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SeekingArrangement App

Sugar daddy dating brought to you by SeekingArrangement. The largest matchmaking app for sugar daddy & sugar baby relationships where millionaires, successful, beautiful and attractive people to meet. Our members include CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, celebrities, pro-athletes, actors, actresses, top models, and the elite 1%. With a community of over 10 million members, we have been featured extensively in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, just to name a few. We are the premier millionaire matchmaking and sugar daddy dating app, the SeekingArrangement app is the only app that features background verified profiles. In addition, we have Diamond members, our most elite sugar daddy membership tier, who go through a rigorous verification process on our app. The average wealthy member on our app has an average net income of over $250K+. The SeekingArrangement app gives you access to a number of simple to use features, including our newest feature 'Seeking': -Quickly swipe through other members and let them know that you're interested, you'll automatically be matched with the members who have shown interest in you too - Discover wealthy sugar daddies or beautiful sugar babies near you - Search for matches based on your preferences - Add as a Favorite or Message anyone you like - Easily purchase one of our Subscription packages to upgrade to a Premium membership Subscription Pricing: Generous Members 3 days (trial) - 9.99 30 days - $79.95 Attractive Members 3 days (trial) - $2.99 30 days - $19.95 Other Important Notes: • View our Privacy Policy at • View our Terms of Service Agreement at • You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app


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SeekingArrangement app reviews

  • full of scammers 1/5

    By KeseyMic309
    this app is full of scammers. a guy would message me then ask for my phone number. then the account would be deleted and unable to find. they would send pictures that was already on the profile before! then they would ask for bank account login and password!!! don’t do this!!!! if someone asks for username and password they are fake!!!!!
  • App is rip off of Tinder 1/5

    By FarmerCA
    I left tinder because I was tired of the swiping and the casual men. Now that they forced this new interface on us, it's the spitting image of Tinder and has attracted more men who have no intentions of an arrangement. (You can't browse/swipe here unless you allow access to your phone's location) The users will always be various on any app but with this new interface, there are horrid bugs and constant connection drops. I could do everything fine with the old interface. It wasn't broken, but this new version is severely broken!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By SugarTheUnicorn
    Do not waste your time on this if a BUNCH of negativity reviews doesn’t convince you enough to not download this then go ahead try your luck, like I get It there are good people out there but at the same time it’s also bad. I’ve ran into nothing but people who wants my bank information knowing that there is ALWAYS other methods offered to receive allowance and then they just abruptly disappear once I offer paypal instead of bank information, REMOVE THE SCAMMERS PLEASE
  • App crashes 1/5

    By BabyJazz
    App crashes every time you open it and it saying the app needs to be updated but there is no update available
  • Worthless Searches 2/5

    By barefoot_princess
    The distance radius in the search feature doesn't work, and hasn't for most of the time I've been on the app. I'm in the US, so striking up a conversation in Queensland or Dubai isn't really a practical strategy. I'm told.the developers are working on it... I wouldn't recommend the app until it's fixed. What's the point?
  • Technical problems & no support for women 1/5

    By Leenka
    Right now the app doesn’t even load and crashes when you try to open it. So there’s that terrible issue that keeps looping you back to the App Store. Also, anytime a sugar baby does anything remotely questionable there is no support - just a huge double standard because men who presumably pay for this app get to act like sleazebags but my mere mention of money or online arrangements (EVEN THOUGH THESE ARE LITERALLY OPTIONS THE SITE GIVES AS THINGS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR) gets my profile denied. Furthermore, there is no SOP among the administrators so sometimes the same statements will not get approved. I’m trying to stay safe and underline the fact that I’m not an escort and I get met with resistance and it takes them forever to approve photos, which is impossible to get by their standards unless you’re a man. But apparently once these sugar daddies start talking to you they can completely ignore the “rules” of this app that the moderators claim are so important and start talking to women like they are pieces of garbage. I think this is the ultimate slap in the face, creators of SA. You f***** up.
  • I can’t even open the app... 4/5

    By thatcat202020
    See I’ve been using the app for a while, for some reason, recently I haven’t been able to even open the app. It started after the last update...
  • Trash 1/5

    By Beautifullygorgeous1
    The app isn't what I thought it would crashes a lot,it takes more the 2 days for your pictures to upload,like this is ridiculous 😒
  • Cannot open the apps 1/5

    By zyetem
    Whenever i open the apps, suddenly it says "oopps somethinf went wrong! Please try again" and then the apps is closed.. fix this asap
  • No no 1/5

