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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Telenav, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Scout GPS Link App

Calling Lexus and Toyota drivers: You can now get free turn-by-turn directions in your car!* On your phone or in your car, Scout GPS Link is always by your side. Scout GPS Link is a free turn-by-turn navigation app with all of the features you want right on the home screen, letting you explore your surroundings and find the best navigation routes with a single touch. It’s powered by your iPhone but designed to work with your car to provide you with a safe and convenient drive. *Available in the following vehicles: • Lexus vehicles equipped with Display Audio • Toyota vehicles equipped with Audio Plus YOUR MOBILE REAL-TIME TRAFFIC COMPANINON TO GET YOU THERE FASTER • Get going faster: See your real-time traffic and commute ETA and get one-touch navigation to home and work • Find the best places to go: Discover the best places to eat and shop, get gas, and more, with intelligent conversational search commands and popular search categories • Easy-to-follow directions: Get there confidently with voice-guided navigation CONNECT TO YOUR CAR TO SAFELY AND CONVENIENTLY CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY • Easily switch between your iPhone and your car’s multimedia screen: Use the app outside of the vehicle on your iPhone, and in your car connect to the multimedia screen for a safer in car experience • Drive-friendly views and guidance: When connected to your car, keep it simple and safe with large turn-by-turn arrows for the upcoming maneuvers and voice-guided directions • Save your favorite locations for easy destination entry: Scout GPS Link transfers routes, recent destinations and all of your favorite places from the iPhone to the car • Speak, don’t type: Use hands-free voice commands to explore your surroundings and keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road • Do more without disruption: Take calls or listen to music without disrupting audio navigation • Easy viewing with day and night modes: Automatic screen color adjustments are tailored for day and night driving needs to reduce glare Notes: • Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life • Scout GPS Link map and search coverage is currently for the USA only • Scout GPS Link in-car features may vary based on vehicle manufacturer and model • Moving maps available in mobile app only, not currently available in Lexus and Toyota in-vehicle experience.

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Scout GPS Link app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By Al76833
    Toyota this is not who you are. Display is awful. Navigation not reliable. No updates. This is not a navigation system!
  • At least show a moving map on the phone 1/5

    By Tylerity
    If the map does now display on the car's screen. At least display it on the phone instead of a blank screen with an logo image.
  • Kills phone battery way to fast. 1/5

    By Sixx416
    You can't turn off the location when not using the app. Therefore it kills the phone battery incredibly fast. I'll stick with my Garmin gps when I need it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sam H 😀
    I have a 2017 Toyota Camry and I have to say this app makes owning a new car completely worthless.
  • Toyota should rethink of changing this App... 1/5

    By iamalraj
    I am not okay to give even 1 star rating for this App. This is really dead slow and the voice guidance is very pathetic. Gps sync is very slow and i felt I was in a maze when using this in remote area. Map display is another huge drawback. It shows only arrow navigation which doesn't help and along with slow gps sync I have lost the route many times. Don't know why Toyota is still hanging with this vendor? I am using Waze now and it works excellent.
  • Great Map App! 5/5

    By Mr. Onyok J. Bentot
    It's a great alternative to the major map apps. It's very simple to use and integrate well with my car. I love using it. I cannot complain about anything based on how I use it.
  • Are you kidding me??? 1/5

    By Therealqueen1
    I don't know if I should be mad at Toyota for partnering with is app or mad at this app for giving Toyota a bad name. I have a Camry2017. Very exciting car. But.....This app has not had an update since last year and the technology seems to be from earlier than that. PLEASE PLEASE update your app and your technology. I feel bad that you have so many bad reviews. I only hope that you are working on making it better. Please don't continue to give yourself a bad name and having us going the wrong destinations.
  • No Map??? 1/5

