Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel

Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel

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  • Current Version: 1.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Frosch Media Pty. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
2,397 Ratings
$ 4.99

Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel App

IMPORTANT - Only For iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad 4 and up and iPad Mini and up. Winner, Breakout Title of the Year - Ind13 Magazine Nominee, Mobile Game of the Year - IGN Nominee, Best Sports Game - Pocket Gamer "Skater's innovative, creative controls are a diamond." - "Skater’s controls feel like they’re built from the ground up for touch, and are gratifyingly elegant." - IGN All of Skateboarding In The Palm Of Your Hand Designed by skaters for skaters, we teamed up with 20 of the most prominent brands in skating to create the game every skater has been waiting for: Powerful And Intuitive Control Use the touch screen to directly control your shoes and board. Controls have been carefully designed to highlight the things that are most fun and important in actual skating, with a strong focus on flow of tricks and runs. Every Trick Is Possible This is the first touch-based skating game to include the full range of street tricks. Jump from Ollie, Switch, Fakie and Nollie and perform all standard flip tricks; with the inclusion of body rotations you can even do tricks such as Front-Side Flips and Big Flips. With recent updates now including Late Flips, Reverts, Ghetto Birds, Impossibles, Dolphin Flips, Dragon Flips and Gazelles. Chain everything together with manuals, nose manuals and every kind of grind and slide. Share And Discover Runs Skater allows you to save your favourite trick runs and share them with the world. In turn, you get to discover and copy runs that other players have created – giving you access to an endless feed of new ideas to explore. The Latest Gear – Already Included Pick from the latest shoes and decks to skate with; DC Shoes, Revive, DGK, etnies, Emerica, éS, Foundation, Lakai, Toy Machine, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Amgrip, Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, Pig Wheels, Force and Bro Style – they are all already included in the game. Real, Legendary Spots The spots featured are El Toro, Carlsbad Gap, Hollywood High, Stoner Plaza, Camp Woodward, Love Park and The Berrics – with even more to come in future updates! Starting with architectural plans, height maps and photos we took on-site, every detail of these legendary spots has been faithfully recreated – down to the graffiti, street signs and even stickers on obstacles. Skater Celebrates Style and Individuality Knowing that different people see different things in a spot and skate it in their own unique way, Skater blurs the line between single and multiplayer experiences to enable social interaction unlike any other previous skating game. It’s like taking part in a the world’s biggest online skate session… Go skate at some of the most famous spots in history with content from thousands of players from around the world – any time you want!


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Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel app reviews

  • Decent 3/5

    By Burberrydurag
    It plays well most of the time but can be buggy sometimes. Also it stops loading at 78% sometimes and force closing and uninstalling doesn't fix it
  • Yes! 1/5

    By B.H.P.
    App loads to 78% then freezes every time! Great game!
  • Loading problems 3/5

    By DerpBoosicc
    I’m mad because skater won’t load
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Denzelandjoey
    Just bought this game and it doesnt work, The controls are extremely wierd and glitchy
  • Read this before getting! 3/5

    By awesomeperson1779
    This game so addicting and fun for the first few days, then it gets super frustrating. The game has so many annoying glitches and will tell you you did tricks even when you didn’t. They really need to fix the glitches, but is fun for the first few days.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By revive👎
    That doesn’t make this a bad game however. I play it almost daily. The only problem it’s super buggy. Whether I’m trying to Ollie over something and then just glide slideways to a near by ledge and start grinding or landing at the base of stairs and just flat out stopping, this is full of bugs. Not only that but trick detection is super hit or miss. Calling back blunts “front tail slide” or landing a feeble and it just calls it a 50-50. Plus, no sex changes. If you set your board to do a front 180, it is impossible to do a back shuv as well. You just do an Ollie sorta thing. All in all, is it fun? Yes. Does it need work? Yes. Would I recommend it? Sure.
  • Too expensive, too many glitches 2/5

    By Xduss
    If you manage to go passed the splash screen (1/5 times) you will most likely encounter a plethora of glitches during the runs. There is a lot of tides to copy that are just impossible because they were mistakes made. And even though it's nice to see some actual gear there is almost no customizing options. Very disappointing. Not worth the money.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By sodumb
    Please update for iPhone X it’s buggy
  • Just read it. 4/5

