Sling TV: A La Carte TV

Sling TV: A La Carte TV

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Sling TV: A La Carte TV App

Sling TV is A La Carte TV, the #1 Live TV Streaming Service that lets you personalize your channel lineup and save. Start with the service best for you, then pick Extras in your favorite genres: sports, comedy, kids, news, movies, lifestyle, Spanish TV & more. Change your service online anytime. Over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on all of your favorite devices. Watch your favorite live sports including college football and NFL, hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, This is Us, SportsCenter, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand shows and movies.  A La Carte TV means you can get both TV and Cloud DVR on your terms — add it when you want and choose when you watch, for just $5. Stream anytime, anyplace on TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices. This is TV on your terms. No paying for useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, easy online cancellation. The Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for just $20/mo – including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN, A&E, History, and many more. The Sling Blue service offers 40+ channels for just $25/mo – including FOX and NBC (select markets only) HGTV, FX, History, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and many more. Interested in Latino or International content? Sling TV also offers the #1 live international TV service in the US, offering 18 languages including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and more. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. #1 Live Streaming Service is based on number of OTT households as reported by comScore as of April 2017


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Sling TV: A La Carte TV app reviews

  • Good idea, bad execution 1/5

    By Tykal
    Don’t cut the cord just yet. Sling is not up to the task! Also, horrible customer service.
  • Too much commercials!!!! 1/5

    By Dr.Drummer
    Hello sling My Feedback is What’s the point of paying monthly for commercials every 10 mins especially watching movies. It’s annoying. Gonna have to discontinue my membership.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By EddieMik88
    The service itself is spectacular, I love sling on my firetv stick and on my roku, but as for the apple app, it is 100% unusable. Whether connected to WiFi or on LTE, it just doesn’t work, audio desyncs, buffers ever 5 seconds, or flat out won’t load. Incredibly disappointing.
  • Spectrum vs Sling 5/5

    By lpenland
    Been on sling for almost 2 years spectrum says can offer the same but the smart tv app will on work on their internet only sling works everywhere where we go love it
  • Best streaming app ever 5/5

    By TechMgL23
    Amazing app, can’t imagine tv without it!!
  • Connectivity 3/5

    By FourHundredTwenties
    Please provide better connectivity for Chromecast users.
  • We love it. 5/5

    By Jane in Florida
    After years of haggling with Comcast we cut the cord. I missed The Rachel Maddow Show and Morning Joe. When we learned we could livestream via Sling we signed. Great service for much less than over-priced, unreliable Comcast.
  • Errors freezes and no date info on recorded shows 2/5

    By michaelblank
    Errors freezes and no date info on recorded shows. Wanted to watch the Olympics. Recorded shows would not load. Also it was hard to tell when each show was recorded
  • Es lo mejor qué hay en cable tv 5/5

    By Kalinstere
  • Just right TV 5/5

    By GladwefoundSling
    We have been enjoying sling for over a year and it gives us everything we need in television, when we need it. We are in control at the click of a mouse and never pay for what we don’t want! Take anywhere tv made a hospital stay much easier with my iPad and SlingTV!
  • Sling 4/5

    By iPad iPhone iPod chromatic
    Sling as a service is great but my problem is using it on chromcast on my roku and my Apple TV works great but on chromecast it glitches and pauses it’s kinda annoying
  • Problema 4/5

    By cruzazulense
    La coneccion es el problema
  • Ugh At Best 1/5

    By SimsOwnAll
    I have Sling TV on my Amazon Fire TV stick and it’s ok. (So far) my only complaint is that while I’m watching a show, right before it ends, there’s a tiny glitch and the last line of the show is repeated twice. Other than that, it’s ok (so far). Now, I have the app on my iPhone and that’s a completely different story. It crashes too much. Every time I open the app, I’ll see maybe two seconds of a show then crash. I open it again and then I’ll see maybe a minute or two of the show then the app will fast forward the show a few seconds then crash. This is a never ending cycle. As for the customer service, it was ok. However, I only called once. As for the billing, I pay for Sling TV with gift cards. So, as soon as they run out, that’s it. I can’t be charged more. I do it that way because of so many people saying that they cancelled and still got charged. Others said that they were over charged. Over all, Sling TV is at best......bland. The performance of the app on Amazon Fire TV Stick is ok. The app on my iPhone, hideous. Customer service - ok for the one time I called. The price? It’s not worth it to me in the end. The channels I watch on regular cable are in several packages with Sling TV so I eliminated several channels. I still pay $35.00 a month though. If I got all the packages with all the channels I watch on regular cable, I’d be paying (if I figured it right) $85.00 a month - which is exactly how much I was paying for regular cable. If I’m gonna pay that much, I go back to regular cable.
  • works great!! 5/5

