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SeekingArrangement App

Sugar daddy dating brought to you by SeekingArrangement. The largest matchmaking app for sugar daddy & sugar baby relationships where millionaires, successful, beautiful and attractive people to meet. Our members include CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors, accountants, celebrities, pro-athletes, actors, actresses, top models, and the elite 1%. With a community of over 4 million members, we have been featured extensively in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, just to name a few. While there are many other millionaire matchmaking or sugar daddy dating apps, the SeekingArrangement app is the only app that features background verified profiles. In addition, Diamond members on our apps have had their income, net-worth and identity verified. The average wealthy member on our app has an average net income of over $250K+. The SeekingArrangement app gives you access to a number of simple to use features: - Discover wealthy or beautiful people near you - Search for matches based on your preferences - Add as a Favorite or Message anyone you like - Easily purchase one of our Subscription package to upgrade to a premium membership Subscription Pricing: Wealthy Member $34.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access $59.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access $99.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access Attractive Member $14.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access $24.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access $39.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access Other Important Notes: β€’ View our Privacy Policy at β€’ View our Terms of Service Agreement at β€’ You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

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SeekingArrangement app reviews

  • Broke Daddy's 5/5

    By JadeCrest
    The majority of the men on this site are men with little to no experience with what a Sugar Daddy is. Don't be surprised when I ask for an allowance, you aren't here for a girlfriend, your here for an arrangement that benefits the two of us. Don't confuse this with a love match.
  • Many frauds, thieves and professional girls on this site 1/5

    By Haitham13
    I have had 3 runs on SA. First One turned out to be a pro working girl (met only once) and her profile picture was of BeyoncΓ© with a stain in the middle of face to cover it. the second lasted 1 month and 21 days, but the young lady became greedier every day and wanted extra $2000 monthly than what we originally agreed on, when I said no she blocked and dropped me 10 days before the second month was over although I paid her monthly allowance and $1000 extra for that month. the third one was a pretty thief, stole my money on first date in a restaurant and ran away. I reported the first case. No one cared. I reported the third case, SA's instructed me to go to police. What? Where is the discretion? And wanted proof.. yes thank you. A girl runs out middle of a restaurant. What proof can there be? In general, SA's customer services are not proactive at all.
  • Splenda Daddies???? 3/5

    By Msmary45678
    It's been a week and I've met two very nice Splenda Daddies who basically wasted my time. Apparently, some men think that being older automatically qualifies them as a sugar daddy. One even stated that "there's a whole lot of gold diggers on this site"? Huh??? I told him he should try another site. I think maybe the screening process should be a little better.
  • Sketchy and dangerous 1/5

    By RK3Boss
    I recently met a guy on here and he seemed honest but as time went but I noticed that I was the one spending money not the other way around long story short he scammed me for 3k I wish there is something I could do but it's not so I won't be able to feed myself nor family. He's since deleted his accounts. Be careful
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sf_big
    Awesome ppl , great company , life changing friendships, easy to use interface πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  • Seeking arrangement 1/5

    By RayMiamiFL
    This website /app is a waste of $80. They lock you out after you pay without explanation. All of a sudden you receive an email with a list of 25 different violations and they don't give you any specifics and just lock you out! Surprisingly, they even state it is against their rules to dispute the charges on your credit card. This site will monitor your personal communication on and off the site. If you have issues with someone seeking arrangement will believe who ever uses the complaint/report member button first. So if you block a person you don't like and they cannot handle the rejection, if they report you falsely, you risk getting locked out and losing your money. Seeking Arrangement has no understanding of what it is to deal with and avoid the irrational women and vulgar prostitutes on their site. They just think every female is right and if anyone presses the report button that they are right too.
  • If you change your preferences then you'll get better responses. 5/5

    By Sincerelyaboss
    I've read several successful stories of girls my age who have found what they were looking for by just by adding more than one location. I've deleted my profile more than once but after signing up on and reading there reviews I was able to perfect my bio, change my location and add more attention to my profile. Also if your a full time student like myself you'll get to be apart of the premium membership which gives you much access to the site.
  • Easy to use app! 5/5

    By Bless your hearts
    Make profile. Add pic. Wait maybe an hour or two. Emails start coming in. Except who you want to chat with. Then let the fun begin. It's that simple.
  • excellent arrangement app 5/5

