Sling TV: A La Carte TV

Sling TV: A La Carte TV

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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sling TV: A La Carte TV App

Sling TV is A La Carte TV, the #1 Live TV Streaming Service that lets you personalize your channel lineup and save. Start with the service best for you, then pick Extras in your favorite genres: sports, comedy, kids, news, movies, lifestyle, Spanish TV & more. Change your service online anytime. Over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on all of your favorite devices. Watch your favorite live sports including college football and NFL, hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, This is Us, SportsCenter, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand shows and movies.  A La Carte TV means you can get both TV and Cloud DVR on your terms — add it when you want and choose when you watch, for just $5. Stream anytime, anyplace on TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices. This is TV on your terms. No paying for useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, easy online cancellation. The Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for just $20/mo – including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN, A&E, History, and many more. The Sling Blue service offers 40+ channels for just $25/mo – including FOX and NBC (select markets only) HGTV, FX, History, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and many more. Interested in Latino or International content? Sling TV also offers the #1 live international TV service in the US, offering 18 languages including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and more. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. #1 Live Streaming Service is based on number of OTT households as reported by comScore as of April 2017


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Sling TV: A La Carte TV app reviews

  • Refresh problems 4/5

    By Pitagoob
    The only reason I did not rate this 5 stars is because of issues with refreshing and locking up in the middle of shows. I may be unfairly rating this as it may be an equipment or internet issue more so than the Sling app. If so, it’s a 5 Star app.
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By morgan@74
    Better the cable. Cheaper more affordable. I don’t feel like I’m getting rap when I pay my bill
  • Great 5/5

    By Created dread
    Love the app nice easy to use the only thing is is would be nice if it had a couple other local channels like the cw n cbs, but other than that it’s great
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By jbrink2287
    My family and I are building a house. We had to put our current provider on pause for a few months. Heard about sling tv and I'm blown away. Thinking about getting rid of our current tv provider and keeping sling tv.
  • All these 4-star reviews have to be fake 1/5

    By Polarod
    I was among Sling’s first subscribers and gave up back then after a month. I decided to give them a go again to see if the service had improved. It hasn’t. Absolute garbage. I have rock solid 100mbps internet service jacked directly into the latest generation Apple TV. The stream blacks out at minimum every twenty to thirty minutes for a good thirty seconds or so. Stops to buffer constantly. Now after less than four days with the app, it suddenly can’t stream anything at all. It locks up after selecting a program, shows the spinning icon and then quits back to Apple’s main menu screen. Deleted the app and re-installed. Same problems. I know it’s not apples to apples but these problems simply don’t occur with the Netflix and Amazon apps.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Natalie15200
    This app is absolutely horrible. Never cast to my tv. I can’t even watch a full show without having issues with it. I no it’s the app because when we use the roku box it works fine. Not recommended at all.
  • 😍 5/5

    By Flakox3
  • Doesn’t work with Apple TV 3/5

    By sbyfjbgu
    Constant crashing and jumping around. Checked reviews on the internet and low and behold I found countless reviews regarding problems viewing Sling on Apple TV. Love the idea but can’t use it on my Apple setup.
  • Estoy alegre con ustedes 5/5

    By memoamor
    Miro lo que quiero especialmente los partidos por medio de beinsprt
  • Constant freezing 1/5

    By Madison2436
    This is one of the worst apps I've ever used. It constantly freezes and completely disconnects. Not worth the frustrations!!!! Makes my Chromecast completely shut off while in use also. Don't waste your time.
  • Amazing Cable TV 5/5

    By NPicon
    I love the convenience of affordable cable where ever I go!
  • DVR control is awful 1/5

    By KC1974
    DVR shows basically show duplicates on this app. Play a recorded show - it’ll play something else you recorded. Delete one (if it gives you that option), it’ll delete something else. No amount of deleting and reinstalling, or logging out and in again, or deleting and adding back DVR service to my account fixes it. As soon as Directv Now offer DVR (assuming that works), I’m off. Even if they do cost more. Ps Fire TV DVR works, but the DVR UI on that is terrible.
  • Harry 4/5

    By Hari Bhatt
    Good most of the time. Can be mor consistent 👍
  • App is terrible very spotty 1/5

