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SeekingArrangement App

Sugar daddy dating brought to you by SeekingArrangement. The largest matchmaking app for sugar daddy & sugar baby relationships where millionaires, successful, beautiful and attractive people to meet. Our members include CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, celebrities, pro-athletes, actors, actresses, top models, and the elite 1%. With a community of over 4 million members, we have been featured extensively in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, just to name a few. While there are many other millionaire matchmaking or sugar daddy dating apps, the SeekingArrangement app is the only app that features background verified profiles. In addition, Diamond members on our apps have had their income, net-worth and identity verified. The average wealthy member on our app has an average net income of over $250K+. The SeekingArrangement app gives you access to a number of simple to use features: - Discover wealthy or beautiful people near you - Search for matches based on your preferences - Add as a Favorite or Message anyone you like - Easily purchase one of our Subscription package to upgrade to a premium membership Subscription Pricing: Wealthy Member $34.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access $59.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access $99.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access Attractive Member $14.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access $24.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access $39.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access Other Important Notes: • View our Privacy Policy at • View our Terms of Service Agreement at • You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app


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SeekingArrangement app reviews

  • SA 1/5

    By Marandrewzack
    This app is full of scammers just looking for free pictures and when it comes time to meet up they disappear A majority of these people are not who they say they are It's not a dating site They know or should know how to make an arrangement if they're here even if they're new Very disappointing The men ask you what you want shouldn't they be setting the guidelines and you agree to it if acceptable Lots of fake profiles been on and off this site like many other reviews was hoping it's going to change and get better so far not so good .....
  • Awful 1/5

    By 0100010
    Indefinitely suspended when I tried to log back in one day after being a premium member. Customer service is terrible and rude if they get back to you at all. Do not waste your money.
  • Amazing but.. 4/5

    By 69DickMuncher666
    The only thing I'm not a fan of is you can't upload photos regularly? You have to get them accepted to be uploaded and I'm not a fan
  • YASSS 5/5

    By Oliverascristian
    So I actually like the app lol its pretty cool and iconic I guess lol - Cristian Oliveras
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By hoosfoos
    Haven't had a problem yet.

    By Prettyyy_recklesssss
    Great app!
  • Good idea, but kind of sketchy 2/5

    By SprinkleStarPop
    In my experience most people are scammers or looking for a prostitute. I've also had a few people tried to convince me I should give my personal information to them(SSN, bank account user & password etc.), because their "account officer" handles all transfers. Of course I didn't, but I feel sorry for any desperate soul who do fall for these scams.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By N. Grant13
    If you're a black woman like me, good luck on having any guys becoming interested in you. And if they are, you're just a fetish for them.
  • No customer service/support phone number 1/5

    By Lonerrngr
    Someone hacked into my account and I felt there wasn't enough safeguards to protect my account/private information. You cannot call anybody. You can only text the help option. Their help ability was extremely limited. They could not intervene. They could retrieve my account in their system. I was locked out and couldn't intervene based on my correct info to change the passcode. Then I think the intruder deleted my account and all my info and 100s of track record text messages and favorites disappeared into thin air. For the premium money they are charging, this place is too cheap to have a customer service # and a good computer system that can safeguard and save your account info.
  • Yup!! 5/5

    By .!,?'
    Let's just say... awesome app 😏
  • Happy SB here! 5/5

    By bskank
    I love this app! Not only have I met new possible SD's, but I've made friends as well!
  • Good by comparison 4/5

    By Vondalecki
    The app is a little glitchy but it's one of the better sites to use
  • Horrible 1/5

    I've had this app for at least a year and I'm 18 WELL MY ACCOUNT WAS PUT ON HOLD! I'm 18 just because I'm petite and small!!
  • Jsusbsjx dmx 4/5

    By sgbsd
    Nsvsus. Ni ndsoj is. Is crazy
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By Knownaddiction
    I have been picked up, brought on a "date", and then been left and completely stranded TWICE from two different men. Ladies do not trust these arrangements.
  • Great 4/5

    By RealEthanWillis
    Gay (male) Sugar Baby here. I've met quite a few genuine sugar daddy's on here. It's a pretty good app, with most of the features that you can find on the desktop website. This app could take a few design cues from the GDaddy app, but besides that it's pretty easy to use. 👊🙂
  • Very impressed 5/5

    By Jbthedevil
    Great app
  • The Best 5/5

    By Vicglf
    As a man on SA, I would highly recommend this site. As long as you have positive intentions you will have amazing experiences. Ive had several mutually beneficial arrangements and they've all been casual and fun. Very attractive women on here. If you can't afford it then don't partake in such a luxury. Overall my experiences have been phenomenal and I don't even do traditional dating anymore.
  • Terrible app and website 1/5

    By Asaptacoxo
    So these guys need to verify to the people of SA that they really make these net worths and incomes I think that should definitely be changed. I am looking for a sugar daddy to take care of my expenses while in college but these guys are seriously liars on this app need to do better.
  • Fabulous app! 5/5

    By Rubinator💋💋
    Haven't made any connections yet but hopefully I will soon!
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Baibee25
    I love this app
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jdgjbdjnc
    There needs to be some type of screening process for the men on this site. Almost all of the men lie about their income and lifestyle budget, and they act as if they're buying a prostitute instead of trying to form an arrangement. It's basically become a dating app for mediocre guys who want to throw $100 at a woman for sex.
  • Meh 2/5

    By JustDonut
    Can't do anything but message and view pictures on the apps most of the men on here are flakes, not really worth it
  • Spent 40$ and tested it out for a month 3/5

