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SimCity BuildIt App

WELCOME, MAYOR! Build your own beautiful, bustling city where your citizens will thrive. The larger and more intricate your city gets, the more needs your citizens have, and it’s up to you to keep them happy. This is an all-new SimCity game – re-imagined for mobile! This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in app purchases using your device settings. BUILD YOUR CITY With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, this is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Place buildings strategically to keep the taxes flowing and your city growing. Pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees as you manage and expand your city on the go – both online and offline. BRING YOUR CITY TO LIFE Create resources and build up your skyline. Trade resources with friends and other cities. Complete boat orders and ship cargo from your airport. Build Tokyo-style neighborhoods and unlock exclusive landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Expand along the beach with a marina, waterpark, and more. Unleash natural and not-so-natural disasters, like UFOs. And with Future Cities, you can build and discover innovative technologies like drones, neo-currencies, and high-tech buildings! KEEP YOUR CITIZENS HAPPY Solve real life challenges like traffic, fires, and pollution. Provide services like power plants and police departments to meet your citizens’ needs, and boost your population with parks and education. Keep traffic moving with grand avenues and streetcars. Complete fun challenges to shape your society. COMPETE TO EARN REWARDS Take on other players around the world in the Contest of Mayors! Advance through Leagues and make your way to the top. Complete new challenges each week, and climb the ranks all the way to the Megalopolis Elite League. The top Mayors in each League will earn great rewards (and bragging rights)! Build to win and watch your city come to life. --- Terms of Service: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Game EULA: Visit for assistance or inquiries. Important Consumer Information: The app requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; contains advertisements for EA and its partners; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13; EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on


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SimCity BuildIt app reviews

  • Enjoyed the game until... 1/5

    By simgamer13
    I have to say I enjoyed the game... until the president of the group I was in three a fit because people weren't playing right after a challenge started. People have lives!!!! People have to work!!! There is no history available and no management of these types of people by EA so what is the point? It is unfortunate, but the experience has left a bad taste in my mouth personally. The game is now no longer fun. Time to give it up!
  • Was good until.... 4/5

    By Gdjdjdjeh
    It was so good until I updated to iOS 11 and now it doesn’t stop crashing!!! I hope it doesn’t keep on doing that bc I will have no choice but to delete it and start again and I don’t want to do that! Please fix it thank u
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By Sidchicago23
    I have restarted a new city and not all the products in the stores are available at the level they are supposed to be. Plus, this morning the watch a video stopped working when I hit play. I have replaced this app once to no avail.
  • PLEASE FIX BUG!!! 1/5

    By Kim Uebner
    I haven't been able to play the game for more than one minute or so and it boots me out! This has been happening since yesterday. Please fix!
  • More features 1/5

    Please add a feature so that we can make roads go downhill or uphill. And also please make a sale off of the key items. And make a feature so that we can drive the cars. One last thing please make a feature of highways and make a feature that can make traffic
  • Update; Working much better!! 4/5

    By SeriousRushfan
    I recently started playing this game again and having fun! They have made improvements to the game.

    By Incite3
    I really enjoy this game however there are some things i believe many players would agree would help if were available: 1. It would be nice you are able to look at your storage items when in another city. Sometimes i am looking for several items and since we are limited on time we cannot so easily go back to our city check what we need then go back to the city to buy any other items that are convenient. 2. I am usually in a hurry especially when it comes to challenges or when there is just too many items at the store i need. Having the option of popping a random bubble in another city really close to their store would save a lot of time. 3. It would also save a lot of time if it would just go straight to the city once it loads instead of slightly rotating around for a bit before you can look around or select anything within the city. 4. It would also be very very nice if there was a way of selecting only the items you need at a time in out factories. For example: I collect 5 items from my factory i need the 5th item but i cannot receive it unless i sell or use something in order to get the 5th item because i only have space for 4 more items when i could maybe for example hold the factory to move, or bulldoze, double tap to collect all items at the same time and tap it once to select the items i need first. I believe many players would agree if these features existed it would make the game more enjoyable!
  • My other apps with in store purchases 1/5

