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Scribd gives you access to everything worth reading — the best books, audiobooks, news, magazines, documents, and more. We make it easy for you to stay informed, discover new passions, and feed your curiosity. No matter what you’re looking for, Scribd is the only reading app you need. Explore trending topics, get personalized recommendations, or check out collections hand-picked by business leaders, tastemakers, and our editors. Membership includes 3 book credits and 1 audiobook credit each month, plus unlimited access to documents, news, magazines, and more. FEATURES • 3 books and 1 audiobook of your choice every month. • Access to articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Money Magazine, Foreign Policy, and more. • Access to select articles from The Associated Press, NPR, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more • Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library, which includes official government reports, academic dissertations, detailed scientific studies, and more. • Unlimited access to a selection of books and audiobooks, hand-chosen by our editors. • Store titles offline to enjoy at any time, even without an internet connection. • Sync across all of your devices. • Our membership is a monthly subscription for $8.99 which automatically renews unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date. Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at

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  • Continuously improving 5/5

    By Breeoxd
    At first I was a bit out off by the change to the credit based system, but even as a heavy reader, I always have a generous supply of reading materials at hand with the Scribd selects, magazine articles and audio books. You may not always find the brand new books here, but many are still best sellers, and the selection is constsbtly being updated. I use this app daily and am happy to read on my computer and other devices.great job!
  • Very useful app 4/5

    By Panxo7dead
    If you want to get a book fast, download this app Bye
  • App is awesome!!! 5/5

    By @bd'/
    This app is awesome and useful, is an important too to be use if you like reed and enrich your knowledge, I'm so happy and grateful to have this app as a resource in my education. Just love it.
  • Scribd is great, their app isn't. 2/5

    By shapeofthesound
    I love what Scribd, as an overall company, provides but their app reminds me of what it was like to have dial-up; regular freezing, regular crashing, taking its sweet time just to get started, etc. They claim to make regular updates but I can't tell the difference. It's not so bad as to make me get rid of it, much like dial-up wasn't so bad as to keep me offline, but I do hope this app gets upgraded to high-speed someday. Again, big fan of the overall company and their website works very well.
  • Incredible Book & Sheet Music Finder 5/5

    By JC Blue
    I appreciate this app a lot as a music student. Many full scores and sheet music pieces are not available in my small school library, but this app has almost everything. Most of music theory books and fake/real books are heavy, but this app made me possible to carry only iPad or iPhone when I have too many books in my bag. I can review expensive books before order them on Internet stores, too. $9.99/month monthly charge is bit pricy for starving college students, but it's very useful app.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By arobs1212
    The most useful app I've ever downloaded! It puts a vast wealth of information and literature at your fingertips!
  • A Must-Have for All Book Lovers! 5/5

    By selena123
    I have been able to read dozens of more books per year just by listening to these audiobooks while I'm driving in the car. In addition, the selection of books, sheet music, and other documents is fantastic and so convenient to have!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Boudreaux99
    I often find exactly the book I need here. Great app.
  • Basically great 4/5

    By mezzsing
    I have some reservations about how things are arranged on this app and why you can search and find so many things that aren't books. For example - what is that documents section, exactly. Overall, though, it's a reading app that provides me with books and audiobooks in a good format. I appreciate it, and I'm definitely getting my money's worth.
  • The paid subscription is a trap 1/5

    By CancelPLEASE
    I have made various attempts to cancel this subscription. Why is it so difficult. In my first attempt got a notification that I can't cancel on tablet, only on iPad. On my iPad there is no option in settings nor account to cancel. Mean while I'm being charged. Cancel this account
  • So far is working for me 5/5

    By Mary7430
    At the moment Scribd still has books from my Want to Read list, so I am happy. I wish there was a way to use an e-ink reader with it.
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By Jadman67
    Scribd is one of my favorite apps. Even though I still check out books from the library, I keep Scribd because there are books at the library with long waits that I know I won't finish during the library checkout period. Many times, Scribd has those books as well and I don't have to rush to finish them.
  • Awesome App!! 4/5

    By Life2Dfull
    Very impressed how easy it is to access the reading material I like. Good job!!
  • Extremely convenient 5/5

