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Shipt App

Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace that helps you get things you need, like fresh produce and household essentials. Scroll through the aisles, add your favorite groceries to your cart, and check out. A Shipt Shopper will handpick and deliver your order in as soon as 1 hour – it’s that easy! - Shop over 700,000 grocery items from local stores you trust. - Schedule same-day delivery, pay, and leave a tip – all in the app. - Get access to Shipt Exclusive Savings, and save even more. - Making guacamole tonight? Leave your shopper a note and get the ripest avocados available. - Members enjoy free delivery on orders over $35. - Sign up for a 2-week, risk-free trial today!


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Shipt app reviews

  • Very friendly! 5/5

    By DDx7guppies
    Got here very fast with everything I needed! Thank you so much!!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Smthrn
    So far, so good! Have had two deliveries and have had great results so far. The shoppers have done an outstanding job and have always contacted me when they can’t find something. With Shipt I have always gotten what I asked for or something of similar quality. I tried a different service (app) and had problems with their stores never having what I asked for and substituting items of inferior quality. Because Shipt works with Walmart that is unlikely to happen. Overall, very satisfied.
  • Too Many Forced Logins 4/5

    By Moulingalette
    The app works great, but it requires a log in practically every time one uses the app. This is pretty inconvenient and annoying. Love it otherwise.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By almhall
    Shipt makes it possible for my busy family to have groceries when we need them with our having to run to the store! Thanks guys!!
  • Greatest thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By Ejsnkas
    Love love love!!! my husband signed up for this and I was against it at first, but now it is the best thing he ever did besides marry me lol great for a busy family that doesn’t always have time to go to the store would recommend to anyone
  • Shipt ok but... 3/5

    By Blackpalm673
    My regular shopper if I am lucky to get Kim is phenomenal. The service is ok but has too many limits. Not everything I buy at the stores is available online even if I went to the store I could walk in blindfolded and pick it up. Which is how most of their shoppers do their job. Training and understanding a grocery store is must and most of the shoppers don’t have either. The app has been glitchy at times too. Overall, if you don’t have any options very good and a time saver may try a trial with competitors for comparison.
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By Mysticalgoddess
    Shipt is not worth the headache.. insta cart is much better!
  • Ship is awesome! 5/5

    By Dancingstrawberry34
    Ship is an awesome service! 👍
  • Love this service! 5/5

    By MITeacher
    I LOVE this service. I hate grocery shopping and this has allowed me to shop when it is convenient for me (sometimes even from my desk at work!) and have groceries delivered. I have had fabulous shoppers (so far not a single late order or missing item) and each shopper had been very consistent with their customer contact and keeping me in the loop while they shop. I haven’t experienced any issues with the app either and I am so grateful that I have gained back at least two hours each week that I usually had to use to shop (travel, shop, travel home). Thank you, Shipt!
  • What a luxury! 5/5

    By Bkeown
    Nothing beats ordering your groceries the night before after all the kids are in bed and having them delivered in the morning once everyone is up! Thank you so much!
  • Amazing! Game changer. 5/5

    By Dallevian
    I LOVE Shipt! This company is quality service with quality shoppers.
  • Hangovers/headaches 5/5

    By Wilburbeast
    Sometimes you just don’t want to go out. Shipt is there for us.
  • Caliber of shoppers is low 1/5

    By More than an option
    Shopper by the name of Chelsea F. is very unprofessional. She was late and spilled food in the bags and then no apologies whatsoever. No only that, she proceeds to argue with customers because she is too lazy to pick out certain items. It’s a shame. I’ve used this service for a really long time and the caliber of shoppers has gotten horrible! Train your people on tact and customer service. Calling headquarters was not worth the wait after waiting 25 minutes on hold. I’m switching to a competitor.
  • Life saver 5/5

    By kpasatta
    Between the flu and a broken ankle and three kids and a job... literally shipt has been our lifeline! Thank you!
  • HEB. Shipt 5/5

    By Sot amen
    I am confined right now and this is truly a lifesaver Excellent shoppers...we have had 4 different ones so far THANK YOU HEB
  • Shipt is AWESOME! 5/5

    By Gigirox4u
    I have not been to the grocery in over 2 years!! The minute Shipt came to my area I signed up. My shoppers are now like family.... they are terrific and know me and my expectations very well. Even the dog loves seeing them ha! Treats are always welcome! I shop every week and also ABC once a week. Best thing that has ever happened as cooking and entertaining is my passion but shopping not so much lol! Thanks Shipt!
  • Nice side job! 5/5

