Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup

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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup App

Order pizza delivery and pickup from your favorite neighborhood pizzeria anytime, anywhere with Slice! At Slice, we believe pizza is more than just food. That’s why we’re dedicated to making authentic, handcrafted, local pizza easily accessible to pizza lovers around the country! Because eating real pizza should be really easy. Slice lets you order delivery and takeout from your favorite, hard-to-get-a-hold-of, mom and pop pizzeria in just a few taps. We also partner with independent pizzerias at a much lower cost than any other food ordering & restaurant delivery app, while empowering them with the tools and technology needed to grow their business. So when you order on Slice, you’re not only getting delicious, real pizza, you’re also supporting small businesses - ak.a. having your pie and eating it too! Slice Features: Quick & Easy Ordering ** Effortlessly order from your go-to pizzeria ** View menus from pizzerias near you and select the one that will satisfy your cravings ** Checkout instantly and pay with credit card or cash ** Reorder your favorite pizza from your go-to pizzeria in just a few taps Build Your Perfect Pizza ** Create your perfect pie with our pizza builder ** Select the size and toppings to create your perfect pie ** Review your order and make sure you got extra cheese, no olives or whatever you want! Save Money ** Get great local promotions and discounts ** Check for exclusive pickup & delivery deals from your favorite pizzeria ** Invite friends and get $5 off your next order Download Slice today and make dinner plans as easy as “Delivery or pickup?” Love Slice? -- Please take a moment to rate our app. Your feedback means the world to us.


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Slice: Pizza Delivery & Pickup app reviews

  • Not As Advertised 1/5

    By ToddTNYC
    I was pretty excited to give this app a shot after seeing an ad on my local subway station in which the app listed pizzerias like DiFara’s and Motorino’s as if you could order from them. However, after downloading the app, none of those pizzerias were on either my delivery or pickup lists. In fact, the pizzerias I did see on my lists were more or less the same ones available to me on Seamless. It was probably a bit more expansive but not worth another app. Ultimately I feel that both the ad itself was misleading and that if an app/service is going to be as specialized as this, it needs to really justify its existence. It didn’t.
  • Scam marketing 1/5

    By AttilaTheFun
    Slice claims to charge much less than other delivery services yet the local pizzeria charges a $1.50 delivery fee through Slice and none through Yelp Eat24 - why is that hmmm? Definitely don’t take their word for it and shop around as to which app will be cheapest!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mizzidy mula
    Don’t waste your time using this. You'll wait over an hour to get a phone call saying your food can’t be delivered to you.
  • Horrible experience and customer service 1/5

    By Jay148264
    I called to cancel 30 seconds after ordering after seeing the 45 min delivery time for a place a few blocks down and they refused to cancel.
  • Very mixed view 3/5

    By Dr.PHeshIPhoneapps
    So I downloaded slice after meeting someone who worked for the company who made the app. I love the concept and I think it's great but right now it's serverly lacking the features to make it useful. As a new Yorker I love supporting local business, As a millennial I never carry cash but love pizza, if you could please streamline it and add a status update to the service (as difficult as it maybe) then it would be 5 stars. Until the the app is unusable despite me having the highest of high hopes for it. Wait to under promise and over deliver, or not deliver I should say. Dear developers if you are reading this please right this wrong.
  • Not good 1/5

    By brolik zombie
    The food always arrives very late.
  • Horrible 1/5

    Didn’t let me put my 3$off coupon!!! Garbage app!
  • edit/remove address? 3/5

    By MStyleFTW
    I can add my delivery addresses, but there doesn't seem to be an option to edit or remove them.
  • Bad service, definitely won't use it again 1/5

    By Chilltownie
    I asked it for pizzerias near me and it suggested one in the wrong borough. I ordered for pickup, then put the address in google maps and figured this out. I called to cancel the order and they wouldn't do it - this was within 90 seconds of ordering. Fine, I said - then will they deliver it? You said this was close enough to pick up. Nope, I'm just out $40. For one pizza. Btw the same place is on Seamless with much lower menu prices and says they *do* deliver here. This service is probably better for the pizza place, sure - but it's worse for you.
  • Not everyone is on board- 1/5

    By ChristianBernal
    Seems easy enough- but for some reason every time I use Slice I can be sure my order will take at least 30 minutes longer, than if I just called the place. Same run around excuse every time "we didn't get the order when you ordered"- but slice sends an email when the order is confirmed. Tonight it took 2 hours to deliver a 14 thin crust- usually 90 minutes, but slice always says it should be 60. Kind of useless if it only causes bad service- just call the restaurant.
  • Flaco 1/5