    By Monster_Pupp
    Why is there no map? My tomtom I spent a $100 on years ago shows me a map when ever it is on. Turn by turn directions are outdated to when mapquest printed direction were your gps. On top of that it uses my cellular data, thats great so a few hour drive and my data plan is exhausted. I dont understand why the app can not run off the satelitte radio antenna. Id pay a small monthly fee of .99-1.99 for monthly use of the app if it ran of satelitte and actual was a gps, not mapquest. I dont think anyone cares much that has developed this app or they would have fixed or attempted to fix all the issues and complaints. So I'll be sticking with the tomtom that I can update for free when ever I like.
  • It has potential. 5/5

    By Plokijuhygui
    Definitely to have the gps on your dash is excellent I like it, but there is always room for improvement, like making the ETA more accurate and it should have the option (on your entune radio plus) to display street view in real time, like the GPS on your phone, that would be great..
  • Great app 4/5

    By RognarTheBarbarian
    This is a great app: I find the ETAs to be highly accurate and the latest update fixed the biggest issues I had with it. My only gripe is that sharing my ETA seems to never work. Other than that, this is a great app and highly recommended for any Toyota owner.
  • So Sad 1/5

    By phl313
    Love my new Tundra but Toyota failed on choosing this navi app!!
  • GOOD IDEA BUT... 3/5

    By Happyface1973
    Works pretty well, but searching is God awfully slow. It should allow you to search on the phone and push to the app. Makes it a better companion rather than being the primary interface. Please fix.
  • Totally disappointed!! 1/5

    By JYo3
    Just purchased a new 2017 Sienna.... and this being the only linked gps app that works with Entune has totally ruined my excitement. It's awful.... there is nothing else to say. Toyota totally failed on linking this gps!
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By DitzyGurl123
    I have tried to use this many times and I get some sort of error message every time. Useless in my Highlander.
  • Too fussy, does not connect easily 1/5

    By Fussy App
    Does not connect easily with Lexus, and requires too much fussing.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Doogie989
    What a waste of time to TRY to set it up
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Swamp1m
    You'd think if a navigation app that was to be used in Toyota products that it would be half way decent. This is a very disappointing app, TOYOTA SHOULD BE ASHAMED.
  • Worst nav app ever! App is a joke. 1/5

    By Sareenah
    Such a bad navigation app... you can't even see where you are on the map because it doesn't have an option to zoom or to even just see your location, what street you're on or anything. It just gives directions, you can't see the streets that are coming or anything. All you see is a dot where you are with like a huge 50 mile radius or something. No use at all, I feel cheated into thinking this would work for my car. I just open google maps on my phone and use their app.
  • Great way to get lost. 1/5

    By Adriene-Laure
    There's no excuse for telling me to drive a mile further when Siri knows where I am and how to get there. Using Scout is just way too inaccurate.
  • Needs to be better 1/5

    By loud01
    The App needs to mirror what's on the phone. The large arrows look ridiculous on your head unit. The directions maps and roads need to be updated. Too many wrong directions, streets running opposite, etc. Real time traffic and best/fastest route need to be better.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By SWBJr
    Compared to Google or Apple maps this a definitely inferior product. Not worth installing. No excuse for such a poor app (and electronics in general) on a 2017) Lexus.
  • Data hunger 1/5

    By Cricketsc
    Data hungry. Maps are not great. No zoom. Wish it was more like a garmin/google.
  • Ridiculous Failure 1/5

    By BettieJane
    Image my surprise in finding myself no where near the location requested?! Additionally, it took a dozen times speaking the location before it registered. At least I thought it registered...but since I found myself NOT at the address input apparently it did not. In short, this app fails. Completely. Zero Stars! Had to scramble with my Google App to get out of the middle of nowhere location this app took me to. Uninstalling. Sad. I expected more...
  • God awful 1/5

    By Isthisnntaken!?
    This app is just terrible. I love it in theory, but then it doesn't actually send me where I want to go, tries to take me off the highway every three feet, doesn't update while I'm driving to reroute when I refuse to get off the highway every 3 feet, tells me where to go after I've arrived, etc. If it wasn't the only way to use the GPS in my car I never would have downloaded it, but I guess I need to go buy a real gps that will take me where I'm going
  • No Problems 5/5