    By Kldamore
    Love. Doing this! It’s been fun and the customer are great! Always an order to fill when I’ve got down time!
  • Good service, app needs improvement 3/5

    By Efhalsey
    I love shipt, but the app can be frustrating and slow. For one, I hate having to log-in every time I use the app. Having a thumbprint log-in or the option to stay logged in would be great. I also don’t like that after reviewing the shopper and leaving a tip on the app, I hit the “X” to exit the screen and it takes me right back to the tipping page again, as if I didn’t just do that. The only way to get rid of this is to exit the app completely and go back in after a few minutes. As far as speed goes, I have noticed while shopping that scrolling up and down is very delayed and glitchy. Sometimes i get frustrated and just give up. Again... love the service shipt provides but the app needs some work.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Lrmercer28
    Love Shipt!
  • Best grocery delivery service on the market! 5/5

    By Jayjaybeebee
    I have used Shipt from both vantage points: as a customer and as a shopper. It is the best grocery delivery service that is available on the market and I have been blessed to both receive some excellent shoppers for my orders and give excellent service on the orders I’ve shopped. And I have been absolutely amazed by the professionalism and expertise of my fellow Shipt shoppers. I placed my first order when my car had broken down and my uncle with Celiac’s was about to arrive for a visit. Gluten-free grocery shopping is tough, but my shopper for that order has a son with Celiac’s so she was an expert in gluten-free grocery shopping and was able to make several recommendations on the best quality gluten-foods. My uncle loved the food and I love the emphasis that Shipt has on training shoppers to be the very best. You won’t find this level of expertise among shoppers in any other delivery service. My cousin started with Instacart but switched to Shipt and he thinks that Shipt shoppers are far more knowledgeable and reliable than Instacart shoppers. Definitely go with Shipt, they are the best!
  • RMD Shipt 2/5

    By Doc D55
    17Oct17 It was free. Then I went to actually use it...and guess what? It Cost $99/yr. That sure doesn’t cover Gasoline. Some a..hole decided to get people hooked and just like a Drug Pusher, after you’re hook, no more freebie. It cost to even use. 11Nov17 After an email I received concerning the App's cost, I have changed my mind and will give the App an honest try.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By inlovewithJeremyMoore
    Shoppers are friendly and go above and beyond, truly. The app is easy and quick and I truly could not imagine not getting my groceries delivered!
  • Glitchy update 2/5

    By jazocar
    Love the service, but what is going on with the App!? The last update ruined my ordering experience. It crashes all the time, and every time I click an item I have to tap it 3-4 times before it is added to my cart. Annoying to say the least!
  • App needs improving. Fast. 2/5

    By sevastraym
    This review is for the app only. I’ve had mostly good experiences with the shipt shoppers themselves. The app is horrid. It’s unresponsive. The search function is comical. It will add things to your cart at a slight mistouch while scrolling. I find myself wanting to use Instacart over shipt even though I am a shipt member solely because of the app. I also wish it had Yummly integration like the Instacart app does.
  • Love the service but not the app 2/5

    By Blaken06
    Love shipt service and have no complaints with it. However, the app has been terrible overall. It freezes and has glitches all the time.
  • 5 + stars 5/5

    By Jlwess
    Shipt is an amazing service that helps simplify an individuals life by bringing groceries to their door. Each Shopper is professional and also extremely personable, as well as their customer support staff. I’d highly recommend to anyone that is trying to find a way to make more time in their day for things such as spending time with their family and friends, or just have a busy schedule.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By WarEagle404
    I love the Shipt app. There is nothing better than not having to worry about going to the grocery store after work. I use it every week!
  • convenient and saves time! 5/5

    By gaps3
    Highly recommend it
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Sdbartels
    This is such a great time saver that I didn’t even know I needed! The app gets better all of the time!
  • Obsessed. 5/5

    By Katiewarren425
    Perfect for those days you are traveling and want your groceries to show up the minute you get home. I also like to send deliveries to friends and family in different cities. Love Shipt!
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Cburn7
    Literally the best executed online grocery experience out there!
  • App is unusable 2/5

