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She Reads Truth is an online community of women in the Word of God every day. Designed with this community in mind, the She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional app is a beautiful, functional, and accessible Bible-reading tool created to help women from around the world to connect with God's Word and each other, anytime and anywhere. Whether your Truth time comes in the early morning before the world wakes, during a lunch break at your desk, or in the middle of the night with a baby in your arms—the She Reads Truth app brings your quiet (or not so quiet) time to you, right where you are. The updated She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional App features: • Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design • Full-text Bible in multiple translations • Free and paid Bible-reading plans, with new content added daily & full-access, monthly auto-renewable subscription available • Ability to highlight, bookmark, share, and take notes as you read • User accounts allow you to customize your experience and keep your notes and highlights safe • Real-time commenting that syncs with the She Reads Truth web site • Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily readings • Free, downloadable lock screens for your phone (an excellent tool for Scripture memorization!) • Customizable notifications to remind you to read Truth at your ideal time of day • Free "Bible In A Year" reading plan that tracks your progress as you go • Bible search function • Settings for font size, preferred Bible translation, red letter function, and nighttime display ABOUT SHE READS TRUTH She Reads Truth is a worldwide community of women who read the Bible together every day. Founded in 2012, She Reads Truth invites women of all ages to engage with Scripture through daily reading plans, online conversation led by a vibrant community of contributors, and offline resources created at the intersection of beauty, goodness, and Truth. About the She Reads Truth Monthly Subscription She Reads Truth's Monthly Subscription is an auto-renewing subscription which will renew automatically each month, unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged upon purchase. The subscription can be managed or cancelled at any time through the user's iTunes Account settings. Your subscription will be billed to your iTunes account within 24 hours before the end of the current period and the renewal charge will be your monthly charge. The She Reads Truth Monthly Subscription provides access to all Reading Plans during an active subscription, and She Reads Truth reserves the right to curate plans at will. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found at:


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She Reads Truth app reviews

  • App crashes after using bookmark 1/5

    By fearnot_Is_43
    Update 2/19: Purchased Lent study giving benefit of the doubt, only to find that my app crashed when purchasing. Now I have been billed for the study but the study is nowhere to be found in my account. After in/installing the app I am now getting an error when attempting to login so I can't get to my account at all. I have submitted a help request as of last week and waiting to hear back. Such good content but extremely disappointed that I can't access my account or study. ------------ Original review: Bible navigation is clunky. I finally resorted to using the bookmark to get back to my last spot but after a few times of resetting the bookmark the app crashed consistently even after closing and reopening. Removing and reinstalling seems to have helped and hopefully it won't happen again. I don't mind the fact that everything is changed with the new version, but it is pretty annoying that the plan readings are available online for free but not through the app, although I get it. They have to fund it some way. However, this simply causes me to switch back and forth between browser and app which is tiresome, and because the Bible navigation isn't that great it's really just easier to read my physical bible and check the site. I wouldn't have a problem purchasing the Bible study plans if it were easy to do everything in one place. But since it isn't I don't have anything to keep me on the app. I hope it will improve and do plan to keep checking back because I really believe in what shereadstruth does and I want to support them.
  • Update needs to go 1/5

    By Cuppycake444
    Paying money for plans but being unable to access them is not what I would call user-friendly
  • New version is awful, but content still good 3/5

    By *Alaina*
    I love SRT. The studies and books are amazing and the designs are beautiful. But this new app version is BAD. It’s harsh, doesn’t flow, and isn’t beautifully designed like what I expect from SRT. Please change it ASAP!!!
  • Missing old features 2/5

    By Christy LaBarr
    This is my favorite app and I give two stars because the content is so restorative to my soul when available. I would love a fix for the exodus study. I have paid for it but haven’t been able to see any of the content yet 😔
  • Loving the progress! 4/5

    By melkisedeck
    We love you guys! Thanks for restoring some of the features we liked in the previous design...let the restoration continue!
  • New app is disappointing 2/5