    By Stormspy7
    The games fine. frame rate drops are my problem. Also can you make it so you could mix the boards trunks and wheels
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By Craz R
    This is a great game, but after a while you can’t play on the berrics it’s just a black screen and you keep falling forever. But overall this is a great game
  • For the Developers 1/5

    By Zooman333
    The majority of runs I copy I don’t get points for. I’ve been stuck at 340 points for like 3 days. Will 5 star when fixed
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Woodland man
    Eye prefer true skat it is just a all around better game highly recommend not getting this game
  • This is the 2nd best skate game. 4/5

    By Roxtar73
    As far as iOS skateboarding games go there’s really only 4 worth playing, 3 if your not into cartoonish vert skating. IMO the best skateboarding game on iOS is touch grind skate but the Skater App is a very close second, while it’s far superior to its most similar game True Skate. I really enjoy this game but am not too stoked on the progression system.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By B_rich25
    Glitch’s when ever you try to do technical tricks not as realistic as you would think I wouldn’t pay 1$ for it
  • New 4/5

    By Zasbuddah
    Update with new spots already!!!
  • Skate bugs 5/5

    By LukenessDAWG
    I absolutely love the Skater app but when I switch levels after I progressed the Carlsbad map is too glitchy to do anything. I just always fall through the map
  • Fun but to easy 4/5

    By Whitman07
    Fun but it is to easy to grind you could be way over the rail and some force just pulls you back toward the rail to land right on it. Also I would like it if you could change wheels, grip tape, and boards to make your own setup. If we could see these changes in the future I would give it 5 stars and probably other people would to. Thanks
  • Needs update 5/5

    By ?unknown ?
    Cool game but body motions should be more fluid. Transition should be able to be skated on the copping, and more street spots pleasseeee. A few bugs should be fixed but overall the best skate game on iOS
  • Won’t Load 1/5

    By Copediv
    Game gets stuck at 78% on my iPhone X. Once this is fixed, I’ll review accordingly.
  • 10 Times Better Than True Skate 4/5

    By trevvsco
    Solid skate game. A bit hard to get used to in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it it's extremely fun. Way better than true skate. Less spots, but easier and more enjoyable. Worth the money.
  • Decent 3/5

    By paradox413
    This game is good for a mobile game but I wish there was other ways to unlock more parks. Performing tricks with thumbs makes it hard to match some of the runs that are needed to access new content. I would be willing to pay more for an unlock all IAP just to get to skate some of the locations earlier.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By An actual skater 19472947
    This game is glitchy, broken, and unplayable
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By JoeMaMa8756
    Some suggestions for the game besides fixing all the bugs in it is adding darkslides and adding a thing to make your own park
  • Spots 4/5

    By jabbeytattoo
    Needs more skate spots
  • Too sensitive 1/5

    By TeamSeth
    THE MOVEMENT IS WAY TOO SENSITIVE! Seriously one push and you clear Hollywood 16 by ten feet. Also just trying to turn you're board will pop and mess everything up. The controls are so well designed but the sensitivity ruins it all. One star just because they haven't fixed this and was much better when they first released the game.
  • I love it, but it keeps crashing 3/5

    By WannaBCreative
    To me, this app is very fun and a way to kill time, but 8/10 times, it just shows the screen that says skater and never loads. It also crashes often, and to me, it doesn’t seem worth $5. I want a refund. IT WONT LOAD!
  • Can’t go past loading screen 1/5

    By Nick19473918373929291
    Waste of money. I can’t even go past the loading screen. It’s just gets stuck there. EXTREMELY annoying. i want my money back.
  • It won’t load 2/5

    By Orion gangster
    I just bought the game and it’s just stuck on the first screen and won’t work please help
  • 🤔🤔 3/5

    By lil.octo
    This game is definitely no worth 5 dollars it’s glitchy and for some reason when my WiFi is on it won’t load it makes no sense it’s a cool game but not worth 5 dollars
  • Meh! 2/5

    By bubbaslaughter
    The graphics are great but the game freezes and crashes every 30 seconds I didn’t make it past the first spot with out it going in to the sky through the air into the ground and into a black hole I have photos of it aswell. Not worth the money in my opinion I would gladly take a refund!
  • Frustrating. 2/5

    By Alexknowsmagic
    After updating to iPhone 8, I cannot log into Game Center in game and the game will not load "Runs" for me to copy in order to unlock levels. It defeats the purpose of playing. Please fix.
  • Not being able to do a run 2/5

