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Enjoy Slate, the award-winning daily online magazine, on iPhone and iPad. Slate’s wry, insightful reporting and commentary on politics, news, and culture is now available in an application designed to optimize your mobile and tablet reading, listening, and viewing experience. The app offers a clean, easy-to-use interface and includes Slate articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos. Features include: - Access to the latest Slate articles and blogs, including Slate’s popular political and legal commentary, movie and television reviews, and Dear Prudence. - Slate’s popular daily podcasts, including the Political Gabfest, the Culture Gabfest, and The Gist. The app allows users to play podcasts in the background while browsing other content. - A home screen designed to showcase Slate’s top stories while allowing readers to browse the most recent and most popular stories. - Tools that let users share Slate stories and features via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS. - Our membership product, Slate Plus is now available via in app purchase. The app is free to download, however we do display advertisements within the app. Additionally we offer the ability to log in to your existing Slate Plus account or purchase a new Slate Plus account through the in app purchases. Your Slate Plus account can be used on your iOS devices as well as our website. To use your Slate Plus subscription on other devices you must create an account after completing your purchase. You can always create an account at a later time if you choose not to do so initially after your purchase. With your Slate Plus subscription, you'll receive: - Access to all Slate Plus content - An ad-free experience By creating an optional account you’ll also receive: - Single-page articles - In-page commenting - Bonus podcast segments - Early release, member-only and ad-free podcasts - Access to Slatesters - Access to premium seating at our live events - Early access to and 30% off tickets to our live events Slate Plus Subscription details: There are two subscription option available for purchase: $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year (Save 17% with the annual) plan. New content is continuously being published by our writers. Your account will automatically renew at the end of each month or year depending on your subscription. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to user account settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. For additional information regarding Slate Plus please see our FAQ: Slate Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: For additional information regarding auto renewal settings please refer to this link: We are always looking to improve our applications. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to

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  • Hard to navigate the app since latest update 2/5

    By Mrsbtrefz2011
    Great content, poor app. Much harder to navigate the app since last update. Sometimes cannot get back to the main screen from a story; have to close and reopen the app. Disappointing.
  • Unusable on iPhone X 1/5

    By LuckysClub
    This app is unusable on an iPhone X. Once you go into an article, you can not get out because none of the buttons are tappable and swiping backwards doesn’t work.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Fitz2review
    I like the new layout but don't see any comments on my iPad or iPhone. Comments are my favorite part. I pay for the Plus subscription so this is a major problem.
  • Crashy McCrashleton 1/5

    By neonmickey
    I love love love Slate but the app freezes up/crashes almost daily. Today I went through the rigamarole of uninstalling, reinstalling, logging in (the restore feature does not work) and it crashed again within 30 seconds.
  • I miss reading comments 3/5

    By LxN8r
    I don't HATE the redesign, but I'm not all that impressed. I find the icon garish and unattractive, but that's just styling. I mostly read slate on an IPAD 2. I purchased PLUS through the Apple Store; and wish I hadn't, as I can never access plus material any other way. And there are never any comments, which was among the features I regularly enjoyed, and now do not have. Why is this rocket science? Someone has figured out how to do this well; must everyone else reinvent their wheel.?
  • Pathetically Biased 1/5

    By Joosh211
    Most of the articles posted here are obviously slanted to the left. And in my opinion more severely than Fox News is to the right.
  • Ms 1/5

    By Ohpleasenotagain
    Has Slate looked at the reviews of this app that are compiled in the App Store? Almost every review is one star. There are a bunch of reviews that say the app is not working for the iPhone X, but, guess what? I have the 6s and the app doesn't work for my phone either. The comments for the articles do not show up. I have no problem if use my Google Chrome app and search for the site and access it through the internet but this app is an epic fail. I am deleting this pos from my phone.
  • Lousy UI 1/5

    By SGfan99
    When will Slate fix the UI issues with the latest update? Going back after reading an article has become hit or miss. The back arrow shows up in the middle of the article and does not always work. Have to close app and come back to get to main screen. This is disappointing!
  • Frustrating cluttered 1/5

