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SeekingArrangement App

Sugar daddy dating brought to you by SeekingArrangement. The largest matchmaking app for sugar daddy & sugar baby relationships where millionaires, successful, beautiful and attractive people to meet. Our members include CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, celebrities, pro-athletes, actors, actresses, top models, and the elite 1%. With a community of over 10 million members, we have been featured extensively in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, just to name a few. We are the premier millionaire matchmaking and sugar daddy dating app, the SeekingArrangement app is the only app that features background verified profiles. In addition, we have Diamond members, our most elite sugar daddy membership tier, who go through a rigorous verification process on our app. The average wealthy member on our app has an average net income of over $250K+. The SeekingArrangement app gives you access to a number of simple to use features, including our newest feature 'Seeking': -Quickly swipe through other members and let them know that you're interested, you'll automatically be matched with the members who have shown interest in you too - Discover wealthy sugar daddies or beautiful sugar babies near you - Search for matches based on your preferences - Add as a Favorite or Message anyone you like - Easily purchase one of our Subscription packages to upgrade to a Premium membership Other Important Notes: • View our Privacy Policy at • View our Terms of Service Agreement at • You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app


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SeekingArrangement app reviews

  • I’ve had multiple successful arrangements 5/5

    By Shamariee💋
    This app had helped me network and create relationships with successful men. Offering not only financial help but a mentor and companionship as well. If you got what it takes give it a shot !
  • Life be like 5/5

    By Peachez_707
    There’s always fakes and scammers but I have met some real people.. 💛
  • Awesome app. Great community of people. 5/5

    By Mman244
    Have had app for awhile and have meet some amazing individuals that i will forever be close to.
  • Huge problems 1/5

    By WordOfTheWise
    Number 1 not many men are on here are open to different type of racial backgrounds. They are looking for a blonde white girl with big breast. 95% are not interested in any other race so this doesn’t cater to anyone besides Caucasians, yes I said it. Secondly the men are this site are huge scammers, I’ve been violated using this site and there’s probably nothing they can or will do. The quality of this app/site has plummeted immensely. I suggest you don’t use this site because all men should be back ground checked and verified before getting to contact any female on this app. Lastly cat fishing is way too easy on this app.. there should be some type of process to verify a person’s identity/ photos before they have contact with anyone. I’ve been using this app for a while so I know exactly what I’m talking about. LADIES BE VERY CAUTIOUS USING THIS APP SA CUSTOMER SERVICE WON’T SAVE YOU. Not like you can go to the police this is a Sugar daddy site so no matter what you do if you accept money from men you are soliciting sex. So basically you’ll be told you deserve whatever happens to you.
  • RIP 1/5

    By Thisazit
    Now we have to upgrade to request private pictures? Give me a break. Even under neath the profile pic is the word UPGRADE. Too forced lol for an app with 90% fakery. Also what is this about giving feedback after EVERY message I send??
  • Legit but flawed 2/5

    By QueryCreative
    The site has loading issues especially with css. The app is plagued with bugs - refreshing the list of conversations is a major pain. When you match and click “send a message” it automatically sends the placeholder/default text to the other person. Overall, my experience here has been a mixed bag of flops and success, like any online dating site. Definitely worth the subscription though, overall. Fix the bugs though - seriously.
  • Scam much 1/5

    By Morganiscool99
    ....... I feel a lawsuit coming on.
  • Love it 5/5

    By zpregler
    Love the app just wish it was free
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Vince Mackey
    Great way to meet like minded women. I've met some nice ladies all over the world. London, Berlin, Barcelona, France. Ca, NY, MD, VA. Weeding thru profiles can be annoying but since you know the premise, it's par for the course. I've run into scammers but you can meet a scammer in the real world. If you can't afford the lifestyle, do Tinder.
  • Has potential 1/5

    By ᴘᴏᴏʜ💕
    Sugar daddy's should all have to verify their backgrounds and income. Tired of the scammers. Everyone needs to verify their pictures as well so when someone comes to another person's profile we can all know they're real..
  • Great concept but poor tech 2/5

    By sjbrown6
    Needs extensive work to make messaging in-app easier because it always crashes or doesn’t reflect most recent messages.
  • Ambiguous 1/5

