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She Reads Truth is an online community of women in the Word of God every day. Designed with this community in mind, the She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional app is a beautiful, functional, and accessible Bible-reading tool created to help women from around the world to connect with God's Word and each other, anytime and anywhere. Whether your Truth time comes in the early morning before the world wakes, during a lunch break at your desk, or in the middle of the night with a baby in your arms—the She Reads Truth app brings your quiet (or not so quiet) time to you, right where you are. The updated She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional App features: • Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design • Full-text Bible in multiple translations • Free and paid Bible-reading plans, with new content added daily & full-access, monthly auto-renewable subscription available • Ability to highlight, bookmark, share, and take notes as you read • User accounts allow you to customize your experience and keep your notes and highlights safe • Real-time commenting that syncs with the She Reads Truth web site • Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily readings • Free, downloadable lock screens for your phone (an excellent tool for Scripture memorization!) • Customizable notifications to remind you to read Truth at your ideal time of day • Free "Bible In A Year" reading plan that tracks your progress as you go • Bible search function • Settings for font size, preferred Bible translation, red letter function, and nighttime display ABOUT SHE READS TRUTH She Reads Truth is a worldwide community of women who read the Bible together every day. Founded in 2012, She Reads Truth invites women of all ages to engage with Scripture through daily reading plans, online conversation led by a vibrant community of contributors, and offline resources created at the intersection of beauty, goodness, and Truth. About the She Reads Truth Monthly Subscription She Reads Truth's Monthly Subscription is an auto-renewing subscription which will renew automatically each month, unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged upon purchase. The subscription can be managed or cancelled at any time through the user's iTunes Account settings. Your subscription will be billed to your iTunes account within 24 hours before the end of the current period and the renewal charge will be your monthly charge. The She Reads Truth Monthly Subscription provides access to all Reading Plans during an active subscription, and She Reads Truth reserves the right to curate plans at will. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found at:


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She Reads Truth app reviews

  • Update ruined the app 1/5

    By LuciLClark
    I used to tell so many people about this app because it was far better than other free bible app. After the update, it’s really hard to navigate through the app, it takes forever to load the readings in the reading plans, the app glitches and crashes all the time. I’m super disappointed and if it isn’t fixed I’ll be finding another bible app to try
  • New Update Disappointment 1/5

    By mickeymousefan
    I have used SRT for over a year now and have absolutely loved it. I began their Bible in a Year plan last January and didn’t finish it, so I’m using it now as a reference on what to read each day rather than using the actual day. The new update makes it so difficult! I have to scroll through numerous, slow pages to reach my daily reading, and then when I get there I have to scroll through the Bible to see what the reading is (I use my own personal study Bible and just use the app as a calendar/plan.) The app used to list the date along with the verses for the day; now it’s extremely difficult to see what’s on the agenda! Very disappointed in this update.
  • Design is Not User Friendly 2/5

    By Em.Umph
    Why can’t I swipe right to keep reading the Bible through? I have to tap the main menu to choose the book again and then choose the next chapter. Make this basic adjustment and the app would land in the “meets needs” category. One plus is that the app doesn’t crash like you version.
  • A game changer! 5/5

    By PriskaTabitha
    This app and the daily study feature has been a lifeline to my daily prayer time. I always know that I’m going to get multiple aids in each and every reading. The way the authors connect various passages is beautiful and helps me to see The Bible as a whole, inter-connected Word from the Lord. I appreciate this app so much. It is worth more than gold!
  • The new update makes me sad 2/5

    By woojomow
    I LOVED the original app just the way it was, and although I am 100% okay with changes and updates, I don’t care for the new setup. I started the Bible in a year plan last January and stuck to it pretty faithfully for the most part. I updated the app and lost ALL of my progress. I loved seeing my percentage jump up a little bit every few days and to see it all go back to zero was just discouraging. It’s not worth it to go through nearly the entire year to mark each day as “read” and I ended up not finishing because I didn’t write down where I stopped each day.
  • Swiping 4/5

