someone who has already applied for over 30 scholarships through Scholly, I can tell you it is worth every penny.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By A frustrated observer
    This is no better than the free apps/services you can get online. It matches with scholarships that my student does not qualify for and does not show scholarships that are obvious matches. Whats more, the “match” score keeps changing and there is no way to sort on the scores. It seems like the match scores are random as they make no sense. There are too many “junk” matches to sort through. There is much to be improved with this app as it is a great idea.
  • Rip off 2/5

    By Moglieliza2246
    Created my profile but was not allowed to see my matches until I paid a subscription fee.
  • crashing 1/5

    By Meeeeeehfdh
    Every bad. The app keeps crashing and every time I click “scholarships” it takes me to setting.
  • Lifesaver of an App 4/5

    By _luevano
    I saw this app on Shark Tank and I had to look it up right away. Unfortunately my financial aid had failed to go through my Junior year of college so I needed scholarships as soon as possible. This app makes it as easy as 1,2,3. I would give this 5 stars but the app keeps crashing when I delete a scholarship that has passed its deadline. I’m not sure what the issue is. Other than that, wonderful app.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Tynanner
    A lot of apps provide scholarships with having a monthly fee. Most of the apps do have a monthly fee just unlock scholarships that give a high dollar amount back. This app is pointless without spending the fee every month. If you are fine with spending $3.00 a month to apply then this app is fine. I have multiple apps that I do not have to pay for that can do the same thing.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Mccorazon
    Very good concept, and I’m excited to use it, but I have two issues with it. One is you are unable to view any scholarships at all without paying. If you do not pay, you’re able to fill out a profile, read a few sample essays, and view approximately four scholarship tips. Two, during the profile setup stage, some factors were repeated or phrased strangely, which was slightly confusing. However, I’m interested in how it works if you pay for it.
  • Crashes continuously, SLOW!!!!! 1/5

    By Heatherhaze33
    I saw this air on Shark Tank. I loved the idea, and am pursuing going back to school myself. Being a former foster youth, female business owner, as well as a veteran on the military - figured this would be a wonderful platform to find a lot of scholarships... Nope. I opted for the $2.99 monthly charge, and figured it would be a smooth running app. Looks like whatever $$ was put in is long gone, and they are no longer updating the app. Not ONE scholarship was generated!! Not only that, the app crashes 8 times in the first 20 min trying to set up my profile!! And it’s was EXTREMELY SLOW!! So slow that for each block I tried to fill my would lock itself in the wait time it to to enter in information. Bottom line, save your $$. This app doesn’t work as it was designed to do so - and I’m hoping that $2.99 I spent goes to fixing this for future students who are in need. As is, this was a disappointment and DO not pay $$.
  • Not worth the time and effort and payment 1/5

    By TempleRunGeek316
    Most of what the search engine provides are random drawings disguised as scholarships
  • Change In Currency 3/5

    By Jillbill101
    This app seems like a great idea, but there is no setting to change the currency. For instance the money value the app says “£” while in the US I use “$”. I could simply convert the numbers listed in another currency by an online calculator but I would like to know the exact value I could potentially get from each scholarship.
  • App does not work 4/5

    By FrankfromAnaheim
    I have the app and it just loads forever without doing anything. I have tried everything. Killing the app, deleting and and getting it again. I switched to the website for now.
  • Why a one star 1/5

    By 2000Nat22
    I know you read it all before the is 2.99$. I can’t pay for that what would make you think the a high schooler or college student. Would have a enough money to pay for that. I need food, I need to eat, I need to keep the light on and I help pay bills. I want a good paying scholarship to I have a chance to go to college. My parents aren’t rich or financially well so a scholarship is what I need. I just started a job to help them out. I am not gonna waste my money on this. Something that I can search up for free. Yes, it will take me hours but hey it free. And it useless with not paying your “ Best essays” are just not good. It good point but do you really think that someone is going need know point on “what I did last summer “ really? I can look that up and don’t get me started on the application part it frustrated and annoyed me. In conclusion, if you want pay that 2.99$ for it I say decide for yourself.
  • Scholarships aren't worthwhile 1/5

    By Hunterpahe
    I'm really just upset because Scholly does the most to make it near impossible to cancel the $2.99 monthly fee.
  • Applied for tab does not work 4/5

    By Ntmager
    I think this is a great app and it’s proving to be very useful however as i’m apply for these scholarships i get emails thanking me and telling me the deadlines for the scholarships to check back and see if i won, but my applied for tab is still sitting at 0 after a handful of applications.
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By Willy249249
    The app provides you with seemingly random scholarship results that are rarely relevant or worthwhile. What is possibly forgivable as a free app is dastardly as a paid app. It's no better at yielding relevant scholarships than a chimp punching random letters into a computer. You might as well just get scholarships through your school.
  • Great 4/5

    By Josecoronax
    This app is great but I payed $1 for the old one before so I'm a bit salty 😂
  • Doesn't match you with scholarships 1/5

    By College victim #8451
    A paid fee is required to get your scholarship messages so don't bother going through the whole process of making and account, giving them your info, etc bc ITS A SCAM
  • Sorry but no 1/5