    By UConnnation
    Hard to know who is sugar daddy and who is sugar baby, especially for people between 31-45 ages.
  • Working!! 5/5

    By jonesNpr
    Works for me✌️
  • Used to be good now horrible 1/5

    By Pizza lover. Love
    The app continually crashes. Horrible mobile experience. Girls are either prostitutes or want a guy to just give them a ton of money because they think they are princesses
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sii93
    I love the app. Id like to see more of the features on the website on the app too!
  • Great for those interested in something nontraditional 5/5

    By LadyNash615
    I’ve found SA to be a great platform for meeting people. It requires you to be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for in life and relationships. I treat SA like any other dating app except find SA to be my favorite bc it allows you an opportunity to cut out a lot of the bs of traditional dating.
  • Sad 2/5

    By Kecii 😌
    Of my two months on the app, I’ve talked to eh, 10 guys and they’ve all either been looking for high class escorts, a easy scam, or just didn’t have the funds to be a proper sugar daddy. It is really disheartening when everyone on the app doesn’t want to have a real sugar relationship. Honestly, this app makes me give up hope.
  • SA Takes some getting used to... 5/5

    By C. Sam
    The people you attract are a result of what you try and communicate to those who truly “intuit” your personality through the profile, your pics- if you are indeed attractive to the opposite sex, and the way you message and approach each other. Be thoughtful and know what kind of friend you are looking for, and your chances are good. It is an arrangement site, so guys, don’t act as if it isn’t. There are some quality women on the site. Don’t treat them all like whores, because they’re not.(Some are). Be a gentleman, and you will do fine. It works, if you use it correctly to connect with who you think might be a good connection. It is still “hit and miss” but you can manage the pitfalls and find really nice friends here.
  • Needs search function 4/5

    By mgt001
    I’d like to see the ability to do a name search
  • No Complaints ! 5/5

    By SugarBabyBoss
    Super surprised to see all the bad reviews. I’ve been using SA on and off for 7 years. Never experienced any scam... at all. I think I got stood up once, but beyond that no issues. App works well. Yes there are lil bugs when it comes to refreshing but nothing major. Beyond the arrangement, it’s also a great way to network. You can meet some really good people and influential characters even if you never get an actual arrangement. I use the online website, the app on my iPad , and the app on my phone. I like it a lot. I only wish the app was the same across all platforms. Ladies, if you’re experiencing tons of fraud accounts... re-examine you’re own profile and make sure it’s up to par, personal and specific. When looking at profiles, you should use the same discernment. Try and widen your location search, and be specific in the kind of man you are looking/ attracted to (black? 26-48? No kids? 6ft and up?) ... the advance search is your friend. The blog is also your friend! Tips on how to write your bio, how to stay safe, and upcoming social events. You can definitely benefit from it all. Well I hope that helps! Oh I would like to also state that I’m not the typical SB u might assume I am because of my review. but there’s a place for everyone on SA, you just have to put a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd. Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc there’s love out there, don’t be discouraged by the “whites and Latinas only” profiles. Best of luck ladies and gentlemen!
  • Months 1/5

    By Air calloway
    It's been months since I first made my account and my pictures still have yet to be cleared
  • Pick your battles 4/5

    By Phishing Victim
    While there are many flakes on this site, and I personally like the actual website better than the app version, it is a site that creates opportunity which is more than can be said for many other similar sites. And the fact that men have to pay to be on there gives women a sense of reassurance. Just remember, they aren't all bad, you just have to sift through the coal to find a few diamonds.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By koolwine3
    Great app. I’ve met real people got real money . Went out to a lot of upscale dinners. Had a lot of fun. I seen someone say it’s just for sex but it’s not some people just enjoy the company of good looking younger women . Advice meet people that live around your area don’t take a flight to meet anyone, be honest, be yourself, respect both you and your partner. Don’t give out bank information. Other then that it’s a great site ! Especially when you need money to pay for college like me!
  • Annoying but it works. 2/5

    By Oklahoma Joe
    I have had some really nice dates from the site. The app though is full of glitches and the response to problems is basically nonexistent. I still use it though because it works.
  • Most fake people! Scam. 1/5

