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  • Current Version: 4.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: SIRIUS XM Radio Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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SiriusXM Radio App

Hear the best SiriusXM has to offer, anywhere life takes you, with the SiriusXM app! Listen to commercial-free music, plus exclusive sports, talk, comedy, and entertainment programming. Access hundreds of On Demand shows and custom mix SiriusXM music and comedy channels so you hear more of what you want. With the world of SiriusXM right at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Streaming is included in most new and pre-owned vehicle trial subscriptions, or with a qualified paid SiriusXM subscription. About This Application • Stream SiriusXM channels live, including additional online-only channels. • Custom mix many of your favorite music and comedy channels. • Get On Demand access to our large catalog of content and listen on your schedule. • Store select talk and entertainment shows for a period of time so you can listen even while offline. • Easily find channels, shows, and episodes with enhanced search capability. • Receive personalized recommendations to help you find even more content you’ll love. • Let your friends in on what you’re hearing or shout it to the world with new social features.


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SiriusXM Radio app reviews

  • Great, sturdy app! 5/5

    By Racerevan
    I use this app all the time. It rarely crashes and picks up where it left off after interruptions like phone calls. It runs in the background while using other apps that don't require sound and even while using maps. It's memory lasts at least 3 hours before automatically going to live instead of where you last were listening.
  • Time in the past?? 1/5

    By Tjosephc
    I have several episodes downloaded and now they won’t play due to my device’s date being in the past?? I was about to give you 4 stars, now I get this trash and cannot play any downloaded content. Fix this now.
  • Where is the start now button? 1/5

    By WhySiriusWhy
    L A G I N G
  • Consistently the worst app after every update. 1/5

    By JoshParent
    Oct 2017 Update. Why haven’t I learned... NEVER UPDATE THIS app. I have this great new bug where it says the time and date are incorrect on my device, then I get to reinstall the app. As others have mentioned it's curious that the ratings went from 1.5 stars to 4 overnight. Someone with the username LoveSirius rates it 5 stars, many others reviewing the siriusxm service rather than the app itself. Don't be fooled, the app is still frustratingly bad.
  • Total disappointment 1/5

    By mosesjeep
    App will not let you sign in anymore called customer service it’s a joke think I’m done paying for radio
  • Terrible app and update 1/5

    By johnnymarr
    The new update has made the app unusable. Every time I attempt to listen to downloaded Howard Stern, it says my device’s date appears in the past and it cannot be played. How does my iPhone have a date in the past???? Then, I delete and download app again and it works. For one day. Than same problem. Useless!
  • Crap! 1/5

    By 2424867
    This app is garbage.
  • Inconsistent stream. 1/5

    By ruggedoutdoor
    Since the last update.... Inconsistent stream when I launch the app. Very frustrating having to hit the play button several times. Randomly. Fix this. Not complicated to stream audio folks.
  • Worst streaming app 1/5

    By carlos28355
    This is the worst streaming app that ever existed. I’ll go as far as saying it’s the worst app I have ever used. I have never had an app that had so many problems. And I can’t get over that I can have network issues when trying to stream a show that was downloaded. Horrible horrible app.
  • Login fails continually 1/5

    By Engineer14
    I continue to receive a message that my username and password do not match. I changed my password to correct this, then logged in on my iPhone and MacBook. They both work fine. The iPad app continues to refuse to accept my password. This app is garbage.
  • App is horrible 2/5

    By justpins
    Why is the functionality of this so bad?!? It's horrible and that's being mild.
  • Very Dissatisfied The service isn't worth what you pay for. They lied to me 1/5