    By newagehippie13
    Excellent arrangement app & the men who have premium accounts have to have a background check which makes it safe for us women
  • Potential danger SA doesn't care about 1/5

    By Imisslulu
    I reported a guy who doesn't even live by me yet kept bugging me to meet his "wealthy boss" who supposedly does live in my area. When I declined he got upset and said I'd regret not meeting a millionaire and that I must not know anything to be denying this great offer... sounds sketchy right? Well before I could report him HE blocked me. I decided to pull up an older account (my bad I suppose) just to be able to report the dude and send in his messages. Well he blocked me and now my account is gone. I'm not sure about his, but I emailed SA support explaining this and I have heard nothing back. And my account is still gone. I don't think that's right. I agree with another person, a lot of guys just want glorified prostitutes.
  • Full of Racists and Johns/Escorts and underage users 1/5

    By Xquinx
    I have been on the site since about 2012 before they had the app there are members who are blatantly racist on the site/app and when you report them to Seeking Arrangements they do absolutely nothing. The app/site does nothing to promote inclusion even the models of the site don't even show any diversity. Let's not forget that they also have members from Craigslist/Backpages as well as UNDERAGE USERS on the site. What kind of company doesn't verify its members at least by age and income.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By teeAIRraaa
    Website works fine. Downloaded the app a few days ago, don't remember all I did, but when I went back to use it today: nothing. Error message kept popping up. Could t go anywhere or do anything in the app. Deleted.
  • So far so good. 4/5

    By Kim4040
    Just downloaded an made a profile. So far, so good. New messages in my inbox everyday.
  • SO MUCH SALT!! Do Not Do It! 1/5

    By Freshman1211
    Being a sugar baby is HARD work. Do not expect it to be easy, ive had 2 successful arrangements making at least 3k/monthly from each, But SA has so much salt its impossible to get that anymore. These men offer $200 as if thats what an arrangement is..that doesnt cover my phone bill honey...I say try you luck in person! Like old fashioned dating. How you carry yourself in person is much easier than trying to convince some cheap guy online of your worth.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By R.Haskins
    Communication functions don't work. Cannot view inbound or outbound messages.
  • SD perspective 5/5

    By 186973332
    This site works. I met the love of my life on it and from the very beginning I made it clear that I wasn't interested in being a SD. Believe it or not, a lot of the girls on the site are just looking for a man that has his **** together. The creeps looking to pay for sex are easy to filter out.
  • Best 5/5

    By Lovesick22inabox
    Best app for serious business and friendship arrangement
  • Great site, lots of nice girls BUT... 1/5

    By Dj_Jonasty
    The app is barely functional at times. This is unacceptable for a site that costs $70 a month.
  • It's true 3/5

    By Granolalyfe
    Unfortunately there is nothing they can do about the fact that MOST of these men are basically wanting a glorified prostitute. I have been off and on the site for 7 months now and still have not met a sugar daddy that understands what an arrangement or allowance really is. The moment you bring up allowance they disappear. The site should also give you the option to NOT say where you are so that your profile can be viewed by men all over instead of strictly your city. I don't live in a big city therefore the men are all the same every day. Had to open up different account all together and say I am from somewhere else just to get more traffic. Oh and if you are a sugar baby you aren't allowed to see any other SBs profiles πŸ™„
  • Good website bad app. 2/5

    By Katerlou1
    App keeps crashing which is not good considering your trying to stay in touch with people.
  • Love it 5/5

    By uhliauh
    I've been on SA for over a year now on and off. I've never had a problem with this app or company! It's always been easy to navigate and communicate. I suggest the premium member ship for those who feel they're having a hard time finding a "real sugar daddy." Like I said I've been on this website on and off for a year and I've had the most results with a membership. It's helps sugar daddy's tell that your serious about a arrangement too. A couple bucks can go a long way!!
  • Basic, unthouthful 1/5

    By Sunny1269
    The app is impractical, basic, missing functions, buggy. It would be nice if someone cared to make it solid.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Optimus plime
    Well seee
  • Nigerian scammers are everywhere 1/5

    By BlackLivesMatter_
    I was talking to one guy, and he ended up trying to sam me. Me being the Nigerian I am, I already had my suspicions. So if anyone asks for you online banking account username and password. Don't be stupid.
  • Bad Experience 1/5

