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Shake Shack App

The Shack App is a mobile ordering app, available at select Shacks. You can now order Shake Shack via your mobile phone when you want it. You don’t have to wait in line to place your order, and your order will be ready at or near the time you select. The app was created so that your food is freshly prepared. We’ll let you know as soon as your order is ready…just look out for the notification! FEATURES - Order ahead and select any available time to schedule your order pickup. Your order will be made fresh-to- order, and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready. - Find Shacks via a location finder. - Pick from your favorite orders. - Keep track of food allergies and access nutritional information. - See the latest Shake Shack events and promos. - Connect to all Shake Shack social media channels in one place. - View the live Shack Cam at the O.G. Shack in New York City’s Madison Square Park. We love feedback. It only makes us better and we want to hear about it! Have an FAQ? Head to About Us in the top left corner menu on the app. Scroll down until you see FAQ. Still need an answer or need help with something more? Head here If email is easier, then drop us a line at with all the needed details including your name, contact info and order number so that we can follow up with you.


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Shake Shack app reviews

  • Dine in and pick up option 4/5

    By Gronimof1984
    There needs to be a dine in and pick up option when you check out. Every time I order ahead I order ahead to eat in. When I get my order it is set up for me to take it out. Adding a dine in or pick up option would let the store know that you are planning on eating in or taking it home which makes a difference on how you receive your order. For example. The cheese on the fries instead of on the side. And have the food on a tray instead of packed up in a bag.
  • App is too slow 3/5

    By 汝南街小吳
    Why I cannot place one more order before my previous order gets finished
  • Stinks 1/5

    By funkmonk302
    Love the restaurant hate the app. I live in NYC and the app allows me to order ahead of time 3 times out of 10. It never works. Don’t launch your freaking app until it works!
  • Simply doesn't work 1/5

    By RawData528
    Create an account - check Click "Get started" - check Load locations - CRASH... EVERY... SINGLE... TIME...
  • Useless 1/5

    By Murakame
    Walking up to the counter would have been faster, maybe if I ordered there they would have given me my correct items.
  • Not a bad app, totally worthless overall 1/5

    By Nice, but not 5 stars
    Worthless app, I will be deleting this and not using it ever again. I ordered food for 6:15, arrived and it took them 15 extra minutes to complete my food order after nagging them multiple times. I thought the whole point of this app was to save time? Useless.
  • Inaccurate timing. Rude staff. 1/5

    By tombkheights
    Food not ready when received text. And staff really rude.
  • Please fix your website and app !!! 1/5

    By Nicole2001
    Let's start with the website with the limited menu online versus what is listed on the app when placing a online order. Then there is the contact us section that keeps flipping back to the locations and when you choose doesn't bring up the feedback or online request form to ask for help with a placed order or additional info. Please note I will delete this app after this review cause based on other reviews you give an auto response and don't address any issues or concerns. Thanks but no thanks won't be ordering again.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By APGormley
    I downloaded the app. Ordered from the parking lot of Troy location. Somehow order was submitted to Downtown Detroit location. After 40 minutes, I have to re-order, pay again and hope that I get refund without hassle. Fix the app! Apparently I am not the only one who has had this issue according to Troy staff. Won't be using this terrible app in the future
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Mliegel001
    App won’t let you set up an account. Keeps saying there is already an account set up with this email address (I tried this with three different email addresses) - then if you try password recovery it says there is not an account registered for this email address.
  • Still buggy months later 1/5

    By brewhoowahoo
    Pointless to have such a terribly designed, buggy app. Makes the ordering process way more frustrating than it needs to be. Tells me my phone number is invalid... regardless of what phone number I use. Has done this since the app launched and after multiple updates. The call I just made to Five Guys says the phone number is plenty valid. Don't offer in-app only specialty and "preview" items if you can't build a functioning app. If I could give it negative stars I would... don't waste time downloading it.
  • Complete Garbage 1/5

    By JiveMasterT
    Stupid app crashes during registration so you can’t even use it. Useless app. Update: Apparently the crash was because I was using “special characters” in my password. The latest update just doesn’t let you use special characters at all. Apparently Shake Shack doesn’t take security seriously. You’re better off just standing in line for your food.
  • Whip Cream 1/5

    By Nyce Daytona
    There is a huge oversight in this app. As I previously reported through the app there is no way to add whip cream to a shake order. As it’s always been, whip cream is an additional charge of $.50. I have made the manager of the NY Penn Station location as well. Currently when I do a mobile pick up I have to pay cash separately for the whip cream when is counter- productive to the point of using the app.
  • food is fine but really bad service 2/5

