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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sell on Etsy, our app just for sellers, lets you easily manage your business on the go. Respond to customers, see your shop stats, and manage your orders. Sell on Etsy makes it easy to: --Save time with Snippets: Waiting in line at the post office? The Snippets feature lets you quickly respond to customers by saving your most frequent responses. --Get the whole picture: Keep tabs on your views, visits, orders, favorites and sales history. --Stay notified: “Cha-ching!” find out when someone purchases an item, sends you a new Convo or favorites your shop or items. (Customize your notifications in Settings). --Manage your orders: Access open and completed orders, renew items from sold orders, mark as shipped, add private notes and send shipping notifications so buyers know when items are on the way. --Access your listings: Create, edit, renew, and publish listings directly from the app. Use your camera to upload photos and make a listing on-the-spot. Access shop sections and item variations for quick editing. Activate and deactivate items with a tap. Who knew your phone could do all that. You must have an Etsy shop to use this app. Get started at


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  • Depop is better 2/5

    By Nikkilain3
    The app is ok somewhat faster to list on than the desktop version imo. However Etsy policy is not a good one. Byers rights are favored over sellers rights, despite the byers intentions. Basically Etsy will support liars over the ppl who have used their site for years. Also it’s become a place for internet trolls to find an outlet for their boredom. Kind wish Etsy would work on this. Depop is better.
  • Problems checking out 1/5

    By Fed up with fb
    One of my customers just reported that they are unable to get to the checkout page and they keep getting bounced back to a previous page. I have no idea how to get a hold of the developers of this app but I’m sure other people are having to same issue and it is affecting my sales. Please look into this problem.
  • Messaging system is useless now. 2/5

    By Glaglagleegloglo
    Hope you fix this soon. It only shows the first line of a message. I have to use my pc for messages until this problem is fixed.
  • Slow with annoying glitches and changes 2/5

    By Sdnskjvn
    I used to love using the app, but recent changes are annoying and time consuming. First of all, the app runs SO slow. When I enter my shop and try to search for listings, it takes 20+ seconds for my listings to load, another 20+ seconds for my keyboard to even show up, then another 20+ seconds for the search to occur. Ridiculous. Secondly, words get broken up within a conversation when it is sent. It will be typed perfectly prior to sending, but once it is sent to the customer, it chops up the words incorrectly and creates spaces where there shouldn’t be. Not only does it make it hard to read, it also looks unprofessional on my part. The other update that is very annoying is that when a customer contacts me with a link to a particular listing to ask a question about it, it used to open that listing within the app so that I could see which one the customer was referring to. With the latest update, it opens the listing in a web browser instead, which meansq I then have to sign into Etsy on the web. An unnecessary step that wastes my time. Lastly, other changes within Etsy have SIGNIFICANTLY decreased my total views of my items and therefore 59 PERCENT!!! What an absurd drop in views & sales in my shop. After 4.5 very successful years of selling on Etsy, I’m seriously considering changing selling platforms. Pretty unhappy with the current app.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Bearusaf
    Trying to list an item on the IOS app is almost impossible! The "Sellers Handbook" tells you to go to the "Shop Manager", yet there is no tab or route in the app for the "Shop Manager" at all. You can go thru the "App Help" thru a backdoor to do the listing however if you use this route all ways to list the item are not available as some listing features are not accessible, yet if you try to go thru the "Listing" setting to add an item OTHER features such as calculated shipping is not available??? The app is confusing at Best yet no matter how you say it it is "Horribly" Designed!!!!
  • Aggravating glitch since last update! 3/5

