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Scribd - Reading Subscription App

Scribd gives you access to an unlimited number of the best books, audiobooks, news, magazines, documents, and more. We make it easy for you to stay informed, discover new passions, and feed your curiosity. No matter what you’re looking for, Scribd is the only reading app you need. Explore trending topics, get personalized recommendations, or check out collections hand-picked by business leaders, tastemakers, and our editors. Membership includes monthly access to an unlimited number of the best books, audiobooks, documents, news, and magazines. FEATURES • Access an unlimited number of the best books and audiobooks, including award winners and bestsellers in every genre. • Access to articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Foreign Policy, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, ELLE, ESPN, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, and more. • Access to select articles from The Associated Press, NPR, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more • Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library, which includes official government reports, academic dissertations, detailed scientific studies, and more. • Unlimited access to a selection of books and audiobooks, hand-chosen by our editors. • Store titles offline to enjoy at any time, even without an internet connection. • Sync across all of your devices. • Our membership is a monthly subscription that starts at $8.99 which automatically renews unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date. Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at


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Scribd - Reading Subscription app reviews

  • Great service. New update crashes 3/5

    By NTR1844
    This is a fantastic service. One of the best. The latest update crashes at the end of every audiobook chapter.
  • Not sure what’s happening... 3/5

    By Maria Tizon
    I love this app but lately it’s been crashing a lot. Can’t listen to anything without constantly having to restart. Hope you all fix it soon.
  • Good app, iPad version has trouble 3/5

    By mdrichard05
    I’ve loved using Scribd for the past few years, as it’s super convenient as a service for both document sharing, and discovering some new books I would otherwise probably not read. However, there is one big issue on the iPad: the table of contents isn’t available! I don’t know at what point this happened. A year ago, everything was fine. But I pulled up a book of sheet music, and suddenly there was no way to navigate it. There’s no issue on my Android phone, or on the web, but the iPad app has not table of contents available. This needs to be fixed.
  • App needs some improvement 2/5

    By Flip cow
    So I love the idea of this app, the cost and access to audiobooks is amazing but I’m having several issues with the app while using it. It keeps closing out as soon as I goes onto the next chapter of the audiobook and it does not work with my headphones pause button which makes it hard to easily pause when getting pulled away to do something else. I like the idea of the app and hope the improve it soon.
  • Glitchy. 3/5

    By MocahgirlInGA
    App won’t stay open. Have reinstalled, restarted the phone, everything.
  • In Love! 5/5

    By Alli4jc
    I’ve been in loved with Scribd for a LONG TIME. I used it for the document section that had access to uploaded sheet music. Well, I decided to finally upgrade to a paid membership a couple years ago and freaking WOW! I don’t know why I never took advantage of the books before, but now I do. FYI, I am a speed-reader and can devour a 600 pager in a manner of 5 hours. With Scribd, I literally read about 3-6 books a week addition to the fantastic selection of sheet music and documents. The magazines are something I’ve yet to check out along with audiobooks. But yeah...this is by far the best priced subscription I’ve had. I considered Kindle Unlimited but I don’t know if they include the sheet music and document/studies. go. Anyways, thumbs up for Scribd!
  • They will NEVER let you cancel 1/5

    By in for life
    They will never let you can el
  • Audiobook player fail 1/5

    By Shaeger
    The app crashes at the end of every chapter when audiobooks are playing. Worked better before last update.
  • It's a scam 1/5

    By LRinTX
    This app is a scam. You will be charged for months to come with no way to cancel your subscription yourself. The app itself does not have an intuitive interface - do yourself a favor and go to your nearest public library.
  • Almost too good to be true. 5/5

    By tylercaulfield
    With no limits on audiobooks and ebooks there really isn’t any competition. I’ve gone through half a dozen and counting. Get this app, support the company, keep it going and hope the managers of this company are smart enough to keep it alive for us readers.
  • I’m so glad I found this app 5/5

    By Nathalip
    I love scribd. I love audiobooks and have tried other apps but this is the first one that actually provides what I’m looking for. I’m so impressed with the library, the app works consistently, and the price is great!

