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  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Six! App

Six! is the latest title from Gram Games, makers of the global smash hits, 1010! and Merged!. This newest game is challenging, exciting, and even infuriating, at times. Like all great puzzles, Six! will keep you entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hours of fun. The game concept is simple: there is a tower of blocks of various shapes, upon which sits another hexagonal block. The aim of the game is to move the hexagon down the screen to earn points. To do this, you tap the different blocks, which will make them disappear. The hexagon can then fall into the empty space left behind. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. As the blocks are destroyed, the hexagon will start to wobble and roll, and the tower will begin to tilt. It is your job to keep the tower balanced, and the hexagon from gaining momentum and rolling of. To do so, remove blocks strategically, and ensure that their removal won’t throw everything off balance. If the hexagon tips into the abyss, it’s game over, and you’ll have to start over again. Challenging, exciting, and surprisingly simple to play, Six! will have you hooked immediately. Like Gram’s other hits, the gameplay is simple and fun, but earning a spot on the leaderboard and competing with friends provides both a challenge, and a reward. Key Features ● Easy to learn, and fun to master gameplay ● Challenge your friend’s high scores, challenge the world ● Fun, colorful and engaging graphics ● Exciting and addictive ● Fun four hours, or just a few minutes

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Six! app reviews

  • Six 5/5

    By hocheykatie
    This is a very fun
  • 😊 5/5

    By cicioe
    Fun game for on the go !
  • Ad Crazy!!! 1/5

    By Player58395
    60 seconds of ads after every round! Each round lasts as little as 30 seconds, so you end up with more ads than gameplay. Honestly, the game isn't fun enough to justify this amount of ads.
  • Amazing Game 5/5

    By Rhinocorn_1001_05
    This is the most challenging and fun game ever
  • Get this 5/5

    By banana🍌🍌🍌🍌
    I'm a so glad that I got this
  • great game but too many adds 3/5

    By saltbaememes
    i am so addicted to this game. but what hold me back from giving this game five stars are the adds. they constantly pop up after two rounds of playing the challenges. I MEAN PLEASE STHAP WITH THE ADS, ALMOST EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT IT.
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By Amiya Bush
    This game is very fun! I think is is the best it's one of my favorites games now!😆
  • 🌝 3/5

    By Lung bunny
  • Program needs adjustment 4/5

    By TiggarToo
    The game is fun and I would give it five stars but when the game pauses it restarts the game your playing. I'm hoping this can be fixed.
  • Better than fidget spinners! 5/5

    By Nemesiss22i
    Great game!
  • Addicting! 5/5

    By a Circus Clown
    Love the simplicity of this highly addicting game. It's simple design and minimal ads make it way more enjoyable than other games with obnoxiously repetitive ads.
  • Eric 5/5

    By pizza_dog
    I like how you can change the skin. I ❤️ it!!!!
  • Like it but a little hard 5/5

    By yaya collymore
    Past all levels and took 10 days
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By AverageJoeSixPack
    All over the screen while playing plus pop ups every 3-4 plays.
  • Good Concept, Super laggy 2/5

    By Daws_Daws
    I honestly enjoyed playing the game up til today. It was going smoothly and without little issue. But then it started lagging, causing my hexagon to fall every single times. It's a shame, this app had a creative concept and was fun. Hopefully you can fix the lag issue and I'll not only download the game again but I'll give it a full 5 star rating.
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By Daninmacon
    More adds then the Sunday paper!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By nye1226
  • Fun game 4/5

    By BusyLOVER💟🍆
    This is a really fun game. It gives you different options. You can do the challenges or you can do a race thing. With the challenge ones you get a total of 297 different challenges to do and once you beat them you can get stars that you can buy new skins with. With the race ones you basically just keep going and see how far you can get. I have a iPhone and I think this game works better in airplane mode. It's nice in airplane mode because it dose not us your data so that's a good thing 😂. But this game just plays better in airplane mode.
  • Cant close ads 1/5

