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  • Current Version: 4.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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SiriusXM Radio App

Hear the best SiriusXM has to offer, anywhere life takes you, with the SiriusXM app! Listen to commercial-free music, plus exclusive sports, talk, comedy, and entertainment programming. Access hundreds of On Demand shows and custom mix SiriusXM music and comedy channels so you hear more of what you want. With the world of SiriusXM right at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Streaming is included in most new and pre-owned vehicle trial subscriptions, or with a qualified paid SiriusXM subscription. About This Application • Stream SiriusXM channels live, including additional online-only channels. • Custom mix many of your favorite music and comedy channels. • Get On Demand access to our large catalog of content and listen on your schedule. • Store select talk and entertainment shows for a period of time so you can listen even while offline. • Easily find channels, shows, and episodes with enhanced search capability. • Receive personalized recommendations to help you find even more content you’ll love. • Let your friends in on what you’re hearing or shout it to the world with new social features.


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SiriusXM Radio app reviews


    By fanniefreddy
    Sometimes the new app opens and works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s 50/50. New update made it IMPOSSIBLE to scrub through an episode as they shrunk the slider which used to allow you to do so. No idea how this update made it passed QA.
  • Better, but still not perfect 3/5

    By sox4life
    The app has gotten a lot better over the past month. Adding support to the iPhone 6+ was a great addition. The interface still feels a bit clunky, and could benefit from a cleaner and more user friendly design.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Glyol
    So happy that I finally found a Beatles station!!
  • “Date on your device appears to be in the past” 1/5

    By DeleteApp
    I keep getting that message when trying to play on demand shows. I delete the app, reinstall, download the show again, and can listen but inevitably it happens again. What the heck is up with the new app?
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Miggsoo3
    Considering you have to pay extra to have access to the app even if your already a subscriber this is unacceptable. The app is extremely buggy and constantly has problems with downloads not playing or not deleting. I had to restart my phone bc the latest version kept saying my phones date was in the past and wouldn’t play the downloaded programs. Get it together SiriusXM.
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By wje1000
    Terrible app. Glitches, freezes. It is the only app I have that crashes. Skip forward/back does not work. Impossible to seek using the slider. No skip forward. Honestly: HOW HARD is it to reliably play back downloaded and cached content??? Inexcusable.
  • Problem with Favorite Channels 2/5

    By Carogoff
    I use this app daily. Issues began 3 versions ago with the new format - the app no longer keeps the menu open while listening by default. I have enabled the feature in app settings, however on each launch of the app the setting has to be enabled - it does not save the users selection. I have contacted SiriusXM to no avail.
  • La mejor 5/5

    By franktercero
    Mi aplicación favorita
  • Terrible 1/5

    By This is wilfghtgsh
    Just awful. App freezes when starting. Downloaded shows say the are expired right after downloading. Can’t wait until Howard retires so I can cancel.
  • New Version is Still Garbage! 1/5

    By kbolenba
    New version updated for iOS 11 is garbage. They updated it after iOS 11 and it STILL crashes EVERY time you pause and try to restart program. Also, downloads disappear basically as soon as they are downloaded. Who tested this thing at the developer? Obviously no one. Fix now!
  • New Update is Worthless 1/5

    By FYDP
    They should of just left it alone after finally getting the app actually work correctly. The on-demand shows are all bugged out and do not work. You can't skip or scroll through the shows either without it freezing. Garbage.
  • What Happened To Channel Swipe??? 2/5

    By Reviewer01289544
    You use to be able to swipe screen to previous or next channel. Not anymore with the latest update. Did you think we wouldn't notice this? Please add this back in.
  • Really enjoy it 5/5

    By Vacations4u
    We really enjoy listening to the music at work in my car and at home. I've been a customer over 6 years
  • Streams for 20 minutes max then stops 1/5

    By Scookstlmo
    Prior to the 9/6 update, this was a pretty solid app. At least if it stopped streaming, all you had to do to resume was press play. Since this crappy update, the app stops streaming at the 20 minute mark (if not sooner) and the only way to resume is to kill it and reopen it to start a new session. Apparently no QA testing was done prior to release and this is pretty aggravating to say the least. I'm going to have to restore my iPhone 6 to a point prior to 9/6 just because of this crappy app! UPDATE: version 4.1.3 is no better but now the app just closes and needs to be restarted to resume streaming-very poor and no support whatsoever-just lip service
  • Alright, but could be a little better 4/5

