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  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: SIRIUS XM Radio Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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SiriusXM Radio App

Hear the best SiriusXM has to offer, anywhere life takes you, with the SiriusXM app! Listen to commercial-free music, plus exclusive sports, talk, comedy, and entertainment programming. Access hundreds of On Demand shows and custom mix SiriusXM music and comedy channels so you hear more of what you want. With the world of SiriusXM right at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Streaming is included in most new and pre-owned vehicle trial subscriptions, or with a qualified paid SiriusXM subscription. About This Application • Stream SiriusXM channels live, including additional online-only channels. • Custom mix many of your favorite music and comedy channels. • Get On Demand access to our large catalog of content and listen on your schedule. • Store select talk and entertainment shows for a period of time so you can listen even while offline. • Easily find channels, shows, and episodes with enhanced search capability. • Receive personalized recommendations to help you find even more content you’ll love. • Let your friends in on what you’re hearing or shout it to the world with new social features.


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SiriusXM Radio app reviews

  • Not good 1/5

    By Jenabear970
    When I can sign in, it’s great. I have had the app for about two months and it has worked for only a couple of weeks.
  • Text STILL gets stuck 1/5

    By HillJack Russell
    Even after TWO updates to fix it, the text/screen freeze bug that only happens with the Sirius XM app. And it happens after just ONE song.
  • Constantly improving 5/5

    By Peh Rochester Hills MI
    I sent Sirius XM a message about the app screen not refreshing with each new song, they sent out an update within days correcting the problem!
  • Music titles still don’t advance 3/5

    By so all the nicknames are taken
    The latest update said it fixed the issue with the display getting stuck on a song. It didn’t...
  • Location issues 2/5

    By Bikedbrewer
    Great app when it works right. But frequently while listening it’ll cut off and tell me can’t determine location. It’s internet radio, not sure why that should matter.
  • Love it. But still needs work 4/5

    By Goodrfriend
    App is a great way to listen to XM radio. But it is time to think about user interface. If I am listening to one station why do I need to get through so many clicks to see other channels? It would have been much easier to click on the “program guide” icon menu to see what is currently being played on other channels and decide if it worth to switch the station before listening and going back in case you don’t like it. Do it at least for at least one subsection music-Rock. Or even better allow the users to build their own favorite channel list and have a peak view of all the programming on them real time.
  • App is buggy and has limited functionality 3/5

    By Lars in Philly
    The content is good but the App is buggy and has limited functionality. Also, they should add a morning alarm clock so that you can set it to turn on your favorite channel to wake up to.
  • Works as advertised, at times has some issues 3/5

    By ArtfromDon
    App no longer updates song title
  • Sirius XM Is the best yet 5/5

    By Fact tracker
    I enjoy the wide range of views, issues and opinions that SXM provides. The #1 station for my ears is channel 126
  • XM 5/5

    Great app. I enjoy listening while in my cubicle & while traveling via bus, car, airplane, train & walking. I cut the cord & listen to cable news via SXM app. I just need news content not visual content & SXM delivers.
  • Clunky and Unreliable 1/5

    By Toppsgrrl
    This is one of the few apps that gets worse with every update. Very difficult to rewind and fast forward. Freaks out when you lose the signal. No longer picks up where you left off on a different device. Inaccurate time markers, especially for Howard Stern when the show is live.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Genec123
    Good app. I use it a lot. I listen to Howard and political talk shows. Baseball in the summer. Lots of choices
  • Going downhill 2/5

    By ColorBandit
    The latest version of the app is pretty bad. Sure, you can access the network content on your phone or tablet. The volume control disappeared. I’m always having to clear error messages like ‘Trying to find connection’ even though the station is playing fine. On the talk stations, you can’t skip past commercials and get right to the content. Hello! I’m already paying through the nose for your exclusive content! Why are you forcing me to listen to ads or miss big chunks of content? I almost always use the app rather than the actual radio. If you can’t fix the commercial skipping problem, I may just end my subscription completely.
  • I have an account 1/5

    By jeffs69camaro
    I can’t listen to this on my iPhone with my account
  • Lackluster 1/5

    By Timw956
    Let’s face it: if the content was available on other apps, this clunky interface would never be used. As a subscriber, I appreciate getting on demand and live streams on my phone for convenience. But the poor performance and absurd navigation is only accepted because we want the content. So, kudos to the team who decided this pre beta version of a real app was ready to shovel down the throats of millions of paying customers. If you want a few more dollars a month for a better app, just ask me to pay for it. It would be worth it to avoid constantly jumping back and forth like a ham handed idiot, looking for the spot where I left off. Do better.
  • Poor quality control 1/5