    By Jipped2x
    We chose sling due DVR option. When it works it’s great, however, the issue is that it seldom works when using our IPad or iPhones. When we use it on our fire stick our experience is much better, but still needs to be improved. We will be trying other options at this point as we have had it for 3 months and we are still encountering the same issues.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Sb727sk84@a
    Constantly getting content is watched from chromecast even though I have disconnected from chromecast. This is very stupid design. They cannot this simple test case.
  • Sling deserves ZERO stars 1/5

    By SINCE92
    We got rid of cable & got Sling, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now as replacements. Each of these apps streams flawlessy EXCEPT for Sling. Live TV is buggy, but it is almost impossible to watch an entire On-Demand show without it freezing or dropping completely. To add insult to injury, most times you cannot restart the show from where it dropped and have to watch it from the beginning. The fast forward function is usually disabled. Sling is a great idea that was very poorly executed.Save yourself the aggravation and get Hulu or another streaming service.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By WantsToWatchSports
    This service is terrible. It's saving grace is that it's the only major streaming service I've found that doesn't have ESPN and thus is affordable (I don't need ESPN). If you're looking for a package with ESPN, there is absolutely no reason you should be using sling TV. IF you can get the app to load a program you're trying to watch, it very often will not load it to a Chromecast. Just a spinning orange loading screen. It's impossible to watch a program on demand as the app is guaranteed to crash at sometime in the program everytime. What make this worse is neither of the "resume watching" or fast forward function have ever worked, so your only option is to start the program over from the beginning. Incredibly frustrating. I had this app for several months but couldn't stand wasting my money anymore and cancelled as I couldn't believe that they'd done nothing to fix the multitude of problems that this thing has. Save yourself the frustration and go with literally any other streaming service.
  • Totally worth it!!! 5/5

    By Kristeph
    Super Cool for the price. You really get more than what you pay for. Great purchase 🤪
  • Sling TV is my go-to! 5/5

    By Pallador
    I have read negative reviews about Sling both here and on Amazon, but I have to say that after nearly two years watching Sling it just gets better and better.
  • Fake reviews 1/5

    By MP2333
    This is the worst streaming app available. Works maybe 20% of the time. Apple TV app doesn’t work at all. Reviews are fake. 200mb/sec internet speed.
  • Update to use? 1/5

    By Luis M Perea
    Forcing me to update my phone so I can use this app?? Nope get this trash off my phone instead, this is trash like the pc version now too.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By test flex
    Let’s begin with when you want to watch a show you click to watch it and it looks like it’s gonna start but it retracts back it gets very annoying especially when you want to watch TV on your phone which is the reason why I purchased this app which never works when I wanted to .And I have T-Mobile unlimited data. worst app ever I really feel that I was ripped off by this app.
  • Sling TV 5/5

    By Ducks21
    We switched from cable to sling tv to cut down on costs and didn’t skip a beat. We bought a smart tv and the picture quality is no different from our cable we had. A fraction of the cost with the same channels we watch. Also streams really well in bedroom on the Roku. If you’re looking to cut costs but still have reasonable tv service, consider sling!
  • Stopped running 1/5

    By Gauravsri
    Keeps giving error and crashes on launch

    By 01101110-038
    wont cast wont play reliably for an hour commercials during movies are longer than the movie sling is absolutely the WORST garbage ever released This service is total bullsht.
  • Very versatile 4/5

    By FaveTV
    I love having access to my favorite channels - CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, TBS - anywhere in the US I have wifi. Aside from occasional pauses (from low bandwidth I guess), my only complaints are that I can no longer watch from my Windows 7 laptops, or from outside the US. Otherwise, it is the best deal for a network.
  • Better than cable! 5/5

    By CJRivett
    Update: I have now used this app and Sling TV on my Roku for over a year. It just keeps getting better and better. Rarely if ever freezes, the new plans and channels they keep adding are wonderful. We have not had cable for at least two, maybe three years and I don’t miss any of my favorite programs by using Sling. Love this app because I can watch it on any device. You can choose your plan to fit your interest and change when you want. Love all the channels. Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is that once in a while it freezes.
  • Sooooo many commercials 1/5