    By Izzy4usa
    i got tired of the cable company ripping me off so we dropped it & got sling tv. they sent me a free roku 2 for paying 3 months in advance. they have no fee or surcharges only pay $25 a month for sling blue which is $26.80 w/tax. the sling blue gives you 3 streams at one time so my hubby can be watching tv, grandson watching cartoons in the den & me watching on my cell phone alll at the same time. if you want lots of sports probably want the sling orange & sling blue for $40, i dont have my antenna up yet for local channels so get cbs all access & hulu for $12.83 a month for both, then we went with a magic jack for internet phone. we now save $52.55 a month total for all i mentioned. i see some ppl having problems but i would suggest you get a roku. im not a stick fan, they are much harder to use & dont work as well. if you want to cut the cord sling tv is a great choice. as long as price stays down we will keep it. theres also a dvr through thier cloud for $5 a month but theres tons of on demand for the recent shows you may have missed
  • Best app 5/5

    Sometimes device refresh takes time. Please improve on that.
  • Love 4/5

    By SheOnce
    Need more channels like WeTv, LMN
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By Isa Camacho
    Love your service! Direct tv was horrible. Still a lot of disconnect using chrome cast though. Any suggestions?
  • Terrible chromecast 1/5

    By Danzlizard
    This is not a very good app for chromecast. Its streaming is really choppy and doesnt work.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Avastar9
    Lost count of the number of times I had to restart it because it became stuck. For the few channels that allows me to rewind, I can’t because I get the running circle of death that makes me also have to restart it. Sling needs basic cable channels. If it was for the antenna I ordered on amazon, I wouldn’t have been able to watch the Super Bowl. Sling runs some of its own commercials, and I watched one 6 times in a row. It was about some stupid reality show and I had to shut it off because I couldn’t take it anymore. It worked OK when I first got it, but I have 150 mbps internet and it should not be having these problems. Been bad for 2 months now, to the point that I’m afraid to turn the channel because it will get stuck in the buffer zone. Also there are way to many foreign channels that I’ll never watch. Those need to be put in a separate package or something, I’d rather have something else. It’s decent for the price, if everything worked properly. Edit: I have officially downgraded from 2 stars to 1. As I’m trying to watch the olympics on 2 separate channels, I have had to restart the app 7 times in the last hour.
  • Recomendado !! 4/5

    By Custom supa
    Muy a gusto con esta app,estaria mucho mejor si agragaran Telemundo,lo recomiendo :)
  • DVR doesn't record ESPN 3/5

    By E.Redhook
    The price is awesome.... But the DVR will not record ESPN
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Loyol🤗
    I love cooking shows and I can get all of them even though we don't have a tv. YOU GOT TO GET THIS APP!😂😂😂😂😍
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By Poguesrun
    It cost the same to get all the same stuff I want on YouTube tv. Sling is Glitchy and unreliable.
  • Paying to watch utube with ads 1/5

    By Lilliotto
    Ok so if you like to watch reruns of old tv shows with ads and pay for it then sling is for you and if you don't keep bumping I'm still watching button it logs out 🙃
  • Sling TV is great, but the app is far from it. 2/5

    By ashleyraenolen
    I’m currently on the third restart of the episode I pulled up on demand because it kept kicking me off for no reason in the middle. It won’t let me skip to where I was even though it’s let me the other times this has happened. I love Sling TV. I don’t regret getting it. But this app needs some SERIOUS improvement. Highly doubt we’ll get any, though.
  • This IS my Cable :) 5/5

    By Disappointed two2
    I’ve had Sling TV for about two years now and I LOVE the price as I haven’t had cable in eight years! Can’t beat it!
  • Much to like but falls short on iPad 3/5

    By Slamm Andrews
    I love this app on the Apple TV, however, I keep needing to reset my WiFi when using this app on the iPad. Sometimes it goes for hours without a problem. Other times every five minutes I need to reset my Wi-Fi on the iPad. After that, the connection at work for 3 to 5 minutes and then stop again. So annoying.
  • Sling 4/5

