Shou - mobile game streaming!

Shou - mobile game streaming!

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  • Current Version: 0.18.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Shou Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
5,958 Ratings
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Shou - mobile game streaming! App

Shou is the mobile game streaming community for young people to watch, chat and discover new friends and awesome games anytime, anywhere. New for iOS 10: Live stream games with ReplayKit Follow us on TWITTER! @Shou_TV Like us on FACEBOOK!


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Shou - mobile game streaming! app reviews

  • This app is the worst. The community is nuts. (Anything more?) 2/5

    By XM99zGamer
    Yup, THE worst thing in here is the community of the app. The fan base, the people, everything! Lemme start with this crap, though 😤. Grab ye popcorn 🍿, SHOU dudes. 1) Cringy Minecraft streams. 97% of the streams are MINECRAFT! And the kids streaming are really the bloody-cringy-sounding CRAZED ones. I’m LUCKY my ears aren’t bleeding by now... 2) This disgusting “Moments” thingy. A lot of adult stuff is happening in those mini clips, almost making it a social media app, rather than an ordinary gaming streaming app. And gay stuff, too. (I’m not being racist or anything, just pointing out.) 3) The interface. The new interface is 💯% IDENTICAL to the streaming app “MOBCRUSH”’s interface, Black/Yellow. The old White/Pink one was more relaxing and smooth. 4) People’s behavior. Those cringeworthy kids are SO rude they’re annoying! They “brag” about their Minecraft “supr ce0l srv3r” and about their number of followers (Usually two-figures, I can’t relate.) And most of ‘em are being racist and swearing, saying bad words, etc. 5) The reporting system. I freakin’ swear someone was streaming an inappropriate video from YouTube, so I did “the right thing”. I reported, waited 2 flipping a hours and the stream was still going. DUH! 🙄 I’m tired of typing this, I have A TON of other stuff to say but I’m pretty sure you guys are ignoring my review, as you did with all other reviews. Moving to Twitch. Regards. ~Carl
  • Microphone 2/5

    By Minecraftlion79
    My iPad mic stops working whenever I stream sometimes it works for a little bit and my stream is really laggy even tho I have 5g internet.
  • K 2/5

    By 27885681057
    All i see on my "broadcast" is a black screen, and how do I record a video instead of live streaming it?
  • Great ❤️But I don't understand 5/5

    By Hot_Lily92
    I love it I never knew but how do we record on this?
  • Broadcasting error (null) 1/5

    By _ardous_
    Whenever I’m streaming like 3 minutes in it says broadcast ended due to: (null) Please help
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Jskfhdjdndhcj
    Did not work at all and I bought stuff for it but it didn't work DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
  • :) 5/5

    By Panda PunchYT
    Lol so fun it’s awesome 😎
  • I wish I could just record... 4/5

    By Thecookie28
    I know I know, there are other apps but I WIIISH this would JUST record! I want to be able to save the videos and use them to show my friends. If you have seen a recorder app that works with iphones, somebody pleaaase tell me!!!
  • I doesn’t work.. 1/5

    By WCDolphins
    When I record and see my vid there is no sound So i’ll give this a 1/5
  • Okay.... 2/5

    By ZaraWolf
  • So much cuss 1/5

    By tacocatistacocatbackwards
    Omg this had soooo much cuss words don’t dare download the app

    By Mashlynn
    I think it needs to go back to how it was last year because now I can’t live stream. Well idk how to. But if anyone can help me and tell me how that will help ALOT!!!
  • App problems 2/5

    When I broadcast it’s a hit or miss with how laggy it would be But that’s not my biggest problem my biggest problem is when I broadcast it gets stopped at random points in the broadcast and a screen comes up saying Shou(null) I tried to seek help about this but can’t contact anyone or find information on this. Rating would be higher if I could get help to fix this problem.
  • Umm stupid 2/5

    By Not know a lot
    Well I can't get to live stream or do anything its stupid make it easier.
  • No Audio Bug 4/5

    By ]|[_HyperSh0T_]|[
    It has quite a while by now & the no audio bug is still present today in the app whilst streaming so plz fix it!
  • Help 3/5

    By mr sr. its a she
    I can't find the airshou help
  • One problem 4/5

    By D1awesomesauce
    Great app, but you should be able to search for streams based on the game, like the older versions of Shou. Why did you remove that?
  • Please make it to IOS 11 5/5

    By Poliicckejdjd
    Please make it to IOS 11 so that more people have fun and join! And do circle update!
  • What happened with the screen recorder 1/5

    By Needs one thing.
    Wasn't there supposed to be a screen recorder?
  • How to record 1/5

    By Donna flv
  • I need the circle icon to start recording 5/5

    By YGFanBoy
    Can u guys plz get AirShou
  • I really need help 3/5

    By Boss_gaming_pro
    Guys I’m stuck I tryd searching everything to get me out of broadcast but nothing works if u are a creator plz try to figure a way out to fix it by the way if u have AirShou be carful where u tap and also I’m on iPad mini
  • You should be adds on Shou here’s why... 5/5

