Slot Machines - Huuuge Casino

Slot Machines - Huuuge Casino

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  • Current Version: 3.1.888
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Huuuge Global Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
23,158 Ratings
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Slot Machines - Huuuge Casino App

Join the world’s biggest social casino & play the best slot machines in SLOTS -HUUUGE CASINO. Compete in leagues, join clubs and have great fun in Las Vegas style. SLOTS - HUUUGE CASINO is THE ULTIMATE Slots experience! SLOTS - HUUUGE CASINO lets you play over 100 TOP SLOT GAMES, POKER, BACCARAT, ROULETTE and many other casino games! Download SLOTS - Huuuge Casino now — The #1 casino on mobile! Huuuge Casino allows you to win MASSIVE prizes on AMAZING FREE slot machines and casino games! SLOTS - HUUUGE CASINO is a truly social experience! Start playing now to receive a FREE 10 000 000 CHIPS! Play with your friends and compete in Clubs to become a big fish in the greatest casino in the world! Team-up with other players and try our latest feature — Clubs! Join one of the existing Clubs or create your own. Dominate other Clubs in Leagues, while playing your favourite slots, card games and other casino games. We bring you incredible casino games and an incredible selection of unique slot games. Slots - Huuuge Casino is a FREE online multiplayer casino game where you play with people from all over the world. You will never have to look for another slot game after playing SLOTS - HUUUGE CASINO. Playing SLOTS - HUUUGE CASINO means a fun, social experience, truly amazing slot machines and casino games that can be played with your friends and people from all over the world. Real-time multiplayer games! Feel the thrill of Vegas at your fingertips! - Play over 100 of the the most amazing and satisfying original Slot games! - Enjoy refreshed versions of beloved Classic Slot machines for a retro feel! - Compete in engaging and Texas Hold 'em Poker, including Sit'n'Go Tournaments! - Double down on Blackjack, where you'll be hitting 21 and winning massive prizes in no time! - Spin the Roulette Wheel! - Play Video Poker with many different variants! - Check out our other games such as Baccarat and many other, Classic Casino games! Install now to receive a Huuuge FREE Welcome Bonus! Read our Terms of Use (, Privacy Policy ( and other important information. Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.


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Slot Machines - Huuuge Casino app reviews

  • The best 5/5

    By Jim s pa
    Great I love this game you can win seems like a very fair game
  • Winning 1/5

    By Countrydrive
    This app is a game that sells pretend chips and diamonds. The slots are unspeakably tight. Las Vegas tight slots are not what a game should be. It is a game.
  • Lots of fun however ... 3/5

    By MJSMom721
    I really enjoy this game, however collecting the club bonuses are extremely time consuming... a collect all button is needed. The club events are draining. The goal is set too high and it is harder for some clubs to reach because of lack of chips/time. Gaining and losing all the chips one day later because of events is not fun because you can no longer help your team.
  • fresh 5/5

    By richnchell72
  • Don't get scammed!!! 1/5

    By Diggbiggg
    This game is a complete ripoff.. Every update it gets worse. The developer states that it free spins on its own and triggers randomly without it being setup that way. But there is a slot that has a specific line that triggers and you dont win for a long time and it happens when you raise your bets and i find that really scammish. I been playing for a long time and it never fails to trigger when i raise my bets.That seems more like a set algorithm than free wheel spinning like huuuge states. Every time u turn the screen,its BUY THIS ads being thrown constantly. If you would like to know which slot im talking about let me know and I'll so you can see and record on your own for proof that the game is actually set up for you to lose rather than a chance of luck.
  • Fun for 5 minutes Boooo! 1/5

    By UPS_BB
    ✉️Ohh the games are fun, for 5 mins your pocket book won’t have any money after they take all ✉️hard earned money and all u want is to play for a while. Then Bam! Your out of chips in less less time that it takes to go to the bathroom! 🗳 👎🏻👎🏻
  • I feel like I’m getting screwed 2/5

