Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

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  • Current Version: 3.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MyPizza Technologies, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup App

Order pizza delivery and pickup from your favorite neighborhood pizzeria anytime, anywhere with Slice! At Slice, we believe pizza is more than just food. That’s why we’re dedicated to making authentic, handcrafted, local pizza easily accessible to pizza lovers around the country! Because eating real pizza should be really easy. Slice lets you order delivery and takeout from your favorite, hard-to-get-a-hold-of, mom and pop pizzeria in just a few taps. We also partner with independent pizzerias at a much lower cost than any other food ordering & restaurant delivery app, while empowering them with the tools and technology needed to grow their business. So when you order on Slice, you’re not only getting delicious, real pizza, you’re also supporting small businesses - ak.a. having your pie and eating it too! Slice Features: Quick & Easy Ordering ** Effortlessly order from your go-to pizzeria ** View menus from pizzerias near you and select the one that will satisfy your cravings ** Checkout instantly and pay with credit card or cash ** Reorder your favorite pizza from your go-to pizzeria in just a few taps Build Your Perfect Pizza ** Create your perfect pie with our pizza builder ** Select the size and toppings to create your perfect pie ** Review your order and make sure you got extra cheese, no olives or whatever you want! Save Money ** Get great local promotions and discounts ** Check for exclusive pickup & delivery deals from your favorite pizzeria ** Invite friends and get $5 off your next order Download Slice today and make dinner plans as easy as “Delivery or pickup?” Love Slice? -- Please take a moment to rate our app. Your feedback means the world to us.


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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup app reviews

  • Terrible service 1/5

    By NealMini
    Ordered food and it never came. Slice customer service was terrible and slow. Restaurant said it never got the order then wouldn’t give a refund. Slice disavowed any responsibility even though they charged me. Don’t use this app - use grubhub or some other app. Grubhub is more user friendly and will actually help you resolve delivery issues. The whole thing was a hassle and waste of time and money. Don’t trust them.
  • Doesn't always work well 1/5

    By disapponted dadnkids
    This app depends on the pizzeria being on top of things. 3 times I've ordered and waited only to be told by the pizzeria the order was never processed and oh we're sorry. Slice needs to work out the bugs or not do business with pizzerias that don't have their act together.
  • Scummy Slice company hijacks local pizza shop phone# & search results, inserts fees into order 1/5

    By covercash
    I used to do a quick search for the local pizza shop numbers or websites when I wanted to order, but I noticed the numbers and domains weren’t what I was used to. And there were suddenly additional fees. Looks to me like this company/app goes out and registers similar websites and phone numbers to existing pizza shops, does a better job at SEO than the pizza shops so the Slice sites show up higher in results, and funnels orders through Slice, tacking on Slice’s fee on top of what the pizza shop would normally charge. The pizza shops don’t notice, but the customers all end up paying $2+ more per delivery when it goes through a Slice website or phone number. And on top of it, whenever I ordered through a hijacked Slice phone/website, the order ALWAYS ended up being wrong, or getting sent to an address in a different town (that’s actually what alerted me to their scam and made me look into it more.) So don’t support this company. They siphon a few dollars off you per order in a rather unethical way.
  • Not optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By jmejiaa
    Use my whole screen!!
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Elke21
    They offer a discount and no where to put it. Next time we will just call the place rather than use this app.
  • That Customer service wow 5/5

    By JRose923
    Ight so I never write reviews for apps or that kinda stuff like I usually assume I have better things to do with my time, but imma go out of my way to say how good customer service was like honestly best support from a company I’ve gotten. Hope this never changes
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Josho231
    I used slice online earlier today with success, so I downloaded the app. The pizza place closed earlier than listed and although I have notifications turned “on”, I was not notified through the app. They sent me an email to tell me my order had been cancelled, which I only saw after arriving at the pizza place and discovering for myself. The owner said he’s had a lot of problems with Slice and isn't happy at all with it. The owner of the restaurant took care of me with a free salad, but I’m deleting the app.
  • Doesn’t tell you when store is closed 3/5

    By Frustrated Frannie
    It’s easy to order, but the pizzeria I ordered from was closed. Apparently they opened about three hours late - two hours after I placed the order. Meanwhile I found another option for lunch, but was still charged. They should have an option to cancel the order if the store doesn’t confirm the order within 30 minutes.
  • Great way to order pizza and more 5/5