    By moosehead89
    The quality control of new releases on this app is terrible. There are always bugs that freeze or shutdown the app. I was stuck listening to a download and couldn’t navigate out of it to hear other channels or even download other content. All the menu options were grayed out. After numerous attempts I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now I can’t even log back in, making the app unusable. Amazing. This app has also had historically bad playback controls. It’s so hard to move forward or back to listen to content. How is this possible — it’s an app who’s primary purpose is to play content?? Even the most basic iOS podcast and music apps have better playback controls Sirius should be embarrassed.
  • Acceptable but... 3/5

    By jdentler
    +1 that the current song playing doesn’t update automatically on the UI, kind of annoying.
  • Update didn’t work 3/5

    By Shopperman
    The text continues to get stuck on the first song played when you open it.
  • Terrible interface! 3/5

    By wvrich
    No volume slider, the rewind button is apparently one pixel large and never works. Frustrating.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By Blue9711
    I am a loyal subscriber but they need to fix the issue causing the album art not matching with the song currently playing. It seems to get stuck on the first song that was played when tuned to channel and that album art remains even after that song ends and new song begins. Also in general it is not the best user face experience. Generally all the features could use some work.
  • Now we're talking 5/5

    By carlosrsr
    The I missed my satellite radio here; In Puerto Rico I tried multiple satellite radio models and they don't work here, so my only option was streaming. Now, with the text/artwork fix update the app is as it should be . Thanks!
  • Text is still sticking 1/5

    By upkel
    Your last update said that you fixed the problem of the text sticking and not changing when the song changes. It’s still doing that problem. Very annoying for a service that I spend too much money for.
  • Can’t scrub to a specific spot anymore 1/5

    By Chob
    I’m on an iPhone X and for some reason I can’t move the slider to get to different parts of a broadcast. The buttons to skip and rewind work but no way to get in between.
  • App used to work great 1/5

    By Jamesk12545738
    But now, the title of what I'm listening to never changes. Since I usually listen to stuff that's already started, it also is losing the skip spots unless I close the app and then reopen. And then eventually the cycle continues.
  • Album art and song info frozen - doesn’t update 2/5

    By 2ironz
    One of the perks of SiriusXM is being able to quickly identify the artist, song title, or other track information. Please fix this! After opening the app, this gets stuck on the first song that is played.
  • SiriusXM 5/5

    By Jeff and Grethen
    I love this app so much because I love to listen to my channels even KIDZ BOP RADIO I am a fan of KIDZ BOP.❤️
  • RDS is stuck *FIXED* 5/5

    By Jayceejay
    ***Updated**** Will update to 5 stars once the song update issue is corrected.
  • CarPlay 5/5

    By jhancher
    This is a HUGE addition to CarPlay. Really great to be able to use my XM subscription on my radio. Next? Waze, please?
  • Screen constantly stuck on 1 song! 3/5

    By @Darrr
    With each update, I keep hoping the issue will be resolved. It never fails to get stuck on a song display almost immediately and display nothing else but that one songs info. I hate not knowing what I’m listening to and have no ability to look it up later and save it if I really liked it! Such a pain. Please fix. Otherwise love the app, but this has been obnoxious for far too long (months!).
  • Could be MUCH better 2/5

    By mattip1
    So much potential. The good: Great content Decent audio quality Ability to modify/create custom mix The bad: The ui is absolutely terrible! Worst part and reason for 2 stars - now playing info is rarely correct so you never know what is playing
  • Junk 1/5

    By Guilicious
    Love the service, hate this app. Aside from the artist/track information not updating as others have mentioned, recently I have noticed this app is causing my phone (7+) to run extremely hot. It hasn’t done this the whole time I have been using it so I have to assume it is related to a recent update. Given that I am paying upwards of 20 bucks a month for an Internet radio subscription I expect a better app. Had an Android phone a while back and never had any of these issues.
  • Love it 5/5

    By listnermary
    Great app. Not too many glitches.
  • Can’t even start 1/5

    By NameUsed
    Can’t really rate it because when I try to log in it says it doesn’t recognize my username or password. I use the same login as the website correct? Because if I try to create account within the app it then says I already have an account and tells me to login. I created a new password and tried again and still get message that it doesn’t recognize me
  • Current song screen doesn’t update when song changes 4/5

    By Capsfan1134
    Current song screen does not update to the current song playing. It stays on song that was playing when you first switch to the channel. This is a recent problem. Update 01/12/18 Update 4.2.2 solved the problem.
  • Only good sometimes 2/5

