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The faster, easier, more affordable way to send money globally. Download the Remitly app today. Spend less, save more - Consistently high exchange rates - Little or no fee - Flat fee for Express transfers—you won’t pay more when you send more Protecting you at every step - Licensed and highly regulated - Industry leading technology - Strict PCI Data Standards & 256-bit data encryption There when you need it - Express service gets money to friends and family in minutes - Money arrives when promised—or we pay the fee - Track your transfer at every step, with text message updates for you and your recipient Send from the US, Canada, UK and Australia to a growing number of countries/regions - India - Philippines - Mexico - Most Latin American and South American nations - More countries coming soon Large network of partner banks and cash pick up locations in countries we cover - India: More than 140 major banks, many with instant delivery - Philippines: Over 10,000 major banks and cash pickup locations - Mexico: Over 15,000 major banks and cash pick up locations Easy to use - Two minutes or less to install and start using - Information safely stored so that repeat transactions take seconds Always available to help - Real people, on call 24/7 - Phone or web support - Spanish and Filipino speaking representatives


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Send Money with Remitly app reviews

  • (Stay out of this app)Sending money is a issue in this app 1/5

    By Jcxior
    So I was sending money and I pay a fee for a rush service they promised a quick service for 3 usd$, then they violated the agreements for such service and call they’ve even care to call you when they are having issues giving you different time or even days for a new day to the money to arrive to final destination, I call them requesting my 3$ because is was the right thing to do so because they say something and they then violated they own rules and agreements this is very stupid. And of course this app is a good candidate to be reported in the consumer protection office. Sadly this app relays on 3 person partnership meaning that the company itself has nothing to do with money involving so for instance is the partner say not to a transaction you’re done. Also when sending money since app relays in that partnership as well the service will be affected by those partner. Recommendations I suggest keep using other services like xoom or western union which they are more easily and friendly (personal experience)
  • Last 2 experience was a hassle 2/5

    By palangga01
    Been a user for may be almost a year and have sent remittance may be 6-8times now. The last 3 times I have sent money to the Phil. was a “where’s my remittance” “how long will it take” “please take action now” “me chasing my own money” “call customer service 2-4 times to get things done *expedited* kind of service. First of all I understood the last 2 times because my recipient was a passbook/savings acct holder, and LBP is not Remitly’s “partner or prefered banks”. I was told it will be MANUAL deposit that will take 2-3days. Aaahhh hello?! Why would you charge me 3.99 for expedited? Never once I asked for my fees to be waved even it took 2-3days for the transaction to go through. Now my most recent one took me 4 calls to get it done, was promised 2-3hrs each time I called. My 4th call, I already told the lady, I was informed (fr. my 2nd call) to switch mode and place of transaction for my recipient from LBP to BPI, from deposit to bank account to cash pick up, then waited for 24hrs and my money IS STILL up in the air somewhere, not made it to “BPI” because it had to be verified? My mom who’s 81yr old mother needs it ASAP!! Then I was informed it’s switched to cash pickup at a designated pawnshop places. I said that is not safe for my 81 yr old mother, BUT if that’s the best, fastest way for them to receive it now, then go ahead, BUT YOU (remitly) needs to switch the recipient to someone else (not my mom anymore) so that it can be safely picked up. It was reviewed and agreed before I hang up with the lady on the other line. 2 hrs later money was ready for pickup but the 2nd recipient was not on there (still my mom was the recipient). So she (2nd recipient) went home, drag my 81yr old mother to the pawnshop to pick up cash (its not just a few thousand) Imagine yourself doing all of that, having your family go back and forth and stay calm while making 2-4 calls to speak to some. otherwise the customer service people are all nice, apologetic and all but cant deliver what it claims “expedited, 3.99 fee your money in minutes”. If its for emergency remittance? I DO NOT advice using remitly. You dont want your family hanging in Phil esp during emergencies. Now to get your dollars worth (higher exchange rate than xoom or western union), pay less remittance and not sending urgent? Yes use this. I will might try them again but NEVER for emergencies. Thank you.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Chivito95
    If U Are In A Hurry To Send The Money. Stay Away From This App. They Aske For More Info Then FBI. Fo With WesternUnion. Thats the best
  • No sign out opinion in the update! 3/5