    By Lawwriter
    Easy to use, convenient, great selection, and using the app supports local business. Highly recommended.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Elmo3165
    I thought this app was so ingenious, until I went to pick up my order at a pizza shop across town. The entire order relayed was completely wrong including the price! This was a terrible experience that had me in tears. Finally the owner of the shop was contacted and the issue was rectified by him. Worst app ever!
  • Miserable customer service. Dont use 1/5

    By Ahmedmust500
    After being insulted from a pizzeria owner, the app customer service couldnot help me refunding my money. Didnot offer to credit me back anything. Miserable customer service.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By amorduele
    The “continue” button never lit up for me to click continue- I tried everything. So couldn’t even order. Just stayed a dead link.
  • Total lack of responsibility 1/5

    By Deadpool9254
    Ordered using the app and the pizza was the wrong size when I came to pick it up, proprietor wouldn’t issue a refund for the difference for giving me a smaller pizza. Got home and the pizza was cold and terrible. Contacted slice and they put me on a conference call with the pizza place and the manager yelled and said I had to drive all the way back to get a refund. Got hung up on when I wouldn’t accept and all slice would offer me was a $2 promo, terrible experience
  • Dated app w/ no delivery tracking... 2/5

    By K!loKai
    My first and las time probably using this app, it lacks the delivery tracking feature. Sure I can call the restaurant but where’s the convenience in that?
  • Not in my area yet - waste of time 1/5

    By Juice It Up
    If you don’t serve all areas yet you should list the areas you do serve to save users from wasting time with your app.
  • Never got my order. Store said they never got it. 1/5

    By Ksha2303
    Super annoying.
  • Cancelled my order! 1/5

    By Jojo Pace
    Cancelled my order!
  • Missing some features. 3/5

    By eschroeder
    When I am about to check out it would be nice to be able to click the pizza place name and make sure the address is the one I want to order from. Also location on map. Final tip: let us add promo code before final check out page so we can check final price before the last page.
  • Amazing deals, amazing customer support 5/5

    By Gameserfer0
    There was a mistake in my first order, they corrected it and made it right with zero issues! Amazing and concise!
  • How hard can it be to order pizza in this town? 1/5

    By Evil Dr Jim
    Downloaded the app to order pizza. The first restaurant I tried to order from did not accept credit cards (!). The second restaurant did not deliver, despite the app indicating that it did. Slice managed to waste 20 minutes of pizza eating time messing around on the app that didn’t work.
  • The most pointless app I’ve ever seen 1/5

    By AstoriaReader
    I got so excited, seeing an ad for this app while riding the 7 train. “Ooh, a pizza-specific delivery app! Maybe they’ll deliver from the pizzerias that Seamless/GrubHub have missed!” Nope. Literally the *exact* same places that Seamless, GrubHub, and already have. Except this app only has pizza. Why... are you?
  • Best app for ordering pizza! 5/5

    By crsiewong
    The app is SO easy to use. Allows my family to order pizza from our favorite local pizzeria in less than 2 minutes. The best part is the order is always accurate and the food arrives hot!
  • Scammers, extremely frustrating 1/5

    By Mna8686
    Promo codes don’t work. Asks you to add more stuff to cart then still doesn’t work. Waste of time
  • Great way to support your local pizzeria 3/5

    By arsoneffect
    We’ve used the app about 4 or 5 times now. Knowing that the pizzerias are not getting ripped off like some other food delivery services is nice. The app could use a few items: - delivery tracker map, this is by far one of the only reasons we don’t use the app as much - dedicated Customer Support section built-in to side menu, with one click numbers to call regarding your order - ability to filter pizzerias by diet preference (fiancé can’t eat gluten or she gets sick) Bugs: - when typing in additional directions, every word is capitalized. Minor bug
  • Broken 1/5

    Fix the functionality requiring a cross street. There was no field to enter it but it wouldn’t let me place an order without it.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Theg0nzo
    Order was very late. Then incorrect. No accountability between slice and pizza shop to take credit and make it right. Waited 3 hours for a pizza and was offered a $5 credit. Mo thanks if that is how you treat customers
  • Did not like the app 1/5