    By kelsdiss
    Can we get the swiping between chapters feature back?
  • Boo 3/5

    By Noneknowme
    What happened to swiping left or right to go to the next chapter?? So annoying to have go back and select the book and chapter each time!
  • New Update 2/5

    By 16178493
    I really liked the old version of the app so the new one is disappointing. My plans are out of order from where I left off. And the way it saves my bookmarked verses isn’t as pleasant in this version. I’d love to have the old version back. It’s much more user friendly. Very disappointed, but I’ll probably keep using because all my verses are bookmarked.
  • Disappointing update 2/5

    By Preston2008
    I like the idea and its beautifully designed, but when I updated, I lost all marked progress and bookmarks in my reading plan. The new plan no longer shows which chapters you’ll be reading in the preview/menu, until you click into the day’s content. The new update feels not intuitive and bulky.
  • Beautiful re-design, yet lacks essentials 3/5

    By Meka Chan
    I wish you could swipe through the chapters in the app, since as of now I could not figure out how to do so and need to look up the book plus the chapter every time I need to “flip the page.” Beautiful re-design overall, great night mode addition, yet still crashes almost every time I use it.
  • Please go back to old version! 1/5

    By heffelr
    I have had this app for over a year. It is my go to for devotionals during my morning commute but now the app runs slow, my current reading plan is tough to find, the highlight feature is slow to respond or non existent and the app overall is not user friendly. The old app was simple, efficient and beautiful! Please, please, don’t ruin a good thing. I may have to switch apps which will be a huge bummer because I love the She Reads Truth community! ** I discussed this with my small group as well and they all feel the same way. : (.
  • Newest Update - Devotionals 2/5

    By TinaFish
    I recently updated and I’m very disappointed that I can no longer copy and paste from the devotional section, both the Bible portions and the devo portion. It’s frustrating especially since in the old app that was so easily done. I want to highlight and save the things I thought were beautiful and it’s disappointing that I can no longer interact in such a manner with this app. I’m definitely not going to recommend this to other friends because I don’t want them to experience this same disappointment when they come across something that they find moving.
  • Great App 4/5

    By ejroberts86
    I don’t mind the updated version as much as others. What I do miss is the alarm to remind me to read each day. I keep turning it on to remind me at 8:15 but it has yet to actually notify me at that time. I assume this is just a glitch that can be fixed.
  • Most recent updates causing problems 3/5

    By Lindsjfisher
    I use this app daily and actually do like the new format but since I updated with your last update yesterday I can’t open any of my purchased plans and the app freezes. Please fix!!!
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By Moodyquesadilla
    I LOVED the old app. The new update wiped my Bible in a year progress. I can’t mark off the ones I’ve completed by swiping - now I HAVE to go in and scroll to the bottom, which is crashing the app about 50% of the time. In addition each devotional is taking forever to load. Terrible update.
  • Problems with update 2/5

    By HMay哈哈
    I love SRT, but since the last update on my iPad, I have had a lot of problems with the app not opening my plans, perpetually stuck saying “Loading...”
  • New update has some problems 2/5

    I live overseas as a missionary and used the last app daily. With the new update, I have not been able to create an account or open without an account. It always pops up with a network error, even when my network shows good service. Help!
  • New update 1/5

    By ABlueTwizzler
    The new update is horrendous. I have deleted it. I was so enjoying my daily devotional. With the new update I could not find where I was. I could not find any of my plans. Why did you try to fix something that wasn’t broken.
  • Needs major improvements 1/5