    By stoic_asp
    I can’t sign out of Remitly application in iOS. There goes the security! Please fix this.
  • So annoying!! 1/5

    By Steve Sua
    This app used to be “good” (only one time I could send money without any issue) but now is awful and so hard to send money. Verification and verification and double check after double check. So annoying. Now I’m using xoom and is way too much easy and they just ask you one time verification.
  • So fast and easy! 5/5

    By Alwxis7889
    I LOVE remitly! It is by far the best way I’ve found to transfer money to an Indian bank account. Plus I love their option for an express delivery which deposits the funds in the recipients account immediately. I don’t know any other service they does this! I’ve use Remitly twice a month and have had 0 problems. Safe, reliable and fast.
  • Stop asking unnecessary questions. 1/5

    By Mugivaranu Luffy
    Just send the money from one bank to another bank and take your commission fee for the transaction. Stop asking unnecessary and irritating questions.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Leonora Harker
    I live her in US and I used this Remitly to send money to Philippines,I am so very happy I did tried because they will inform you the money is ready for pickup,also they sent a massage to the person who’s getting the I don’t need to drive just sent money at name Leonora Harker I will absolute recommend this Remitly. Thank you
  • Absolutely shocking 1/5

    By UserXTC
    After hitting my daily limit I tried to increase my spending limit, which all seemed fine until they put my transactions on hold. Then i spent literally about 2 hours on the phone waiting for them to approve it after having submitted my SSN, DL, and Bank Statement I got a very rude woman who asked interrogating questions, when I asked her what it was for she took offense and declined the increase and had my account closed. I am a CPA and this was a totally legit transaction. Beware Marlin in Consumer Protection Team.
  • Documents take forever 1/5

    By davidmc89
    I was a very happy user until they started the double security step. I needed to send money right away, the app doesn’t tell you anything about uploading additional documents such as driver license and proof or residence before you send money. Once you ‘sent the money’ I got a message saying my founds were on hold until I uploaded additional information. I’ve been sending money before and now that I needed it urgently they just suddenly asked for that. Ok, so I sent the documents on a Friday at 1 pm, I got an email saying my money was going to be processed until Monday morning since they have to review my documents. What??? You should’ve let the costumers know the extra security steps before sending money. I canceled my transfer and I won’t ever use this service. You guys don’t understand we need to send money as soon as possible and you can’t just simply hold your money without prior notice. Terrible!
  • Asking for too much information 1/5

    By christian ronel
    I used to use Remitly for sending money to the Philippines. However, lately it’s asking for a copy of my passport. With all the data breach happening now, I don’t feel comfortable giving a remittance company this additional information. They already have too much information such as SSN and banking info. I don’t trust Remitly to keep this additional information secure enough. Thus, I will be deleting all my info from their system and I will be deactivating my account. And I will be using Xoom for all my money remittance needs since they don’t require this much information. I think everyone should do the same until the company can address the need for too much information.
  • Reviews 2/5

    I see many bad reviews.. and same response... it’s scares me..something happens with this company..all is true?
  • Worst Experience 1/5

