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Scout GPS Link

  • Category: Navigation
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  • Current Version: 1.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Telenav, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Scout GPS Link App

Scout GPS Link is a free navigation app with interactive maps powered by real-time cloud information designed exclusively for your car’s multimedia screen. Whether you’re commuting home, searching for a place to get gas, or want to beat traffic, get all the information you need at a glance on your personalized home screen. Wherever you’re going, Scout GPS Link makes navigating there a lot easier. Designed for your car’s screen* •Full navigation on your car’s multimedia display and use Push-to-Talk features when you connect your iPhone to your car via USB and Bluetooth® •Live map view that moves with you in 2D/3D modes •Seamless connection with your car to automatically access your routes, recent destinations, and favorite places from your phone •One-tap access to navigation in third party apps, such as Yelp, Fuel, and Saved Destinations •Every feature is optimized for driving, such as simple visual directions, easy-to-access search by touch or voice, and automatic day and night modes to reduce glare •Split screen views allow you to multitask with other apps on your display—listen to music or take calls—while navigating Dependable navigation with real-time traffic and intelligent search •Convenient home screen with easy access to key features, like one-touch navigation to your home and work •The best routes for a quicker commute based on real-time traffic conditions and ETA •Easily enter addresses or places with One-Box Search and get suggestions while you’re typing •Discover places to dine, shop, get gas, and more, with voice commands and popular search categories •Resume canceled routes and repeat voice guide directions *Notes •2018 Camry with Entune 3.0 Audio and Entune 3.0 Audio Plus USB and Bluetooth connection required to view moving maps on multimedia display; with Bluetooth connection only, the multimedia view will be turn-by-turn directions without a moving map •Moving maps NOT available for 2017 and earlier Toyota and Lexus models •Scout GPS Link in-car features and experience may vary based on vehicle manufacturer and model  •Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life

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Scout GPS Link app reviews

  • Toyota Picked a Loser 1/5

    By Maj Grubert
    This app replaces Toyota's Entune nav-map for the 2017 Corolla which was much nicer even though it had limitations. No compass. No general map view. Does not provide traffic unless you've engage a route. How can you avoid traffic if you can't see it before you hit the congestion? We are forced to use this app. If there was a choice, I would almost choose nothing.
  • Oh boy! 1/5

    By Jess&Joe&Kevin
    This has to be the worst app ever. Toyota please hear the cries of your customers.
  • Failed 1/5

    By ani355
    Navigation is a must in my line of work and this one I useless! Need to my iPhone! Very disappointed!!
  • Toyota...Really 1/5

    By Tdg4551x
    Can't believe Toyota would accept being associated with this app. It is completely useless!!! Please fix. This would be great functionality if it worked reliably.
  • Are you trying to get us to buy a new Camry to get full experience? 1/5

    By Percy X Lee
    Updated for 2018 Camry! Interactive map! Get full experience of the app for just $23,500! Lols. The delay is so bad don't even try to follow its instruction. I doubt it will get much better with the newest Camry. There's no dynamic map display, nothing. Slow and clunky and inaccurate. Can't even save map for later. Just use whatever nav of your choice on your phone. And don't forget to delete the app to prevent it from asking for permission every time.
  • RAV4 1/5

    By Pdqgame
    New release no longer links to my car. Rather Toyota used something reputable like Google Maps!
  • Worst GPS I have ever used 1/5

    By Schroedingers Cat
    This App is really terrible. The first 2 days that I used it, this is what happened: Voice Nav tells you to turn. Screen shows turn 1/2 block away Told me to turn down a one way Street. When I didn't, re-routing got me lost Screen got stuck at my start point and did not give me directions as I drove. Had to pull over and reset Voice is too low. Can barely hear it if quiet in the Car Doesn't lower the music when giving directions, so you can't hear it at all if listening to music. If you lower music volume, GPS voice lowers too The visuals are terrible. If you are on a local road, it doesn't show streets, only Giant Arrows for your turns. When you get on the Highway, the App switches to a view of the Highway as seen from the International Space Station. Both worthless. App is totally useless. Thanks for recommending it Toyota, nice job being clueless
  • Doesn't deserve a rating 1/5