    By ValARGHeeeee
    DONT REQUIRE me to update my billing information. I just tried to get the update but I don't have my card with me so I can't update but I can with another game that has in app purchases, a game I actually do spend money on but I don't with this one, yet can't update. I've spent almost 3 years on my city but since I'm a casual user who maybe plays 2 times a week I think I'm about ready to get rid of my city if I have to update billing info every time. Just shows you're more concerned with in app purchases than casual users who have invested years of their life into the game. At least with the game I do purchase money on, it's rolling out with a new game tomorrow so I will yet again have less time for what has constantly turned out to be ,with every new update to be less casual user friendly, and more into a must spend daily or hourly time on it. Will be spending my time elsewhere. Not interested in competing with anyone but myself and now it's hard to find valuable resources without actively participating in a group because none are ever available on the marketplace, even in my low level feeder city. So go ahead and keep in the direction you're going, I've already spent over $500 on a game that lets me play when I want and at my own pace, so it's money you could have gotten without all these participate now schemes.
  • Cash Grab 1/5

    By Cchhrriiss443
    Sure, it's decent for a while, then comes the wait or spend money. A lot of it. Here's an idea- if you want to play a better game that's more cost effective than pumping real money into this... Go buy a decent PC. Install steam. Purchase cities skylines and the DLCs, it's on sale all the time. Even if it's not on sale it's still a great price. You'll wind up with an experience that 1000x better, and for less real money'
  • Update where? 4/5

    By TEricka0110
    I didn't have my phone for a few days and now I'm trying to get to my city but it keeps saying "this version of the game is. I longer available". I go to the App Store but there is no update. What's going on?
  • Game is sketchy 1/5

    By Needstoomuchmoney
    It was fun at first but Unless you want to keep dumping big money into it's not worth the memory it takes up on your phone. I've contacted game manufacturer several times about glitches in the game and if I'm lucky they email me back. The glitches remain. Your coin count will hardly ever increase as you will not get credit for upgrading building. If you purchase Sim Cash be careful, a couple times I didn't receive it and once it wiped my account clear. Lost lots of sim cash then.
  • Looks fun 1/5

    By Ozerion
    Clearly this is not the SimCity of old days, and clearly the Sim franchise is trying to make money by bleeding its players... beyond that it does look like a fun game. Too bad all I get is a server error when trying to play.
  • Game is Ok but forces update 1/5

    By ANR107
    Forces you to update it or you can't play, wouldn't recommend
  • It's ok but expensive 3/5

    By Roberto923
    Like many on these boards, I enjoyed the game more when it wasn't so competitive. The visuals are nice and it is easy to play but if you expect to get any of the special items be ready to spend lots of cash, which even then probably won't get you anything and will be a waste of your time, which is then supposed to increase your desire to spend more to beat the system, but you can't and it will just keep taking more of your money. PS if you hit the metropolis league, drop back down to megalopolis, you will have better chances.
  • Time waster 2/5

    By chi-town dad
    The graphics are better than older SimCity games. The prices for items change to be more expensive the longer you play. This is an attempt to get you to play longer. Sometimes tapping the "watch ad" button shows no ad, for 2 or 3 cycles. Wish there was an offline mode. This app taps the gambling tendency for some people with the tease for items you need in the ad watch window. The system limits what you see in the marketplace showing fewer items you need, per the user. Game play is really slow unless you fork out real money.
  • Hate it 5/5

    By Codpro6474
    It's an incomplete crazy game that died a long long time ago. Just quit working on it!!
  • I'm gonna try the game 5/5

    By Shanghai_Ted
    I really hope it's good because of all the reviews
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By KeithG97
    Great app, but I wish there was an option to convert a number of items into an item of your choosing; there are quite a few items that don't pop up on the trade market very often and it can be a pain to come across.
  • Stuck for life 2/5

    By hands tied so moving on
    Way too serious of a game if you can't start over to do things differently. We play and learn and sometimes need to refresh. Don't enjoy being locked into one place for life. Got way too boring way too quickly.
  • It's okay but also a little annoying 3/5

    By Fan for 30 years
    I love this game, but I don't know where the store is to get ur daily money. I thought the points was my money and I was spending so much and now I don't have hardly any money. Please tell me where that store is so I can get back on my feet 😕
  • Coins Are A Pain! 2/5

    By Usuwuehdhe
    It is way too hard to get coins! And seriously, everything cost way too many coins as well! Please reduce the amount of coins it cost for stuff. If you do ill rate it five stars!
  • Great game - fun and addictive 5/5

    By Bevslow
    I love this app and spend WAY too much time on it. One request - neo- simoleums take way too long to earn. Can we sell the objects we make? Couldn't figure that out.
  • perfect 5/5

    By Youssefyoussefyoussef
  • Should rename it Simcity Crash!!! 1/5

    By Diggersboy
    I can't even play this game now for more than two minutes on my iPhone without the app crashing!!!! It's ridiculous!!!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kyndrasmom
    Awesome game
  • I like it 4/5

