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  • Current Version: 1.0.37
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Kaigan Games OÜ
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 4.99


You found the lost phone of a woman named Anna. In it, you see a desperate cry for help in the form of a video message. The phone behaves strangely as you dive deeper into it. You talk to her friends and they have no idea where she is. Her texts, emails and photo gallery provides fragments of information. It's up to you to piece it together. About the Game SIMULACRA is an immersive narrative thriller using the interface of a mobile phone. Like all phones, you have messages, emails, gallery and all kinds of apps to look through. With a strong focus on realism, the game's characters are played by live actors and shot at real locations. Dive into Anna's life as you look at her private photos, go through her dating app or view her personal video logs. Features: - Explore a fully realised world through the lens of a mobile phone. - Enjoy a unique gameplay experience through popular phone apps, including a dating app, a social media app and a web browser. - An expansive narrative with hours of gameplay that leads to 5 possible endings. - Filmed with live actors and an extensive VO cast. - Solve the recurring image and text decryption puzzles to learn more about Anna’s story.


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  • Great 5/5

    By minecraft lover 😍😘😗😙😚
    I think it was awesome but maybe lower the price it’s not really worth 4.99 maybe 2.99 that’s reasonable for this app :)
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By Candy cane 6234915674
    I've played this 4 times now (while two of the time I got half way through then my friend wanted to watch to I'd start over) and I loved it! I like the challenge to find things and the overall story to it! I definitely see Improvement between the first game and this one! I hope to see more from you in the future!
  • Really good potential and hits, but still has its misses. 4/5

    By hiimrobbierobbie
    The story and immersive qualities were good. The soundtrack and everything else worked well also, however there were a few points that kept this game from being perfect. • The jumpscares were okay... but if anything should be saved for the ending. That final screen was PERFECT it should remain exclusive to the end. • The picture scrambles and word scrambles should be only for advancing the story. The puzzles that didn’t match the story were annoying. Get rid of the word scramble entirely if possible. • Some characters were really good. Anna and her best friend were believable but everyone else seemed... cheesy. It was very hard to remain immersed when the characters were unpredictable. Aside from that, the gameplay is good! Fix those few things and it’s perfect.
  • Great game with a creepy story 5/5

    By Gunnerdog12
    I enjoyed SIM besides its short length but I still enjoyed both SIM and This game

    By Jftfwrtds
    This was a amazing game sooo reallilstc and its just wow words can’t explain how great this game was😜😜😜😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Amazing storyline 5/5

    By Z4eva and truly
    It is such a addictive game and the storyline is very interesting it feels like it’s a real phone. It’s really cool has some scary jump scares but over all it is a amazing game and is so interactive.
  • Lame pictures and empty story 2/5

    By Hdurhdjdj176474
    Id love a developer response about why the photos we’re uncovering are so lame. Really tired and boring things are discovered as you look for Anna. Amazingly, the pictures are even more banal than the average person’s most pointless selfies. It bears mention that I left this review once before and the company found a way (perhaps by lying, or by filing a false report of indecent language?) to have the review deleted. I’ve said it again, hopefully they won’t lie to Apple (again?) to get a valid criticism removed. Getting some people who make creative use of the camera would not be a bad idea. It’s an extremely, jarringly mundane collection of emails and photos. A good idea and a lot of momentum—this would be a good opportunity for someone who was _actually creative_ to work on your project with you, but your group as it stands is just taking a lot of cat photos and uninteresting people smiling in shopping malls and passing it off as “ooooh, you unlocked content!” Such a wasted opportunity, and the praise people are heaping on this is mind-boggling. Unless it’s mostly lies, which, since they are somehow able to delete their negative reviews, wouldn’t surprise me. Developer response?
  • What a great game. 5/5

    By Lavaboi
    This really shows some uniqueness in the medium, much better than Sara Is Missing.
  • Loved it, though could be improved 4/5

    By Pond424
    I loved the story and I love that it warrants multiple playthroughs. However, I have a few complaints. Uncovering the messages and photos at times seemed pointless. Except on, like, one occasion, uncovering the messages were sorta pointless. And sometimes it’s not clear at all what is left to do next. But other than that, I loved the game!!
  • Gameplay interesting, content not so much 3/5

