Sell on Etsy: Manage your shop

Sell on Etsy: Manage your shop

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.72
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etsy, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
5,200 Ratings
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Sell on Etsy: Manage your shop App

Take your Etsy shop to new places! Grow and manage your Etsy business right from your phone with the Sell on Etsy app, our app built just for sellers. Hundreds of thousands of Etsy sellers are using it to streamline their businesses, and you can too! Key features: - Conversations: Stay on top of incoming messages, save and send your frequent responses, and easily search all your Convos. - Listings Manager: Create, edit, renew, and publish listings directly from the app. Access shop sections and item variations for quick editing. Activate and deactivate items with a tap. - Shop Stats: Keep tabs on your views, favorites, orders and sales history. - Multi-shop management: Add more than one shop account and easily switch between them. - Order management: Access open and completed orders, renew items from sold orders, mark as shipped, add private notes and send shipping notifications so buyers know when items are on the way. - Shop updates: Share shoppable photo updates with your fans on Etsy and social media all from one place. - Live activity feed: See real-time updates about new purchases, buyer feedback, when shoppers favorite your items and more. - Sell anywhere: Accept credit cards wherever you sell. Everything you sell in person will get captured in your Etsy shop. (U.S. only) - Notifications: “Cha-ching!” Get notified when someone purchases an item, sends you a new Convo or favorites your shop or items. (Customize your notifications in Settings). - Shop settings: Update your shop’s branding, add a video, and edit shop announcements. Put your shop on vacation if you need a break. Compatibility: - You must have an Etsy shop to use this app. - Learn more about creating a shop at If anything's acting up, we'll post about it here:


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Sell on Etsy: Manage your shop app reviews

  • App 1/5

    By R. Krueger
    Not happy since the big change. The old version was just fine. My main concern is to see views and what products were viewed. The new version is horrible. It never links up to what is actually viewed. And currently my dashboard is stuck on yesterday and I'm not able to change it. An update is supposed to be for the better not for the worse.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By MotORe
    The app used to be good. Now it is terrible. Takes me at least twice as long to list anything. It crashes a lot and doesn’t save what I have worked on.
  • App is ok but... 4/5

    By Woof x a million
    I don’t have many issues with this app but I noticed the shipping labels are very vague to update. It didn’t allow me to change flat shipping price to calculated and the shipping label I saved from the computer Etsy website is not showing up on this app. Idk if it is a glitch. It worked fine before but the shipping labels stopped showing up recently. I tried re-downloading. It didn’t work
  • Not working with update 1/5

    By hdgtyfvbnssssss
    Stats don't work at all with the new update

    By Agosw
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Nikkigal589123
    I can’t even load my pictures to sell!
  • Etsy App Has REGRESSED! Help Us, Don't Ignore Us! 1/5

    By Whoknewgooroo
    All the 5-star reviews are fake! They have eliminated all the low star ratings! I absolutely LOATHE this app! Why is Etsy trying to make it more difficult for sellers to run a business with the app? Why is Etsy ignoring all our voices? WHY CAN'T YOU GO BACK TO THE OLD APP?!! It was perfect. There is too much unnecessary data that is causing loading issues. I can't edit my listings anymore. It's just frozen. It's 2017...why is this app technology regressing? PROGRESS & making sellers happy & successful is the goal! Please HELP us, don't eliminate us! 10/10/2017

    By RandlemanGirl
    I wish I could leave a 0 ⭐️ review. I hate this new version of the app!! It takes an eternity to load pictures both to a listing and from a customer in a conversation. The stat updates are never in real time like the old app was. And I hate the new convo layout. You can only see a couple lines of your text, which is very annoying, and the send button is in a place where it's too easy to accidentally hit while editing your message. It was better when it was at the top of the screen. The list of negative points with this new app goes on and on... I just wish you guys would take the time to listen to us that are having such difficulty. I know the 5 star reviews look good to you, but you need to focus on the issues that us serious sellers are bringing to your attention. I just don't understand why you guys broke what was working just fine for years!!
  • Since the new update can't read convo. 1/5

    By Jasper the kitty
    Since I update to the new update I can't see my convos anymore. Just maybe a line. This is probably the most important feature for me as I answer customers questions when I'm away from home. What good is it? Before I updated it I couldn't load any photos to my listings. But I was able to do that. But then can't use the convo section. Please fix! Seems to take forever to load now.
  • Horrible! Why do 1 star reviews disappear??? 3/5