    By SaskWanderer🚙
    I was using Remitly for a while now. I don’t usually bother writing reviews but this service has really caused so much inconvenience that the others need to be aware of. I didn’t have issues when I first started using it. However, in the past 2 months I have experienced really horrible, if not the worst, customer service. First, I was told that I can set up a Canadian and a US account. Since I’m a resident of Canada and legally working in the US, I have banking information that can be used depending on where I choose to send the funds from. So I did both. Last month I was told that I can only keep one and should close the other. I chose to keep my US account. Probably took 10 conversations with different people to get it straightened out. One frustration to note is, when they call, they don’t seem to read the notes previously taken by the last representative. So you have to repeat yourself several times. Today, I spoke with another representative. First she asked where I am. I said I am in Canada today. Due to the nature of my job, I travel frequently between US and Canada. Then she questioned that I sent funds from my US account. I asked if there was a concern. She said that since I’m in Canada, they’re holding the transaction and can only proceed when I’m in the states. After I probed more questions, I was able to narrow it down that the concern was 2.3 of the agreement which states that the service is only open to US residents. I asked what the definition of a resident is? I was told it is limited to permanent residents and that I should switch back to my Canadian remitly account. I am considered a resident in the US for taxation purposes. I’m not a greenholder but I’m legally working with a valid work visa and have been paying taxes in the US and Canada. It’s very frustrating for me that these things were not looked into the first time you signed up for the service. If it was limited to permanent resident only, why was it allowed to be opened in the first place? If it was against US banking laws as they state, why did they allow me to send transactions in the past months? In summary, my basis of not recommending this app are: 1) They told me I can keep 2 accounts then after a while, they said I can’t and that I should only keep one. I chose the US account. 2) They told me my recent US transaction will not push through because I’m not a permanent resident of the US and section 2.3 is interpreted as for permanent residents only. 3) I have explained my situation repeatedly and nobody seems to acknowledge it or pass along to the next representative. I have no problem complying with the regulations. But I would like to transact with a service provider whose competency I can trust and be confident with. Today I am deciding to cancel my account and not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Publicidad engañosa 1/5

    By Serdirios
    Dicen q en minutos y se demora horas y hasta días , pensé q era la primera vez , pero no , es siempre , además de esto servicio al cliente no dan respuesta , dicen q es culpa del banco pero no es . Q mal.....hoy casi después de un mes me volvió a pasar lo mismo , q compañía tan mala , recomiendo Otras app y “no le mienten al usuario 👍
  • Misleading!!! 1/5

    By ZDLM24
    I am a first time user. And when you’re already on the app itself, you will see that they have a higher exchange rate than normal (like a promotion or whatsoever) and the transfer fee will be waived (for the first transfer that you will be having. But when I was about to send money, I saw that the exchange rate is not the same with the exchange rate that they claim to have before I send the money, and they will be charging me a transfer me. It’s alright though but, you are giving the people expectations and then you will not fulfill it. You are so misleading us. Please be true to your words.
  • worst customer service ever 1/5

    By NqrutoUzumaki
    If I could rate less than 1, I would do it. They take your money in seconds, but later they send you messages of delayed transaction for reasons the application should tell you up front, such as banks they have on the list are not available for receiving the money. It is unbelievable, when you call customer service. You will need to spend more than 30 minutes. And agents after all, they are glad and happy to cancel your transaction, ahhh and you will get your money back 7 days later.. I am wonder why is easy to take the money but is super difficult to return it. My advise is not to use this at all stay away.
  • Stubborn customer reps 2/5

    By Nishgal99
    I had an issue recently where money was supposed to be delivered on a date. I called them as the app was showing one week more than what was committed to me when i made the transfer. The rep gave me vague answers about the delay and was reluctant to provide more information. As i ran out of patience, i asked to get transferred to the manager. The manager said that money will be deposited same day. So why are you showing incorrect status on app with incorrect dates. Get someone from your development team to check on these issues and have your reps trained to handle such situations. =============== As per response on my review, shared the details over email. Will wait for a reply
  • Confusing and unreachable features 1/5

    By HimanshuSoni
    I have been using remitly for more than an year. Its been a pleasant experience until now. With the new user experience, it looks like a big mess. I am not able to find options to add or remove my contacts. Neither i can see the accounts details associated with the contacts. The same applies for the website too. With these limitations, i decided to install the app. But it seems to share the same fate. The list displays the contact name, which is confusing since a contact may have multiple accounts and hence may appear multiple times in the list. So now there is no way for me to know for which account, i am sending the money.
  • Fast and Easy 5/5

    By Brenina
    I discovered this service on Facebook. I decided to give it a try because of their special first time promo rates and zero fees. I found the app very easy to use and fast. I love the text confirmation that is sent to both parties and the lower fees associated. I even have the option of sending via my checking account, debit card , or credit card. I will now stop using western union which I pay 10 dollars for each transaction. Thanks Remitly for the lower fees and the awesome app!
  • Impressed 2/5