    By Irish VIC from the IRT
    Difficulty navigating
  • False Advertising in NYC? 1/5

    By AGbrooklyn
    The subway ads lead with “order from Di Fara!” (one of the great NYC pizza places and hard to get to). So I downloaded the app. Di Fara was not findable, even if I made my address across the street. Di Fara is currently open. So either there’s a user interface problem or false advertising. Also, why can you not search for pizzerias? It just offers you ones nearby. Frustrating.
  • Missing pepperoni 3/5

    By mor239
    I ordered my pizza. With pepperoni and it came without, called slice and it was taken off my bill, so I have no complaint !!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By enrib
    I’ve used it twice and it has been more of a hassle than anything. Promotional discount does not work and was charged full price. When I called the restaurant, they instructed me to call Slice since they have no control of the payment. Easier just to call the establishment and place the order.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Ro9876
    Didn’t deliver. Pizza crust burnt & tased like cardboard.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By odell78
    My wife and I use this app not too long ago. When we placed our order we assume that this app was for the actual pizza restaurant. Come to find out it was not, we ended up getting a call from the pizza restaurant stating that they were out of a lot of different items requested on our pizza. When we realize that we were having a lot of issues we tried to call the number for the app and could not get a hold of anybody we ended up canceling our pizza order but never got refunded. I would highly suggest that you do not use this app or at least do some investigation before you do
  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By Mrsvega817
    I placed an order today and forgot to change my delivery address. I freaked out and call the customer service and they took care of it for me. I wasn’t sure if they would contact the pizzeria right away so I called them myself and I was told “slice already called us”. Problem solved.... how awesome! I use slice for all my pizza orders and will continue to use this app. I definitely recommend using slice.
  • Call instead. App a waste of time 1/5

    By andy l 007
    I went to my local place to order, and found this was the only way to do it online. It was a complete fail, they didn’t contact the pizza place, and I had to basically re-order. When I used customer service, which was courteous, they made up some story about them being busy, when I was in the pizza place and I knew they weren’t busy. Call instead and save time
  • Beware Of This App 1/5

    By First&LastRodeo
    I was at work and received an email stating that I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my home, I called slice explaining I was at work and that I never ordered said pizza. They informed me to call the pizza place that had supposedly delivered the pizza, when I called the pizza place they told me they tried a delivery but know one was home. Yes because I was at work and did not order the pizza! They have refused to refund me, have run me around in circles and I still did not receive a pizza! The pizza that was ordered was something I would never eat as well, the woman on the phone the last time I spoke to them made out like I did this on purpose! I’m like so you think I sit at work order pizzas? Bad customer service bad app!

    By Young Handsome The God
    UPDATE The pizza came at 8:47. That’s 2 hours later. Pizza and wings were cold. I told the driver to send it back and have the restaurant send me a fresh hot order. Needless to say 10 mins later I get a call saying my order has been canceled and I’ll get a refund that will take 48 hours to be refunded to my account. THIS APP IS TERRIBLE. DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS APP. I order a pizza wings and soda at 6:50pm. It is currently 8:30pm and my order is still not here. Slice customer service is telling me don’t worry it’s on its way. This app is a joke. Don’t bother. I want a refund.
  • Super App!!! 5/5

    By Bob Hutchins
    Thanks for providing an app for the small town pizzerias. It's so easy to use especially the recent order history. Using the app saves time and money if you take advantage of the coupon offers. I love the payment mode especially the ability of leaving a tip to the hard-working staff. Lake Gaston Pizza has always provided great food and great service. This app just makes them better. I really appreciate you developing this app for the small local stores. Keep up the great work in helping the locals do their job better! Bob Hutchins Littleton NC
  • Use A Competing Service Instead 1/5

    By Relax!!
    I ordered using a coupon code that gave $5 off my first order. I intentionally ordered from a pizzeria a bit further out because I had heard good things. I wasn’t surprised by delivery time or anything like that. The ordering experience was easy. Here’s the problem: - Slice undercharged the pizzeria in delivery fee. They have a $10 fee, Slice charged $5. - Slice then charged me that $5 difference a day later. At this point it’s not about the $5 — it’s about clarity of purchase. I don’t find myself buying anything from any other store where the price at the point of sale isn’t the price I get charged.
  • Always an issue! 1/5

    By Nadial3
    I’ve used slice 4x and every time my pizza ends up being over an hour late. Tonight I placed an order at 7:03 and at 9:00 they informed me that they couldn’t reach the restaurant and asked me to walk over to ask them about my order. Absolutely ridiculous!! Better off with Seamless.
  • Worst experience ever. 1/5