    By jameslabrant292
    I d by like how people just do something random you possibly can’t do so you have to refresh and start all over on getting a new skate spot
  • Game won’t load 1/5

    By Yo under in
    For extended periods of time this game will not load and I experienced a lot of glitches during game play. Very frustrated. Not worth the download.
  • Skater👎🏻 1/5

    By ohh_billy
    It won’t let me open the app to play fully it just sits and loads on the menu and it keeps crashing. If not I would have given the game a better rating if these problems are fixed I only got to play once. This game right now is a waist of money. Please change to make the game more enjoyable
  • Too many glitches 2/5

    By puglife12
    Thres so many glitches on berrecs I can’t jump a stair because my board levitates and if I try a impossible it does the same thing
  • PLEASE FIX!! 4/5

    By Leon161718
    When ever I play this game my phone turns really hot and the battery drains like crazy!! Please fix it!! Also lately with this new update it’s been getting stuck on the loading screen.
  • it will piss you off 3/5

    By CAM (the homie)
    i’ve played trues skate for forever and it’s hard to go from that to this game. It has been pissing me off with not turning after I land, i have to re-place my finger and by the time i do that my board has already gone in the grass.
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By ZackyBaby
    Within 24 hours of reviewing this game, (gave it 1 star) it has since been fixed. It works perfectly again! I love this game
  • Not cool 1/5

    By 16thcherokee
    I just spent almost 5 on this and it won't even load.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By GibberjabberChase
    I’ve tried may times but all it does is freeze on the first screen that says skater and has the board with the feet
  • Help me or I refund 1/5

    By Fighterpilot117
    So I launch the game and I spend about 5min on the first skate screen when you open the app. Then after that it loads only to 85%. Never have gotten to see the game. Yes I have uninstalled it about 4 times
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dprice665
    The app won’t even load. Save your money and your time, don’t bother.
  • Won't load 2/5

    By slooowscoob
    It was fun the first time I played but now I can't even get the game to load.
  • Need more 4/5

    By Sioiillent
    This game is very good, However I think it can use alot more customizable aspects. I skate too and I want to see more boards, trucks and wheels. We should be able to make our own setup. Also a couple more spots wouldnt hurt as I have al of the spots :/
  • Okay game now 3/5

    By Fadedlife818
    This game is really good, but we need some new levels and there's a lot of glitchyness
  • Game change? 4/5

    By dope poker
    The game sometimes does what it wants ill be in the middle of a run and my board just goes flying every where and some of the runs i have ot copie arent my stance im regular but some of them i have to do goofy and i understand that it could be switch but it does’nt even say it switch and some of the runs are pretty hard to do them switch. Overall its a great game just a little bug fixes!!!
  • New updates 4/5

    By tylerthesk8ter
    Needs more skate boards and parks and shoes then I’ll give it 5 stars
  • the best skate game for phones and tablets 4/5

    By 56CANNON
    the only reason i didn’t give it a 5* rating is because there NEEDS to be a few new spots!!! they have done a couple updates on it for new decks and shoes but never one for new spot.... so please create some new spots and i know personally i wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks for (“DLC”) new spots
  • It's a good skate game better than true skate 4/5

    By Garywinthorpe6969
    But it needs more spots and skate parts
  • Read this before you buy 3/5

    I skate on the daily so I decided to get a good skate game to play. I had a similar game that I liked very much but ended up doing everything on it so I wanted a new challenge. Here's my first impression: Great graphics, I mean really quality graphics for a mobile game. They make you do a long tutorial which I had to do twice because my game crashed in the middle of it. The controls were hard to get used to at first. I thought it would be like a virtual tech deck, but you use your thumbs to control the board which I thought was a little odd. I like being able to use company boards, but I wish you could change stuff like wheels and trucks, but you can only get pre picked decks. Not a big deal but just a thought. After playing for a while I did get bored, so this is where my title fits in with my review. This game is fun for awhile but gets dry after 15 minutes. I wish they changed up some options and made different game options that could spice up the gameplay. Sorry for writing a book but this game is NOT worth 5 dollars, at the most it's worth $2 for the lack of gameplay and crashes and lagging.

Skater - Skate Legendary Spots, Perfect Board Feel app comments


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