    By d_m
    I have used SRT for years now. I have purchased a good number of the studies as I prefer to have them on my phone rather than having to sign in to their site for access. At one point they offered some titles for free (back in the early days) and I had a combination of ones I purchased and a few that were free. Since the new app has launched I have lost about a third of my library. Not too happy about this. I have tried to locate the emails showing my purchases but that is a pain especially since they span several years. Would love to find another study app if anyone has suggestions.
  • Love It 5/5

    By IrishErzbet
    I love this app and all the wonderful studies and devotionals; I use the timer to pray and study daily. I didn’t have the old version so I’m only using a new version so I can’t comment on how it was before but I love this app and I’ll continue to use it for a long time.
  • New version difficult to use 2/5

    By Smehl
    When I updated the app, the new version deleted almost all of my "marked as read" including my Bible in a Year also deleted some of my purchased plans and now they are in alphabetical order which on one hand is more organized...but in the other hand is chaotic ad I have to scroll in order to get to my current plan. Then when I try to open the days readying it takes forever to load on my phone. I never used to have this problem and I could even read my plans without data. I'm sad and it's causing me not to use the app...I used to love and look forward to reading, now it's a struggle to get en open anything.
  • Seriously! You have to pay money... 1/5

    By Ashhope1
    Most of the things on this app you have to spend money on.. like trying to be apart of a group that reads the Bible! So frustrating how so many Christian app companies are doing this!
  • Good app, needs work on the plans views 2/5

    By JChris12
    Love the app, and was excited for the update, which allows users to link their profile and save all their purchased plans. However, now opening a plan is extremely slow, like staring at the same screen for several minutes before it opens, slow. Also if you switch from the “My Plans” to “Available Plans” view, it’s nearly impossible to get back. I pretty much have to completely close and relaunch the app. I’m really hoping this gets fixed in an update, but so far, no. Everything else works well, but considering the biggest draw for the app is the plans, this is a major factor for me. Once that gets fixed, I’d bump my rating up to a much higher score.
  • Challenging to Navigate 3/5

    By seniorita mas fina
    I downloaded the app because I just purchased the Bible and thought it would be neat to use as a guide along with the various bible studies. I’ve use You Version Bible app for years so its a little difficult for me to adjust to this. I don’t like the idea of having to “mark as read” when completing a daily reading whereas with the Bible app once I complete that reading it automatically updates my activity. I love the Bible and the various bible studies available through this app, I would just like to see a little enhancement with navigating my activity as well as have the option to post my comments with an alias name or just my first name and not my entire name. I hope the app developers will take this into consideration to enhance the navigation.
  • Newest update 1/5

    By Nicole Kansas
    I have been using She Reads Truth for some time. The latest update is HORRIBLE!! The app now crashes ALL THE TIME!! The Bible reading plans are inconvenient to navigate to now, and all my prior progress in my current plan was wiped out!! I do not like that I can’t see the content of your daily reading anymore. For example, it now just says “Day 32, Feb 1st” instead of “Feb 1st, Job 2-4, Gal 1.” And the fact that it is Day 32 of a 365 day plan is only valid if you started Jan 1st! Did I mention the app crashes ALL THE TIME!! What was a peaceful way to start the day is now very frustrating! PLEASE change it back!!!!
  • New App Very Disappointing 1/5

    By Marty Mulder
    The new version of the SRT app is extremely disappointing. I find it very difficult to navigate, lost progress in my previous studies, and can’t find new ones. I have lost interest and am considering giving up on it.
  • New app doesn't work on old iPad. 3/5

    By Fedupnican
    I updated and signed up for the monthly subscription using my iPhone a few weeks ago. Imagine my dismay when today I needed to use my old iPad for my devo time and I'm being forced to re-pay for the current plan that I already purchased. I restored my paid plans but everything I have purchased since the app upgrade is missing from my iPad. Be forewarned. The new app doesn't seem to be happy on older devices.
  • New version is not user friendly 1/5