    By wldmstg
    I use the app all the time and have never had a problem. Seen many negative reviews and don't understand why. Turn by turn nav times and places of interest all work well.
  • Worst gps 1/5

    By Pr1ncessamy
    Is there a zero star option?!! This is not user friendly at all. Doesn't allow you to put in information from display, had to shut off blue tooth, then put address into phone then reconnect. Couldn't search anything from display either. Doesn't bring up a navigation map showing you following correct route or next turn. The voice isn't loud enough to hear. This is a completely useless app for gps!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Bad app useless 1/5

    By Qamar Hussain
    Very bad app worst of time. Thanks Q
  • Hour of trying and it won't work on 2017 highlander limited platinum 1/5

    By Jeffbdean
    Bummer. I thought I bought the top of the line highlander. Perhaps something I didn't get the option for
  • By far the worst 1/5

    By beckhill
    This navigation is total garbage. It rerouted you all the time, even if you haven't changed course. It does not provide the fastest route. I would use my Waze app, but coincidentally my phone GPS doesn't have signal, hmmmm
  • Car doesn't recognize link 1/5

    By Nevensdog
    Have never been so frustrated. Will use Waze on iPhone instead
  • Bad rating because a few glitches !!!! Toyota fix these problems please!!!!! 2/5

    By Chris likes your mom
    Every few days it tells me that I have to sign back in and sync to my truck. It also tells me that my password is incorrect and I have to reset my password which is very aggravating . Especially if you're driving .Everything else is ok in my opinion. Toyota needs to fix this password problem asap!!!! When these bugs are fixed, then I will revise my review to a higher rating. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By dmp0588
    Doesn't know where anything is. Even when it finds a desired destination among the options displayed, it often routes to the wrong one. Integration with Google or Apple Maps would be infinitely better. Too bad Toyota picked this pile of garbage.
  • This is it? 1/5

    By ka88384
    In a world of technology this is really the best that Toyota can link up with? This system is so limited in every way. Can I view the GPS as I drive to see the street names? Nope. Can I enter an address on my phone application and then have it link up with the car once I start my trip, Nope. You are better off buying a stand alone GPS. This can't even allow for the standard simple requirements of driving. It's sad and troubling when you take the time to look at the fact that this is the year 2017. Think twice before you buy stock in Scout GPS. So save yourself a lot of unhappy times and just invest in a car charger and use your cell phone mapping system.
  • Turn by turn map 1/5

    By Bf2015
    Would be nice if you could actually choose to see the map instead of just the instructions on when to turn. I'm more of a visual person and for me it really does not work without the map when I'm getting directions.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By greenflash245
    Doesn't miss a turn! Very trustworthy
  • Crap 1/5

    By Johnboy0599
    It doesn't show the map on your display in your car. I can barely use it. I heard that it used to work but doesn't anymore. Why don't they fix it?
  • Well it does work at least. 2/5

    By Grizraz-Nix
    The map route should at least zoom into a closer view of the map area. Should be able to edit liked/favorite locations for custom names at least. The voice prompts should lower music volume so the prompts could be heard. But at least it works.
  • Useless Navigation 1/5

    By Carbideruffer
    It's far from what I expected. It sounds great when I bought a 2017 Rav4 with navigation. But it's useless when I came across to set it up. Please update your software.
  • If I could give no stars I would 1/5

    By el 0so
    Useless. Fails to work in every aspect of its intended functions. Should have just put a nav package in the vehicles. Toyota tried to be cheap and they got a cheap product. My wife hasn't even bothered with it because it isn't user friendly.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Kevo2764
    This is the worst GPS app ever Toyota dropped the ball with this. They need to partner with someone else. This is no better than mapquest. I had to by a window mount for my cell phone. I now use WAZE on my phone. If I have to use my data for gps it should at least be good. I just got rid a GM product way better NAV system and it doesn't use your data. Navigation was one of the requirements I had for my new car. I will be sure to see that Toyota has fixed this before I buy another vehicle from them!!!!!
  • Map view improvement 4/5