    By Xbsjjsnd
    This app is a 100% scam. There’s so many FAKE “sugar daddy’s” on here. Yes, you do get lots and lots of messages but it’s the same thing every.single.time! They give you their number, you guys talk and text. But then once it comes down for them to PAY you, they ask for you’re bank information like credit or debit. They are scammers who’s trying to make you send money to people who’s OUT OF THE COUNTRY! I even confronted a man and said he does that stuff and he replied “Yes”. It’s an absolute waist of time. Don’t trust these men.
  • 0 1/5

    By Sophia 2013
    Ppl, listen to my honest review. I am a SB and I’ve been on this site since 2006 -two years! Ending up with a 0 result. NONE! The real SDs don’t exist on this site. Don’t bother to post your pics and fill in your profile it’s useless. Old cheap perverts here only. I mean CHEAP, really cheap. Maximum you can get from SA’s “SDs” is a dinner at average cafeteria (lol) and tones of wasted time. “SDs” are constantly keep asking for more and more of your sexy pics without any arrangements. Freaking annoying factor! If you r still hopping to find a real SD after my honest review posted, khm, go ahead ..
  • Taking so long 2/5

    By ashanniie
    Seriously why is it taking an hour just to get my profile approved.
  • I’m not use this website again 1/5

    By ACrubbre79
    I have used the website for a past two years and I was out of luck to find any man has a same interest as seeing like they’re viewed me but it’s looks like they’re not interested in me. and They’re want younger women from ages 18 to 30 at least. And I’m not gonna use this app and website again.
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By alcatl
    I paid via the App Store and my card was charged but my membership is still basic.
  • Beware before using, a lot of scams 2/5

    By ThisNicknamedoesntsend
    This app is like 90% scammers. A classic scam is when they say that they’ll help pay for your credit card debt, tell them you don’t use credit cards and watch how quickly they disappear. Those that do stick around will be like okay I’ll send you an electronic check just need you to buy some iTunes gift cards for me. Chances are it’s a fake check and by the time the bank figures out the check is fake you will have already overdrawn the amount because checks are required by law to be available quickly, but validation takes a few days. And you’re stuck repaying the bank while the scammers have the money. Be careful on this, not really the apps fault but yeah.
  • This app is running a scam 1/5

    By KC Royals 85/15
    Beware. This app begins with a trial 7-day offer for $24.99. It then removes and deletes your profile. When you reach out to support, you are informed you been banned for undisclosed breaches of terms of service. Additionally, they can not respond to any further requests for clarification. They just simply take your money for no reasons and give you no information or recourse. I did zero to breach the terms of service. I used he app as it was intended. Didn’t offer money, didn’t cuss, was boring and generic. 3 hours later-banned with no remedy. Apple, please look into how this site is being managed. It has a low rating and now it is clear one of the reasons why. Buyer beware-this app’s administrators are unethical.
  • Great success but... 2/5

    By Lissikrissi
    I’ve had great success finding sugar daddies however the 2 star rating is due to when you report someone who is not what they say they are or that rips you off they don’t even investigate I saw the same guy still on the site. If you don’t want to protect the women from scams then your going to lose what draws these men to pay your $90 membership fee. The guy who created the site is greedy he doesn’t care about the well being of sugar babies just making his money!!! Be aware! NEVER GIVE OUT BANK INFO!!!!! Watch out for yourself and never take chances when ur gut tells u otherwise!
  • all the same with these apps 1/5

    By shaudaddyy
    It’s like these apps cater to the strange men and their monthly payments and their comfortability instead of the SB. Women have to constantly put themselves out there on these sites just to get bombarded with boys, scammers, and down right dirty individuals. So dirty it’s concerning. Majority women just want to get to the point, have nice convo, and the first message received will be some guy asking for your account info, or threatening to kill you. The glitches are the worst. Worst loading time, my account ALWAYS SAYS ITS UNDISCOVERABLE EVEN THOUGH IVE DONE NOTHING TO MAKE IT THAT WAY, and I’ll swipe on the same profile 3 times in a row. I though this would be different than the other sites I’ve used but I’m not so sure. LADIES BEWARE AND BE CAUTIOUS TRUST YOUR GUT
  • Would give 0 stars if I could 1/5