    By cs_lovelace
    I want to love this app, and while I appreciate the UI, it is severely flawed. Different pages/tabs take forever to load and it’s constantly freezing/crashing. I tried deleting > reinstalling and that did not resolve my issues. It’s really hard to choose this app over the Bible app, to be totally transparent.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mangotug47
    The new layout is beautiful from a design perspective but it is not user friendly. Also, it could just be me, but I find it unfair That I have to pay a monthly subscription to plans I already purchased prior to this update. Why not just restore purchases? All in all. It’s not what I came back for.
  • LOVE SRT - but the new update :( 3/5

    By Foreversing23
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE SRT and have recommended the app to so many women. However, this latest update to the app has been so disappointing. I lost 3 of the plans I purchased and can’t figure out how to get them back. I already emailed CS and was told to restart my phone, uninstall and reinstall the app and it still hasn’t restored my 3 purchases. The new app is far more complicated to navigate and the images won’t load properly anymore. I may need to wait for these issues to be fixed before I recommend it to others again. Still love the ministry and will continue to wait for this to get better, but needed to share the issues at hand.
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Soozarita
    I loved the previous version of this app and used it almost every single day. However, since the newest update, it has been a horrible experience. I can open it and get into my plans (which was a whole different ordeal to even get those working on the new app and I don’t like the new version of how it lays them out and keeps track of them) but once I click on a specific day to read the whole app shuts down and says network error, when there is no network error because every other app and function on my phone and iPad still works at the same time. I’m hoping they get these bugs worked out so I can use the app again because I really do miss it. Or I’ll have to find another app.
  • Keep working! Great start! 3/5

    By csamms
    I’m a huge fan of updates and like some change of scenery now and then. I’d love to see the ability to add multiple bookmarks in the Bible, also I would love to swipe or click a button to go to the next chapter. I LOVE what you’re doing and want to encourage you to keep tweaking :)
  • Disappointed... 2/5

    By SJPartridge
    I have used this App since it launched & until this recent update it had been my go-to for early morning Bible Study. This new update messed up everything! The organization of my purchased plans is wonky, I lost my place in my reading plan, & keeping notes & highlights seem to have disappeared! I maybe time to look for another Bible Study app! So sad!
  • To be honest... 3/5

    By rosiefreckles
    I love SRT. I loved the app and have had it for maybe two years now. The new update is hard to navigate. I’m not the biggest fan of how the plans are laid out. I’m happy to pay the $1.99 a month if it comes down to it but the fact is that I was able to read freely the plans that were labeled “free”. It made me feel like it was more about welcoming and helping women get acquainted to the word. Now it just seems like the other apps where they lure you in and then ask people to pay to dive in deeper. Womp womp. Aesthetically it looks nice but practically people will need to take time to learn how to navigate the site unlike before.
  • New Design is Not Better 1/5

    By Jess Edelblut
    I’ve loved having the SRT app for the last few years but the redesign is just awful. Aside from the small glitchy errors (like preferred version resetting every time the app is opened) the Bible functionality is just not user-friendly. Each time you launch the Bible it resets to wherever your lost bookmark is, rather than whichever book you were last reading or referencing during church. Additionally, if you want to get to the next chapter in a book you can no longer swipe over but you have to go through the main bible menu again. Clearly the developers no longer care about connecting users with the Word and are solely focused on bringing in revenue with the new home page as well. Pretty sure I’ll be switching Bible apps if this isn’t resolved soon.
  • Swiping to change Bible Chapters 3/5

    By Mkail15
    Please bring back the swiping to change bible chapters within a book. It’s a little cumbersome to have to click through each book in order to just switch chapters. It would be really super helpful if there was a way to archive or “shelve” plans that have been completed so it’s easier to navigate what plans you’re working on. Finally i would love to have a multi select tool so I can mark each reading as read. Thank you for all you do!
  • Missing old features 4/5

    By Christy LaBarr
    This is my favorite app and I give it four stars because the content is so restorative to my soul! With the new update some of my favorite features are missing. It won’t let me slide to show that I have read a particular lesson. Also, I’m behind and it used to be that the study I was walking through would be at the top. Would love one more update!
  • The new update is really disappointing 2/5