    By JasperDog 2007
    I have been very dissatisfied with this company for years. I have found the sales reps are very misleading in their communication. For example I was told listening to Sirius XM via an app on my phone was included in my plan however a few months later when I decided to give the app a try I discovered through another customer service representative that this app is NOT included with my yearly bill, even though I was told otherwise after having paid for the year in full for two different vehicles. I have called their customer service and complained a few times only to have the representative and their supervisor’s argue with me. It seems rather evident that this company does not believe in customer loyalty or customer service. Customers are just a number to them and they are indifferent if they lose your business. I refuse to be nickel and dimed to death by Sirius XM. I have been a subscriber for many years and it’s outrageous they have the audacity to not only lie about the app being included in the exorbitant rates they then require I pay more ($60.00 per car) just to listen to the app which I was previously told was included. Get real, Sirius XM! How about treating your loyal customers with some respect? It would seem Sirius XM would be well served to invest in some real customer service reps and become a company that values its customers enough to treat them with honesty and respect and give them correct, timely information from trained competent representatives. My whole experience would have been a positive one if someone had taken the time to really listen to what I was saying and at least pretend to find a solution to accommodate my needs and address my concerns. Shame on you Sirius XM. At the very least, act like you care enough to make an effort by being accommodating and stop arguing with your customers! The service isn't worth what you pay for. You’re better off with a Free account with one of the following apps Spotify,Pandora Radio or iHeartRadio connect with your car’s Bluetooth and you could even upgrade to a paid account for a fraction of the cost of Sirius XM. Now they made their app so you can’t skip commercials with a simple tap a button ridiculous and halfway through talk radio shows you have to use that tiny little navigation bar to slide!!! this was done intentionally to make it more difficult, seriously we pay top dollar so we don’t have to listen to your commercials fix the app!!!
  • Can’t listen to downloads 1/5

    By SkyKing75
    The date on your device appears to be in the past. Please update your clock. This is what happens when trying to play download on iPhone 7 since last update. Don’t you check your app before you put out updates. Embarrassing for this company. Fire your app team. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By MrVegas10
    Cannot listen to on demand. Every after fix that corrected it for two days now doing it again. Get your act together. It says to update your clock to play.😡
  • Trash 1/5

    By anthonyg550
    App doesn't even give you the option to set up an account!!!!
  • Glitchy-PLEASE Update! 1/5

    By Robvalhed
    I used to love the app but it has become so frustrating I’m about to give up on it! I love Sirius so PLEASE update! Freezes, won’t advance to next program, programs from the day aren’t visible, and skipping to next title almost never works! It either skips to the end of the program or a completely different one.
  • Awesome app! No problems yet... 5/5

    By Lancebeaver
    Love the app! It’s been working fine all tho I don’t download I just stream live.. plug a lighting cable in to my Kentwood stereo in my Jeep! On my free 30 day trial definitely planning to keep it !
  • PLZ FIX APP!!!!!!! 1/5

    By kayne1029
    starting fairly recently (last update), app crashes upon opening. i would turn phone off/on then it would function properly. i shouldnt have to do that to begin with, now the app wont stay open at all. I PAY GOOD MONEY FOR THE SERVICE. PLZ FIX APP. update: another ap update, more problems. music will not play more than a few minutes. constantly “trying to recover audio”. varius wifi networks, lte, it doesnt matter what im on at the time.
  • Date is in the past 1/5

    By Non Rev Nick
    I have had this app since it first came out. It’s getting worse. Now I get a notice every 2 days saying my device date is in the past . The only fix so far is to delete app and reinstall. Not very easy on a airplane
  • Terrible performance 1/5

    By Munyard
    It used to work great, now after the past couple of updates it constantly cuts out due to “unable to determine location”. Mind you this happens even when I’m in my house with strong internet connection. Forget about listening to it in the car or moving around. Constantly cuts out.
  • Probably my most used App until last update 1/5

    By JediSithForce
    Absolutely horrible. The app keeps thinking my downloads are in the past and so I can’t listen to them which ruins my commute every morning. PLEASE FIX ON DEMAND DOWNLOAD ISSUE!!
  • Scrolling through shrunk buffer difficult 3/5

    By TashTish
    The 5-hour buffer bar is now shrunk to a third of the maximum bar allotment (across the top of the screen), making scrolling far more difficult than if it were allowed the maximum space. In fact, the whole five hours is crammed in there, whereas before, individual programs took up the entire bar, which made scrolling much easier.
  • Will be quitting SiriusXM 1/5

    By misterbtfoom
    This app was very good. Now I don’t know if it’s because of iOS11 or what but now it’s become a real pig for bandwidth. So much so that I can’t get it to work through WiFi at my company, Starbucks etc. And it’s not their WiFi’s because the FiOS app works fine.
  • Please please please.. 1/5