    By Nicholas Dupont
    They are long and often. Just like watching regular television with the same commercials running on a loop. A complete waste of time; there's a reason hulu and Netflix are crushing them. Next
  • Sling 4/5

    By jpadelliott
    I love sling prices and the how easy it is to use.
  • I love Sling! 5/5

    By michelleewen
    We cut the cord hoping that Sling would be a cheaper, easier way to watch tv. It has exceeded our hopes and expectations! We have every channel we want for about a third of the cost of cable. Highly recommend!!
  • Sling 4/5

    By Swiny1
    The starting package is enough channels for me.
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By CJCzech
    Gives you flexibility and freedom from cable and satellite!
  • Beware of the time stamp.... 1/5

    By Danniedoll Nichol
    I signed up for a free trial, some of the shows played well some would cut off right in the middle of live tv and forget watching “on demand items” you aren’t even able to fast forward without it kicking you off or freezing. And you better make sure you cancel tour free trial at the precise time that it says to cancel or else it will charge you at hat very moment. I cancelled my account 10 minutes too late and while scrambling to figure out who to contact and cancel the chat room representative tells me that she couldn’t couldn’t refund my services because I was presently in streaming mood. 🤔 that makes zero sense. Not an hour later 10 minutes later! And because I was presently streaming something she told me she couldn't cancel it. I figured they would just stop the service right at that second and cut it off the tv...that’s what a cable company would do. That to me made no sense. And for that I would give them a 0 In customer service. They say beware the fine print, in this case beware the time stamp!
  • I would give a ZERO if i could... 1/5

    I tried the free trial and was very disappointed, it kept having to buffer and it froze alot. So I cancelled the free trial online and it showed that it had been cancelled. Then 3 months later i find out that it actually never cancelled and that they have been charging me $30 something dollars a month and i called customer service so i could get my money back and the represenative over the phone was very rude and had an attidude and kept saying they couldnt do anything about it. I asked to speak to a manager and the representative over the phone again says he cant do anything about it. So at this time i guess i got screwed out $90 dollars but im on here to tell everyone “DO NOT” get sling tv!!! You all should check out VADER STREAMS or NITRO TV. You get 1700 channels including all these channels that sling makes you pay extra for and only for $20 Check em out!!! Well i guess it is what it is and as long as at least 1 person doesnt get sling b/c of my review then thats worth my $90 dollars that they stole from me. Deuce!!! XD
  • Constantly Freezes After Commercials 1/5

    By Erika7453
    After commercial breaks, the app tends to freeze, forcing me to kill the app and restart. When I resume, guess what, gotta watch commercials again. Very annoying.
  • A la carta 1/5

    By Alexkakis
    No es a la carta son bundles ,si escojes uno y necesitas otro canal que está ahí hay que pagar mas es un fraude que dice a la carta , eso significa que tu puedes escoger solo los canales que quieres ver y no es cierto es un fraude
  • Underrated 5/5

    By dcanjam
    I usually don’t write reviews. But, I feel compelled to for this. I went away oversees for a month a decided to cancel for the time I was away. Upon returning, I received a promo for DIRECTV Now. So, I used it to compare the with Sling. You do get more channels with DIRECTV. But, I couldn’t wait to switch back. I hated the navigation when compared to Sling. Slings interface allows you to quickly see what is on at a glance. I had more issues with blurry screens with DIRECTV. I’ve never had any problems with pixelated screens other than the first few seconds of transmission with Sling. Also, it has previous shows and special programming available to view for many channels that you can choose to watch at your leisure without having to use a DVR. Yes, it does have DVR service as well. You’d think you’d get more with DIRECTV. You get more channels, but an unfriendly interface without the option of choosing anything other than what is playing live, unless you record it. Sling covers pretty much all my viewing needs. I watch network tv via antenna and HBO and a few other channels comes with my internet service that I can use an app on my TV to see. So, no need to pay more.
  • Good way to change the way we watch tv 5/5

    By delta the beagle
    I love the fact that I don’t have to pay a premium and can pick any channel I like and pay only what I watch.
  • Is it SLING or my internet orvmybTV 4/5