    By Veghead11574
    This app has definitely improved since first being released. I use it mostly for replying to convos because I find it difficult to setup listings from my phone. Since the last update, there is a glitch that is taking the remaining letters of the last word typed, and putting just those letters onto the next line down, rather than moving the entire word down onto the next line when it’s too long to fit on the line above. (This is an example of what I am talking ab out happening. Do you see how difficult an d incredibly annoying it is when you’re tryi ng to read the text? Also, if my customer is reading my messages from the app, it mak es me look like a grammar-less idiot. I don ’t like this because I am a grammar Nazi!) You don’t see the nonsensical wording until the message is actually sent. I HATE THIS! It looks sloppy and makes it difficult to read. It happens on messages that I have sent and also received, and it only happens with the Sell on Etsy app. So, when I’m reading the same exact messages from my browser or on my Etsy-Shop Creative app, the messages look normal. Please fix the glitch!!!! Thank you!
  • Just not a fan 2/5

    By Sss123!!
    Not a fan of this app anymore, has some good aspects, but the older version was still way better. With this new update my messages get cut off and I can only read a line or two before I have to get on my computer to read the entire message.. please fix asap!!!
  • Cold open 1/5

    By RunFromSkunks
    We open at etsy HQ in a conference room. Eclectically-clad workers in their late twenties, early thirties pour into a conference room and slowly grab their seats. Behind the head of the table, in place of a white board or screen for projection, there is a giant letter board with individual letters pegged in spelling out “Valentines Day.” We see a young man, clearly some kind of intern, scrambling to peg in a tagline to the meeting underneath the V day title. “Let’s screw them o-“ A man in his late thirties enters wearing the most luxurious handmade items: a crocheted hoodie with an askew image of Bigfoot screen printed on the front, and wood glasses. All workers go silent. He sits, puts his moccasin-ed feet up on the table, and speaks: “Valentines Day! The second or even first most busy sales season for most of our sellers. Now, I don’t think I need to remind you that these are the folks who make US money. “Here’s what I’m thinking:” the intern is overly poised with handfuls of white letterboard letters, eyes on his boss. “Now would be the perfect time to mess with the messaging system and how links work in the app. What do we think, team?” The employees look down or eye each other, refusing to volunteer to speak against this horrible plan. “Pretty great, right? All right, let’s get to work!” He stands up heroically and exits. Employees sit in frustrated silence. The CEO pops his head back in. “And I don’t mean make improvements, I mean really make it just god-awful and nearly unusable for no reason at all. Just...” he stares off, seemingly searching for the right inspirational words, “Just... Terrible.” Beat. “Ok, go get em!” We cut to the coding department, labeled so with a shot of the door. There are no humans. Eagle-eyed viewers might note a resume or two on various screens. Cats are just lounging around on keyboards. After an especially cute roll by a ragamuffin, one cat-occupied computer monitor reads “app update loading.”
  • I HATE this App 1/5

    By Pinegreen7
    I no longer can find ADD A NEW LISTING for adding new art to my site. For some strange reason it has gone from my listing page? Why? How can I update my stock if I can’t add anything new? Secondly, a customer told me she could not find where to write a review for the art work she bought from me!!! Reviews are IMPORTANT to a seller Why make it impossible for the customer to give one Without me being able to add new art in my art shop or get good reviews I am dead in the water FIX THESE ISSUES PLEASE 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Over complicated UI 2/5

    By Blindvisionaire
    Simply put, this app is mediocre at best, and buggy as hell.
  • Needs a lot of improvements 2/5

    By Cwpooky
    It is a handy app when it is working properly. It is slow most of the times when I try to use the filter function on listings. It also get stuck a lot on the last search and does not refresh the listings. Very annoying. Now, the conversations do not display in entirety! It only display part of it. Please fix!
  • Used to work 1/5

    By yoyo loach
    Each update breaks a new function or something
  • Getting Worse 1/5

    By DouglasJamesDesigns
    I am so frustrated! My busiest time of year and the app just keeps getting worse. It takes forever to load and even longer to create a new listing. The WORST art is I cannot use the SELL NOW feature. App will not allow me to sell in person directly from my site. What good is the app if you cannot use it. 3 months later and still NO BETTER!!!! WTH is wrong with the developer of the app that he/she cannot get it fixed? Seriously, I'm ready to delete the app. It freezes and or crashes EVERY and I mean EVERY time I try to list additional items. I guess Etsy is fine with losing money!
  • Sell on etsy app glitch 5/5

