Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013)

Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013)

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Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) App

Skype for Business, formerly Lync 2013 for iOS, extends the power of Lync and Skype to your favorite mobile device: voice & video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface. Key Features: Initiate a group IM or video conversation and invite additional participants Join, rejoin and initiate a Skype for Business Meeting to communicate and collaborate on amazing ideas Simultaneously view shared content and speaker's video during a conference Control the meeting (mute or remove attendees) and know more about participants’ modalities Look at your upcoming meetings and join via one click Find your recent conversations and pick them up from where you left off Search your contacts by name, email, or phone number Enhanced security via Active Directory Authentication Library Anyone can use the Skype for Business for iOS app when invited to a Skype for Business or Lync 2013 meeting. However, you must have a Skype for Business or Lync account in order to use (and enjoy) the full capability of the Skype for Business app. Also, some functionality might require an update to Lync or Skype for Business Server or might not be available to all users. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department. IMPORTANT: THIS SOFTWARE REQUIRES CONNECTIVITY TO VALIDLY LICENSED COPIES OF MICROSOFT LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS SERVER OR OFFICE 365 / LYNC ONLINE / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS ONLINE AND WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT. UPDATES TO MICROSOFT LYNC SERVER OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS MAY BE REQUIRED FOR PROPER PERFORMANCE. SOME FUNCTIONALITY MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL COUNTRIES. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY’S LICENSE TO AND/OR DEPLOYMENT OF LYNC OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR IT DEPARTMENT. SKYPE FOR BUSINESS APP IS ONLY AVAILBLE FOR iOS 8.0 OR GREATER.

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Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) app reviews

  • Standard Microsoft junk 1/5

    By Orcadorka
    Won't work. Can't connect to Microsoft's servers. What else would you expect?
  • Terrible terrible terrible 1/5

    By Rkellyrosek
    Was working perfectly until the 5.4 release. Now I can't log in at all. What is the point of an update that allows no one to log in?
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By roblematic
    Everyone knows I'm coming in from an iPhone because the app crashes all the time with screen sharing. Hardly worth the effort.
  • Sort by Availability 2/5

    By topherowens
    Overall a good app. A little slow. My biggest beef is that the Sort by Availability option is STILL not static. It resets when you log out. I hate having to adjust that setting ever time I log in. Why is this STILL an issue?
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Need future radar
    I would be embarrassed if I were Microsoft. What is the point of office communicator if the person you are talking to closes the window on there laptop and closes the conversation on my phone. Before I had a chance to read it. Then when we call the developers to look into it. You get arrogant responses. How about when my 50 billion dollar company decides to go all MAC. WILL YOU LISTEN THEN!
  • Typical example of a low quality product 1/5

    By Yury_A
    Other mentioned all the flaws already. It's unbelievable when a company with so many resources produces such junk.
  • Quite Possibly the Worst Messaging App Ever Developed 1/5

    By Mtn from Boston
    I honestly don’t understand how something this bad could be launched to market. This app has fundamental issues, should be blown up and put into the annals of other terribly-executed programs that were put out of their misery by popular demand.
  • Not supporting iOS9 1/5

    By Abo-Fhad
    System is not with new version of iOS9. we need an urgent since it's affecting our communications with others .
  • Does not work on ios9 1/5

    By gz Garrison
    Not working on IOS9
  • Couldn't join a Skype for business meeting 2/5

    By TechTwaddle
    What's the use of the app if it can't join a Skype for business meeting setup via outlook. Outlook has the calendar entry with invite, redirected me to the site to download Lync again. Lync though listed the meeting did not give me an option to join.
  • Needs update for iOS9 1/5

    By bluxe81
    URL Links to meetings don't open to the app correctly like they did on iOS8, please update soon as this is unusable for me until that is fixed.
  • Don’t do it - Login Errors with 5.4 1/5

    By BitShuffler1
    If you are running 5.3, don’t move to 5.4. This “update” is trouble if you are a corporate client with hardware load balancers providing reverse proxy and using a certificate provider that has intermediate certificates. Some are claiming that it is a certificate installation issue, but that is not necessarily the case - we’ve proven the certification path is correct to both Microsoft and BigIP (F5). If 5.3 works, stick with for another update.
  • Best app in the universe 5/5

    By Lisandro Vaccaro
    I don't know how I lived without this. This app totally rocks my world.
  • Error. Unable to sign-in 1/5

    By Curtis676767
    This release has created significant issues by stopping corporate users from login-in to the server. Previous version worked very well. MS Lync team, please issue a quick patch release or allow users to go back to precious working version.
  • Your network admin can fix Certificate verification error in 5.4 5/5