    By CaitieFred
    I have been using She Reads Truth for a few years and I love the Bible plans, lock screens, and community. I even own the She Reads Truth book by Amanda and Raechel as well as the SRT Bible. But the new app is so completely not user friendly that I’m tempted to stop using SRT completely! I feel like the developers went for aesthetic instead of functionality. I’d like to see an app that combines both. I hate how to get to your current plan (if it’s not the one everyone is currently doing together) you have to click through a couple screens and scroll. I also think the homepage is very scattered and doesn’t make any sense logically. Finally, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my profile picture! I even Googled it and looked at the SRT FAQ and found nothing. The picture that’s up is from six years ago and I would love to change it! I also hate that there is no way to update your email address (the one attached to my account is not current) and I hate that you have to put in a last name (For privacy, I don’t want all my comments to show my first and last name). All in all I love what the brand is doing and I believe in the ministry and message of SRT, but this app itself is terrible.
  • Update is horrible for note taking 2/5

    By MShipman86
    I have used the She Reads Truth for years for Bible reading and note taking. As a mom of two small kids, it was nice to know that, as long as I had my phone, I could access my Bible and all sermon notes. The new update has made note taking horribly complicated and difficult. I cannot start a note without a scripture reference, it’s a multi-step process to access an old note, and a large part of the time, I cannot even see what I am typing in a note. This app is now more of a frustration than a blessing. If it weren’t for my old sermon notes saved in the app, I would probably have deleted it off my phone by now.
  • Please make some changes... 2/5

    By Spottedtail117
    I miss being able to unmark a certain lesson plan as read so I can easily go through it again. Everything takes so much longer to load now which has caused me to abandon my daily readings a few times now because I didn't have the time to wait for it to load. Things just don't run as smoothly on the new update and it's really affecting user-friendliness.
  • The new update needs updating 3/5

    By lrl918
    I originally got SRT so I could have a Bible on my phone and I was curious about the women of the word study. I have definitely been challenged and encouraged by the studies and it’s convenient to have the Bible there to switch back and forth too. However with the new update it is more discouraging and frustrating rather than uplifting. You can no longer just read the Bible on the app. If you want to go to the next chapter you have to go back, click the book, then the next chapter. It’s not helpful and makes it easy to be distracted. I think great things can happen and have happened through SRT but right now it not being user friendly defeats the purpose of what it was originally intended.
  • Please restore features 2/5

    By bookstoregirl10
    I use the one year Bible plan daily and it is messed up with the new update. First of all, it only shows my last few readings as completed. Secondly, there is no way to manually check off a passage anymore. Lastly, the daily reading list doesn’t show the passages to be read that day by the date. I use the app as a guide, but read actually from my own Bible. With the changes, it makes it so hard to keep up with what I need to read and I what I’ve already finished.
  • 😢 1/5

    By Bible Study Mom
    Will have to cancel. Impossible to sign in. Update is terrible. I’m disappointed.
  • Update issue 2/5

    By ScrapinGran
    I normally really love this ap. Over the weekend, some new update rolled out that totally crashed when I tried to redownload the yearly Bible reading plan. Until the upgrade it was on my phone and was working well. All the plans I paid for are gone from the history, and the ap isn't working at all. I hope you get fixed soon.
  • Update is disappointing 2/5

    By Frosty830~
    The old version of the app was awesome, but with the new update everything is slower, prone to glitches, and my plans didn't sync properly from my other device. I also can't highlight or add notes during my reading now. Definitely need another update to fix these issues or I might stop using the app altogether.
  • Don’t update!!! 2/5

    By MikkiFish
    I use to use this app every day, but after the new update it takes such a long time to load anything that I get frustrated every time I use it. It constantly resets my progress on my plans, which is very inconvenient in a long plan like the Bible in a Year. There needs to be a LOT of bug fixes and updates to get this app to be usable in this format. The old format worked great and ran quickly! Why the developers tried to “fix” something that wasn’t broken is beyond me.
  • New update glitches 3/5

    By doglover1994
    I’ve been using this app for years and love the new update! It’s so much nicer and streamlined much better! However I’ve found there are a LOT of glitches. Clicking on the back button doesn’t work and neither does the “tap to mark as read” button. I have to hit them so many times before either of them works. Really hoping you can do a glitch fix update soon!!!
  • Bring back what we loved! 2/5