    By Relaxusa
    This app is the most troublesome car navigation app I have ever used. I would think Toyota would partner with a good app program. This is the most frustrating app to use and therefore bypass it for others. I keep trying but there's no denying how worthless it is.
  • Worst nav app 1/5

    By Jim-0001
    This has got to be the worst navigation application I've seen and used. There are so many good off-the-shelf nav apps it's in -fathomable why Toyota would lock owners in to this junk. It's a real disappointment.
  • Plain awful 1/5

    By teexo28
    If I could give this negative stars I would! Map barely loads on the home screen or updates my ETA. It's a great idea but the execution is completely TERRIBLE!!!
  • Negative stars would be appropriate 1/5

    This app is not user friendly.
  • Awful must be improved seriously 1/5

    By charity815
    Wrong direction Wrong, more complicated and longer routes Incorrect names of street and freeways I downloaded this app to connect with my car for safe driving. Due to the incorrect navigation, I was in danger situation several times. Must be improved seriously or get google map for this app.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Leftpaw
    This app is horrible and I can't believe Lexus would support such an inferior product like this. I just bought the RX 350 and attempted to use this synced with the screen and it couldn't even accurately read my own neighborhood! It told me to turn left where no road existed, and when on the highway it told me to take wrong turns, etc. the visual map is horrible as well. Waze and Google Maps are far superior and robust compared to this piece of junk app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By J. Granchelli
    It routed me into traffic. No map showing where to turn, just arrows. I'm surprised Toyota would approve this. My 2008 BMW had a way better gps, and that was nearly a decade ago. Awful awful awful.
  • This app rocks 5/5

    By Robie the riot
    Used this app to go to SDCC 2017 and it was the best!
  • This app really needs some love 1/5

    By SudhsBuddy
    Toyota, Telenav, I hope you guys are working on fixing the app. It tells me that it's gonna take an hour to travel 5 miles which is 12 mins drive. And configurations such as avoid highways doesn't reset even after selecting them. I just bought a new Camry and I'm very disappointed. This is my first Toyota. I can't help thinking that I probably made a wrong decision moving off Honda.
  • Won't load to vehicle 1/5

    By Rbez2160
    Won't load to vehicle
  • Really sub par GPS 1/5

    By devesh436
    Toyota needs to fix this. The GPS is no where close to Google maps. The directions and time estimates are not reliable. No turn by turn map. I wish I was able to see my google maps on the entune screen. I think like most people I will end us using my phone. So much for getting built in GPS
  • Very bad, expectations was high 1/5

    By Naaim
    Since I have paid almost 60k for the car my expectations for gps much higher then google map or others free maps. Vey bad.
  • So bad 1/5

    By Athomasc
    I bought a Garmin for the dash. Moving maps? Really? This could be so good! The idea is fantastic but the execution is the worst Nav app there is. Please explain why you won't give us moving maps like we are all used to seeing?
  • Embarrassing, following the stars is better! 1/5

    By JVern85
    Why would anyone even waste their life writing something this bad!? Why would Toyota, a company with high standards think this is acceptable? Two very important questions that need answers. This is an insult to your customers, a complete slap in the face. You spent $50k on our truck? Here, here is a steaming pile of crap to take you nowhere. Don't waste your time on this garbage, you'd be better off using a paper map or a compass.
  • It's terrible 1/5

    By Cmboston98
    it's just horrible :( Not what my brand new 2017 Truck deserves!
  • Update Failure 1/5

    By Sgoodson
    Do you guys even test things before you put it out. You went for the 2018 Camry and now it doesn't work on my 2017 Tacoma. Apple should ban you. Failure......
  • A waste and shameful app for Toyota to support 1/5

    By tomzapp
    This app gives terrible directions does not update properly instructed to turn the wrong way down one-way streets. I have no choice but to use this app for work to which I'm on the road on a daily basis visiting multiple businesses it constantly direction me the wrong way give me wrong direction and delays my progress if you don't have to use it don't waste your time
  • Useless 1/5