    By havingaglitch
    Love the Sell on Etsy App, but I’m have a continuing issue with posting ads. Every other ad I post stops in the middle of the posting, freezes, then boots me off Etsy and goes to the phone home page. I phone 6 S Plus. Then I have to start over and it’s fine for 1 Ad, then the next ad will do the same, over and over, I’ve rebooted my phone and am thinking this is an App glitch? Any help or tips would be appreciated, otherwise love this App! Keep improving this and Etsy as it grows, thank you.
  • Last patch horribly screwed up conversation feature 2/5

    By noddaduma
    Normally a good app but the latest patch clips the messages in the conversations rendering that feature useless! An easy way to keep in contact with customers (which I do often due to nature of my product), no longer useable. What happened, DevOps? Hopefully you guys will correct that in the next sprint.
  • Finance section doesn’t work 4/5

    By Nicoaks1124
    The finance section opens, and looks fine. When I click “make a payment” the page reloads to the same screen. I can still use the computer to pay my bills, but I was glad I wouldn’t have to. Will there be an update to fix this problem soon? Ps- Thank you for bringing back real time views!
  • Needs fixing asap!!! 2/5

    By Hoodinoubro
    When I first got the app, it worked pretty well. Speed was decent but the app was missing categories such as finances. Now we have some of the those categories, however, the app just gets buggier and buggier with each update. Takes such a long time for the shop dashboard to load that I don't even use the app as much anymore. I'd rather view my shop manager from the mobile web or from my computer. Please provide an update that fixes these problems.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Xxxxxxxxx2000
    Can’t seem to access weight or other shipping options.
  • Calculated shipping 4/5

    By sophialynae33
    I really love almost everything about this app, however lately I’ve run into problems with shipping. It’s much more cost effective to do calculated shipping, but that isn’t an option with the app. There also isn’t an option to print the shipping labels from your phone. I do all of my business from my phone, so this is quite annoying to have to find a computer to jump on to, or have to switch to my web browser version every time I want to list a new item in my shop with calculated shipping.
  • I’m anxious to start but can’t even open the app 1/5

    By Jansindk
    I just downloaded this and made a new store last night, but when I try to log in today, it won’t let me get passed the password page. Waiting.....
  • Basic Etsy Usage Only 4/5

    By msr010
    This app is good for quick replies to customers and seeing/hearing when I receive new orders while on the go. Other than that, I have to use my computer to complete all other tasks. In fact, using Etsy on the web browser on my phone gives me all the features needed so I tend to use that quite often instead. Hopefully a future app will provide all the features necessary to run my shop. For now, I will continue using my web browser more than this app. Update 1/31: The finance tab is finally available! Thank you for adding it to the app, it is a useful feature. I hope next will come the Marketing tab! Still have to use Etsy on Safari to see my ads and coupons.
  • widget broken 4/5

    By Amore Vita
    love this app. Just wanted to notify the developers that after the most recent update the widget is broken and I really liked that feature. :(
  • Work in progress 3/5

    By Favoredlife75
    I love the app BUT I’m not able to share my listing photos to Instagram in order for my followers be able to shop by clicking photo. Maybe there needs to be another update to format the iPhone X. Also I would like to be able to adjust shipping rates to “calculated”.
  • Stats and Social Sharing not as good as before. 2/5

    By Social in NorCal
    I used to see stats for YTD, monthly, and All Time revenue in the older version app. Now it’s impossible to see revenue, unless you hover over a skinny line in a chart, and that’s just for 1 day. Social sharing used to be much easier. There was really useful Announcements tool that is now gone. Why did the developers remove the best features of this app?
  • App has a lot of potential but at the moment I rarely use it 3/5