    By Mama44fabs
    Thank you for the heart of this incredible app. I’ve read through the Bible and enjoyed the other devotionals. However, I miss the ease of finding my place in the Bible in a year plan, and I lost all of my progress when I updated. Not as user friendly now. So disappointed.
  • Bad Layout 2/5

    By Skadoofer Mcjeeves
    I have had this app for at least 3-4 years and I loved the previous layout. In this new layout I’ve lost many of the plans that I have purchased and I’ve tried to restore them several times to no avail. The new layout is cool I’d just like all of my plans that I’ve purchased back.
  • Update was terrible 1/5

    By Mike stina
    I updated the app and am now unable to even open/create an account/login. I’m very disappointed - this was my go to Bible/note taking app. I even deleted and redownloaded the app and it still won’t work. I tried all options to create an acct - thru Facebook, email or without an account to no avail.
  • Update ruined the app 1/5

    By LuciLClark
    I used to tell so many people about this app because it was far better than other free bible app. After the update, it’s really hard to navigate through the app, it takes forever to load the readings in the reading plans, the app glitches and crashes all the time. I’m super disappointed and if it isn’t fixed I’ll be finding another bible app to try
  • New Update Disappointment 1/5

    By mickeymousefan
    I have used SRT for over a year now and have absolutely loved it. I began their Bible in a Year plan last January and didn’t finish it, so I’m using it now as a reference on what to read each day rather than using the actual day. The new update makes it so difficult! I have to scroll through numerous, slow pages to reach my daily reading, and then when I get there I have to scroll through the Bible to see what the reading is (I use my own personal study Bible and just use the app as a calendar/plan.) The app used to list the date along with the verses for the day; now it’s extremely difficult to see what’s on the agenda! Very disappointed in this update.
  • Design is Not User Friendly 2/5

    By Em.Umph
    Why can’t I swipe right to keep reading the Bible through? I have to tap the main menu to choose the book again and then choose the next chapter. Make this basic adjustment and the app would land in the “meets needs” category. One plus is that the app doesn’t crash like you version.
  • A game changer! 5/5

    By PriskaTabitha
    This app and the daily study feature has been a lifeline to my daily prayer time. I always know that I’m going to get multiple aids in each and every reading. The way the authors connect various passages is beautiful and helps me to see The Bible as a whole, inter-connected Word from the Lord. I appreciate this app so much. It is worth more than gold!
  • The new update makes me sad 2/5

    By woojomow
    I LOVED the original app just the way it was, and although I am 100% okay with changes and updates, I don’t care for the new setup. I started the Bible in a year plan last January and stuck to it pretty faithfully for the most part. I updated the app and lost ALL of my progress. I loved seeing my percentage jump up a little bit every few days and to see it all go back to zero was just discouraging. It’s not worth it to go through nearly the entire year to mark each day as “read” and I ended up not finishing because I didn’t write down where I stopped each day.
  • Swiping 4/5

    By kelsdiss
    Can we get the swiping between chapters feature back?
  • Boo 3/5

    By Noneknowme
    What happened to swiping left or right to go to the next chapter?? So annoying to have go back and select the book and chapter each time!
  • New Update 2/5

    By 16178493
    I really liked the old version of the app so the new one is disappointing. My plans are out of order from where I left off. And the way it saves my bookmarked verses isn’t as pleasant in this version. I’d love to have the old version back. It’s much more user friendly. Very disappointed, but I’ll probably keep using because all my verses are bookmarked.
  • Disappointing update 2/5

    By Preston2008
    I like the idea and its beautifully designed, but when I updated, I lost all marked progress and bookmarks in my reading plan. The new plan no longer shows which chapters you’ll be reading in the preview/menu, until you click into the day’s content. The new update feels not intuitive and bulky.
  • Beautiful re-design, yet lacks essentials 3/5

    By Meka Chan
    I wish you could swipe through the chapters in the app, since as of now I could not figure out how to do so and need to look up the book plus the chapter every time I need to “flip the page.” Beautiful re-design overall, great night mode addition, yet still crashes almost every time I use it.
  • Please go back to old version! 1/5