    By E & L
    Update 10/06/2017 Unable to add photos. Tried closing it and opening it again but still shows error that it is unable to load photos. There is also a bug that always says that I have 1 order overdue and I do not. It has been there for a while. Kinda bugs. Also, when I view which listings were viewed, they take forever to load and change as I scroll. Annoying. Update 06/14/2017 Absolutely horrible! Hate it. I want my views and not visits back. I want it in real time. I want to see favorites. These are important to me. It is still very very busy. Even as an experienced shop owner with a very busy shop, I do not need all this. I want simplicity back!!!!!! I keep seeing 1 star reviews and then they disappear. This sounds very corrupt. I know I am not the only one noticing this! Update 06/02/17 Just hate the new version. When I delete the app and reinstall it, it brings some other version that I like more that has the old stats on it and the new ones. I like it but it has bugs in it where the notifications completely stop and things cannot be loaded. If I close the app and open it up, it reloads it to the other new awful version that is completely different. So I delete the app again and reinstall it to get the other version of it. It works every time but keeps getting bugs so I have to do it over and over again. This is so messed up but I would rather keep deleting the app and loading the version that shows my updated stats with views and favorites than the new version. Please just fix it. It was so easy before this update. Update 05/16/17 What happened? This update is way way too busy. I tried figuring it out and it is so difficult. Before the update this morning, my views were at 150 and a few hours later, after the update, the views for today went to 61 and havent changed for the last 2-3 hours. I get a ton of views a day so this is very inaccurate. I found more inaccurate stats in it too. If it is so complicated and does not even shows anything accurately, there is absolutely no point of it. I am done using it until a new update. 02/17/17 It seems that each time the app gets updated, it gets worse! It is pretty much worthless now. Almost everything I need to update in my listings it sends me to the desktop site! What is the point of that? Just to change price or quantity available, I have to go to the website! What kind of an update is this. The only reason I am keeping it is for the Cha-Ching sound. LOL. I do not like the new dashboard either. It always goes back to the last 7 days instead of today, every time I go back to it. I have a lot of activity and only need to see today. Why cant it stay where I looked at last? And the bottom is cut off when you look on the dashboard. A couple of my sisters own successful Etsy shops too and they were texting me yesterday at how useless this app is. Please make it to have more available Variable categories and where we can choose the quantity available for each category. Also, it would be nice to have more pricing options for each Variation. Not just one. Like add an extra "$$" for this option. This is soo needed and seems pretty easy to do. I must say that this is the worst "update" ever! Please Etsy get it right! Update 02/10/15; Updated the app today. It no longer crashes when filtering listings but it pulls up only a few listings out of all of them. For example, when I choose to view all the listings it shows 51 out of 591 and won't pull up the rest. It does this for every filter I choose. Some it will pull up only 10, others only 29, and so on. It won't load the rest when I wait.I still had to go to the main site to look through my listings. The reviews page is a mess. Reviews overlap each other and repeat. Please please let me be able to update listing price variations in this app normally. I have to save it as a draft and then go to the desktop page, find the draft and update the listing variations. What's the point of that? I still wish there was only one app for shopping and selling. I do both. Having 2 apps, slightly drives me nuts. Come on Etsy, figure these things out please. Update; Just updated the app 02/04/2015. It keeps crashing when I try to filter the listings. I use this often to check which ones expired for example, so this is very annoying. Please fix this ASAP. I hate going to the desktop site for things when I have the app that should do the job. Previous review; There are definitely some improvements to the app since it first came out but it still isn't perfect. I wish I could do everything I need in one app without having to switch to the website. My biggest problem is that you cannot set up or change item price variations. I constantly post an item in the app and then have to quickly go to the mobile site and adjust prices by variation. Very annoying. Please please fix that! I wish there were more details in the stats too. I find myself going to the main site for that too. I learn a lot from the stats. I wish I could purchase shipping labels from the app too. That would be great! I do use the app all the time but I wish it was just a little more improved.
  • Upload Photos 1/5

    By Mrs Cervantes
    I can no longer upload my images from my phone. Super frustrating!! 😡
  • Love selling with this app! Needs better notifications. And has bugs. 3/5

    By Tattera15
    I love selling with this app, and the developers are always fixing any bugs that come up. My only problem is that it needs a red notification symbol on the icon like Facebook has, for example. Also, since this newest update, i cannot upload listing photos on my mobile app. Needs to be fixed, asap.
  • Not bad, but... 4/5

    By Just want to post
    I have no issues with the Etsy side of the app. I believe my issue is with Apple and the new iOS. I think it’s the new iOS that won’t let me upload my photos on the app. I just took all these pictures and was planning on creating some new listings, here and there, whenever I had a few minutes and all it does is gives me an error “unable to upload photos”. Etsy, can you please work with Apple and try to figure this out!
  • Will not let my customers purchase! 1/5

    By 😶👽😶😶😶
    I've had multiple people tell me that they want to purchase but Etsy won't load the right page ! Also it isn't letting me load any more jewelry into my page (beadperception) 😩
  • Photos won't upload 1/5

    By The Photo Diva
    This app was working for me until recently. I had an entire new listing ready to go, all the text written, and all 10 photos seemingly loaded, and when I went to hit SAVE, I got a red warning band across the top saying "unable to load photos". Consequently, I couldn't do anything with the listing and had to re-create the whole thing on my laptop instead. Bottom line: if the app won't allow you to add photos, it's of no value whatsoever.
  • Please Look into Faults with App 1/5

    By etsy app user
    The new app updates work far worse than the previous. I am finding it works very slow when it searches and loads. Please look into!
  • What did you do to this app! 1/5