    By felophile
    I like to travel very lean. Taking a kindle plus my phone adds weight and clutter. Reading books with all the photos and illustrations from the print version on my iPhone 7+ is great.
  • Great selection and service 5/5

    By LadyACDoyle
    Very happy with Scribd! Pretty much any book you're looking for is there (except Garth Nix). I use it to read with my kids and love the audiobook selection as well!
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Mottsauce
    I love this app. Much easier to use than Kindle.
  • Great 5/5

    By omnor
    It's a helpful app specially for research and development
  • What a dud! 1/5

    By Jenny back up
    It keeps crashing! I hate it!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sammy Ghioto
  • Greatest Resource 5/5

    By Aminullahi
    My country doesn't have functional libraries or great selection of books, I was delighted when I found out such great selection in SCRIBD. This was recommended by a friend and I am greatful to him. This is one of my best apps.
  • Used to work, not anymore 1/5

    By Jazzytones
    I rely on Scribd as a musician. Lately it's been letting me down on gigs as the songs won't load. Had to force quit the app on both iPad and iPhone. It keeps freezing. Please fix!!!!
  • I enjoy, but... 4/5

    By Xavier Harper
    The current version's search isn't working. It worked yesterday, but it isn't today. Can you tell me what the problem is? I still have access to the books stored offline, but I can't find anything new.
  • Sometimes it's like trying to find one book in a library haystack 3/5

    By AuntieK8
    There were more books available when I first subscribed (3 years ago, I think). At that time, books and audiobooks were unlimited every month, fantastic for me as I am often ill and was able to lose myself it several books a week without trying to get to my local public library. This is why I now also have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I'd like to try a new cookbook, for example, but then I have to think about to using that credit, and what would I do if a new Lisa Kleypas book comes out and I'm out of credits (insert gasp here)? It would be a nice if there was a way to sort saved books by author. That's another thing ... why do I have to "flag to save" books now? From the last version update, earlier this year, Scribd created a "books read" list and moved about a third of my books to that list (mysteriously appeared so I have to assume Scribd created). I deleted the system created list, not knowing all the books from the list would be deleted from my library. A few of the books I could find in the general library and was able to add back to my library but not all, such as Penny Reid's Winston Brothers series. I only found 2 of the 3 Winston Brothers books, which I have already read so they should all be available to me. That leads to another thing ... why aren't the Winston Brothers books shown under Penny Reid's books authored list? This is what I meant when I wrote my review title. It is nice that the system can direct you to other books; you can select a book, read the blurb, then scroll down to author or subject related books, which can lead to even more subject related books. But sometimes I'll find an available book randomly that I could not find by searching by title or author. I started creating lists now in order to sort by author or subject, nice to be able to mark lists as private. Lists do seem to disappear then reappear randomly (developers, see my Dublin Street list as an example). I have also had books disappear and reappear from a list. It would also be nice if there was a "return to home" feature instead of always having to back out by each level (read a blurb, select a related book and read that blurb, select another related book, then have to back out by the left arrow as many times as needed). I know clicking several times isn't strenuous, but a home button would be nice. Other times I close the app, refresh, then reopen the app. Developers, the new app logo is terrible. You know it kinda looks like a number laying down with another number on top? Or maybe I just read too many eroticas.
  • Help 3/5

    By Ttraci
    I know the box you speak of with the Aa but it still looks the exact same as always. Color choices are gray, tan or black. Six fonts to choose from without color. Where's the changes? It'd be nice to have colorful choices for fonts and backgrounds such as blues, purples, reds, pinks, yellows, etc. Not bland colors with strictly black font.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Juan Sibrian
    Helpful with PDF and stuff but it only gives you 3 book credits a month.
  • Such a great resource! 5/5

    By KtLeeB
    Whether it's for work or fun, I think the collection of documents here is unparalleled and I'm really glad Scribd exists! Thanks!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Hduehavjskdnueudh
    I love how I can find about anything I'm looking for on this app. Easy to use and simple layout. I only gave 4 stars due to the fact that now you have reading credits limiting you to a certain amount of books you can read/listen to a month.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By The original CCH
    I'd like to see a larger selection, but it's pretty great as is.
  • Well Done! 5/5