    By kkkkkkkkkk214
    This app is not good! There’s only scammers! They want your username and password from your bank account to give you money. Like really! There is no sugar daddy’s here.
  • App experience 3/5

    By plantboydiego
    The app isn’t fluid. It crashes often, it isn’t responsive, even the seeking arrangement logo is pixelated, don’t always get notified of messages, doesn’t fit my entire screen and it’s not even an iPhone X.
  • Approval 2/5

    By Chelseabound
    I still have not been approved and every time I tried to save something to my profile the app just closes out !
  • Useless garbage 1/5

    By Redsole93
    What a load of crap this app and website have become. The golden years of this site were 2010-2013. Back in 2013 I actually met a wonderful man who helped me through my first two years of college. He unfortunately moved and I found myself back on the site and much to my dismay was disappointed to what I have seen SA has become. I’m a sugar baby who is college and background verified. I live in a big city but all I see now are inactive profiles and all I ever get is men messaging me wanting pay per meet! This site has become like a backpage for escorts. I wish SA would photo verify sugar baby’s so men would stop being so skeptical and income verify the men!! Way to many salt daddies on here. Paying 100 for sex is NOT a sugar daddy!!! Also why did you guys change the app format?! It looks like a cheap bootleg version of Tinder. It doesn’t work the app glitches and crashes constantly. I’m beyond disappointed. I can’t believe this is what this site has come to. I’ve had better luck meeting wealthy and generous men at the country club and charity events. SA get rid of the inactive profiles and fix your app!!!!!!
  • Prefer using website 4/5

    By Gfddjbbuhsdjbbdsfxhkk
    But not bad. As for people complaining about “fake SDs”— do your own screening and due diligence. Duh.
  • Horrible!!! Do NOT waste your money 1/5

    By Truepo
    The app/site is a scam with scammers!!! The app won’t approve any picture u submit which makes your profile unavailable to view.. then let’s not discuss all the “fees” supposedly to enhance your profile and boost it.. lies... renew membership? Not even an option ... the profiles of people listed solicit bank information and try to scam you out of account details... don’t be fooled!!! Stay far away
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Supjenn19
    Description doesn't show up on the app and forces you to go on the website through a browser. What's the point of the app then?
  • Extremely disappointed 1/5

    By Gordon 18
    Why did you guys have to sell out and update your app to its current state? It's hard to navigate now, its ugly, I hate the opening picture, and I don't like the red SA logo, it was way better white. Who told you guys to change it sooo drastically? I don't want to swipe right or left, it was perfect the way it was before, simple and easy to use, now I'm so confused with it and I'm 21, Imagine your older users.
  • Super Slow process 2/5

    By Cupcakes101099
    I’ve been waiting for my photos to get approved for 6 days, the wait time for photo approval is between 24-48 hours! idk if the app is super busy this time but to wait this long is unnecessary.
  • Frauds and changes. 1/5

    By Jessica Ratchet
    Originally I thought the site had potential but I’m not sure what is going on with updates but I can no longer see any kind of profile and it has now turned into tinder with out any information. Literally just pictures. And all the features are now gone. I cannot view locations of possible suiters, ages, interests, etc. also, I have been on many dates in which have all been a waste of time with men who are not what they claim to be and also seem to be just looking for sex nearly immediately or never actually commit to their end of the bargain. They just continue to take you on cheap dates over and over avoiding any of the business aspects as if no arrangement was discussed. I will be looking for a new platform because of the profile problem.
  • Stay away! I’m serious! 1/5

    By Loxy92
    This is a horrible app. There are several reports in the newspaper about women constantly getting scammed because there is no protection and verification system. There’s more bad media then good media. You shouldn’t have to vet through all these men to figure out who is real and who isn’t. I ended up having to go to court because one man stole my information/identity and tried to commit fraudulent acts. There are very shady people on here. Ignore all the good media because that’s a bunch of bull and sore yourself the trouble. Try another app that protects you and verified peoples income first.
  • Long time to get approved 2/5

    By Miss2fdas
    Is taking like a week to get approve. I went back to check to make sure everything is answered and it looked looks ok.
  • So tacky 1/5

    By Dotarsojack
    Tacky cheesy ads are so circa shady poorly developed oldschool android app They don’t value their product however because even for pain members who are premium members still get in a dated with cheap tacky ads delete unsubscribe terrible
  • $80 a Month Now? 1/5