    By violinplayer04
    Not the best
  • A long time 4/5

    By erlongfamily
    It took me two months to make one building
  • Does not give simoleons in trade depot 1/5

    By tooOLD2win
    When selling items in the trade depot I usually only get paid for half of them. Prices for services are different from one person to the next even with the same level and same amount of police, fire, health. I've contacted customer support and they gave me the runaround. "We'll look into it." Did not offer to compensate for items purchased either. I also have the same complaint others have regarding the missing green dollars.
  • Great game, just one big flaw. 4/5

    By Sami1607
    First off, let me say that SimCity BuildIt is 100% the best city builder on the App Store. I have tried so many other ones, such as Megapolis, but they just don't compare to this in terms of graphics and gameplay. EA has done an excellent job on the graphics - they are just incredible. It really makes you feel that you are there, inside the screen, building your own city. Building selection is good, with a fair variety of different homes, shops, casinos, schools, services, etc. Here's my gripe. The way the game is set up, the way that you earn money by upgrading residential buildings, is not the best idea and can have bad effects. For instance: Simoleons, the in-game currency, are extremely hard to gain. You may just say, "just upgrade buildings," but no. That makes it worse. When you upgrade you residences, it means more people, which means more demand on services such as power, water, or police. The service buildings, like fire stations or garbage incinerators, cost an insane amount of Simoleons. It takes a very long time to get Simoleons, and the only way to do it is upgrade residences. But, again, that only makes the situation worse. When I hit level 12, my entire city started to fall apart. My residents were asking for a million different things at the same time, which all cost a lot. And the more money I tried to earn, the more the Sims started asking. Levels 12-20 are very challenging. You will unlock a ton of things in a very short period of time. Your residents will go crazy asking for things. You may feel like quitting. But don't. After that, it gets so much better. Once you hit level 21, the game becomes a lot calmer and more fluent. You will be rich and will be able to buy many fancy casinos and hotels for your city. Just one other thing is that this game absolutely DRAINS your battery life. You can loose 20% from 10 minutes playing this game. One tip I have to tell you through experience is: Keep. Your. Factories. Working. For. You. It's the most simple thing that can make the difference between a small town and a luxurious metropolis. I know his review was long, but thanks for reading it. I wish you well on your SimCity journey.
  • Great game but 5/5

    By Handlisnnwqkdnneje
    If you could make it easier to move buildings around that would be great. Maybe have a storage specifically for buildings so moving them around could be less confusing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who could benefit from that.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Tmitchco
    Make no mistake, the goal of EA with this game is to excruciatingly bore you until you spend money. If you are determined, as I was, to play without paying for any advancements, you eventually discover the game is a colossal waste of time. It's really too bad, because it's visually terrific and a very enjoyable game design. You will want it to be fun, and you will wait and wait and wait for it to be fun, but even way past the 100k population milestone you'll give up or give in.
  • Pretty Funn 4/5

    By Are scary
    This game is really addictive for a while! I was playing this game daily. Got bored of it for a while but I'm back and I love it!!
  • The game keeps cutting off 1/5

    By Tragic Ra
    I can barely lay this game anymore because it keeps shutting off in the middle of play. It's happening more often and makes it irritating. Please fix!
  • Can't grow/expand my city after last update! 1/5

    By Jessica Mor
    So, before the latest update every time we upgraded a building we had the right to create a new building, which helped expand the city and grow our population. Now I've upgraded DOZENS of buildings and was not awarded the right to build even ONE extra building. How are we supposed to have more buildings and complete Paris, Tokyo and London contests if I'm not allowed to build any more buildings (even though I have plenty of land available for building!). PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!
  • Love the game 4/5

    By Kynesha F
    Love the game, but can you please add an option where you can choose to upgrade your houses if you want to. Also, can you make it so that we can reply to individual messages and be notified when there's a message in the club chat.
  • Where's the Update? 1/5

    By Mayor Brad
    Got sent to this page by clicking "get Update". So, where is it?
  • Disappointed in ad choices 3/5

    By ShoppingMomma
    This game is rated 4+ - I allow my young children to play because it's enjoyable and has no violence. However, I'm disturbed by the number of very violent ads you offer for prizes! Today, I looked at one and it was immediately into lots of fake blood spewing all over the place and lots of killing! How or why do you think the audience that enjoys this game would also enjoy a game like that?!? I can't imagine my 6 yr old seeing that ad and not having nightmares. If these ads continue I'll be forced to drop the game.
  • Fun, fun, fun 4/5