    By cpiiic
    the lady put my order next to cashier. I was standing in front of my order, holding my phone showing them my pick up confirmation. They saw me but didn’t come over. So I checked the receipt to make sure the order was mine. I didn’t know should I just take the orders and go. Then I waited for 5 more mins in front of my order. No body came over, so i just grabbed my order and left. No communication with anyone. Seems like anyone could just take my order and leave.
  • Registering crashes app 1/5

    By ErikaHerzog
    I’ve been trying to register via the app for two days. EVERY time I go through process it crashes. Please fix this.
  • Not good 1/5

    By KenLandry
    I ordered fries. Didn’t get it and didn’t notice til I got home. Also ordered sauce on the side - didn’t get that either.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Gokings1234
  • Pick up Fail 1/5

    By miminli
    The app tells you that you will get a text when your order is ready for pickup. We stood at the counter for 5 minutes. Nothing. When I told the runner she said we needed to tell her when we arrived so they could get the order together. What’s the point of using the app at all?
  • Slow - ordered for pick up at 7:30 and not ready for another 10 min 1/5

    By IIC
    Buckhead location not organized and online orders processed behind customers waiting in line, even 10 min past scheduled pick up time. An the manager had no interest to listen to customer complaints
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By YouDunGoofed
    So I installed the update, which was a bad idea for three reasons: 1) it completely forgot the login info is created, and insisted I make a new login 2) it crashes every single time I use it. I'll get to the very last step of creating a login and then... poof... it's crashed and lost everything. 3) which had me wondering what happened to the credit card info it took before? Cause I sure don't trust a company to erase info like that as soon add it loses my login info. Fix this, Shack people. Not tomorrow. Now.
  • Terrible and not on time 1/5

    By Joe_Lopez_Kettlebell
    Ordered well in advance and food came 10 min late. Regular orders in the store came much faster. Why use this stupid app if it will take longer and be so late!? Who has time to wait!
  • App crashes every.time 1/5

    By Penny94040
    Can’t create a new account because of this bug. Hope it’s fixed ASAP
  • Unusable 1/5

    By iphineuser
    Tried four times just to use the app. Entered email address name zip code, hit submit...the app crashes. Now won’t go there for lunch because waiting is not an option.
  • Timing is completely off 1/5

    By AlyB9
    They text you and tell you that it's ready when it is absolutely not.
  • Order wouldn’t process 1/5

    By brittany e webb
    I was very excited to place a mobile order but kept getting caught at the final submit order screen with an error saying my order wasn’t processed and I should contact my credit card company. I tried three different cards and got the same error each time. Why don’t you guys just have Apple Pay??
  • Trash, unusable app 1/5

    By 3 year customer
    This app doesn't even let you get past the registration page email isn't valid phone number isn't valid we've tried about 5 different VALID numbers it still won't accept them...ill come back in a year to see f they fixed it yet.
  • (It Was) Broken 4/5

    By maelstrom44
    It seems to be working again for me, with a new account.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Amusatron
    I installed this app a few weeks ago but have not used it fully until today because the registration process was frustrating. My 3rd/4th attempt was successful and I submitted an order. That part was a little confusing because checkout/order confirmation wasn't clear. The order messaging indicated my order was ready, but what they really meant was that I still had to wait another 20 minutes. I will continue to patronize the restaurant but here isn't much this app is doing for me to enhance the experience.
  • So-So 2/5

    By Darkkwing
    Saw a story about shake/shack on 60 minutes Decided to give it a try. Ordered thru the app it was easy, selected the time for pickup at 7:00 pm got to the place at 6:55 sat down and waited for text to say the order was ready. I saw 2 orders sitting behind the counter, at 7:10 got a text saying my order was ready. Went to the counter showed the girl my text for my order she turned around and picked up one of the orders that I saw sitting when I got there at 6:55. My order had been sitting there for 15 minutes before I got the text saying the order was ready. Needless to say 2 cold burgers, 1 cold chicken sandwich and 2 cold orders of fries. $29.00 for a cold order of food. The sandwiches were the size of my palm, didn’t know they were kid size burgers. Fries were ok, would have been good if they were hot. Nothing special here. Made an out of the way trip to try. Don’t see what’s the hype is about shake/shack, very disappointed after seeing the 60 minutes story. There are a lot better burgers you can get in Dallas. One and done. And what’s the use of ordering food by the app if I have too wait for it when I get there. I could have walked in and ordered and got a hot meal. And I should not have to stand at the pickup for 4:55 minutes before being helped, if I’m standing there that means I’m there to pickup something. And made eye contact with 3 different employees all were indifferent. Just a bad first impression.
  • Send receipts! 4/5