    By Carlpak
    I have been sending money to the Philippines for over 5 years now using the most well know money service until they started making it difficult that's when I found Remitly. I found the process of setting up an account fast and secure. The lower fee's are impressive and the various methods a recipient can receive the money is an added bonus. I have used Remitly several times with no issues. I continue use Remitly because it's easy to use and the fees are so much lower than other services. Remitly is the only service I will use to send money to the Philippines. Security is top tier. The app constantly says check my internet connection and will not log in.
  • Too long time to get back money once transaction is cancelled 1/5

    By Ys12345679913
    They take 7 days to transfer once transaction is cancelled but deduct in a day when we send even if the delivery date is 7 days later !!!! Do not have minimum customer focus too bad
  • Scams 1/5

    By Roge37
    Be ware of this scams I was recommended to use this service to sand money to my family in Mexico. Something that I never did before so I give that try. Di that transition 500 dollars express 5 minutes 30 minutes when by I sent a email asking what was the problem 30 later a dud from India called me asking me ss number passport bank statements bank accounts because the company requires. Now they are keeping my money for five days because all the information I gave them wasn't good enough to make the transfer. Good thing I call my bank and there was no problem to stop the payment. The representative told me that this company has well known for fronds. So be careful
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Breitenbach
    Very easy to use, quick and painless, great rates and exchange rates, easy to track your history, and notification of when your money is received. I wish all apps were this easy to use

    By Wjkxnh
    I love Remitly. It is super fast, super easy and with great details and solutions to any problem encountered. No bouncing back and forth trying to get some problem resolved. Great, great way to send money!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Narshowing
    So awesome and cheap and its really easy and fast to get tr money
  • Asking for more information after months of sending to the same person 1/5

    By Rhaspun
    They get the job done. Which is to be expected. It looks like they charge a flat fee. I sent out a larger amount and the fee stayed the same. Which it should be as it doesn't cost them more money. July 7 08/9: Today they wanted more information. I was told that the person I'm sending the money to has a common name. If the bank on the receiving recognizes the name as belonging to a particular account number why is Remitly now requiring more information? But from another email they sent. They said the bank doesn't recognize the name. I'm using another app and if the transfer goes through I will drop Remitly and knock them down to one star. I will take them down to two stars for now. There are lots of common names in any country. It has been the same account I've been sending the money to. I wonder if they're using this method to get potential marketing information. The other app I used has completed the transfer. One email from Remitly said that the bank on the receiving end didn't recognize the person and they (Remitly) need more information from my friend. This is after several months of using their service. The other app didn't receive a request for more information from the receiving bank. So right now it looks like Remitly is lying about the bank on the receiving end wanting more information. Remitly may work for a while but they have changed and became difficult to work with. It was okay while it lasted. 09/02: I thought I would give them a try again. But the transaction was held up. They want photo copies of information from the person receiving it. It's going to Mexico BTW. It would take too long to do all that. I was told this time that the person receiving it is on a list of people who can't be sent money. Don't if that's true. I sent the money using another app and everything worked out. I wonder if it's a real list or someone's interpretation of guidelines. I will use the other app. Maybe at some future I might send Remitly's requested information but for now I will use the other app. It all works for me.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ivonne92
    Money always arrives on time!!
  • Easy to use! Convenient and good Customer Service! 5/5

    By Anne F. - East Sparta, OH
    Ive been using Remitly for over a year now in sending money to my parents in the Philippines. It is very easy to use, they have several branches available where our recipients can pick up the money we've transferred. Dollar to Peso conversion is also awesome, not too far behind from Paypal. I love the fact that their transfer rate isnt that expensive either Good customer service is another plus, they are open 24/7. I definitely recommend Remitly to my friends and family. 🙂
  • Best app to send money 5/5

    By akasilva
    The best app to send money. Have been using it for more than a year with no issues till now.
  • Love it, very easy to use 5/5

