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  • Current Version: 3.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Schoology, Inc.

  • Compatibility: Android
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Schoology App

Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more! With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

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  • Grade change 2/5

    By This game is so cute
    As I looked at my grade on schoology, I was happy to find an 86% in my math class but when I check eschools I had a D.
  • ®® 3/5

    By Esta vergon
    Esta chida solo que nesesita nuevos cambios
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By WeeabooIonesnmsjdhh
    Literally trash
  • Poor 2/5

    By Ummmmmmyummy
    The way the app is set up I can not log into my Schoology account. Fix it so even if there is a blue dot it still goes to that school, but gives you the option to switch.
  • wow 2/5

    By ✨ fairy lights ✨
    my big campus was better in every way. you guys could learn something from them, smh. schoology works (barely) but hell, it's boring, looks straight outta the 1980's, the fonts look plain stupid, it crashes all the time, the comments don't even work anymore for updates, and it always logs you out or complains about network errors. honestly, it's crap. hopefully the school drops it for a better brand next year. I'm emo enough, but this app makes me want to kill myself for sure.
  • It's Great 5/5

    By Ladywhitfield
    It's a good way for kids to view their grades and homework assignments.
  • CAN'T LOGIN 2/5

    By --__--..
    I have started to have a problem in which I can not login through the app. The website works fine, but the app will not load.
  • I just really don't like school 1/5

    By SCI :)
    ^ya thats all
  • Sign up 2/5

    By TeeGeeAche13
    The sign up link is not working. There is no way for new users to sign up!
  • Grades are so fun to catch up on. 5/5

    By JinjeMahoney
    And if there could be a wi-fi free mode, that would be awesome!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By bhoff96
    Love this app. Happy the reminders are fixed!
  • Tons of Schoology features on the go! 5/5

    By Hukd ahn fonix
    Makes media sharing, update checking, reminders and more a total breeze. Bug fixes seem to be coming faster lately too. 👍
  • Child info... 3/5

    By MrsPhillyG
    Was upset to lose "my child" tab but saw another review and logged out then logged back in... it's back but still disappears. It's such a pain to do that every time!
  • To See Your Childs Profile Log out & then back in. 4/5

    By mrspearson
    Useful app but caused me lots of frustration when I suddenly was unable to see my child's profile. I read the comments & saw the suggestion to log out & back in- working now.
  • Why use the APP 1/5

    By ahnel
    Yes, "My Children" section disappeared!! And apart from that bug, the APP is much slower than using the browser. So why do I need the APP????
  • Mostly Teacher-Friendly, but Kids Aren't Happy 2/5

    By Cryssie28
    Number #1 complaint from my kiddos is that it "looks old," and I completely agree. Facebook is for parents. And, the inability to "Search" though the resources is infuriating. Benefits above Google Classroom: The online gradebook is lovely (organized just like Aspen), the parents' account allows them to see EVERYTHING their students do (not just a weekly summary), and folders allow teachers to organize their "units" and find them more efficiently than wasting time scrolling through everything.
  • Lost "My Children" In Menu 3/5

    By Kerrijane_2000
    I can no longer see my child or her coursework as of the most recent update. There used to be a link on the left that said "my children." I don't have a way, that I can find, to see her homework and grades now. Update: logging out/in brings her back, but only until I close the app the next time, then she is gone again. Trying uninstall/reinstall now.
  • Parent 1/5

    By Estcocalico
    Terrible App!!! Only use it because our local school uses it, did an update and now I have to logout and log back in to see my child's assignments
  • My Children Tab is gone 1/5

    By Kess78
    Please fix this issue. I cannot view my child's information unless I log out and sign back in every time! I never should have updated the app. It worked just fine before the most recent update.
  • Removes 'my child' 1/5

    By EvrAftr
    The only reason I have the app is for my child's school work and since the latest update, it continually removes the student. There is No point in having the app since the only purpose of it is to view your child's assignment. #unupdate 😣
  • Useless update 1/5

    By zoeydute
    Like the others, 'my children' have disappeared. Logging out and then back in brings my children back, but only for that session. Open up the app later and they've gone missing again. Please bring my children back!
  • Fix your app please 1/5

    By geekyjoe
    Like the others have stated. The children item has disappeared and you have to logout and back in to see it
  • I can relax 5/5

    By Nominee1013546
    Everything is my classroom Is now digital. Love how intuitive the app and system itself is. My students and I love it.
  • Worst app ever for IOS 1/5

    By Bill bumble
    Dis is saaaaad
  • "My Children" 1/5

    By Kcc00000
    I have lost the my children tab on the app. I now can't see my child's homework, tests, etc since this update last week. Can you please fix this issue ASAP????
  • 👍 cool 5/5