    By Evil Mac
    Whenever I'm playing this game, an ad pops up every 5 minutes and to top it off, it's a tower defense add that I can't close for some reason making me have to constantly close and reopen the game.
  • Pornographic Ads! 1/5

    By sweetlittleramona
    My daughter was playing this game and freaked out when she saw a woman with her boobs exposed! Thanks for opening that world to her you pieces of scum!
  • Fun game but not enough to endure the ads 1/5

    By Aussie100257
    Fun and engaging but not wasting time with ads anymore. So many other fun games now available that I can buy for a couple dollars and not have to deal with ads. Hopefully game developers will get the message!
  • Ads? 2/5

    By R3gardl3ss
    It's a fun game. But the ads are to much. 1/3 times you press the replay the level button and add comes up. Not to mention randomly after a game an add will come up. And just out of the blue an add will come up. Ruins the game tbh. Stop the adds bro. To many my dudes!!!
  • Sex ads !!!!??? 1/5

    By Jymbuc
    Why don't you warn parents about the pop up sex ads????!!!!!
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By Flyingwulf
    Way too many ads and no upgrade to get rid of them.
  • Stop with the push notifications! 2/5

    By Mikey McLaughlin
    The amount of notification I get are completely obnoxious. If j don't open the app and play the game for a coupe days, I'll get daily notifications that won't go away unless I open the app and check Challenges. Going to delete the app, despite the game being fun, being the constant notifications are very annoying.
  • 4 Stars 4/5

    By Jojo:)-_-/{%]
    I gave this gave 4 stars, because I love it so much, but my nephew was playing the game , there was an inappropriate ad, he's only 5 and didn't know what it was, but could you please remove the ad. Thank you!
  • Ads (devs please read) 3/5

    By gauravr2244
    This game has a good concept which was executed nicely, and in general it's a fun an addicting game for most. One suggestion by me is to add a revive feature, so when you pay a certain amount of gems, you can revive. Although this game had a chance to be great, but the ads really ruined it. The issue of ads has been brought up my many other users, so it would be great if the developers took this into consideration. The ads would be ok, if they were less frequent (not an ad after two or three games). I understand that you need to make revenue off of the ads, but putting them in every place possible is a letdown, and is quite annoying. Also, sometimes I have already started a game but an ad pops up and makes everything lag or freeze, making me have to restart the app. You guys should definitely take a premium version into consideration. You could add extra modes, more skins, and more gems in this version, rather than just paying to remove ads. You should also lessen the frequency of the ads, or make them less annoying by not randomly popping up and causing a disruption. Anyway, too many ads may be good for you, but it will end up scaring people away from downloading. I just hope that you guys take something into consideration about this. I don't know if you could reply to this, but try to let me know what you think. Thanks!

    By GaIaOh
    I love the challenges of this game! There really are great strategies you must figure out to be a winner and this is what I LOVE! I don't get that many ads and I do understand why there are ads. Because it's free someone must pay. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game. I am always looking for brain games and this is a great one! I hope you make more of this type game! I like challenging myself!
  • Okay 2/5

    By OMG nickname not available
    Pretty fun game, but ads kills it. I finished a round and then an ad popped up. Most games will let you close out whether the X appears or not, but really? A whole 30 second ad? Closed the app mid ad and deleted.
  • Too many ads. 1/5

    By A guy whose opinion matters
    If you think I'm gonna sit thorough a 30 second ad every time I fail a level of this basic game you're mistaken.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Morgantobeans
    Great game!!!!!!
  • Avoid at all cost 1/5

    By MiTabby
    Their free version had a pop up ad that was of a woman's p$&*y and said to advance you must lick it clean. DISGUSTING FILTH. I'm so grateful my child did not see this! You and your game is disgusting
  • Ads 1/5

    By Nemo~^^
    The ads are all the time so annoying, one of the ads even was for working girls, very inappropriate, what if a small child saw that? There was wild boobies out its was weird, so grossed out. At least monitor the ads for gods sake.
  • Can't turn sound COMPLETELY off!! 1/5