    By zmn7162
    I don't know who developed this but whoever did, great job. The navigation and interface are so easy to use and the selection of books is far larger than I could hope to get through, although I am trying. The only suggestion I have is that if the software could be accessed on a computer, either as an application on a Mac or via the website that would be great, being able to read on a larger screen when I don't have an iPad or tablet would be really nice for the print texts. Other than that I love it and am so glad I came across this.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Poigsbxi
    I had to pay for my 30 days trial. And the books and songs weren't opening anymore. Awful! DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
  • my "go-to" for reference material 5/5

    By pogofan
    my "go-to" for reference material
  • Love Offline listening 5/5

    By PaddlesupOki
    I have had no problems with Scribd love that i can listen to an audiobook or download a book on two different devices and pick right off where i left it on one. Thanks for making the transition so effortless!
  • Why does this company exist 1/5

    By dpiers
    Why do journalists put documents on Scribd? "Open this doc in the app to read past the first 3 pages" - oh, but the document isn't actually available in the app, and also, would you like to sign up as a paid member? No. No one needs to be a paid member to read public PDFs in 2017. Everyone hates your stupid company gating content in an attempt to find a business model.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ball24state
    Scribd is a great service and the app works well.
  • Had to tell all my friends! 5/5

    By Ms flow
    I love this app! I was never one to listen to books preferring to read alone but I'm addicted to it now. I love the selection of titles and can't best the monthly cost. I really don't care about logo it's the content that matters most!
  • Amazing value 5/5

    By April from Dallas
    I am accustomed to paying $16 a month for ONE Audible credit so you can only imagine how much of a deal this is for me! I love it. Kinda upset I just now heard about it lol
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By Mr. Intellectual
    I really enjoy this app. It's very useful when I'm trying to learn new music, but it has been crashing more often than not these past few weeks.
  • RipOff Stop Charging 1/5

    By Teophilus
    Scribd stole my money. Then they lied. I did not find any place to discontinue the app. So I have errased the app in my IPAD. And i'Ve hidden it from the list of my apps. I HOPE THIS IS ENOUGH FOR THEM TO STOP CHARGING. AND IT WOULD BE GREAT IF THEY RETURNED MY TEN BUCKS. What ticket number? Quote your ticket number. Have no ticket number. Where do i get one, and how. If you follow the current everything is fine if you do not, well hell lets lose. Stop CHARGING. NO MORE CHARGES Re sent x 3
  • Great reading app 5/5

    By charlom
    It works easily to read or listen to books and they have an excellent selection.
  • Ummm, guys? 5/5

    By RJack7
    You all..uh, may want to rethink that logo. "What the hell is he talking about?" You'll know what I mean when the first 1-star review comes in from a mega-perv who downloaded it bc they thought it was an oral sex app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By BebeBaby101!
  • Amazing resource 5/5

    By GeorgeinVA
    Given the monthly fee this is an amazing resource for many forms of research. You could assemble the same material from other sources, but never at this cost or as easily. The ability to really review a book, discard it because it is not quite what you expected is invaluable, it does not take many wrong purchases to justify this service. Well done!
  • Nice 5/5

    By Lon lone
    I love it
  • Radams 5/5

    By Radams Truck
    Great app!!
  • The most helpful 5/5

    By KsiBone
    The most helpful book library money can buy and with a free trial why not knock out a couple books
  • It's great, but… 4/5

    By wellSty
    I would love some kind of text-to-audio function. Since the books aren't in a standard ePub format I can't use an app like Voice Dream. I have a long commute, so it's really helpful to "skim" a book using text-to-audio and really dig in when I get to my destination #wishfulthinking. Anyway, it's great, but…
  • One of the most helpful apps 5/5

    By vtpiano
    I use this at least twice a week
  • Slow 3/5

    By Janniel
    Far too slow opening. Frequently jumbles up the pages. Book selections are getting worse. I've used this service for some years, it was great at first, now, not so great.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By B. Rhodes
    I tried many of the talking book platforms. Although not as big as amazon, Scribd has a great user workflow and interface along with bonus apps like blinklist (basically cliff notes), FarFaria and others.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Ever 😜
    I love the books and my favorite genre (fiction/fantasy) is filled with so many enticing reads 💖💖 I truly love this app

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