    By 161583605
    I'm so excited that SCRIBD now offers unlimited books for such a low price. It offers more than other eBook services, including better books, and all of the mechanics such as highlighting and notes, for less money. What more could a reader wish for?
  • Latest version is broken 1/5

    By B53tt
    I just updated that app and now it crashes after every new chapter in an audiobook. Why am I paying for a broken app?
  • Great app, need more speed 5/5

    By Rod.Gomez
    I would like to see faster results when searching and also a 3.0 speed option when doing audiobooks.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Alice170
    I really do love this app. There isn't a lot of new books and that is totally ok because it causes me to read/listen to old books i never got around to looking at. Such an amazing app I am constantly recommending it to people!
  • Don’t trust 1/5

    By artlesslydecided
    I signed up for a free trial that ensured I wasn’t going to be charged until April 11th. I downloaded the app last weekend and already have had the $8 taken out of my bank account. Not just a pending transaction, a fully completed transaction. I cancelled my subscription, hopefully they at least honor that.
  • Would be great if it wouldn’t crash constantly 3/5

    By SeeBoat1
    I have a love-hate relationship with this app. It’s great when it works but whenever I’m using it for audiobooks it crashes constantly. Seems to be most common at the end of chapters.
  • Love the variety of ebooks and audiobooks 5/5

    By JoanPierce1958
    I look forward to new books each month on Scribed. I read mysteries, nonfiction, self help and even cookbooks. I can’t afford to buy many books but with Scribed I pay one fee a month which is less than a book and I can read many books or listen to audiobooks. I have an eye disease. At times, I cannot read more than one page. But I can get on Scribed and listen to audiobooks. That has been a godsend to me. Other programs like Audible are too expensive. Scribed is affordable and has a wide selections of new books.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Loads masher
    Be cautious using the paid version of this app. They have cleverly made it very difficult to cancel or delete your account. I submitted 5 emails with NO response. Their BBB rating is a whopping D- with numerous complaints. I don’t generally write bad reviews except I see how “good” this app rating was and find it very hard to believe. I’m not sure why or how it is so high, other than using bots or fake accounts to create high reviews. Use at your own risk.
  • Great book selection , average audiobook selection 4/5

    Their selection of ebooks makes Amazon unlimited seem pitiful . however their selection of audiobooks DOES NOT CONTAIN RECENT BESTSELLERS ,, only a rare few
  • Recommended feature 4/5

    By Mayaily123
    Instead of pressing down to hold and using the apple cursors to select where to highlight, you guys should have the press and drag and highlight feature
  • Amazing for Book Lovers 5/5

    By ToriGiff
    By far my favorite app. I can’t live without it and am so happy it went back to unlimited. I haven’t ever had any problems with the app or glitches across any of my devices
  • Love it 5/5

    By 😃😃😊😃
    I absolutely love this app I have used it forever and it has a great selection I just wish it would save all the books I’ve read because I want to go back and find them to recommend to friends and never can
  • A little glitchy 4/5

    By Ttraci
    I’m so glad to see the “credits” thing is gone. I use a lot of books for reference and the credit system really puts a damper on things. I have noticed that the app is a little glitchy and hesitant so I wanted to point that out. Also it would be really nice to be able to change the background and font colors to more colorful choices instead of the drab ones available. Just a suggestion. But all over great app. Thanks for doing away with the credits!!! 👏🏼
  • Most useful app 5/5

    By SmokedoutD
    Great app with a purpose
  • Back to being the best 5/5

    By Fthecredits
    I’ll finally give a 5 star now that you’ve gone back to unlimited and did away with the credits. While you have a vast and great selection I can find more titles I want sooner on the kindle or audible apps but for the money with the unlimited this is hands down the best app for books and audio books. I’ve been a customer for about 5 years now. I look forward to going back in time 3 years and having my choice back now. Thank you for making me happy I stuck with you through the credit phase.
  • Start stop from headphone missing 3/5

    By Bear and Bunny
    I am using headphones and I would like to start and stop my audiobooks just by pressing the button on the standard Apple headphone. This is so basic. Please add it.
  • Add pauseability 3/5

    By DunlopMichael
    Scribd is a great app and a great service. My only complaint is that audiobooks cannot be paused using the pause button on headphones (Apple or otherwise). Add this essential feature, and my rating would be five stars.
  • The Best 5/5

    By ekennon4148
    This app is by far the best reading app on the App Store. With the new update with them going back to everything unlimited now it will be the best!!
  • Magnificent app 5/5

    By Jackfrotz
    Ever since the new update with the subscription going unlimited I have added many books to my library including audio ones I listen too while I drive to work.
  • Great APP 5/5

    By ShayBooks
    I love the Scribd app. I am so happy you went back to unlimited everything.
  • So glad I ditched Audible/Kindle Unlimited! 5/5

    By kepodom
    This app is amazing! Best bang for your buck!
  • Can’t Beat It 5/5

    By Rapp
    8.99 for this selection unlimited? Can’t ask for more than that.
  • GREAT selection! 5/5

    By lsinger9404
    I have more of an eccentric taste, so I love all the selections! Some I already paid cover price for the physical's nice to carry them around. As for being whiny about only getting one may as well learn to read! ———— Update: Thank GOD the credits are gone! I was feeling pressure to get books just to use them up. I will NEVER be able to read them. No more pressure!
  • Ok when it started 2/5