    By Dan Sando
    Give us the old version back until you get this under control..don't think in need to rehash what everyone has said here, but they are ALL correct..old version worked well, now unnecessary problems (slidebar, downloading, etc.) out of nowhere
  • The worst 1/5

    By Ac7900
    It's amazing how bad this app is. Satellite radio has to be one of the fastest "come and went" mediums ever. Terrible.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Krisbcgle
    It was good to have for a short period of time. It has a cool feature which allows to set up your favorite stations to play more of the music you like. Unfortunately after about a month of listening to the app I noticed they recycle the same songs over and over and over. Probably 20 songs were all they played. It’s a big waste of time.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By dhosebag
    Each time I try to play an on demand show I’m told my date/time isn’t correct. But the time is set automatically. Use to work, now it’s just a disappointment.
  • New update is terrible! 1/5

    By Clam_Alert
    I keep getting the same false date error reported by others using iOS11. Makes downloaded programs useless. I am forced to wipe and reload the app to clear the error, only to get it again a few days later. This app is trash.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By 11B4life
    My wife and I are unable to login into the app since the update. I just got off the phone with a representative to make sure my account was still active. I was directed to reset my username and password at After completing that, I deleted the apps from all of our devices and reinstalled them. Still says there is no account with that username. And yes, I’m aware the username and password is case sensitive. Beyond upset with this BS!
  • Your company appears to be in the past 1/5

    By theDorkness
    I get the “The time and date on your device appears to be in the past” blocking me from listening to downloaded on demand episodes. If I wanted to load up a bunch of sternthologies before a road trip or a long flight, the app glitches out before I get through the first one. The only temporary fix I’ve found is to delete the app and freshly install/download everything all over again. You really should drop the expensive satellite aspect of your business and realize internet is the future. Concentrate on good user experience for your customers who use modern devices.
  • Downloading is a joke 1/5

    By Mwohall
    Thought the service would be good for traveling until I found out you can’t download on demand shows that include music????? How can that be advertised as a feature?
  • Should be zero stars 1/5

    By er01
    Complete battery hog. Has been since its inception. Every update is worse than the previous version. This app consistently is horrible. When Howard goes I go.
  • App update 1/5

    By hoggr31
    I’m notified for an update, but when I try to get it I’m told it’s no longer available !!!
  • Bring Back Live Audio Pause 1/5

    By MLBerns
    You used to be able to touch a very small part of the progress bar and go back in the program, like a DVR (CNN, MSNBC and such). Can't now, that's dumb! Can't we pay more and not have ads? I'm happy with my snoring, that's Zyppa guys can buzz off.
  • Fix date in the past issue 1/5

    By Mirv98
    The on-demand episodes constantly tell me that my iPhone date is in the past, but it is not. I have to re-download the app constantly to be able to listen to shows on demand. Please fix this!
  • XM On Demand 5/5

    By Carlton L
    Old subscribers or failing to delete the old App to install the upgraded App if they are getting poor functionality.😉
  • Post iOS11 update. 2/5

    By Flashfan
    I don’t have the same issues as some of the other reviewers here, but ever since the iOS11 update it seems Sirius is playing catch up. I don’t get it. For a fancy subscription radio service to have a weak phone app boggles my mind. Anyways my main problem over THE LAST MONTH, is I can not choose another download without rebooting the phone. And that gets really annoying while behind the wheel. You better get all you can out of me Sirius. Cuz once Howard is gone, so am I.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Karabobara213
    The app won’t even open and then crashes my phone every time
  • Was great 5 Star...latest update makes it trash! 1/5

    By Wizardhater
    I was very happy that Sirius was getting it act together. The app worked great. It seemed like every update was a small improvement. The latest update took many many steps back. Skipping commercials now is so cumbersome. I used to be able to press the skip button quickly to skip each commercial now I have to skip and wait, skip and wait....and so on. It was almost perfect before and now it’s so maddening. Also, I keep get ‘Can’t find your Location’ error. Never got this error before the update. The navigation bar is so much harder to slide esp close to the beginning of a show. Finally, you can’t go back on a show on CNN or MSNBC. You couldn’t go forward or skip their commercials before the update but at least you could slide the navigation bar back and forth to the beginning or slide to a different part of the show. I’m so disappointed, almost angry at this update. It has ruined my experience. Before the update I just had a couple things I wish they would have done to make it awesome. Now just give me the old app back. This new app update is GARBAGE!
  • screen doesn’t refresh album art 4/5