    By Colorfulclare
    Service is great, this review is not about the service. This is about the app - which has become completely unusable. I open it to the screen where I am able to tip my shopper and it has now crashed upwards of 30 times, I am unable to get past the tipping screen. I'd like to put some groceries in my cart but can't get the app open long enough to do so.
  • Very poor app - needs improvement 1/5

    By DG262626
    Crashes often. Needs upgrades and better attention to detail/errors. Gets stuck on one store and won't allow you to stay in store for picking items.
  • Life saver for chronic pain 5/5

    By Adi Paige
    I have chronic pain and I have to mentally and physically prepare myself to go shopping. I saw an ad for this and just tried it out today. My shopper was awesome and communicated with me, groceries were delivered on time, and the app tells you upfront about the membership fee unlike instacart which snuck the $100 dollar member fee on me. If you have chronic pain/illness or mobility issues, I highly recommend this service.
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By FirstAid84
    Think about it: You pay a membership fee. You pay a markup per item which can be up to 150% of the actual cost. If you're lucky, you get about 60% of the items you ordered. You still have to make a trip to the store. I was willing to pay a little more when I thought this would save time, but in reality it ended up costing me more time to struggle through the archaic search system of the app, navigate outdated product descriptions, wait around for my order, then go back through my list, go to the store myself another day, and do it all over again in the store. No thanks. That's like having to go shopping twice and pay twice as much to do so.
  • Useful app 5/5

    By Celeb0rnz
    Love the service shipt!
  • Service has declined dramatically 2/5

    By N fund
    I’ve used Shipt for a few years now, but they seem to be having issues. Also note they up charge items - example, package of chicken breasts at $10.38 on the price tag but I was charged $11.83. Plus they want you to tip the driver so you end up spending a lot more than going yourself or using Amazon prime now
  • App is jacked 1/5

    By Mobbotx
    Not just my phone but tried it on others. Freezes up and not able to add items to the cart.
  • App buggy and frustrating, service great, shopper wonderful 2/5

    By Kidgett
    I was very impressed by the service and my shopper. I appreciate the convenience, especially heading into winter, and my shopper was very helpful, communicated well, and was friendly and courteous. The app was frustrating and buggy, though. Trying to build my shopping cart took several *hours*. Items stop being clickable after one click so you have to exit the search or category, losing your place, and go in again to click anything - for every item. Also items get accidentally added while scrolling and it's easy to miss this happening so WATCH your cart like a hawk or you'll buy things you didn't want!! This is a travesty! My cart was originally over $900(!!!) and I couldn't figure out why. I'd accidentally mistapped a huge electronics thing while scrolling. Even still, I wound up with pineapple I didn't mean to order or want. The search sort of works. The app sure recommends a lot of things that my store doesn't have, and that's annoying. I'm glad substitutions are possible, but fewer would be necessary if it didn't recommend things that weren't there. Feature request: let us scan barcodes to search and build carts/wish lists. Loads of apps do this (diet, medical, recipe, shopping list apps, etc). I got a couple of items that were wrong but *almost* right because the description was similar. Scanning would mean the exact item gets logged. I'm sure I'll have more feedback as I use it more. Please fix the UX. the service is great.
  • Bad to worse 1/5

    By LELE Mills
    I love Shipt and have used them over a year and a half now. The app has gone from great to bad to worse and the answer every time is just to uninstall and reinstall. That does nothing. We have issues on my phone, my work phone, my husbands phone, and my sons phone. Four different devices and still problems with no action being taken to repair the issue is so frustrating. The search randomly works, scrolling stops and starts then freezes, switching stores requires changing from one to another then to the one you actually want, the pictures and descriptions of many items don’t match, and now it just stops scrolling and tries to refresh itself or you add to cart and nothing happens. FOUR different devices, MULTIPLE reinstalls. No solution.
  • Awesome! Xcept... By 👑♿️ 3/5