    By JeremyS1512
    I mainly use it for listening to Stern, but do use it for music and comedy also. I like that you can tailor the music to you tastes. Some necessary enhancements are needed. Since the screens on the iPhones have gotten bigger, it would be nice to see the app in landscape view. Also, it is a little difficult rewinding since the play indicator is so small. If it was a little bigger, it time navigation would be better. I do like the 15 second skip back. Overall not bad.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Livbrown
    Works great never have any trouble.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Maws333
    This used to be my go to app for listening while on the road, since iOS 11 anytime I try to listen to an on-demand episode it tells me my date appears to be in the past. My date is correct and my time is correct they are set automatically, please fix this!!!
  • Good app 1/5

    By Natural2BGone
    App tells me my phones clock is in the past and to reset it in order to listen to downloaded content. The clock is set correctly. Unable to listen to downloaded content since latest update.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Lillpappa
    I listened to the ads but when I wanted to order it's a bait and switch.
  • Works well, but... 2/5

    By Mttrace
    During the live stream of Howard Stern the app allows you to fast forward past the commercials but this is not the case if you catch it on the replay. Dragging your finger to fast-forward is very in accurate. Paying for the subscription should allow the option to scroll past the commercials. The 15 second back option is nice but there is no 15 second forward option. That should definitely be added. The stability has improved I just wish they would give us the option to forgo commercials as this was one of the reasons many of us subscribe, aside from Howard stern and uninterrupted music. More and more they seem to be adding commercials. Shouldn't the subscription price be lowered to reflect this?
  • needs fast forward & reverse functions 2/5

    By EbayerSeller
    this app is nice if you have wifi. once i didnt have wifi and it used an entire GB of data in one hour. but mostly what it needs is the same functions as the radio: fast forward and reverse. if you miss something being said on the news, there no way to go back and replay it like on the actual radio. and this app has been around for almost a decade and the features never improve. same as it was in the beginning. and on demand content? ive never had any shows i like on demand. i dont see anything on demand ever even tho they like to brag about it. are they sports or something?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bstarkey84
    I want to like this App, but they make almost impossible to do so. Connections constantly drop out despite full service or being connected to wifi. Sometimes the app will just crash for no apparent reason. Trying to pick up a show where you left off is almost impossible, especially when this happens while driving. Any interaction I've had with Sirius technical support has resulted in a general form email reply.
  • Notification issue after update 3/5

    By Ladyredspider
    I have ALL notifications turned off yet I keep getting notifications on how to use your app every time the app is loaded. EVERY TIME I use your app I keep getting notifications on how to use your app even when ALL notifications are OFF! When are you going to fix this? Every time you update the app this happens and it just happened again. This needs fixed, I do not want notifications and "turning them off" does nothing. What's the point if your still going to give me notification? FIX THIS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Henriquers
    The app is getting better, there’s definitely been an improvement over the past versions. I wish they would create an integration with Apple CarPlay, it would be incredibly awesome.
  • 4.1.3 fixed nothing for downloads...still 1/5

    By Don-E S.
    Third update and I still can't download the Howard stern show and listen without crushing my cell data. I think this update actually made things worse. IS THERE ANY WAY TO REVERT BACK TO 3.0 so I don't have to cancel Sirius. Don't think of this as one star rating but negative 4 stars.
  • Don't update 1/5

    By irishr
    Holy crap they made this bad fast. I don't know what their goal was on this but they missed the mark biggly. They keep updating and glitches get worse.
  • New Update Needs Some Tweaking 3/5

    By Grover1976
    I hate that every time I open the app I have to go into settings and tell it to leave the menu open while I'm listening. It never did that before and makes it very annoying when I can't see what other songs are playing. Other than that the app works well.
  • App won't accept my username/pw 1/5

    By sparetharod
    I can log into the website with no problem but the app says my username/pw is wrong. So basically the app doesn't work.
  • A Sirius Review 4/5

    By wcfencer
    In general I love the app, and Sirius sat radio, but I would love to hear and see less commercials when I am enjoying great music!
  • Latest update crashing 5/5

    By Mr_beavis
    Issue resolved back to 5 stars for me. Used this app all the time but since latest upgrade it crashes as soon as I play anything on my 4th generation iPad. So frustrating!
  • 4.1.2 - App crashes for every channel I have used 4/5

    By wxmsp4001
    After installing, and re-installing, the 4.1.2 update, every channel I have used now crashes the app after about 1 second of audio. Channels I never listened to work. This seems to be an account related bug. This is on an iPhone 5 with 10.3.3. App description says it should support. Please fix. UPDATE: 4.1.3 fixed this crash. Thank you.
  • Newest version crashes every single time. 1/5