    By Orignlrose
    I enjoy playing SimCity Buildit. My only wish is that I could get the items I need to expand more often. Twice now I've purchased items using sims cash. Each time, the game took my cash but did not give me the items!!
  • Backup doesn't work 1/5

    By b_lee_dat
    Got new phone, backup didn't save. Lost all progress. Thanks!
  • very "ea" 5/5

    By El Oh Vi Ee
    it's entertaining.
  • Direct trading 2/5

    By Shagaaaa
    Why can't y'all update it to where we can directly trade in stead of having to only use the public trading?? Also, why can't we add people we trade with to our friends so that we can trade easier?? Sometimes I find good traders but the next few days I can't trade with them anymore because idk where they are.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By overmydeadbody2
    This game is annoying. It keeps crashing. I notified the support team and they haven't done anything to fx the issue. My game has crashed four times in the last ten minutes. I have hard stopped the game, I have restarted my device nothing works for long. I don't know why they can't fix the issue of the game crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the crashing continues. It's obvious the issue is with the game and ea games has no plans to fix my issue or anyone else's.
  • Sim City Build It 1/5

    By Randylee50
    It's 9/11/2017, the game is doing too much crashing, cannot visit other cities, and that means you cannot play the game. Fix immediately please! Maybe I'll just stop playing you cannot play anyway. Great game! Since the update, it keeps on crashing and it's getting annoying. Please fix this problem.
  • Fun at 1st but gets annoying 2/5

    By Dartnet
    Update: Now that I'm in the late game (playing for 1 year) there's 2 things that stick out to me: 1) Pay to win. 2) A nightmare for a completionist. Details: Once your city is developed enough, the core gameplay switches from city building to competing against other players in resource production contests. Early to mid game these contests are doable with enough planning and time. But in the late game it becomes impossible to compete without paying real money and getting lucky with the right set of randomly dealt assignments. If the prize was simply in-game currency or some sort of consumables that would be fine but the prizes are buildings that are only obtainable once via winning the contest. Between contest prizes and limited time building sales, this game is filled with missable buildings which can drive a person crazy when they needed a given building to complete their ideal city. My original review below still stands except an update has removed some constraints which reduces the pressure to spend real money during the early game. Original review: The same addictive satisfaction of building the perfect city engine as from the classic PC games but with a super annoying pay-to-win mobile spin. I hate how much the constraints of the game are designed to force players to pay real money instead of challenging them to rise to a new level of play. There's also this realtime resource production aspect that makes the game more like SimCity-FarmVille. With city expansion and income being gated by this "farming" mechanism and pay-to-win model, I'm liking this game less and less.
  • It's Pretty Good 4/5

    By V_Comoto
    Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad app and it can get addicting. The main problem I have with it though is that you get neosimoleons soooo slow. You don't get very much and stuff in the neomall is expensive. You really have to save up over days. It would be better if you got neosimoleons when you build Omega homes instead of regular simoleons. Overall the game isn't that bad.
  • 😩 1/5

    By None1013
    I've been playing this game for several years. Now tho, I completed a contest of mayors assignment and it didn't give me credit for it! No more epic projects either! Not much fun if they cheat you.
  • gxusjsbabj 2/5

    By Pocket frogs 987
  • When it works 3/5

    By LordFarquuad7
    This simcity version is really user friendly making it easy to get setup (with interacting characters) only downside is, it lags really bad when traveling to neighboring cities, or freezes and exits out of the app. Solutions??
  • Loved it up until a few days ago :-( 4/5

    By Miss Mylin
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game. I'm not usually into these types of games whatsoever, but this is SO ADDICTING! Up until a few days ago I had no real complaints, however, lately my sim cash seems to keep vanishing. The first time I thought I pressed something by accident and made a purchase I couldn't figure out. Now it's happened again and I'm completely bummed! The first time I went from over $62 in sim cash to about 9 or 10... then I just got up to around $42 and it dropped down to $10! It may not seem like much to some, but sim cash is hard to come by and it took a while to earn that. I know it's just a game but it helps me relieve so much stress when I get a moment to myself to relax, and the game should be fair... I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I hope this gets fixed. It's bothersome enough to make me delete the game. It takes away from the fun and makes it not worth the time or effort put into the game when you can just lose something you put so time into it. Please fix this! For some reason, I no longer get epic projects. Can someone fix this?
  • Restarted 4 times 4/5

    By Renewedchief360
    I love this game, but the problem was I had the restart 4 times because I was upgrading buildings too quickly to where I had to deal with fire, hospitality, police, waste, and sewage for the 3 times I tried restarting. I finally got it done but it was too much work.

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