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The Scientific American Tablet Edition includes all the editorial content from the print edition plus interactive features and video. Available through Scientific American Active subscribers to the Scientific American print edition who purchased their subscriptions at the publisher’s suggested price of $34.99 in the United States/$49 in Canada/$59 International are granted access to the Tablet Edition. Other subscribers may upgrade their subscriptions. Please contact customer service for more information. Access to the Tablet Edition for iPad is included with all Scientific American Digital Subscription Plans. If you have questions about your Scientific American Subscription Plan, Tablet Edition entitlement or if you would like to upgrade your current subscription to include the Tablet Edition for iPad, please contact customer service or visit our Terms of Use. Scientific American Customer Service: Email: Phone: 800-333-1199 Available through iTunes A 12-issue, annual subscription to the Tablet Edition for iPad is available through iTunes for $34.99 and is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term, until cancelled. Individual issues are $6.99 each. Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account. For more information, please visit iTunes Terms and Conditions: Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the longest continuously published magazine in the US and the home of the most exciting authors presenting the most dynamic ideas in science today. As the leading popular source and authority on science, technology, and innovation, Scientific American’s award-winning scientist-authored content engages, educates and inspires current and future generations of curious citizens and public and private sector leaders.


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Scientific American app reviews

  • A marginal app 2/5

    By GribbleFlotz
    The app lets me download and read each issue of Scientific American, which is its core purpose so I can’t give it one star. But each month when a new issue comes out it tells me that I need to buy it before I can download it. Then after I log out and then log back into the very same account it’s willing to let me download the next issue in my subscription. Why can’t it just let me get the issue without the extra work?
  • Don't get troubles others fret about 5/5

    Works just fine for me.
  • These guys don’t have their act together 1/5

    By loupilot
    It isn’t just the app that constantly looses you digital subscription info. The website seems to also loose mine and the design of the site is so bad it doesn’t accommodate for this known issue and make it easy to put it back in. Unfortunately, I’m looking for a refund.
  • Downloaded issues disappear 1/5

    By ipad_app_user
    After updating the app, I can’t keep the downloaded issues on iPad. They disappear in a day and I need to re-download them everyday to read them. I contacted SA tech help, but they were no help; they blamed iPad, not their app. Who designed the app???
  • Just Summary of Issues! 1/5

    By diamondmediated
    This app just provides summaries of full issues! Apple apparently won’t give refund if you buy this app by mistake.
  • Really bad app 1/5

    By wdr1
    It’s was if the app was written by third graders. I’m not sure they do *any* testing. Bugs and crashes doing the most basic of things. When each issue comes out, you have to log in and sign back in to download it. Each time.
  • Still a very basic implementation. Needs to remember where I left off and allow finger gestures. 2/5

    By Doctor Rob 001
    I have used the updated version for a while. It is certainly far better than the original. Still some very serious problems. I have a subscription yet I still keep getting told I have to pay for the editions. The app needs to open to where I left off. It still makes me hunt to find my spot. That is very annoying. It should allow finger gestures to enlarge and shrink the pages. A lot of work left to do.
  • Digital issue 1/5

    By Phritz7
    You continue to miss my digital issue!
  • No search function in app 3/5

    By EricBier
    A search function would greatly improve this app
  • You only rent issues, not own them 1/5

    By neurodoc70
    When my subscription expired I could no longer access any of the issues from that subscription period. When I contacted customer support I was assured that this was the way things worked. When your subscription expires you no longer have access. In other words, a subscription only allows you to temporarily rent issues.
  • Shameful, a black eye for SA 1/5

    By N333EX
    I get my magazine in the mail and the apps demands payment to view it on my iPad.
  • App is a hassle 1/5

    By D@rkSn0w
    Though I have been a subscriber for decades, this app somehow forgets my subscription every month. Intensely frustrating.
  • SA apparently needs to get rid of some subscribers 1/5

    By Rich49
    I won't rehash what review after review has said. Something is wrong in the way the app logs people in and keeps track of subscriptions. I read all of my publications on an iPad and with SA I spend most of my time trying to access the magazine rather than reading it. This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of years in various forms. I have subscribed since 1965 and I love the articles but I don't have the time to deal with the app - so I'm done at the end of my current subscription.
  • Paid for subscription but still can't read articles 1/5