    By DigustedinRDU
    Seriously? Go BACK to the old price structure, else I delete the app. No one is that desperate.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Julie_cary
    My app crashes every time I go to my messages, it's an over all glitchy app. Waste of time
  • Sad Sad Website 1/5

    By Mr Steve 1958
    By far the worst sugar daddy with dating website available obviously they have a rating of 2.5 of a possible 5 stars that should say at all, They take your money and never refund you when you ask for a refund. Meantime the Asian owner is out gallivanting around the world and bragging about how much money he makes off of suckers like us!! Move onto the next website!! the great thing about America is there’s lots of competition and this is by far hands-down the worst sugar daddy dating website of all of them!!
  • Defective 1/5

    By Gamer assault
    Does not work on the iPhone X. It just shuts itself down
  • World's okayest app. 2/5

    By abb-squin
    (Female SB writing here) User interface has gotten better, especially after the latest update, but it is absolutely riddled with glitches still. I have had random (and extremely vanilla) pictures denied for no apparent reason, too, which is a real pain. No verification to show that these SD people are who they say they are, nor that they have the money they claim, which makes it incredibly easy to be scammed. Thankfully I live near two amazing cities so my experience meeting people from SA has actually been full of great people and few scammers! So anyway, like I said above... word's okayest.
  • Yaaaas!! 5/5

    By #!$$¥
    Im a female and have been a member for 3 years now. I’ve seen the good, great, bad and ugly on this site. Be safe and smart and this site should benefit you just as it has me. I have actually introduced this app to a few of my friends. I highly recommend this site and will continue to be an avid user. Thank You SA for introducing me to some wonderful men out there
  • SO GLITCHY 1/5

    By Lovely_Lioness
    I have a migraine from the jumping of the text I’m typing up and down on messages. Ouch. It’s not refreshing my inbox correctly like it will say I have messages but they don’t show up.
  • Waste of time both App and website 1/5

    By kmhiuef
    The website is full with fake people. The only reason why SA gets such high ratings is because those people either work for the site or was paid to write a good review. So many people talk about their success in this site... well it’s a big lie or at least most of them. Only 1 out of 100 will be successful. I’ve been on this site for 6 months and have never gotten a POT sugar daddy only men who want nudes and my bank account. Waste of time😡
  • App is so glitchy 1/5

    By Miquela Tibbleton
    Something is wrong with the app
  • Scammers, fakers and decline 1/5

    By Rebel4liberty
    What garbage! I heard some members saying they can't read a profile when I'm on the actual site, so I wanted to come see what it's all about. On top of the increasing Nigerian scammers that are getting through, SA is going down the crapper fast. SA has forced me to start my own review blog, to weed out the man that shouldn't even be on the site. Any man can sign up for the site and claim he has multi millions. There is just no verification process to any of this, and until Seeking Arrangement can verify men are of the actual demographics, it's a total waste of money and time. Im gayseasonedsugar on Tumblr. READ the truths about Seeking Arrangement and the concept of online sugar daddies. I've spent 4-5 years and have found the dirt under the edges. Old man use the site like dirty perverts to find cheap sex so they don't have to hire an escort, that's the real truth of it! Update : Seeking Arrangement has gone so nazi like, that if even a picture of an escort that looks similar to yours, they ban you and don't bother to confirm it. This site is seriously not worth your time, money or potentially dangerous men that are mostly fakes and foreign scammers with broken English. RIP SA...go join MYSPACE!
  • The app make apple to disabled my Apple ID 1/5

    By qlaziify
    I was unable to make IN-APP purchase, the apps makes apple to disable my apple ID
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Jjjjjjjjjjjjjfffgjjsjsnej
    What happen to the one week membership? Not paying 100 for a month when there are only a few women in my area and most are flakes. Ripoff
  • Update 5/5

    By Lulylalala
    I love the app but After this uptade I cant send messages, my app closes every time a try
  • too expensive 1/5

    By Sayheykid03
    Left the site after they got rid of cheaper options.
  • Love the new app! 5/5

    By 151mapol
    I like the new way of app, simpler than before.
  • Many Scammers 1/5

    By NadaEscorp
    I read many good reviews about SA that I finally decided to give it a try. Worst mistake of my life. I'm currently in so much debt and my banking account is closed because "my sugar daddy" made me do "errands" and never promised the allowance he offered. Before I could even report him, he blocked me and I wasn't able to locate him anymore. Never doing this ever again.
  • Messaging 3/5