    By Thrax7545
    I like the detective style puzzles, and the implementation of the fake apps and such. What I didn’t like were the farcical characters that I didn’t care about in the end. Both Taylor and Greg were caricatures and hard to relate too, and Anna and her forgettable friend were really shallow. I did like the over arching idea of the story, but all the pictures an msgs were pretty dull. Also, in terms of realism, I think if you make it so the incoming calls are just voicemails instead, it would make a lot more sense, and if the gameplay simply stuck to piecing together evidence and not interacting with the people in her life it would be a lot more tense and immersive. Thanks though, I totally enjoyed solving your puzzles, and I look forward to more of this genre of game...
  • Wow 5/5

    By Qwerty8092
    This is a really good game! Thanks for making it!
  • Genius conceit for horror game... 4/5

    By toddestroy
    ... entertaining story and fun gameplay, though does occasionally suffer from adventure-game obtuseness where practical solutions are swapped for puzzles. The acting can be... hammy... though the actress who portrays Anna is believable and likable, and she gets most screen time. Speaking of which, do many people just have a picture of themselves as the background of their own phone?
  • The Best Scary Game On The IPad 5/5

    By Gamerboy61
    This Is Such An Amazing Game I Really Recommend Playing This Game Ps It Is Wroth Buying For :)
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By hiei1020
    I played “Sara is Missing” and this fulfills the hole that left greatly! It was a little less impactful because the stakes didn’t feel quite as high as a cult murder mystery, with rogue element of phone against you. This is more of trying to sort people out while getting to the truth, with something supernatural happening. This is still amazing, multiple endings, Easter eggs, lots to do, very much worth 5$. (Are the rando jabbr posts nothing? I’ve been trying a ton of different responses with them and gotten nothing)
  • Hey 5/5

    By Noahbear1102
    I love the game
  • This is great 5/5

    By crw1909
    I had to do everything that is hard but it won’t skip
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Mbelloli
    Absolutely well worth the money
  • Not a bad game 3/5

    By Pete Miles
    The story was a little contrived, but enjoyable for the most part. May play through again to see what other results I get. Could have been longer.
  • Great game! Only a couple gripes... 4/5

    By Astounded Player
    The first has nothing to do with the game itself. For some reason, my Bluetooth headphones didn't work for this game. It was disappointing, but I just listened to it without headphones. The other gripe is a kind of illusion of choice. I understand, you need to tell a linear story. But when given 3 options, and I pick the one I think will do the least damage, just to find out I need to use all of the options? That was a little disappointing. Otherwise, great game! Very creepy, hard decisions at the end, and I will definitely replay to get the best ending! Definitely recommend!
  • It keeps you wanting more! 4/5

    By zippyzoop
    Even though the acting and voice overs are not well executed but the storyline really grabs you. The fact that you have multiple ending depending on your choices is amazing! It is worth playing!

    By SeaLex111
    That was amazing. I don’t even care that I got such a bad a ending. That’s what replays are for. I loved the story and characters. I had so much fun!!! I loved how complicated everything was and how you had to get every little detail just right. Definitely gonna replay and try to get a better ending though😅
  • I want more! 5/5

    By KittyWitty77
    Such a cool game. Hope they do another one soon!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By HeHoiMaster03
    I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. It is so worth the money. If you get scared easily though, I don’t recommend.
  • ILOVE IT 5/5

    It’s the best texting game in my opinion and a lot longer than Sara is missing
  • Perfect horror simulator 5/5

    By IfeelLikeSpider
    I love this game! Personally, I think 12+ isn’t right, but an amazing game regardless. I showed my best friend the good ending, and she said it looked just like horror movie she saw once. And, she didn’t know what Simulacra was! Great job. Round of applause to you guys. Worth the $5.
  • Must have 5/5

    By Luna920
    Great game! Very riveting and draws you in.
  • Creepy 5/5

    By aangelcakes
    This game is fun and creepy I recommend it if you’re into mysteries
  • Excellent horror experience 5/5

    By teratomatastic
    Masterful use of the mobile phone platform Did not expect to be scared by a freaking game on my phone. Kudos
  • Utterly Amazing [Minor Spoiler] 5/5

    By ~Souls
    I had played through Sara is Missing and enjoyed the experience, so when I saw this app while looking for something to spend my time with, I was curious. I am so glad I decided to buy this, for anyone who is wondering it is definitely worth the money. The experience gives many hours of gameplay with different endings, my first time through I spent 20+ minutes trying to decide whether to kill Taylor or Anna. I’m looking forward to further projects.
  • Well done. 5/5

