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Slack - Business Communication for Teams

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Slack - Business Communication for Teams App

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Use Slack to: • Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work • Message or call any person or group within your team • Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack • Integrate into your workflow, the tools and services you already use including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more • Easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files • Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters Scientifically proven (or at least rumored) to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. We hope you’ll give Slack a try. Stop by and learn more at:

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Slack - Business Communication for Teams app reviews

  • its slack its great 5/5

    By Jollymonsa
    love it use it prosper with it
  • TEAMS 5/5

    By Cant find a untaken nickname
    Once there is real, regular work to be director done, Slack beats email 100 to 1
  • Slack 5/5

    By Rwevans
    Great app, no complaints, versatile
  • Many basic features missing 3/5

    By LeoNatan25
    I mean, how can a messaging app in 2017 not have quick reply from notifications? It interactive dismiss of keyboard? Performance is also not very good. Why is scrolling on an iPhone 7 Plus not silky smooth? There are just no excuses for a company of the size and experience of Slack, sorry.
  • Overly complicated 2/5

    By Csprung
    Not user friendly at first at all. Overly complicated. It takes more time to figure out how to use the functions then to get your info across. My option overly complicated wast of time. Better methods of group Communication out there.
  • Great dev 5/5

    By teakay421
    Responsible, responsive developers working to create a smart, cutting-edge tool built with the end-user in mind.
  • Our team in Thailand love it. 5/5

    By Changnoibag
    Our team in Thailand love it.
  • Fantastic and flexible comma tool 5/5

    By Heute.cdw
    If you play Pokémon go, you need to get this. That's how flexible this tool is.
  • Genial 5/5

    By AlVe
    Excelente aplicación para el trabajo colaborativo. Practica y de fácil uso..
  • Please add Touch ID feature 5/5

    By Neels23
    You guys are awesome. Please just add the TouchID feature for app open/resume.
  • Developers love it 5/5

    By Faberthemaster
    It's an awesome app for developments teams... the ability to use bots that automate some stuff is very good, communication is faster with DM and Teams... Looking forward for future updates and new features of slack
  • The missing link! 5/5

    By LightingGuyDFW
    Thank you Slack team. You have revolutionized the way we communicate across our AV company. It has expedited orders and helped us better organize our ever evolving chaos. The customization seems endless and I look forward to the future of our business with Slack at our side.
  • Best team messenger app 5/5

    By petergene
    Slack has excellent mobile and desktop team chat apps - all others are catching up to features Slack already has!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dustin T
    Really really great tool for getting work done.
  • Forces you to install their app! 1/5

    By Starry chloe
    I only want to access the mobile web page one day but it forces you to install a 75MB app! F-You!
  • Great community of tech users and admins 5/5

    By Splithare
    Can't get along w/o it!!!!! Nuff said. Have received great sites to visit and answers to my questions.
  • Love Slack 5/5

    By eagleman1101
    This service has changed the way we communicate at our business.
  • I like it 5/5

    By Andre610
    I use this app for communication within FreshU, and I like it. I've never had any problems with it. It's much better than GroupMe.
  • Daily use 5/5

    By Stellar_I
    I use this app, in conjunction with the web app, for work daily. Easy to use. -- Remember to read the update notes when updating! (they're a riot)
  • Notification sound for highlight words 4/5

    By Bad icons
    Love your app and use it daily. My only complaint is since the update if your phone is on silent the notification sound doesn't happen for highlighted phrases. For some of us this is very useful. Please fix! <3
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Jrtg94
  • Best. Tool. Ever. 5/5

    By M$G
    Slack is quite literally the single biggest enhancement to productivity and collaboration on our team. I love what slack enables us to do and my life would be worse off without it.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Nikki-Oliva
    Have to use this for work. Told direct messages were private even to administrator. Apparently slack will sent the admin a weekly email with all the direct messages between employees. Not a fan
  • Not as bad as Skype for Business 1/5

    By GregOh!
    But pretty close. I really want to be able to use this app as the concept has so much potential, but it consumes too much battery, is constantly trying to reconnect after mysteriously losing its connection and is overall just awkward. Over time one can only hope that these deal killers will be overcome.
  • So easy 5/5