    By MarcusAG11
    Needs more local channels..YouTube TV is expanding Sling should also...
  • Commercial Volume way to loud. 1/5

    By shred4rob9
    Every time we have tried this service we end up canceling after one month due to the commercial volume often being 5-10 times higher then the show I’m watching. It gets to be too much over time.
  • Not great for Apple TV users 4/5

    By merman_93
    I primarily use Apple TV, but, still have other devices for certain uses, etc. Although I like the pricing, add on options, and ability to use several devices at same time, ( with Blue Service), it just isn’t supported well enough on Apple TV. Until they push out updates to the Apple TV App, that address Apple TV only issues, I will have to use Fire TV to utilize Sling TV, and encourage others to also. I have had an open support ticket for quite a while regarding DVR recorded programs not loading. I regularly contact customer service by phone to check on status, and am read a script “ I know how frustrating technological issues are, and rest assured our engineers are working 24/7 to resolve your issue, etc”. I received a tweet from another customer who was told this was an known Apple TV issue, and suggested trying another device. Bingo! Every non Apple device plays my DVR recorded programs. I also have strange repeat airings when viewing CNN LIVE. Every hour, on the hour, CNN begins to play the previous broadcast ,until I close and reopen Sling TV. Twitter was a buzz last night when the State of the Union wasn’t appearing for new Sling TV/Apple TV users who didn’t know to reset app for live viewing. Sad. Even non Apple TV users are experiencing looped ads that play 3-7 times in a row on Sling TV. Apple Quality Assurance should address the Apple TV specific issues with Sling TV. I have never known Apple to tolerate apps on their platforms with such stability issues. Especially from a service with a company wide “100% No Refund Policy on cancellations for unused prepaid monthly service”. Apple should seriously re-consider supporting an app from a company with such policies. Edited to 4 stars. After nearly 2 months, of me adding continued data to my original device case #, this morning every recording in my DVR is playable on Apple devices. I was told weeks ago by customer service that individual issues are not replied to, issues are resolved for the entire system. Anyway, my main issue is resolved.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By bigtig75
    Terrible app. I couldn’t even watch the all star game. Kept jumping. This is my second time giving them a try. My periscope app worked faster and didn’t skip and jump like this app did.
  • Love Sling 4/5

    By Jerrell S
    Just need to expand ESPN to more packages
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Lafilet
    Love this app
  • Love it but..... 4/5

    By Game's the Name
    The selections are great for what you pay for but Sling is fickle with the internet connection and wigs other whether apps do not. That’s the big drawback.
  • Goodbye Cable 5/5

    By Ct mo1
    Sling is wonderful. Excellent channels and extras to order. Connection is great. I highly recommend. I dumped my cable and this is so cost effective.
  • needs some improvement 3/5

    By Shutterpug
    a recent update on roku MyTv page is great! you can now see what is playing on your favorite channels, avoiding the guide. YAY. I just wish the service was more reliable. i will generally get at least buffering issues at least every 30 minutes and it isnt uncommon for app (ios and roku) to crash entirely. but I would say its still worth it for those on a tight budget. I have tried almost all other streaming live tv apps and this is just the most cost effective. suggestions for improvement: 1. a way to binge watch a series without having to manually search to find next episode. possibly an auto play next episode feature? 2. PIP on ios, would like to be able to check mail or respond to texts while show continues to play, minimized. 3. Expand cloud DVR to 100 hours, other than that, dvr works fine. 4. Some sort of auto balance volume built in. Commercials should not be glaringly loud, waking family members or hurting my eardrums. In particular, the Hidden Valley commercial and a new one from Boost Mobile are so loud i need to mute them, then turn volume back up. Some kind of volume equalizer needs to be added. Or forcing advertisers to meet volume guidelines. 5. ability to pause during a commercial. or maybe pause and rewind, to keep advertisers happy. Now my biggest complaint is that Sling is NOT a la carte, as advertised. I watch NO sports but a significant amount of my monthly bill goes to sports networks. Worse yet, there is no way for me to get FreeForm, without paying $15more a month for Blue+Orange. While other streaming services keep on adding networks, I haven’t seen any additions to sling in almost a year, pretty disappointing especially for local broadcast. I would really like to see a much slimmer base package, without sports, and the ability to add on individual (or at least small packages) channels. Please, Please try to come up with network deals allowing for more individualized packages. Unfortunately due to constant buffering issues, its time for me to try YouTube TV again. Maybe Ill be back, if some of the issues are addressed and features/channels are added.
  • Thank you 4/5