    By llahela
    Was a fan of their previous games and continued to check up on these creators/developers while awaiting for the release of this game. Thoroughly entertaining and engaging. I sincerely hope they continue with this style of gaming as it’s my favorite and so far, they do it best. Thanks guys
  • Way overpriced 1/5

    By jlcreynold
    This game does NOT have hours of game play. It’s a very linear story, the dialogue goes with every answer you choose, and there are maybe 4 points where the game *could* change based on a selection. Not worth $4.99 and I wish I never bought it.
  • Great game, minor flaws 4/5

    By Sonic3691
    Overall, it was great! Only problem is that parts of it feel a bit "on rails." Worth the $5!
  • BEST GAME EVER!!!! 5/5

    By Jaselin15
    Update: just got the save both ending also there’s so many endings. I can wait to complete them all!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Scrub-chan
    This game was really fun! Keep making more of these, pleaseee! It would be cool if the next game (if there is going to be another one) had more of the phone to explore instead of one small page of apps. But other than that, it was littt asf
  • Tops SIM and goes beyond expectations! 5/5

    By !?$&@.:
    Incredible....just incredible. Definitely worth the money‼️I would buy all your found footage games! (Hopefully the sequels) lol PLEASE MAKE MORE‼️😅
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By TranquilCoral
    Please play this game, I love it so much!! These guys make awesome games and this is just so cool dhhsvfbrbff
  • Surprisingly thrilling 5/5

    By DreamShatterah
    I played Sara is Missing and was well entertained but was kind of skeptical paying for a similar game. This game is intense and actually have a few jump scares that you wouldn’t expect from this type of game. This game has incredible pacing and easy to learn. This is the perfect horror game for millennials because of the apps used. Great game and well worth the price. Definitely need another!
  • Engrossing! 5/5

    By DJ SxString
    Addictive and fun! Worth the money.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Alec j.
    The puzzles aren’t too hard, and a lot of the time you’ll question if what choice you just made was the right one. (One critique I reached a major plot point where the ambiguity of past events made the choice a 50/50, which brought me out of it) but overall very enjoyable.
  • A Fantastic Game! 5/5

    By retroflow
    I stayed up all night playing this to completion and loved it! The acting was a bit stilted at times and sounded more like someone reading from a script rather than a real person (mostly during the voice segments), but it didn’t detract from the experience enough to lower my rating. This game was money well spent, and I can’t wait for the next game from this dev!!
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Liveittup32
    It's absolutely amazing game totally worth the money
  • Great game 5/5

    By MrDiaz7
    A really intense game I had a lot of fun after I finished I prob got the worst ending but you guys can try to get a better one
  • Pretty good game 4/5

    By The dude0189
    Don’t let your morals get in the way! Lol
  • Jay From The KubzScouts ! 5/5

    By »°§härön°«
    I saw Jay From The Kubz Scouts playing this game and i totally enjoyed how he played it now i’m playing it and i love it!
  • Creepy and fun 5/5

    By solaret
    I really enjoyed this game. Excellent quality, it actually felt like going through a stranger’s phone (complete with watching the battery life go steadily down). Sometimes I found myself pressing my phone’s actual home button by mistake to get to the home screen, and I agonized over one particular choice around the middle part. I haven’t discovered all of the endings yet, but I have a lot of unanswered questions. My only suggestion would be adding a way to backtrack, though I have noticed some ominous easter eggs after restarting. Also, looked up Baudrillard. It’s always nice to play a game that gives you something to think about after playing.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SludgeHooker
    This game was awesome! If there is ever a sequel I would so volunteer
  • Great AR Psychological Thriller Game!! 5/5

    By B_rad nobody take this name
    This was a completely new experience but one worth going through. With the incredible immersion, new style of gameplay, and multiple endings: this is a game well worth $4.99!
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By By Molly meyer
    I've seen videos on Youtube of this game and deced to play it for myself, and all I can say is that this is one well-made game. I enjoy the interactive choices in this game and how one thing can affect the outcome of everything. The background noises spooked me, but I truly love this game. I am curious as how to get the worm ending since I have gotten all of the endings but that one. I am also curious as to how you got the inspiration to make this game and what thought went into the plot. I kinda want to make a game like this of my own, and I was just wondering about the inspiration and thought behind all of this ^^;;
  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 5/5

    By kawaiicreampuff💙
    AMAZING I loved Sara I missing once I saw this I had to buy it, I’m so happy I did it’s amazing
  • Worth 5 bucks 5/5

    By Zinkangel537
    This game is totally worth all the time and money. It’s soooo good.

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