    By Juamhut
    I’m in-subscribing, this app isn’t worth my money, I submitted a few scholarships and still, none that I submitted were ever shown on the app, meaning, it doesn’t even show that I even applied for any at all, sorry, but no

    By nessalove<3
    they found ways for 3rd party scholarship providers to charge my bank account, even after i requested to be taken off the subscription list i still get charged $45 dollars. not 1$, 2$, 5$, $45 FREAKING DOLLARS AND THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, no refund no reply. i’m done. waste of energy and MONEY.
  • Needs work. 3/5

    By em725
    App is slow when opening and moving to the next screen. Just downloaded and has crashed twice without even giving any searches. Like the idea but bad overall programming.
  • Helped me with getting started 4/5

    By senior2018
    I give Scholly a 4 star rating! I am a high school senior due to graduate in may 2018 and Scholly is helping me so much with finding scholarships with out the hassle of having to surcharge for hours on other sights and validate the scholarship. I love the personal profile and the due date notices but I do with that you could add in comments of more info on your profile because I am a life guard and for the life of me there was nothing on there for that but other then that I am finding this very helpful in my preparation.
  • Well Organized, Limited for Grad Students 3/5

    By xxdianna13
    I'd recommend it for undergrads. I'm a law student and I downloaded the app to search for scholarships for next year. Despite selecting multiple attributes, I wound up with only $11k in potential scholarships, most of which had additional conditions.
  • S P E C T A C U L A R 5/5

    By Jo 🌙🍕💞
    I love this app! So helpful!
  • Good 5/5

    By Owencb22
  • Good but beware of scholarship scams! 4/5

    By AlishaShyness
    It's very helpful if like me you have no clue where to find scholarships but! Some on the app are scams to get your email and other personal info so they can sell you bs. Wish the app screened the scholarships to prevent this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chase Horlacher
    I love scholly definitely worth the $2.99
  • Well worth it! 5/5

    By AD0218
    It generates scholarships based on more criteria than you could search online by yourself. What's not to love?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Blessedflower08
    It's so easy! All the scholarships are up-to-date and apply to my profile. It definitely saves time and increases the chances of making more money due to its ease of use.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By AdriaJ3
    Very useful! Introduces us to a lot of scholarships I didn't know about.
  • Ticket to full ride to college... 5/5

    By peppy zanadu
    Loved the product from the moment I saw it on shark tank. I don't understand why people argue about $2.99. If you don't like it, go find the scholarships yourself. It works if you work it. Glad this app exists. Hope it continues to exist when my kids attend college.
  • Great app 5/5

    By VPCYT
    I love the idea behind Scholly ever since I saw it on Shark Tank. Just got it for my sister who started her first year of college and with Scholly was able to find some scholarships she was eligible for!
  • Scholly is amazing 5/5

    By Jo2)/2
    Scholly has been a blessing and amazing resource for the overwhelming search for scholarships. App is well designed and organized logically, and only comes up with reliable scholarships. When I'm waiting/bored instead of spending a bunch of time on social media I research scholarships to apply to. Grateful to even have found this and I know already it's going to be well worth the monthly fee. Keep up the good work guys
  • Ridiculously helpful! 5/5

    By Anonymous4069
    I heard about this app through it's episode on Shark Tank, and being a freshman in college, I gave it a shot. This app is super helpful and will help me organize and find scholarships that match exactly what I'm going for. It makes it a whole lot less stressful on me. Would highly recommend for any college student!
  • Shark tank 1/5

    By Ccrawf dog
  • Extremely slow 2/5

    By Tallyrae
    Just downloaded. Extremely slow to open, process purchase. Can't get past the purchase screen.
  • Worth the price 5/5

    By MisterWonton
    $2.99 a month is definitely worth the possibility of winning $500, $1000, $2500, and more. Scholly helps me keep in track what scholarships I've applied to, and what scholarships I CAN apply for.
  • Loving Scholly 4/5

    By MYA01
    Cool app! Makes searching for scholarships a breeze! Saving me time!
  • Worth it! 5/5

    By Kjlvrz
    This app is definitely 2.99/monthly. You will get that money back in no time and have opportunities to further your education and gain knowledge debt free.
  • Definitely Worth 2.99/month 5/5

    By Student anon
    I've seen a lot of reviews of people who are extremely angry about the fee of 2.99 per month, but it is totally worth it IF YOU ACTUALLY APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS, especially on a regular basis. The lowest amount of money I've seen offered in these scholarships is $500; so If you were to receive only 1 scholarship it would be more than worth it. IN CONCLUSION, if you're serious about receiving extra money for college or funding your high education you should get the app and pay the fees.
  • Terrible 2.99/month fee 1/5

    By Loui7
    So I downloaded this app because a couple of years ago it was completely free to see which scholarships I qualified for but today I downloaded the app which is easy to use and bam! It asks for $3 to see all the important and relevant information. So sad. I wouldn't mind paying for the app, but a monthly fee for an app to help me FIND money to pay for school? TOTALLY RIDICULOUS- professional thieves taking advantage of honest hard working people, students and parents.

Scholly app comments


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