    By Needlenoses
    This app seems very confused. Often times it will take over an hour and half to get a pizza or it will send you to the wrong store. I have attempted to use the app three times recently and all three times I never got my pizza, it either was a super long wait and I canceled or it was sent to the wrong store and took around thirty minutes for the apps customer service to let me know. I would not recommend.
  • Ummmm, 10% tip with no option to adjust it? Seriously? 1/5

    By SJTobi
    What happened, Slice?? I’ve been using this app for years at my favorite pizza place that always treats me right and delivers delicious pizza quickly and piping hot. I absolutely love the Slice app and recommend it to everyone. Now I have to find cash to make up for the extra tip that I normally include in my credit card order? Or just pay cash completely? I almost never have cash and find the mandatory 10% tip option ridiculous. I know that I already pay a $2.00 delivery fee that I’m totally fine with, but please allow your customers to tip what they want. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever seen in an online food delivery app. We don’t HAVE to use Slice to order pizza, after all. I say fix it or you will not only loose me as a customer, but many others 😒
  • Great idea bad business 1/5

    By matt24wion
    Had a order and we requested no bacon in special instructions. Pizza came with bacon. Called the pizza a place and they said they could not help and we would have to reach out to the app. Called Slice and they said they could not help due to no management on duty. Now I am have paid for a pizza we can not eat. Deleting app.

    By vDash
    Should have read the reviews before using it. Highly unfortunate idea from my side to try a new app to order pizza when we were all extremely hungry. The pizza didn’t arrive on time. When it came it was cold. The service agent from slice said the delay was from the restaurant. That’s a lie as the pizza should have been warm but the pizza was COLD.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jessnibbles
    Ordered food at 7:49 and was told delivery would be between 9:00 and 9:10. Totally acceptable for a Friday, then the time changed to 10:30 to 10:39. Called the restaurant and they said that they received the order at 7:49 but the food has not left the building. I cancelled the order because I didn’t want to eat it for breakfast. Totally unacceptable service. Will never use.
  • Love the app except.... 5/5

    By Lcmech
    Loved the app when I first downloaded it, never an issue with the pizza place I order from (which is sometimes multiple times a week). The latest update of app took away the feature to set your own tip for the driver and that needs to come back. 10% of the order is what is locked in now and I think for the speed and quality of service I get that is unfair to the driver to only receive a 2-5 dollar tip for an order that ranges from 20 dollars to 49 dollar when you factor in the wear and tear on their own personal vehicles being used for work as a convenience for patrons of their employer. Please put the Tip amount selector back into the app please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A busy mom’s BFF! 5/5

    By Orangetictacs3717
    I love this app! It saves us so much time when our 5 boys have nightly games, band, practices, always something going on and Slice can keep up with us & take care of business too! We’ve used Slice 99 times since installing the app in June (our 4 year old keeps track of it in his ledger), and we’ve never had a problem. The app is so easy to use and ordering is fast. And, even if you place your order and someone changes their mind, you can stop/cancel your order and change it-that feature has made me very happy...It’s like a “PayPal “ for Pizza w/o glitches. Thank you, Slice, for making life simple and easy on days that are hectic and long; you’re AMAZING & appreciated! I just want to remind people that Slice isn’t responsible, nor are they at fault if your order is late, inaccurate or tastes like hell; Slice is the processor of our information and submits it to our pizzerias. They can’t help it if ‘Junior’ gets lost delivering your order, and/or screws your order up. They’re not babysitters; they’re the middleman. (If you’re overcharged, charged 1million times in a row for the same order, unable to order)—if these technical difficulties occur, take it to Slice-that’s their responsibility. Always remember to accurately blame and raise hell with whomever is truly at fault, or you’ll look like, and are not only ignorant but a$$holes, too...& nobody wants to be that... xoxoxoxo

    By bjinsb
    We ordered from a restaurant which is a ten minute walk away when my 90 -year old father came to visit. They have us a delivery time. I called 20 minutes after that time. And was told that the restaurant called Slice to have them let us know it would be at least another hour (which would mean a total of 21/2 hour wait). I asked the restaurant if I would pick it up hoe long it would take, and they said come over and you can have it now... say it ain't so!!! No Reason For this APP AT ALL
  • Happy 5/5