    By keanaz
    I’ve had the She Reads Truth app for almost two years. I loved the old layout of having the most recent plan at the top where I could easily access it. Whatever plan you read last used to be so easy to jump right back into the next day. With the new overhaul and the big update from last month, not only is the app really slow and glitchy, but the plan I read most recently is one of the oldest (bible in a year) they wrote, and therefore at the bottom of all the reading plans I’ve purchased with and it opens with day one at the top. Right now I’m on day 5, but come day 250 of the plan, it will be frustrating to scroll past a slow and glitchy list to find the day that I’m on. The old version kept your place an made it so convenient to start right where you left off. I also wish you could personalize the front page to the plan you’re working through as opposed to whatever SRT wants you to buy in that moment, but I understand the marketing of that one. With all the Bible apps out there, it might be time to switch - which is so disappointing.
  • Please bring back the old app!!! 2/5

    By crannymom
    This new version is MUCH more difficult to navigate. I do the studies from the app and this morning I can’t even pull up the correct day. Please go back!!!
  • Missing some old features 2/5

    By Slovak guys
    I have been using your app since 2016, maybe 2015. There are many nice things about the new changes but there are also a couple big problems. The biggest problem I have found is I can’t easily slide from one chapter to the next anymore when reading the Bible. Also the two rows of buttons at the bottom make the Bible look a little cluttered. It would be nice if maybe those buttons went away after a few seconds and came back when the screen is tapped. And maybe adding arrows to either side of the book chapter button (e.i. < Genesis 2 > ) to go to previous and following chapters would fix that problem.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Mrs Tobey
    I wish this app was better. The update made the app less user friendly. I love the reading plan SRT came up with and am following it this year. I wish keeping track of the plan was easier. Also I had to print out the plan and then go to another Bible app to listen. It is not efficient and there really is no reason to have the app on my phone. The Bible App and ESV app and much better and user friendly to navigate and use their reading plans.
  • Hate the update 1/5

    By Amiksch
    The new update hasn't been very helpful, and it's confusing to manage. Plus not all my purchases were re-downloaded. Also, no offense but it looks so boring and unappealing. The app is also super slow and keeps crashing. If you could bring back the old one, that'd be most definitely helpful- or at least the option to slowly transition still have the old version and new version but be able to switch between the two.. to compare and help manage better. Thanks!
  • Under impression 1/5

    By Jewells07
    Today is Jan 2, and I want to read the Bible in a year. I attempted to start yesterday with this app. I downloaded the plan to read it in a year, and every single time I load day 1 (and now day 2) it closes out on me. I’ve had to screenshot the chapters it wants me to read, and use my old reliable physical bible. Today I can’t even get to the last chapter before it closes out, so I had to google SRT Bible in a year plan just to know what to read. This glitch is hindering my use of this app. Please get it fixed so I can read the material from the app itself. Thanks.
  • Please add NLT 1/5

    By lovingmusic17
    Please add NLT bible to this app!
  • Not as good anymore 3/5

    By Dsdesalvo
    I got this app in January last year just for the Bible in a year feature. I would guess that many women start using this app for the same reason. One of the beautiful things about the way the reading was set up was the discussion that happened on each day’s reading. As I read the Bible during the year, I saw many women join in, even if they were reading their first day on March 14 or July 21. With the new setup (numbered readings instead of dates), that kind of community is lost. I started with the daily reading and have since purchased several of the plans. Honestly, with the changes, I’m not sure I would still have chosen SRT for my daily reading app. I’m sure a lot of time and energy went into making the new version of the app. But slicker and prettier is not always better. I think it is less user-friendly now, and that’s not a good thing. I don’t need a fancy experience, just a solid source for Bible readings. I think you’ve definitely lost something with the new version.
  • Updated App keeps crashing 3/5