    By abqmirox
    Paid for subscription but still can't read articles
  • How many subscriptions do you need 2/5

    By ASN13
    Review of reviews reveals that most of the time the app does not recognize your subscription and tries to charge for issues. Even when you "successfully" restore subscription ( where did it go to néed to be "restored" ) it tries to charge anew. Thank goodness I kept print issue active as well as these do show up. The log in conundrum just completely destroys the joy of reading SA. by making it impossible to do so without wasting hours fighting to get what you paid for. S.A. Clearly not versed in computer science
  • Does as advertised 4/5

    By Man, Myth, Legend
    Gets me my monthly dose of new science without paper.
  • Loses My Account 1/5

    By RetiredSE
    With a new login I see my subscription. After exiting the program and returning some time later, I am still logged in but the app claims that I am not authorized to see my subscription information. New issues are listed as "buy." If I logout and back in, new issues are marked with a "download" tag. This is stupid. I will be deleting this app from my device.
  • Scientific American 2/5

    By Bronxtech
    Great content but NOT friendly to aging population. I've made several contacts requesting larger fonts (for "info boxes" especially) and to NOT use dark fonts on dark backgrounds. Never had the courtesy of a reply. Complaining because now that, as a retired scientist, I have time to read SA, can't always enjoy full content.
  • Terrible Subscription Integration 1/5

    By DavidIra
    Subscription terms seem to change without notice. Some issues are available some not. Print and digital subs appear to be separate now which is antiquated.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By mtelder
    First I renew then without warning they cancel the printed version of SAMind and force me to go online to view content. When not I try app I am told I am not authorized. Their remedy is to log in again. No other app does this to me. Get "The Economist" to see how an app should work for a mag. They even provide audio free. Wonderful when I travel. I suggest no one should subscribe to any SA until they fix the app.
  • Forget About This App 1/5

    By Saltrun
    As noted in the other reviews, it takes a significant amount effort every time you want to use this app because the login just doesn't work. What is so hard to figure out? Wish I would have known about this before subscribing. The only reason I subscribed, was to read issues online. I will not renew.
  • The Scientific American App Is Terrible! 1/5

    By Ellie the cat
    If you're scientific types why is your app so clunky? Very hard to log in. It's difficult to even find the place to log in. Even Oprah's magazine is simple compared to your app! I recognizes me immediately and it's easy to navigate. Get with the program!!
  • Font adjustment no longer works 3/5

    By lz2006
    Be able to change to larger font is the main reason I subscribed the digital edition. However it no longer works with the latest issue on my iPad Pro.
  • Makes me log in each time I use it! 1/5

    By Steve467
    Makes me log in each time I use it! Can't enlarge.
  • Serious subscription issues 1/5

    By Kether Roosevelt
    I keep having serious issues getting downloads on my iPad Pro. I've used every trivial in the book and it doesn't work smoothly.
  • Forgets logins 2/5

    By Gtd12345
    If you can get the content to display the app can work. One problem is that it always forgets my login information so I have to look it up every time I use the app. Another is that even for downloaded issues there are some articles that are not available, and I am told to"check the network". Of course the network is fine. Fortunately I continue to receive the printed version, or I would be out of luck.
  • Purchases can't be added 1/5

    By Windsurfer777
    I bought one of the special editions but there doesn't seem to be any way to get it into the app. Nobody answered my emails about the problem.
  • Much improved but stingy 4/5

    By tangoista
    This latest version loads fast and is easy to navigate. I'm disappointed that I can't actually share a full article without the recipient paying. This only hurts SA and scientific knowledge. Alternatively SA could allow just 3 free shares a month and then ask the sender, not the recipient, to pay a dollar for every additional share.
  • Great alternative to access Scientific American 5/5

    By Bob Bill.
    If you have an iPhone or iPad this is the best way to access Scientific American.
  • Pretty Good IPhone interface 4/5

    By Polynya
    Perhaps there is an option to automatically download the latest version when it becomes available. If not, that would be a nice addition.
  • Good app 5/5

    By remissim
    I'm able to read SA articles, which is all I need from an app. There are probably dozens of improvements to be made but the lack of these does not make the app unusable. Definitely worth the subscription!
  • If it would work... 1/5

    By Andmagic
    Over the last 2 months the app is not recognizing my subscription from earlier this year. Very annoying. Not recommended.
  • Roadblocks to Content 1/5