    By cflops
    I agree with xwild2x. Great at first, but then you spend massive amounts of money to lose it all. I bought a 500,000,000 package, with 165,000,000 insurance policy, for $19.99 on 2-15-18. I lost almost all of it and got only half, or less, of the insurance back. Plus the images change on the screen and/or won’t stop spinning until its past all of the winning lines. Its mostly on re-spin ranch and Pinocchio. It’s so frustrating!!!
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By Zaiontz
    You know, it would be nice if your upgrade worked. I’ve been trying for hours to sign in. It won’t let me because your upgrade apparently isn’t ready it just shows open game. Really, it costs 2.5 million chips?
  • Fantastic game but 3 days now won’t let me in 2/5

    By Xnysmokie
    I’ve played Huuuge for well over a year, amassed well over 30 BILLION plus lots of diamonds with virtually any major issues until now. I had a balance of roughly 32 billion and at the end of the day I had less then 2 billion of course I emailed huuuge right away as did our team leader and after waiting several days Huuuge’s response was basically. Too bad so sad!! I figured out that at times my bet of between 5-20 million per hand bumped up to max without warning I generally do not check my chip balance when spinning as fast as I can during team challenges so I was totally shocked to see 30 bill disappear and despite playing for a loooong time they didn’t give a darn simply want u to buy more chips. On a fixed income and disabled means I have little money to buy more chips. I got it over 5 bill through smart play but missing chips are back in Huuuges Profit line and great way for a company to gain players trust, by sticking it to them and refuse to step up and do the right thing. Unreal.
  • Wouldn’t Recommend 2/5

    By LSLR Number 1
    I really liked this game when I started playing; however, at some point several months back, it began to change. It is all about selling chips not providing entertainment. This is a 2-way street. If I am not having fun, I am not buying.
  • Greed has ruined this game 1/5

    By Jason Well
    I started playing about 8 months ago and really enjoyed the game. I also met wonderful friends. But for the last month, all that happens is losing chips. The odds in Vegas are better than here. Constantly watching your chip count drop while playing events is frustrating and no fun. 9 times out of 10 your win is lower than your original bet. On many of the games you will spin 30 times before getting a hit and the win is a fraction of what was spent. Club members used to get a 100k bonus for every jackpot won by a team member, now it only gives a small percentage of maybe 1k-20k plus way fewer jack pots. There is no incentive to keep playing.
  • Stealing 1/5

    By Doclytes
    I have had my chips go missing which is the kinder way of putting 3 times in 3 weeks. 15 b plus and 2 b plus twice. I am keeping screen shots of all as I am telling as many players as I can to-do the same. I will confront my group with thousands of members to keep records and when I have enough proof I will address FB and may even go as far as the FTC. With enough players with proof might be time for civil lawsuit. So enjoy your Xavier for your lunch as long as you can. Oh yes fyi people in numerous clubs are going to quit playing your events as it is another way of gouging the players to buy more chips. The time has come Now turn me on to big huge up and I mean huge and I may kinda make amends for now. Sorry I had to give you a star for rating. Not by choice. Have a good day.
  • Digital programmer 5/5

    By Gallion-dave
    Well balanced in its payoffs and holding your attention I love the big payoffs and the huuuuge win sign
  • Just keep losing 1/5

    By Rose 52616
    You can't get ahead with your club, we have been stuck between platinum 1 and platinum 2. For over a year, It's impossible to move ahead. Spending real $ just to lose fake $ is no fun. HUUUGE THIEVES
  • Love to win 5/5

    By Rere Love to play
    That what I have been doing, Bet 500,000- won 90.000.000 -First spin I’m a happy person
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lilcris 666
    Love it
  • What do I think? 5/5

    By Mocha8626
    I’m fairly new to the game but so far I really love it. It’s fun and plenty of choices. As of now, it’s a hit!!
  • Huuuge Casino 4/5

    By Hidykat
    I love this site the best one online! I love the rewards and the clubs! Unfortunately as a club leader my biggest concern is that tensions are high with my team and how Tight the slots are. I hear it from other players on other clubs. I know several have left the site because of how much they are spending and not showing anything. I am asking please to loosen let your players start winning for a change to give them an incentive to stay.
  • Game used to be fun 1/5

    By Howie2012
    I recently hit big on a slot, but it didn’t pay out. I took a screenshot and sent it to support. They repeatedly dismissed my issue and stated there were no errors in the logs. End result was a thank you. They thanked me, seriously. Never paid out a dime.
  • Unfair 2/5