    By jayrod-usmc
    No point in this app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By bring your cellphone
    This app seems to never work. It is useless. It's terribly disappointing when one purchases a car with navigation capabilities only to find the app is worthless. Toyota- get a clue! Terrible choice!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tarheel337
    I can't give it negative stars or I would. My location is never right. I took a trip to Kentucky and within the first 5 minutes it already said I was on the wrong street. Said I needed to make a u-turn on the interstate. Really? Totally useless app. If I could delete it out of my truck I would. How many negative reviews and one star reviews do you need in order to fix this issue.
  • Update the OS 1/5

    By Edward Marquez 1991
    Update the OS on iPhones because this is ridiculous.
  • Just awful. 1/5

    By I'mOutside
    Update 7/12/2017: Ok, so we finally got an update after 10 months and years of complaining. What did we get? A microscopic "live" map. Woo-hoo. What did we not get? An update to the antique database. Still circa 2010 (chuckles to self while shaking head). Oh, and a notification (warning?) that Toyota is sticking with this raging dumpster fire for the 2018 model year. Toyota Cares? Lol. Apparently not in this case. Gee, thanks for the privilege of having my data, which I pay for, consumed by this dangerously misinformed and ridiculously outdated pile of garbage. Still -5 stars. Another stunning fail. Previous Review: Where to start? There is just so much wrong. First off the database is over 5 years old as you can see in their about section. For GPS that is vintage, if not antique. It is also very shallow, just missing so much information that nearly every other GPS App contains. Terribly inaccurate to the point of being potentially dangerous. App crashes at start up far more often than it opens, geometrically more. The explore section contains paid ads! Seriously? Paid ads? Ridiculous. Support is MIA. Zero, zip, nada. Scout GPS Link is pure, worthless garbage! I'm actually stunned that Toyota would stick us with this junk. My 2016 Tundra deserves much, much better and so does everyone else! I've deleted the App from my phone, now I wish I could figure out a way to get it out of the Entune audio system. Toyota jumped the shark with this one. Weakest link in a awesome truck! Stick with Google Maps, Waze and heck, even Apple Maps!
  • Hate it! 1/5

    By Tamrae
    If I wasn't forced to use this app I wouldn't. It is not user friendly what so ever.
  • Location services privacy issue 2/5

    By Ceechi
    Location services shouldn't have access to my location always it should only be on the application is in use. This application should be modified to provide this type of service.
  • Why bother?? 1/5

    By Give me Google Maps
    Totally useless. Other than the nav system, I love my 2017 RAV4. When Google Maps or Waze are totally free, why wouldn't Toyota use one of these easy to use apps? Scout should be dropped.
  • Worst GPS app. 1/5

    By laflaka5865
    I don't regret buying my Toyota I love my car. My disappointment is with this app itself and also with who ever in a company like Toyota decide to approve this piece of crap app on the vehicle. First the map is very hard to see on the radio screen, direction very unreliable, voice prompts are very low and unless the volume of the music is low is when you can here it. This app deserve 0 stars. Also other disappointment is that after reading all this bad reviews I can tell that who ever is in charge of this app including Toyota they simply don't care about what customers think or feel about this mayor disappointment. Toyota if you care about customers take in consideration all this complaints.
  • Not sure how it is even called an app 1/5

    By Jounano
    Worst navigation app possible. Got me lost more than once.
  • SCOUT GPS and SCOUT LINK are one and the same. 1/5

    By First Lady Lorna
    So I guess they paid those two to give a 5 star review...SAD!!! I just install and will be uninstalling. I have scout gps and this is a related link. Trouble is they both are worthless. Once upon a time I could count on scout, but not anymore. It had gotten me lost and I couldn't get out. I was far from home... yet it kept giving me my street and address to make a right turn on. And then MSPS started doing the same. I have written. To them and it's been two years now but not fixed. Thanks for convincing me I will delete permanently. YOUR'E RIGHT ITS A SPYWARE
  • I think is improving 2/5

    By Peruano1975
    Let see what happens next
  • Crap 1/5

    By Bam Salam
  • Very DISAPOINTED 1/5

    By soccermunch
    I have a 2017 RAV4, I was told that this Scout GPS was well rated. NOT! I have tried to use it, but it is the worst. I even pulled out my old Garmin GPS which is about 4 years old and it works much better than the Scout GPS. I gave it 1 star only because it would not let me post this unless I rated it. In my eyes I would have given it negative stars
  • Wish I could give this 0 stars 1/5