    By ZooKeeperLynn
    Every time I open the app and start reading as soon as I scroll the app crashes.
  • Hate the new version 1/5

    By I NEED my Bookmarks!!!
    The new version of the app won’t recognize my previous account. I log in on the website just fine no problems. Go to the new app, can’t log in! Fix soon please!!!!
  • Great app, bad update 2/5

    By shereadstruth523
    The app itself is fantastic, especially if you desire to be in the Word on a daily basis. The newest update, however, makes me wish things were the way they used to be. Not being able to swipe to the next chapter is killing me! And once I make it to a new chapter I would prefer to automatically be at verse 1, like it used to be. I hope things go back to the old way soon!
  • What happened? 😞 3/5

    By supperann
    My very favorite bible app has changed.. I can no longer keep my place or flip pages to the next chapter or anything ... praying this all gets fixed to back how it was - 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Bookmark devotional a 4/5

    By Stumanchoo
    I love this app and have been using it for the last year. I love the devotionals, the screensavers, and how it’s geared towards women. One things I’d love to be able to do in the app is save/bookmark devotionals I love, want to remember, and go back to.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Alyssa31777
    Keeps giving me a network error on the first day of the plan I have selected. I can select the other days, but can’t start it at the beginning. If it’s not reliable, I’m not using it and risking spending money on plans that may do the same. And it’s not my network.
  • App crashes nonstop in iPhone X 2/5

    By anonymous0726
    Please fix the app for IPhone X!! I can’t take advantage of the free Bible in a Year Series because the app constantly crashes.
  • New update no good 2/5

    By Silly Jilly me
    If I had rated this app yesterday I would have given it 5 stars. Today it is lucky to get 2. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not. I used to be able to open my app up and have it be at the place where I left off. I also like reading out of the NASB. Now each time I open it, it is on the ESV and it starts back at Genesis. May be looking for a new app if they don’t fix this.
  • Wait For It 5/5

    By DFW1980
    The app is going through a rough spot right now. I’m sure we’ve all been through rough spots in our lives. These ladies and writers have never let us down before. Let’s stand with them in prayer while they fix the glitches and put out the amazing product they’ve always delivered. It WILL be better than ever. Please be in agreement with me for the success of this app and for it to continue to reach women everywhere. Let’s exercise what they’ve taught us; patience! Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ while this gets fixed.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By F106lady
    I have been using this app for my daily reading for close to 3 years. The latest update erased *everything*, specifically my progress. Formerly the Bible-in-one-year plan went by the actual date. The revamp goes by the number of days the reader is into the plan. Also the user is now forced into creating an account. I am not happy with these changes.
  • Wishing I could revert to the previous version 2/5

    By bookdragon007
    I really liked the app, was really excited for the update because it sounded great... Then I updated and my bible in a year plan was totally erased and the formatting was different. I liked being able to see what verses to read each day without opening the day since I use my She Reads Truth Bible I bought earlier this year. I have also noticed that the app is now much slower. I am sad to say that unless some updates are made to the new app I may not be using the app anymore.
  • Don’t download 3.0.2 1/5

    By Rk1419
    This update renders the app essentially useless. Constant crashing, some days of the plans don’t load, it’s very slow and cumbersome to maneuver. If you had the app before, it will delete your progress and there is no easy way to check them back off unless you load every single day, but even then it’s super slow to load the content and crashes/says network error constantly. I have no idea why they fixed something that wasn’t broken without adding any meaningful features. Wait until their next attempt at a release.
  • Update both good and not 3/5

    By mktgaggie05
    What happened?! Yes, many good updates, but I’m frustrated because I can’t swipe to move from one chapter to the next anymore. Instead I have to go back to the book menu every time. If my pastor is reading and moves to the next chapter, I get behind because I have to go through the menu to get to the next chapter. Please fix this feature!
  • Love 💜 but question about new update 5/5

    By Jen20120
    Love this app!! And the devotionals are so great and scriptural.

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