    By Feathered Fish
    Subscribed to Slate+ for SLOW BURN without ads and extra material...but doesn’t play automatically on my iTunes podcast app. Very frustrating to navigate!
  • Slate is great. App is buggy as all get out. 1/5

    By _IantoJones
    Others have described it better than I can, but the persistence of extremely old articles in your feed and near impossibility of refreshing for new ones is maddening.
  • This app is terrible 2/5

    By wilsonbe
    I love Slate content so I signed up Slate Plus. It is very difficult to view member content via Stitcher through the Slate Plus feed because it gets buried. So, when the Slate app works it is fine, but most of the time it crashes. Thus, I have no good way to listen to Slate Plus content on my phone. ☹️ Importantly, I wasted my money on Slate Plus!
  • Pervasive UI Problems 1/5

    By jonathankoren
    When you finish reading an article and scroll up to make the navigation bar to reappear, it appears in the middle of the text instead of the top, and the buttons stop working. If you scroll past the top of the article, you view the picture full screen (well, sometimes its full) and then you get stuck. I have to force close this app and restart after almost every article. I’m really surprised this shipped.
  • Crashes on launch, still. 1/5

    By Dragsy1
    New version, still crashing after starting up on newest iOS and iPhone X. Begins to load front end then gone. I’m a fan and love the content but the app is 100% useless.
  • Content: Yes. App: NO. 3/5

    By Pedruzco374
    Can you please fix the app so it’s not such a mess? I have an iPhone X and it’s a horrible tech mess. I love the content, hate the experience.
  • Comments still broken 2/5

    By jtssssa
    This app keeps going from bad to worse.
  • Just deleted this app 1/5

    By Crag65
    After several of the recent updates I have decided to stop using the app. Previously Slate Plus content was marked so I would not waste my time. There are also auto-playing video ads. I am done wasting my time with the app and will access this content from other sources.
  • Intrusive Browser Ads 2/5

    By R.B.Clayton
    I love Slate's content, but the intrusive ads that repeatedly pop up through Safari are a deal-breaker. Won't use and can't recommend this app. Update 2/3/18: I decided to give the app another chance following the announced redesign. I was pleased to discover that that the pop-up ads in Safari appear to be gone. But the in-app video ads that run repeatedly on every page — and rerun on the same page even after viewing the video in full — are just as bad.
  • Comments not working on iPhone 1/5

    By NYC surf
    Comments not working.
  • Weak 1/5

    By 1centrist
    Crashes constantly when I try to open a story with video. I usually just go to the website.
  • Loving and being frustrated by 3/5

    By gracedmess
    As a Plus member I was anxious to have everything- podcasts and articles - in one place. However, the app freezes frequently when starting a podcast. The All Shows tab for podcasts doesn’t necessarily seem to always have them all. I’d be okay with having to search for content if it didn’t quit freezing; that glitch also means I have to sign in again, a pain since I have to go back to my password generator to find the secure non-memorable one to copy and paste. Look forward to this being resolved.
  • Broken on iPhone X 1/5

    By Geoff1325
    The previous version of the Slate app was fine. The new version doesn’t let you exit an article—you must force quit the app and restart. This gets old very quickly. Please fix!
  • Was solid, now buggy 2/5

    By Writer Guy in RI
    Love the content but the new update is incredibly buggy. Articles routinely get stuck so you can't back out of them, forcing you to quit the app completely and restart to get back to the main screen and article lists. Hopefully they will fix the functionality that was broken with the new update.
  • They can't seem to get this right 1/5

    By Cycledoc22
    No featured stories on my new iPad. Just a bunch of boxes undifferentiated as to importance, type content and so on. Doesn't accept comments. They've never figured out the app and still haven't. Good content, terrible technology.
  • Doesnt Work 1/5

    By Criz_John
    Cant find all the podcasts but more importantly there is NO other content on the app NONE. Good job Slate.
  • New version doesn’t work on iPhone X 1/5