    By fRAWnco
    Thank you for fixing the App. It was really really bad before the most recent updates. Even on the Apple TV it was an abomination of an app. Too bad it's too late. I'm cancelling the subscription this month.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kkg44
    Sling rocks!!! So happy we cut the cable cord and signed on with Sling almost two years ago. Love the app and the DVR capability. My one wish is to have CBS and ABC be part of the programming, but really very pleased overall. Keep up the great work and keep the channels coming. Thanks.
  • Not a la Carte 2/5

    By Tapestry17
    Sling is definitely NOT "a la Carte." That is a misrepresentation. You get Orange or Blue, then maybe a few little tweaks that will cost you more. Package deals just like your old cable company, where you pay for gobs of stations you don't want and never watch. Hopefully there will be more than one station that is worth watching for you. Most of them are just filler fluff that I will never watch. It is a good idea and maybe it will improve with age. Nice to get rid of all the cords. Not for serious TV watchers.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Adrian-222
    It doesn’t resume where it’s supposed to. The sync with chromecast is terrible so I have to start it again and again and watch the same commercials all over
  • Greedy and Unacceptable 1/5

    By fivekan
    The app, which has the word “Television” in its name doesn’t support AirPlay. In what logical universe is this acceptable for $20/month?! Furthermore, the app’s quality is subpar at best. The Privacy Policy for the service is also very concerning. The *only* way for *paying* customers to opt-out of sharing their personal information is to “write in” to these guys. So they’re making money three times: 1. I pay for the service, 2. I must watch ads during programs and 3. they further sell my information to other ad agencies. How is this acceptable? I am paying for a service where I still have to watch advertisements and still have my information sold to scum marketing firms? Treat me like a person and stop being so greedy. Why is that so hard to do?

    By Joey=710=
    Signed up for the free trial just to be kicked out and not be able to sign in. Customer support was called. And then I received this: “We’re sorry, this app is unavailable right now!” NEVER EVEN WATCHED A SINGLE SECOND OF SLING TV! THE WORST!
  • Poor Streaming Quality 3/5

    By Johnny Proton
    On iOS, Roku and tvOS I have seen great differences in quality between their channels. It seems national channels have good quality, regionals are less impressive, and some international channels are just awful. So there is my review since this app keeps bugging me to write one.
  • Better service out there... 3/5

    By last sling user
    Crashes all the time. Looses spot all the time. Restarts shows all the time. Plays commercials really well. CSR @ Sling not so friendly. Will be switching to another service. (BTW - never received the promo equipment, always excuses)
  • Great cable alternative!! 4/5

    By Riles317
    I NEVER write reviews but after reading all these cry babies reviews Wahhh I had to watch commercials Wahhh there's not enough channels!! Seriously you have it a poor review for that? Must be liberal millennials but I love this app! I haven't had cable in at least 10 years I refuse to pay the gouging rates! I use this kodi and a new one Nitro TV and Sling is the most user friendly on demand works like a dream I have NEVER had a problem! If you had this service on cable you would be paying $75 plus another $25 in taxes and what ever else all those charges are! It's a great alternative to cable for a reasonable price!!! F the cable companies I hope they ALL go out of business
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Zman1777
    Everything is awesome just like the desktop experience. Love it.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By slinging it!!
    Have had Hulu Netflix amazon needed all of them to meet all tv/ movie preferences.. it’s all here ! Have since cancelled those apps sling is a bit more expensive but... WORTH IT!!
  • Avoid Sling!! 1/5

    By Goldguydb95
    If you ever have a problem and try to fix it with customer service. Their will be no help! I have lost all peace of mind from sling and they have lost a customer. Hulu and Netflix are way better. Avoid this service!
  • Fantastic!!! 5/5

    By tinalee59
    I used to have a $160 cable bill(including internet). At first I dropped down to Basic channels through my cable provider because I live on a fixed income and needed to save money. Then when my rent was raised, I had to cut even further. I cut the tv cable cord altogether! Now I am saving about $75 a month. I get all the channels I got before except the local ones, but who cares!!! And with the deal currently of a FREE Roku Express, I get even more channels! I was like a kid in a candy shop picking out my FREE channels!
  • Works Great on TV but not on Mobile Devices 3/5

    By RNHarrison2005
    The mobile app loads soooo slowly when watching recorded programs. Live TV works pretty good on the app though.

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