    By Brit1020
    For the past few months this app is just horrible! Nothing works and I have to do all the work on the computer. I am listing half of what I used to for these reasons. What's the point of this app if it doesn't work!
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Jessp1997
    Love it! Better with each update! Everything seems to be working great and business is better than ever! Thanks Etsy!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Pinegreen7
    I cannot navigate this complicated app. I downloaded the update on my iPad and was sorry. I kept the old version on my iPhone and was able to see what browsers were looking at , daily on my shop. The iPad updated version always showed different numbers than the old version. On my iPhone. Recently I was forced to update the older Etsy app on my iPhone and now I am totally frustrated. I absolutely HATE this app. I have to go through steps to try to see what customers are viewing. I don't trust the numbers I don't use most of the graphs. Why fix what wasn't broke ? Simplicity works best.
  • Great app, needs things 5/5

    By DylanCollie
    Im very happy with this app except that its kind of a pain to list things and theres no option to partially refund an order.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By jessduds
    Gets it done!
  • Shop owner 5/5

    By Theresa Gafford
    Great place to sell your handmade items.
  • So convenient and easy to use!!! 5/5

    By ArgoDzines
    I love having the Etsy Sell app on my iPad and my iPhone. I love the convenience of it. I’m actually in my car right now waiting for a store to open and closed out a sale with a customer. I’m on the go a lot so convenience is a high priority for me and this app does the trick!!! Saving time like this gives me more time to actually create more art so it’s a win-win!
  • Etsy seller app 5/5

    By Cmluther
    So far, it has been easy to use and very helpful.
  • Selling 5/5

    By Tanichka.ko
    I absolutely love selling on this app! They make it super easy and customizable.
  • Great and easy to use app! 5/5

    By Tommy Swass
    The Etsy team has really made a great app that is easy to use and is not buggy!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sjfhdjsbbf
    I'm a new seller and started using this app. It lets you see which of your items are getting the most views, search words that buyers use to find your shop (helps you with listing tags; being found), there is a chat that allows you to answer any questions or discuss custom orders, and it makes a cha-ching sound when you make a sale. (The only bad thing since the update, it's telling me I have 1 unread notification, but nothing is there. It is starting to drive me nuts.) <- fixed!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By aspotteddaisy
    The Sell on Etsy App makes it easy to add and manage listings and open orders on the go!
  • Good for 5/5

    By Metoyou13
    Quick uses. Not for complete Emerson but it gets the job done well enough. Combine with the PC this app gets the job done.
  • No complains 5/5

    By Princesst0ki
    Love the ease of managing my store on the go
  • His furniture is incredible! 5/5

    By chipncarly
    Rustic headboard in the house now!
  • Somewhat useful 4/5

    By Bootsie Barker
    Sometimes I have a problem getting what I want to do... done.
  • Love it 5/5

    By kitchenwitch
    Easy to use and very efficient. I can run my business right from my phone!
  • Too many changes 3/5

    By jolierenee
    Keeps changing - can't keep up with it. Don't like how my listings are hidden away and not right on the main screen - that's where I'm doing most of my work - on my listings. It also glitches out a lot saying that I have no active listings or giving me random error codes when I'm creating/updating listings.
  • Easier then internet on my phone 5/5

    By Ju Bird
  • Great App 4/5

    By Kelnbub2015
    Easy to use
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By BabyGirl82311
    I love this app! It makes everything so convenient, and gives me my stats right at my fingertips.
  • Love 5/5

    By PeanutsPaws
    Love love love this app.
  • Great! 5/5

    By OstaraOrganicsLtd
    Only thing I would change is that I need access to the Wholesale side of my shop. :)
  • Disappointed 😔 1/5

    By Luckymadre
    Why fix what wasn't broken? Sales and views have dropped ever since they started changing things. Listen to your sellers!!!
  • Crashes trying to log in 2/5

    By 1P3sPu2rRV0
    Tapping the sign in button instantly crashes the app. Useless until fixed.
  • Constantly fails after update 1/5

    By nitemere
    The lastest update has caused the app to crash every other time I try to upload pictures. Very frustrating!
  • Won't update listings 3/5

    By No one caress at alllll
    As I'm adding listings, it won't show them on the seller app, no matter how many times I refresh or restart the app, but it will show them on desktop and the buyer app. Just a little frustrating when wanting to tweak listings.
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By Vistillia
    I managed my first sale without even using a computer, just my phone.
  • Much improved 5/5

    By H Fae
    LOVE it
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By VinGette
    Etsy is an amazing marketplace and this app makes it easy to manage your shop on the Go. STAEIM
  • Very good mobile version 5/5

    By jpzilla
    Some features are understandably simplified, but overall it is a great mobile version of the Etsy seller site.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Kalapakigirl
    Helps me get my glass into collectors hands 100% love it
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Leanora
    It gets the job done when you're not near a computer. Every Etsy seller should download this app.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By sloppy2nds
    Makes my life as a seller so easy!

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