    By drwillb1
    I get lots of flaky, intermittent connections in areas where other streaming services have no problem. Mind you, I’m in the NY metro area so there should be close to zero dead spots. I also still get occasional freezing on app startup. Also, I wish I could scroll through my favorites while in lock screen vs. having to go back to full app.
  • Text/art still get stuck 2/5

    By GMCer
    Update Jan. 12: the new version gets one more star (2 stars total) as the text and art still get stuck, but it takes several minutes of listening for it to happen - music, text, art sync for a while then stick. Close but still broken. I love SiriusXM programming and have enjoyed the app for years - but something broke with the recent updates. As others have noted, the song info and artwork get stuck - usually on the song that played on the channel when you first selected it (but not always). The audio moves forward, but the info and artwork remain fixed on an earlier song. This happens on both the iPhone and iPad app. Please fix, this is basic functionality for a music app! Would give five stars if they solve this.
  • Updated APP- now won’t work 1/5

    By Gh355n
    So the APP is only ok- i only have it because of the vehicle subscription. But they just updated the IOS App and now the app wont properly launch or allow me to select ANY channels. The App was buggy, yet working before, now with the latest update, it wont properly launch anymore.
  • Garbage, still, after years 1/5

    By Zzzzzzzzzzzz05
    Wow. Slow, dysfunctional, etc. Fire the app team. Always screwing up. Again and again it will fail you.
  • From 5-stars to 1 1/5

    By DDT1345
    App was flawless until the latest update. Now streaming is awful. Stops, skips. Unlistenable. This is the only way I listen. Please revert to the last revision or I will be forced to cancel!
  • Great Content Poor Execution 3/5

    By Charlie Limo
    I love the stations, but let’s face it. The only one I listen to faithfully is Stern. The reason for this is the All too frequent drops. Unless I’m listening with wifi or in one place, the signal’s gonna drop on me countless times. When I do attempt to listen to the music stations, the text gets stuck on the first song and doesn’t change after that. Supposedly this was fixed with the last update. NOT!!
  • Sirius xm radio WHOA! 1/5

    By clintfb1
    Sirius has changed its fee structure totally since I first subscribed. Completely unreasonable now! Find an alternative to Sirius, avoid exorbitant subscription fees, undamnreasonable!!
  • Best Radio in the World 5/5

    By TheJai_Shield15
    The greatest creation on earth since sliced bread. Use it everyday for “Mad Dog Unleashed” with Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo, Schein on Sports, on Mad Dog Sports Radio ch. 82. & The Herd with Colin Cowherd on FOX Sports Radio ch. 83. And to listen to Bengals games living in Baltimore. App never crashes, fresh, best radio EVER!!
  • App doesn’t appear to refresh 3/5

    By Picky77
    I can listen to the stations just fine but the song/artist info gets stuck and doesn’t refresh when the next song goes on. I can be listening for an hour and the info of what was playing when I first opened the app is still displayed. A little annoying when I really want to know what’s playing at that moment. Happens during live or paused/played back scenarios.
  • The latest update is terrible wont work with iPhone X 1/5

    By courtpassant
    Major issues with iPhone x
  • Pretty good app 3/5

    By Zay2293
    Good app. Would be nice if they also included support for the Volkswagen Composition Color infotainment system, like they do with Ford Sync. That way I could change stations via in infotainment system & not have to use my phone while I’m driving to change the station. But the app works well.
  • Link to echo 5/5

    By Pnfjr
    How come we have to link every day now, was working great with echo but some bug has developed otherwise Sirius and echo work great 5 stars again when this bug is fixed
  • Still getting stuck. 3/5

    By RV81282
    Audio still getting stuck while listening. The scrub bar is impossible to move towards the end of a downloaded show. Need a 15 sec skip forward button.
  • Wrong metadata display 2/5

    By Mark G.
    Album, song, artist onscreen info. Is stuck on first song displayed.
  • Miss the old days 2/5

    By Reddevil96
    Price every month keeps going up, but yet i cant always listen because of some glitch or hang up. You would think quality should keep getting better as time goes on, not worse. Its not just this app its also plagued on the windows app.
  • Ruined again, worse than ever 1/5

    By Markset
    Every update you guys do you ruin this app more and more and more. I'm very close to even canceling my Sirius subscription, this app is almost unusable and makes me more aggravated trying to use it then the pleasure I get out of it when it worked!!!! re-update and fix once and for all or I will have to cancel my subscription

SiriusXM Radio app comments


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