    By gannavs
    Can no longer sign in using Google Plus, keep getting error 403 msg because there have been no security/ updates for the app since September 2016!! 403. That's an error. Disallowed_Useragent This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it classified as an embedded user-agent (also known as a web-view). Per our policy, only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google. We offer several libraries and samples for native apps to perform authorization request in the browser. This is a problem the app developer will need to fix and address. The application you are using is trying to make a login request but is not being identified as an authorize browser agent (or is now using a depreciated bowser agent). You will need to let the app developer know this directly The app developer can use GTMAppAUthinstead.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Dennis Grandinetti
    I can't figure out how to use this navigation app. I think they think you were in there company meeting when they wrote the program. Please help and give us some real instructions on how to us this in my truck. It was recommended by Toyota but someone needs to tell them it confusing. If someone from Scout reads these reviews please HELP!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By danali5k
    Still can't believe this is the extent of this system. Very restricting!! Not happy at all. Love my 2017 tundra but absolutely hate the scout GPS!
  • Enjoy app 5/5

    By Jwboo
    Great app & I enjoy using it!!
  • Totally Dysfunctional Garbage 1/5

    By BFerro222
    Took 5 minutes to try and get this app to find my location, and it just kept drawing blank maps. My new Toyota recommended the app but I quickly became disappointed in how poorly the app performed. Total fûckîñg garbage.
  • Anyone feel like a class action lawsuit? 1/5

    By lensart
    How much did this company have to promise Toyota in subscription fees to put this worthless, useless, archaic, slow, misleading pile of fertilizer in their cars. We got a 'premium audio' upgrade to have a big screen for maps and guidance. The map is so small it is hard to see, much less navigate by. The road directions take up half the screen... even when not needed. The touch screen doesn't take input when in navigation mode. If the seat belt is smart enough to know someone is sitting in the passenger seat... why is the navigation too stupid to realize that a passenger can safely use it when in motion. Hopefully Telenav will go out of business soon so that a company that doesn't let children write their applications will be able to provide Toyota owners a real navigation utility. Don't buy this. Don't support this. Don't be fooled by the slick brochure. The application was drawn up on a wet napkin. Oh by the way, gps scout wants to scout your travel habits. The app has no setting to turn off location services when it is not in use. In reality it is spyware.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By MrBill2U
    Sure hope that Toyota can improve on this. Will have to keep using Waze.
  • Needs more Options! 2/5

    By Nikol2477
    Typing in a address in general (Like Google Map) would be so much more handy, instead of just Food, Parking, Gas, etc..
  • Not a lot of good things to say... 1/5

    I downloaded this to use with my 2017 Toyota Corolla. While it does have the ability to find various POI's, it's apparent the data base in which is gets information from, is beyond outdated. Not to mention if you want guided screen directions to accompany the turn by turn directions, you cannot use it with the Entune screen in the car itself. All that's displayed is the turn by turn written directions! What year is this? This is so 10 years ago! There really is nothing good to say about this app, especially when trying to use it with your in car system! Not sure what they did to get a major car manufacturer to agree to endorse this app, but it's the consumer that get the short end of the stick! Bad move, Toyota and bad execution, Scout!!!
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Bair191
    Was excited to learn I could still get GPS on my new Lexus. The app looks fine on the phone but falls way short when displayed in the car. Can't figure out why sometimes it will show a live image of a map, but more often just gives turn by turn instructions. Not helpful. The few times it does show the map, the map stays stagnant and doesn't turn to give the driver's point of view. Another pups be but not helpful feature is finding gas--only gives a list. Seeing the options on a map would be far more helpful in figuring out which one is closest or east drive. Hope the developers will make some changes based on the multiple poor reviews. Lots of potential for this app to car navigation.
  • Lexus 2017 RX 350 1/5

    By Angry Lexus Driver
    Not as accurate as Google Maps. The app feels ancient and pretty much potatoish.
  • Has a lot of potential 2/5

    By Jovis84
    I think an important feature that this app is missing is the ability to lower the music while giving directions! It's helpful to see the directions on screen but when you're on the freeway and blasting the AC it's hard to hear the directions. iPhone maps lowers the music when giving you directions and I was hoping for the same thing.

Scout GPS Link app comments

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