    By Mickeymse30
    Had issues the first time and went back and forth until resolved. Excellent customer service. Have used it twice so far.
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By MissW23
    I ordered food. Slice called to say the pizzeria told Slice they did not have mediums. So asked what I wanted instead. I get to the restaurant and they told me I could have ordered the specials at the deal price but Slice called them to tell them I changed my mind. I hope I wasn't charged twice. Frustrating. Never again will I use this app. And Slice never added my coupon back on for the altered order. I think I may have been billed twice. 😡
  • Best addition to my food apps EVER!! 5/5

    By chelseypg
    Thank god for Slice!!! I no longer have to sift through the countless of restaurants on my other food apps - this app remembers me, remembers what I like, and makes it super easy for me to place an order from my favorite pizzerias! Slice also helps me discover the best pizzerias when I'm traveling for work and in unfamiliar areas. The customer service was super helpful when I called and they even sent me a promo code for literally no reason! Love love love!!!
  • Order never placed 1/5

    By Soccer freak101
    I placed my first order with Slice today. I received a confirmation that the pizza place received my order. The estimated time for order completion was 35 minutes. I waited the 35 minutes and went to pick up my food. The restaurant said they never got a call telling them that an order had been placed. So, my food was never prepared.
  • The Worst 1/5

    By KillerLobster
    One of the worst designed apps ever. Confusing, and seemingly unfinished. Going to the cart with no option to check out until the fifth or sixth try, and then upon checking out saying it didn’t meet the delivery minimum, which it did with the addition of toppings, but there was no way to.... UGH WAY too much work. Just going to pick up the phone and order it old school.
  • Late lunch became early dinner 1/5

    By RNLeslieB
    It has been over two hours and still no pizza. Hangry as a result and I feel sorry (slightly) for the delivery guy because there will be no tip.
  • Makes ordering pizza fun and secure! 5/5

    By Mike1795
    You can even pay with Apple Pay using your Touch ID to avoid running to add a card!
  • Horrible. Just horrible 1/5

    By Mad_northwind
    The app terrible. Who doesn't love having to download an app to order a frigging pizza?? We put our order in and it took over 10 mins to receive a confirmation that the order was received. Then we got a 45 min est for completion. If we had just called I'd be 10mins closer to actually getting my pizza. If the system was instant I'd say it was fine. But this relay is just crap. Just call the pizza place. Cut out this middle man garbage. Everyone wants a slice of the money. Don't even bother. This app saves you nothing, nothing at all.
  • Unbelievable 5/5

    By Benbearmeow
    AMAZING. super easy to use. Make life easy.
  • Great but late 4/5

    By Shania entertainment
    I really like to use this app because it can give me discounts on pizza I used it two times and the pizza came early how ever the third time I guess since I order from a different pizzeria because the one I usually order from wasn’t working the pizza was late but the food was hot I don’t know if the pizzeria was far or not but if it was could have been why
  • Easy and streamlined! 5/5

    By TandKL
    I’m so impressed with this app that I felt I had to write a review. Slice thought of everything... even the ability to choose which side to put toppings on a pizza so that you can customize your order through the app. Payment was easy and being able to tip for delivery was key too. There’s huge potential here.

    By S_M_I_T
    The old icon looked much better than this new updated icon..
  • Can't custom order 3/5

    By DocSuzanne
    I like to double a topping but can't do it with Slice. Also can't add cookies like pizzelle that they sell in the shop
  • Speedy 🍕👌 5/5

    By 10100111001
    Wow, re-ordering just got a major Speed boost!
  • Slice/Mario's 2/5

    By mamado62
    Incomplete menu. No specials listed.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Hrhdjehehehsj
    This App is horrible. The App and the Pizzeria have no way of communicating with each other. We ordered a pizza using "Slice" and called the pizzeria 2 minutes later to cancel, they don't have the ability to cancel the order and nor do they have the ability to refund you your money. Instead you have to go through the apps customer service line and as you can guess they are no help whatsoever. It took us talking to 3 people 3 separate times who literally had to call the pizzeria to cancel; the pizzeria told them that they had already started the order and did not want to cancel. They then sent an email using abhorrent grammar explaining that they "did all they could but we still needed to go pick up the pizza". I will be using Uber Eats, Postmates, or one of the numerous other services that do the exact same thing, as this service is a nightmare to deal with.

Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup app comments


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