    By iMkORei
    It lets you win at first, then lose. Then you start to win again. I got to almost 500million, then lost every bit of it in one day. I’m at 2 million now.
  • Huuuge Casino 5/5

    By peus192
    Huuuge Casino is the best game app to have on your device or devices. There are numerous games to keep you entertained for hours as you hit Huuuge Wins. If you don't have this app download it and start playing with a gift of Ten Million chips. There are many ways to received free chips every ten minutes or less depending on your personal collection time. Everyday there is a spin of the Big Wheel to collect extra chips to start your playing for the day. Take the chance and download the Huuuge Casino app and see for yourself this Great Game App in action. Fred Cannon
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Slaphappy 69691972
    They initially let you win for a few days. Then the let you lose it all and expect you to buy chips. Worthless game and not even worth of 1 star.
  • Great Fun 4/5

    By LynnKMc
    Nothing like winning millions and millions of dollars over & over again. Thrilling!
  • Huuuge 5/5

    By My only sunshine
    Level up real fast!!! Love it
  • Free spins 5/5

    By sexy great grandma
    Why do I have a problem getting the 200 free spins? I go to the App and nothing comes up except which game do I want to play? Help!!!! Please
  • I love this casino 5/5

    By wgm56
    Great games great service huuuge always takes care of me.there customer service always exceeds my expectations,
  • Huuuuuuuuge Casino 5/5

    By Tina Marie 76
    Great exciting games!!!
  • Ahhh ha 5/5

    By big john son
    Great game I'm hooked
  • WOW 5/5

    By Squirt lover
    Great stuff! This game literally changed my outlook on life.
  • Something wrong 2/5

    By 29886148
    Over the past few weeks I have hit literally 15-20 free spins that paid out zero or barely more than the original bet. I’ve spent over $200 on chips, diamonds and tickets in the past week and have nothing to show for it. The more I buy the worse I lose. We I do hit a decent free spin or a jackpot (rare) the next spins are nothing over and over until there’s nothing left. I, super disappointed and do not believe for one second that these games aren’t manipulated.
  • Where do all the chips go? 2/5

    By Eabgolfer
    Started off thinking this is one of the more “fair” casino/slots app. Think again. They have some “loose slots” but they are NeVER the ones that you need to do for your club events.....those are set up to loose.... i have tracked my bets, wins and losses..... not good, not fair. I understand gambling, easy come/easy go. But their algorithms are set so to do the right thing for your club, you lose $$. My tracking shows that Buying chips seems to trigger looser slots for a bit ( you win more) but then you fall again the minute you do a club event. There have been issues to take the game down for upgrades. I lost chips in the middle of one of these. No reply from support Very disappointing
  • Not luck, it’s set up to lose 1/5

    By Mok42
    I hate how if your bet is small on the slots, you win big bonuses, then you raise the stakes and the bonuses get smaller. I totally notice when I’m playing a 500 chip slot, I’ll get all kinds of 10x and 25x bonuses, then as soon as I bet like 5000 chips, the bonuses are only 2x...they can say it’s luck, but it happens EVERY single time you do this. I’ve tried it dozens and dozens of times. I don’t mind luck, but when you knowingly set the game up to not pay out when you bet bigger, it’s just simply insincere. Oh well, I’ve warned you, if you seem to win when you play small bets, just keep it at that. If you bet more, you’ll frustrate yourself as I did and eventually just delete the app. It was a totally fun game, but cheating is cheating. Even when it’s not real money.
  • Takes your money worse than the real casino 1/5

    By Rainbow dash 6163
    Update#2: if you want to know your chances of winning on each spin, it’s 11-15%. Whether you hit 1 coin or 10B each spin you have an 11-15% chance of winning. Update: I’d like to know the developers response on the algorithm when I’m hitting constantly on a reel. They say each spin is a 100% new chance of a win lose. (Read all their replies on each review) When everyone on the table is winning on 1 specific slot -are you saying that each one of us spinning is hitting a win chance all at the same time? What are the odds of that happening? Also, “industry standards” who governs your win/loss ratio? The casino app board? No you govern your own algorithms and the “rules” it follows. You set the win/loss ratio. Not the “industry.” This app is terrible. I have spent so much with them and came on during the past two days during a glitch and lost nearly 20Billion coins. Events are too Long and impossible and they stick u on a machine that never pays. This is the worst slot machine app out there. The loyalty bonus: 1.6 Billion for $99!?!? Or coin bonus 1Billion for $34.99!!! You buy it play it for 30 min. Out of coins. How is this fun? Enjoy the last purchase bc I will not be making anymore.
  • No fun 1/5