    By Gypsy Raven
    Lync mobile 5.4 is sensitive to where the certificates are installed on your network, if it was done correctly, then upgrade to 5.4 poses no problem. If 5.3 was working, but 5.4 gives you this error "We can't verify the certificate from the server. Please contact your support team." This likely means your company uses a hardware load balancer or a reverse proxy (ie. F5, NetScaler) and your Network Admins didn't include the entire Certificate Chain. Since that's the piece of network equipment sitting between your Lync iPhone app and your Lync servers at work, the incomplete certificate chain on the load balancer or proxy (either root certificate or intermediate certificate is missing) will throw that error at the end users. Talk to your network admins, they can fix it!
  • Can't login after update to 5.4 4/5

    I hope this is gonna be fixed because we can't login after 5.4 update
  • Worst. App. Ever. 1/5

    By Cwmoriarty
    I will only 'look for the IM that showed in notifications but never made it to the app' three more times today.
  • Login Error with Update, No Fix 1/5

    By iNate1986
    Was ok until latest update. Now I can't log in, kind of a huge thing to miss in the patch testing guys...
  • Lync meeting links in calendar don't work! 1/5

    By tomturbo2000
    Lync url's in calendar hits don't work on iOS 9..
  • Complete Garbage - Unusable Productivity Destroyer 1/5

    By brzaik
    It is criminal that my organization forces us to use Lync / Skype for Business, and even more egregious that this is the sorry excuse for a mobile app. Things just don't work with Lync for iOS. People send messages to me and they disappear. The speakerphone button just stopped working randomly one day. I can never view meetings through the Meetings tab, even when I am connected through our VPN. The mute button randomly decides to stop working, and the UI is buggy, confusing, and poorly organized. Microsoft needs to can this app and start over from the beginning. If they are serious about Lync as a chat platform, then they need to make an experience that is actually designed to work properly on mobile platforms. We are desperately wanting to switch away from this horrible garbage at work but companies for some reason think the benefits of using Lync outweigh the horrific trouble they put their users through every day. Everyone hates Lync and it is an almost daily subject of jokes and ridicule. If you have a choice, do NOT use this app or this platform.
  • Can't even login 1/5

    By Bisha🐷
    Just spins and spins. Never logs in. A few weeks ago, when it worked, messages were not often pushed to my phone, only my computer.
  • Crap 1/5

    By kitsura
    Sometimes contacts complain of not receiving messages. Other times suddenly I'm not able to sign in. Now all my contacts just suddenly disappeared!?
  • Annoying keyboard scrolling bug still not fixed 1/5

    By mighty adam
    Since day one of the app, whenever you scroll the conversation down, the keyboard would partially detach and scroll with the content (which should not happen). Why is it so difficult to fix? Cmon Microsoft!
  • Losing to webex 1/5

    By Lvmonkey
    Come on MS. Webex app works way more consistently than Lync. Get your stuff together and help us power users out!
  • Simply doesn't work!!! 1/5

    By iPhoneluvr88
    Cannot login. This is not acceptable for business use. Cannot believe this is a product by Microsoft.
  • Doesn't work. 1/5

    By KryptonianSon
    Tap on an alert and the message disappears. Other messages randomly disappear. I find out I have missed many messages from coworkers. And it doesn't sync with my desktop. Completely unreliable.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Evnnn
    Cannot see current chats. You get missed chat notifications but then either can't see the message or are not able to respond. This feels like an immature startup app, not Microsoft
  • Really frustrating 1/5

    By aacar34
    I get a notification when I receive a message, but it gets deleted if I attempt to open it. What's the point of having a messenger if I can't see messages?
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Hologos
    1. The app is not synced to other open Lync instances. 2. If the app is on in the background while you are in the middle ifs chat, if the other person replies, her reply sometimes come through in a separate new thread. 3. If the app is on in the background while you are in the middle ifs chat, if the other person replies, her reply sometimes gets sent via email as a missed comment.
  • Worked a couple of days and then 1/5

    By Steele74
    So Lync was working a couple of days on my iPad and iPhone and now it is not. Error: "We can't verify the certificate from the server. Please contact your support team." We are using Entrust certificates and the Microsoft Remote Conectivty Analyzer passes with flying colors. When will this be fixed?
  • Meetings don't work 1/5

    By Mpareti
    I can never join my conference calls. Always fails, sometime calls me then keeps hanging up. Desktop app works so well. I have an iPhone, can MS just not get along with Apple?
  • Bad design 1/5