    By axe'em jacks
    Kept going out on me with the little circle going round and round. So I went and bout a new 4 k smart TV . Still this as happening. So I change my WiFi carrier. Now is rarely happens. Can’t wait for it to become as dependable as Direct TV. But the monthly cost is half the cost of Direct tv plus is goes everywhere with me on my phone.
  • Not A La Carte 1/5

    By Bait Switch
    There is no reason to trap a user into a whole month if they want to choose a different subscription. Cancel this service.
  • Worst IPhone app ever for casting on tv 1/5

    By Adi_1234
    It hangs all the times, the forward and rewind feature doesn’t work at all. It keeps saying account is being used on another device even when that’s not the case. In frustration I have to delete the app from all my devices, reinstall and play it on tv. Crappy app!! Have complained umpteen times but no use.
  • Great streaming for cable tv 5/5

    By Kandi Yams
    I think SLING is an Awesome app, for $39.98 you can’t beat that and have a lot of the cable channels however they don’t have ALL the channels that I watch. I love how you can stream on up to 4 devices which I have an Apple TV, Fire Stick, a TCL Roku smart tv, a Samsung smart tv and my son’s Xbox One S. It streams on ALL of my devices. If they got MORE channels I’d definitely leave Spectrum without a shadow of a doubt!!
  • Worst UI ever 1/5

    By Loungagna
    The management of recording is not even on par with what we had on set top boxes 10 years ago. When On Now show is recorded, if you want to pause, go backward, forward, you must exit the show, go the the recording list, which requires several touches, then run the recording, which does not even allow you to go back to anywhere but the time of you started recording, or the beginning. You always got the commercials in your face, that you cannot skip. Sling is for the current time, where braggadocio and moronic attitude is rewarded. Utter bull poop piece of software
  • Still not stable 2/5

    By Stinky Mustard
    App still crashes when using chrome cast. You figure the cost of the app, they could figure out how to make it more stable. What a joke.
  • Big problems casting it to TV 1/5

    By Gajakadosth
    Highly frustrating experience trying to use this app and cast to my tv using chrome cast. 1. Casting simply stops at times. 2. If I try to watch on my iPhone instead of the tv, it keeps imagining that I am logged into another device and simply throws an error message (10-410) and asks me to chat with customer rep. Had a tough time explaining the issue. Seems like if I run into this issue I have to exit the app, restart my phone and log in again! Imagine doing this every time! I have done these steps a couple of times but the app still thinks I am logged into my another device but wouldn’t say which device. So I uninstall and reinstall my app. Finally instead of an error it properly shows me a pop up message that I am logged into chrome cast (which I am not as I have turned off my tv) and lets me log off from it. Now it plays on my phone. Sling - please FIX this vexing issue! Logging off or restarting phone is not a solution.
  • It’s Crap! 1/5

    By tob684
    It works on the devices but it can’t work on the Apple TV! Don’t get this crap if you only have a Apple TV! It works on a iPad. The number 1 rule is if it works on the device, then it works on the Apple TV and Sling somehow broken this nearly unbreakable rule!
  • Apple TV version is way too buggy 2/5

    By basicdude21231
    If you like restarting your Apple TV every other day (or, maybe even every day, if you’re lucky) just to get the Sling app to work, then you’ll love this app. If you like staring at the yellow spinning circle for 15-45 seconds (while it tries to connect to the network servers?) instead of actually watching TV, then you’ll love this app. If you like having your TV watching interrupted by the yellow spinning circle, then you’ll love this app. Otherwise, you’ll spend your “yellow spinning circle” time on the web, trying to figure out which other streaming service to switch to.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Wwwwiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeerrrrr
    I couldn’t even watch anything before I deleted it. It was telling me to sign in but I didn’t have an account yet. And when I push cancel, it took me to the same screen again.
  • Cut the cable- not going back! 5/5

    By msmommajay
    We have had sling about six months Really Love it! We use old-school rabbit ears to get several local channels. We don’t miss anything we’ve got it all now and keep money in own pockets. Good bye cable
  • Best experience watching cricket 5/5

    By Saishiva
    Amazing experience watching the live cricket games

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