    By Dimaadgvdgbdgjdd
  • I love Schoology!! 5/5

    By Peter Ennis
    Dear Schoology, I love this app!! It helped me learn many things. It taught me how to skin deer, ride heese, and sacrifice baby goats. I couldn't of done it if I didn't start worshipping Schoology. One thing is for sure. If I didn't worship Schoology I wouldn't have a defense against gravity. Convert to Schoologism! All you have to do is drink Schoology's milk. Love, Peter Ennis
  • My child's info disappeared *FIXED * NOT FIXED 1/5

    By SonnenMN
    ** Just reopened the app this morning and "My Children" wasn't there." ** I deleted and reinstalled the app and "My Children" option reappeared*** After the last update I can no longer see my child's information. It is a pointless app now. Please fix soon!
  • Can't change profile picture. 1/5

    By Garrlick
    Because for some reason the dumb developers can't give you the option in any of the edit profile or account settings to change the darn profile picture. I have an old photo of myself on the profile and I want to change it to something else and of course, can't do it. Can't change it on the mobile, can't change it on the computer. Can't change the profile picture whatsoever. No wonder this app is rated poorly.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dav:0)
    Trash app
  • My children gone 1/5

    By Karieb
    The new update does not have a "my children" button. This app is now useless for parents. Please fix
  • Good 4/5

    By Pi31415926535
    It's a good app for me as a student, I think you should be able to import the calendar
  • Missing course updates 1/5

    By Shopper7154
    I'm very frustrated that I can no longer easily access my to be graded section. Instead, I have to go to each class (I have 8), click on each individual folder to access the assignment. Very inconvenient!!
  • I can't even use the app 1/5

    By Bridude58
    The update won't even download for me on my phone, and I can't delete it either so it's stuck on my phone trying to download.
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By 74597328
    Where did the "my children" tab go? How am I supposed to see what my child has for HW or how she did on her Chemistry test? This is bad version control and it's shocking to me that 48 hours later there's still no solution.
  • Update - my children 4/5

    By Claire hamilton
    The update did remove the children tab but if you logout and log back in, the tab will appear.
  • Horrible update!! 1/5

    By Name taken?!?!!
    The current update makes this app useless for parents, since you can no longer go to my children. It's as if they released the update without any validation steps. Hopefully, they correct this issue quickly.
  • Where are my children? 1/5

    By 7.5 Master
    This app is now useless. Sad.
  • Fix 1/5

    By Pieeeeeee 123
    Need My Children back on app. To see their grades and assignments is the whole reason for using the app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ron111111111
    Amazing love it !!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jennyj271
    The newest update has made this app useless. If I can't access my children's information, then why even have it.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Jermey&Sherri
    I can no longer see my children's grades etc. after the update. The tab for children is no longer there and there is now way to see or add my children back
  • Ummm..Where did my kids go? 1/5

    By MN2000000001
    For YEARS I've had nothing but issues with this program both on my computer and the app. This was the first year I was actually able to use it, for just a few months, and now after MONTHS of not being able to use again, I now can't see my kids tabs to see what's going on. I HATE THIS STUPID PROGRAM!!
  • No child info 1/5

    By 123321;:43:;54
    Can no longer see any child info. This app had one thing to do, and it does not do it any longer. As if it was not bad enough that they convinced the schools that actual communication should be replaced with an "app" they took away the communication part!!
  • March 2nd update 1/5

    By Srameswaran
    After this update I was unable to see My children link yesterday. I logged out and logged in and I was able to see it. Today again the same behavior. The link appears to disappear after not using the app for a while. Please investigate.
  • My children 1/5

    By Jabergr
    I'm now unable to check my children's grades due to this update... what kind of an update was that? How do I see what they're missing or how they've done? Please fix soon!!! Doesn't your development team have any sort of quality control before deployment? I would consider 'My children' menu a highly used tool from a parent's perspective.
  • Can't see child's info 1/5

    By Scooterama17
    Gee, what a joke of an update. I no longer see a link labeled "Children". Now I can not see my kids grades, assignments etc. What else can you do developers/testers?
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Luvgamez101💗
    Great app
  • Needs sound option! 4/5

    By nhopes04🎀💙
    I would love to be able to turn on a sound for notifications. I sometimes miss out on opportunities because the notifications do not have the capability to alert with a sound. Otherwise, it's a great app! Maybe a sound option could be added in the next update. Please!!
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Schoology is Garbage
    11/10 Would rather drink clorox than use this app.

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