    By Pepe Pesante
    So I tried to use this app to order a pizza on January 1st. Order was cancelled because the pizzeria was closed and the app didn’t say it. Had to wait days for the charges to be reversed. They send me an email apologizing and giving me a $10 credit. I decide to order again, but pay cash, no matter the credit. Guess what? Order cancelled because they couldn’t reach the Pizza place. Another day without food. Despite these two negative experiences, I decided today to give them one last chance to make it right. Guess what: THEY CANCELLED MY ORDER, NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. Slice, I really wanted to like you, but you are hands down the WORST FOOD APP I HAVE EVER USED. Your customer service is horribly bad in understanding your customer’s complaints, and whatever system you are using to communicate to the pizzerias is clearly not working. Get it together for the sake of the customers you do have.
  • Awesome Customer Service! 5/5

    By Readheadheather
    I’ve used this app a few times now and everything happened smoothly and efficiently until this last order. I ordered a pizza, entered my card number and submitted as usual. Pizza came just fine but the pizza shop called me and said that the app did not send them a payment method and they took my card info and charged me for the pizza. I checked my credit card and I had been charged twice. I called the pizza shop and they told me to call Slice. I called the number listed as App support and it was an awesome experience! No robots! A human being answered quickly and she knew immediately who I was by the number I was calling from. She called the pizza shop and sorted everything out and I got a refund. Woo! Customer service still exists!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Sammy Garbini
    In concept, this is a great app. But they need to work out some major issues before I’d consider redownloading. I had just placed my first order when it decided to log me out. No big deal, I can just log back in to check on my order, right? Nope. The app told me my email address wasn’t registered, despite the fact that it was still sending me emails. I’m just not comfortable trusting this app with my information.
  • Great app and support! 5/5

    By Rubberchicken12
    This app makes it super easy to order from several of my favorite spots. I’ve ordered many times without incident and so far on the one occasion the shop made a mistake I was given a refund. Slice took care of that for me so I’m not sure if Slice refunded me or the shop did but either way support through the app took care of me.
  • Hungry for a descent Ap 2/5

    By Bad Ap = Lost Customer
    Created account while on a business trip. Delivery was fine. No problems. Tried to use Ap at home and it would not accept password. Multiple requests to reset via email went unanswered. Ordered a pizza the old fashioned way - I called.
  • Truly "user friendly"! 5/5

    By Dutchgal51
    I LOVE this app - as a senior, even ordering pizza often was challenging but no longer. This app is simple, straightforward, and includes all the options I need. I don't get all the negativity I read!
  • Not for me 2/5

    By kph1!
    Maybe if I lived in a bigger city where there's a lot of pizza places this would come in handy. It's easier for me to call my local place and pick it up in 15min. I used this once, not for me.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jgwgainey
    Tried it for the first time last night. Worked well. Food was a little later than an hour but no biggie. I recommend this app!!!
  • No way to pick a pizzeria! 1/5

    By Customer1478
    This app is terrible. There is *no way* to discern the quality of pizza in your many options, besides some vague number of ‘likes’. You have to use yelp or Postmates in order to have a rating system and pictures that actually give me an idea of what kind of pizza each place serves. Do these people really think all pizza is the same? If so why would you trust them to build an app that specializes in pizza!
  • Took a chance... 1/5

    By Missaurao
    Spent 35.00 on pizza & wings & my order NEVER ARRIVED! NEVER AGAIN.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Chris&Jess
    Why use this when there is GrubHub and others? I chose delivery, came through to pizza place as pickup. Useless app.
  • Customer service not the best... 1/5

    By yo818
    This company needs to understand that when they do something wrong, they should do something to make the customer feel somewhat right and want to come back. I went to pick up my order and the pizzeria’s employees were rude as all ever because Slice never called them and they told me I needed to pay for my pizza again. I had paid with a credit card, so why would I pay again. I didn’t have my phone on me and the pizzeria refused to call Slice so I had to go home and call. Upon calling they weren’t much help and then finally called me back and resubmitted? My order...after continuously telling me they didn’t see an order for me. Just a sorry, so then I had to go back to the pizzeria again. Just a bunch of extra in this freezing cold weather for no reason! Albany Pizzeria Sapienza is horrible.
  • Over 2 hours and no pizza 😔 1/5