    By CAQueen
    Since the recent upd8 it has become non-responsive. I'll touch on something & it does absolutely nothing. Hopefully this will b fixed in a future upd8. It's not my iDevice cuz it does the xact same thing on both iDevices. Also non-responsive after I placed & got my order it stayed on that last "r8 your shopper" & I cannot get 2 the home page or anywhere from that last page. This is an app issue, NOT a Publix issue. Although Publix does have 1 issue that just may hurt Shipt; most of the items r never in stock. Publix needs 2 address this issue & go 2 school on consistency & communic8ion with the Shipt shoppers & actually have the items. I kno of a lot of people who r xtremely irrit8ed with Shipt 4 xactly this reason. STILL UNRESPONSIVE 2 TOUCH. PUBLIX IS NOW CONSTANTLY OUT OF STOCK OF OVER 90% OF ITEMS ON MY LIST. I will b going back 2 asking Mum 4 a ride 2 the store or take a cab. I am legally blind, cannot drive, so Shipt’s service has been absolutely essential 4 me & allows more independence. As it is right now, both the Shipt app & Publix r right on that edge of discontinuing. The Shipt shoppers r gr8! Alwez friendly, go the xtra mile, efficient, & communic8 very well. So... Publix, Shipt APP team, listen up, get your sh*t 2gether, get organized, & get professional! It can’t b THAT hard.
  • Time Saver 5/5

    By Lucy's Nana
    I love being able to shop at work. So convenient!! Unlike some others, the app works perfectly! I shop once a week and am able to enjoy the extra time getting groceries delivered!! Thank you Shipt!!
  • Dear Shipt Shoppers 2/5

    By Mitcheymjtch 96
    The way Shipt handles deactivation is unprofessional. Usually an employer, will issue warnings or at least alert their employee that if they repeat/ fail to do an action, they may possibly face termination. Shipt did not reach out to me prior to deactivating my account to forewarn me that if I did not complete a TRAINING, in an allotted time that I would be deactivated. Honestly I feel as if this was used as an excuse to take me off of the platform. Who terminates employment over a training ??? It was way too convenient for them to deactivate me seeing that they are literally always hiring. Also,in the email received by Jacob Little (Shopper coach) he claimed that Shipt tried to reach me multiple times. They did not. I was sent one email. If there is a trouble with a customers order, Shipt will quickly call the current shopper for that order. I would assume Shipt would try all possible avenues to reach a shopper if they are at risk of being deactivated from the platform. I would sincerely suggest that Shipt forewarns their shoppers of possible repercussions. Here’s to hoping that future shoppers receive the proper notifications and are treated fairly.
  • App problems 2/5

    By *^%#\|}#
    Keeps kicking me out of the app every time I try to select an item or it completely freezes up on me. Never had a problem until the last 3 weeks
  • Glitchy app 3/5

    By Lularoe Samantha
    I love the service and there are no issues with that. The app is mostly good. My issues are: I hate having to log back in so often. I leave the app for an hour then have to log back in, need a longer time to be left logged in. Also the app is pretty glitchy often. The buy again screen doesn’t let me add things consistently, and if I want a description of an item I click on it and it works fine, but the next one I click on won’t open until I exit that screen and go back in. I would like to see the search function work a bit better too. Overall I am able to do what I need to do!
  • Canceling Shipt due to garbage app 1/5

    By iPod de Melanie
    The idea of this is to make it convenient. This app takes all the convenience out of it! It does not scroll through the items without jerking, locking up. You have to click on an item several times to look it it as it just locks up. Searching is a forever nightmare! Worst app ever!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Cjjjjjjjjjjjjj
    Glitches, freezes, search engine doesn't work, not linked to my stores app so no access to coupons or lists and NO FILTERS!! Took three hours to place my first order for only half of what I needed. Don't even bother downloading this app of frustration.
  • Just joined and can’t get app to work 1/5

    By Candidnancy
    I was so excited to finally be able to join with the half price membership sale today. Very disappointed thus far because app will not go past the chosen store. Also I noticed prices are more expensive than what it’s sold for in the store. Who does the extra money go to?
  • Don’t, just don’t 1/5

    By wastedbandwidth
    if you’re considering this app, forget it. They will get payment information from you, bill you on a reoccurring basis (if you use it or not), then when you want to cancel your account you have no way to do it. You have to call in and sit on hold for over an hour. Check out the price markup in addition to your membership fee and driver tips.
  • Just purchased service, app not working at all 2/5

    By CRK1981
    Just got a promotional email to purchased Shipt for a discounted rate and was very excited. Immediately downloaded the app and it doesn't work, AT ALL. It won't let me advance past my address (which at first it would not let me change) and store selection. Wondering if there is a web based site I can use instead. Hope this is not an indication of service or I'm going to want my money back. Smh.

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