    By Renay T
    App is quicker and easier than using the full site and handy to open up and get a quick view of your shop’s stats and recent activity. I sell predominantly on Etsy and I have 3 wish list/glitch fixes I wish the app would fix: 1) I wish there was a way to make general listing templates and save them rather than finding a particular listing and copying it. A lot of my listings are similar overall but the details change so being able to save the general features and not have to go in and delete the specific pictures/variants each time would be helpful as I end up doing double the work. A saved template option would be really helpful. 2) Also, there is a glitch in the shipping part of the listing creator on the app- there is no way to use calculated shipping- either by creating or using a saved shipping profile. Furthermore, any listings using calculated shipping (created on the Etsy site) show up as $0 shipping charge and if you edit these listings on the app and save them the $0 shipping charge is also saved. 3) I wish the app could support creating/purchasing shipping labels like on the Etsy site rather than simply marking an item shipped/not shipped. I end up having to open the Etsy site anyway to buy labels which means I pretty much only use the app to get a quick snapshot of my shop’s stats during the day. I usually just create/modify listings and buy shipping labels on the actual site which defeats the purpose of the app. I like using it for a quick stats/recent activity view but that’s really the extent of the functionality for me at the moment. I’ve also tried searching for third party listing manager apps compatible with Etsy but can’t find any of those either. I have tons of stuff waiting to be listed but it’s just so time consuming at the moment to list.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Catethrine
    This app used to work just fine, but sometime in early 2017 it started to fail on me regularly. Selling from Listings is nearly impossible. Listings don’t load quickly at all, searching thru listings is next to impossible, and listings are not totally up to date with my website if I changed any info or have a current sale or promotion running. AND they eliminated the feature to apply a discount at checkout. So if I have a listing 25% off for the month, but that isn’t reflected in the app and I can’t apply the discount at checkout, I have to do a Quick Sale, which totally negates the whole reason I use this app to keep my shop inventory up to date. I may have to revert back to just making sales via quick sale or PayPal and updating my shop inventory when I’m at the computer after an event. Reinstalling the app and re-logging in has not resolved my Problem and it’s been almost a year of an app that is next to useless. It literally took me 7 minutes last July to perform a Sell from Listings at an art festival and all I could do was continually apologize to the client. Total fail. No fixes from developers.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Rissak2k7
    Love the app but it continues to crash when listing new items! Please please address this issue. It is very frustrating. Thanks! Love the shop arrange. Please allow us to choose and set calculated shipping on the app!!
  • Please Fix Performance! 1/5

    By Crazy Owl 47
    This app is has a lot of potential but the performance is so bad I can’t use it unless I have 5 minutes available to do a Sell From Listings - not feasible during a craft fair. Etsy also took away the discount functionality which was really bad - wish a zero star was available. Slow to filter and search, loading and attempts to set up listings take forever and frequently freeze or crash. Etsy support offers nothing but time consuming workarounds that are impractical. Don't waste your time with this app. Use the Etsy website from your mobile device browser, and PayPal or another provider for credit card sales. Etsy - please fix this!
  • New Features Sold Me! 5/5

    By NatMoose
    This app now does everything I need it to do! I can pay my bill, edit and add listings, see traffic, message, and get notifications when I receive orders! Thank you, Etsy Devs, for adding the finances section. Now I can manage my store on the go and have all I need!
  • Pretty Disappointed 1/5

    By Slime Hockey
    Well in 2 days flat, Etsy deactivated my account because I was marked as “spam”? Also they wanted to take $78.19 from my bank account for under 10 sales. That’s ridiculous! My account was deactivated and people would like too buy my products and they even shut down my shop. I liked it at first but I don’t recommend this app. It’s pretty disappointing. I’m making a case with government officials to get my money majority of the money they stole from me. 👎👎
  • Non functional 1/5