    By MrsAdam2603
    Loved the app before; the update killed it for me on the iPhone X. I can’t go back off an article to the list; scrolling up fast just loads a thumbnail of the image; the scroll bar sticks across the page but doesn’t respond to touch... so sad.
  • Changes don't amount to much 1/5

    By msinert
    I love Slate's journalism. I’m a Slate plus member. But the latest version of the app is broken. Swipe navigation doesn’t work on my iPhone X (the developers never followed typical Apple gestures anyways, but that’s a separate issue). It crashes on my phone. Frankly, it's easier to access Slate over the web or mobile web. I have prior versions of the app 2 or 3 stars. The latest update gets 1.
  • Problems with iPhone X 1/5

    By GriffinDog
    Like other reviewers said, this app doesn’t function properly on the iPhone X. A weird bar to go back appears in the middle of the story and then the back icon doesn’t function. Then an X to close the story comes up in the upper left corner and that to doesn’t function.
  • IPhone X issues 1/5

    By Thrasymedes
    When you click on an article you are unable to exit out of the article. You have to shutdown the app then start it back up to bring back the article list.
  • Hiding in plain sight 4/5

    By CPinBerkeley
    I don’t know enough yet to either love or hate the new app. 4 stars are kind of an “A for effort” score, as I love Slate and read it every day, as well as keeping the daily podcast feed at the top of my queue. Here’s the thing, though: for all the mentions of the big redesign in the podcasts, there was nothing saying to delete and reinstall the app. So after a week or so of the main news feed updating as usual, the stories across the header hadn’t been changing. I decided the regular update mechanism wasn’t going to do anything, and took the initiative to delete and do a fresh reinstall. The new design looks promising, and if the functionality improves (embedded video, for instance), I’ll be delighted to give a proper Gabfest-style endorsement. But for now, I’ve had less than a half-hour, so can just look forward to digging in further. And you might want to post an actual story or push the new version through a full App Store update. Just sayin’...
  • Bugged app, great content! 1/5

    By Treman99dd
    Love Slate’s content, but the new app is very buggy on my iPhone X. Clicking a new article, often places the “back” button in the middle of the screen, and it doesn’t function. Please fix Slate!
  • Why so complicated? 2/5

    By meowhouse
    I listen to a lot of Slate podcasts and finally subscribed to Slate Plus so I could get all the bonus content for Slow Burn. But I can’t find it in this app. Slate, what do you have against a simple index, eh? You have my 35 bucks - please make it plain and simple for me to stream the political gabfest without David Plotz’ cringe-worthy commercials for dinner and stamps. Ugh.
  • What do you do to this app? 1/5

    By Zoerein
    This used to be a great app. New version is really bad. Often I cannot exit a story without closing the app. This is basic stuff—get it right please.
  • Slate plus subscription does not work 1/5

    By philcarrizzi
    I’m working with tech support now, But I am not able to use the subscription I just paid for. I shouldn’t have to create a login at all, that should be the value of having it tied to my device (which is how my NYT sub works,) but if I have to at least make it work - have the app CHANGE after buying and then logging in so I don’t have to work so hard just to look for where I should be looking - then to find the instructions I eventually get EMAILED don’t work.
  • Repeat repeat repeat 3/5

    By Thomas Veil
    Slate’s content is great, but the app has a critical bug. If you are reading the latest stories in the Recent news feed, you’ll find that any past articles you may have saved somehow become “stuck” amongst the newer articles. Those articles shouldn’t show up in the Recent feed AT ALL; they’re older, saved articles, after all. Yet they show up over and over and OVER, and it isn’t until you scroll past them and then back that you see the articles that are supposed to be there. This has been going on for a while now, and it’s annoying. I was hoping Slate’s vaunted behind-the-scenes CMS revamp would solve the problem, but it hasn’t.
  • Commenting feature 2/5

    By Nun Pants
    The commenting feature on the app hasn’t worked properly in several weeks. It always reports that “There are currently no comments” on any article I click on, even when I can verify via a web browser that, in fact, there are currently comments. It’d be a nice thing to fix when you get a minute.
  • Hypersensitive (technologically) 3/5