    By Beca in Kona
    It was great when it started. Then the switched to 3 books a month. I approached the "management" about this drastic change and they had no answers. Well, I read on average of 12 books a month so I switched to Amazon Unlimited and I have not been disappointed. If you only read 1-4 books a month it's perfect for you. Any more and you are better somewhere else. Aloha!
  • The last star... 4/5

    By Jesseshell
    Dear Scribd, I would give your app 5 stars if I could filter books based on rating. Love everything but that.
  • Worst customer service ever 1/5

    By Tru_Aries23
    I signed up for a one month trial. When my month was up I decided I wanted to continue being a customer. However I noticed there was two charges for $8.99 one from Scribd and one from Apple. I was shocked so I contacted Scribd customer support the only way I could via email. A customer service representative contacted me stating that I had two accounts. The rep said she would be more then happy to refund my credit card and cancel my subscription linked to an actual user name and password. They informed my that Apple didn’t give them refunds and I would need to take my problem up with Apple. I replied saying that I would like to keep the account attached to the user name and password where I could sign in using different devices. I said I would be more then happy to have a refund or even the credits I paid for. The rep replied stating again that they could refund my account but that it would cancel my membership with the user name and password. At this point I was getting upset. Here I was trying to keep the very account the rep was saying I would have to give up not only that but the rep addressed none of my issues or concerns. I again attempted to contact Scribd saying that I wanted to keep the user name and password account and requested that they help me figure out how to do so. I received an email only a couple hours later stating my account was canceled and my credit card would be refund within 3-5day. I was told to contact Apple if I wanted a refund from them. I was left in shock! I can’t believe that a subscription based company has zero customer service and absolutely no live contact.
  • Updated review 1/5

    By The man who broke batman
    Changing five star to no star have been trying to have an issue resolved for three weeks being given the runaround and no help after THREE years loyal subscribers this is my last month
  • Love the service, hate the app 3/5

    By MetalandtheGeek
    I really do love what you offer but I can’t stand your app. The audiobooks rarely work on the iPhone and that was the whole reason I even wanted the app in the first place. Please fix this. I have an iPhone 7 not sure why it’s always glitching
  • Netflix of books 5/5

    By WestGen
    Everyone needs this app
  • Bookmark function broken after recent update 4/5

    By Word lover
    I use this app everyday. Will be lost without it. However, the most recent update caused the bookmark function to no longer work. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Gift2God
    Love this appt!
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By LauraHz
    Would have sent this through support but can’t get that far. I open the app it tries but crashes. I have attempted reloading.
  • Bookmarks don’t work 2/5

    By therealtamishow
    I have this app for Kindle and Samsung, and both manage to at least work minimally. But here, on my favorite platform, bookmarks don’t work. They give a pleasing reaction when one “creates” a bookmark, reassuringly stating, “bookmark created.” Don’t believe it. No matter how many you create, when you return to find them you’ll be told, “you haven’t created any notes or bookmarks yet!” Hope you weren’t relying on those.
  • It’s an ok app for a great service. 3/5

    By ssshhhh
    I can’t go to my purchases easily. It would be nice if there was an option for ‘library’ on the homepage, or that option in the toolbar.
  • Slow to load 2/5

    By BelaDona@non
    Books take an incredibly long time to load, even those i've stored offline.
  • I don't read on my phone 2/5

    By Raindropdroptop
    I have been looking for an audiobook app for a while that would pass the time on my commute. I got scribd and liked how many books they had "on tape".I was willing to spend the $9/month, but you only get 1 audiobook download a month and 3 book downloads. If I could get 4 audiobooks a month I would be much more willing to re-up my subscription. Until then I guess I will have to figure out how I can get audiobooks from my local library.
  • What a value for the money! 5/5

    By Christian Ross
    3 books and 1 audiobook plus magazines, you can’t beat it. I am always in learning mode and this helps. Scribd is great; I constantly recommend it.
  • Love App but buggy as well as the issue of audiobooks 3/5

    By Pippylonginglongstocking
    The app has some great qualities but the biggest problem is that only 3 books credits is little given on long the book ex. You get a book that 1,200 pages it would also cost the same as 600 page one meaning one book credit is or if you don't use audiobooks you can't exchange them for regular books but the regular updates have improved the buggy issue. There is also no way to upgrade beyond general plan.
  • Nonstop Charging 1/5

    By Mulgummedup
    It was great for a quick use. Got the books I needed for my summer classes. But even after all my subscriptions were cancelled and trial ended CONTINUES to charge me 8.99$ even though I’ve been unsubscribed since June. I don’t know if it’s because I used the app and so it’s getting my card information since I DID change my card already and after changing my information it still continues to charge me. So yeah, 1 star for that. Give me my 8.99$ back.

Scribd - Reading Subscription app comments


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