    By Bakershack
    All settings indicate sound is off but the ads still play their annoying music. I need sounds for other apps so totally disabling sounds is not an option. TURN ALL SOUNDS OFF BASED ON THE APP SETTINGS!!
  • Good 5/5

    By Gxdnbxehkjcdshkk
    Still can't love it so when now I have a chance of meatballs and to be a little girl she said yes to a good morning to me too I but you can tell you how to be home when you have the sun going on to
  • Six 3/5

    By McCyah
    Great game -the ads are seriously overwhelming
  • Nice but ads 4/5

    By 😺Sierra
    This app is really fun and addicting the only downside to the app is the amount of ads I mean I know that's how you guys make money but maybe not as many ads they get really Annoying at times
  • Too many stupid ads 1/5

    By johnangie
    the game is fun but I can hardly enjoy it cause the stupid ads I hate the ads freaking 30second ads every time a round ends and I'm getting tired of it it's stupid the person who made this game really needs to thank about how many people are going to sue you cause over advertisement and yeah it's a thing so step up your game and stop putting so many ads in the game it's terrible so stop being a stupid person and stop putting the freaking advertisements in the game so much it's getting real old so just stop you people you put ads like that in the game are stupid idiots and I'm done with ads
  • Fun game 4/5

    By SirMarkus007
    Very fun game!!
  • Ads are everywhere 3/5

    By BabyLumpRacer
    After every 2 games, ads pop up. It's really frustrating and annoying how frequent ads are shown. I swear, I have more ad time than game time. Seriously, can you please fix this developers? I'm switching into airplane mode for now until this is fixed. Everyone should do the same. This is a good game though.
  • Bhfdf 4/5

    By gfghthb
  • 😎😎 5/5

    By jeramion
    Awesome game
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By Rosita Ferrero
    I love this game! It is one of my favorite games I have ever played. This game has free play where you just play the game. That may be for people who like to best theirselves. There is also levels for people who like to go higher and higher in the actual game instead of playing for their own amusement. This is an addicting game that a lot of people love. The only thing that could bring the rating of this game to four and a half stars is the ads. There are ads after every time you play. They can get on your nerves if you don't just ignore it. It is an overall really amazingly designed game... minus the ads.

    By Diamondduskgirl
    Don't put that middle finger up there may be kids reading these ps keep up the work just one to many eyes
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By Gumball Candy and Cookies
    Way too many ads. It seems like there's an ad after every round! Please stop all the ads.
  • ads 3/5

    By JewslayerXXX
    this might have been an amazing game i the ads didn't make it lag every 5 seconds causing it not to do one of the pieces you tap on and then doing the one after causing it to ruin what you literally just got done doing
  • Great 5/5

    By Challengelover20
    It's great,there actually aren't any adds after mine I just sometimes tap to fast and I hit the add for thirty seconds I'm pretty sure that's just what people are doing.
  • Love the game 1/5

    HATE the ads. Come on .... I understand you have to have ads, but why ads for games already installed and what's with the double ads?!!! If I have to sit through one, why punish me with another ad for the same game again?!!! It's having a negative affect
  • Scum 1/5

    By Angry22222222
    This app is taking/charging money without previous notice as you play. Be careful and check your account regularly.
  • 재밌어요 3/5

    By ssiuuuuuusuiiiiiiii
    게임이 단순하고 심플해서 시간 때우기 용으로 재밌고 중독성도 꽤 있고 난이도도 조잘 가능해서 재밌게 할 수 있는데 별 두개가 깍인건 오로지 광고ㅡㅡ 무료 게임들 다 광고 있는건 알지만 감안하고서도 광고가 너어어어무 많음. 한판하고 30초 기다리고 한판하고 또 30초 기다리고ㅡㅡ 광고 때문에 짜증나는 갓만 빼면 참 재밌는 게임.

Six! app comments

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