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  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: GramGames
  • Compatibility: Android
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Six! App

Six! is the latest title from Gram Games, makers of the global smash hits, 1010! and Merged!. This newest game is challenging, exciting, and even infuriating, at times. Like all great puzzles, Six! will keep you entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hours of fun. The game concept is simple: there is a tower of blocks of various shapes, upon which sits another hexagonal block. The aim of the game is to move the hexagon down the screen to earn points. To do this, you tap the different blocks, which will make them disappear. The hexagon can then fall into the empty space left behind. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. As the blocks are destroyed, the hexagon will start to wobble and roll, and the tower will begin to tilt. It is your job to keep the tower balanced, and the hexagon from gaining momentum and rolling of. To do so, remove blocks strategically, and ensure that their removal won’t throw everything off balance. If the hexagon tips into the abyss, it’s game over, and you’ll have to start over again. Challenging, exciting, and surprisingly simple to play, Six! will have you hooked immediately. Like Gram’s other hits, the gameplay is simple and fun, but earning a spot on the leaderboard and competing with friends provides both a challenge, and a reward. Key Features ● Easy to learn, and fun to master gameplay ● Challenge your friend’s high scores, challenge the world ● Fun, colorful and engaging graphics ● Exciting and addictive ● Fun four hours, or just a few minutes

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Six! app reviews

  • Freezing 3/5

    By LochNat
    Excellent game but it freezes to the point where it affects playing quality.
  • Terrible don't buy be careful 1/5

    By Doll doll 630
    Ok I just got this game like 3 days ago and I can't stand how loud the ads are. Also when I played you get to watch a video to earn 30 token things or what ever and I had like 500 of them and I got off the game for a sec and I came back I had zero 0000000000 token things also who would pay 5 dollars just to remove ads!!!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Zambineedzxbox
    Great game, got to 1940
  • Cool 3/5

    By Mr. Thrall
    This game is absolutely perfect for just simply wasting time. But the ads God THE ADS They are so annoying
  • Too Easy 2/5

    By rmcd890
    All you need to do is make sure it falls straight down, then you can win every level. Even on the hard mode.
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By Islandberg
    The ads are annoying. And I get extremely frustrated when I'm so close to three stars and the game seizes up causing me to lose the "ball"... My phone is new and I have plenty of storage left so I know it's not my end. The game constantly freezes and I don't know why. Please fix.
  • Too Much Mobile Strike Ads 3/5

    By CrowbraDCrow
    I love the game but every time I die there's annoying Mobile Strike ads.
  • Laggy because of Ads 1/5

    By Badams1897
    Because you are greedy and require a purchase to get rid of ads the game lags and chops while it is trying to load the next spyware to show us. This is BS. Otherwise nice game. Seriously do an ad for 30 seconds every other game and remove the in game ads the mess this up.
  • Lagggg 3/5

    By Sharkinz28
    Ads are annoying obviously but what is with it being so glitchy and full of lag?? I like the game but come on!
  • ADdicting 2/5

    By Pingmeister
    Fun. But the ads are unbearable. And the glitches are very frustrating.
  • Awesome bu… bu… but 4/5

    By Saver106
    This game is awesome in all, very game have a descent high score, but there has just been one problem that I and a few other people that I know have the same problem. As you play it's all good but then it lags/freezes for about 2-3 seconds. (Hence the title). I don't know what caused this it used to run fine without this problem. And I hope the devs (developers) fix this. Thank you
  • Way to many adds 2/5

    By Guhdehvufeg
    There are way to many ads!!!
  • Addicting!!!! 5/5

    By Karrinita🇲🇽
    This caught my eye the second I saw the ad. On a game. I bought it straight away. At first it was fun but then the ads got me. Then I played it some more and I didn't care about the ads and I kept playing and playing and playing and I got SO ADICTED. If u r thinking on getting this game I 100% recommend it!!!