    This is on September 19th 2017. App opens fine, all menus work, but as soon as I pick any channel or hit play it instantly crashes. This is on an iPad. It has now been three days since I have not been able to use the SiriusXM app on my iPad. First of all this is way too expensive for the few stations Worth listening to, but to not be able to listen to it at all unless I'm in my truck is unacceptable. I'm about two months out for my next renewal and I'm definitely not going to do it unless it's fixed. And fix the audio cut out also. The new app has been horrible for about a half a year. Four days now and still not working. I'm not gonna buy an XM radio. The only place I can listen to this now is in my truck. Fix this! I'm thinking you guys have about three years left until stern retires. If you guys cannot fix this problem in four days there's no way you're lasting after he's gone. He's the only reason this thing exists at all. This is why the stock is so low because people know this. **5th day fixed** Way too long.
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By AiKaiLin
    TV has gotten overwhelming. Too manually channels, most of which I would not care to watch. Once it gets to hundreds, too much. I like how this is set up so I can go directly to News or Sports, etc., then select by category, then another short list. Takes 2 minutes. Now Sirius is my connection to the world.
  • Enjoying! 5/5

    By zumbapashn
    I have SiriusXM in my vehicle but I enjoy using the app when in the house or riding in my husbands truck. I can continue to listen to what was on in the car.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Strides13
    Latest Sirius xm app upgrade does not work on iPad mini device.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By acorwin
    I don't know why but on many channels, like the sports channels including the play-by- play channels. all of the sudden the app cuts off as soon as I select a channel. I get literally 2 seconds of sound then nada. Working fine on my other phone, no idea why. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn't work.
  • Really disappointed in new update 1/5

    By Trljc1997
    I have been a subscriber since 2003. I have always enjoyed the ability to stream on my phone. The new update has made that impossible. Every time I play A Sports radio station (the only thing I listen to while streaming) the app crashes. I have deleted app, turned phone off and reinstalled several times, and the issue with app failure continues. Please fix asap, sincerely A very disappointed Subscriber.
  • Won’t allow listen to on demand 1/5

    By fligs
    Keeps says the date on my phone is in the past when it isn’t and won’t let me listen to on demand. Problems every time they update the app
  • Always crashing 1/5

    By Rick Jones
    New app came out about 7 days ago..... it crashes every time I tune to a sports channel.....
  • Cannot recognize existing subscribers 1/5

    By Tenor1941
    Sorry, no stars. The program cannot even recognize existing subscribers by name, by email address, by phone or ZIP Code. Totally worthless
  • Newest version won’t play content 1/5

    By jhseattle
    Newest version on iOS 11, iPhone 8 Plus won’t play any content, just says “check your system date it must be correct to play content.” Guess what, it is set automatically and is correct.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Heartcrnp08
    I downloaded the app about 3 months ago and had to reset my password because it kept saying it was incorrect. It worked for awhile, but then started saying that the password was incorrect again! I reset the password.... again and it worked for awhile again. I tried getting on today and it's saying the password is wrong again! I use a password keeper and ALWAYS store my passwords in it. I'm obsessive about that, so I am 100% certain the problem is not on my end. This app is pathetic. I'm just glad I don't pay for Sirius XM (it came free for 3 years with my new car- including the web access). I definitely won't renew at the end of the free period.
  • What is wrong with your app? 2/5

    By DW70
    I open the app, choose a channel, and then it locks up and eventually shuts down. Ridiculous.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By HT4U
    Great app; it's convenient too! Love it!
  • Why? 1/5

    By hundredsofcenters
    Why is the design so horrible? Get some UI experts. Should be like Spotify. It’s worse than iTunes.

    By Borat Yesamaj
    Since downloading the September 2017 update i can start the app, browse all the menus, but as soon as i play anything the app crashes...
  • Great App 5/5

    By BlindPymp84
    Love it.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Kidglo
    Love the many choices available and that I can use it anywhere & with multiple devices!9
  • Excellent lLve Radio & search options 5/5

    By Sittons
    Sirius is awesome! And don't forget you can use the search tool to find your favorite artist, podcast, interviews, every recorded program is just a click away. I listen to Howard live Monday through Wednesday and use the search tool to find old shows. Awesome App! Used correctly it is worth every penny.
  • The app has gotten so much better since the update 1/5

    By Snizonthereg724
    But it still has problems. For example, I'm trying to listen to downloaded howard stern episodes and it's telling me that the date on my device seems to he in the past and I need to update the date and time to listen to my down loaded stuff. What!? Date and time are exactly how they should be 9:15am on 9/23/2017 which is exactly today's date and time. They really need to work these hugs out before I unsubscribe. Getting really tired of these problems with the app.

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