    By Ploughjogger
    Content is fine, but upon opening, the home page triggers two or three pop up adds in your web browser; touching the screen to scroll down triggers a few more.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By Jiffyrube
    I like Slate, but this app just keeps getting worse. First, The Slatest just stopped updating. Did you know Colin Kaepernik got an award from the ACLU? Slate’s been telling me that groundhog day style since December 3rd. Now the Top Stories section has gone blank. Just blank burgundy squares that don’t link to anything. But don’t worry, the ads still load fine. I guess that’s what they meant when they said they were redoing their ad strategy to make it better-lots of ads and no content? Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t help. So I just use the Overcast App to listen to Mallory Ortberg and avoid the Slate app entirely.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By TerrenceBacon
    Nice, purple panels with no content.
  • Stopped working about three days ago 1/5

    By Usylesses
    The app just shows a blank tiles where stories are supposed to be.
  • No slate plus? 1/5

    By eeyoredragon
    How in gods name is this not front and center in the app? Or in the app at all for that matter...
  • Malfunctioning, frustrating disaster 1/5

    By Tiggrrl66
    I like the content, some days I even love the content. But I hate the app with a burning passion. It never works correctly. I currently have “The Slatest” stories that were published back as far as October showing. And don’t get me started on the ads that pop open out of nowhere and lock my iPhone and iPad in a rabbit hole of hellish redirects to places I’d never browse of my own choice. I’ve waited through multiple updates for improvements, but it only appears to be getting worse, so I Slate will be losing me as an app user. This isn’t worth the trouble!!!
  • Good site, decent app, but several glaring weaknesses! 2/5

    By AstroPaul
    Updating an earlier review. I’ve downgraded my rating for one simple, major reason: even at the largest setting, the font size is too small! We should not have to hold our iPhones up to our eyeballs to comfortably read the stories! I have many news apps and they all permit much larger font sizes. Please fix this! You have great material, excellent columnists and news analysts, but this is a HUGE barrier! Another problem concerns commenting. On the iPad, comments do NOT seem available. On the iPhone, they are there, but whenever I try entering one, I get an error message. A third immediate problem is that the spacing of text is often wrong on the iPhone, e.g., in recent lists of movie titles, they all run together! Alas, the other problems with the app remain, so I have left my prior reviews here. The major ones are these: * The different sections -- recent, top, and popular -- still overlap far too much. * There is still no customization of the drop down section list. * The old tabbed sections interface worked better and still needs to be brought back. —————————- PRIOR REVIEWS Slate provides a wonderful collection of articles and columns -- a kind of light Atlantic or New Yorker. The info, topics, and writers are good. The new version is a step up, with a more polished design, ease of use, etc. Now, a 4-star app. However, there are some serious issues. 1. First, the upgrade deletes ALL saved stories! Sheesh! That's App Design 101 and the Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm!" 2. Second, there is a major design flaw with navigation in the new version. The back arrow for returning to the headline list no longer appears with a simple scroll up or tap! Instead, one is presented with a large top maroon-colored banner--*without* a back arrow! One has to tap a 2nd time-- a nuisance. 3. A third point. The new section system appears to be an improvement in categorization, but is a major step backward in several ways. It's now a left-hand drop down menu, but the previous tabbed interface worked faster, looked cleaner, and made sections more readily accessible. 4. The biggest thing the app needs is a way to customize those sections! For example, we should be able to park our favorite columns or writers there. We always like reading Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy, but it's hard to find. 4a. It would be great if you give us an option to have a tab bar slider across the top-- as well as the drop down--the slider is much more convenient. 5. One major thing is still NOT fixed -- and is even worse now: the stories in the 3 main sections Recent, Top Stories, and Popular overlap greatly! So much so, they are almost indistinguishable! Two of those is all that's needed and with a more select culling of either Top Stories or Popular ones. 6. The background Big Ss behind each of the headlines can often make them hard to decipher! It also looks aesthetically poor. They also jump around a bit when scrolling, so they are distracting to boot. There are also unnecessary! 7. Several of the concerns from the prior review still apply, so I keep that here. -------------------------- PREVIOUS REVIEW The key problems pertain to small font sizing and the jumbled presentation of material! It doesn't matter how good the content is if you can't find it or if parts of the stories or essays are too hard to read! The block quotes in articles and columns, for example, are in too small a font size, even with the font size set at Extra Large. They should be the same size as the regular text. The comments are ridiculously small in size and largely unreadable. The app misses the boat on basic interface guidelines-- the ellipsis ... that should signify further choices -- but is used as a checkmark (for font size). There's no customization of sections-- in fact, there are no sections shown save for Recent, Featured, and Popular! So, the stories and columns are a jumble! The buried list of sections should be put into a sliding tab bar across the top, with user customization of order and topics (see the old Washington Post app for how both should be done). Slate+ is an enhanced version of the offerings, but the FAQ doesn't explain what it is! In the pro column, the astronomy column by Phil Plait is on here. However, it shows up randomly --there's no way of parking it or others in a Favorites section. So, you have to hunt for it and still may not find it. [It's now in the pull down list of sections, but way down, which is inconvenient. Another reason users should be able to customize the section list!] There is a Search box, but then you have to type in his name each time! Look forward to an improved next version!
  • App is hard to understand 3/5