    By Silkmaster
    I tried getting on app to see how much longer on my pizza but no way to track. I called the local number and it rolled over to a VM that said not open. I have called slice and they say it’s been made and out for delivery and that was over 30 minutes ago. They say they don’t have anyway of tracking it. When you use this app you can add in gratuity but I would not do that until you receive it since I added in over 20% and wish I would have waited to receive it (even tho I’m sure it’s not the drivers fault- it’s the pizza place and delivery company for saying it would be 80mins but still hasn’t showed and it’s been 140 minutes)
  • If I could give 0 stars I would 1/5

    By CyberSqrl
    If i could give 0 I would. Just got off the phone with my favorite pizza place after waiting 1 and half hours for my order. They never got the order! Slice never sent the order to them. I contacted Slice and got nothing but run around. My pizza place was willing to send out extra food etc to make up for making me wait so long even though it wasn’t their fault. What did I get from Slice? Nothing but denials and excuses. Deleting this app to say the least!
  • Not surprised the app is rated 5 Star. 5/5

    By Iman546784
    This app just works with no process flow issues or design bugs. Love it!! I hope they pay their developers well. They rock!
  • Not the best 1/5

    By chandlerbing15667
    No images of pizzas, very slow loading, has less places than other apps. Just... why?
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By Lezvegan
    I love this app! So easy and convenient!
  • Beware OPENAPPMKT are nothing but lying crooks Beware 1/5

    By Sw696
    Do not download their garbage you will never get what you deserve
  • I’m done! 3/5

    By Janene9
    Just tried to set up a repeat of previous order but got calls and texts asking which toppings were ordered. It showed in the app my toppings but not on the other end apparently. Not ever using this app again.
  • Wish it would be delivery only 3/5

    By Jonnysorl
    Ordering a pizza only to find out it’s Outside the pizza places delivery area is annoying.. when a pizza shop doesn’t deliver to me it shouldn’t be listed in the shops for my area
  • Great App if You Are in NYC 5/5

    By Aggieland
    This is my go to when in New York City. Unfortunately I’m in College Station, Texas and apparently there are no pizzerias that use this app. Five stars for working in NYC
  • Cheat you out your money 1/5

    By Rachinda
    Do not use this app I used it last night for the first time my total was $20.68 and they charged me $25.29 I text them and they told me I was charged $23.68 instead of $20.68 you don’t speak to a actual person then I was told to call my bank. They still haven’t refunded my money. I asked for a corporate number and I was told to call later. This was my first and last time using this app I don’t want a slice credit because it will never be used because I’m deleting this app. I would advise you to read this review because I’m helping you avoid what I’m going through right now. Slice is a scam and they steal your money then try to offer you credits Hell the credit ain’t free if you stole my money I’ve paid cash for your credit. The worst and I’m contacting the Better Business and ever social media app to warn others DO NOT USE SLICE THEY STEAL YIU HARD EARNED MONEY AND TRY TO GIVE YIU SLICE CREDIT
  • The best 5/5

    By CEO of slice
    This is the best app ever its very easy to keep track of and easy to use
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By NealMini
    Ordered food and it never came. Slice customer service was terrible and slow. Restaurant said it never got the order then wouldn’t give a refund. Slice disavowed any responsibility even though they charged me. Don’t use this app - use grubhub or some other app. Grubhub is more user friendly and will actually help you resolve delivery issues. The whole thing was a hassle and waste of time and money. Don’t trust them.
  • Doesn't always work well 1/5

    By disapponted dadnkids
    This app depends on the pizzeria being on top of things. 3 times I've ordered and waited only to be told by the pizzeria the order was never processed and oh we're sorry. Slice needs to work out the bugs or not do business with pizzerias that don't have their act together.
  • Scummy Slice company hijacks local pizza shop phone# & search results, inserts fees into order 1/5

    By covercash
    I used to do a quick search for the local pizza shop numbers or websites when I wanted to order, but I noticed the numbers and domains weren’t what I was used to. And there were suddenly additional fees. Looks to me like this company/app goes out and registers similar websites and phone numbers to existing pizza shops, does a better job at SEO than the pizza shops so the Slice sites show up higher in results, and funnels orders through Slice, tacking on Slice’s fee on top of what the pizza shop would normally charge. The pizza shops don’t notice, but the customers all end up paying $2+ more per delivery when it goes through a Slice website or phone number. And on top of it, whenever I ordered through a hijacked Slice phone/website, the order ALWAYS ended up being wrong, or getting sent to an address in a different town (that’s actually what alerted me to their scam and made me look into it more.) So don’t support this company. They siphon a few dollars off you per order in a rather unethical way.
  • Not optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By jmejiaa
    Use my whole screen!!

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