    By EJackieV
    I love Remitly. It's very easy to use. I can send money to my family anytime and they will get it within minutes. It's very convenient for me since I have little time to spare running between work, school, home and 5 kids. I recommend Remitly to everyone.
  • Best Rate and safe to send $$ to México 5/5

    By Clementec
    So Far is the Best App to send money to México, way better than Xoom, I can send money to my Mexican account or somebody else account or simply send money to pick up they have multiple locations for pick up.
  • Very helpful... Excellent customer service! 5/5

    By Lulu12202013
    Thank you Vince for helping me out. I really appreciate your help.
  • Great app - requires basic knowledge 5/5

    By Segoroz
    This app is great! Of course, you're supposed to know how banks in your country work and that's it. Customer services is always there to resolve any issue that might come up.
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By Pradeep Keswani
    Very easy to use. I like the and quick
  • So far so good 5/5

    By noseble3d
    Started to use Remitly last December 2016. Had a problem with first transaction due to middle name of recipient but all I had to do is call customer service and it was all resolved..never had a problem since and I send regularly every 2 weeks, sometimes more. I tried the free service of bank transfer to my BPI bank in Philippines and see how it goes and it was delivered on time (5days) as promised. I know coz I have online banking and I can check on my phone if money has arrived. Hence, so far so good..I think I will stay with Remitly. It has not failed me just yet. Well done guys.
  • Better then the X 5/5

    By norazv
    I was introduced to Remitly by my sister that sends money to Mexico every month, she had issues with the "X". I had issues to Big ones were I send money it was 7 days later and my family still couldn't pick it up. When I cancelled the transaction it took 20 day to have my account credited. I tried Remitly 3 days later my family picked their money up with no problem. I highly recommend Remitly. Love IT!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By yalith gomez
    Last week, I used this app to try to send money to colombia. I had seen in the app my bank in colombia was part of the allied banks of remitly, but once I sent the money, this one never arrived, I call my bank in colombia and they said that they didnt work together, then I call remitly and I couldnt resolve my problem neither. I had to cancel my transaction and was a problem for me cause I needed my money in my colombia bank account that day and they just are going to give my money back between 3 or 5 days. I'm really upset because this company shows Bancolombia as bank partner when is not like that, or in my case wasn't. They should not play with someone else time.
  • Remitly 5/5

    By Pite54
    Awesome,Great app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pliego i Tunes
    Great app much better service
  • Awesome clean app 5/5

    By Kapad
    Provides good interest rate Gives good sending limits Easy to use
  • Good job REMITLY 5/5

    By wkonitz
    I will recommend you to my friends...I loved your service...☺️☺️
  • Looks like they are fishing for info 2/5

    By Taka800
    When I tried to sending remittance recently they have security questions from which I don't know how they have come up with since I have not provided info related to those questions when I signed up. Sample questions are: *which state I did have same address with a certain person? Etc.-- I don't have that person in my account.
  • Great App for transferring money at competitive pricing 5/5

    By NitinChaudhary
    I recommend Remitly to transfer the money at really competitive rates when it's not urgent.
  • Great Service!! I love it!! Thank you! 5/5

    By 01163808
  • I love Remitly 5/5

    By Haid'z from Florida
    For 15 years I been using Xoom dot com the only complain about Xoom they don't take credit card and minimum to send is $50 can't send less than $50. Remitly I can send less than $50 and plus the fee is $1 cheaper compare to Xoom. So, for few months now I am using Remitly. Thank you, Haidy Razo Lavarnway
  • The best app for money transfer 5/5

    By AnirudhMallem
    A complete hassle free and transparent experience.
  • Easy. Fast. Secure. 5/5

    By Jennyann1993
    I love how Remitly is easy to use, saves me a trip going to remittance, and how fast my family can get the money. Not to mention the lowest fee.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By bkm7
    None of the transfers went through. After few days was credited back. Avoid it if you can. Wonder if others have a better experience
  • Best rate on the market 5/5

    By ronny725
    User friendly fast and god value for money.
  • No support from Mexico 1/5

    By Erbastida
    I had to cancel one money transfer and they only provide 1-888 number, so from Mexico cannot call them. I lost 1000 USD never going to use it again

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