    By Dee12345666
    I love Slate and wanted to support them so I joined Slate plus. I downloaded this app for easy access to slate plus content. I've spent more time than I care to mention trying to figure out how to do that. I'm going to have to look at a tutorial or contact email support. Way too much effort to get the content I'm paying for.
  • Sticky ads regularly hijack feed 2/5

    By Constant Reader Jr.
    It’s almost impossible to scroll through the app without getting caught on an ad, which interrupts browsing and dumps cookies on your phone. Poor design, from a reader’s point of view, and not so ideal for the advertisers, either, because it’s a deterrent to opening the app in the first place. Good content but guaranteed frustration.
  • Automatically ading = delete 2/5

    By EekArt
    Haven't deleted yet, but I don't like ads automatically playing (Sound & Video 😰!) UGH YUCK PTUI!
  • Disabled comment section? 1/5

    By Adge514
    I am not sure what is going on with slate but I can’t read any comments on the app!
  • Love slate, hate the app 1/5

    By missy.k
    This latest iteration is so buggy. The Slatest will NOT update, leaving me with 3-week old articles (hardly -est). And the rest of the articles, when opened, get stuck 1/2 inch off to the right or lest (as if the got stuck while swiping) so they can't be read. Grrrr! I have to read them on the webpage, which completely negates the purpose of the app.
  • Slate Plus is Frustrating to the point of useless. 1/5

    By andrew.starks
    I was very impressed with Slow Burn and for several reasons wanted to purchase Slate Plus to get the in-depth content and also support Slate. I went onto their web site and found it actually pretty confusing to sign up, having to perform many more clicks than needed and there being no obvious way to log in with google or Facebook (you can and it’s pretty obvious in the app) Once I finally got an account, I tried to sign into the Slate Plus version. No dice. URL broken. Then I read it’s easy to do from the Slate app. It’s not. I honestly have no idea how to get that done. Clicking on the Slow Burn podcast brings up an article with links to the non-plus version and nothing to the plus version. Maybe I’m missing something. But I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure something out that should be obvious. I’d hate to be in slate’s shoes. Their app is almost certainly costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • Spoiler Alerts! 1/5

    By Gabriella Du Sult
    Love Slate - it’s one of my go-to sources. But I cannot believe you “splashed” a spoiler for “The Last Jedi” the day it opens! Stating in a big headline that Rey’s parentage will be revealed is a spoiler by itself, and putting it in the headline is worse. At least give us a fighting chance to avoid details. Please do your readers a favor and TAKE IT DOWN!
  • Fave news app! 5/5

    By Suom Y Nona
    I love Slate's reporting and writing- their articles are concise but informative and include links for those who want to read further. They are also witty and humorous, which given recent topics have been a godsend. Thank u Slate! app comments


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