    By Second345267
    Horrible don't wast your time
  • I got scam 1/5

    By JohnFreezh
    So this guy told he would send me a check of a few dollars and the check end up been an scam which made my bank account be suspended and me paying over $70.
  • Too slow 1/5

    By Finejapan
    The app is too slow. I’d recommend just using safari and adding it to your home screen
  • Spend more time getting reviewed then talking to people 1/5

    By Alexia pratt
    Not the best app out here
  • Slowwww 1/5

    By Carmon G
    Moves entirely to slow especially to cost so Much
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Sammie932
    Used 2 different emails and won’t let me sign up with either.
  • :( 1/5

    By VampireSparklez
    Keeps showing me people that are not in my range even after changing the radius
  • Down hill fast 1/5

    By AZWineBoy
    This site has really gone downhill in recent months. The new swipe option is terrible and just allows for your notifications to be bombarded by members that don’t even bother to click on or read a profile. It also increases the rapidity of scammers from around the world from sending fake propositions. Finally, the amount of lag from the site’s servers is a joke recently. You are telling me that even though you have charged me to be a premium member I need to wait up to 7 days to update my info? Plus the lag on reading mail? After being a premium member for awhile now I will not be renewing.
  • Save Your Money!!!! 1/5

    By Richie Cigars
    This app is terrible they charge you $79.99 for 30 days to deal with scammers, fakes and hookers!!! What a waste of time!!!! The app it self is horrible always lag!!! I’m trying to report this app and company for a scam to get my money back!
  • Banned me as soon as I logged in 1/5

    By Bassist number three
    My account was perfect. I'm over 18, I just got the app, my profile pic nor description were explicit or dangerous in any way and I hadn't sent any messages to any profiles. The second day I logged in, I entered my password and immediately a message popped up that said "You have committed this action too many times, and as a result, your account has been permanently banned." What?? What's wrong with this stupid app? I even confirmed my account with my email!! Screw this stupid app!
  • Not finishing profile 1/5

    By Relichia
    Ive been trying to complete my profile for months but it won’t finish reviewing my photos so i cant move forward. It did the same thing before the revamp and I thought maybe it’d work this time, it still hasn’t and I'm getting tired of it. I really don't want to deactivate my account but i just might have to if this isn’t fixed.
  • Perfect really 5/5

    By Carl Mulligan
    Like all sites, SA has its share of bots and professionals looking for a payday. However, this site BY FAR supersedes any other dating app I’ve tried. Three really great dates and those are the ones I chose. Many more that fell by the wayside because quite honestly, if I committed myself to all the positive and productive feedback, I wouldn’t have time to sleep or eat. Best site out there
  • Great idea, awful execution 1/5

    By Awsedrfthyj
    I love the concept of this app but: -It keeps crashing in the middle of sending messages -I’ll have great conversations with people only to wake up and find their profile was deactivated? Seems sketchy. -I’ve also run into way too many men essentially looking for cheap prostitutes
  • Was debited $25 Of my Itunes Balance for subscription 1/5

    By alexlawber101
    Am still wondering why I got debited $25 from my Itunes Balance for subscribing and when I accessed my app, i was notified I got no current subscription. Horrible app!
  • Rediculous "premium" 1/5

    By ta audio
    Gives you no way to contact ANYONE unless you pay an insane premium. IDC if you have money or not 80 bucks is far far too much. Worthless app
  • Scammers 1/5

    By I had sex with Madonna
    Just remember! If their net worth is over 1 million its a scammer! I’m a guy who got some replies, i think I’m pretty good looking so I got a couple sugar mommies lol, they will ask you how much you want for a weekly allowance, then I told the first one 400$. About 15 minutes later another SM told me she’d give me 400$ a week. I told both to send it through western union and no reply. THEN I mention a bank account to both and they reply within 5 minutes. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFO
  • Can’t even use it 1/5

    By Dr.Bobert
    Would love to try it out but as soon as I made the account, it keeps telling me there’s a connection error at everything I do. Can’t login can’t try and make a new account. Have closed and reopened. Have reinstalled multiple times. Never even got started on it.

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