    By Jonathan Whitesell
    I am addicted to this game, but you know what would help my addiction for this game grow stronger? If I didn't lose every three seconds because this game decides to glitch and freeze all the time. Please fix this issue as soon as possible so I can go back to spending every hour of every day playing my favorite game. Thank you.
  • Ugh! Ads! 4/5

    By Frustrated in Gameland
    I happily paid $3.99 for a no-ad gaming experience. Why am I still seeing ads and why can't I disable them? I don't care about the additional 30 stars I get for the annoying interruption. I'll gladly play the game and earn them. Other than that, it's a fun, very addictive game.
  • Lots of glitching! 2/5

    By Jwalls5
    So I really love this game and the different settings it has BUT it glitches so much! I have to stop playing because you can't even play. And the ads are so terribly annoying. My kids and I love this game but it's needs some fixes before I can have it as one of my go-to games. So for now I won't be playing.
  • "Six!" Gameplay Review 3/5

    By Kimberly LiAnn
    It would be a good game if there were less ads and less lag. Of course, that goes to pay with any game. The ads aren't nearly as atrocious as (super fun game, but ABSOLUTELY RIDDLED with ads and banners), but they're still pretty bad. This game isn't for the quick-witted and fast to respond with a tap. The game lags out whenever you tap more than two or three blocks within a 4 - 6 second time frame. Those could be critical seconds to save your block from tipping and losing that round. Unfortunately, I experienced both a frozen screen and several instances of lag. The one time the screen froze I was going really well, getting into the thousands of points for the first time- but the screen froze, and I promptly just switched to another app for a moment to switch back assuming that the game would only pause itself. It didn't. It completely reset the app and started the round I had been playing from the beginning. I understand that all games have their bugs and issues, but when the issues get so far into the way so much so that it completely throws the player for a loop and ruins the entire experience- I think it's time to go back to the drawing board. There's a good concept here with the geometrical shapes and idea that balance is the key for success. I really like puzzle games like these. It's just disappointing to have such a good game ruined by the ill-timed lag and pauses. Keep working on it and you'll have something great in no time. As for right now though, this is what I like to call a "Doctor game". You know, that kind you download on your way to an appointment or while sitting in the waiting room for a doctor to call. But once your appointments over you uninstall it because it was okay for the 15 minute wait, but won't stay for a "long-term relationship".
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!! 5/5

    By #lilyrox
    This game is awesome it's so addicting and so much fun!!
  • Lags 1/5

    By JanetttK
    Idk what it is, but one day the game started to glitch and lag...
  • Not so kid friendly ads 3/5

    By Sabbiwis
    My 5 year old was playing this and an ad popped up for the show "Shameless". While I personally like this show it only gets turned on in my house after all the kids are sleeping. Someone needs to look into the ad choices so my 5 year old isn't hearing anything about "wasted sperms".
  • Ads ruined it 2/5

    By Nick12458266289
    Deleted. Ads make game lag to the point of being unplayable. In Airplane mode it stops (ads can't load). Makes a game based on the timing of moves and the accuracy of your finger taps impossible to enjoy.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Flyingbighorn
    The ads constantly load and interrupt the game at time causing it to freeze for a second or two. This in turn messes up the game. Fun but greed has ruined the game.
  • Fun but ruined by ads 2/5

    By pokeygumby
    Cool game! I especially like hard mode. One feature that would be nice is if you could slightly influence the physics by tilting, to save it. Unfortunately I have to play in Airplane Mode to block the ads. There is one critical problem with the banner ad: it hinders performance! Skipped frames! Unplayable with ads.
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Six player
    I think that it is a super fun game, and I would recommend playing it if you play similar games like this!!
  • Great game, awful ads, audio screwy 3/5

    By CG_will_rock_your_face
    The game is cool. But, the ads coupled with dampening audio (lowers audio on music or audiobooks) really detract. How do I turn off the ads?!? I'll pay!
  • There is an issue!!!! 1/5

    By Z379gh
    There is multiple of the same skins in the game for different prices
  • Game is extremely annoying to use 1/5

    By MorrisonReveiws
    This game has many glitches and bugs. Every time I use it the game is really laggy and the ads pop up one after the other. This game is awful. DO NOT BUY IT.
  • Great and addicting! 4/5

    By Alli the awesome one😻
    I rated four ⭐️ because I always come up upon an ad and it is the same one over and over. It's called Paradise Bay and I want to at least have an update to delete ads. I doubt it will happen, but on the other hand, I like playing Six when I'm waiting for stuff on Hay Day. Love the app👌🏻
  • Good but unresponsive and laggy 3/5

    By Thedere
    Really great concept but its so laggy that its really unplayable. You cant have a game that depends on timing of taps when the game lags every other tap and you lose. I deleted this app after a few minutes.
  • Great game, some issues 4/5

    By Hgyuhgghuy
    Six! is honestly a good and engrossing game. Fun to play and passes the time. However, I would change the amount if ads; so annoyed! Just reduce the amount of ads a tiny bit and I will give a five star rating. Otherwise great game!