    By coblerone
    Please actually email the receipts
  • Payment option 1/5

    By Grux7
    Tried to place order. Scan card. And said it would not process. I’ve used it before and the scan card is pain Hopefully Apple Pay or PayPal in future
  • Greatest ever 5/5

    By Eldoog7
    Makes life easier to know when you can get shake shack when you want
  • Total Crap 1/5

    By NeoXeo
    If I could give this app zero stars I would. It won't accept any credit cards. It's very unuserfriendly. It's a very disappointing experience. Extremely frustrating. THIS APP IS A GINORMOUS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!
  • Horrible - don't bother 1/5

    By nyer7
    This app has never gotten me food when it says it will. Each time I get there and they haven't even started the order for some reason or other. Don't bother.
  • Could be great 2/5

    By SaySay128
    I've never completed an order because they're no mechanism by which to enter someone else's name for pick-up. I tried to order for my roommate to go pick up for us and I can't do that with this app.
  • What’s the point? 3/5

    By Zdfrg543217890
    If I’m on my way to shake shack and I want to submit an order, I have to wait for a predetermined pick up time. This may make sense in Manhattan but not in the outer burrows where there’s less of a wait. Wish they’d have more of a grub hub style type of app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By *#*123*#*
    The shakes don't show up most of the time on the app and they make you wait 30-45 min to get food. If you walk in although even when it's slow they take forever but it's not as bad as the app and you can get shakes in the store. The bigger problem is nobody cares!
  • Just okay 3/5

    By AdamWillis
    Honestly, I was disappointed with the way my experience worked out. The app isn’t terrible but could be better with features like Apple Pay so I don’t need to give my credit card info. Have you heard of Equifax? You think I really want you to be responsible for storing my CC info? Anyways, I used this app to order since my dog was with me. I showed up on time and went inside. My order wasn’t ready.... they said it’d be a few. The place wasn’t even busy like I expected so why wasn’t my food ready? Well it took another 10 minutes before I realized I got a text with a “link” that wasn’t clickable. Once I copy/pasted the link into safari, it’s like the restaurant woke up and finally made my food. What happened to the part where I went inside and asked about my order? Overall the experience could be better.
  • Doesn't authenticate 1/5

    By Bluhu
    App tells me I need to log in and when I attempt, it says the my email isn't registered. Then I try to register and it tells me my email is already associated with an account. What gives!!??
  • Too many failed mobile orders 5/5

    By oc_live
    Anyone who lives in NYC & likes Shake Shack knows that you cannot simply go there for lunch. Therefore, I use the app heavily to place my lunch break orders ahead. What I’ve found lately is that there are too many failed attempts to process my debit/credit card. I get an error message that says “Ruh roh, there was an error processing.” Then I must restart my device in order to successfully place an order. Shake Shack has done well by correcting issues through software updates. Such as the ability to unfavorite an order. But I would like for this particular matter to be looked into. Thanks.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By noj_athan
    1. Deceptive sales practices - somehow I ended up paying for a lemonade even though I thought I chose a"no - just place order" option. 2. It asked me to rate my meal as I fumbled to show the cashier the app to PICK UP my meal. 3. No Apple Pay.
  • Ruh Roh... 1/5

    By matin.m
    App used to work rather well but recently I haven't been able to get it to accept any of three different credit cards that I use on a regular basis. Which means it's now useless.
  • Invalid token, card doesn't work 1/5

    By bbey23
    Two separate errors, card worked fine in the store.
  • Terrible timing 1/5

    By Blargblarg
    Shake shack is to "fast food" as McDonalds is to "luxury dining". I ordered on the app, and of course my meal was ready more than 30 minutes after placing the order. Therefore, I missed my train and had to wait at Grand Central for another half hour (and pay peak ticket prices). Food is good, the app is awful. Not using it again.
  • Payment doesn't work! What's the point?! 1/5

    By doollar
    Worked only once. I tried to use the app again but never excepts any of my credit cards....
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Rainbowking112244
    Easy to use and looks great!
  • This app is Awesome! 5/5

    By Dom Cornelius
    Love being able to order burgers in advance and skip the line
  • Easy breezy 5/5

    By Ohnonoah
    Placed an order from the train, strolled into the store when notified, grabbed my order and proceeded to chow down on some delicious burgers. Thanks for making delicious that much more accessible.
  • Fast, easy, and delicious 5/5

    By mackchacky
    If you've ever waited in line at a Shake Shack in NYC, you'll understand how great is it to be able to choose a time, just show up, and enjoy a burger without waiting. Totally awesome.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By KingArthur3024
    I love skipping the line at the Grand Central shack haha!

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