    By ruby jeweled lashes
    The app is always glitching and there seems to be mostly cheap men who think $2500 a month or less is being a Sugar Daddy. No, that's being salty and stingy. Hopefully no Sugar Babies fall for that crap. Stay off the app if you aren't willing to give REAL Sugar.
  • Great app for the sugar bowl dating world 5/5

    By Jojoba ttttt
    I use it all the time. Theres no shame in asking for what u want and being spoiled. Hashtag Im worth it!
  • Love the site, hate the app 1/5

    By Disgruntled Music Addict
    There's just too many bugs to mention on the app. Crashes randomly, I click on one thing in the menu and it takes me to a completely different screen or just back to the last screen that I was on, I clear a notification and it stays there for another day or so, the list just goes on. Again, I absolutely love the site itself but with all the web traffic they get you'd think they'd be able to afford a decent app design.
  • Isn't worth it to pay 1/5

    By Harlemboy123
    If you're a guy looking for a female it isn't worth it to pay Most of the female profiles are spam. You'll most likely not get a response.
  • this is an escort app 2/5

    By Cake.gram (IG NAME)
    If you're providing escort services this app is perfect for you! These men are only looking to pay for sex, on the first date, some even want it to be unprotected! Yuck! I'm tired of reporting this creeps. I wouldn't recommend this app to real sugar babies. There's no real sugar daddies here. Beware of scammers too! They'll ask for all of your personal bank information attempting to steal. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ampolatnum
    I love this site I have beeing in 3 dateing site and I love this one better easy to use free far girls and workout good far me
  • Immediately suspended my account 1/5

    By Retrieved Rectum
    No warning, just banned me. Whatever.
  • App won't download on my phone 1/5

    By Fix the flagging system
    Don't know why
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Sabeena Tahir
    honestly love this!!
  • Reset password problems 3/5

    By Muffinsrule82
    After updating the app it says I have to reset my password so I tried doing that but it never sent me link in my email like they said they would so now I'm locked out of my account and have no way of resetting the password. So annoyed.
  • Be careful 1/5

    By samyfoxx
    It can work out okay but seriously, be the f*** carful. You have to be firm on what you want. Most men on this site are also sexist lol.
  • I like it 4/5

    By SamanthaTaylorD93
    I love the app. It's easy to navigate. I just wish some features they had on the desktop site, were on the app.
  • SO MUCH FUN 5/5

    By estephanie.
    Having the app is a lot easier to access than having to log back into the website every time. Everyone that I've met had been legit and it's been pretty fun to use!
  • App keeps saying network issue 1/5

    By Koso1234
    I've had this app for a while, and after the update it keeps telling me that I have a network connection issue. Even if I don't use wifi it still says network issue. I'm so fed up
  • Hmmmmm 4/5

    By Anut4polrbares
    No real Issues with the app , except the refreshing isn't automatic
  • Good app 5/5

    By Moniquita504
    I've been on the site for a while and I'm happy I found the app . Makes everything so much easier . It's easy to use and more accessible then having to go online to check my messages . I also recommend this site if you are looking for a daddy . You have to search but you could find some good ones out there .
  • FrAud 1/5

    By Jaz 
    People sending hot checks
  • The best ! 5/5

    By Everything1111
    SA has been the best website and awesome place to network. You can have any kind of arrangement. Some people are just event friends some travel Etc. A++++

    By Boba boba
    This app is amazing simple and fub
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dirtydog143
    Amazing hock ups!!
  • I like it but the website is better 5/5

    By The_startlet
    I've had this app for awhile and I met some super rich men from here but the app it self needs a little work. But if you are looking for beautiful girls or really rich men this is the place to be.. just be careful ladies older men can be a little weird lol.
  • PLEASE 4/5

    By Hannakinskywalkerr
    Why on earth is there read receipts? Please! remove this feature! Otherwise, it's a decent app.
  • Hmmm 4/5

    By Dionicio 3
    It's that so many beautiful people need help, I wish I can help as much as possible, in a good decent, ahh I pray now, can't deny incredible women in Chicago regardless
  • The app hangs on the start up page, it's been months 1/5

    By kdiddles
    I have not been able to get past the starter page for months now. Unreal.
  • SA 5/5

    By Nina9Milliii
    Sugar Daddy Galore πŸ˜πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½πŸ˜Š
  • Dating Life Is Amazing 5/5

    By SweetBBW63
    I love this app and I love the fantastic encounters. Ladies? You will love the wishlists you can make. The Gifts you will receive, more than pay for the membership.

SeekingArrangement app comments

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