    By Nightofgrim
    This app is very bad on so many levels. Besides the crashing the behavior and UX/UI is just poor. My 2 largest complaints: - No return key so all messages have to be single line. - Randomly messages from the same person will pop into a new thread even while in an active thread with them.
  • Only good if you start the conversation 1/5

    By Jweeba86
    If I start the conversation, this app works as I would expect it to. The rest is garbage, and as one person said here, it's potentially dangerous. I get "missed conversation" notices that don't tell me what I actually missed. And if I open Lync on my PC, there is no trace of the conversation either. So then I have to IM the person back and sound foolish asking if they sent me something/for them to repeat it. Ordinarily I would say that I guess being told that someone is trying to reach you is better than not knowing at all. But even then sometimes I don't get the notification. This app needs some work.
  • Worst app on the AppStore 1/5

    By Jon Cortez
    This app crashes every time I am on a Lync meeting with more than 20 participants. Microsoft does not know how to properly create apps for iOS (Lync for Mac is a big piece of crap too).
  • Dangerously Unusable, Shockingly Bad 1/5

    By Pocernicus
    In the two years I have been attempting to use this app, I have had two conversations that worked. Every other conversation has been a flurry of "missed conversation" notifications 30 minutes after the fact, disappearing conversations with no conversation history, and users reporting me as being Offline while the app shows me as being Available. This app is actually worse than having no app at all, because it lulls you into a false sense of security of thinking you are connected when you are not, and entices users to ping you with important details only to have them disappear from the client with ZERO conversation history. It's a disappointingly, horridly terrible app which is truly unfortunate given how utterly useful it could be.
  • Login Error with Version 5.4 4/5

    By Pete M S
    I had been using version 5.3 with no problems or trouble. Now with update to version 5.4 I get "unhandled alert type 201" error and cannot use the app. Is a repair update planned?
  • Forever signing in 1/5

    By Blackdiamonds56
    All it does is just sit there, and say that it is trying to sign it. This is, somehow, worse than the previous version. I didn't think it was possible
  • Needs more options turn off chat 2/5

    By Aritting
    I would like to use this app just for voice and video and I would like to turn off chat messages in a scenario where I am running lync on my computer and my phone.
  • Hmm. We need to update... 1/5

    By twight
    This appears to be the only Skype for Business client that is missing major functions like viewing a screen share. That kind of limits the usefulness.
  • Worse App ever 1/5

    By Kumazkim
    Why does microsoft has two message app? Why wont you just improve skype? I hate that my company is making us use such a horrible app Outlook integration is crap UI is crap Connectivity is crap Messages notification is crap Messages logs are crap. Is this really a messaging app?
  • Where is the iOS version of Skype for Business? 1/5

    By Paul Sukhu
    At least give us a release date and preview versions so we can start testing and preparing.
  • Scary bad 1/5

    By tjohn44
    I had to remove this app because the data was always inaccurate and outdated. It gave me a false sense of comfort thinking no one was trying to reach me when that wasn't the case. I hope there will be a true Skype for Business app soon that will work as intended.
  • Lync Don't sync 1/5

    By snowdawg1986
    Doesn't transfer my chats from the desktop app. Seems like an obvious feature.
  • This App Used to Work 1/5

    By MyliquidBlue
    This app used to work. Now I get an error message most of the time when I try to log on. I count on this app to work because being on Lync is part of my job. It's very frustrating that I can not rely on it.
  • Stop with all the updates 2/5

    By apex-eater
    This app is constantly updating itself. Over the last 24hrs it had 3 updates. What are you goof balls doing?
  • No history saved whatsoever 1/5

    By Hhsvvjckieebevduj
    It deletes everything when you exit app. Does not store new messages. I get a popup like hey you gotta new message, then nothing is in the chat window.
  • Latest update breaks sign in 1/5

    By damienstanton
    The Lync 2013 app has always been just below par but still usable. Certainly not enterprise grade. Now with the latest update, the app cannot sign into Office 365. Been trying all day and it just sits at "signing in" indefinitely.
  • Doesn't Work!!!! 1/5

    By girlfriday31
    This app worked great until the iPhone update to 7.1. Now nothing works even with the new release of Lync on 4/22.
  • Useless, sub par client 1/5

    By Ashmoore1
    This app has a laundry list of issues. Does not mirror desktop chats like almost every chat client out there. Constantly misses incoming chats Unreliable Chops chats up into multiple messages Loses messages Summary? Skype for Business is not even slightly suitable for business users.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Kaschenberg84
    New version 5.4 will not update meetings because of a certificate issue. Previous 5.3 version worked flawless. I have verified 5.3 still works on company phones who have not updated yet. What did you break Microsoft?

Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) app comments

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