    By heffelr
    I have had this app for over a year. It is my go to for devotionals during my morning commute but now the app runs slow, my current reading plan is tough to find, the highlight feature is slow to respond or non existent and the app overall is not user friendly. The old app was simple, efficient and beautiful! Please, please, don’t ruin a good thing. I may have to switch apps which will be a huge bummer because I love the She Reads Truth community! ** I discussed this with my small group as well and they all feel the same way. : (.
  • Newest Update - Devotionals 2/5

    By TinaFish
    I recently updated and I’m very disappointed that I can no longer copy and paste from the devotional section, both the Bible portions and the devo portion. It’s frustrating especially since in the old app that was so easily done. I want to highlight and save the things I thought were beautiful and it’s disappointing that I can no longer interact in such a manner with this app. I’m definitely not going to recommend this to other friends because I don’t want them to experience this same disappointment when they come across something that they find moving.
  • Great App 4/5

    By ejroberts86
    I don’t mind the updated version as much as others. What I do miss is the alarm to remind me to read each day. I keep turning it on to remind me at 8:15 but it has yet to actually notify me at that time. I assume this is just a glitch that can be fixed.
  • Most recent updates causing problems 3/5

    By Lindsjfisher
    I use this app daily and actually do like the new format but since I updated with your last update yesterday I can’t open any of my purchased plans and the app freezes. Please fix!!!
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By Moodyquesadilla
    I LOVED the old app. The new update wiped my Bible in a year progress. I can’t mark off the ones I’ve completed by swiping - now I HAVE to go in and scroll to the bottom, which is crashing the app about 50% of the time. In addition each devotional is taking forever to load. Terrible update.
  • Problems with update 2/5

    By HMay哈哈
    I love SRT, but since the last update on my iPad, I have had a lot of problems with the app not opening my plans, perpetually stuck saying “Loading...”
  • New update has some problems 2/5

    I live overseas as a missionary and used the last app daily. With the new update, I have not been able to create an account or open without an account. It always pops up with a network error, even when my network shows good service. Help!
  • New update 1/5

    By ABlueTwizzler
    The new update is horrendous. I have deleted it. I was so enjoying my daily devotional. With the new update I could not find where I was. I could not find any of my plans. Why did you try to fix something that wasn’t broken.
  • Needs major improvements 1/5

    By cs_lovelace
    I want to love this app, and while I appreciate the UI, it is severely flawed. Different pages/tabs take forever to load and it’s constantly freezing/crashing. I tried deleting > reinstalling and that did not resolve my issues. It’s really hard to choose this app over the Bible app, to be totally transparent.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mangotug47
    The new layout is beautiful from a design perspective but it is not user friendly. Also, it could just be me, but I find it unfair That I have to pay a monthly subscription to plans I already purchased prior to this update. Why not just restore purchases? All in all. It’s not what I came back for.
  • LOVE SRT - but the new update :( 3/5

    By Foreversing23
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE SRT and have recommended the app to so many women. However, this latest update to the app has been so disappointing. I lost 3 of the plans I purchased and can’t figure out how to get them back. I already emailed CS and was told to restart my phone, uninstall and reinstall the app and it still hasn’t restored my 3 purchases. The new app is far more complicated to navigate and the images won’t load properly anymore. I may need to wait for these issues to be fixed before I recommend it to others again. Still love the ministry and will continue to wait for this to get better, but needed to share the issues at hand.
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Soozarita
    I loved the previous version of this app and used it almost every single day. However, since the newest update, it has been a horrible experience. I can open it and get into my plans (which was a whole different ordeal to even get those working on the new app and I don’t like the new version of how it lays them out and keeps track of them) but once I click on a specific day to read the whole app shuts down and says network error, when there is no network error because every other app and function on my phone and iPad still works at the same time. I’m hoping they get these bugs worked out so I can use the app again because I really do miss it. Or I’ll have to find another app.
  • Keep working! Great start! 3/5

    By csamms
    I’m a huge fan of updates and like some change of scenery now and then. I’d love to see the ability to add multiple bookmarks in the Bible, also I would love to swipe or click a button to go to the next chapter. I LOVE what you’re doing and want to encourage you to keep tweaking :)

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