    By SJacksonTum
    I use the app on both my iPhone and iPad. No major problems. Only issue is that the main screen doesn’t advance the album art. It remains stuck on first song when app was started.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By groovingal
    Update 10.17.17: App is terrible since latest iOS update. I found playback is much better with downloaded shows, but now, the app keeps telling me the date and time on my device is in the past. Very frustrating. I absolutely love being able to access Howard from practically anywhere, catching up on shows/interviews I've missed when I'm not in the car. But Sirius really should invest in fixing this app! It frequently drops out, telling me the channel is currently unavailable, my connection is too slow, or it's trying to recover audio. It has deleted my favorites twice, and I'm often having to restart the app and/or my phone to get back to listening. It's extremely irritating, and if it weren't for Howard's awesomeness, I'd have unsubscribed from Sirius years ago! Wish he'd decided to move to podcasting when his contract was up, but we know how he feels about that!
  • Longtime Subscriber Wishing For Past Version 1/5

    By Pnutmc
    This app for me (and sounds like everyone else) has went from a 5 star app to a 1 star at best! This new version is terrible, ON Demand is a disaster, ffwd & rwnd is virtually useless, every time I try to go to a specific place on the timeline it crashes. Just out of nowhere the app crashes and says it can't find my location. When my daughter is using my iPhone for a hotspot for her iPod the app becomes totally useless, it works for 30 seconds at most and crashes then it's just a vicious cycle. Please send out the old version for now until you can get this fixed.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  • Stinks! 1/5

    By GranGranInGa
    Cannot delete the app as it has disappeared from my phone since last few updates but it will still update. When I tried to open it on this recent update it wouldn’t open. What can I do to correct this?
  • Awful 1/5

    By ScrabbleT
    If I could give no stars I would. On demand does not work. If you download a show you still have to be connected to internet to have a chance at playing it - for the money spent on subscriptions you'd think they could afford to hire someone who knows how to make an app
  • Can not find my favorites 5/5

    By Julibeary
    Love this app. It is very useful. I noticed on my list of available on demand episodes of certain shows that i can on demand and i have noticed that there are no on demand episodes of SiriusXM The Highway Top 30 countdown that they play every weekend. I enjoy listing to those episodes throughout the week.
  • How is a huge media company so consistently bad in mobile space! 1/5

    By PigSatisfied
    I have been a Sirius subscriber since 2006. I love the content. However it is bewildering to me how a company with the subscriber growth they have had continue to be totally inept at getting that content to mobile. This app has been buggy and frustrating since it was released years ago. This latest fumble of an update just puts the icing on the cake of what has become an almost unbearable user experience. People just have too many options to consume media these days. SiriusXM is becoming the new terrestrial radio - podcasts and streaming services are offering a much better experience. Not having a viable mobile app should be embarrassing to Scott Greenstein and the executive team there. Hopefully Howard Stern is counting on this same horrible development team and infrastructure to implement the long rumored Howard360.
  • How it gets signal? 5/5

    By YuGoOnE
    Does the signal get send via cellular towers for cellphone company or Sirius satellite? Meaning if I'm on the mountains and there's no cellphone coverage...will I still get signal for the music via Sirius xm app on my cellphone?
  • When using a hotspot app doesn’t work 3/5

    By HappyCat4
    When using my phone as a hotspot to my iPod the app on my iPod doesn’t work at all. Shuts down on 2 bar signal on my phone. Compatibility needs to improve.
  • Not for everyone 1/5

    By BlazerJ
    This app only works with an All Acces subscription. Won’t work with others. Might as well use Tune In, I heart, Spotify, Pandora or another app for less money.
  • Still crap 1/5

    By Nay Nay Poo
    Even after the most recent update, it still freezes on the splash screen AND times out or just closes the app.

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