    By Cnybrewing
    The app should give the options for either a north up view or a travel direction up option
  • Meh 2/5

    By DL4545
    Why does the app in the vehicle not show a map all the time... on turns it is obviously most important?! You can see this on your phone... why doesn't this display there as well? At least the app says street names and indicates how many miles are upcoming. When the map is viable... it is small while looking at the dashboard.
  • Awful. 1/5

    By Bart_I
    Doesn't do anything. Waste of time.
  • Wow Bad 1/5

    By Cadre
    This app is barely useable. Linking is poor, it's slow, it crashes often. Toyota should just use CarPlay and completely get rid of this lousy excuse for an app.
  • Using location always 1/5

    By Skunk1968
    Why does this app need to use my location all the time? When I check my battery usage this app is at the top for background usage. The only options for location usage are 'Never' or 'Always'. Why not an option for 'While using app'? I uninstalled the app. Toyota needs to allow CarPlay and forget this crappy app.
  • Garbage of a app 1/5

    By VolkR
    I read all the reviews and I don't have to add Anything more except that we need to call Toyota and ask for a refund of the extra money we pay for this useless gps Or they have to change to something with real navigation not this piece of crap we got in our toyotas. We need Car Play instead of the Entune system!
  • Terrible app for 17 Rav 4 1/5

    By KellyK9090
    I cannot even search for a location other than home & work. Not user friendly at all with the system in my RAV4 XLE. I rented a Hyandi & it had a better system than this. Super disappointed
  • Not great 1/5

    By Smp425
    This app needs some serious updates to be a part of the 21st century. Turn by turn interactive map with street names, when it says turn right into r. 2- why does it not tell me whether I'm going north or south?! Also it may just be me but I have not found a way to pause my trip or detour at all. Also traffic updates do not work as well as the apple gps product.
  • Could be great... but not right now 2/5

    By Saerec
    I was really excited to try this app. After purchasing a new Toyota Corolla after my 2004 Corolla got totaled. Being able to link with the phone is great. The actual gps not so. I ran the scout gps along with my go to gps app Waze. After doing this several trips I can honestly say even without Waze integrating onto my car's onboard display, it still out performs scout's gps by leagues. First off real-time updates is missing from scout gps on-board display. On the phone itself it works fine, but if you bring it up with your car it's crap. Waze continues to provide better route destination, better traffic re-routes, and updates if you miss a turn correctly. Scout GPS continues to recommend that you perform a U-turn and go back for a miss turn. I followed it's advice just once on the freeway. It basically forces you back onto congested freeway traffic the other way around until you get back to your exit. Needless to say following it's direction caused me 30 minutes extra drive time due to being stuck in congestion. Waze on the other hand, reccommended that I just exit of the next exit and re-routed correctly with updated directi an. Scout GPS does not like you driving or missing turns as it will not update with new information in a timely manner. Sometimes it gets stuck telling you to return to a turn even if you arrived at your destination. Best advice: If you don't mind basic driving information than Scout GPS will work. It'll get you your your destination but not efficiently. Waze provides real-time up to date directions and updates directions as you drive. Scout GPS will only do this if it's working on phone alone. Connecting to car to display on-board cars display will cause it to just provide static information with no live traffic. Everything is all a screenshot and static information from about 10-15 minutes ago. Not useful during rush-hour traffic or inclement weather unless your using phone stand-alone. If your going to do this you might as well use Waze which outperforms it. Developers: Please fix this. It's kinda ridiculous that Toyota will offer free gps but requires that you have an active phone as it uses your phones gps data. If you expect us to use it with our cars the functionality has to out perform other stand-alone phone gps apps.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Reza gold
    This app is really useless. This is not an app that Lexus can be proud of. It is a static map that just tells you turn right or left. It doesn't even you show a dynamic map. It really is a big fail. They should improve the app or even replace it with something else. Using google map and just listening to it, is by far much better than this app. This app takes your display for no useful information.

Scout GPS Link app comments

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