    By Hippie loves
    Love how this is easily personalized
  • Just okay 2/5

    By EmmiA97390249
    Slack is effective but Groupme is definitely more efficient, user friendly and professional.
  • Fantastic Application 5/5

    By Perisbwuuckwlzbahldbxuakbsvkbd
    Slack has made my team infinitely more productive and efficient. I wouldn't want to go back to the days of a dozen WhatsApp group. Definitely recommend
  • Cute thru da clutter 5/5

    By kshaban
    A few of our companies have used the 'API' and I have to admit it's awesome. But what's best is being able to see when users become inactive. And the best part is slack doesn't just stop billing but credits you for the unused employees (all of which are obviously not working :))
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Nickwf
    Apparently they fixed this issue for some users...but the app still won't open for me on the latest version.
  • Best messaging app for work 5/5

    By S1606
    Being able to communicate on the go, share documents, and generally work much more cohesively because of this app has been wonderful! Love all the capabilities of Slack on my computer and on my phone!
  • Works Well 5/5

    By Tem Moore
    There's several of us on a team and Slack makes communication easy.
  • cofounder 5/5

    By A.N.Entrepreneur
  • Update failed. 4/5

    By Evan S Parker
    App icon stuck at "Installing..." Resolved by updating iOS.
  • Slack is the team communication tool you need 5/5

    By Oldude1991
    We tried every messenger service and aggregator you could think of on our team but nothing seemed to have all the functionality and scalability needed. Then we tried Slack. After using the free version for a few weeks we had adoption from the entire group and quickly moved to the subscription version. It's an amazing tool and with its big and growing list of app integration it just keeps getting better.
  • Really Super Great 5/5

    By Ragashingo
    Slack is a great app for communicating. It is well developed and well maintained. Yay, Slack!
  • Crashes with iOS 10.3b6 and b7 5/5

    By Fatty McFatt
    UPDATE: The latest version of Slack no longer crashes on startup. Changing rating to 5 star. The app consistently crashes on startup on iOS 10.3 public beta 6 and 7.
  • Excellent communication 5/5

    By meejasaurusrex
    Great way to stay in touch when away from the desk. Interface is very easy to navigate.
  • Best Business Chat 5/5

    By AndyN12345
    Slack is the best business chat app I've ever used. They've really done a great job of figuring out what people need and use!
  • It just works 5/5

    By Chrissss T.
    Title says it all
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By fivekan
    Stop the stupid cutesy update notes and actually spend that time testing so you don't have to push two emergency updates in two days. How is this a reliable tool when basic things, like launching the app, don't work?
  • This is focused communication. 4/5

    By DuckyDoc
    I like this means of communication with people who I depend on and whose input is valued frequently during the work day.
  • more than good 5/5

    By boris4man.utd
    application is more than good, it brings work in team to the next level. support is also excelent. 5star app
  • Great App ! 5/5

    By Feng Ruzi
    Great App...!!!
  • Just keeps getting worse 2/5

    By Erdos
    Random slowdowns, unable to get back on the network after passing the tunnel. What happened guys?
  • New update has bugs 5/5

    By Mmtobler
    Keep showing notifications when there are not any .. doesn't load correctly, will say there is a message and then the feed in the particular channel will be blank, even though it's not .. other times it seems frozen, meaning you can't select any channel
  • Gr8 app 5/5

    By oswram
    Is the best app I've ever tried
  • Great app 5/5

    By rogavkasi
    Keep up the great work!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By wont_
    Caused everyone I love and care about to stop using irc. A+
  • Team communications = Slack! 5/5

    By AmitRocks1983
    Slack has nailed all the key aspects of team communications! It ensures focus is on collaboration and eliminates clutter!
  • Great but notifications flakey 3/5

    By OlCrazyJoe
    My team uses Slack across different phones and desktops and it works great. The only bit that is lacking are notifications on iOS. The app often misses direct messages and almost never updates the count of messages on the app icon.

Slack - Business Communication for Teams app comments

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