    By Jhjjggjj
    At this point in time I only have consistent access to my etsy listings through this app. It doesn't let me do things that are crucial to success. I had had shipping profiles set up, but upon completion of a sale it was brought to my attention that all my shipping is currently free. If I was allowed to edit my listings from the app I could fix it! But it only allows me to renew or deactivate current listings from this app. This could cause me to take a loss if some one else orders but doesn't get charged for shipping. I was lucky this time because the sale is local and I am bringing the item to the purchaser. Please make this app a usable tool!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Marshmallow doge
    Once you learn how to use this app selling becomes wayyy more simple. It helps you stay on top of orders and chat easily with customers!
  • App is good 4/5

    By xStarshinex403
    I like the app, it makes making listings really easy. I can’t however use the app to print shipping labels, which is really odd. I could do everything on the actual Etsy site, except the listings. Why have a separate selling app if I can’t do every aspect of selling from it~shipping labels, payment account, etc. these things should all be on the app.
  • Love Etsy 5/5

    By Far Oonagh
    Etsy seller for a long time! Postage befuddles me back to the handbook.
  • Good app! 3/5

    By Vsul2tr
    It is true that some processes are more difficult on the app than the site. But as I do my home work at home, this app makes it very easy to do the whole communication to buyers thing. Visit stats, mark as shipped, and other wise check in with your shop. Highly recommend. Todd Melton Educational Illustrator
  • Worst app I have owned in my life 1/5

    By Holley pop
    It won’t let me log in because I’m not a seller that’s why I got this stupid app
  • Love this app 4/5

    By MeganJoAnn
    Really convenient way to access my Etsy shop and conduct business. I wish I had the same access to features and settings as I do on a computer.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Jessp1997
    Love it! Better with each update! Everything seems to be working great and business is better than ever! Thanks Etsy! One small change that I would suggest to make this app amazing: when looking at the Orders page, make a button to find previous conversations with the buyer. Instead, we have to leave the Orders page and scroll through the conversations, which takes forever. Thanks!
  • Perfect for online sales 5/5

    By ArtzWear
    Very handy, ( works great on my mac and iPhone) for some reason is not a easy on my iPad ( gen 3) I use it all the time!
  • Should be easier to access answers to questions, like it is on a laptop. 4/5

    By emorgan85
    Should be easier to access answers to FAQs, like it is on a laptop. Otherwise, it's a good app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bravo_Echo88
    Love this app. Easy to use and helps me manage my Etsy store on the go.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By MsAngel217
    I love this app. It's easy to use and makes online sales quick and painless.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By RNJ Design
    I absolutely love the mobile access to my shop. I use the app daily and couldn't give it higher marks.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mememememmemehahha
    Great app
  • Not working with iPhone X 2/5

    By Kabow
    Unable to do the basic things needed such as see listing details, add listings and I don’t get alerts when things sell in my shop. Everything was fine on the 6 I just upgraded and lost pretty much all features. The app is currently useless to me as is
  • The app is great but... 5/5

    By Wild wolf212311
    The app is really great except when I’m trying to make/put up a new product on my shop it keeps saying that it needs more details,I put one up a few days ago and it was normal,but now that I’m trying to put up a bag of scrap fur for sale it says needs more details and I still don’t know where to do that (put more details)
  • Etsy is a SCAM 1/5

    Etsy stole my money. Don’t trust. 🚫
  • Won’t work 3/5

    By Kittykat46661
    I really think Etsy is a good app. I do. But I’m trying to login to my account that a friend and I share and I can’t get in. My friend is fine but this keeps showing up with a “you aren’t a seller” message. I’ve closed out the app and deleted it. I’ll move my rating to a 5 stars when it actually lets me in
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By DragonDenStore
    Great app in support of Etsy's online store platform!
  • Printing out shipping labels 1/5

    By cattle press
    I don’t have a means to print out a shipping label. I live on a tugboat and I don’t own a printer. Is there another way of providing me shipping labels other than bringing it myself and waiting in line at the post office, as I have been doing with my purchase orders?

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