    By GamerGuardian2213
    So I think you should put ads on Shou (kinda like how YouTube does it) because if you put ads on Shou YOR COMPANY makes more MONEY and streamers can also make some money to (So more people would join and stream so more ads=MORE MONEY FOR SHOU!!!!! Pls Shou if your listening pls put ads I would (and lots more streamers) would love it!!!!
  • Read this creator 3/5

    By Ban nan sons
    I am trying to live stream the games that I am playing but for some reason it isn't working so I think there should be an update and also... I NEED AIRSHOU!!
  • Why? 2/5

    By jason kuehl
    Why do you need a verification code that’s four digits it’s like just let me record.
  • Does not work on a iPad 1/5

    By Sawyer739
    Now if you have a iPad it will not work for some reason it will not let you stream and I wish Shou would fix that but it does work for phones.
  • Lots of cussing 4/5

    By Lakota_The_Wolf
    I'm old enough to witness and hear people cussing and even cuss myself but why should kids only 12 or below hear this crap. But it does work well the app is fine except for that.
  • Help Pls 1/5

    By Hiiiiiii Buddy_RickSanchez
    Hi umm I need help how do I take Strangers of my strangers list Its really annoying because I had a fight with my friend and I don't want my mum to see my replys Pls Reply ASAP
  • Make Airshou work for iOS 11 4/5

    By Dat One Apple Boi
    Please make airshou work for iOS 11
  • Dude I can’t save my recording and no audio 5/5

    By xmascreeper05
    Look up
  • Great! 4/5

    By CinnomanJam
    I don’t get notifications when I stream and I’ve tried that to not happen but It never changes.
  • Dab 5/5

    By gamerflavorfire999
    Hey cool yo GG
  • I have questions 2/5

    By Fantasy kitten
    So can you save to camera and is there a setting were you don't want people seeing your vid or..... Is there a setting that Can you not share with other people cuz I am that person who doesn't like other people seimg there vid's and I want to ONLY record and NOT share with other people :(
  • I like this app 4/5

    By Qananyah
    But how do you record 😔
  • Put Airshou on the AppStore 5/5

    It is now safe to no bans
  • Up to date? 1/5

    By neodrew
    Ok so I got it and I was so excited but I can't stream I have a dark blue screen, a plus button, home button and profile
  • Terrible 1/5

    By AaronGuitarPlayer
    I thought when I first downloaded the app, it would allow me to screen record. But you can't, just terrible.
  • Lilyana 5/5

    If you read this LilyanaOMG go to settings, control center, and click the screen recorder button to activate in control center. I use iPad and have the screen recorder for iOS 11 so lol.
  • ... 1/5

    By Boxi lover
    I try to record but it only broadcasts and I can’t record
  • Made These app Junk 1/5

    By Jonzina
    You Guys Made These App total junk ! It has Alot Of Issues i try to live stream it says Broadcast has been deleted!! Whyyy! Really Bad i App! I enjoyed Air Shou Much Better never had Issues like these! I Rate It 1 Star untill you Update it and make these broadcast problem Fixed!!!
  • Thank you for making this 5/5

    By bnt_Almousawi
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this it really made my day please upgrade it more
  • How do u login? 3/5

    By Anish108
    I tried to login but it dose not work! help me !!
  • Horrible 2/5

    By JNW27
    It's horrible to me I keep tying to go on live but it won’t let me. This is so bad
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Brooks lines
    It's the best app ever
  • Live live... 2/5

    By Dulce villavisencio
    I have iOS 11 and its my first time trying to use it but when I try to screen record love live it’s all pixelated and laggy but when I played it, it wasn’t laggy. Also another reason I gave it 2 stars is because it doesn’t let u save the recorded video.
  • stupid 1/5

    By Khassan5
    i really hate this app it won't allowed you to do video screen
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By End1ess5ky83
    So I want to broadcast and gives u a instruction on how to broadcast, I follow and when it starts broadcasting, it stops. Ever since I updated to iOS 11 and Shou updates the app, I still doesn’t work. I want to broadcast again since i use to broadcast on android. Please fix this problem

    By We will 5 star you 21a
    Bugatti for f f f
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Shadow_pro432
    I love this app! I just need to remember HOW to record! One thing though, I miss the “record” version. When you could record and save it, but now all you can is stream. Other than that I FREAKING LOVE this app!!
  • This used to be so good for streaming fix this! 3/5

    By LilyanaOMG
    So I use iPad for this and now it’s iOS 11 and it has the feature to live in shou so I did that gave it a title pressed start and it says Apple recorder and only iPhone has that!!!! Fix this now! I have been wanting to record with this for 2 weeks fix!!!!😞

Shou - mobile game streaming! app comments


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