    By lil joe jgm
    Huuuge use to be fun to play I couldn’t stop playing until all these changes were made now all the game are harder to play and they want u to spend money they give u a little but take a lot back it should be once u hit level 100 u should get a piece of one of the puzzles and only give silver and gold tickets u offer us 85 silver tickets for $ 6.99 but out of all those tickets you’ll only get maybe 2 pieces of the puzzles and no more than 4 gold tickets the games need to be changed and fixed I thought it was about the customers that played your games but I see that it’s not it’s bout the money u make off us well keep your games I’ll go to zynga and play hold em at least they have that disgusted and disgruntled player
  • Hi I’m requesting my 200 free spins please on my Huuuge Casino game 5/5

    By greenoceans48
    How do I get my 200 free spins for the Huuuge Casino game
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By BertosAK47
    Love it. Keep it ballin
  • This app is way worse than a actually casino 1/5

    By Lbuzzzz
    You can’t win the higher you bet the less your chance of winning is. The support is a joke and they provide the same generic answer for everyone because they know they are scamming. Don’t waste your time I recommend any app besides this one.
  • Good Game!!!!! 5/5

    By Sheababy8900
    Good slot game to kill time 🕕🕓🕘
  • Great app loads of fun 5/5

    By "B" sincerly
    Good morning fellow travelers from all over the world have fun say hi best friend!
  • Too greedy 2/5

    By Snow Bunni 82
    I used to win a lot... now I never win ever!! I spend money and can't even get ahead!! Buy gold tickets and never get puzzle pieces, I only get bonuses 3x faster.... what's that gonna help?? NOTHING!!!
  • FUN!! 5/5

    By Whiteyditmore
    I love this game. The clubs are awesome! I will say that I feel my odds change since I made my first purchase. Hopefully it picks back up!
  • Very entertaining 4/5

    By Wilj2
    Just downloaded tonight and am having a very good time. Many different games to enjoy.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By JustMe Lolo
    You simply lose and lose often. Leveling up slows down the higher level you achieve and the “algorithms and mathematics” are not in your favor as a player. They even track your losing statistics for you. Save yourself the frustration and money and find a different game not developed by Huuuge or their affiliates.
  • Huuuge Casino 5/5

    By Buzzi57
    So far great game
  • Great App!! 4/5

    By Nenita74
    Love this App!! Keeps you at edge!! Could play for hours!!
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Beyond aggravated
    When I first started playing this app it was loads of fun and you could actually win. You would level up faster and get rewards. After every maintenance and update is has become increasingly impossible to hit a jackpot or win. They have very LONG events every day. If you are in a Club, you are expected to participate to help your club. It’s solely geared to take your chips. Look for another game. This is impossible!!!
  • Use to be my favorite app. 1/5

    By VenturaJennifer
    This use to be my favorite app. Now I spend my time at Jackpot party or Big Fish. The developers really need to listen to their long time players. They have really mucked it up. Huuuuge disappointment!
  • Chips not received 2/5

    By Starzone612
    I didn’t receive the full amount of chips when I collected all the puzzle pieces. I immediately sent a comment and received a standard response that they would get back to me as soon as possible. That was days ago. I followed up with another and no response. Very disappointing. I love this game, but unless you are will to make purchases periodically you will not win enough to keep playing.
  • Polcatt 3/5

    By polcatt
    Wow I’ve had fun playing this game I’m kinda new been on it a few weeks! I’ve hit some huge jackpots but as soon as you bet bigger the odds go down to take it back ! After reading peoples reviews on here seeing the same response over and over from the developer kind of makes me wonder about putting more chips in my account or just running them out and deleting it ? I’ve put over a 100 dollars in this game ! It is fun though ! I’ve won 700 million then you bet 30 million a spin and you hit nothing at all in 40 spins you tend to think somethings up 🤔.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By nikita8lanco
    The graphics on this is amazing!

Slot Machines - Huuuge Casino app comments


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