    By Ashuhlee101
    Overall the site itself isn't bad. Communicating is very easy, everything is very accessible. However the amount of stupidity on the site is real. Majority of men treat you like a prostitute, offering you 200-500$ to JUST have sex with you. They WILL NOT meet up with you if you make it clear SEX ISNT the only purpose. I told a lot of them to go visit their local prostitution area and they somehow got offended??? Other half of the men don't have the money they claim to have, i tested this out too, they are just looking for some quick action, one dude reminded me of a human trafficker assembler, and it's pathetic. I think whoever is managing seeking arrangements needs to reevaluate their members because this is just as bad as tinder. Again, the idea and the site is great, but if you want my money you are going to need to make the prostitution rules more strict because the lack of respect is real.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Igave5stars
    This is the absolute best app out🙌🏾
  • Complicated 2/5

    By selynalexa
    I dont really like how it takes forever to approve a picture. Will be deleting this app
  • Basically only good for messaging 2/5

    By Jaiwnskspskns
    Ok design and ok for editing profile and messaging but YOU CANNOT SEE DESCRIPTIONS OR SEEKING so it's fairly useless in terms of finding matches or knowing anything about who's messaging you- might as well just use site
  • Words! 5/5

    By FenyxLyon
    And stuff!
  • Scammers 1/5

    By KiaraJ_17
    This was a huge waste!!!!! Disappointing!!!!
  • Seeking Scammers 1/5

    By Rebel4liberty
    What garbage! I heard some members saying they can't read a profile when I'm on the actual site, so I wanted to come see what it's all about. On top of the increasing Nigerian scammers that are getting through, SA is going down the crapper fast. SA has forced me to start my own review blog, to weed out the man that shouldn't even be on the site. Any man can sign up for the site and claim he has multi millions. There is just no verification process to any of this, and until Seeking Arrangement can verify men are of the actual demographics, it's a total waste of money and time. Im gayseasonedsugar on Tumblr. READ the truths about Seeking Arrangement and the concept of online sugar daddies. I've spent 4-5 years and have found the dirt under the edges. Old man use the site like dirty perverts to find cheap sex so they don't have to hire an escort, that's the real truth of it!
  • A bit glitchy but still good 4/5

    By Calee(:
    There are some glitches that get annoying but overall the app is pretty useful and handy.
  • Mostly Scammers 1/5

    By Not interested in scammers
    Wow, so I joined the site 1 year ago and it was great. Fast forward a year and now find the users are now mostly scammers. I've had so many problems with this since I started searching 2 MONTHS AGO, to the point I'm discontinuing my membership and looking for other sites to use. Unfortunately until the owners of the app start filtering out these scammers I will no longer be using this site. It has turned into a HUGE WASTE OF TIME.
  • Geez fix already! 1/5

    By Jeny Lane
    It's been long enough
  • Can't view descriptions 1/5

    By Emme N
    What's the point of the convenience of an app again?
  • Recent update killed this app! 1/5

    By FWallace
    The app has been rendered completely useless because of the most recent update. Taking away the ability to view a persons profile summary description and ideal match description is completely moronic in an app like this! I canceled my membership because of this and I am sure many others will as well!
  • Easy to use 1/5

    By Ortennisbum
    Easy to use although desktop version has filters that mobile version does not. Newest update for 7/7/17 now makes the app useless
  • I will not be renewing 1/5

    By Massacre at Fraggle Rock
    The $$ it would have cost to filter out the "pros" would have been a fraction of the revenue loss you are now experiencing. If the app store holds a "Worst Update Ever" competition, SA is a stone cold lock for 1st place.
  • Easy to use, los of fun 5/5

    By Decimonico
    I would recommend to have a filter with escorts this is not a page for that. Encourage the picture profiles and verified background
  • Lost ability to read bios 1/5

    By Egap548
    What's the point of taking that away in a world where everyone lives on their phone? Super negative
  • Way to ruin an already terrible app 1/5

    By allofthegods
    Like everyone else is saying they did nothing but take away our way to read profile descriptions. There in no way were bug fixes.
  • Needs work but works 3/5

    By DobbyISaFreeElf
    I like that I'm notified when I get messages. Just wish I could see their profile descriptions. Needs some work but it's good to have.
  • No descriptions?? 1/5

    By Who Knows ii
    Really? You took out About Me and What I'm Looking For?? Time to let my membership lapse.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Blafrick
    Taking away the ability to read bios is ridiculous. No, I don't want to use your website. It's 2017. Figure this stuff out.
  • Limited data 3/5

    By @carmenabelcher
    The app was fine until the update. Now it's telling me to go to the website
  • They neutered the app 1/5

    By Gamer assault
    You can no longer read profile info of what the other person typed. You need to go the the website to view the Summary and My Ideal Relationship section
  • Pointless without bios & descriptions 1/5

    By katchin05
    Why even have an app?! Without this info, I know nothing.
  • No bio descriptions 1/5

    By Leslie the Knope
    The app is worthless if we can't read the bios.
  • Dumb update 1/5

    By BunnieStatus
    Why would you remove the ability to read descriptions. The app was tolerable before and this just made it worse.
  • Why even have an app? 1/5

    By Vyoungin
    So my app recently updated and I've noticed the lost of being able to view the most important information on people's profiles.... I find myself having to use the actual website in replacement of the app. I don't know who had the dumb idea of this setback and labeled it an update but we are all displeased.
  • Who's Idea Was this? 1/5

    By jazyoung
    No seriously, who thought it was smart to remove the ability to read bios within the app? If you're trying to make the app less convenient, just go ahead and shut it down altogether.

SeekingArrangement app comments


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