    By jimmy 303
    It is so fun to play and ads might pop up every once in a while but this app is going to be on my iPad forever. P.S MUST DOWNLOAD!
  • Ads Wasting Data 1/5

    By TheRealAC
    The ads just keep popping up and wasting data. No way to disable data usage for the app like other apps which would allow ads to change only when I'm connected to wifi. Wouldn't even care if there weren't ads every 5 seconds.
  • THE ADDS!! 4/5

    By acd29
    A great game but the same add keeps coming up for a different game (that i don't want) and won't let me X out unless i buy the game!!!!
  • Fun but glitchy 4/5

    By Mally D.
    I love the game!!! But I do have a problem with the glitches because I'll be playing and I'll hit a block and it won't break because of the glitch. I also don't like the ads because they are SO ANNOYING!!!
  • Lag 1/5

    By =Jaws=
    This game just freezes and lags. I assume it's because of the ads the pop up every couple seconds. Plz fix
  • Paid for no adds and still have adds 1/5

    By Roadend
    Don't be taken in, this is a rip off as the adds still keep coming. I want a refund!
  • Well, now what? 5/5

    By Darksabre812
    So I got all the skins, are you going to make more? Cause now there is no goal. Great game though
  • Only way to play is in airplane mode!!! 1/5

    By Mojaf14
    Ads are the most annoying thing! They slow the game down to unplayable levels and the game doesn't register your first pop( while it was loading or processing ads in the background) and you end up destroying the whole thing! ITS SOOOOOO ANNOYING! So the only way to play the game is in airplane mode. That way you can't see any ads and play in peace!!! I hate gram games! And deleting my copy!
  • Freezes and glitches way too much 2/5

    By Color Buggg
    I really liked this game at first, but it glitches and freezes WAY too much. It's impossible to even play the 'speed' version because the game freezes so much there's no way to go fast enough to beat the game. The speed version is absolutely pointless with all the glitches. Even the normal version freezes frequently and causes the player to loose, which is extremely annoying, I don't understand why this developer wouldn't fix this issue. I just came to the reviews to see if other people have this problem, and sure enough it's a common problem. Please fix this issue!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Vulyanova
    Yes, the ads are annoying, and yes, this game turns your music down several notches when you open it, and I would be totally able to look past those things if the game didn't keep freezing up every few seconds. This game, when it isn't glitching out, is in fact fun and addictive, however, in a game as interactive as this one, the freezing makes gameplay frustrating and is unacceptable.
  • I've seen it 5/5

    By Awesome coops
    It's REALLY good and fun but the ads are annoying as HECK. People are Really complaining about em' so REMOVE THEM. Please just... ok ju- you got it is the right choice ok I know this comment is REALLY long so just stick with the plan like glue.
  • Love 'this app 5/5

    By Mint_bug
    This game is so fun my only problem is all the ads other wise I totally recommend it
  • Lag makes me wanna throw my phone 5/5

    By Waaaayyy too many ads
    Really good game but the lag makes me want to break my phone. It runs smooth but at times it glitches and breaks the wrong block. But overall and awesome game and very addictive. Just some minor things need to be fixed. For that reason I give a 4 star.
  • Lags and skips 2/5

    By WreckItRalph1029
    Due to all the commercials that keep popping up or playing on the borders, the game skips and lags while the block is falling making it difficult to play. I know it's not my phone, service, or wifi. Most other games do commercials in-between plays which I'd prefer.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hchxhsjkdjxhxhdbdbz
    This app is terrible, so much ads it's so bad DONT BUY THIS APP
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By saisalderaan
    Way to many ads
  • Scam 1/5

    By Sophia h da great
    I bought the no adds for $4 which I though was a little expensive but I did it anyway. I started to play a game and then BAM AN ADD!!!! I did not spend my money to have adds. The app is pretty boring and I no longer play it.
  • Six Stars! 5/5

    By SteveotheFace
    This game is worth $4 to remove ads! It is addictive and great for all ages. I discovered it and told my wife and her brother, next thing you know we're all three playing trying to see who could beat the daily challenge first. Awesome game!
  • .... 3/5

    By Hsvsnsksk
  • Fun but Laggy 3/5

    By Ezra Orea
    Laggy AF i keep failing because it gets progressively laggier. annoying as hecc but the game is good when it isn't being a little glitch

Six! app comments

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