    By Marissa Deanne
    On the app and mobile site it will continue to show that I have a new message even after I click the message and reply. Very annoying.
  • The new update is whack 1/5

    By Peanut butter jelly girl
    I’ve never had any issues using this app before the recent update. Now it doesn’t even work. I tried viewing someone’s profile and it kept telling me there was an internet connection error. I have full bars of service and WiFi, so this isn’t the issue. I tried closing and reopening the app several times and the same thing kept happening. I even rebooted my phone a few times to make sure it wasn’t the issue. Nothing is working. Also, a side note: This was a great app before, but now it looks like Tinder. I liked this app before because it wasn’t set up like that. This update was horrible all around and I wish I could go back to the original.
  • Horrible App/Website 1/5

    By Amal013
    Would not recommend due to the glitches it has on the app also the website! Also I feel if you don’t for your upgrade to your profile I feel they are withholding from you !
  • Terrible/Waste of Time 1/5

    By Brdnj
    The app is very glitchy. I favorited several guys that I considered messaging but when I went into my favorites it only showed 1 guy I favorited. Then the next day it showed 4, but I literally favorited at least 10-15. ( & one guy that I was VERY interested in but now I have no way of finding him). I was having issues with updating my profile. & Ok, this is going to sound annoying and pretentious but I am a good looking guy, I have a decently filled out page, I’m 21 years old, I have a nice body, I’m respectful and have good intentions, etc. but I have literally not received 1 message or favorite. AT ALL. Obviously it COULD be me, and that guys genuinely aren’t interested but being that this app has SO many glitches/bugs/lags I feel it has something to do with the app. Like I said, it could be me but I honestly think it’s the app (well I hope it is 😅). I paid for the $15 1 week plan (can’t remember what it’s called) but THANK GOD I didn’t spend more than that because so far this app has been a hugeeee waste of time/ding on my self confidence (lol)
  • New App is terrible. 1/5

    By Fla guy
    Not wanting to see people from all over the world. Not wanting to be liked by people in Singapore. Horrible update
  • Bogus 3/5

    By BiancaRaves(:
    The app keeps crashing when i try to edit my profile.
  • A review of the actual app… Not the site 3/5

    By road-reader
    The old iOS app wasn't great but it was actually better than the first release of the new one. Nothing updates correctly. When I open the app, the messages are not updated. i've discovered that if I go to preferences and then back to messages that they do update… Sometimes. Then sometimes it seems like if you just wait a little while they update. Also, seeking preferences do not stay in place each time you restart the app. basically, it just seems buggy and unfinished. One addition I would like to see is the ability to send photos in messaging.
  • NO NO NO changes NO 1/5

    By ceesoo
    They changed the format! PLEASE GO BACK! Too many 1000 mile people Less control As an honest user With a record of meeting great people This new format has got to go. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY.
  • Glitch? 1/5

    By Summa🌹
    Every time I try to update my profile the app clicks off and goes to my home screen 💁🏽
  • Privacy not their concern: WASTE 1/5

    By DerriusL
    1- not a safe feeling anymore A profile has to have a photo of you. For DAYS I've tried photos that somewhat conceal my face and all are denied. The "admin" apparently only approves what he wants. Very selective and inconsistent. They ONLY care about the money like most so your identity is the least of their concerns. 2- waste of money You need to "upgrade" to not have a photo, to send messages and or request photos. And the trial is $5 but the app continually crashes and the interface is slow. It's semi-glitchy and has been the last two versions. I don't recommend this app. Users aren't safe. Men don't need photos but in order for me to not use one of myself I have to pay. & even then it seems that the "admin" will still deny everything.
  • Prostitution ring disguised as a "Dating app" 1/5

    By bitchyqueen
    was literally banned for having "online relationships" as a part of my what I'm looking for. My bio didn't even say "online only" or that I was looking to sell anything. It honestly said looking for online relationships, sugar daddies, people to have fun with. I never realized this site existed solely to sell women's bodies. Honestly shocked and appalled that such a sexist and dangerous app exists. If people aren't able to have an online relationship first, then how will they know the person they're speaking with is safe? Y'all are about to have a ton of lawsuits on your hands. That's all I can say about that lol
  • Dumb and stupid expensive 1/5

    By Gogoly!GOD94
    Why and how does it cost this app almost $100 month for a user to have an account? They’re ripping people off. Other dating apps are like $5 with 50x active users. 0/5 stars Also when you make account you can’t even use your account even if you confirm your identity through email. You have to wait days for their slow system to manually approve you. Dumb.

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