    By Ouhoo
    After spending 45 minutes trying, as a paid subscriber, to get to the content, I gave up. Scientific American! Wake up and read the reviews and fix your app!
  • Good enough 4/5

    By Greggo48
    For the iPad and iPhone this application is pretty intuitive and works without too much of a hassle.
  • Superb, except... 4/5

    By Bazaar321
    I wish the magazines would not have to re-download after they have already been downloaded multiple times. Other than that, the wide ranging content is certainly worth the surprisingly cheap subscription fee!
  • Easy read, complex, hard access 3/5

    By smaschue
    I like reading on iPad. Very nice interface! However, I think the log on process is much more complex than any other magazine. Also when I just want to download the magazine I am subscribed to,it seems I have to page through too many ads for other books and magazines to find it.
  • Scientific American 3/5

    By tuscaloosacat
    The app works. However, it does not remember your place if you stop reading and then go back. It would be nice if you could make reading notes.
  • Not easy to navigate on iPhone 7 1/5

    By LRMW2007
    First of all, there isn't a search option which is very disappointing. I subscribed to both Scientific American and Scientific American Mind and the latter is not syncing with the app. I expected more from Scientific American.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By rdptwh
    Almost every time I try to download a new issue the app says I am not authorized ... I can usually fix things from my mac or pc, but not on my iPad. Incredibly annoying!
  • Terrible execution 1/5

    By Nilsipilzi
    Purchased a subscription online in January, have never been able to log into the app using my credentials. have tried emailing and calling support numerous times. Their customer service makes Comcast look good
  • Great info 5/5

    By Silverchief54
    Scientific American provides a wide range of articles on leading edge technology, archeology, statistics, and other subjects of current interest. These appear to be well studied and documented articles. They are generally written in understandable terms for the non specialist in the various scientific specialties, though some are a bit advanced for the average person of non scientific background in that specialty.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By ReneePerezMD
    The app makes you to buy again single issues in spite of having subcribed. . It stinks.
  • Can't access the digital subscriptions I paid twice for 4/5

    By Bob in Tokyo
    I'm a busy guy, and don't have time to deal with apps that just don't work. Whenever I tried to access the Scientific American issues, it indicated that I had to purchase the individual issues. Had my subscription run out? So in September I bought a new digital subscription, only to discover that I already had such a digital subscription good through February. But despite having double paid, the app still demands that I purchase individual issues. There is nowhere to fill in my subscription number to let them know that I already paid. This is a subscription racket that stinks to high heaven!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By bmilla77
    When logging in I get "Sorry we are experiencing technical issues working hard to fix. Check back soon." I've been getting this for weeks. Deleting app, rebooting iPad does not solve problem. I see nowhere in the app to report problems.
  • Does the job, but not great. 3/5

    By Albino Rhino 86
    It does what it needs to, but it isn't impressive by any stretch.
  • Troublesome 1/5

    By Harold Lassers
    Often won't download issues I paid for in my subscription.
  • Works for me. 5/5

    By SterlingLl
    I've been getting my subscription for years via gift( Thanks as usual for an awesome set of parental units.) and I'm able to access the app and all of my paper issues electronically easy as pie. The suggestions of bulk downloading and a search engine, that I saw here in the reviews, would be welcome additions for sure but even as is I would certainly recommend to anyone willing to listen.
  • Can pay for but not use annual subscription. 1/5

    By Yuri G.
    The in-app Restore Purchases functionality is still broken in this version, rendering a SA subscription bought via Apple useless after reinstalling the app or changing devices. It's been so long since I could actually open an issue I don't recall if the app is any good.
  • Great content, horrible app 2/5

    By rbgaynor
    The Scientific American content is, as expected, excellent. It's a shame you can't say that about the app. It frequently loses credentials while claiming to be logged in so that seems like it should work but doesn't until you log out and then back in. Controls are hard to discover. It is enough to make one want to go back to a paper subscription.
  • Doesn't work. Hasn't worked for a long time 1/5

    By MacWilder
    The app forgets you're a subscriber and offers no way to provide ones subscriber credentials. It is almost impossible to contact the magazine to remedy the problem and when one finally does get reach them, they are both arrogant and stupid. It's been this way for nearly a year.

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